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                                                          people and anxious to resolve an issue quickly,
Smile, You’re On the                                      they want to understand the problem and the solu-
                                                          tion you are recommending. The more you pause,
Phone —Tips for Im-                                       the more they will retain and the sincerer and help-
                                                          ful you will sound over the phone. It’s impossible
proving the Tone of                                       to bring any kind of emotion into your voice with-
                                                          out pausing and breathing.
Your Voice
                                                          Smiling does a lot to add warmth to a voice. When
By Judith Filek — President,                              you smile, the vocal cords are pulled differently
Impact Communications, Inc.                               and the voice automatically sounds friendlier. To
                                                          monitor what is going on in your face, it is always a
The tone of your voice either makes or breaks you         good idea to place a mirror by the phone. Another
when you are conducting business over the phone.          suggestion is to post family pictures around your
People can’t see that you are competent and knowl-        cube. It’s hard not to smile when you see a darling
edgeable. What they use to assess your credibility        picture of your two-year old laughing or your spouse
on the phone is your tone of voice.                       at a favorite vacation spot.

Albert Mehrabian, author of Silent Messages, says that    Gesturing and moving around also affect tone of
if there is any difference between your words and the     voice. When you gesture, you bring additional air
tone of your voice, 86% of the time people will trust     into your lungs. That extra spurt of air protects the
what they hear in your tone over your actual words. It    voice from being a monotone. The bigger the ges-
is critical to your success as a salesperson, technical   tures, the more air you will bring into your lungs
support or customer service representative that you       and the better able you will be to bring emotion
consider the importance of tone of voice before pick-     into your voice.
ing up a phone to talk to a customer.
                                                          On occasion, customers can become difficult even
How to Improve the Tone of Your Voice                     angry. If you find yourself tensing up, standing up,
                                                          moving around and gesturing will be a lifesaver. It
A voice that is starving for air can never sound          will release the tension in the upper body and help
sincere or pleasant. First, remember to pause and         your voice to continue to sound sincere. Customer
breathe frequently. Customers make many judgments         notice when a rep sounds unflappable and calm
within the first ten to twenty seconds. To insure         down as a result. It’s hard to be upset with some-
that you make an initial positive impression, pause       one who sounds sincere and knowledgeable.
and breathe for three seconds between each line of
your greeting.                                            A voice needing water will become strident and
                                                          raspy. It is recommended that you lubricate your
With these distinct pauses, your customers will im-       voice with an eight-ounce glass of water each
mediately feel you value their business and care          hour. Caffeinated drinks, like sodas, coffee and
about solving their issue. Every time you give your       tea, are diuretics and will actually take moisture
customer additional information or support, make          away from your voice making it difficult for you to
sure you again pause for three seconds between            sound your best.
your statements. It will help the customer to digest
or process the new information and continue to see Customers have expectations about the person they
you in a positive light.                             hear you on the other end of the line. They also
                                                     draw conclusions quickly. No one wants to listen
Learning to pause and breathe takes real discipline. to someone who sounds bored, tired or unsure. To
Pausing for even a second can seem like an eter- produce a voice your customers will want to hear,
nity. While it’s true that your customers are busy remember to:

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                                                                                                Customized Training Solutions
                                                                        for Selling Your Ideas and Responding to Your Clients                            Telephone: 847-438-4480 E-mail:

   • Pause and breathe between each statement.

   • Use gestures.

   • Smile.

   • Move around

   • Drink lots of water.

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