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					                    Stamping out Young detectives
Bowel Cancer
Awareness Month the rogue traders help officers

Issue 1 • march 2010


                                            Find out how your opinion can
                                            make a difference on Page 18

  Smile!NHS dentists
                    ire smiling
            - page 25                           Read about the success of
                                                 the campaign on Page 14

Welcome to the first edition of Together Northamptonshire, a magazine for the
county’s residents from Northamptonshire county council, Nhs Northamptonshire and
Northamptonshire Police Authority.
I would like to welcome you to the first            Welcome to the first edition of Together            Together Northamptonshire is an exciting
edition of Together Northamptonshire. As            Northamptonshire. As the local leader of            venture for us. It replaces our community
you will see, this magazine is unique as            your Nhs, we’re delighted to be joining             newspaper home Beat and we are pleased
it brings together news and information             with the police authority and county                to be working with the county council and
not just from Northamptonshire County               council on this innovative magazine.                Nhs to bring you news and information
Council, but also our partners at the                                                                   about the work we are all doing for you
Northamptonshire Police Authority and               When you’re unwell, it’s important that you         and your county.
                                                    make the best choice about which part of the
Nhs Northamptonshire.
                                                    healthcare service to use. For example, we          On page 10, you can find out more about the
The country may be coming slowly out of             know that at least 40% of people who go to          role of the police authority and how you can get
the worst recession for thirty years, but           A&E could be treated elsewhere and usually a        more involved in policing in Northamptonshire.
unfortunately the public sector will continue to    lot more quickly. Find out more on page 26.
feel the effects of the economic downturn for                                                           Operation Guardian, our county wide
many more years to come. You will see in this       However, the NHS is not just there to treat you     crackdown on burglary, vehicle crime and
magazine some of the ways in which the county       when you’re ill - we want to help you to live       robbery, is featured on page 14 and news about
council is changing the way it is doing things to   longer and healthier lives. The old saying is       our consultation programme and how your
respond to the economic climate. Most notable       true, “prevention is better than cure”, so that’s   feedback helps us set our policing priorities,
is our drive to help people to help themselves      why we are investing in lots of schemes and         can be found on page 12.
and you will see examples on pages 18 and 19        initiatives to help you to help yourself. Some of
of how communities are achieving remarkable         these are highlighted on pages 28-30.               I hope you enjoy reading Together
success with help from the county council on                                                            Northamptonshire and please do tell us what
the way. You will also see on page 6 and 7 how      I hope you find the magazine useful and             you would like to see in future editions.
we have responded to your suggestions on how        informative – please let us know what you
we can improve services.                            think.
                                                                      John Parkes                                         Deirdre Newham
The biggest change you will see, however, is a                                                                            Chair of
move by the county council, police and health                         Chief Executive
                                                                      NHS Northamptonshire                                Northamptonshire
to work closer together. The fact this magazine                                                                           Police Authority
is from the three of us reflects how - now more
than ever - we are all having to work more
closely to ensure the services you receive offer
real value for money and are to a standard you
would expect.
                    councillor Jim harker
                    Leader of Northamptonshire
                    County Council
                                                                               4        News
                                                                                        A round up of all the latest goings on from each of your
                                                                                        three services.

                                   reduce. reuse.                              6        You said, we did
                                                                                        Some examples of how your feedback has resulted in real

                                   recycle.                                             improvements to services.

                        16                                                    8
                                                                                        Sure Start children’s centres are proving to be a lifeline for
                                                                                        families in Northamptonshire.
                                         keep                              17           Advice
                                                                                        What to do in an emergency and some useful home

                                Northamptonshire                                        security tips.

             25                                                           32            Contact Page
                                                                                        Some useful numbers for you.

10   Q & A with Deirdre Newham

                                                                       IN ThIs
     Find out about your police authority, their work and how
     you can get involved.

     listening to you
     Your views on the policing priorities for 2010/11.

14   Operation guardian
     Countywide crack down on burglars and car thieves.
                                                                       march 2010

16   Young Northamptonshire
     Young people are getting involved – and they’re making
     the county safer and greener too.

18   You Choose
     How the county council is helping you to help yourself.

20   Supporting Children
     Meet Glenas and Jane, two amazing women who help
     vulnerable children.

22   Investing in our future
     Find out how Northamptonshire’s youth services have been

23   Don’t risk drowning in toxic smoke
     Fire kills – so protect your home and your loved ones.

24   Counting the cost of alcohol
     Tackling the problems of alcohol abuse.

25   Smile!
     Challenging the myths about NHS dentistry and on the march
     with the Northamptonshire Smile Squad.

26   Choose Well
     Get the right treatment, in the right place, at the right time.


28   Saying pants to Chlamydia
     Get talking. Get tested. Promoting better sexual health for
     young people.

                                                                                Don’t risk
29   No butts…
     An interview with aspiring ex-smoker, Kerry Downes.
                                                                               drowning in
                                                                               toxic smoke
30   Act FAST, get active
     How to spot the signs of a stroke and get active with Activity
     on Referral.
4               • March 2010 • News
        Issue 1

      Communities                                                          Bowel Cancer
      to benefit from                                                      Awareness Month
      proceeds of crime                                                    April is Bowel Cancer Awareness Month, and the
                                                                           theme this year is let’s get moving!
      A total of £25,000 worth of grants from money                        Despite the fact that someone is diagnosed with bowel cancer
      seized under the Proceeds of Crime Act is being                      every 15 minutes in the UK, many people are still unaware of the
      made available to community projects across the                      symptoms or of the simple steps they can take to help reduce
                                                                           their risk of developing the disease.
      county thanks to Northamptonshire Police Authority.
      Following on from the success of a trial grants scheme last          Evidence shows that vegetables, fruits and
      year, which saw the authority award grants totalling £20,000         foods containing fibre, such as wholegrains and
      to projects working with young people, this year will see an
                                                                           pulses, may protect against bowel cancer as
      increase in the amount being made available.
                                                                           well as against weight gain and obesity.
      This year’s focus is on projects that bring benefits to vulnerable
      older people and grants will be awarded to successful projects in    Similarly, physical activity and regular exercise help to maintain
      early April.                                                         a healthy weight and research suggests that the more physical
                                                                           activity a person does, the more likely they are to decrease their
                                                                           risk of bowel cancer.

    Thanks to the good work done by                                        Deborah Alsina, Chief Executive of Bowel Cancer UK says, “We
                                                                           want people to understand that eating healthily and increasing
    Northamptonshire Police in seizing assets                              the amount of exercise they do really can improve their digestive
    acquired by offenders through criminal                                 health and could also help to reduce their bowel cancer risk.”

    activity, we were able to invest this money                             If you would like further information or
    back into the community.                                                have any concerns, you can call the Bowel
                                                                            Cancer Advisory Service on
                                                     Debbie roe
              Chief Executive, Northamptonshire Police Authority            0800 840 35 40 or visit:

      The Nhs belongs
      to us all
      The Nhs constitution brings together in one place
      for the first time what staff, patients and the public
      can expect from the Nhs and what the Nhs expects
      of them in return.
      It gives you power by bringing your existing rights together in
      one place so you know what you are legally entitled to, but it
      also explains your responsibilities.

