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 retired teacher farewell speech,
 carries the history of the years the pace of world steeped in the essence of civilization, but also a
set Ambilight, but also a quarter of fragrant peaches and plums . × × × a teacher of our front-line
dedicated to education, and work diligently for 35 years, soon to retire. Dear × × × teachers, staff
and students today with lots of feelings of reverence, specially designed for you to hold farewell
 × × × a teacher, your rain moistening with knowledge of the hearts of students, your youthful
blood heritage of human civilization, your youth with no regrets with poetic interpretation of life,
your devotion with 35 years chosen less and you use ordinary 35 years created a great, noble you
are 35 years away with a utility, you smile with a 35-year outline the ring ... ...
 35 years, you always unknown, and selfless devotion; 35 years, your work has been willing to
endure hardship, courage burden; 35 years, you will not only adhere to the main courses to teach,
but long term the school cashier. Whether teaching or cashier work, you have to use a high sense
of mission and sense of responsibility to treat, you can meticulously well done. You either cashier
for many years, sorting notes neat and norms, accounting, financial dishes have fresh water white
fish; you as the main subject, whether it is to teach the language, or to teach mathematics, annual
examination results can be living in the upper reaches, the school has never been discredited.
Nearing retirement, you still leader class, also with 68 people a homeroom teacher. Points
regardless of their fair share of Foreign Affairs, you can come forward and not counted as
compensation. Last year, your school during the day, the evening also responsible for students left
behind to bed management. Left you manage students carefully, patiently. You manage your
students staying one year ago, hardship, and effort, and has no regrets; you manage your rear
center, has achieved a lot, but never seek reward.
 × × × respected teacher, you are a good teacher, you are an exemplary class teacher, you are a
good cashier, you are a diligent student administrator. You must leave three feet of the podium,
and gathering together Yiyi, scattered also Yiyi. A thousand words, a thousand words, our undying
affection for your nostalgia.
 We believe that even if you left the podium, knowing your system is still on campus, focus on
education. We sincerely invite you to frequently visit the office after retirement, you often put
forward reasonable suggestions, often offer an offering of your ideas about this. Let us now pull
together Road, a magnificent picture depicts Sungai education, so we sincerely wish; wish you
never grow old! I wish you each a booming day, every day a good mood! I wish you happiness,
well-being forever! - This article from [worry document] www.5udoc.com collection and sorting,
to thank the original author. / Center>

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