Food Science Club Itinerary by victoriacapron


									                    Food Science Club Agenda
                         Thursday, August 28, 2008

Welcome Back!
      FSC background, why you should join and what you get out of it!!!
      Your FSC officers
      Volunteers needed- Ctes….

FSC Activities
      Bully Box project
      Periodic meetings
      Dinners and other networking activities
      Field/learning trips
      Quiz bowl- at least 2 UGs
      IFT-SA representatives
      Social deeds

Departmental Activities
      Dairy Products Judging Team – Julie Wilson,
      Meats Judging Team-
      RCA Culinology Team-

Food Science Club Dues
      Membership dues will be $5.00 for the year. Dues can be paid by cash or check
      (made to FSC) to Reggie Johnson, and need to be paid by the next meeting.

IFT Membership
      2008-2009 Membership will be paid by club, sort of. Club members will need to
      pay their membership fees and maintain an 80% attendance to club mee tings in
      order to be reimbursed.

IFT Meeting and Food Expo 2009
      The 2009 IFT Annual Meeting and Food Expo will be held in Anaheim, CA from
      June 6 – 10. The Club will pay for the registration fee, hotel, and meal expense of
      members that meet or exceed 20 work hours during Bully Box manufacturing.

Upcoming Events
      Grape processing will start next week and happen at the following dates/times:
          Grape receiving – Wednesday, September 3 – 3:30 PM at the Enology Lab
          Grape crushing – Thursday, September 4 –10:00 AM at the Enology Lab
          Grape pressing – Friday, September 5 – 10:00 AM at the Enology Lab

      Next meeting will be September 18 at a To Be Determined location…

      Oct. 30th will have a guest speaker, Bob Gallatin, on New Product Development

      An SDA vs. FSC Cook-Off is currently in planning so get your aprons ready…
Questions, Comments, or Concerns???

FSC FoodTechBites!!!!

The objectives of the club shall be to foster a close relationship among the Department of
       Food Science, Nutrition and Health Promotion students and the faculty at
       Mississippi State University, to encourage leadership, to acquaint students with
       the many areas of activity in food science and technology, and to promote greater
       interest in this profession.

Membership is open to all students interested in foods and food technology, but is
     composed primarily of Food Science and Technology majors. The purpose of the
     club is to promote food science and technology, aid in the overall student
     education, and to cooperate with food science clubs from other universities to
     achieve common goals.

The club has regular meetings, and students cooperate on several club activities and
fundraisers. The money collected from these fundraisers is used to sponsor many of the
students at the IFT and other relevant meetings.

Along with hands-on experience, the club provides a useful networking tool for those
involved. Students become more acquainted with each other, the MSU faculty and staff,
and many professionals within the food industry. These relationships often prove to be
priceless as graduates enter the work force and build their careers as food scientists.

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