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            E ATING FOR A
                                                                      Healthy Smile
                                                                        Pick Non-St ick Swee ts!
                                                                      Sticky sweets remain on teeth longer
                                                                      than non-sticky types. Tooth enamel
                                                                      exposed to sticky foods has a greater
   Da i r y                                                           chance of breakdown.

                     Dairy                                            Instead of:                         B e S n a c k Sm a r t !
      F o o d s foods are                                             hard candies, jelly beans,
                                                 Vi t

                                                                                                              Limit the number of
                 packed with                                          raisins, and dried fruit                between-meal snacks.
   De l i v e r ! nutrients

                                                                      rolls or bits                                 Eating a handful of sweets
                                                      in D

                                                                                                                      all at once is better than
                      needed by                                       Choose:                                          having several snacks
                both children                                         flavored milk and                                   throughout the day.
                and adults.    C a l c i um                           yogurt, pudding,
                                                                      frozen yogurt or ice
                                                                                                                           The less time sugary
                                                                                                                            foods have contact
           Milk, cheese
                          M ag n                                      cream, and cut-up fruit                               with teeth, the
            and yogurt            e s i um                                                                               less chance of
         help develop                                                                                                tooth decay.
        strong teeth
                                 h or u
                            o sp
           and reduce
          cavity risk. P h
                                                                                            D i d Yo u K n o w. . .
                                                                                        Getting enough calcium may lower
                                                                                        your risk of gum disease. A strong
                                                                                        jawbone, reinforced by adequate
                                                                                        calcium is better equipped to resist
                                                                                        deteriorating bacteria.
                    Pair up cavity promoting
                     foods like cookies with                 When children begin to cut their teeth,
                     the buffering benefits                  their diet continues to affect tooth and
                       of milk. Sweet and                    enamel development, even in those that
                                                             are hiding just under the gum.
                        starchy foods can
                          expose teeth help
                                                             Saying cheese may
                          cavity forming                     your smile! Cheeses like
                                                             Cheddar, Mozzarella,
                         acids. Milk helps                   Swiss and American
                        rinse away sugars                    have been shown to
                                                             keep the mouth’s acid
                         left in the mouth                   levels low which protects
                            from sweets.                     cavities from forming.

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