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Service With a Smile by userlpf



                                 VOL. XXIX, NO. 4                                                                                            OCTOBER 1999

                                 Service With a Smile

                                                                                                                                                                       Kirsten Kessler (left), a
                                                                                                                                                                       senior from Cottage
                                                                                                                                                                       Grove, Ore., paints the
                                                                                                                                                                       trim of a window at Hori-
                                                                                                                                                                       zon Foursquare Church in
                                                                                                                                                                       Newberg. Above, Mike
                                                                                                                                                                       Morse, a senior from
                                                                                                                                                                       Eugene, Ore., sets up
                                                                                                                                                                       some scaffolding for those

                                                                                                                                                                       who will be installing vinyl
                                                                                                                                                                       siding on a Habitat for
                                                                                                                                                                       Humanity house. The two
                                                                                                                                                                       were part of more than
                                                                                                                                                                       1,400 George Fox Universi-
                                                                                                                                                                       ty students, faculty and
                                                                                                                                                                       staff who spent an entire
                                                                                                                                                                       day doing volunteer work
                                                                                                                                                                       throughout the community.

                                 George Fox cancels classes, closes offices so students and
                                 employees can spend a day in service to the community
                                                                                                                                                                         H . D AV I D B R A N D T, 1 1 T H P R E S I D E N T

                                         ven though all offices were closed   the Portland metropolitan area. They take a position at Baylor University. “I
                                         and classrooms were empty the
                                         entire day at George Fox Univer-
                                 sity, September 8 might be remembered
                                                                              helped primarily non-profit agencies, just think this is what a Christian, Quak-
                                                                              churches and individuals needing assis- er institution ought to be about.”
                                                                              tance. Typical projects included painting,     Hulme said it was a thrill to see weeks
                                                                                                                                                                          GEORGE FOX UNIVERSITY
                                 as one of the most productive days in the    yard work for older residents, spending of prayer pay off the morning of Serve
                                 University’s history.
                                    It was on that day that staff, faculty
                                 and students from George Fox’s New-
                                                                              time with residents at senior care homes, Day when, after a continental breakfast
                                                                              or working on various church projects.     and praise service under gloriously
                                                                                 For at least a week afterward, Serve sunny skies, the many hundreds of peo-
                                                                                                                                                                          It’s Official
                                                                                                                               A year into his presidency,
                                 berg and Portland Center campuses            Day was the talk of not only the campus, ple departed in an organized fashion for           George Fox University formally
                                 enthusiastically joined in to demonstrate    but also of the Newberg area and much their local work assignments.
                                                                                                                                                                          inaugurates Dr. H. David Brandt
                                 that a Christ-centered education is more     of the region. Through media coverage          “There was nothing glamorous about
                                 than just book learning. It’s also serving
                                 a needy world in practical, loving ways.
                                    More than 1,400 people — from the
                                                                              — most notably a large feature front- the work,” said Hulme. “But people went
                                                                              page story in The Oregonian (Sept. 9) — with willing hearts, put their backs into
                                                                              the University’s Christian mission and the labor, and did it.”
                                                                                                                                                                          S   triking a balance between seri-
                                                                                                                                                                              ousness and humor, pomp and
                                                                                                                                                                          festiveness, George Fox University
                                 University’s president all the way to the    emphasis on service was communicated           Hulme noted that, according to Cam-          inaugurated its 11th president in a
                                 newest freshmen — caught the North-          throughout much of the Northwest. pus Compact, a national coalition that                    90-minute ceremony that added
                                 west’s attention by leaving their normal     Dozens of thank-you’s flowed to the promotes community service in higher                    extra energy to the first day of class-
                                 routine of classes and work to spend a       campus from the agencies and individu- education, Serve Day was apparently the              es for the 1999-2000 academic year.
                                 day helping others. Literally thousands      als who were assisted.                     first instance of a university shutting             While several of the featured
                                 of lives were touched.                          “I think it was just tremendous,” said down for a day of such activity.                  guests and speakers drew laughter
                                    The first-ever University-wide “Serve     Vice President for Student Life Eileen         But it won’t be the last. George Fox         with lighthearted comments, Presi-
                                 Day” saw 20-member teams going to            Hulme, regarding one of her last major President David Brandt and his cabinet               dent Brandt accepted with measured
                                 about 70 locations throughout Newberg        activities at George Fox before she                                                         seriousness the duties of the office
                                 and other parts of Yamhill County and        returned this fall to her native Texas to                          continued on page 6
                                                                                                                                                                                                   continued on page 2

 H . D AV I D B R A N D T, 1 1 T H P R E S I D E N T   Tabor College, a Mennonite
                                                       Brethren institution in Kan-

                                                       sas, and he has an extensive
                                                       track record in Christian
                                                       higher education.
                                                          Also participating in the
                                                       ceremony were a wide range
                                                       of representatives of Christian
continued from page 1                                  institutions, regional schools
                                                       of higher education, and offi-
that he has already held for a year.                   cials from businesses and
     Referring to a biblical passage from              state and local government.
Hebrews 12, Brandt noted that the Chris-                  Among those who gave
tian liberal arts university has always had            greetings during the program
“a great cloud of witnesses watching us                were state Sen. John Lim, a
. . . I trust you and the other witnesses to           member of the University’s
hold us accountable for the implementa-                Board of Trustees, who repre-
tion of this charge,” he said.                         sented the Oregon state gov-
     The inaugural ceremony held in Bau-               ernment; Barbara Palmer,
man Auditorium attracted an overflow                   senior vice president of Bank
crowd; additional seating was made                     of America and also a George
available in Wood-Mar Auditorium,                      Fox trustee, on behalf of the
where members of the university com-                   local business community;
munity watched the proceedings on                      Vivian Bull, president of Lin-
large-screen television. Nearly 1,500                  field College in neighboring
watched in both auditoriums.                           McMinnville, representing
     With his wife, Melva, at his side, a              the academic community;
beaming President Brandt accepted the                  Newberg Mayor Charles
symbol of office, the presidential medal-              Cox; and representatives of
lion, from Board of Trustees Chairman                  the University’s students, fac-
Dea Cox and received an investiture                    ulty and alumni.
charge from Dr. Kent Thornburg, chair-                    “It is with joy and expecta-