      For example, it explains that you have the right to choose your       For more information about the Nhs
      doctor and to be involved in making decisions about your care,        Constitution, visit:
      but you also have a responsibility to keep appointments, or let
      us know if you can’t attend.                                
                                                   Issue 1
                                                            • March 2010 • News                     5

Improvement                                                                 highways under
nets gold star                                     10                       inspection . . .
for school                                          10                      This week, like every week, Colin Johnson will
                                                                            be walking out as part of the team of nine whose
                                                                            job it is to walk every footpath in the county
Making good progress and showing real potential                             and inspect every inch of the 2,400 miles of
for further improvement – that’s the report                                 Northamptonshire’s highways each year.
card for education in Northamptonshire as
                                                                            As a highways inspector for MGWSP, Northamptonshire
performance results show that Northamptonshire                              county council’s highways maintenance service provider,
County Council’s schools are improving at a faster                          Colin’s role is essential to ensure the safety of the network is
rate than the national trend.                                               maintained by cataloguing any defects he discovers en route.

                                                                            The inspectors walk and drive the network daily, covering
More children in Northamptonshire are achieving the right
                                                                            over 2,400 miles of roads and 1,800 miles of footways with
levels of attainment than a year ago and the council’s
                                                                            the frequency of inspection being either annual, six monthly,
school improvement plan has been recognised by external
                                                                            quarterly or monthly dependant on the type and use of the
watchdogs as pivotal in achieving results.
                                                                            stretch of highway.
One school in particular has cause to celebrate. Kingsthorpe
College has seen a 21 per cent increase in the number of                    Colin, Inspector for the Daventry and Kettering area said:
students achieving 5 or more A*-C grades (including English                 “Defects are repaired depending on the extent of the fault
and Maths) at GCSE level, rising from 16 to 37 per cent in one              and risk posed to the public. If a pothole is considered
year.                                                                       dangerous or paving poses a trip hazard it will be repaired
                                                                            within 24 hours. however,
Headteacher Judith Long said: “We’ve achieved the best                      in some cases the size
results in our history and I’m delighted that the hard work                 and location of the
and diligence of my staff and pupils has paid off.”                         pothole may mean that it
                                                                            is not necessary to fill it
“I can’t speak more highly of the support we’ve received from
the council’s learning, achievement and school improvement
team and the help we’ve had with devising improvement

 {                                                       {
              The number of students
              achieving 5 or more                                           Success for police
              A*-C grades                                                   appointment scheme
              (including English and
                                                                            More than 9,000 people across the county were
              Maths) at GCSE level,                                         visited by officers from Northamptonshire Police
              rising from 16 to 37                                          during the first six months of the scheme.

              per cent in one year.                                   Victims and witnesses of crime who do not require an urgent
                                                                      response are given the opportunity to arrange a time that is
                                        them, rather than waiting for an officer to
                                                                      more beneficial for
                                                                      arrive when they are able to.

                                                                            Scheduled appointments were launched in July 2009 as part
                                                                            of the Force’s response to the Policing Pledge.

                                                              The feedback we have had has been overwhelmingly
                                                              positive. Scheduled appointments are an important
                                                              service and one that we will continue to develop.
                     Judith long, headteacher                                                        chief Inspector Dave hill
                     Kingsthorpe College
6             • March 2010 • You said, we did
      Issue 1

    You said,
    we did
                                                                        You said you wanted
    After some high                                                     to see your gP at a
    drama settle down                                                   convenient time for you
    with a cuppa                                                        93 per cent of gP practices in the county now
                                                                        offer extended opening hours. This may include
                                                                        appointments before 8am and after 6.30pm on
    You said you wanted a new children’s play                           weekdays and some gPs may open on saturday
    area and cafe at Irchester Country Park and . . .                   mornings. check with your practice or go to Nhs
    Northamptonshire County Council went one better.                    Choices at for more information.

    The children’s play area has been designed to reflect the
    park’s quarry theme with sand, play equipment, a digger and
                                                                         For details of local practices and advice on
    trains as well as fencing around the outside to ensure it’s safe.    how to register with a gP contact the Nhs
                                                                         Northamptonshire Advice and Information
    And after all this activity what could be better than a nice         Service on:
    cuppa and a bite to eat - so the county council provided the
    new Quarryman’s Rest Cafe, which is due to open next month.          0800 5870 879
    Park user Gemma from Wellingborough said: “Having

                                                                        You said you
    discovered the park, it has given my children great scope
    for recreation - Jungle Parc for birthday treats and everyday
    adventure in the play area.”

                                                                        wanted one number
                                                                        to call for Out of
                                                                        hours services
                                                                   If you live in Northamptonshire and urgently need a
                                                                        doctor out of normal hours, you can now ring
                                                                        03336 664 664
                                                                        The Out of hours service is available:
                                                                        Mon-Fri - 6.30pm-8.00am
                                                                        Weekends and bank holidays - any time (24 hours)
    For more information on the county council’s
    country parks please visit:                                         You will be contacting Nenedoc’s Out of Hours service. You will
                                                                        talk to a locally-based and qualified call handler, who will ask                                   questions about the health problem you want help with.
                                      Issue 1 • March 2010 • You said, we did

Stamping out the                                                 You said you
rogue traders                                                    wanted more done
You said you wanted more done about cowboy
builders, loan sharks, rogue traders and scams,
                                                                 about graffiti
which is why Northamptonshire county council’s
trading standards service is doing something about               In Wellingborough, the police, probation service
                                                                 and local council have teamed up under Operation
                                                                 Paignton to tackle this.
Over the past year, the service has successfully prosecuted 29
rogue traders. Recent examples include:                          The clean up has started with the town’s underpasses, some of
                                                                 which are in a very poor state. Under the Community Payback
A 2 ¼ year prison sentence for a company who were trading        scheme, they will be repainted by offenders serving community
fraudulently by supplying non organic food as organic, plus      service orders. The underpass at the back of Shelley Road
confiscation orders of £85,000                                   leading to Park Farm Industrial Estate has already benefited
                                                                 from the project.
A 2 ½ year prison sentence for a rogue builder who charged a
vulnerable man £3,500 for work worth no more than £350           The borough council of Wellingborough has supplied the
                                                                 paint and equipment, the probation service is providing the
This year sees the introduction of an approved trader scheme,    offenders to do the painting and Northamptonshire Police is
Buy with Confidence, which will establish and maintain high      targeting those offenders known to be involved.
standards of trading with the ultimate aim of stamping out
rogue trading in Northamptonshire.                               Officers are also using mobile CCTV cameras,
                                                                 which will be deployed to areas where graffiti
Assistant Head of Trading Standards David Hedger said: “This     is a frequent problem.
scheme brings security for consumers and benefits for member
businesses. We are urging honest and reliable traders to find
out more and join the scheme so they can give their customers
confidence that they are trading standards approved.”
                                                                 You said you wanted
useful numbers                                                   more done about
 To find out more about the Buy with
 Confidence scheme call trading standards on:
                                                                 drug related crime
 01604 707900                                                    Safer Community Team officers in Northampton
                                                                 have been actively targeting the Castle, St. Crispin
 or e-mail                                                       and central areas of the town in search of drugs or                                stolen property.

                                                                 They have had successful results, with officers carrying out 100
 If you want to complain about a suspected        search warrants during 2009.
 rogue trader or need some advice about your
 consumer rights then contact Consumer            In all, 57 out of the 100 had a positive outcome and as a result,
                                                  officers seized cannabis, class A drugs and a range of stolen
 Direct on:
                                                  property including large quantities of petrol.
 08454 040506                                                    Search warrants often come about as a result of community
                                                                 intelligence from members of the public. Local officers are
 Do you want to report a suspected loan                          able to act on this information and a warrant provides a great
                                                                 opportunity for people to see real results from information they
 shark? Call:
                                                                 have provided.
 0300 555 2222 in total confidence.
                                                                  To find out what your local police have done
                                                                  in your area, visit:

8             • March 2010 • Customer Focus
      Issue 1

    Providing a
    lifeline for
    More than 30 Sure Start children’s
    centres have now opened their doors in
    Northamptonshire. They are proving to be a
    lifeline for families and their children who
    need advice, support or just a friendly chat.
    With 19 new centres planned over the next 12 months, Together Northamptonshire
    has been out to visit those families who use the centres and the staff from
    Northamptonshire County Council who support them.

