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					Deputy Director General Deputy Director of Competition for speech, Deputy Director

  Deputy Director of Competition for the General Teaching
  speech distinguished leaders, teachers: Hello, everybody!
  First of all thank the leadership for us to create this level playing field! Provides a display of
self-stage, and thank you for giving me participate in the Election Speech courage and strength. So,
in good faith to all of you soon as authentic: Thank you! Thank you for the trust and support.
Today, I own the spirit of exercise, aim to serve you stand here, Deputy Director General election
post, now I know the work of the General, and my strength and if I was elected vice chairman of
the General Office after the trip report for work thinking follows:
  well-known, the General Department in a comprehensive, broad, service characteristics,
labyrinth, the task is arduous. General logistics will be the development of education and with the
increasingly heavy workload, the development of modern teaching methods will work in general
business knowledge required standard higher and higher, a qualified general managers must fully
understand the school management, teaching, infrastructure maintenance and so on. First of all,
the General must for teaching services, services for the curriculum reform. General Services
Department as a school of logistics support, which in the provision of teaching equipment,
material supply, improving teaching conditions play an important role. This requires that the
General staff must establish the idea for the teaching service, clearly the work of the main tasks of
the General for teaching, for the curriculum reform to create a good working environment and the
necessary material conditions for teaching and curriculum reform to ensure the smooth progress of
work. Second, work must be for the general life of the teachers and students services, so that
teachers and students have a good working and learning environment. Relieve teachers of the
worries, to ensure the health of teachers and students, giving them enough time and abundant
energy into education and teaching work. Finally, the General must have an overall plan, be
planned and gradually build schools for teachers and students to create a clean, comfortable,
beautiful learning environment.
  The above are my work on some general understanding of. Competition for a position but, as
Competition for those who should have their own advantages. So, my strengths? I have to say, and
my strength lies in the following areas:
  First, I am a CPC member, I can do at work to people-oriented, moral support, service, teaching,
work safe, honest rigorous to unite with people working with serious and responsible work,
diligent, hard working, have, love and become proficient. A strict organizational discipline,
hard-working good-quality, vigorous and resolute style of work. I think this is the key to doing
general work.
  second, since the 96 primary schools was transferred to double-shop, I have been a number who
are also logistical, such as: collecting fees, managing revenue, management canteen, reading room
management, management, computer rooms, multimedia management room and management
textbook, teaching reference. Each school is able to have their textbooks, office supplies
distributed to the hands of teachers and students. Years, I have been repeating the cycle many
logistical work, management experience is a guarantee I do general work.
  third, and I love learning, love of thought, an active and accept new things, such as computers, in
others I have yet to master the hours of the operation of office automation, and in 2003 passed the
Jiangsu Province Intermediate Certificate in Office Automation. In the same year took part in the
information technology, teacher training and retraining, 05 attended the school Connection in
Southern Yangtze University training. 2006 in Lianyungang City, attended the School Link
training and courseware training; in 2007 took part in the province of audio-visual museum
organized 3dmax training. In 2006 I helped Liu Zhuren complete computerized management of all
fixed assets of the work. While the development of modern teaching methods will have general
business knowledge required to work increasingly high standards, but more than enough to prove
that I could handle the new situation The post of Deputy Director General.
, Fourth, I have some professional knowledge and ability. I learned "accounting" and "librarians"
two professional, is being 自考 "Mental Health" discipline. I learned this a few logistics
professionals is to do a good protection. I graduated from secondary school accounting,
accounting in many years, so I can meet the teaching needs, making good use of funds, the
expenditure savings; strict financial discipline; strengthen financial management; property
facilities management. The library management is my specialty. I studied in South Normal
correspondence, "Library Science" college. I can do well with learning, I learned more than just
my professional knowledge to our town, while in the East China Sea and several other schools in
the county created a large , I assume full management of all the book work. such as pomegranate
Primary City Experimental Primary School of the acceptance, I am responsible for the
management of superior leadership books at home. Last year, I again sent to Secretary Ann bee
school, solely responsible for library , Reading Room. Finally, three-star Xuexiao acceptance, the
same high recognition of superior leadership. this year to complete projects, I also shop in
secondary schools to help pairs of classification of books, log on and so on. several large-scale
participation in activities to I have accumulated a wealth of management experience, so that I have
certain professional knowledge and ability.
