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					"Olympic Spirit celebrate 71 casting division," poetry reading draft Olympic 七一

  poetry reading is not the Olympic Games 71
  "celebrate 71 Olympic spirit casting division," poetry reading draft
  respected leader, teachers, party members and cadres beloved comrades,
  Though I have not very young, but I feel the party is not deep and profound, perhaps because I
am not a party, the party's understanding is still superficial, party loyalty is not enough enthusiasm.
However, the recent Party Central Committee led by people of all nationalities "of one mind,
united" in the earthquake relief operation, I really appreciate the "no new China without the
Communist Party," the profound meaning, I feel the Chinese Communist Party is the hearts of our
people a red sun, so that I can sing with deep feeling, "the party ah, my dear mother," This is the
first exciting song ... ...
  is locked in the affected areas, general secretary of the distress and anxiety were infected with the
pace I was Premier Wen hoarse voice and tired faces touched me, but people of all nationalities to
pay out of hand and shook my love, my silence student expression and education of my precious
tears ... ...% D % A I do not have a sweet mellow sound, not inspiring rhetoric, this time, I just
want to say: party ah, my dear mother, in your 87 birthday, I want to sing the song in my heart, I
wish you Happy Birthday !----- praise of the party!
  has a history, lighting up the dark days;
  has a history, engraved in our hearts.
  day, sickle and hammer to form the pattern of flags in the wind Fimbristylis;
  From then on, the scythes roared,
  From then on, that the hammer shouting,
  result, the South Ganzhe Lin, into swords and guns, north Qingsha Zhang, into the grave,
  7 years of history every year, every day, coal points, all her splendid glory shine.
  We will not forget the long tassel on August 1st harvest uprising uprising shots
  we will not forget the head of the horn Jinggangshan Long road footprint
  is the party's guidelines, we overcame the wind and waves, driving the vortex,
  blue sky day we went into Korea, into the beauties of springtime.
  we will not forget the pride of Niu grasslands, such as the eagle soaring desert,
  mere 493 days and nights, has left a lasting legend.
  we will not forget heroine Ren Changxia, such as the bright blue sky clouds wipe,
  outspoken and getting rid of steadfast in law enforcement,
  defense of the earth the peace Songyue .
  is the party's guidelines, they use a limited life, and write a new period of life song.
  we will not forget, when the New Year approaching, that was unexpected snow disaster.
  highway closed to traffic,
  station passengers stranded,
  Airport was forced to close.
  power emergency! coal ran out! food emergency!
  hit people's lives encountered unprecedented challenges.
  that moment, the State Council, order, people excited,
  that moment, the party and state leaders, visit the front line, flag flying,
  that moment, the party and the people act together tide over the difficulties.
 is the party's warmth melted ice and snow sky, let us usher in the most beautiful spring in 2008.
 we will not forget the occasion of the torch relay, that was unexpected earthquake disaster.
 light rust, and dust choke the flowers are white faces.
 Rolling Stone stranglehold of the joyous stream, buried in the rubble of torn free,
 brother under the rubble off the arm , broken leg,
 sister bar boil under the dog eat dog, shouting dumb cavity.
 the moment, we are not afraid, because of the army around us,
 with the Prime Minister around us,
 a party around us,
 motherland around us.
 the moment, we are not afraid of suffering, we grow up with strong,
 growth of the faith, growing antagonism ,
 growth of the dreams and hopes.
 is the party's warmth, so that today's China dipped flowers, dipped in sunshine,
 for today's Sichuan, dipped in happiness, Dress up their homes.
 into the red in July,
 Reviewing the past, look at eras, the party ah, What shall I give to you!
 Bashiqinian the vicissitudes of life evaluated by the situation,% D % A Bashiqinian course
evaluated by the advance,
 for all the humiliation history,
 for all the unfortunate memory,
 for all the lofty sentiments of hope,
 brilliant all sail.
 for the Chinese nation under the banner of the party,
 breaks the world the wonders of the Orient! This article from the New Century Network _ free
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