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AGENCY NAME/ADDRESS                      online?         OTHER CONTACT INFO                       NEWSLETTER TITLE—EDITOR—TOPIC
MSU Extension                               24                586-469-6993                 THE 4 C CONNECTION                                    Sue Kearney
2188 Dunham Rd Suite 12
Clinton Twp, MI 48036                       Y       Child development, training, events
ARC Services of Macomb                      4                     586-469-1600             ARC NEWS                              Editor: Diana Jarema
44050 Gratiot Ave                               
Clinton Twp, MI 48036-1308                 Y                  For the developmentally disabled
Martha T. Berry Medical Care Facility      12                     586-469-5265             BERRY GOOD NEWS                        Editor: Cheryl Johns
43533 Elizabeth                            
Mt. Clemens, MI 48043                       Y                bnewsletter/index.html        News,events, & updates at Martha T. Berry Nursing Home
Disability Network Oakland &                6                     586-268-4160             THE CHALLENGE                          Editor Kelly McConnell
Macomb 16645 15 Mile road, Clinton                  
Twp., MI 48035                                                  Disabilities issues (formerly the Center for Independent Living)
The Macomb Homeless Coalition               4                     586-783-0916             THE COALITION REPORT                       Editor: Carrie Fortune
P.O. Box 856                               
Mt. Clemens, MI 48046-0856                                 Homelessness
Creating A Healthier Macomb                 3                                              COMMUNITY CONVERSATION                          Editor Lisa Uchno
43421 Garfield, Suite 203                       
Clinton Twp, MI 48038                                                                      Quality of Life
Compassion Pregnancy                        2                    586-783-2229              COMPASSIONATELY SPEAKING                    Editor: Dolores Bacon
37540 N. Gratiot, Suite 100                     
Clinton Twp, MI 48036                       Y           Pregnancy Counseling
Macomb County Community Mental              4                    586-307-8258              CONNECTIONS                               Editor: Lory Valuet
5th Floor County Building               
Mt. Clemens, MI 48043                       Y         munitymentalhealth/index.asp         Mental health, CMH Services, Developmental Disabilities
Macomb County Library                       4                    586-286-6660              THE COUNTY LINE                       Editor: Sandra Casamer
16480 Hall Rd                                     
Clinton Township, MI 48038                            Library News, events, and classes        (pick-up at library only)
Macomb Co Inter-Agency Council             10                    586-466-7903              DIRECTIONS                               Editor: Madeline Nantais
c/o METS                                    
46450 Erb Drive                        
Macomb Township, MI 48042                   Y                 nsnewsletter.htm             Human Services information, conferences, programs, events
Early On Macomb                             6                    586-228-3524              EARLY ON                                  Editor Julie Lagos
4401 Garfield Road                                  
Clinton Township Mi 48038                                            Parent concerns, upcoming events, activities
Macomb County 4-H Youth Program        4                  586-469-6431           FAMILY NOTES                                 Editor Kathy Jamieson
21885 Dunham                        
Clinton Township, MI 48036           4-H programs. Leader board activities, events, educational
                                       Y             xtension/4H_Index.htm       material
Macomb Co Dept of Senior Services      6                  586-469-6315           GRANDPARENTS RAISING GRANDCHILDREN Mary Potts
21885 Dunham                        
Clinton Twp, MI 48036                  Y         Information and activities for relative caregivers
Head Start                             4                  586-469-5913           HEAD START HIGHLIGHTS                             Editor Julie Hintz
21885 Dunham                         
Clinton Twp, MI 48036                                                            Head Start news and events, parenting information
St. Joseph’s Healthcare                4               586-263-2891              HEALTHIER IMAGE                           Editor Sally Girard
15855 19 Mile Road                  
Clinton Twp, MI 48038                           or          Health issues and classes
Macomb County Human Services           4               586-466-7903              HSCB FOCUS                                         Madeline Nantais
Coordinating Body c/o Macomb                         Fax 586-469-7958
County Community Mental Health       
10 N. Main Street-5th Floor, Co Bldg                                             Human Services news, events, programs, updates
Mt. Clemens, MI 48043
Macomb County Library for the Blind    12              586-286-1580              LBPH NEWSLETTER                                    Beverlee Babcock
& Physically Handicapped
16480 Hall Rd                                                                    Services, events, technology, resources
Clinton Twp, MI 48038                  Y
Lupus Alliance of America-MI/IN        4               586-775-8310              THE LUPUS NEWS LINK                                 Thomas Roberts
26507 Harper
St. Clair Shores, MI 48081                                                       Lupus activities, services & news                      $25 per year
Macomb County Disabled Citizens Inc    6               586-776-1089              MCDC NEWS                                            Barb Thornton
