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									** Urban Planning Bureau, summed up the work of the first half of 2009, the first half of planning

  summing up the work of urban and rural planning in the first half
  ** Municipal Planning Bureau in 2009 concluded the work of the first half
  2009 in the first half, the Bureau closely around the construction of well-being ** target, do a
better job, "increase security to protect people's livelihood and maintaining stability" of the work
to implement the "Town and Country Planning Act," as the focus, in accordance with the
integration of urban and rural planning requirements, in order to "study of urban construction in
Singapore, Shanghai University new towns" as the goal, coordinating urban and rural planning,
optimization of urban and rural spatial distribution, improve the integration of urban and rural
planning and management mode, urban construction services, new towns, new rural construction,
comprehensive and balanced urban and rural planning and development to enhance the level of the
  1, deepen Planning, strict planning control.
  in accordance with the objectives and tasks in 2009, the Bureau clutching focus, and developing
the planning, Planning work is in order. This article from [New Century Business Network]
  first comprehensive planning preparation and approval system. To the approval of urban planning
and urban and rural planning, based on sound planning, including urban system, urban planning,
town planning and village planning, including the complete statutory planning system, and further
strengthen planning at all levels in all areas of convergence and coordination to ensure that urban
and rural planning to cover every piece of land in the city's domain, for the administration by law
to provide statutory planning basis.
  second is to achieve complete coverage of urban design. Further improve the database and an
expert database design units, continue to invite experts on important sections of urban and rural
planning program or related programs screening of architectural color, timber facade, pipelines
integrated design, outdoor landscape design into the standard management channels. Raise the
level of the city's urban design field, key sections of urban and rural, 2009, key areas and the town
core area covering the whole urban design, urban construction and town construction to achieve
the interaction, linkage. In 2008 successfully created the International Garden City, National
Garden City, based on plans to focus on the "new three-lane" (red line, the horizon line, axis),
highlighting its features, optimize the urban image, on May 20 to complete the preparation of
urban public facilities planning, Aug. 20 to complete the preparation of a river Xicheng Canal
Urban Design, Nov. 20 to complete the preparation of the overall downtown urban design, urban
functions, optimize human settlements.
  third is to enhance the overall image of the town. To plan as the starting point, focus on
promoting the building of new towns, highlighting the forward-looking urban and rural planning
and high-grade, living environment to carry out the research, September 20 ** City to complete
the preparation of optimization to improve the living environment study, further optimization and
improvement urban and rural living environment, pay attention to red line, horizon line, axis,
highlighting features of urban space. Improve the function of adjustment to be merge the town and
the recent building programs around the "towns should be standing on people's livelihood, the
people, for the people's height, in a merge process of building the town of prominent functional
position, breaking the administrative division, under the new situation is merge the town of
construction work ", and further good consumer market, the concentration of population may be
based on clear functional positioning, optimal planning and design, focusing on the recent
construction of a clear mission (three-year action plans) and this year's interim targets tasks,
increased construction, and outstanding long-term management to better promote the
implementation of construction was merge the town, promoting urban and rural integration.
  4 is the optimal land allocation. The total land use to land departments are forbidden as an
opportunity, based on the overall plan has been approved by the city, urban and rural planning and
towns (street) overall plan to strengthen the urban and rural land use planning and land sector
overall regulatory convergence, and short-term construction project planning coordination of land
use planning to ensure that the "two-map and a map" to ensure the rapid urban and rural economy
and society, sustainable development.
  5 is to improve the comprehensive transportation planning. Combing the city for the integrated
transport network, roads and other infrastructure to strengthen land control, and consider urban
and rural transport and regional transport ** interface, make special plans for the preparation of
rail transportation. Further strengthen the comprehensive transportation system planning and
transportation planning, traffic management planning coordination, and expedite the development
of hydropower in rural and urban transport network.
  sixth is to strengthen planning controls. Strictly in accordance with the "no development areas **
control and protection of city planning", strengthen the municipal area of mountain, water and
other ecologically sensitive areas, infrastructure corridors, farmland, important landscape planning
control nodes, for the urban and rural Fazhan mandatory 预留 public space and functional
development and ecological protection built simultaneously to form a reasonable system of
ecological space.
  7 is a complete city to declare. Strictly in accordance with the "Protection of Historical and
Cultural Cities ** City Planning," speed up the planning of national historical and cultural city
report preparation, May 20 to complete the planning department data reporting, in accordance
with the protection scope and construction control zone of the Historic District, Heritage
protection unit, control and protection of historical and architectural planning to conduct a full
order. Celebrities such as strengthening environmental management guidance, and further reveal
the cultural characteristics of heritage historical context, improve urban quality.
  2, innovation planning and management, services, grassroots village.
  combination of study and practice the scientific concept of development activities, and building a
sound planning and management service system, improve planning and management of the
internal mechanism, and further enhance the urban and rural planning and construction of a
balanced level.
  first in accordance with the "One City, Four Area" of the city of domain structure, the
establishment of six planning and management office, planning and management personnel to
rural areas of work, change "open services" as "home service" to strengthen the forefront of basic
services to promote and optimize the layout of urban space, to strengthen the centralized
management of urban and rural planning, urban and rural planning to improve the level of sound
city planning and management of urban and rural integration model.
  second is planning to do in accordance with the relevant functions and scope of work set rules,
establish and improve rules and regulations, on the run for six standardized management plan to
the system steward, to the system of managing people, "stolen" project approval, improve
efficiency, optimize service levels. Carefully for compliance monitoring functions, and towns
(street) construction management services (Division), to establish linkage of administrative law
enforcement squadron enforcement mechanism, improve the illegal construction of prevention,
detection, investigation of working mechanisms. In strict accordance with the Planning Office, "**
Urban development areas do not control and protection plan" to strengthen the municipal area of
mountain, water and other ecological sensitive areas, infrastructure corridors, farmland, important
landscape planning control nodes, the development of a mandatory provision for the urban and
rural public space and function of development and ecological protection built simultaneously to
form a reasonable system of ecological space.
  third is from March to June, the Area Planning Office in accordance with their actual conditions
of urban and rural planning development of the 2009 campaign to implement the program in 2009,
"Urban and Rural Planning Act" propaganda month plan of activities, the completion of the
planning advocacy information on the production, scheduled to go to the countryside and towns
publicity contact date, more than the various town and village administrative staff, secretary of the
planning laws and regulations, planning and establishment of publicity and training to further
enhance the awareness of rural management planning to ensure planning management of the
implementation of effective implementation.
  3, and strengthen planning permission, planning to promote the sun.
  2009 annual large volume of tasks, tight schedule, manpower and to better accomplish various
tasks throughout the year, we co-ordinate arrangements for a full sort, scientific and reasonable
development of the three major tasks of the form: "2009 Board objectives and tasks of work, ""
the municipal government to implement all the focus I Board "(41)," 2009 Annual Planning
Bureau tracking service list "(430), a clear responsibility to departments, responsible person in
charge of the leadership and time request, will focus on the work order into the charts, "wall chart
operation", refinement of work measures, implement the plan, to strengthen supervision, give play
to their enthusiasm and initiative, high standards, promoting high quality urban and rural planning
management, active service urban construction, new towns and new rural construction. Strengthen
the planning permission, innovative management ideas, strengthen law enforcement, planning and
implementation process to ensure that no deviation, not fall.
  First, strictly implement the "Town and Country Planning Act" and the provincial planning and
management technical requirements, the spirit of "external facilitation, shortening the processing
time limits, strict internal procedures, standard operation" principle, complete
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