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									Forensic identification book entrust

 forensic identification book entrust

 delegate units and Contact: Museum Civilian Court ___________
 commissioning and acceptance date :______ ______ ______ month in Japan
 cause of action :________ v. ______ hospitals medical malpractice compensation
 commission identified: 1. The existence of medical fault behavior?
 2. Damaging consequences?
 3. Between cause and effect relationship?
 provision of medical records and identification information :_________ X-ray film
 appraisal method: paper card review, forensic examination, expert consultation
 male identified people :_________, ,____ old
 Address briefs :_______________

  _____ _____ years _____ months due to injury on the plaintiff to the defendant ______ hospitals
for treatment, film examination by the defendant, issued a "no signs of fracture," X-ray report, and
let the plaintiff take medicine and injections. _____ Years _____ _________ dated _____ day
people go to hospital shooting the plaintiff discovered the "left intertrochanteric fracture", in
_____ years _____ to ______ dated _____ day hospital hospital treatment, is the plaintiff left
dynamic hip fixation of left femur, left lower extremity activity limitation. The plaintiff alleged
that: Because the defendant's missed leakage treatment, resulting in the plaintiff left
intertrochanteric fracture surgery became inevitable by the alternative procedure, the treatment
increases the difficulty and the suffering of the plaintiff, and may become disabled. The defendant
argued that: the defendant for the plaintiff in the process of examination and treatment is not
clearly at fault, at least in misdiagnosis and treatment costs the plaintiff has little to do, and not the
consequences of late damage.

  history of data in a ,_____ _____ ______ dated _____ day hospitals X-ray film (N0 :_____)
report card: no fracture of the pelvic bone sign the form, bilateral normal hip joint space. Head
outside the cover plate of bone structural integrity, and no signs of fracture.
  2 ,_____ month _____ day _____ _________ in People's Hospital X ray (N0 :_____) report card:
the left proximal femur fracture, most of the fracture line fuzzy, left common carotid shaft angle
  3 ,_________ center hospital medical records (N0 :_____) record:
  1. In _____ _____ _____ day on the first admission were recorded: "the left thigh 50 days after
injury with pain," admitted. PE: swelling of the left hip deformity, bone rubbing with a sense of
limitation of left hip joint. Patient data: is the lateral view of left hip: the left intertrochanteric
  2. _____ Years _____ months _____ days before surgery to discuss: the patient was left
intertrochanteric fracture, practices and external fixation is more difficult, there are indications for
surgery, no surgical contraindications.
  3. _____ Years _____ months _____ days after records: patients with epidural anesthesia in the
left femur fracture, open reduction and internal fixation with dynamic hip. Surgery goes well, Ann
returned to ward.
 4 ,_____ month _____ day _____ _________ in Central Hospital of X ray (N0 :_____)
consultation report card: the left intertrochanteric fracture of the nail fixation test

 case was identified in people in _____ _____ _____ day on a forensic examination of living:
conscious, spirit can still check the co-operation. Upper left lateral femoral see 18CM scar, left hip
joint stiffness, flexion, extension, abduction, adduction, rotation, the rotation is limited within the
function part of the left thigh over the right thigh muscle atrophy.
 _____ years _____ _________ People's Hospital on _____2 on X ray (N0 :_____) report card:
the original "Left proximal femur intertrochanteric fracture," after review, this film shows a lot of
callus growth trabecular bone through the fracture line.