22414 Stephens St.                      
St. Clair Shores, MI 48080-4097                                                  Various topics of interest to the disabled
Macomb County Office of Substance      3               586-469-5278              MCOSA NEWS                                           Dawn Radzioch
Abuse 22550 Hall Rd                    
Clinton Tw]p, MI 48036                 Y                  Substance abuse related topics
MCREST                                 4               586-415-5101              MACOMB COUNTY ROTATING EMERGENCY SHELTER
20415 Erin                                          TEAM NEWSLETTER                Jimetta Lewis
Roseville, MI 48066                    Y                 MCREST news & events and homelessness issues
The Community Development              4               586-427-4300              NEWSLETTER (untitled)                    Frederick Gemmil
Corporation of Warren, 22699 Van                     586-427-4302 (Fax)
Dyke, Warren, MI 48089                                                           Rebuilding Neighborhoods through ownership
Girl Scouts of Macomb County,            4                586-263-0220                OBSERVER                                                   Jynil Schneider
Otsikita Coundil, Inc, 42804 Garfield,
Clinton Twp, MI 48038                    Y           Awards, updates, scholarships, cookie sales
MSU Extension                            24              586-469-5180                 PARENTING VIEWS                                                  Su Porter
2188 Dunham Rd Suite 12
Clinton Twp, MI 48036                    Y     Parenting issues & tips, activities, health and nutrition
Turning Point                            4                586-468-6118                POINTS OF INTEREST                                   Suzanne Coats
P.O. Box 1123
Mt. Clemens, MI 48046                    Y           Domestic violence issues, education, letters from survivors
Turning Point/Macomb Community           4               586-463-4430                 MACOMB COMMUNITY DOMESTIC VIOLENCE COUNCIL
Domestic Violence Council,P.O. Box                                                    Carmen Wargel
1123, Mt. Clemens, MI 48046                          Domestic violence prevention
Macomb Literacy Partners                 4               586-286-2750                 READ ON!                                                     Maggie Gawel
16480 Hall Rd
Clinton Twp, MI 48038                    Y            News about Macomb literacy endeavors
CARE – Employee Assistance Center        4                866-888-1555                WELLNESS WIRE                                               Brenda Szalka
31900 Utica Rd.                                To help employees with life management issues
Fraser, MI 48026                         Y              free
Girl Scouts of Macomb County,            8                586-263-0220                SALT SHAKER                                                Jynil Schneider
Otsikita Coundil, Inc, 42804 Garfield,
Clinton Twp, MI 48038                    Y          Camp information, policies, badge workshops
Dept. of Senior Citizen Services         4                586-469-6313                SENIOR FOCUS                                                  Cathy Wilson
21885 Dunham Rd., Suite 6            
Clinton Twp, MI 48036                    Y   Senior issues, health, social, legislative
Macomb County Crisis Center              6                586-307-9100                SURVIVORS OF SUICIDE                             Jean Larch & Allen Pare
Administrative Office, 46360 Gratiot
Ave, Chesterfield, MI 48036                                                           Grief & Loss issues surrounding suicide
Retired and Senor Volunteer Program      4             586-412-8054 RSVP              THE VOLUNTEER CONNECTION                                       Sue Kearney
(RSVP) of Macomb, Catholic Services              586-412-8286 (Senior Companion
of Macomb, 16931 19 Mile Rd, Suite                          Program)
140, Clinton Twp, MI 48038                                                            Volunteer opportunities, issues, & sites
Macomb County Dept of Human              2                586-412-6114                THE VOLUNTEER NEWSLETTER                                   Karen Urquhart
Services (DHS) 19700 Hall Rd, Suite A
Clinton Twp, MI 48038                    Y           Volunteer services, client needs
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