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  Taotao Pentium roaring raging rapids of the Yellow River, where Barry has turned into a long
lake, rippling blue waves ; five thousand years of Chinese civilization experienced great changes,
where sediment accumulation has become Yangshao, Guo traveling. The magnificent north and
south of the scenery here, the perfect combination of history and modern culture blend with each
other here. Lake, the spring spit shade trees, summer boat trip willow, autumn apple pressing
sticks, play winter swan, man and nature, landscape graced by stained green, picturesque,
beautiful. This is embedded in the Yellow Sea in the bright pearl --***。
  *** City is thousands of miles of the Yellow River in 1957, along with the construction of the
first dam in the rise of a new industrial city. Shanxi Henan and Shaanxi provinces in the junction
of the Golden Triangle, east of Luoyang, Nanyang south, west and bordering Shaanxi, Shanxi
north across the Yellow River and the sea. Jurisdiction over the three county area between the two
cities a total area of 10,496 square kilometers, population 2.2 million; central city built area of 22
square kilometers, population 285,000. Urban areas located in the south bank of the Yellow River,
is surrounded by water on both sides of Castle Peak. Each winter, thousands of white swans winter
at this spot, so *** City Adds "Swan City" in the world.
  *** city transportation, even the high-speed longitudinal Huo things, the Longhai railway passes
through, 310,209 vertical and horizontal intersection of State Road, north and south of the Yellow
River Highway Bridge Fei Jia, economic development in the Midwest has a bearing East Kai West
importance. Here is rich in resources, to maintain the top three of the mineral reserves of the
province there are 30 kinds, gold, bauxite, coal is the advantage of its three major minerals, coal
formed aluminum, gold, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, building materials industry chain of five
major industry , a Henan Province and even the country's major base metals and energy. Among
the Central China in the wave of the first echelon, *** are proudly, bravely fight the forefront.
  21 century is the century of urban development, but also focus on ecological protection,
strengthening the environment of the century. *** City of rapid economic development, municipal
government has always attached great importance to urban ecological environment. To speed up
urban development, improve urban quality and achieving harmony between man and nature, open
vision of urban development, has become the consensus of the people of the city. In recent years,
*** municipal government in accordance with the "expansion of city size, to improve urban
quality, construction, natural landscape city" strategic vision, and continuously increasing urban
construction, and actively create the most pleasant home in the urban environment, made a series
of encouraging achievement. Health City has been awarded the honorary title of provincial level,
great strides in 2003 into the "China Excellent Tourism City" list. But the *** people who do not
slow down this pace of urban construction, but at full speed, to a journey. In 2004, Sanmenxia City,
the main city leadership situation with foresight, to be completed in three years the national garden
city *** major policy decisions, while the goal of 2007 to the National Health City, National
Advanced City of civilization, and Creating a National Environmental Protection Model City. To
ensure the smooth progress of construction activities, set up by the municipal party committee
secretary with Ziheng political commissar, Mayor Li Wenhui any commander, responsible for
more than 30 governmental departments to participate in the creation of command. Within only
six months, held twice a garden city to mobilize the city's General Assembly, called on the city's
people to act vigorously, set all the people of intellect, the power of the city dump, have launched
a garden city activities climax. Provincial Department of Construction in the support and specific
guidance, and made remarkable achievements.
  *** Today, more blue days, even more clear blue water, green with beautiful lines, is presented in
points, blocks of heavy, woven with the city's beautiful, so *** into a modern, home of the most
pleasant Northern eco-city. The remote-sensing test, the city's green coverage rate of 35.2%, 29%
green rate, per capita public green area of 9.54 square meters.
  road that people often compare the city to the skeleton and the context, the road green green is
the main structure of the city, directly reflects the overall level of urban landscape. In recent years,
continued to increase in Sanmenxia city road construction, and invested heavily in new and
transforming the fast track, along the Huang Guanguang Road, Bridge and the Gap on the sun and
the six peak of the East Connector Road, the Yellow River Road, by the way etc. number of city
primary and secondary roads, improve the high standards of roads built or renovated, while green,
but also other road for replanting seedlings, and further increase the amount of green,
eco-efficiency, green landscape highlighted effect. Today, 36 Sanmenxia city 70 km total length of
primary and secondary roads, green 100% coverage, green compliance road up to six, representing
more than 50% of road length.
  distinctive green path drawn for the city was a beautiful scene. Walking through the summer
Xiaoshan mountain, tall dense s satisfaction propped thick shade for pedestrians to send wisp cool
breeze; six Fung Road, dripping green, Zhuangruo canopy of privet, the golden inflorescence
Patch full of branches; Kom Tong Hall Road, green pine forest stands of snow to form a charming
oasis; while on Yáng soft willow that was added to both sides of the tall buildings of the street a
sort of charm; civilized way of Acer mono make people feel to the raging passion; also points
Shaanxi Road that May fly of Acacia, embankment road neat heroes tomentosa, Sophora japonica
Guo State Road ......, the formation of numerous lush green of a long article Gallery. Most people
wonder, when you drive Mercedes-Benz in the open and flat fast channel, which transforms an
endless and alternating green landscape, enough to shock people's heart and soul.