                                                                                                                                                                                           ANDREW DADDIO
elect and the head of the board’s Acade-               tion that we welcome a new
mic Affairs Committee.                                 president to the area,” said
     “With this presentation, we do this               Bull, who noted Brandt’s
joyfully, celebrating this occasion with               many years of management
our George Fox family and friends,” Cox                experience in higher educa-
told Brandt. “We believe God has called                tion. “We commend George Dr. David Brandt and his wife, Melva, accept the congratulatory applause of the
                                                                                         audience during his inauguration as the 11th president of George Fox University.
you to this task.”                                     Fox University for its wise
     Before coming to Oregon, Brandt                   decision in calling Dr.
served for three years as president of                 Brandt.”                                    said, drawing laughter from the crowd. presidency of this university.”
                                                          Palmer termed Brandt “eminently “In my case, that wasn’t hard at all.”                 Brandt spoke briefly, expressing grat-
                                                       qualified” to hold the presidency and          Johnson told a story about a college itude to the university’s faculty, staff and
                                                       said the business community appreciates professor who used several big rocks to students for taking time to attend the cer-
                                                       his interest in making the University a fill up a container and then asked his emony.
                                                       key player in strengthening Oregon’s class if the container was indeed full.              He emphasized that he will succeed as
                                                       work force. “We are excited to work with While most thought it was, it really president only with dependence on God’s
                                                       you, Dr. Brandt, in the new millennium,” wasn’t until the professor added gravel, guidance, and with the support of all
    Anita Cirulis
                                                       she said.                                   then sand, then water to fill every possi- involved at George Fox University. “I
    Contributing Writers                                  Rebecca Ankeny, professor of English ble space before the container truly could didn’t get to this point by myself, and I
    Anita Cirulis
    John Fortmeyer
                                                       at George Fox University, welcomed be called full.                                     won’t do this job by myself,” he said. “It
    Barry Hubbell                                      Brandt on behalf of the faculty. “Today        Johnson likened the container to the involves us all.”
    John Rumler                                        we recognize you as someone we know, full plate facing a university president.            He also noted the presence of many
    Photographers                                      rather than as a stranger,” she said. “We      “Dr. Brandt, you as an experienced longtime friends and family members,
    Anita Cirulis                                      welcome you to your service here, and college president know that if you don’t including his mother, Helen, who trav-
    Andrew Daddio                                      we look forward to what God will do put the ‘big rocks’ in first, you’ll never eled from Minnesota to attend.
    Chijo Takeda                                       through you.”                               get them in at all,” Johnson said. He sug-    Just a few days before her 90th birth-
    Designer                                              Junior Ryan Dougherty, student body gested three symbolic “big rocks” that day, a robust-appearing Helen Brandt
    Colin Miller                                       president, said the University is blessed need to be the foundation for George said she was proud of her son David. She
    George Fox University LIFE (USPS 859-
                                                       to have Brandt as president. “In his time Fox: its Christ-centered mission, its was also pleased — but not awed — by
    820) is published four times a year by             here, he has already shown that he is a high-quality academics, and a “campus the inauguration.
    George Fox University, 414 North Meridi-           man of God as well as a man of the peo- climate of service and empowerment.”              “It’s certainly a lovely ceremony, but
    an Street, Newberg, Oregon, 97132-                 ple,” Dougherty said to loud and appre-        “These are ‘big rocks’ — big enough being David’s mother, I’m beginning to
    2697, USA. Periodicals postage paid at             ciative cheers from the many students in to wrap your arms around and make them get accustomed to these things,” she said.
    Newberg, Oregon. Postmaster: Send                  the audience.                               the cornerstone of your presidency,” John-
    address changes to LIFE, George Fox
    University, 414 N. Meridian St., Newberg,
                                                          Thomas F. Johnson, dean of the Uni- son said to Brandt. “David, my friend, we            — John Fortmeyer and John Rumler
    OR 97132-2697.                                     versity’s Western Evangelical Seminary, welcome you with love and support to the
                                                       former president of the Uni-
    Please mail letters, alumni news, and              versity of Sioux Falls (S.D.),
    address changes to LIFE, George Fox
                                                       and interim president of
    University, 414 N. Meridian St., Newberg,
    OR 97132-2697 (e-mail: acirulis@                   George Fox during the year Or call 503/554-2126.              preceding Brandt’s arrival,
                                                       gave the inaugural address.
    GEORGE FOX UNIVERSITY                              Through their respective work
                                                       in Christian education, Brandt
    President                                          and Johnson have known each
    H. David Brandt                                    other for the past 12 years.
    Vice President for Financial Affairs                  From his own experience
    Donald J. Millage                                  at two institutions, Johnson
    Vice President for Academic Affairs                pointed out that a university
    Robin E. Baker                                     presidency is an “incredibly
    Vice President for Enrollment Services             demanding” job. He invited
    Andrea P. Cook                                     Brandt to follow his own
                                                                                                                                                                                           ANDREW DADDIO

    Vice President for Advancement                     proven way of dealing with
    Dana L. Miller                                     people as they bring a multi-
    Vice President for Student Life                    tude of problems to him.
    E. Eileen Hulme                                       “You are welcome to do
    Executive Assistant to the President               this, Dr. Brandt: Appear to be
    Barry A. Hubbell
                                                                                                    Brandt presents flowers to his mother, Helen, at a luncheon following the
                                                       totally clueless about what President ceremony.
                                                       they are asking,” Johnson

                                                                                       Left: President Brandt enjoys a moment with
                                                                                       Dr. Margi Macy (center), associate professor
                                                                                       of education, and Dr. Andrea Cook, vice
                                                                                       president for enrollment services, prior to
                                                                                       the start of his inauguration ceremony.

                                                                                       Below: Dressed in full academic regalia,
                                                                                       Sherrie Schulke, assistant professor of social
                                                                                       work; Dr. Clella Jaffe, associate professor of
                                                                                       communication arts; and Dr. Caitlin Corning,
                                                                                       assistant professor of history (left to right),
                                                                                       wait for the faculty processional to begin.

                                                             ANDREW DADDIO

                                                                                                  Far left: Laying hands on David
                                                                                                  and Melva, students pray for the
                                                                                                  Brandts during an evening worship
                                                                                                  celebration that concluded the
                                                                                                  day’s activities.

