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 Four million children around the world
  are waiting and hoping that one day,
someone will come along and help them.
       You could be that someone.

                 Changing The World One Smile At A Time.

 For millions of children suffering with
unrepaired clefts in developing countries,
     Smile Train is their only hope.

They sometimes come from hundreds of
miles away.
   By foot, by bike, by boat, by bus, by
scooter. By walking through jungles and
deserts and over mountains and through
war zones.
   They come carrying their babies on their backs. With no money in their
pockets. They go into debt and borrow money from neighbours to pay for the trip.
They sell their rickshaws. Their rugs. Their chickens.
   They do whatever they have to do to get their child to a Smile Train hospital.
No matter how far away it is. No matter how much money they have to borrow.
They know this may be their only chance for their child to receive the cleft
surgery they desperately need.
   We are their only hope.
   They arrive at our hospitals hungry and exhausted.
Scared. Worried. With desperation in their eyes. You don’t
need to know a word of their language to understand that
they are begging you to please help their child.
   Most of these children have been waiting for this
                    once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for
                    a very long time.
                       Some have waited for 5, 10 or 20
                    years for this moment. We operated on a woman recently
                    who had been waiting 45 years.
                       Those are long, painful years of suffering and
                    heartache. Imagine waiting 45 years for a surgery that
                    takes just 45 minutes.

   A surgery that every British baby born with a cleft
receives automatically, soon after they’re born.
   In developing countries 95% of these children never
receive surgery.
   Because their parents – who make less than 60p
a day – could save for their entire lives and never be
able to afford surgery.
   Because the hospitals are poor and the doctors are
poor and the governments are poor.
   Because for governments in developing countries,
problems such as malaria, TB and AIDS are at the
top of the list.
   And boys and girls with clefts aren’t even on the list.
                                     Helping children no one else will help
                                           is what Smile Train is all about.
                                                 Delivering miracles to the
                                                poorest of the poorest countries
                                                 in the world.
                                                     And giving desperate children
                                                 a second chance at life.


               Being born with a cleft
          in a developing country is one
          of life’s cruellest punishments.
In developing countries,
 many babies born with
   clefts are killed or

                                                               Children with clefts are
                                Children with clefts            not allowed to attend
                                 may never marry.                school or get a job.

 Children with clefts
are taunted and teased

    Most of our patients and their families live on less than 60p a day.


  Children with clefts are often hidden away out of                  Clefts are really
               shame and ignorance.                               an economic problem,
                                                                    not a medical one;
                                                                  the only reason these
                                                                  children don’t receive
                                                                    surgery is because
                                                                      they are poor.

Life with a cleft is a long
  and painful struggle.

                                95% of children born
                                with clefts in developing
                                    countries never
                                    receive surgery.

   Clefts are seen as a
  curse and evil omen.

                                  Cleft palates make it
                                   impossible to eat
                                   or speak properly.

   Cleft surgery is a modern-day medical miracle;
In just 45 minutes it can change a child’s life forever.

 It can completely              It’s a very                 It doesn’t matter
     fix even the              simple                       how old you are:
 most severe cleft.
                              surgery.                     3 months or
      It can be                                             90 years.
  performed under              It costs
  local anaesthetic.          as little as

                              It takes                          It provides
                                                              an immediate,
                             as little as                      breathtaking

 It doesn’t require
   complex tests
    or expensive
                                                                Its many
                                                              benefits last a
   It’s extremely                                            It is so dramatic,
    safe, with a                                            some mothers don’t
                                                           recognise their baby
  99.99%                        It gives a
                                                                after surgery.
   success rate.
                             child not just a
  It helps children
speak eat
                             new                                 It can
  for the first time
                              but a second                    alife
    in their lives.          chance at life.                   forever.

