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									Business Manager CV Business Manager Pham Van

 Business Manager CV Pham Van

  basic personal CV
  Name: XXX Nationality: China's current residence: Guangzhou Nationality: Chinese domicile :
Hunan, height and weight: 164cm 59kg Marital Status: Single Age: 27 years of age and work
experience personnel Abroad Type: General Job Job: Business Manager / Director: investment,
business management / management consultancy, customer service representative / Commissioner
/ Assistant: Work Experience: 6 Title: Title Job Type: Full-time available date: salary requirements
at any time :2000 - 3500 hope that the working area: Guangzhou Work experience: Company
Name: Trust-Mart, beginning and ending years of Panyu branch :2008-06 ~ 2009-08 Nature: joint
ventures Industry: Other positions: Business Job Description: Business District site leasing,
vendor and Bankrupt, Purchasing Guide, on-site management. Reason for leaving: Personal reason
Company Name: Public Ho Technology Networks, beginning and ending years :2005-10 ~
2007-10 Nature: Private Industry: e-commerce positions: Assistant General Manager Job
Description: The company's after-sales tracking, enterprise jobs and so on. Reason for leaving:
Contract expired Educational Background Graduated from: Central Technology School Financial
Management Education Level: college graduation date :2003-07-01 in these two fields: Computer
Applications Second Major: Public Relations training experience: start end years years the school
(organization) Professional certificate Certificate No. 2000-092003-07 obtain technology
Financial Management Central School of Computer Applications 2005-092006-06 tertiary English
language skills in English language: English good Mandarin level: excellent Cantonese: the
general ability to work and Other shopping malls are familiar with management expertise,
investment zone venue rental, manufacturers and Bankrupt, Purchasing Guide, on-site
management, and support over the cash register, inventory and so on. Detailed personal
autobiography 1. Have a certain organization and coordination, event planning capacity
  2. Have a strong team spirit, good interpersonal communication skills (in the work, colleagues
can unite together, be good with others coordination "combat".)
  3. have strong language skills
  4. social practice ability, the ability to accept new things fast
  5. steady, hard-working, serious and their best, down to earth everything dry well, work hard, my
features. Career success requires knowledge, persistence, sweat, the perfect combination of
opportunity, I would in a limited time, create unlimited value, which can achieve values of life.

 I personality: cheerful, modest, self-discipline, self-confidence.

 the other: The most important is the ability to trust you will think I am the right person for this
job! .. This article from [worry document] collection and sorting, for the original
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