                                                                                                  Left: During their time with stu-
                                                                                                  dents that evening, the Brandts
                                                                                                  took questions from the audience,
                                                                                                  including “How did you meet?”
                                                                                                  and “What was the best practical
                                                                                                  joke you ever pulled?”
                          ANITA CIR ULIS

                                                                                                               Dr. Tom Johnson’s advice
                                                                                                               about how to be a college
                                                                                                               president draws laughter
                                                                                                               from the platform party con-
                                                                                                               sisting of Dr. Andrea Cook,
                                                                                                               vice president for enrollment
                                                                                                               services; President David
                                                                    Brandt; Dea Cox, chairman
                                                                                                               of the Board of Trustees;
                                                                                                               and Dr. Kent Thornburg,
                                                                                                               chair-elect of the board.

 H . D AV I D B R A N D T, 1 1 T H P R E S I D E N T


The Trustees’ Presidential Charge
Chair-elect Kent Thornburg delivers the board’s hopes and dreams for George Fox University to President Brandt
The following are remarks delivered by Dr. Kent Thorn-          see you through the toughest of problems. Work with              And last, Number Seven: Continue to nurture
burg during David Brandt’s inauguration:                        the Board of Trustees in reaching its goal to build a lib-   George Fox University as a strong Christian university
                                                                eral arts university of the very highest quality.            where issues of faith and learning are integrated at every

P    resident Brandt, faculty, students, guests and special
     friends of George Fox University: My task here
today is to make public the expectations of the Board of
                                                                   Number Four: Join with the board in developing an
                                                                institution whose people represent a vast array of ethnic
                                                                                                                             level in the classroom. Help the University to maintain
                                                                                                                             its Quaker values, including spirit-led decision making,
                                                                                                                             equality of all people, honesty and integrity in all deal-
Trustees as they pertain to President Brandt for his term       origins. The board appreciates your track record in this     ings, and international problem solving to prevent war.
of office. This is the charge of the Board of Trustees.         area and your current work with education in Kenya.          As a tip from the board chair, Dr. Brandt, you may want
    As a scientist, I am more comfortable using the term                                                                     to consider wearing one of those snappy black and
charge as it relates to electrical charge, therefore it is my      Number Five: Help George Fox University in find-          white Quaker outfits to make a fashion statement on
hope that my remarks here today will provide a charge           ing new resources for building a strong financial base.      campus . . . then again, you may not.
— in the good sense of the word — to the batteries of the       This will require a balance of short-term and long-term          In summary, President Brandt, as you begin and
new president to energize him like the famous bunny for         financial goals. As you know, the Board of Trustees is       become entrenched in the responsibilities of running
the tremendous task he has eagerly taken on.                    anxious to find more support for students who come           this university, please remember that the Board of
    When the Board of Trustees began looking for a new          from families who do not have great financial wealth.        Trustees is your support group. Board members will
president, we generated a long list of requirements that                                                                     remember you in their prayers. As a board, we are proud
filled several pages. Upon reflecting on those pages, I            Number Six: Develop links with other Northwest            to have a man of your talent and experience as our pres-
found that the job really boiled down to only two require-      institutions. The Northwest is fortunate to have some of     ident. And we hope that your tenure at George Fox Uni-
ments. Number one: The successful candidate would be            the nation’s most outstanding liberal arts institutions.     versity will be, with your wife, the most enjoyable, pro-
someone who could walk on water and perform many                They’re represented here today. All of these institutions    ductive and spiritually rewarding years of your career.
other miracles . . . especially at sporting events; and num-    would be enriched by further cooperation.                    Thank you.
ber two: The candidate would be someone who, by the
very nature of his or her personality, would attract enor-
mous sums of money like bees to honey.
    In the midst of our search, we became acquainted
with Dr. David Brandt. And I am happy to say that he
was chosen for the job — not because he met our
unrealistic criteria, but because, to the contrary, he had
a track record of solving tough problems the hard way:
by bringing people together. The board was impressed
with his vast experience with college administration, his
spiritual depth, and his tremendous love for people.
    President Brandt, I would like to present a list of
seven wishes from the Board of Trustees that embody
the hopes and dreams of those who love George Fox
University. Here is our charge:

   Number One: Listen to students. They are our cus-
tomers. They are here to prepare themselves for a life of
service. Help us prepare these students for the highly
technical world of the next century.

   Number Two: Listen to faculty (as though you
could help it). They are the treasure that attract students
from around the world to live and learn at George Fox
University. Join the Board of Trustees in building an
environment that will nurture the growth and develop-
                                                                                                                                                                                          ANDREW DADDIO

ment of each and every faculty member. Show appreci-
ation for the high quality teaching and scholarship that
is already characteristic of our faculty today.

  Number Three: Listen to the board. Especially the             Board chair-elect Kent Thornburg welcomes David and Melva Brandt following Thornburg’s delivery of
chair. Their experience and love of the institution will        the trustees’ charge to the president.

WES to Become ‘George Fox Evangelical Seminary’ January 1
G     eorge Fox University’s Western Evangelical Seminary will begin the next mil-         “It is critical to erase the confusion with Western Seminary,” said Don Carter, chair
      lennium with a new name: George Fox Evangelical Seminary. Preparations for of the seminary’s Board of Regents, in advocating the change.
the Jan. 1, 2000, change are already under way.                                            For the seminary, this will be its third name since its founding in 1947. It began as
    The name change was approved by the George Fox University Board of Trustees Western School of Evangelical Religion, and the name was changed to Western Evan-
following recommendation by the seminary’s Board of Regents. The Portland semi- gelical Seminary in 1951.
nary was merged into George Fox College in 1996 to create the University.                  For George Fox,
                                                      the name change completes the merger process that began in
    “The name George Fox Evangelical Seminary combines in a highly visible way the 1995 and ended with an agreement for the merger and a plan that allowed the name
seminary’s heritage and its new future,” said George Fox President H. David Brandt. change in January 2000.
    “Evangelical Seminary in the name recalls the former identity as Western Evan-         The seminary now has just over 300 students from more than 30 denominations.
gelical Seminary, and it further describes the theological orientation of our school,” “We welcome evangelical candidates for the ministry from any denomination and tra-
he said. “By including George Fox in the name, we take advantage of the high repu- dition,” says Brandt.
tation and regional visibility of the University.”                                         Seminary administrators, faculty and board members considered a variety of
    The decision for a name change is the result of the most recent discussion that the options as part of the name, including Theological Seminary, School of Religion, The-
name be replaced. Seminary board members and administrators for decades have ology School, Divinity School, and George Fox Seminary.
periodically discussed alternatives and their concerns over the confusion with West-       It is anticipated the seminary may become known as George Fox Seminary over
ern Conservative Baptist Seminary, which now uses Western Seminary.                     time — through common usage as its “street name.” The Board of Trustees has asked
    “Our two seminaries have struggled for some time over confusion created by the for a re-look at the name in five years.
common use of Western in their names,” said Brandt.                                        Meantime, university administrators are considering the changes that will be need-
    During the presidencies of both Leo Thornton and David Le Shana at Western ed in the next few months: from stationery and business cards to promotional publi-
Evangelical Seminary, discussions were held considering names that would be more cations and advertising, from building signage to communication with constituencies.
distinctive in the Northwest.                                                                                                                                 — Barry Hubbell

