Job Description Requirements by queenvikki


									Job Description
•   The President shall
•   Be a registered MSU student.
•   Maintain an appreciation for the diverse needs of the membership.
•   Consistently monitor organizational needs and propose modifications when needed
    (providing alternative solutions).
•   Cultivate a sense of awareness of the goals/aims of BGSA amongst the membership
    and the MSU community.
•   Establish the credibility of the organization within the context of the campus
    community (i.e., the graduate school, COGS, ORESA, BSA, ASMSU and medical and
    veterinary school organizations).
•   Maintain a positive public relations image throughout the campus.
•   Maintain constant communication with the faculty advisor(s).
•   Make certain the organization remains registered and financially solvent.
•   Schedule and moderate regular meetings of the general body and executive board.
•   Establish committees and appointing committee chairs and co-chairs and keeping
    abreast of the activities and progress of the individual committees.
•   Prepare the agenda for the e-board meetings.
•   Act in an advisory role to the incoming president for one-year.
•   It will be important for the President to meet with the graduate school dean and
    assistant dean at the beginning of each year. The President of BGSA should also
    maintain a working relationship with the COGS president and would do well to attend
    a least one COGS meeting a semester.
                          Vice President
•   The Vice-President shall
•   Be a registered MSU student.
•   Mirror each of the responsibilities and duties of the President in an effort to equally
    ensure the implementation of the aforementioned goals.
•   Work collaboratively with the President to organize, implement and oversee the
    association’s overall development and progress.
•   Be prepared to take on the role and duties of the President if s/he is no longer able to
    fulfill his/her duties and responsibilities.
•   Maintain the organizational and structural tasks of the association.
•   Assist the President in establishing committees and appointing committee chairs and
    co-chairs as well as staying informed of the activities and progress of the individual
•   Maintain and develop written documents for the various committees and executive
•   The Treasurer shall
•   Be a registered MSU student.
•   Reconcile on and off campus accounts.
•   Collect dues and keep an accurate and current account of all
    members who have paid dues (for voting purposes).
•   Solicit funds from outside resources, including departments and
    colleges, to support BGSA events.
•   Reimburse and disburse of funds to committees and members.
•   Organize and oversee fund raising efforts.
•   Make consistent financial reports available to the e-board and
    general body.
                  Recording Secretary
•   The Corresponding Secretary shall
•   Ensure that all written and electronic correspondences are dealt with in a timely and
    professional manner.
•   Represent BGSA in all matters of written and /or electronic inquiry.
•   Maintain written and /or electronic correspondence with the general Black graduate
    community. (This includes updating the community on upcoming events and general
    relevant information).
•   Set up a list-serve on the e-mail system at Michigan State University so that s/he may
    send mass mailings to the general body. (This mailing list should include the e-mail
    addresses of all Black graduate students as well as the e-mail addresses of other Black
    Graduate Student Organizations across the country-when available).
•   Check BGSA mailbox weekly.
•   Acts as a gatekeeper of incoming and outgoing information pertaining to BGSA.
• The Parliamentarian shall
• Assist President with progress of meetings. (Ensuring that
  meetings are running smoothly and in a timely manner).
• Serve as Sergeant of Arms.
• Make sure all voting is done properly and in compliance with the
• Be familiar with parliamentary procedure and its role in BGSA.
• Assist the organization with revisions and interpretations of the
• Serve as historian for all BGSA events.
              Cogs and BSA Liasons
•   The COGS liaison shall
•   Attend all COGS meetings, (which are once a month lasting app. 2-3 hours).
•   Take notes on the COGS meetings, obtain handouts and other materials and report
    notes to the e-board and BGSA membership.
•   Serve as the BGSA voice during COGS meetings.
•   As COGS rep. you must sit on two university committees. These committees range in
    size, interest and responsibilities.
•   The BSA liaison shall
•   Attend all BSA meetings.
•   Take notes on the BSA meetings, obtain handouts and other materials and report
    notes to the e-board and BGSA membership.
•   Serve as the BGSA voice during BSA meetings.
•   As BSA rep you must sit on one committee. These committees range in size, interest
    and responsibilities.
          Community Liaison and Webmaster

•   The Community liaison shall
•   a.    Establish supporting relationships with the MSU community and the Greater
    Lansing community.
•   b. Be responsible for formulating BGSA community projects that reflects BGSA’s
    mission and service principle.
•   c. Formulate a committee to carry out the designated community project.
•         d. Organize meetings with community partners.
•   e. Serve as the voice of BGSA to the community.
•   f. Be responsible for developing partnerships with businesses and organizations that
    can be resourcefully beneficial to the members of BGSA and the organization as a
•   Webmaster
     – Manage the BGSA Website and Facebook account.
     – Updates should be posted within a week after the general meeting.
     – Publishing to the Website and Facebook must be authorized the president or V.P.
    President and Vice-President Elect
•   President-Elect
•   Shadow the current president
•   Co-chair the BGSA symposium
•   Attend E-board meetings as a non-voter
•   Vice President-Elect
•   Shadow the current vice-president
•   Co-chair the Annual BGSA Ball
•   Attend E-board meetings as a non-voter

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