  description of a medical fault found
  plaintiff ________,______ years _____ _____ day on the left thigh by a fall to the defendant
______ hospitals for treatment, the defendant through Clinical examination and film inspection,
issued a "no sign of fracture," the diagnosis of views, and let the plaintiff take medicine and
injections. _____ Years _____ months _____ _________ People's Hospital on the plaintiff to the
film, found the "left intertrochanteric fracture." Hospitals _____ ______ _____ defendant dated
_____ day on X-ray film (N0 :_____) by expert consultation that: the film image is not clear, poor
shooting position, but glimpses of crude left femur Long fracture signs, at least report: left
intertrochanteric fracture may be, proposes to add paragraph is according to the left side of the
femur on film. And clinicians through clinical symptoms and signs checks should also be strong
enough to fracture may be, can not readily believe in the X ray report, a decision is made the
diagnosis of fracture, so that the plaintiff take medicine and injections. Combined with trauma
history, clinical manifestations and X lines, identification of people think that: the defendant in the
diagnosis and treatment of the plaintiff missed behavior exists. Left intertrochanteric fracture
should take positive measures to deal with: either a conservative treatment for external fixation
and traction, or to surgical treatment, while the defendant there are leakage behavior treatment.
Defendant as a first-class hospitals, should have an accurate diagnosis of the fracture of medical
equipment and technical level, but because of negligence of medical staff and over-confidence, do
not fulfill their duty of care, resulting in missed diagnosis of leakage treatment.
  above, the defendant in the plaintiff's treatment process because of the carelessness and
over-confidence, there is leakage of government missed, there medical fault behavior.
  second consequence of damage to the plaintiff found
  hospital in the _________ after surgical treatment center, is left of left hip joint stiffness, flexion,
extension, abduction, adduction, internal rotation, external rotation function in part by limit, the
left femur implant retained upper left thigh muscle atrophy than the right thigh. The operation was
successful, anatomic reduction ,_____ day on _____ _____ _________ People's Hospital on X ray
(N0 :_____) film shows a large number of mild callus growth and trabecular bone through the
fracture line, has reached clinical healing. Mild atrophy of left thigh, left hip joint stiffness and
limited function of part of the limb long as fixed, brakes caused the future to strengthen and
exercise, will be gradually restored, are generally not left dysfunction, but now need to rest six
months or so. Fixation required elective removal surgery, according to local health care
consumption, post about _____ yuan medical expenses, take a break after about a month.
Reference to "employee injuries and occupational diseases identified grade level" standards 9 32
10 34, fracture fixation is a 9 handicap, fracture healing was no dysfunction is 10 disabled, but
considering the plaintiff fracture inherent in the doctor before the damage is not caused by the
defendant medical practice, then reduce the level of a disability, comprehensive assessment for the
10 disabled.
  third, identified causal relationship between
  principles of intertrochanteric fractures: conservative treatment can also choose surgery, they
both have their advantages and disadvantages. Conservative treatment advantages: 1. Treatment of
low-cost, 2. Trauma; drawbacks: 1. Bedridden, inconvenience care, complications (such as prone
decubitus), 2. Easy malunion (example: coxa vara, shortening of lower extremity deformity),
resulting in dysfunction. Surgical treatment of the advantages: 1. Anatomic reduction, good
functional recovery, 2. Early activities can prevent joint stiffness, to avoid complications arising
from long-term bed rest; shortcomings: high cost of treatment, major trauma, which needed a
second operation. Conservative treatment is often not effective surgical treatment, as living
standards improve the quality of life, the quality of people's increasing requirements Yi Liao
CLINICAL Shang growing trend Yu treated with operation.
  case of left intertrochanteric fracture with timely diagnosis and treatment for the
above-mentioned principle, but delayed 50 days after the shooting found that smaller neck shaft
angle, large rotor shift, limb shortening, and around the fracture muscle contracture, fibrous
adhesions, conservative treatment has been difficult to achieve satisfactory results can only be
treated surgically. Best time to surgery about a week after injury, this time less bleeding, faster
recovery, traction should be carried out before surgery for preoperative preparation. Because the
defendant's missed leakage governance, increased the need for surgery, so surgery became
inevitable, and because the missed the best time of surgery, to a certain extent, increased the
difficulty of surgery, lengthening of the fracture healing and functional recovery time.
  above, the medical consequences of fault behavior and the damage has some causal relationship
between that law on the facts of causation, medical mistakes participation of 25%.

  conclusions defendant on plaintiff _________ ______ Institutes of Health clinics in the course of
treatment missed missed left intertrochanteric fracture, inevitably leading to surgical treatment,
medical mistakes participation of 25%. The plaintiff left femur fixation disability rated as 10, need
to rest for six months from now or so, about the late _____ yuan medical expenses, take a break
after about a month.

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