In Its 12th Year on Magazine’s List of “America’s Best Colleges,”
George Fox University Attains Its Highest Ranking Ever
G    eorge Fox University has moved up
     to its highest ranking ever by U.S.
News & World Report in its listing of
                                             offer students.”
                                                 George Fox is the only Ore-
                                             gon school listed in the regional
                                                                                                                                                 College, at 3.8, and Texas
                                                                                                                                                 Lutheran University, at 3.7.
                                                                                                                                                     The rankings combine sta-
“America’s Best Colleges.”                   liberal arts colleges category’s                                                                    tistical data with the results of
   The nation’s most popular annual          top tier. That category consists                                                                    an exclusive U.S. News survey
review of United States colleges and uni-    of more than 400 institutions                                                                       of some 1,400 four-year col-
versities now ranks GFU second overall       which award 60 percent of bac-                                                                      leges and universities. This
among Western regional liberal arts col-     calaureate degrees in occupa-                                                                       year, 93 percent of the schools
leges, up two positions from a year ago      tional, technical and profession-                                                                   contacted returned the ques-
and from fifth the year before.              al fields and which are not in the                                                                  tionnaires. For those that did
   George Fox also moved from eighth         national liberal arts colleges cat-                                                                 not, as well as for those that did
to second in the magazine’s “Great           egory.                                                                                              not answer all questions, the
Schools at Great Prices” listing of “Best        In the separate West Regional                                                                   magazine regularly uses com-
Values in Colleges.”                         Universities category, three Ore-                                                                   parable data from the U.S.
   Never ranked lower than third in the      gon schools — Linfield College,                                                                     Department of Education, the
academic reputation category in 12 years     the University of Portland, and                                                                     Council for Aid to Education,
of listings, George Fox maintained its       Pacific University — are ranked                                                                     the National Collegiate Athlet-
third place listing again this year.         among the top 15 for overall                                                                        ic Association, the American
   “I am pleased U.S. News & World           quality, as well as for best value.                                                                 Association of University Pro-
Report has again recognized the high             Among the West’s regional                                                                       fessors, and other professional
quality of education received by George      liberal arts colleges, George Fox                                                                   sources.
Fox students,” President David Brandt        is listed behind only Albertson                                                                         A college or university’s
said. “Observation by those outside the      College of Idaho for overall                                                                        overall rank was determined by
University is important to validate what     quality. Rounding out the top                                                                       totaling calculated scores for
is happening on our campus.                  five, in order from third through                                                                   various categories, including
   “Our goal at George Fox is to provide     fifth place, are Texas Lutheran                                                                     academic reputation, retention
students the finest education possible       University, Evergreen State Col-                                                                    of students, faculty resources,
within our institution’s goals and mis-      lege of Washington, and Oklahoma Bap-        George Fox is listed third again, this time   student selectivity, financial resources
sion. We are committed to continuing to      tist University.                             with a 3.6 score out of a possible 4.0. The   and alumni giving.
improve the quality of the programs we           In the academic reputation category,     top two schools were Evergreen State

Board Awards Faculty Tenure, Promotions to 14 Professors
   Ten George Fox University faculty members are            Promoted were:                                              Scot Headley, from assistant to associate professor of
newly promoted and four have received tenure as a           Donald Powers, from associate to professor of biology,      education, faculty member since 1994, doctorate in
result of action by the University’s Board of Trustees.     faculty member at George Fox since 1989 with a doc-         comprehensive vocational education from Ohio State
                                                            torate in physiological ecology from the University of      University.
Those receiving tenure included:                            California-Davis.                                           Martha Iancu, from assistant to associate professor of
Irv Brendlinger, professor of religion, a George Fox                                                                    English as a second language, faculty member since
faculty member since 1993 who holds a doctorate in
                                                            William “Bill” Jolliff, from associate to professor of
                                                            English, faculty member since 1994, doctorate in Eng-       1989, master’s degree in linguistics from the University
historical theology from the University of Edinburgh,                                                                   of Oregon.
                                                            lish from Ohio State University.
                                                            Grace Balwit, from assistant to associate professor of      Kerry Irish, from assistant to associate professor of
Kathleen Gathercoal, associate professor of psychol-                                                                    history, faculty member since 1993, doctorate in histo-
                                                            education, faculty member since 1994, doctorate in cur-
ogy, faculty member since 1993 with a doctorate in                                                                      ry from the University of Washington.
                                                            riculum and instruction from the University of Wiscon-
developmental psychology from Case Western Reserve
                                                            sin-Madison.                                                Paul Kennedy, from assistant to associate professor of
University in Ohio.
                                                            Carlisle Chambers, from assistant to associate pro-         sociology, faculty member since 1997, doctorate in
Larry Shelton, professor of Wesleyan theology, facul-                                                                   sociology from the University of Southern California.
                                                            fessor of chemistry, faculty member since 1994, doc-
ty member since 1994, doctorate in historical theology
                                                            torate in inorganic chemistry from Emory University in      Debra Worden, from assistant to associate professor
from Fuller Theological Seminary in California.
                                                            Georgia.                                                    of business and economics, faculty member since
Phil Smith, associate professor of philosophy, faculty                                                                  1994, doctorate in economics from Purdue University
member since 1982, doctorate in philosophy from the
                                                            Kathryn Ecklund, from assistant to associate profes-
                                                            sor of psychology, faculty member since 1994, doctor-       in Indiana.
University of Oregon.
                                                            ate in clinical psychology from Biola University in Cal-