    When 28-year-old Amanda McPhie first arrived at Kingswood
    Children’s Centre in Corby just over a year ago, she got
    about as far as the sofa in reception. A mother of two,        I was in a rut, with no way out and with
    suffering from postnatal depression, Amanda was reluctant
    to even leave her house in Cottingham, choosing only to
                                                                   two children. Coming to Kingswood has
    take her eldest son to and from school when she thought
    she wouldn’t bump into anyone she knew. She was referred
                                                                   changed me as a person, it has given
    to the centre by her health visitor and started having         me confidence and is helping me to
    counselling there for her depression.
                                                                   improve my parenting skills.
    Today, as she sits playing with her three-year-old son
    Hayden, Amanda admits making the step to visit Kingswood                                          Amanda McPhie
    children’s centre has changed her life. “I was in a rut, with
    no way out and with two children. Coming to Kingswood
    has not only changed me as person, giving me confidence
    and improving my parenting skills, but has also had a huge
    effect on my children. I now realise how lucky I was to find
    Kingswood. I’m not sure the other families who go here
    realise how lucky they are to have the centre.”

    Kingswood Children’s Centre has been open since April
    2008 and can have as many as 30 children in the centre
    at one time. Anything from cooking lessons and midwife
    drop-in clinics, to baby massage and speech and language
    therapy take place at the centre, supported by a dedicated
    team of staff.

    The centre opens its doors to any family with a child under
    the age of five and has created a warm, friendly and relaxed
    environment for all those who come.
                                                                   (l - r) shelley ginns and amanda
                                                                   mcPhie with son hayden
                                      Issue 1 • March 2010 • Customer Focus

I love working here and helping families. You never know what problems
or help the next family who walks through the door will need but
whatever it is, we always try and help, either by involving them in a
group or service we have at the centre or by going elsewhere.
                                                                                         shelley ginns
Early years worker, Shelley Ginns, has seen first-hand
how the centre helped Amanda. She said: “Amanda is
now so busy. She comes to Kingswood a few days a week,           For more information about Sure Start
volunteers at Pen Green Children’s Centre one morning a          children’s centres or any children’s services
week and takes Hayden swimming on another day. Hayden
                                                                 in Northamptonshire, call the Families
also loves it here and is thriving. We were also able to help
Amanda find support for her elder son, Jay, who was in need      Information Service
of support around his emotional well-being.

At Gloucester Nursery School and Children’s Centre in
                                                                 01604 237935
Northampton, mum Isobel Paiva sings the praises of               or e-mail
the staff. The 28-year-old arrived from Portugal with her
husband and son Joao, just over two years ago. She was 
struggling to cope with four-year-old Joao’s behaviour and
wanted to improve her English. Having got Joao into the          Northamptonshire’s sure start
nursery she turned to the children’s centre for help.
                                                                 children’s centres
Isobel says: “I went to the positive parenting course            action for children Penrith Drive children’s centre
because at this point I was desperate. The group helped me
                                                                 Blackthorn sure start children’s centre
to solve my problems with Joao. It gave me more confidence
and I learnt so much. It was great to share my feelings with     Brackley children’s centre
other parents and know I wasn’t on my own. Joao settled          camrose and sure start children’s centre
into a routine that worked for us all as a family and I felt     croyland children’s centre
                                                                 Daventry sure start children’s centre
                                                                 Duston library sure start children’s centre
                                                                 ecton Brook children’s centre
                                                                 exeter sure start children’s centre
                                                                 gloucester Nursery school and children’s centre
                                                                 headlands sure start children’s centre
                                                                 higham Ferrers library children’s centre
                                                                 highfield road children’s centre
                                                                 Irthlingborough sure start children’s centre
                                                              Kettering sure start children’s centre
                                     Isobel Paiva and son Joao
                                                              Kingsthorpe sure start children’s centre
                                                              Kingswood sure start children’s centre
Isobel received much of her support from the team at
                                                              manor sure start children’s centre
the centre by accessing courses such as the English for
speakers of other languages course and positive parenting.    meadowside children’s centre
                                                              Oakway Infant school
                                   and children’s centre
Gloucester Nursery School and Children’s Centre, like other
children’s centres, also takes activities and support groups  Parklands Nursery and sure start children’s centre
into the community.
                                                              Pen green centre For children and their Families
Kerry Wright, the children’s centre co-Ordinator said:        rothwell Victoria Infant school and sure start children’s centre
“Isobel has achieved so much since she started coming         rushden community college children’s centre
to this centre. We were able to help her access all types of  spring lane sure start children’s centre
support. Isobel is reflective of the types of people we get
                                                              Tribal Test
coming to the centre. My job is to make sure the services
and groups we offer in the centre are what families need.     Thorplands children’s centre
Part of my job is to go out into the community to find out    Vernon Terrace sure start children’s centre
what families need and bring those services to the centre.”   Woodford halse sure start children’s centre
                                                              Woodnewton sure start children’s centre
10             • March 2010 • Northamptonshire Police Authority
       Issue 1

     Our vision is to ensure and
     maintain the best and most
     cost-effective policing for the
     county of Northamptonshire,
     meeting the needs of our
     diverse communities.

                                  Deirdre Newham
         Chair of Northamptonshire Police Authority

 If you would like to get involved or find
 out more about the work of the police
 authority, you can come along to our
 meetings, take part in our community
 consultation, become an Independent
 Custody Visitor or simply email us with
 your comments at
 or call 01604 887430
                            Issue 1 • March 2010 • Northamptonshire Police Authority

                                               The police authority’s
Working for you                                job is to make sure the
                                               Chief Constable delivers
a police service that balances both national priorities and the concerns
of local people. Deirdre Newham, Chair of Northamptonshire Police
Authority, explains more about their work.

What is the police                          We appoint the Chief Constable and        We also have seven members of
                                            other chief police officers, and we       staff, some part-time, who carry
authority’s main role?                      check on complaints against officers      out the administrative and support
We’re the eyes, ears and voice              and staff.                                functions for the Authority.
of the public. We make sure that
Northamptonshire Police delivers            The Authority also runs the
                                                                                      Our members are representative of
an efficient and cost effective             Independent Custody Visiting
                                                                                      the whole county and each has a
service that meets the needs of our         Scheme, where volunteers make
                                            random visits to police stations to see   particular interest in one or more of
diverse communities.                                                                  your Safer Community Teams.
                                            people detained in police custody.
Our main role is to set the priorities
for policing, which we do after             how does the police
consulting with the public and the          authority carry out its work?
Chief Constable. We constantly
monitor performance too and it’s            Our work is undertaken through
important that we reflect the views         a committee system. We have an
of Northamptonshire people.                 overall police authority meeting,
                                            which usually meets six times a
What else does the                          year, and there are a number of
authority do?                               sub-committees.

One of our key responsibilities is         Over the next few editions of
                                                                                      Deirdre Newham
that we hold the policing budget           Together Northamptonshire, we
                                                                                      Chair of Northamptonshire
and set the police element of              will tell you more about the work of
                                                                                      Police Authority
council tax.                               the different committees and the
                                           members involved in them.
We also publish an annual plan,
which is based on our consultation          Who is on the police
with local people and sets out                                                         If you would like to speak to
the services that the Force should          authority?
                                                                                       our members, you can find their
deliver in the year ahead, and the
targets it should achieve.                  We have 17 members. Nine are               contact details on our website at
                                            councillors appointed by the local
The Chief Constable is responsible          council and eight are independent
for day-to-day operational policing,        members selected following local
however, we are responsible for             advertisements – at least one of           or call the police authority office
monitoring how well the Force               these must be a magistrate.                on:
performs against the targets we set.
                                                                                       01604 887430
12               • March 2010 • Northamptonshire Police Authority
         Issue 1

       listening to you
       One of the main roles of a police authority is to find
       out what local people want from their police service.
       Between November and January, Northamptonshire Police Authority
       and Northamptonshire Police undertook a countywide consultation
       exercise to find out what would boost people’s confidence in how the
       police and partners deal with crime and anti-social behaviour.