    Instead of sending doctors into developing
   countries on medical missions, Smile Train
 empowers local doctors to perform cleft surgeries.
Teach a man to fish: our unique strategy.             It is more productive.
We were the first cleft charity to pioneer this       Mission groups
approach – it’s better than the mission model         operate and leave.
for many reasons…                                     They don’t teach or
                                                      train. They don’t
It is much more cost-effective.
                                                      provide financial aid.
A local doctor in a developing country can
                perform surgery for a fraction        We teach, we train,
                       of what it costs a             we provide money
                          mission group.              for equipment and
                                                      financial aid. Our
                             Our £150 cost-per-
                                                      hospitals provide free
                              surgery is 85% less
                                                      cleft surgery 365 days a year.
                               than a typical
                               mission group.         It is more respectful.
                                                      When a mission group comes to a poor
                              It is safer.
                                                      community, takes over a hospital and pushes
                             Missions are
                                                      aside the local doctors, it can demoralise them.
                           well intentioned,
                                                      Our approach makes the local doctors and
                         but when you perform
                                                      nurses the heroes of their community.
                      100 surgeries in 5 days
and then pack up and leave, you sometimes             It’s by far the best way to build self-sufficiency.
leave patients at risk.                               Empowering local doctors and hospitals is the
Complications and emergencies often arise             best way to make them self-sufficient, give them
a day, week or month after surgery. Smile Train       a helping hand and provide them with everything
surgeons do not leave.                                they need to solve the problem of clefts
                                                      themselves. After more than 10 years and over
                                                      500,000 surgeries, we know this strategy works.


It ensures higher quality surgery.
Surgeons who go on these missions may not
have operated on a cleft since medical school.
The average Smile Train surgeon performs hundreds,
sometimes thousands, of cleft surgeries every year.
Our surgeons perform cleft surgery every day.

                                      Smile Train is different to
                                      other children’s charities.
                                        Focussed on a single, solvable                  Managed like a business.
                                        problem: clefts.                                We have built a charity that is
                                        Unlike most charities that do a little          well-managed, frugal and productive.
                                        bit of everything, we’re trying to solve        No programmes are approved without
                                        one specific problem. And we’re not             a defined strategy that has objectives
                                        searching for a cure – we have the              and goals. Performance of programmes
                                        ‘cure’ – a simple surgery that can take         and people is measured and monitored
                                        as little as 45 minutes. The only reason        closely. Better management enables us
                                        children in developing countries do not         to help many more children, pound for
                                        receive surgery is because they are poor.       pound, than any other cleft charity in
                                        This is an economic problem – not a             the world.
                                        medical one – and it is 100% solvable.
                                                                                        A frugal mindset and low overheads.
                                        Always putting safety and quality first.        We have just 43 employees. Most of our
                                        Smile Train sets the standard for cleft         country managers around the world work
“There are a million different ways     surgery safety and quality worldwide.           from their homes. Excluding fundraising,
to make someone laugh, but I must       Our Medical Advisory Boards establish           our overheads are a rock bottom 0.5% of
 say, The Smile Train is one of the
                                        the safety standards and protocols that         our total expenses.
 best ways I have ever seen to help
         someone smile.”                every Smile Train partner hospital must         Financial scrutiny and accountability
         – Robin Williams               meet. They review all of our surgeries,         that is unprecedented.
                                        programmes and medical training and
                                        education to ensure we meet the absolute        We trust our partners, but we audit
                                        highest standards.                              them too. We require our partners to
                                                                                        submit a patient chart for every surgery
                                        Strategic, innovative and driven                they perform. We review thousands of
                                        by technology.                                  these every month to make sure they
                                        Every charity has a big heart. We strive to     are following the rules.
                                        have a big brain as well. We don’t just         Our goal is to go out of business.
                                        work hard, we work effectively. Our strategic
                                        thinking and business model has been            We chose to focus on clefts because it
                                        copied by hundreds of other charities.          is a solvable problem. Ten years later,
                                        We’ve pioneered new technology such as          we’ve made significant progress. We are
                                        virtual surgery software, a digital patient     confident that within the next 5 -10 years,
                                        chart and the world’s largest virtual cleft     every child in the world who is waiting
                                        library. Tens of thousands of pages of          for surgery will be helped and our work
     “It’s incredible the number        invaluable cleft-related information that       will be done.
   of children’s lives transformed      can be accessed with the click of a mouse.
        by The Smile Train.”
             – Bette Midler

                                                      Free surgeries provided since inception.
   “There are a lot of children out              100,000
there who so desperately need help,               50,000
but can’t receive timely care because
   their families cannot afford this                   0
 surgery. Working with Smile Train,                       FY99 FY00 FY01 FY02 FY03 FY04 FY05 FY06 FY07 FY08 FY09
     if I can make a difference in
  their lives, it will certainly make
                                                                In just ten years, Smile Train has provided
    me feel honored and blessed.”                           free cleft surgery for more than 529,570 children
      – Aishwarya Rai Bachchan                                 who would otherwise never have received it.

