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  document written language use
. Official language features. Language is the basic element of official documents, and application
of special purpose applications to document the language has certain characteristics. Understand
these features help make documents more effective, "table is to the outside, to reach others."
Official language of the main features are: plan, accurate, simple, concise, rigorous, standardized.
Solemn is the language of modesty, style solemnly serious; accurate is the verbal, the language of
real accurate, no false no mistakes, no judgments properly semantic clear boundaries clear,
realistic, vivid expression in expressing content; simple is the language straight natural, non-clear
picture and Fluent appropriate and easy to understand, no flashy hyperbole, no exaggeration, no
images depicting, without affectation, avoid piling up rhetoric, avoid the abuse of speech, and
stress into the pedestrian see magic; scouring is refers to the language clear and concise, precise
and appropriate non-complex, to floating speech, avoid long empty, the same time, careful, Jane,
that is subordinate to the purpose and language of the needs of the performance of the theme,
when the details are set, when the strategy is slightly; strict meaning of the language is precise,
textual rigorous, thorough and meticulous, measured properly, avoid vague ambiguous,
multi-linguistic differences; specification refers to the language units at all levels of composition
and composition should not only meet the modern Chinese language (the use of the ethnic
minority areas of the document was written national language) the logic of grammar rules and
general rules and should be made in line with official activities of the special regulatory
requirements. Reflected in the words of these features, aspects and to express the statement,
rhetoric, sentence structure and other language phrases actual activities. Official word
characteristics: the mostly standardized written words, excluded the use of ordinary spoken words,
dialect words, Local Customs nephew language, banning the use of words such as coin; the need
for precise meaning of words, unless unavoidable or special needs, general do not use the meaning
of the words do not do; in syllables, the words to two-syllable word document mainly
monosyllabic words (such as economic, according to this, what, note, etc.), multi-syllable word
frequency slightly higher than other articles; some word is finalized, exact meaning of specific
words specific documents; prepositional phrase, the joint phrase, "the" word frequently used
phrases. Official statement following characteristics: the exact meaning of integrity, in the text has
a strong independent, critical textual ambiguity from the context of the students after the still,
differences can not easily be understood or misinterpreted; from the bedding, the transition effect
of the statement is small and short, in order to facilitate direct, precise and appropriate means of
surface; generally expressed special theme topic sentence document, so clear theme revealed;
declarative sentences and more imperative the second, interrogative, exclamatory sentences in that
order; have more limited modification of components with a single sentence, which contains
complex subject or the object of one sentence article is more than; refers to the main sentence of
no more; judge sentence, "is ... ... of ... ..." in the form of high frequency, commonly used in the
expression of opinion on the statement of objects, attitudes, and interpretation; single sentence
more than undone sentence less favorable addressees more comprehensive understanding and
accurate implementation. The expression of the relevant documents on the nature of things, the
state and the concept of representation. Documents expression characteristics: the use of terms in
the expression used along with discussion and illustration, describes three basic expressions, each
focusing on different languages; direct representation would not be rendered, not Wan Qu, directly
and quickly to ensure the addressees to obtain useful knowledge; only expressed on specific issues
to solve real things of value and reason, to ensure that documents of immediate relevance; of
reality reflects the pursuit of nature in general to the phenomenon, the details of the full truth, not
to make any false; strong programmable, normative, that is the expression of similar tactics used
by the object, a relatively fixed style statement and even a certain specification; unified system of
signs used in common, such as China are unified on the use of contemporary documents versatility
of the modern Chinese written form as a symbolic system. Documents in the rhetoric also has
characteristics: in its pursuit of the effect of the heavy and accurate striking, simple and uniform
level, proficient, smooth against the vague ambiguous, burdensome pile, frivolous pretentious,
heavy inner beauty and not just to formal beauty; in Rhetoric respect to the negative figures of
speech-based, supplemented by positive figures of speech, focusing on the choice of words and
sentences and the organization of writing done in prudent use of rhetoric. 2. Official word choice.
The choice of words is in full attention and grasp the characteristics of documents term, serious
study and possession of a rich vocabulary based on the wording of the purpose and language needs
of the environment, comply with the grammar rules, choose the most accurate and appropriate and
effective words for expressing emotions. (L) Analysis of exactly what it means carefully, so that
the meaning of words consistent with the objective reality. Can document the words used in the
large number and variety of meaning and usage of different words in there are differences, there
are links. To this end, to make language precise and appropriate documents must pay attention to
the words carefully on Discrimination, the real master of its exact meaning, otherwise it is very
possible ideographic misconduct or mistakes affect the effectiveness of the play file. (2) Note
distinguish emotional words to properly express the author's point of view. In the document, the
requirements on the objective and accurate description of the facts, and in that time the claim
requires a clear-cut position. To achieve this requirement, we must pay attention to distinguish
between emotional words. Avoid words with different emotional abuse, or it will cause a
misunderstanding of those who read the paper or reduce the seriousness of documents. (3) Note on
the semantics of words and tone of voice effects to enhance the expressive effect. Syllable in the
word document if symmetry is often not only can enhance the momentum, the performance of
solemn seriousness of color, to those who read the text more vivid impression, but also catchy,
easy to memory. One of the characteristics of Chinese phonetic system is much syllable, syllable
occurrence rate is not balanced. This makes the number of words in Chinese homonyms more.