                                               giving your feedback
                                               We used a variety of different methods
                                               to capture your feedback and over 1700
                                               people from across the county took part.
                                               Many of you completed our survey, while others took part in our online opinion
                                               polls or completed the budget simulator – a tool that enabled you to say
                                               whether you thought funding in a particular area should increase, decrease, or
                                               stay the same and to see what impact this would have on the service provided.

                                               We also held a series of focus groups with young people and minority ethnic
                                               groups, and six public events in Northampton, Towcester, Corby, Kettering,
                                               Wellingborough and Rushden, where anyone could come along to vote on and
                                               discuss their policing priorities.

     Setting the budget
     456 people used the budget simulator and you told us that
     you would like more of the policing budget to be spent on:
     • local policing                                  • crime scene investigation
     • responding to the public                        • gathering intelligence

     This feedback was discussed at a police
                                 will be available online from
     authority meeting in February, when the
                                                     A full copy of the plan
     policing element of the council tax was set.    mid May at

     All of the other information you shared about     For a hard copy contact the police authority on:
     policing priorities has helped us prepare
     the Local Policing and Performance Plan for
                                                       01604 887430.

     This sets the priorities and targets that         A big thank you to everyone
     Northamptonshire Police will focus on for the
     next 12 months.                                   who took part.
                    Issue 1 • March 2010 • Northamptonshire Police Authority                                                                               13

Your top                                              Anti-social behaviour, children
                                                      and young people as offenders,
                                                      burglary and alcohol were the

priorities                                            main areas that you said you
                                                      wanted the police to focus on
                                                      over the next 12 months.

  Anti-social behaviour                               “It is something that impacts on our everyday lives and can
                                                      cause fear and anxiety” (Kettering consultation event).

    Children and young                                “You need to develop children and young people’s
                                                      understanding of what they’re doing and get them to face

    people as offenders                               what they have done” (Wellingborough consultation event).

                       Burglary                       Respondents felt that work needs to be done prevent
                                                      burglaries happening as well as responding to the crime
                                                      when it happens.

                          Alcohol                     People recognised the link between alcohol and anti-social
                                                      behaviour and the need to better educate young people
                                                      about the risks. Tackling underage drinking was felt to be
                                                      important – “Start with young children, this will prepare
                                                      them when they are grown up” (Polish focus group).

 Ch e cking out your views by phone
 As part of our ongoing research and consultation, we carry
  out regular telephone surveys to find out what victims of
        crime think about the service they received.
              We also call people who may not have had any contact with us, to find out
                their views and perceptions about policing and crime in the county.

            The feedback from these surveys helps us improve the way we work to better
            meet the needs of our communities and increase public confidence in policing
                                          in our county.
            Our team of part-time researchers carries out the surveys. Of course they are
              voluntary but we really appreciate people taking the time to talk to us.

              If you are asked to take part in one and would like check the identity of the
            caller, you can ask to call them back on 03000 111 222 (and the extension
                                        number they will give you).

                Results from these surveys can be viewed on the
                   Force website at
14             • March 2010 • Northamptonshire Police Authority
       Issue 1

     A Land Rover, Transit van, motorcycle, cigarettes, fake DVDs, tools,
     a laptop, a trailer, bikes, sat navs, mobile phones, thousands of
     pounds worth of cash and a firearm – just some of the property
     seized in searches carried out under Operation Guardian.
     And with over 500 arrests so far and a continuing    “There is more good news in that many of our
     fall in crime, Operation Guardian – the              prolific offenders are currently off the streets. But
     Northamptonshire Police countywide crack down        we cannot and will not be complacent. There are
     on burglary, vehicle crime and robbery – is making   still many individuals out there who have an eye on
     excellent progress.                                  crime and we need to be in their faces at all times.”

     Superintendent Pete Windridge is really pleased      “But as always, we rely on help from the public in
     with the results so far:                             giving us information about crime and criminals who
                                                          may be operating where they live or work. You tell
     “We have had some excellent results over the last    us, we will act on it”.
     few months. Burglary, car crime and robbery are
     down by nearly 20 per cent compared to last year –
     that’s over 2000 fewer crimes, which is great news   For more information about Operation
     for the people of Northamptonshire.”                 Guardian, visit:


                                                                A snowy start for 3-year-old Springer
                                                                spaniel rolly, a specialist drugs
                                                                search dog, and his handler PC Ben
                                                                Morrisey, as they get ready to carry
                                                                out a search on a car.
                           Issue 1 • March 2010 • Northamptonshire Police Authority

Tell us WhaT YOu KNOW!
If you have any information about crime or
                                                                     Burglary, car crime and
criminals, contact police on:                                        robbery are down by nearly
03000 111 222.                                                       20 per cent compared to
                                                                     last year – that’s over 2000
Your call will be dealt with in complete                             fewer crimes, which is great
confidence and the information you
provide may help to convict an offender.                             news for the people of
If you would prefer to remain anonymous,
please call Crimestoppers on:                                                  Superintendent Pete Windridge
0800 555 111

   The New Year proved to be an unhappy one for 12 of the
   county’s prolific burglary offenders, who received sentences
   totalling more than 36 years.

   As well as daily activity to tackle burglary and vehicle crime,
   a number of targeted high impact days have taken place
   during the last few months. During just one day, officers
   seized a range of property, including significant amounts
   of cannabis, a motorcycle, 3000 cigarettes, 4,500 fake
   DVDs, tools, a laptop and projector, a vehicle, a trailer, a
   pedal cycle, sat navs, mobile phones, a pressure washer,
   approximately £5000 cash and a firearm.

   Another day of action successfully recovered a Land Rover
   taken during a car key burglary, a stolen motorcycle and
   two quad bikes, believed stolen. Two abandoned cars were
   recovered following a garage sweep; a Ford Transit van was
   seized as the driver had no insurance and a Ford Escort was
   seized from a disqualified driver.

   Senior police officers have been out and about visiting
   known offenders, to reinforce that Operation Guardian
   is here to disrupt criminal activity and let them know the
   police will be keeping an eye on them. The visits also give
   people a chance to reflect on their lifestyles and provide an
   opportunity to seek help away from offending behaviour.

