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									CV format full Xiangjie comprehensive resume

 comprehensive Xiangjie CV

  CV format including the header part of the structure, educational background, work experience
and personal data four parts.
  If you already have full-time work, and some work experience in the second; If you are still in
school, should be educated on the second. For example, an American business school students, in
a large company for three years, has been upgraded, have never changed jobs. As the new owners
changed, he would like to change jobs, search resumes to pass him over the past few days has yet
to pass a message, he asked why, search the left to find the right look, the students finally found
the kind of resume his CV. It turned out he is the student resume format, used as the students in
school. Therefore, as a serving officer, if the educational background on the front, people will say
to you very seriously.
  CV format - the header part of the
  1.'s Name. Have seven kinds of wording, we believe that the reasons are acceptable, or suitable
place, for example, the fourth - YangLi (Li Yang), it is convenient for recruitment, particularly the
personnel manager for the Chinese, tone wrong a confused or name and last name, would be very
awkward; but standard, the popular foreign companies, we resume the convention's name written,
it is the second, YANGLI.
, we examined a large number of Chinese people's resumes, and found a very worthwhile place to
correct, is someone in Cantonese spelling his last name. For example, Wang written Wong, Lee
written in Lee. Here to tell you two things: one is the only Hong Kong people's spelling, not the
international spelling; second, in the future you are preparing a passport to go abroad, the Public
Security Bureau will not approve your Cantonese pinyin. But we also see some trip abroad for the
Chinese people, for various reasons, they are not the same last name and pinyin, that is all have
their own reasons, we do not recommend other than the written pinyin.
  In addition, some people also found a small amount of a foreigner's name, such as MarySmith, is
very undesirable. If you use foreign names, people will think you are a foreigner, or you father
was a foreigner, or you married a foreigner. Name in English is very common and very convenient,
especially name the first letter is q, x or z, it is difficult for foreigners to issue the correct
pronunciation of the letter. A man named Mr. Wang Jiangdi, business cards printed JohnWang, so
very convenient for Chinese and foreign people cried.
  between name and surname, if the English name, Chinese name may or may not increase or the
first letter with the phonetic short.
  two-word name, there are four types of provision, we recommend using a third, Xiaofeng, the
most simple and convenient. We see at a glance is the name rather than last name, or else, you
may mistakenly think you are named Shaw.
  2. Address.
  Beijing after the write Chinese. Many people say: "Who does not know Beijing Yeah!" But a
complete address, the world's smooth-mail address should be the name of Canada, but not with the
PRC, because of simple and clear with China. Zip standard was written on the provinces between
the name and country names, at least on China before the Code because it is in China.
  3. Tel.
  very particular about the wording, the Chinese business card in the phone often not explicit
enough, not professional, there are several points to draw attention.
  1) plus the area code in front of some, such as (86-10). Because you are a foreign company to the
job, your resume may be faxed to London, New York, we do not know your area code, there is no
time to check, if there is another area the applicant's phone number, recruiters are and this may be
the first to communicate. In addition, a very popular abroad, "userfriendly", which tried to create
ways to facilitate each other, especially in looking for work, but also to deepen the awareness.
Logic with the Chinese people to explain, "You asked him, not he ask you."
  2) 8 between numbers plus a "-", such as 6505-2266. Thus, easier to recognize and read call,
otherwise, the first hit may look misplaced.
  3) area code and number in parentheses after the inter-spaces, such as (86-10) 6505-2266. This is
the format of the English writing requirement, many people ignore, or even do not know.
  4) was informed mobile phone or to others, they have a certain standard, use the "3-3-4"
principle such as "138-135-1234." 5 5 was also the idea, will result in two consequences: first, the
more words the less easy to remember all, or even mistakes, reduce efficiency, some people go on
studying Express; Second, it was concluded that this was the Taiwanese read the law, with very
strong local flavor. Our pursuit of the international norms.
  5) Fax No. Do not leave the office, so office colleagues know that you Xiangtiao Cao. If a fax
number at home, the best to tell the other side, if he can not find you, it can be words, faster; will
send appointment letters or other materials, more convenient. Do not wait to give the future, we
should from now on, Culture "userfriendly" awareness, facilitate each other everywhere.
  6) is very popular abroad, a message phone, someone was looking for work, specifically to buy a
message phone. Here like to highlight a message culture, Chinese people and even many Asians
are not accustomed to using a message call, but with the international commercial and cultural
exchanges increased willingness on the phone more and more people shout, and shout the more
techniques to threshold.
  7) write a message home for the elderly test article. Such a situation often occurs: You go out, my
friend called, came back, my mother told you: "Today was a phone call to find you." You will ask:
"Who is it?" General she will tell you: "is a man" or "a woman", when you asked: "how do you
not ask him to call you?" mother often answered: "I have not asked it, he hung up." here We would
like to say two things: First, keep up the parents to write a message exchange about the way article
is to answer the phone and how to write a Book; Second, there is a Chinese tradition. Previously,
only the Office of the only phone calls to people who are generally looking for your work, and
answering calls always feel superior to the masses, and formed a habit. This used to bring home,
even in the younger generation is also very popular. Many people answering the phone, if not in
time to identify each other as, at first tone is often very cold. Here, we recommend the whole of
society: people who call you any, may be your friends, colleagues or partners, even if this is not
the future, most of them are likely to become a member, so be sure to warm treat each call. In
addition, the flip side: If you call someone else, someone else is this attitude, you would think? We
need to warm the whole of society to promote a courtesy phone language, in our future seminars
will be provided in to.
  CV format - educational background,
  1. Time to reverse.
  recent academic situation should be placed on top.
  2. The school name to uppercase and bold.
  so easy to recruiters quickly identify your qualifications, here they use the "YRIS" principle.
  3. Names right-justified, all caps and bold.
  after a certain write Chinese names. For example, Haikou (Haikou) spelling and Hokkaido, Japan
(Hokaido) spelling is very similar. Read the resume may be foreigners, do not know which
country will be confused. Maybe you been abroad, this is a good thing, but if the place to go and
little-known, no Canadian names, Members are not aware of. All in all, caused some inconvenient,
inefficient. We should all from the most comprehensive perspective.
  4. Qualifications.
  If you are learning, beginning with Candidatefor more rigorous; If you have already graduated,
you can put the name on the academic front, at the specified sample.
  5. Cadres of social work as a class, just write posts on it; to participate in any clubs, associations,
specifying duties and community name, if any duties are not, write "memberofclub (s)".
Associations and foreign general use club. Years and details of the work do not write, some can be
left to the experience of writing.
  way to talk about a few titles in translation:
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