Retention, Growth of Graduate Programs Keeps Enrollment
Numbers Strong for Fall Semester of 1999-2000
F   or a 12th consecutive year, George Fox University has set an enrollment record.         Cook said an all-time-high 82 percent rate in George Fox’s retention of last year’s
    The official count for fall 1999 is 2,436 students, a 3.8 percent increase from the freshmen helped balance things out for the net increase in undergraduate enrollment.
2,345 tallied at this time last year. The latest figures are more than four times George    The University’s seminary, housed at the Portland Center campus, has 300 stu-
Fox’s fall 1986 enrollment of 549.                          
   This year’s traditional undergraduate enrollment is 1,402, a 0.9 percent increase        Other graduate programs showed a big overall increase, tallying 446 students com-
from last fall’s 1,388. However, the incoming freshman class was smaller this fall.      pared to 376 last fall. Cook said that increase is mainly in the Master of Arts in Teach-
   “We had a lower number of freshmen — about 300 students, or 60 fewer,” said ing program, which has 156 students compared to 118 last year. Also contributing are
Andrea Cook, vice president for enrollment services. She explained that Oregon’s a new doctoral program in education, as well as a new master’s degree program in
public colleges and universities this year bolstered their marketing and financial aid organizational leadership at the Boise Center.
efforts, which toughened recruiting at the state’s private institutions, including          Enrollment in George Fox’s degree-completion program for working adults
George Fox.                                                                              showed a 3 percent drop, from 299 last year to 288 this fall. Seventy-two of those stu-
   “The public institutions have really competed hard for Oregon residents this year,” dents are enrolled in the Idaho site, compared to 82 this time last year.
she said.

Thanks from
the Community
“Let me add my voice to the chorus
of appreciative comments regarding
your institution’s extremely gener-
ous event: George Fox University
Serve Day . . . This gesture by the
University said more clearly than
any pronouncements that GFU
cares about Newberg and is com-
mitted to community service . . .
The City is proud to be in partner-
ship with you and your fine institu-
tion. Thank you for caring.”
— Mike Soderquist, Community Development
Director, City of Newberg

“We commend you, the staff and
students of GFU for your first
annual Serve Day. It was a blessing
to our church (and) community and
a tribute to the very nature of our
Lord . . . Receive our heartfelt
thanks for your commitment to
modeling the very character of
Christ on and off campus. The
world will truly see we are Chris-            Blair Cash, sports information director, washes the windows of a bus owned by a retirement community in Newberg.
tians by our love.”
— Bruce Sloan, Pastor, Chehalem Valley
Baptist Church, Newberg                       Serve Day: Event Draws Praise from Those
“What George Fox University did
was a tremendous service to the
                                              Who Helped as Well as from Those Who Benefited
community, and the students, facul-           continued from page 1                      smaller program that has been undertak-          Howard Macy, professor of religion
ty, and staff should be proud of                                                         en at the Newberg campus the past three       and biblical studies, was part of a group
their accomplishment . . . Everyone           have determined that Serve Day will be     years. As part of their fall campus orien-    that spruced up Jaquith Park in Newberg.
worked hard and, better yet, those            an annual fall tradition for George Fox    tation, about 500 newly arrived students      “I thought it was fun to do, and I enjoyed
involved wanted to help. This is a            University.                                each year since 1996 have been involved       working with the faculty and students,”
tremendous achievement, and it                    Brandt told the crowd at the morning   in local service opportunities.               he said.
says a lot about the University in            praise rally that Serve Day was appro-         After putting in their hours, it became      Serve Day concluded with a late-after-
the community.”                               priate because “the community has real     evident to participants that Serve Day        noon celebration on campus — attended
— James McMaster, Park Supervisor,            needs” and because it provided an          accomplished much. Not only were              by those whose work-weary muscles
Chehalem Park and Recreation District,        opportunity for teamwork. But most of      dozens of important projects tackled in       weren’t too sore to keep them away. The
                                              all, he said, it was in line with the Lord’s
                                                                                         the area, but a deep sense of self-satis-     celebration included a barbecue dinner
                                              teachings.                                 faction was derived from taking part.         for the students and employees and their
“GFU is to be applauded for pro-
                                                  “It’s crucial that we practice what we     “It’s just a good feeling to know how     families, staff-versus-student softball
viding such opportunities for a
                                              preach,” said Brandt, who spent Serve      much you can help if you’re dedicated to      games, and reports from the work teams
well-rounded educational experi-
                                              Day helping prepare a local house for      it,” said Allison Kessler, a sophomore        on how their day went.
ence that reaches far beyond aca-
                                              painting. “It’s the way of Jesus.”         who helped city employees clean many             Swanborough, who has coordinated
                                                  “Doing this at the very beginning of   of the alleys in downtown Newberg.            the smaller service campaigns the past
— David Beam, Economic Development            school lets us show what service means         “I think it was an awesome witnessing     three years, said she might have been
Coordinator/ Planner, City of Newberg         to a Christian institution,” said Jennifer opportunity,” said Ruth Ulmer, a sopho-       inclined to feel nervous about getting
                                              Swanborough, the University’s assistant    more whose group did a variety of tasks       such a big, expanded effort off the
“Newberg FISH (Friends in Ser-                director for undergraduate admissions      at Living Savior Lutheran Church in           ground, if not that the highest level of
vice to Humanity) wants to thank              and one of the key organizers of Serve     Tualatin. Those projects included sorting     management was consulted.
each of you who distributed hand-             Day. “It provides an opportunity for per-  articles for a rummage sale, clearing            “This whole thing was bathed in
bills for us on Serve Day. Your               sonal growth in the George Fox commu-      blackberry bushes, cleaning gutters,          prayer,” she said.
efforts have already resulted in              nity. And studies show that if we set a    washing windows and painting.                                        — John Fortmeyer
some new contributors to our                  standard of serv-
cause. In appreciation . . .”                 ice at the start of
— Gwen Schwab, Newberg FISH                   the year, students
                                              will be more
“On behalf of the Newberg Police              inclined to get
Department, I would like to                   involved in serv-
express my gratitude to George Fox            ice opportunities
University for the exceptional com-           throughout the
mitment demonstrated to the New-              school year.”
berg community during the recent                  It also helps
GFU Serve Day . . . My thanks to              George Fox per-
you, the students and faculty at              sonnel to become
George Fox University for your                better
dedication and outreach to the citi-          with the many
zens of Newberg.”                             non-profit agen-
— Cindy Young-Bolek, Community                cies throughout
Resources/Public Information Officer,         the local commu-
Newberg Police Department                     nity and with the
                                              services they pro-
“What a joy to have 30 of your                vide, she said.
staff and students for the day . . . the          Serve Day is
crew you sent us was better than              an expansion of a
exemplary. Thanks so much for the
experience. You will be receiving
notice of the church’s gift of five
Gideon Bibles in honor of your stu-                                   A massive crowd of students, faculty and staff filled the campus quad as George Fox University’s
dents’ labors.”                                                       chapel band opened Serve Day with praise and worship songs.