   Operation Guardian is a real team approach. High impact
   days involve police officers of all ranks, special constables,
   PCSOs and other police staff. Partner agency staff from local
   councils, trading standards, the probation service, fire and
   rescue and other agencies also play an active role.
16             • March 2010 • Young Northamptonshire
       Issue 1

     Young detectives
     help officers                                                                           We are delighted
                                                                                           to be running the
     promote road safety                                                                  scheme again. last
                                                                                       year, children were very
                                                                                    enthusiastic about it. We want
     Young people across the county have
                                                                                   to give out safety messages and
     been getting involved in making their                                          encourage youngsters to take
     community a safer place.                                                     pride in their locality, in a fun way
     Year 5 pupils at two Northampton schools recently took park in                  which engages their interest.
     the Northamptonshire Police Young Detectives scheme (NPYD),
                                                                                                   PCSO Steve Whiting
     which encourages the youngsters to think about community
     safety and take pride in their neighbourhood. One of their
     ‘missions’ was to design a poster to promote road safety and           For more information on the teams, visit:
     warn drivers about the dangers of speeding.
                                                                            or call 03000 111 222

     learning the ‘three rs’ with a
     difference - reduce. reuse. recycle.
     Through the efforts of the Northamptonshire Waste Education Team, 100 per
     cent of all the schools in the Borough of Wellingborough now recycle and the
     rate for the rest of the county is not far behind with the figure for all the county
     council’s schools standing at 96 per cent.
      If your school would like to know more about
      the Northamptonshire Waste education Team
      please visit:

                                             Pupils at Freemans endowed Church of england Junior
                                             School Wellingborough, recycling cardboard.
                                              Issue                                           • March 2010 • Advice                  17

What to do in an emergency
Are you and your family prepared                                           Plan your escape route and make sure you know how to
                                                                           turn off your gas, electricity and water supply.
for an emergency? Whether it is a
house fire, a flood or a power cut,                                        Check your landline telephone works properly in
                                                                           the event of a power cut in case the mobile network
it’s worth taking a few steps to help                                      becomes overloaded.

make sure that you are ready for                                           Consider putting together an emergency kit, including
the unexpected. Northamptonshire                                           your battery-powered radio, a torch, candles and
                                                                           matches, a first aid kit, bottled water, tinned food, a
county council’s emergency                                                 tin opener and warm clothing and blankets in case the
planning team offers information                                           power supply is disrupted.

and advice to residents, visitors and
businesses. This includes:
Keep a battery-powered radio, with spare batteries, close at hand.    For more information about what to do
                                                                      before, during and after an emergency,
Compile a list of useful telephone numbers such as close relatives,
your doctor or insurance company and keep it somewhere safe.          visit the county council’s emergency
                                                                      planning pages at
Keep all your medication in an easily accessible place in case you
need to leave your home in a hurry.                         

Top Crime Prevention Tips
Did you know that one in four burglaries happen through insecure
doors or windows? As well as making sure doors are locked here are
a few more tips to help keep your home and property safe:

checK … YOur hOme                                                     checK … YOur car
Keep doors locked at all times - even when you are at home            Always lock your car and close windows – even if you only
or in the garden. Make sure windows, sheds and garages are            leave it for a few moments.
secure too.
                                                                      remove all items from your vehicle when parked – and wipe
Keep keys and other valuables out of sight, and reach, from    away sat nav suction
cat flaps, letterboxes and downstairs doors and windows.
                                                                      Never leave keys in the ignition, not even at a garage when
If you are out in the evening make sure you leave a light on          paying for petrol.
and draw the curtains.

For more information about how to prevent crime and keep your property secure, visit:
or call:   03000 111 222 and ask to speak to your local crime prevention officer.
18             • March 2010 • Northamptonshire County Council
       Issue 1

     We throw the spotlight on all the work the county council is
     doing to help you to help yourself and how you can get involved
     in the debate about the future of public services.
     It is no secret that money is tight for public                   Those of you who can’t come to our roadshows can give your
                                                                      views online at
     services right now. With national debt going
                                                                      We will also be taking part in discussions with people on
     through the roof, organisations such as local                    social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. For dates
     councils are having to look at new ways of                       of roadshow venues visit our website or lookout for details in
     delivering vital services for less money.                        the local media in the next few weeks.

     As part of this, we are looking at completely transforming
     the services we provide by basing them on our core purpose
     of ‘Helping You to Help Yourself’. Read about Ann and
     Catherine’s stories on the opposite page.                         There will be some very difficult
     By using this radical new approach we believe we are putting
     ourselves in the best possible position to face up to the ever
                                                                       decisions ahead of us. You
     tightening purse-strings with savings needed of at least
                                                                       Choose is about making sure
     This will mean a complete and radical change to the services
                                                                       any changes we make are in line
     we provide – stopping some while completely redesigning
     others. And we want to do this while keeping taxes low. This
                                                                       with what you our customers
     is where the people of Northamptonshire come in because
                                                 kinds of huge
                                                                       and residents want.
     we do not believe it is right to make these
     changes without involving you. The You Choose campaign is
     being launched to make sure this can happen.
                                                                                                        councillor Jim harker
     The campaign will be made up of a series of roadshows                          Leader of Northamptonshire County Council
     taking place in the towns and boroughs across the county,
     which will give you the chance to video record your views on
     the services you most value and how you feel public money
     can be saved.

                                                                      Have your say, give us your
                                                                      comments on the slip on Page 31
                               Issue 1 • March 2010 • Northamptonshire County Council

ann’s story                                                       catherine’s story
Deciding on how we spend our own time                             Compare the main shopping square on
and money is something most of us take                            hemmingwell estate, Wellingborough, six
for granted.                                                      months ago with how it looks now and you
                                                                  wouldn’t recognise it.
But what if life isn’t so straightforward, perhaps because
you have a disability for example? In the past, options           With the help of Northamptonshire County Council the whole
tended to be limited but today, the county’s personal             area has been re-painted, there is new seating, bins, hanging
budget scheme lets adults with social care needs have             baskets and a community notice board. Overgrown shrubbery
more choice and control over the way they live their lives.       has been removed and young people have created community
A personal budget is money from us which adults can
spend however they choose to meet their social care
needs and improve the quality of their life. So far over
1,100 people in the county have taken up a personal

One person we have worked with is Ann, who lived with
her parents at first, but wanted her own place to live. She
now lives independently in her own home and her sister
has noticed a huge difference.

                                                                   Sample of artwork

     ann’s life has changed                                       The impetus for change was the views of pupils at Oakway Junior
     drastically and not for the                                  School who identified Hemmingwell Square as a place where
                                                                  they felt unsafe and were concerned about graffiti and litter.
     worse, definitely for the                                    Through support from our community partnerships initiative,
     better.                                                      which aims to help and support local communities to help
                                                                  themselves and the Borough Council of Wellingborough,
                                    angela, ann’s sister
                                                                  residents and partners from Hemmingwell Action Group worked
                                                                  hard to transform the area. More recently, hemmingwell
                                                                  residents association secured a lottery grant of
                                                                  just over £27,000 to have more work done.

                                                                  Catherine Mulholland, chair of the residents association, said:
                                                                  “Since the work has been done the square looks great. It shows
                                                                  that people are now proud of the square and want to keep it safe
                                                                  and clean.”

                                                              Chris Hill, a county council area based co-ordinator, and Maria
                                                              Thomas, a neighbourhood co-ordinator from the Borough
(l – r) ann and her sister angela                             Council of Wellingborough, gave advice and practical help to the
                                                              residents. Catherine added: “Chris and Maria have been great.
                                                              Applying for lottery funding was very daunting but they helped
To find out more about personal                               us every step of the way. People do want to make a difference to
                                                              their community but they
                                   don’t always know how.”
budgets and hear about ann’s
experience, the film is available                                  Catherine Mulholland in front of
                                                                   community artwork
to view at
20             • March 2010 • Northamptonshire County Council
       Issue 1

     A day, a week, a month, a year, a lifetime...
     Now, more than ever, Northamptonshire County Council needs
     people to give their time to support vulnerable children. There
     are many different ways in which people can help and support
     children including fostering, adoption or offering disabled
     children short breaks. Together Northamptonshire has met two
     women who have given up their time to help children.

     glenas Taylor remembers the first child she                      Fiona Woolridge, has worked for the county council for four
                                                                      years, has been Glenas’ social worker for the past two years.
     ever fostered. She also remembers feeling
     quite nervous at the thought of having
     another person living in her house. She
     already had two children of her own but knew                       glenas is a fantastic foster
     it was something she wanted to do.
                                                                        carer. She is always so calm
     She said: “I’d always worked with children and felt I had the
     time, commitment and space to offer a vulnerable child a           and involves the child she is
                                                                        looking after in all the family
     Since then, Glenas has never looked back, fostering nearly
     30 children since 1995, as well as going on to have another        activities. She makes them
     child of her own. She lives with her husband Christopher and
     her youngest child in Desborough.                                  feel so welcome.
     She added: “I really enjoy it. It is so rewarding to see a
     child you have looked after either move onto a permanent
     placement or back to their birth family. You feel like you are                                   Fiona Woolridge
     really making difference to a child’s life.”