Under normal circumstances, Zai addressees primarily through the visual "look" of documents to
receive information, homophonic writing is not the phenomenon of what documents the impact of
the receiving process as soon as the information there is "listening" activities (at the meeting on
"Listen" report , by telephone "listen" notification), the words brought the phenomenon of
homonymy problem, and this will bring some barriers to receiving the information accurately. In
particular, of the listener will not understand the use of homonyms in which time, they inevitably
mistaken identity and the resulting very serious consequences. (4) Note the correct match between
words, following the language rules. Choice of words to be sensible logic, with custom constraints,
such as random beyond these constraints, contrary to the language rules, it will produce errors,
affect the expression of results. Words with the most fundamental is to make semantic matching,
so expression in line with common sense, logical, at the same time pay attention to idiomatic. (5)
Note Use of the word document specific style requirements, to maintain the solemnity of official
documents and enforceability. Most documents used in a formal, dignified solemnity of the
occasion, to coordinate with them, be sure to pay attention to word choice words when the styles
and characteristics, except in special circumstances, usually without spoken words, sayings,
proverbs, and dialects, the written word in with the banter , witty and solemn meaning, and not
enough words should not be selected. (6) Note for the official documents received specific
characteristics of the object choice of words, to "targeted", easy to understand and implement.
Documents received specific object of the understanding of the relationship with different words
chosen document should also be different, otherwise it will inevitably be "pointless", so difficult to
understand each other, incomprehensible, or to each other added to the difficulties affecting
normal working relationship. (7) Note that according to documents involved in the special nature
of things and choice of words to get the distinct direct expressive effect. Documents involved in
the characters and things are diverse, people of status, the nature of things, there age, and the
relationship between different need to use different words to express, in order to express more
clearly and more directly and more effective. (8) Note that choice of words according to the
context of the need to maintain the integrity of the effectiveness of official documents. An official
document of the context of the choice of words has great impact. Sometimes the text in order to
make gas through a coordinated, the context of words need to take care with each other;
sometimes was to avoid unnecessary duplication and limit the scope of each other's choice of
words. (9) note that the normative terms, to improve the effectiveness of communication
documents to expand the scope of communication. The quality of communication effects
document the size and scope, and the documents used in the normative terms are closely related,
and therefore the inclusion of the proper use of the official vocabulary of modern Chinese writing
system of standard terms, guard against the coin or use non-standard words, especially the use of
non-standard short, dialects, and random changes in the structure form of the idiom. Note that the
normative terms, but also consciously careful accumulation and proper use of documents of
special words, common words. Presentation on the same concept as far as possible the same
expression used in official documents and is repeatedly proven the most effective use of the word.
This can not only save time, more importantly, to express more accurately, more efficiently, more
effectively and avoid mistakes. 3. Official statement of the organization. With writing other
articles, documents written in the statement that organizations are basically fluent in making the
statement, reasonable access to the best effect of expression of three aspects. Fluent grammatical
issues involved in making statements to make reasonable logical problems involved, to get the
best effect of expression rhetorical issues involved. (L) statement on the document's basic
requirements: ① unequivocal, clear, complete, accurate and easy to understand and unambiguous.
② an appropriate combination of sentence elements. ③ complete sentence elements. ④ word
order arranged. ⑤ out of sensible and logical rules. ⑥ the internal structure of a normative
sentence, and strive to express the best results. (2) word order arrangements. Arranged correctly in
the document word order, should be noted that the main points: First, pay attention to respect the
customary word order. Word of the morpheme, word phrase in many of its priorities must be in
accordance with the customary arrangement, otherwise people would not understand, difficult to
accept. Expression orientation as when used to "the East and West" can not be free to become the
"West North East South." Second, pay attention to the logic of sensible order. This is an objective
order of things within the laws of reflection, which is the main basis for word order arrangements.
