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  recent jar to see many people talking about interview techniques, interview experiences, I also
want to use their 4-year work experience and combine their own interview experiences. 4 years of
software testing has been in a company. But really want to leave halfway through, but the range of
factors, I do not have to leave your current company. In these few years, several companies also
took part in the interview, here to talk about my thoughts on the interview.
  talk about European and American companies, because I most want to go to business, so to talk
about, Nanjing, I had three foreign companies to participate in the interview, without success,
mainly because the ability of English and compiled. Me is engaged in the communications
industry, and this industry's software testing can be divided into white box, black box, black box
for my recommendations do not go for the simple reason, you may go to learn anything, in
addition to European and American business management experience. U.S. and European
companies are very clear division of labor, each person will only do a small thing, so do the same
black box on and frogs, with little opportunity to learn. Test tools test tools developed by the
department fully developed, as long as the operation, just fine. U.S. and European companies in
the 100 box testing, test engineers, demanding the basic 100 box test engineers is even higher than
the level of the programmer. But if really successful candidates, the treatment will be considerably
higher than the programmer. U.S. and European companies have a high applicant's mental and
physical ability, and English ability. Of course, many domestic enterprises have already
completely domestic technology in Europe and America, from top to bottom are all Chinese, speak
Chinese, so the company is not my goal, I like European and American companies first came to
national development, dynamic, very potential.
  Taiwanese enterprises, the biggest impression is that Taiwan enterprises who wish to interview
applicants if successful, will immediately enter the work state of the company and create value,
general training time is short, was the candidate who hopes to get more candidates lie company's
information, so for Taiwan enterprises to interview friends, remember, do not say anything, for
important information and skills to stay more, so really, after hiring and then qualified this.
  state-owned enterprises, the largest state-owned enterprises is characterized by bureaucratic
mentality, the person you're interviewing the company's senior general at first, and perhaps do not
understand anything, but because of his location, he always showed he could master the
technology, but also make their companies great praise again, he will be after the interview to find
the total number of test departments have to ask some questions. However, always revealed the
secret to ask questions, find a lot of testers a lot of basic knowledge of their own is not very clear,
most of the mobile phone industry may be black box testing, some technical document because it
may be little contact, I am sure the answer to them, They began to start their own doubts, and
asked me what the embarrassed.
  last is the small private company, did not go to such companies interviewed, there is not much to
talk about the experience, small companies can be a green line of the work of the accumulation.
  for the test I think the most important test is the ability, when you go to a software test engineer
job interview, you should first ask their suitability for testing. The second is to test a conceptual
understanding. You should use your own way to make the audition panel that you are familiar with
how to test, let him know how you fit the job. For testing tools, many of the current testing tools,
tools, only a medium, like word, excel as a person who will not be used to this process will be
easy to use, to the skilled use, is the result of multiple operations. So a good part of the employer
does not have a very valued. I think we just know the purpose of each test tools, and will use a test
tool on it. [This article from [worry document] collection and sorting, to thank
the original author] / center>