— Ronald Hotrum, Pastor, Unionvale
Community Church, Dayton, Ore.

Serve Day Hits Front Page                                                                                                               Thanks from
B    esides providing countless good
     works in Yamhill and Multnomah
                                             “Grandpa” Roy Hiebert for painting. The
                                             inside jump included two other photos,
                                                                                          we are as an institution,” Miller said.
                                                                                             Director of Special Events Danya
                                                                                                                                        the Community
counties, George Fox University’s Sept. 8    including one of President Brandt wear-      Ochsner helped coordinate Serve Day           “The students did a lot of work
Serve Day created quite a media buzz.        ing a tie-dyed T-shirt and also working      and, likewise, reported being over-           around the church, as well as going
The Oregonian, the newspaper with the        on Grandpa Roy’s house.                      whelmed by a positive response.               to people’s homes and doing serv-
largest daily circulation in the North-         In the few days following the story,         “In Naps IGA, Mac Rental, and in all       ices for them that they couldn’t do
western United States, provided exten-       Brandt said, it seemed like everyone he      the stores and businesses, people were        themselves. They were so excited
sive coverage of the event, as did the       met was talking about it. Now, nearly a      excited,” she said. “One man who read         about getting help it really made
Newberg Graphic and the McMinnville          month later, when he appears at different    The Oregonian article even said he was        me teary. Sometimes we tend to
News-Register.                               functions, people are still mentioning it.   going to encourage his grandson to            forget how much these little things
   President David Brandt said he was           “It was wonderful, comprehensive          attend George Fox.”                           mean to someone who is elderly or
quite surprised at the extent of The Ore-    coverage, and it provided the kind of           The editor of The Oregonian’s Family       ill. Give my thanks to all.”
gonian’s coverage of Serve Day.              publicity that we want.”                     and Education Team, Chris Broderick,          — Mardi Eggers, First United Methodist Church,
“Besides being well-written and accu-           Vice President for University             said the Serve Day article, like all the      Newberg
rate, the story really got to the heart of   Advancement Dana Miller said that, at a      other assignments, was not originally
what we are all about,” he said. The         recent Parents Council meeting, many of      pegged as a page one story.                   “I just finished reading the article
extensive feature article, which ran on      the parents — who read about Serve Day          “The editors sat down and weighed          in The Oregonian about George
Sept. 9, was written by veteran reporter     in The Oregonian — decided they’d like       the stories of the day and compared it to     Fox’s Serve Day. What a wonderful
Romel Hernandez and was hard to miss.        to join the students and faculty in the      other local, regional and national news,”     idea. Thank you for setting an
   It ran on the front page and was          next Serve Day.                              he said. “It’s a pure judgement call.”        example that we should all follow.
accompanied by a large color photograph         “We’ve also had a big response from          Broderick said that on another day the     George Fox is a special university,
of George Fox student Joel Bock helping      alumni, donors, and all of our friends. It   Serve Day story might have been               and your Serve Day puts an excla-
prepare the home of senior citizen           helped our constituency understand who       “bumped” and appeared somewhere else          mation point on ‘special.’”
                                                                                          in The Oregonian, but he admitted lob-        — Steven Holwerda, Chief Operating Officer,
                                                                                          bying for its high-profile placement.         Ferguson, Wellman, Rudd, Purdy, and
                                                                                              “Besides being timely and local, it       Van Winkle, Inc., Portland
                                                                                          was fresh, interesting, and it involved a
                                                                                          lot of people. It had all that going for it   “WINNER: The George Fox Uni-
                                                                                          — plus it is part of a larger trend.”         versity campus was closed Wednes-
                                                                                             Nationally, there is a growing com-        day, but students, faculty and staff
                                                                                          mitment by young people to community          were hard at work. Nearly 2,000 of
                                                                                          service. An annual national survey con-       them spent the day doing commu-
                                                                                          ducted by the University of California at     nity service projects in Newberg.
                                                                                          Los Angeles indicates the percentage of       ‘Serve Day’ was a living lesson in
                                                                                          college students who say they have per-       volunteerism and civic responsibili-
                                                                                          formed volunteer work has risen to a          ty. It showed the university’s ties to
                                                                                          record-high 74 percent.                       the community.”
                                                                                             While more and more colleges and           — Editorial Page Winner Column, Oregon
                                                                                          schools across the nation are seeking         Statesman-Journal, Salem, Oregon
                                                                                          opportunities to strengthen ties with their
                                                                                          surrounding communities, as Broderick         “Thank you for your help in paint-
                                                                                          pointed out, “Few go to such lengths as       ing our house on Serve Day. You
                                                                                          to involve administration and to cancel       did a great job, it is appreciated so
Cocav Engman, a senior from McArthur, Calif., and Carley Egelston, a senior               all classes and leave phones go unan-         much . . . what a great project! . . .
from Gresham, Ore. (in background), spent the day as part of a work crew
at Horizon Foursquare Church in Newberg.
                                                                                          swered for a full day.”                       Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!”
                                                                                                                     — John Rumler      — Eight signers, Grandma’s House, Newberg

