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           The “I Can Do It!” Gift Basket Service offers an extensive selection of fine
gift baskets to suit every occasion and need. We take great pride in
making sure each gift is of the highest quality and a true reflection of
your sentiment to the recipient. Therefore each gift basket is carefully
and thoughtfully created at the time you place your order, ensuring
the freshest made-to-order gift possible. You can choose from our
wide selection of gift basket ideas, or we will help you put together
that unique gift to perfectly suit that someone special.

Our philosophy is that every gift basket deserves our PERSONAL
ATTENTION, which means we GUARANTEE you are sending a gift
contents. We understand each gift is a direct EXPRESSION of YOU,
and we take great pride in relaying your sentiments and ensuring the
recipient feels SPECIAL. Whether you need a single heart-felt gift or
a large volume of gift baskets, we will work with you to create
EXACTLY what you want, making a

      “From corporate gifts to special occasion baskets,
                              if you can think it, ‘I Can Do It!’”
Montana Made:

Jammin’ Jellies ~ 17.50
Everyone will enjoy these three 5 oz. jars of distinctly Montana-Grown Berries:
Wild Huckleberry Jam, Chokecherry Jelly, and Wild Buffalo Berry (yes, I said
Buffalo Berry!) Jelly, nestled into a small serving tray basket. Perfect on those
biscuits & flapjacks!

Treasure State Sampler ~ 23.50
Makes a great “Welcome” gift for visitors – or to send home as a souvenir! Glass
mug exquisitely etched with “Montana” and a picture of local wildlife, a starter
pack of freshly-roasted Rocky Mountain Roasting Co. coffee, Ruby Mountain Soft
Biscotti, an assortment of Wild Berry cordials, and a votive-size triple-scented
gourmet candle in glass holder. Ask about matching colors to your
A Taste of Montana! ~ 49.50
You get to try it ALL in this delectable assortment of “Made in Montana” snacks!
Includes Montana Mountain Sausage, Pine Cone Traders Yellowstone-inspired
Tea, an assortment of Rocky Mountain Roasting Co. coffees, gourmet “Montana
Mix” popcorn, a trio of Ruby Mountain Biscotti, Huckleberry Chocolate-covered
Hazelnuts, and Rocky Mountain River Rock, (candy-coated chocolates that look
like the real thing!). We’ll even add a beautiful “Montana” mug with a picture of
local wildlife! Send ‘em a Taste of Montana!

Hungry Mans Fixin's ~ $26.50
Give him what he REALLY wants! A hefty-size Mountain Arts hand-crafted soup
bowl with handle* and some of Montana Bounty Foods famous “Buffalo Stew
Fixin’s with Dumplin’s!” Great for use with leftover buffalo, beef, pork or wild
game! Also available in “Wild Turkey” style for leftover turkey, chicken, etc.

Make it a MEAL! ~ 46.50
Add Matching Mountain Arts Pottery Snack Platter* & a big batch of Montana
Bounty Foods “Buffalo Bread” – a great-tasting, easy-to-make sourdough bread!
*Available in: Mocha, Mocha/Red, Leather/Red, Mocha/Blue, Mocha Green, Triple
Huckleberry Hound ~ $32.50
Just a HUGE assortment of Huckleberry goodies! Wild Huckleberry bark,
Huckleberry Chocolate-covered Hazelnuts, assorted Wild Huckleberry Cordials
covered in white, dark and milk chocolate, White Chocolate & Huckleberry-
covered pretzels, even Huckleberry Gummi Bears!
SUPER-SIZE ME! ~ $59.00 (Shown Above) gives you DOUBLE of
everything then ADDS a Double serving of Montana Huckleberry Cocoa! M-m-m!

Flapjacks are UP! ~ $32.50
An assortment of “old west”-style flapjack mixes: Miner’s Camp “GOLD DUST”
Golden Flapjack Mix, Montana Bounty’s Huckleberry Griddle Cakes and Poppy
Seed Griddle Cakes. Easy “Just add water” recipe; try a different one every
morning! Paired with your choice of Wild Chokecherry or Wild Huckleberry
Syrup-all “Made in Montana!”
Sweet Montana Morning ~ $34.50
This trio is sure to sweeten anyone’s day! A hand-crafted Mountain Art Honey
Pot w/ Honey Dipper, 16 oz. Montana Bounty Huckleberry Honey Bear, and your
choice of The Huckleberry People’s world-famous Wild Huckleberry, Wild
Blueberry, or Cherry Streusel Muffin Mix, all “Made in Montana!”

Rocky Mountain Trail Treats ~ $48.50
This goodie basket is chock full of all kinds of Montana munchies! Ruby Mountain
Soft Biscotti, Cowboy Chocolate Bar, Cinnamon Roasted Almonds, Moose
Munch Trail Mix, Flathead Cherry Cordials, Wild Huckleberry Bark, “Montana
Mix” gourmet Popcorn, Chocolate Huckleberry-covered pretzels and MUCH
more! Almost makes you want to get lost in the woods!

Soup’s On! ~ $ 198.50
A great “Family-Size” gift! We start with an assortment of EIGHT different
Montana Bounty Foods hearty soups and stews including “Black Powder Bean &
Barley” Soup Mix, "Split Rail Pea" Soup Mix, “Buffalo Bean” Soup Mix, “Wild
Turkey Stew Fixin's with Dumplin’s” and more, then we add Indian Fry Bread mix
and “Buffalo Bread” mix, (a great-tasting, easy-to-make sourdough bread), and
we serve it all up with FOUR Mountain Arts Pottery* hand-thrown Soup Bowls
w/handles and FOUR matching snack platters. A REAL taste of the Wild West!