     Our ongoing campaign ‘A day, a week, a month, a year, a      Glenas is currently looking after a 13-year-old boy and vows to
     lifetime’ aims to help people understand the wide range of   continue to keep fostering for as long as she can.
     ways they can help children.

     Glenas, 43, decided she wanted to foster children on a short-
     term basis which could mean having a child for anything from
     a few weeks to two years. She receives a weekly payment for
     fostering, a chance to develop professional qualifications
     and the full support of a social worker.
                             Issue 1 • March 2010 • Northamptonshire County Council
                                                                    (l – r) glenas Taylor and Fiona Woolridge

                                 Jane Percival and harry headland

For those people who want to support a child but can’t do it
full-time, becoming a family link carer may be an option.
Jane Percival has been one of our family link carers for over          Three ways you can help a child:
a year and looks after 12-year-old Harry once a month. Harry
is profoundly deaf, has cerebral palsy and severe learning
difficulties. In order to give the family some respite and             Fostering               This can be anything from short-
Harry a chance to make new friends, Jane looks after Harry                                     term fostering which involves
two nights a month in her own home.                                                            looking after a child for anything
                                                                                               from a number of weeks to a number
She said: “I absolutely love looking after Harry. He’s a lovely                                of years to permanent fostering,
little boy who has grown in independence since he’s been                                       when a carer looks after a child until
coming to stay with me. To speak to his mum and hear that                                      they are 18, and hopefully beyond.
she had a full night’s sleep or a lie-in makes what I do so
worthwhile. She knows Harry is happy and safe with me and
she and her husband can spend some quality time together               Adoption                This means becoming the legal
with their other children.”                                                                    guardians of a child for a lifetime. We
                                                                                               currently have a number of children
As well as being Harry’s family link carer, Jane also supports                                 over the age of six who are often
him at Northgate School, Northampton, where Harry is a                                         hard to find adoptive parents for.
pupil and she is a communications support worker. “It was
working with him at school which inspired me to want to do
more to help his family. It is a very rewarding job and there       Family link                This involves becoming a carer to
                                                                                               a disabled child to give the child
is flexibility around what you can offer to a child, anything
from a day a month to a week at a time. I would urge anyone
                                                                         carer                 a chance to widen their horizons
                                                                                               and make new friends, while their
who is thinking of wanting to help a child like Harry to get in
                                                                                               parents have a much needed break.
touch with the county council.”
                                                                                               Carers can give any amount of
                                                                                               time to the scheme ranging from a
                                                                                               few hours, a weekend or a greater
 If you would like to know more please call:
                                                    commitment of several days a week
                                                                                               on a regular basis.
 0300 126 1009 or
 email: a&

 or visit our website:
22              • March 2010 • Northamptonshire County Council
        Issue 1

     Investing in
     our future                     More than 21,000 young people are now
                                    getting involved in youth activities.

     Northamptonshire county council’s youth services underwent a transformation three years
     ago because not enough young people were taking part - just 3,500 recorded participants.
     Under the new system, the voluntary sector provides all         “Peer education is an important aspect of my job and young
     kinds of different services to young people on our behalf,      people volunteer on all our projects, with some going on to
     delivering youth clubs and projects in rural and urban areas.   join the staff team as a volunteer permanently. The projects
                                                                     provide them with valuable life skills and the chance to
     Through the youth services, young people can access
                                                                     gain accreditation to assist them in entering employment,
     counselling, information, advocacy and guidance and
                                                                     education or training.”
     are encouraged to volunteer and get involved in positive
     activities. They are now more involved in deciding what and
     how they want services delivered.                               One teenager who attended Fairlawn said if
                                                                     it hadn’t been for sam she wouldn’t be where
     Young people themselves are now more involved in deciding
     what services they want and how they are delivered and
                                                                     she is today.
     seeing how services are performing. There is a county           Emma Hendrick, aged 19, told us: “When I first came here
     children and young people’s charter which sets standards to     it was just somewhere to go and meet my friends but then I
     ensure good practice.                                           started talking to Sam. Sam and the other staff have helped
                                                                     me sort out housing and problems at home. If it wasn’t for
     Samantha Ward has worked as one of our youth workers for
                                                                     Sam I wouldn’t be where I am today, I now have a stable
     10 years. She is based at Fairlawn, Wellingborough.
                                                                     home and have been a volunteer here for nearly three years.”

     She told us: “My job is to work with young                                                          joined
                                                                     Ravaun Jones, aka Samson, aged 18, said: “I
     people using informal education as a way                        because I wanted to teach others my skills
     of empowering them to make choices about                        about making music, videos and recording
     their life in a positive and informed way.                      and also hope I can learn skills from others.”
                                   (l - r) emma hendrick, samantha
                                   Ward, ravaun Jones, aka samson.

                                                                             I wanted to do something
                                                                             good for the community so I
                                                                             now come to VYBZ.
                                                                                               ravaun Jones

                                                                     {                                                              {
                                                                               We plan to invest around
                                                                               £1.4 million each year
                                                                               on projects, initiatives and
                                                                               services for young people
                                                                               aged 13 to 19 or 10 to 25 for
                                                                               those with a disability.
                             Issue 1 • March 2010 • Northamptonshire County Council

 Don’t risk drowning
 in toxic smoke
 Drowning in the toxic smoke of a fire is the
 risk you take if you don’t have a working
 smoke alarm.
 The scary fact is that just two or three breaths of toxic smoke will affect your ability to
 breathe, causing you to become unconscious. And this is the stark message our fire
 and rescue service wants you to hear.

 Mark Foster, Raunds station watch manager said: “Breathing
 toxic smoke is like drowning – after just two or three breaths
 you’re unconscious. Hoping your smoke alarm works isn’t
 enough to protect your home and loved ones, so get one and
 test it weekly; it could buy you precious seconds to escape.”

 Waterloo Road and Eastenders actor Jill Halfpenny is                          Survey results from the Fire
 supporting the national Fire Kills toxic smoke campaign.                       Kills campaign show that
                                                                              people vastly underestimate
As a mum I am very conscious of trying
                                                                              the impact of toxic smoke. Of
to keep my home as safe as possible
                                                                                     those surveyed:
which is why I am supporting this
important Fire Kills campaign. Check                                Almost half (43 per cent)
                                                                  believe they could survive for
your smoke alarm weekly and be aware                               more than two minutes in a
of the dangers. Ignorance is definitely                                smoke filled room.

not bliss when it comes to keeping your
family safe.
                                                                                             Nearly half (48 per cent) think
                             Jill halfpenny                                                     they would be alerted to a
                             Supporting the campaign                                         fire by the smell of the smoke.

                                                                        Almost a fifth (18 per
                               (eg their dog
                                                             cent) believe a pet
                                                                  barking), or someone else would
                                                                     alert them to a house fire.