                                                                                                                                        “You did a beautiful job on the

Serve Day Snapshots                                                                                                                     ramp for [the] wheelchair, and we
                                                                                                                                        thank you so much. We pray God’s
                                                                                                                                        blessing on each of your lives.
Three Tons of Wood                                                  along side us also were overwhelmed by this unanticipated           Have a great year at George Fox. In
Group #58 had seven members who moved lumber from one               blessing of music.                                                  Christian love,”
location to another for Yamhill residents who have illness in          “I can’t wait for the next time to see what unexpected sur-      — signed by a Newberg couple
their family.                                                       prises the Lord will have in store.”
   “We got the work done, had a wonderful day of fellowship,        — Alan Kluge, Associate Professor of Business
and were joyful that the Lord would allow us to be His hands
to help others. We moved 3 to 3.5 tons of wood two times. No,
we were not inefficient. It’s just that we loaded the lumber onto
a trailer, hauled it to the new site, and unloaded it.
                                                                    Taking Time to Play
                                                                    Group #20, consisting of Edwards Residence Hall first-floor
                                                                    men, helped at the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Newberg,
                                                                                                                                        Value Added
                                                                    cleaning windows, installing a satellite dish, sorting disaster     Some would say the value of
   “Our site sponsor . . . encouraged us frequently and con-
                                                                    relief materials and organizing a library.                          George Fox’s Serve Day is
stantly supplied us with cold drinks. She just called me today
                                                                                                                                        immeasurable — even priceless:
and expressed her appreciation for not only moving the lumber,
                                                                                                                                        the help to individuals, organiza-
but for reflecting Jesus through the work done in an attitude of                                                  continued on page 8
                                                                                                                                        tions and community. They’re right.
joy. She said it was a wonderful
                                                                                                                                           But a quantitative measure also
encouragement to her.
                                                                                                                                        is possible in terms of the estimated
   “On Thursday we were all remind-
                                                                                                                                        cost of the “people-power” provid-
ed of having moved 3 to 3.5 tons of
                                                                                                                                        ed. Based on the University’s total
lumber twice, but very long, hot
                                                                                                                                        budget for employees for one year
showers and generous doses of
                                                                                                                                        and dividing by the total work days
aspirin took care of it!!”                                                                   in a year, the value of employee
— Mark Ocker, Instructor of
                                                                                                                                        help for one day is $57,000.
                                                                                                                                           Add to that the value of student
                                                                                                                                        help, based on the campus work-
Singing While You Work                                                                                                                  study wage of $6.50 per hour. Vol-
Group #69 helped at Chehalem Val-
                                                                                                                                        unteer students during Serve Day
ley Baptist Church in Newberg.
                                                                                                                                        worked approximately six hours
   “Our team of 11 students and 4
                                                                                                                                        each for a $39 contribution. Esti-
staff members painted the sanctuary,
                                                                                                                                        mating 1,000 students, they accu-
fellowship hall, and foyer . . . Most of
                                                                                                                                        mulated a value of $39,000.
the day, as we painted, our students
                                                                                                                                           The total value of employee and
sang praise music and hymns in per-
                                                                                                                                        student labor approached $100,000
fect four-part harmony. (It turned out
                                                                                                                                        — at $96,000.
most of them are in the Concert
Choir). It was a privilege to be there     Sarah Powell, a sophomore from Turner, Ore.; Ron Mock, assistant professor
and hear the music as we worked.           of peace studies and political science; and Lauren Barnhart, a junior from
                                           Woodinville, Wash., (left to right) help construct a retaining wall for a new
The members of the church working          skateboarding facility at Ewing Young Park in Newberg.

                                                                   “I think it says a lot when tired people can still come
Serve Day Snaphots                                              together and laugh. A truly phenomenal experience —
                                                                through and through!”
                                                                                                                                President and Mrs. Brandt
                                                                                                                                      invite you to
continued from page 7

   “ . . . we did more than the church had prepared for us
to do! What a great bunch of guys! The church where we
                                                                — Karin Klinger, Undergraduate Admissions Counselor

                                                                A Public Witness
                                                                                                                                  Travel the Alps
worked insisted we take regular breaks — which we               Group #29, 18 women from the first floor of Hobson                • Visit picturesque cities of Innsbruck,
didn’t mind! During the breaks, all of the team would           Residence Hall, helped the City of Dundee with a land-              Heidelberg and Munich
gather in the gym and play basketball, wall ball or tape-       scaping project.                                                  • See the Neuschwanstein castle and enjoy
ball baseball! Even when we had all been working hard,             “The task before us was indeed arduous, shoveling                a cruise on the Rhine
these guys still had the energy to come together and play.      dirt, raking and leveling the ground, planting shrubs and         • Experience the renowned Passion Play at
                                                                                  laying sod from the Post Office to the
                                                                                  stoplight on Highway 99. The work
                                                                                  effort and attitude of this group of stu-
                                                                                                                                  • Enjoy daily devotionals by Dave Brandt
                                                                                  dents served as a powerful witness to           • Optional second week available for
                                                                                  far more people than I ever imagined.             sightseeing in Italy and Switzerland
                                                                                  They amazed the city crew members
                                                                                  who were lavish in praise and thank-                    July 19 to August 2, 2000
                                                                                  fulness for the quality and quantity of           For information and reservations, contact
                                                                                  the work the team accomplished.
                                                                                                                                          Sam Farmer: (503) 554-2122
                                                                                     “. . . we were highly visible to the
                                                                                                                                              FAX (503) 554-3830
                                                                                  public. Drivers stopped to ask who we
                                                                                  were and what we were doing. Others
                                                                                  simply took notice and gave us a big
                                                                                  smile and thumbs up! . . . we were
                                                                                  located directly across the street from
                                                                                  the Dundee Elementary School, and
                                                                                  many times little faces were looking
                                                                                  out the windows to watch the activity
                                                                                                                                           Celebrating Homecoming 2000
                                                                                  and wonder.                                                     February 11-13
                                                                                     “For me, as a resident of Dundee,
                                                                                  driving past the new grass, shrubs and                 Don’t miss George Fox University’s
                                                                                  flowers brought to mind that these                 Homecoming 2000 featuring special reunions for:
                                                                                  things will be here for years to come                 ASC Central Committe and R.A. Alumni
                                                                                  and to remind people that George Fox                   Western Evangelical Seminary Alumni
                                                                                  University touched our community.                                 And Alumni from:
                                                                                  The example of these young women                            Class of 1990 • Class of 1980
                                                                                  will remain with me for a long time. In                     Class of 1975 • Class of 1970
                                                                                  the midst of sweating and struggle with                     Class of 1960 • Class of 1950
                                                                                  their workload, the challenging words
                                                                                  ‘attitude check’ were consistently met
                                                                                  with the shout ‘Praise the Lord!’ I need
                                                                                  to be able to do that daily.”                Newberg Police Department reported one surprise:
                                                                                  — George Byrtek, Assistant Professor            “Detectives rallied as a gun thought to have been
                                                                                  of Management                                used in the commission of a crime was found by two
                                                                                                                               George Fox students while cleaning up the Highway
                                                                                 Lending a Hand                                99W fill area. Although the suspect has been found
                                                                                 to Law Enforcement                            guilty of the crime without the gun as evidence, the
President Brandt steadies a ladder while serving on a work crew                  Serve Day brought many results —              weapon will be turned over to authorities to be included
that prepared the house of Roy Hiebert, George Fox University’s                  some unexpected. Here’s the way the           as part of the case file.”
“campus grandpa,” for a new coat of paint.