Third, pay attention to word order mandatory, since word order by the language habits, sensible
logical constraints, also has a mandatory. No matter who, to use the surface meaning and to
document clearly understood, must be subject to such restrictions do not arbitrarily change the
word order. Fourth, pay attention to word order selectivity. From the local and the specific
situation, word order and there were some mandatory optional, as long as no syntax error, no
change in semantics, in pursuit of a better expression of the effect can also make some
adjustments in terms of location, if the subject placed before the adverbial such. Documents
arranged in word order, often make the following address: ① When the expression of a group
tied to the concept of light and heavy between, primary and secondary, strong or weak, small, high
and low, the number of the other should be followed along the inverted row, or ; when no such
difference according to certain criteria (spatial distribution, the number of syllables) arranged in
different categories. ② When the concept of a group performance by the number of continuous
action, constitutes the active process, the general order should be time to develop. ③ When the
performance of a group of a process of understanding the concept, generally by Deep and from
here, arranged in order from outside to inside. ④ When a statement reflecting the causal
relationship, usually by order of the first because of the consequences, and only needs an
outstanding performance or the reasons stated, the results will speak only talk about the reasons.
⑤ When the statement of some elements in advance or post does not violate the rules of grammar,
does not change the semantics but also to enhance the effect of expression should as rhetorical
device. Documents in some adverbial, predicate can in advance. ⑥ When the statement of
several components because the relationship between the unknown and there is inconsistency,
sometimes by changing the word order to eliminate ambiguity. (3) the choice of sentence.
Sentence is the sentence structure. Sentence word categories, such as different configuration, it
constitutes a different sentence each. Sentence structure is not only different in different grammar,
rhetoric and have distinctive features. Writing in the document are several groups of choice and
adjustment of sentences with some regularity. ① and non-verb verb. That the phrase constituted
by the main verb phrase is; by the verb phrase than other phrases or words constitute a non-verb
sentences. As the documents requested on the statement of the characteristics of highly accurate,
so that the sentence of the main high frequency of use, the use of non-subject-predicate sentence is
subject to certain restrictions, mainly the use of some non-main clause. No means the main
sentence without a subject or do not account for even can not give the subject of the sentence. As
the document has the characteristics of directional statements, some will (against hope, etc.) issued
by the discoverer of the problem and the situation is self-evident, therefore, if required by its
audience, often can not explain. Official Documents imperative that is often not the main sentence
of the main. ② active sentences and passive sentences, subject of the sentence is the occurrence
of acts of those actions, this sentence is in the active sentence, and subject to action and behavior
takers, the sentence is passive sentences. In the document is a combination of these two sentences,
in particular the practice of writing to which the general aspects of the decision on what needs to
be emphasized. If you would like to emphasize the occurrence of actions or behavior are on the
use of active sentence, otherwise the use of passive sentences. ③ long sentences and phrases.
Elucidating truth in official documents, indicating the nature of things (as defined below), state,
describe things more complicated or sophisticated, the commonly used long sentences. Sentence
because of time limits and more modified components, the joint composition more conducive to
use long sentences to express a more rigor, but also help highlight the document to form a serious
and authority of the special color. Phrase used to express the strong feelings, and people seriously
need to remember, always known for the implementation of the requirements. Therefore, in the
document, said orders, demands and hopes of the text, a series of actions described in the text, and
the expression of emotion words used phrase; at the meeting and other documents required to read
by reading the contents of the documents Ershi addressees to understand the , the phrase is also
more. ④ complete sentences and elliptical sentences. In the document, the full sentence is the
main, only to make the language simple and because they do not cause damage to the semantic
circumstances that use elliptical sentences, but mainly the provincial subject, predicate, object can
be properly omitted. ⑤ close sentence with ease sentence. Sentence is organized in close
compact sentences; relief sentence is the relaxation of some of the sentences. The expression of
two different effects can be formed, the former concise, gives a general impression of
concentrated, help to highlight one sentence focus; latter tone relief, a strong appeal to help show
that the layers of meaning highlight the key parts. Judging from the general rule, documents in the
sentence a little more closely, soothing words are mainly used in a number of meetings documents
(speeches, etc.). When things are expressed in parallel multi-meaning and have a few key areas,
they can ease the sentence be emphasized. ⑥ Single and Complex Sentences. One sentence is to
express the meaning instead of a complete re-divided into several clauses of the sentence; by two
or more single sentence is a sentence composed of complex sentences. In the documents more
widely used in a single sentence in order to facilitate understanding and implementation. Once the
affair was expressed too complicated, complex sentences can also be used to replace a single
complex sentence. When using complex sentences with function words mostly chosen (related
word, etc.) show that the relationship between clause sentences. 4. Number of documents in the
concept of special things and express their demands. Documents involved in the things and
concepts to express the process, in addition to follow general rules of grammar, logic rules but
also to follow some special requirements. Friendly reminder: This article comes from worry-free
document collection and collation, special thanks to the original author! / Center>

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