                                                       For more information about fire safety
                                                       visit our website:
24              • March 2010 • Partnership Initiatives
        Issue 1

     Cutting the cost
     of alcohol
     How much alcohol people drink is rapidly becoming a major
     issue for the government, police and health services. Figures
     predict the number of people who are dependent on alcohol in
     Northamptonshire is 12,000.
     Together Northamptonshire takes a look at the issue – and
     introduces the ambitious plan being developed to tackle the problem.
     Concern about alcohol was raised in                             “We will adopt a range of tactics to understand why alcohol is
                                                                     misused and to address the underlying causes, so that people
     the audit commission’s comprehensive area
                                                                     can have an appropriate and healthy approach to drinking.”
     Assessment (CAA), a new way local public
     services in england are assessed.                               To respond to the CAA’s findings, all agencies are now working
                                                                     together to develop an alcohol harm strategy.
     There were 4,777 alcohol related admissions to the county’s
     two hospitals last year and this number is currently            Professor Stephen Horsley, Director of Public Health at NHS
     increasing at a rate of 20% per year.                           Northamptonshire said, “We are now giving alcohol the same
                                                                     priority as issues such as cancer, heart disease and stroke and
     The CAA said certain areas of the county were worse for binge   we are increasing funding for the provision of community based
     drinking, while others were highlighted as places where a       alcohol treatment services.”
     high number of vehicle accidents were caused by alcohol.
     It also raised concerns about the link between alcohol and      “However it is vital that we work together with the local councils
     violent crime, including domestic violence.                     and police to look at how we can tackle the problem of alcohol
                                                                     misuse in its many forms.”
     Adrian Lee, Chief Constable, Northamptonshire Police, says
     “Dealing with the complex issues requires a genuinely end-
     to-end approach that addresses the range of harms – from
     under-age drinking and binge drinking through to longer-

                                             There were 4,777
     term harmful drinking.”

                                                alcohol related
     “Alongside enforcement, equally vital is the responsibility
     shared by industry and government to address the culture
                                              admissions to the
     of alcohol misuse and so deal with the root causes of the                                                Find out
                                           county’s two hospit                                              more about
                                               last year and this
                 ently                                             what is
                                              number is curr
     Alcohol misuse touches                 increasing at a rate
                                                                  of                                        being done
     many parts of society and our                                      20% per year                         to tackle
     response to solving this will                                                                            alcohol
                                                                                                           in your next
     be a bold and radical one.
                                                                                                    issue of Together
                                               adrian lee
                  Chief Constable, Northamptonshire Police
                                                                                                       out in June.
   • NHS Northamptonshire
                                  Issue 1 • March 2010                                                                    25

Smile!                                                                     Myth Busters
Thousands of new patients are
now being seen by NHS dentists
in Northamptonshire. Over 5,700
new patients visited an NHS dentist                                     mYTh - There is a shortage of Nhs
in the county between October-                                          There are lots of dentists in Northamptonshire
December 2009.                                                          and if you have not been to the dentist for at
                                                                        least two years now is a good time to go.

Keep Northamptonshire                                                   mYTh - I am not registered so cannot
                                                                        get Nhs treatment
smiling - meet the Smile                                                You do not have to register with a dentist and
                                                                        you can change your dentist whenever you like.
Squad                                                                   mYTh - I’ve been struck off the Nhs
Nhs Northamptonshire’s Smile Squad is visiting                          because I have been private
schools across the county to talk to children                           If you have had private treatment in the past
about how to keep their mouth and teeth healthy.                        you are still entitled to go to an NHS dentist.

At these sessions the children learn about a healthy diet, tooth-       mYTh - I don’t need to go to the dentist
brushing techniques and using fluoride toothpaste. They are also        as I have dentures
given the opportunity to have their teeth painted with fluoride
                                                                        Even if you have dentures, the dentist will be
varnish to help prevent and reduce tooth decay.
                                                                        checking your mouth to make sure it’s healthy.
The scheme is expanding so look out for the Smile Squad at a
school near you.                                                        how much does it cost?
                                                                        There are now three standard charges for all
                                                                        NHS dental treatments.

                                                                        Band 1: £16.50 - examination, diagnosis
                                                                        (eg x-rays), advice, scale and polish
                                                                   Band 2: £45.60 - fillings, root canal work,
                                                                        Band 3: £198 - crowns, dentures and bridges

                                                                     some people are entitled to free Nhs dental
                                                                     treatment – ask at your dental practice, or
For more information and to find
                                                                     contact our Advice and Information Service
an NHS dentist in your area, please                                  (see left).
contact Nhs Northamptonshire’s
Advice and Information Service on
0800 5870 879 or visit:
26            • March 2010 • NHS Northamptonshire
      Issue 1

     Feeling unwell?
     There’s a range of NHS services on your
     doorstep – make sure you choose well.
     Self care: for very minor illness and injuries
     that can be treated at home                          Self care
     Nhs Direct or for information            Self care is the best choice to treat
     and advice on all aspects of healthcare              very minor illnesses and injuries.
     around the clock including symptoms checks           Ensure your medicine cabinet is well
     Pharmacy: for advice from your pharmacist            stocked with:
     on common illnesses and the best medicines
     to treat them                                           antiseptic cream
                                                             alcohol wipes
     gP: for illness or injury that just won’t go
     away                                                    paracetamol or aspirin

     Out of hours service: for advice and                    anti-diarrhoeal medicine
     treatment when your own surgery is closed               rehydration mixture
     Minor Injury unit/Minor Illness Service/8-8             indigestion remedy
     Walk-in Centre: for minor illness and injury            plasters and sterile dressings
     A&e or 999: for critical or life threatening
     situations only

     Stop things spreading                                Catch coughs and sneezes in a tissue
                                                          Dispose of tissues quickly and safely
     To prevent something you have caught
     spreading to others:                                 regularly wash your hands with soap and
                                                          warm water

                                                          remember - catch it, bin it, kill it!
    • NHS Northamptonshire
                                   Issue 1 • March 2010                                                                           27

                                                        {                                                                  {
                                                               Northamptonshire has over
                                                               100 pharmacists
                                                               who are equipped with a high
                                                               degree of medical knowledge
                                                               and training.

                                                                    Over 50? have your say
Pharmacy                                                            on health
Visit your pharmacy when you are suffering from a common
health problem that does not require being seen by a nurse          In January 2010 more than 200 over 50s attended Older
or doctor.                                                          Persons’ Health Forums in Wellingborough, Kettering,
                                                                    Rushden, Corby and Oundle.
Your pharmacist can provide advice on common illnesses
and the best medicines to treat them. Many pharmacists              The forums are organised by Nhs Northamptonshire, in
also offer stop smoking services, Chlamydia screening and           partnership with Northamptonshire County Council,
health checks.                                                      and are aimed at promoting health, wellbeing and
                                                                    independence for older people.

   S Direct - 0845 46 47
                                                                    Sheena Millar, 71, who attended the Corby forum, said:

                                                                    “It was great to see so many over 50s at the event. We

       (24 hours)
                                                                    listened to two really interesting speakers and had lots
                                                                    of fun taking part in the armchair aerobics session. It was
                                                                    a really enjoyable and informative event – I can’t wait to
                                                                    come along to the next one in April.”
            Always just a phone call away, the NHS
             Direct line on 0845 46 47 is available
           whenever you need a confidential, nurse-                 The next forums are from 2pm-4pm on:
         led telephone advice and treatment service.
                                                                    14 April - Tithe Barn, Wellingborough
         Friendly and professional staff will provide               20 April - Corn Market Hall, Kettering
          you with advice and information on NHS
                  services. Or you can visit                        21 April - Full Gospel Church, Rushden for advice about your
                         symptoms.                                  27 April - Queen Victoria Hall, Oundle
                                                                    28 April - West Glebe Pavilion, Corby

A&e or 999                                                        Independent Older
                                   Persons’ Forums, supported by the
                                                                    NHS and county council, also take place in Daventry,
                                                                    South Northamptonshire and Northampton.
40 per cent of people who attend A&E could have been
expertly and effectively treated elsewhere.

