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					Declared bankruptcy notice bankruptcy

 notice declaring the debtor bankrupt
 bankrupt :________________ trading company
 legal business address :__________________
 legal representative of the company manager :________,

  on the debtor, the Court was 1999, afternoon at 9 o'clock on the 23 May was declared bankrupt,
is hereby announced.
  a bankruptcy Ruling dispositif
  debtor ______ trading company bankrupt.
  2, the first creditors meeting scheduled date to August 23, 1999, convened the meeting place of
the same.
  3, bankruptcy liquidation organization _______。
  4, the debtor bankrupt enterprises and property owners, only to bankruptcy or debt settlement
group delivery of the property.
  ______ Intermediate People's Court (Chapter)
  judge :______________
  _______ years _____ months _____ day
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