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 graduate blank resume template

  resume of personal data:
  Name: the political landscape :
  Gender: Education:
  Age: academic departments:
  Nation: Professional:
  by consistently: health status:
  ◆ knowledge structure:
  major Lesson:
  ◆ expertise:
  full range of university received basic education, by good professional training and capacity
training, in seismic, electrical and other fields, have a solid theoretical basis and practical
experience, have strong analytical capacity of field practice and research.
  ◆ English level:
  - the adoption of the national CET. - The adoption of the national CET. Strong reading, writing.
  ◆ Computer level:
  familiar with DOS, Windows2000 operating system and Office98, Internet Internet, the basic
operation, master FORTRAN, Quick-Basic, C and other languages.
  ◆ main social work:
  Primary School: Class of Labor members, squad leader.
  School: class president, school student council, school football team captain.
  University: monitor, Department of Student Union President, school football team captain,
campus class monitor flag.
  ◆ interest and expertise:
  ☆ favorite sports activities, love of Natural Science.
  ☆ primary and secondary schools carried out during the training of professional clarinet, school
band members, participated in many significant performances.
  ☆ high school, extra-curricular activities was a school group of biological and geographical
core group extra-curricular activities, participated in several practice and indoor practice field.
  ☆ love soccer, served as the school team, the University Department of team and school team
captain, and inspiring them to participate in many competitions. Jilin City won the Football
League (Secondary) "best shooter" title and participated in 98 Carlsberg, Beijing University
Football League.
  ◆ personal honor:
  secondary school: xxx the best students. xxx outstanding members, three good students,
outstanding cadres. xxx contest third prize in English.
  University: School of outstanding student leaders and scholarship ----- --- Third Year Second
Year Scholarship.
 ◆ main advantages:
 ★ has strong organizational skills, event planning capacity and public relations capabilities,
such as: leadership in the university on several occasions during the organization of large sporting
events, theatrical performances, and achieved good results.
 ★ strong language skills, such as: elementary school has on several occasions as a class,
department, school representatives and other units, to speak at major events.
 ★ strong team spirit, such as: the students, there are good interpersonal relationships; the
students have a high prestige; well together "operation."
 ◆ self-evaluation
 lively, cheerful, optimistic, interested in a broad, adaptable, diligent, pragmatic, serious and
responsible, persistence, hard-working, brave new challenges.
 ◆ Abroad
 capable application xxxx and related fields of production and scientific research. Can also be
engaged in trade, marketing, management and event planning, publicity and other work. .. This
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