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					Bank auto loan application consumer automotive

 bank auto loan

 bank auto loan application
 Name of applicant




 ID number

 home telephone

 work Company Name



 work unit addresses

 unit of telephone


 household where the address of


 residential address is

 monthly income of applicants per
% D % A number of household

 title other family members a monthly income of

 spouse element name

 work unit
% D %A
 vehicle brand

 car prices

 down payment

 loan amount

 way of loan guarantees
 mortgage □
 pledge □
 guarantee □
-occupied housing, other housing □ □
 home assessed value of

% D pledge and name % A
 pledge of property value

 guarantor name

 total average monthly income of

 Monthly Repayment
% D % A proportion of total household income monthly repayment

 co-applicant views
 │ I shared the views of the applicant's spouse as a car (or) on the property during the existence
of a common property right Therefore, buyers were willing to participate in the repayment of bank
debts. If I lift the car man and wife relationship (or relationship), unless the court or other legally
binding agreement to explicitly provide that vehicle ownership and the ownership of debt for the
car, otherwise, I do not lift the repayment obligation.
 co-applicant Signature (Seal):

 years on the borrower views
 The applicant agreed to the loan guarantee methods, arrived (quality) the right to charge artificial
_____ _____ Bank branch. And to ensure arrival (quality) the right to charge people the first
beneficiary. Or to accept the loan guarantor on the conditions of my contract.
 signature (seal):

 years on the loan guarantor comments:

 signature (seal):
 years on
 lender approving comments:

______ bank branches
 _____ years Day - Thanks for reading this article, this article from [worry document] collection and sorting, to thank the original author] / center>

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