                      More than one million donors
                       have come on board so far.
                                                              Hundreds of leading corporations and the most
                                                              respected foundations support us.
                                                              We work hard to earn their support. Of many thousands of
                                                              charities in the UK, they’ve chosen us because we’re cost-
                                                              effective, well-managed and one of the most productive
                                                              charities in the world.
                                                              Thousands of schools and colleges raise money
                                                              for us.
                                                              There is nothing more poignant than to see children
                                                              raising money to help other children. In primary schools
                                                              and secondary schools and at all kinds of universities,
                                                              tens of thousands of students are working hard to help
                                                              children they will never meet.

Young and old, people from all walks of life.
“Here is £2 from my piggy bank, please help those
children”, says the note from a 5-year-old. Many letters
begin...“My neighbour...was born with a cleft.” Sometimes
it says, “Our class, our office, our team, our church, our
club, our family decided to raise money for you...”
From boys and girls in primary schools to 90-year-olds in
old people’s homes, from billionaires to lorry drivers, the
one thing everyone seems to agree on is that Smile Train
is worth supporting.
Many of the most successful and admired
people in the world believe in us.
In addition to sending generous donations, many
of our high-profile supporters help us in other
ways. Some have even travelled to Africa, China
and Haiti to visit our hospitals and meet children
we’ve helped.


How you can help give a ch
Send us a donation          Remember us
  of any amount.            in your Will.

                            Find us five
                             new donors.
                                If every
                               donor did
                              that, think
                           how many more
                             children we                 Tell everyone you meet
                             could help!                   about us and why
                                                             you support us.
                           Introduce us to
                           companies that
                            could help us.                  Ask your local
                                                         newspaper or regional
                                                          TV news programme
                                                           to talk about us.

Organise your own
   Smile Train
fundraising event.     Get your children and
                       their school involved.


                        Send a letter or email
                         to all your friends,
                       family and colleagues.

hild a second chance at life.
                                 Visit one of our
                                partner hospitals
                                 and meet some
                                 of the children
                                 you’ve helped.

                                                            Send us good
                                                          ideas, suggestions
                                                            and feedback.
         Buy our
      Tribute cards.
                                                           Donate a portion
                                                                 of your
                                                          company’s profits.
                                                             (It’s good for
                                                            business too!)

   Ask if you can speak
     about us at your                                        Visit our website at
   church, synagogue or                           
  other place of worship.
                                 Sign up to be a
                                 monthly donor.

                             Ask your friends and
                               family to help.

Dear Friend,
For 20 years, I’ve travelled to some of the poorest places in the world.
    To Inner Mongolia, where some children are so poor they’re living in
caves. To the slums of Haiti, where some children are so hungry they eat
biscuits made out of mud. To Northern Uganda, where 20,000 children have
been abducted and forced to become slaves and child soldiers. Where I also
met a 7-month-old baby who weighed just 7 pounds. From Kabul to Kolkata,
from Gaza to Guangzhou, from the Nile to the Amazon, I have seen the face
of extreme poverty.
    In these hard, Godforsaken places, I have learned many lessons they
never taught me at university.
    I learned about selflessness from a poor woman who heard a newborn baby with a cleft crying at
the side of the road so she took her home and raised her as her own. I learned about compassion from a
76-year-old surgeon in India who has spent the past 45 years at a mission hospital helping the poor. I
learned about strength from a woman who carried her 2-year-old baby on her back for two weeks through
a jungle to reach our hospital. And I learned about courage from thousands of desperate children who
faced life every day with disfigured faces and no hope of ever being helped.
    The most important lesson I learned was that miracles are possible.
    The first one I witnessed was 15 years ago. In an operating theatre, I watched the dramatic
transformation of a 10-year-old Chinese girl. After surgery I carried her to the recovery room. When she
woke up, a nurse handed her a mirror. Her mother and I watched 10 years of tears stream down her
cheeks as she stared at her new smile and began her new life.
    That day didn’t just change her life – it changed mine.
    Since that day, I have met thousands of children who’ve undergone the same miraculous surgery.
Children of every age, race and religion who have been saved thanks to Smile Train.
    Giving over 500,000 children a second chance at life is something we’re all very proud of.
    But Smile Train still has many miles to go.
    Millions of children in developing countries are still
waiting for their miracle. For most, Smile Train is their
only hope.
    These boys and girls need our help – and we need yours.
    Will you help us make just one miracle happen?
    I promise you it will put a smile on your face too.

    Brian Mullaney
    Co-Founder / Chairman


The Smile Train UK, PO BOX 908, Northampton NN3 0BE Tel: 0870 127 6269   Registered Charity No. 1114748

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