  if the road is an extension of a section in the city green ribbon, then, are found in cities large and
small parks, gardens, squares, just like those many green gems. There is continued expansion of
the Guo State Park, open on a calm lake jade bridge across the water, like the rainbow after the
rain, cherry blossom garden, spring infinite, attracted full of tourists; here are 40 years old
People's Park, strolling the lake shore weeping willows, reflecting the water, the breeze blowing
over, sashay, roadside colored rose, Colorful, contests; here 2300 built Riverfront Park mu Shan
Zhou, er Lake Green is the Willow, Taolin towers, hard to forget . Patches of thick, deep in the
woods, visitors create a city for the quiet forest, while more people are climbing while
overlooking the heart to enjoy the beauty of the Yellow River's free and easy. Kom Tong Hall Park,
the pleasant upstairs ringing bells and drums, Po Lun Temple after the magnificent Millennium
storm posture, and the Yellow River bonsai garden colorful, fancy patterns thousands of plants,
constitute a far-reaching implication of ecological harmony. There is also the Sanmenxia Plaza
rich culture, unique Yellow River Plaza and Lakeside Square, under construction in and around the
city, sophisticated and chic garden six peaks, Tai Ling garden, Yinshan garden, east garden .... ....
Every morning, I saw a one garden, square, trees, lawn, morning exercises are active around the
crowd, they, or song, or dance, or that, or laugh, and accompanied by lively music, meet the
morning of the first ray of sunshine .
  *** If you first arrived to see the city by winding, rolling jianhe park along the several kilometers
of green landscape, must not only give people the feeling of pleasant, relaxed and happy, but was
an Green vitality of the shock, the human and intricate beautiful! Side of the building is made of
the early 1000 acres of rolling jianhe park shape; side is large-scale, made after several years
fighting the jianhe management project. Ten years ago, the weeds, sewers, flood chaos Shilin Li's
already difficult to find traces of Stream, replaced by a solid bulkhead, clear water, spectacular
dams and rivers cross the lush green corridor. Such an ambitious urban development project, how
can one Jiaoren how many feelings, how many praise.
  if the summer night, night comes, the two set about three leaf canoe, stroll around the bridge in
the six peaks from the jianhe poly rubber dam lake wide, slightly glowing surface waves and
swayed around the distance colorful lights, followed by dark, and the lake not far from shore, the
night market on the summertime people laughter, singing, noisy sound, trance, described by the
somewhat Ziqing Qinhuai finish. The
's probably the most amazing views of integration and the Yellow River to the number of lakes and
mountains in the Lake of Dragons. Dam standing, looking around the other side is 5,000 acres of
open Qinglonghu surface, Castle Peak embracing trees, green everywhere; side of the open, the
Yellow River, water days, connected, distant sky of birds disappeared the. In these circumstances,
could not help but make people pride stirring.
  unit of yard and green residential area an integral part of urban green, is the degree of civilization,
culture, taste and spirit of the concentrated expression. Over the years, city to create a garden flat,
garden district activities as an opportunity for new residential units and a high starting point plan,
high standards of construction, quality inspection; the same time, the greening of the active
transformation of the old city, and guide people with their own conditions Growing Flowers grass,
vigorously greening, landscaping, effectively promoted the overall improvement of the level of
urban greening. 2005, the city unit of the courtyard, green residential area of 135 hectares, 80 units
of courtyard, residential green compliance, of which four units in the courtyard, green residential
area by the provincial inspection, green compliance rate of 60% or more people working and
living conditions improved significantly. Recreation Area, Shu xingxing district, the Lake Area
Bank, smelter district, Xiyuan District, Guo Garden area, such as a large number of outstanding
garden district, has become the public Refreshing the ideal place. Well
  city in the green, while the municipal government from *-** city's geographical location, natural
conditions and the current situation, in order to promote long-term vision of sustainable urban
development, attaches great importance to the surrounding urban environment afforestation. 10
Over the years, Nanshan, Northridge, and other ecological areas along the Yellow River green
focus, and actively organize people voluntary tree planting activities and through the
implementation of Forest, closing and other effective policies, vigorously carrying out
afforestation and greening of barren hills, mountains and rivers beautiful. Up to now, total
afforestation area of more than 400 hectares. Former barren ridge, gully gone, it was replaced by a
Road, covered with green hills and reflecting the green clean. "Southern Hills Northridge Phi
green installed, do cross rivers Spring," not exactly *** the pursuit and realistic portrayal of it?
  production of green space is integral to urban green space, it is important to improve protection
of urban green building. *** City leaders attached great importance to the production of green
building. In recent years, has invested in the city built around scenic nurseries, urban nurseries and
garden nurseries and other research institutes and medium-sized state-owned production green
land, cultivation, breeding and the introduction of hundreds of species of all kinds of green
seedlings, to better ensure the city green with seedlings. At the same time, the relevant government
departments to actively encourage, guide and support the rural farmers in afforestation seedling
production and nursery stock industries taking business prosperity. According to the statistics, the
current city all around the existing nursery, garden 28.6 hectares, accounting for 2% of built area
of more than green seedlings more than 85% self-sufficiency.
  "Cao Shu Zhichun return soon, fighting all sorts of purpurin Fangfei." For the completion of
landscape trees surrounded the ***, trees, and flowers set off the eco-garden city, to create a "sky
blue, clear water, green trees, flowers," the most pleasant home green homes, *** people are with
wholehearted enthusiasm for a composing Music beautiful green harmonious symphony. In this
ancient and mysterious, full of vigor and vitality of Xiaoshan Handa on the ground, *** to her city
is excellent and majestic, the rise of Central China in among the "first tier" of building a well on
the journey toward a more dazzling burst dazzling brilliance. .. This article from [worry document]
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