   Dale Campbell (G60) completed the Newport Marathon            for KARE television, Minneapolis, Minn.                       Ryan Fast (G99) and Erin Johnson (G99), July 10,
   in June 1999 in 3 hours, 59 minutes, placing third in his     Melinda Lathrop (n98) was named 1999 Homemaker                1999, in Portland.
   age division. He and his wife Sharon (G98), and chil-         of the Fair at the Wallowa County Fair, Enterprise, Ore.
   dren recently moved from Dundee to Newberg, where he
                                                                 Phil Smith (G98) is employed by Safeco Insurance in
   is opening an additional pastoral counseling practice.
                                                                 the Chicago, Ill., area. His wife, Jessica (Wilson) (G98),
   Tim Kunkel (WES83) is serving as a missionary to              is teaching third grade at Christian Heritage Academy in
   Uruguay with the International Mission Board of the           Northfield, Ill.                                              Michael (n85) and Nancy (Baugh) (G88) Fawver, a
   Southern Baptist Convention. He and his wife, Iracema,                                                                      boy, Gabriel McGaron, April 5, 1999, in Dundee, Ore.
                                                                 David Tuckett (MHR98) is account manager for legal
   will finish 10 years of service in February 2000 and will                                                                   Major (n85) and Diana Inskeep, a boy, Timothy Paul,
                                                                 imaging services at Network One/Scan One, Portland.
   be in the Northwest on furlough for the rest of the year.                                                                   Aug. 4, 1999, in Tacoma, Wash.
                                                                 Joshua Reid (G99) is the youth pastor at Cherry Grove
   Garold Gillham (HRM88) has been named city manag-                                                                           Becky (Holman) (G89) and Eon Friesen, a boy, Aaron
                                                                 Friends Church, Battle Ground, Wash.
   er for Scappoose, Ore.                                                                                                      Micah, Dec. 19, 1998, in Flagstaff, Ariz.
   Brian Gardner (G89) and his wife, Christy, reside in                                                                        Duane (G90) and Elizabeth Larson, a girl, Paige Eliza-
   Wheaton, Ill., where he is regional director of develop-                                                                    beth, Sept. 28, 1999, in Portland.
   ment for Wheaton College.                                     Marriages                                                     Pamela (Steiner) (G91) and Wayne Davis, a girl, Lauren
   Joseph Rono (WES89) was installed Sept. 12, 1999, as          Lisa Ruvo (G93) and Jeff Knipe, Aug. 15, 1999, in Portland.   Brandi, June 26, 1999, in Nampa, Idaho.
   the bishop of the Africa Gospel Church, which has
   approximately 700 congregations in Kenya.             
                                                                 Timothy Leyden (MAT94) and Susan Lambert, July 3,             Patricia (Lanting) (G91) and Michael Jones, a girl,
                                                                 1999, in Portland.                                            Juliann Marie, May 29, 1999, in Oregon City, Ore.
   Scott Nilsen (G93) is the adult ministries pastor at New-
   berg Friends Church. His wife, Shannon (Hyde) (G92),          Tiffany Hayes (G95) and Randall Schmidt, July 18,             Pamela (Friesen) (G92) and Jeff Wilson, a girl, Gloria
   is the children’s pastor.                                     1999, in Molalla, Ore.                                        Ruth, May 29, 1999, in Greenville, Ill.
   Sanford Lewis (MHR95) received a Master of Arts               Denise Rutherford (MHR95) and Bert Stone, April 24,           Ryan (G93) and Hannah (Smith) (G94) Kendall, a girl,
   degree in organizational management from the Universi-        1999, in Tacoma, Wash.                                        Marissa June, Aug. 19, 1998, in Sharon Springs, Kan.
   ty of Phoenix, Portland. He is a claims representative for    Heidi Dougherty (G97) and Abon Johnson, Aug. 7,               Sarah (Morse) (G95) and Matthew Emerson, a boy, Kai
   the Social Security Administration, Portland.                 1999, in Springfield, Ore.                                    Emerson, Aug. 1, 1999, in Portland.
   Cletus Moore (MBA95) has been named vice president            Joni Starbuck (MHR97) and Gene Glenn, May 21,                 Jennifer (MHR96) and David Gilroy, a girl, Claire
   for finance and business affairs at Warner Pacific Col-       1999, in Vancouver, Wash.                                     Danielle, July 9, 1999, in Tualatin, Ore.
   lege, Portland.                                               Travis Johnson (G98) and Melinda Dyer (n00), Dec.
   Scott Jensen (G96) recently received first place in the       19, 1998, in Albany, Ore.
   documentary category at the National Press Photogra-          Matthew Saltmarsh (G98, MAT99) and Sheila Wor-
   phers Association conference in Denver, Colo. He and          thington, June 26, 1999, in Canby, Ore.
   his wife, Myrna (Bonar) (G95), recently moved to Min-         Kristy Burns (G99) and Brandon Ellis, Sept. 25, 1999,         Marion Winslow (G27), May 14, 1999, in Newberg.
   nesota, where Scott is employed as a news photographer        in Gladstone, Ore.


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