  work over the years I have made some real achievements, now my school has been transferred to
two-store results to report about: Welcome City Experimental Primary School in 1999 acceptance,
because of the work outstanding, I was named "best city librarian"; the same year by the East
China Sea County Bureau of Education as a "good education" in 2000, my paper, "Burden of
libraries in schools after the" third prize by City; 2001 I paper "and popularity of schools to
improve reading," second prize by City; in 2002 I was awarded two-Zhen "Top Ten Young
Teachers"; in 2003 my paper, "Survey of Rural Primary and Secondary Libraries Research and
Development Strategy "won second prize City; 2004 Contest Information Technology in the city, I
was City Contest third place; in 2004 for outstanding work, I was awarded the East China Sea
county" good education "title; 2004 I Donghai County, was named "Outstanding Young Pioneers";
in 2005 I was named "Next Generation" advanced individuals; 05 young people in the sixteenth
and Technology Innovation Competition, I was rated as excellent guidance Donghai County
Education Bureau members; 2005 in the province, "School Link" project information technology
for teacher training, I was Jiangnan University, as "outstanding students"; in 2005 in the City
Youth Science and Technology Invention Contest sixteenth, I counseling Yang Miao days City
students were "science fiction painting" third prize; in 2005 in the "back to society, love and
learning" activities, I was Donghai County Bureau of Education as a "love learning" advanced
individuals; 2005 my big strong seedlings counseling students tem, "computer-generated" on-site
competition second prize; in 2005 I was Donghai County Bureau of Education as a "teaching"
advanced individuals; 2006 Min Jiao my counseling students in the 17th session of Youth
Innovation Competition, won the "science fiction painting, "second prize; 2006 my counseling
Yan Huifang students Municipal Bureau of Culture's" I Love Reading "by City the first prize in
speech contest; 2006 Yan Huifang my counseling students in the East County Bureau of Cultural
Affairs held the" Eight Honors 8 Shame "by the county school speech contest first prize; in 2006
my paper" How to train primary school photo paper, "second prize by City; 2006 my paper"
library management for dual-school teachers and students sail a sea of books "by City third prize;
in 2006 in the province "School Link" works in information technology, teacher training, was
named outstanding student city. I transferred more than double shop Central Primary School has
been consistently on to the hard work. If I had the honor elected to two-branch post primary
school deputy director general, I will be the spirit of due diligence, service schools, services,
teaching and service of teachers and students aim to do the following several aspects:
  a, well Assistant General Director, in line with the school, education, services for the purpose of
service of teachers. Regular contact with all faculty, collect all kinds of information. There are
plans to organize the office ahead of time, teaching, maintenance, hygiene supplies and other
goods and equipment procurement, maintenance and supply work.
  2, based on their own, as a good "waiter." To assist the General Director for the logistical work is
the responsibility of the Deputy Director General, so if I can, deputy director general election, I
will help Liu Zhuren carefully manage school finances, strict implementation of financial
discipline and a good variety of fee income in accordance with the provisions of , good student
fees and other collection and settlement work, good schools, infrastructure, school maintenance
and school property clean-up, registration; good schools, green, landscaping, cleaning work, make
the school a good learning environment and life environment. Close contact with teachers and
students to actively listen to our voices, understand and care about our suffering, we strive to be
good "steward", be a qualified "servant."
  leading members and teachers, and finally once again thank you for your support and
encouragement. The competitive selection, whether successful or not, I will continue to study hard,
hard work, education for the two-small give my blood and youth!
  Thank you! This article from [worry document] collection and sorting, to thank
the original author. / Center>

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