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Company team leader post long campaign speech post group by fdjerue7eeu


									Company team leader positions post election speech team leader

 company's group long post election speech

  Leaders, colleagues:
  Hello, everybody!
  in Here I am with the mentality of ordinary people to participate in the Competition for the
company team leader positions. Should first thank the leadership of our company has created the
opportunity for fair competition! The competitive selection is the company's personnel system
reform in response to the call, where possible, to achieve their life values. I am aged 24 years, the
company has been more than a year, in this year's work started slowly bit by bit I learned to do
pre-settlement and audit. After more than a year job training, so that to improve the quality of all
aspects of their own, so I have a competitive selection head full strength. Participate in the
competitive selection, I would like to seek truth in the understanding of their own, constantly in
pursuit of a proactive, to work harder to achieve in the value of perfect competition in the work
itself. Now I work for the head of the elaborate their views on:
  (1) led to the completion of the work arrangement, the effective period of time to complete, as far
as possible not to work overtime.
  (b) to coordinate the relationship between group members so that they cooperate with, and work
  (c) in the budget, the content analysis of drawings, the reasonable and efficient distribution of
work and reduce repeated reading to improve the progress of work.
  (4) improve the incentive system to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the working group members
to work content and bonuses, so that more and more too.
  (5) to train new colleagues, from the simple task to cultivate their interest in the work. Early to
enable him to work independently.
  (f) to study the construction industry and the new specifications to improve their water products
business colleagues.
  (7) every Saturday or Day of the week we summarize the work and work together to solve the
problems raised in the work to find a good way to make you learn.
  study hard, coordination and cooperation, hard up, the work of innovation is the head of my
understanding of the work, should the I be elected, must redouble our efforts to improve it work.
Leadership and colleagues to live up to my expectations. - Thanks for reading this article, this
article from [worry document] collection and sorting, to thank the original author]
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