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                                     north                 west               success

                                  you’re on Candid Camera!

We have the equip-
ment, so why not use
it? This is most proba-
bly what two house-
breakers in Reivilo
thought when they
used the digital camera
stolen from a farm-
house to take their own

On Friday, 4 May 2007 a
housebreaking was discov-
ered at a farmhouse in the
area of Reivilo. Upon investi-
gation, tracks were discov-
ered, which led the police
straight to where the two sus-
pects were enjoying some of
the liquor stolen from the
house. The two suspects, 21
and 22 years old, were
arrested and after their hous-
es were searched, the police
discovered all the stolen
property valued at more than
R70 000.
                                  Look at the bottle I took from the house, says Ernest Seitshoko

Among the stolen articles
was a digital camera. The         pects linked themselves to             ever, could not pay and will
temptation of taking their own    the crime!                             remain in custody until their
pictures must have been too                                              next appearance on 12 June
big, so both suspects had    Alfred Mochudi and Ernest                   2007.
their pictures taken, one of Seitshoko both appeared in
them even holding some of
                             the Vryburg Magistrates’    The arrests were made by
the evidence in his hands.   Court and were granted bail Sergeant Stanley Nieuwoudt
                             of R1 000 each. They, how-
Without realizing it, both sus-                          from Reivilo and Inspector
                                                         Erasmus of the Vryburg Dog
Article by Supt Louis Jacobs                             Unit.                                           Alfred Mochudi thought that a
                                                                                                         close-up would be of more value to
Photographs supplied by North West Media Centre
                                                                                                         the police

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