The most basic visit to A&E costs the taxpayer £59 –                For further information on any
that’s a check up and some advice which could easily
have been delivered in another highly qualified but less            of these forums please call the
expensive healthcare setting.                                       Communications and Engagement
Accident and Emergency departments and 999 should
                                                                    Team at Nhs Northamptonshire on:
only be used in a critical or life-threatening situation.
                                                                    01604 651745
28             • March 2010 • NHS Northamptonshire
       Issue 1

     Saying pants to
     Local sporting star Dave Griffiths, from Northampton Town
     Men’s Lacrosse Team has become the face of the ‘Chlamydia
     – Get talking, Get tested’ campaign to promote better sexual
     health for young people in Northamptonshire.

     Chlamydia is the most common STI (Sexually                             “I’d urge everyone to say yes if you’re offered the test, but it’s
                                                                            also important that parents and teachers are supportive by
     Transmitted Infection) in the uK and young
                                                                            encouraging responsible conversations. It’s simply the right
     people under 25 are the highest risk group.                            thing to do.”
     Because it doesn’t often have any symptoms,
     most people don’t know they have it, but the                           Dave can be seen on billboards and signs throughout the
     long term effects can include infertility.                             country and also at where under 25s
                                                                            can order a FREE postal testing kit or to find their nearest
                                                                            screening centre.
     We talked to Dave about why he got
     involved with the campaign:
     “I graduated in Paramedical Science from the University of
     Northampton last year, so you could say I have a healthy interest
                                                                                           how to get tested
     in looking after young people in the county as I’m now a trained
                                                                               Order a kit or visit a screening centre via
     paramedic in Corby.
                                                                      – and just follow
     “As a keen sportsman, I know it’s really important to have a             the simple instructions. If you don’t have
     healthy lifestyle, but most people think of their health in terms of   Chlamydia we’ll tell you by text within 2 weeks.
     what they eat and how much exercise they do. Through initiatives
     at Uni, I found out that if you are going to be sexually active, you
                                                                                  If you do, we’ll contact you to arrange
     need to think about your sexual health too and part of that is
     about being aware of STIs and getting tested. I did and got my            treatment, which is as free and easy as the
     free ‘I’ve been tested’ pants and now I have modelled them as                test. Either way, we’ll send you your
     part of the advertising campaign.                                                free designer pants as a thank
                                                                                                                                             e   Been
                                                                                                                                       d I’v
                                                                                                                            Been T
                                                                                                                  d I’v
                                                                                                        Been T
    • NHS Northamptonshire
                                   Issue 1 • March 2010                                                                                  29

No butts…
At Nhs Northamptonshire we want to improve the health and
wellbeing of everyone in the county and that includes our staff, so
we have introduced our very own Stop Smoking Support group.

Kerry Downes, a Business Manager from Corby,
is currently trying to give up smoking.

What were some of your                           minutes with some really good advice.
                                                 I like the fact that there are different
main motivations for wanting                     ways you can get advice, especially if
to quit?                                         you have a busy life and don’t always
                                                 have time to make a call.
I have been smoking for a long time
now and I know that very soon I am               What Nicotine replacement
going to start feeling the effects. My
main focus is that my little boy is four         Therapy are you currently
and I do not want him to see his mama            taking and how are you
with a cigarette in her hand all the time.
                                                 finding it?                                  What advice would you
Also, the last few colds I have caught                                                        give to others thinking of
have given me a very bad chest which             I have the Nicorette 14mg patches and
I have not had before. I also want to            the inhaler. The patch at the moment         quitting?
reduce my chances of getting cancer              is making me feel a bit light-headed
and heart disease.                               and sick so I might need to have a lower     You have to want to give up for yourself
                                                 dosage. It’s certainly helping to take       and not others. Be strong and keep
how did you hear about the                       the edge of the cravings though.             thinking of your family, especially your
                                                                                              children. I’d encourage anyone who’s
Northamptonshire Stop                                                                         thinking about it to contact one of the
smoking service? had you                         What benefits do you think                   NHS Stop Smoking Advisors – they
been aware of the service                        you will see from stopping                   really do help!

already?                                         smoking – have you noticed
                                                 any already?
I heard about it through Nhs
                                                 I haven’t noticed any benefits yet as I
Northamptonshire. We have an
                                                 haven’t given up for long, however, I hope     If you’d like practical
activity programme called thrive which
encourages staff to take up healthy
                                                 that my skin will look more refreshed and      help to quit smoking
                                                 that I will reduce my chances considerably
activities, one of which is stopping
                                                 of getting cancer and heart disease.
                                                                                                or would simply like
                                                                                                to discuss the best
                                                 What do your friends and                       ways to help you do
how have you found the             
                                                 family think of you getting                    this then why not call
sessions so far?
                                                 the support to quit?                           our free, confidential,
I have attended three sessions so
far and found them very helpful. The
                                                                                                friendly Stop Smoking
                                                 My husband does not smoke so he is
advisors are really supportive - they            really supportive of me but sometimes          Service on:
don’t patronise or tell too many horror          when I become grouchy he tells me to
stories. Also, everyone in the group             have a cigarette! My friends are very          0845 601 3116 or
really wants to give up so having that
support is fantastic. I had a question
                                                 supportive, especially the smokers.
                                                                                                e-mail smokefree@
after the session so I just emailed                                                   
my advisor and she replied within 10
30               • March 2010 • NHS Northamptonshire
         Issue 1

     Stroke Awareness
          1 in 10 people in Northamptonshire are living with the effects of stroke
          It is the second biggest cause of death for women and third biggest cause
          of death for men in Northamptonshire
                                                                           For more information on Stroke and
                                                                                   please visit
                                                                           and visit The Stroke Association
                                                                           or call the Stroke
                                                                           Association on
                                                                           0845 3033 100

     Nhs health checks: get advice, get checked
     Residents in Corby can get an early warning on potential health problems by having
     a FREE health check. At the health check, people can get advice on how to make
     changes so they can lead a healthier, longer life.
     FREE NHS health checks are available for people who are 40 – 74
     years old. The scheme is being run in partnership between Nhs
     Northamptonshire, Corby Borough Council, local GPs, pharmacists
     and the Corby Minor Injuries Unit. The health check, which lasts
     around 20 minutes will:

     •    find out if you are at risk from health problems
     •    advise you how to look after your health
     •    help you change things in your life to make your
          health better in the future

     Mayor of Corby, Cllr Mary Butcher was the first to undergo a health
     check in the town. She said, “The health check today took no               The health checks scheme
     time at all and gave me great peace of mind. We shouldn’t                  will be rolled out across the
     take any risks with our health and I urge the people of                    county later in the year - so
     Corby to take advantage of this potentially life-saving                    look out for more information
                                                                                or call 0800 5870 879.
       • NHS Northamptonshire
                                      Issue 1 • March 2010                                                                     31
     Regular exercise can go a long way
     to reducing risk factors associated
     with obesity, depression and diabetes
     amongst many other health problems.
     Nhs Northamptonshire’s activity on referral                 It gives patients who would benefit from regular
     scheme is aimed at supporting people who                    exercise a 12-week subsidised gym membership
                                                                 as well as one-to-one tuition with specially trained
     have such conditions to get more active.
                                                                 fitness instructors at local gym or leisure centres.
     The scheme is available across the county and
     allows GPs and healthcare professionals to refer            To find out more, speak to your local gP
     physically inactive people onto a tailor-made exercise      or visit:
     programme to assist and support them to make
     healthier lifestyle choices.                      

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                             Northamptonshire                 and emails.
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 We WaNT YOur FeeDBacK!                                       or by post to Together Northamptonshire, PO BOX 93,
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