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					Doctors report the resignation letter of resignation report

 medical report to the resignation of

  beloved xx Hospital:
  in this, I first wish us all the best xx hospital, all the best; Secondly, I wish you good health and
hospital leaders, family happiness, happy, well-being!
  I am grateful to the hospital more than two years for giving me this opportunity to learn and
progress, are also very grateful to Dean for the care and the various sections of my work
colleagues, life care, and I very sincerely thank everyone!
  well thought out, I decided to resign, mainly for the following reasons:
  First of all, I have my work and the work done in less than apologize, but I hope the leaders in
our men work for more understanding of the process, the usual work, not because of what the
patient dissatisfaction to you a little to complain there, not indiscriminately in patients scolding
meal in front of us, because although the patient to see for you are impartial, but you know what?
Patients often are vexatious, and you? In the case of any investigation so that we totally reject the
criticism hurts our self-esteem, but also against our enthusiasm!
  Second, due to rapidly rising prices now, but the work intensity has not declined, the risk of
growing up, growing tensions between doctors and patients, while wages are still 500 dollars, did
not rise, but overtime, duty fees been canceled, our lives are hard, even difficult to feed
themselves, I lost my enthusiasm, so if I go to work, I'm afraid not help out a medical incident, or
accident, causing unnecessary losses to the hospital, so I applied resign!
  third point, you had previously promised to me, you gave me the preparation of year-end, but the
result made me very surprised to hospital a fee is not enough for half a year, but has been prepared,
which I was very accurate, in fact, to the hospital everyone unhappy, and you do it is impartial? ? I
do not know what benefits you get from any power or being threatened, but you must have a
confessed ah! ! You have not count the people that say, in front of everyone there is no authority at
all, how will the hospital bring development, so I am a crisis, not the work force, I think this place
is no longer suitable for development, so I decided to You resign!
  Thanks to these three, I think I have enough reason to resign, especially under this determination,
hope and understanding, give approval! ! This paper documents _ for free from the worries
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