Half-Order ~ $ 139.50 (Shown Above)
A scaled-down version of our “Soup’s On!” which includes FIVE different soups
and stews, both variety of breads and TWO of each of the Mountain Arts Pottery*
soup bowls and snack platters. Custom orders also welcome!
*Available in: Mocha, Mocha/Red, Leather/Red, Mocha/Blue, Mocha Green, Triple

Bridger Bowl of Cherries ~ $56.00
Wild Chokecherry Bark, Pine Cone Traders Mountain Cherry Berry Tea, Flathead
Cherry Cordials, Cherry Streusel Muffin Mix, two Montana Bounty Foods
Flapjack Mixes and Chokecherry Syrup all stuffed in a handy mixing bowl!
Cowboy Up! Tea and Scones
Small $28.50 ~ Medium $37.50 ~ Large (shown) $76.50
Put a little touch of FANCY in your “COWBOY” afternoon with these Montana
Bounty Foods collections of teas and scone mixes!
Small: Huckleberry Tea & Wild Huckleberry Scone Mix, Tea Infuser w/ Caddy.
Medium: Adds "Big Sky" Chai Tea & Cinnamon Raisin Scone Mix.
Large (shown): Adds Peach Ambrosia Herbal Tea, Cranberry Cream Tea,
Double Chocolate Scone Mix, Cranberries Scone Mix and TWO beautiful
“Montana” Mugs etched with a picture of local Wildlife.

Cozy Cabin Coffee Break ~ $44.50
Warm up on a frosty Montana morning with an assortment of Rocky Mountain
Roasting Company coffees, Wild Huckleberry tea, Pine Cone Traders Cabin
Cocoa and two packages of Montana Monster Munchies cookies, (MOUNTAINS
of wholesome goodness ~ Original or with Raisins!) all nestled in a cozy cup &
saucer basket. There’s something for everyone and plenty to share!
Homeward Bound ~ $125-250
There’s no better way to say “Wish you were here” or “Welcome to Montana”
than this gift! We start with two large hand-crafted Montana Arts Pottery
mugs/soup bowls (available in green/mocha, burgundy/mocha, burgundy/slate,
blue/natural{shown}), fill them with Rocky Mountain Roasting Company coffees,
then surround them with the finest foods, snacks and beverages, ALL made in
the great state of Montana!
~ $125 As Shown
~ $175 adds artisan chocolates from La Chatelaine Chocolat Company
~ $225 adds two coordinating Montana Arts Pottery snack platters
~ $250 adds more of everything in an X-Large basket

Last Best Gift Basket ~ $64.00
A gift basket fit for a star! From Buffalo Snack Stix to Huckleberry treats to Moose
Munch Trail Mix to Cowboy Chocolate Bar, and mountains of goodies in
between! The final word in “Made in Montana!” goodness, with a Western flavor!
 Cowboy country:
We at enjoy creating fun and unique
gift baskets like these. If you have an idea of something you would
like us to create for you, let us know! As always, customization is not
only welcome, it’s encouraged!

Ultimate Cowboy Fixin’s ~ $125
The perfect gift for every cowboy-crazy person on your list! We start with the
ultimate Cowboy Cookbook with over 300 real western recipes, then we add a
denim apron and western oven mitt, lots of Montana Bounty Foods “cowboy
fixin’s”, Beer Bread in a Bottle, Boot Scootin’ Cranberry Chipotle salsa & chips, a
pair of Mountain Arts Pottery mugs, even a burlap sack of Cowboy Latte & an XL
Cowboy chocolate bar to enjoy after the grub ~ all stuffed in a galvanized HAT!
Wild West SnackFest ~ $76
A saddlebag FULL of great snacks including Beef & Buffalo Snack Stix, Jack
Daniels Praline Pecans, chips & salsa, sharp white cheddar, pretzels & dips,
Cowboy Latte’and a whole lot more!
  Gallopin’ Gourmet:

    The following collection of gourmet meals and gifts also make
           excellent Housewarming and Thank You gifts:

                          Spring into Salad! ~ $135

An absolutely unforgettable gift! A clean-line classic multi-functional clear glass
  salad bowl is filled with all the makings of a delectable house salad; fresh and
flavorful oil and vinegar combination, crostini, and a fresh salad idea booklet from
renouned top-of-the-line Oil & Vinegar Co. as well as other tasty accoutrements,
 all centered around a stunning beaded salad-serving set! These functional yet
  beautiful utensils are hand-crafted by an artist here in Bozeman, Montana and
    are available in a variety of colors. (Custom color requests also available!)
                    Call for specific colors and/or flavor requests.

      A Exclusive!
       Hot 4 Chili ~ $32                            Pizz-Amore’ ~ $32
Go Hogg Wild with Mr. Hogg’s Wild Green        Gourmet Pizza kit, Cheesy Garlic
& Red all natural (no MSG!) Chili mixes,       Bread in a Bottle, bread-dipping
available in Mild or Hot! Add “Buffalo         seasoning, & chocolate-covered
Bread,” Fiesta Spread and fudge for dessert!   Espresso beans finish the meal!

Pasta Villa ~ $54
Pasta & sauces, vinaigrettes, dipping bowl set and dark chocolate espresso treat
Trattoria ~ $49
Pasta, sauces, Meatball Mix, Pizza Kit, crispy breadsticks, & bread dip seasoning

Garlic Lover ~ $39
Everything Garlic! 2 kinds of Pasta, 2 sauces, Cheesy Garlic Bread in a Bottle!
  Snacks & sweets:

The Good Stuff! ~ $46.50
Quite possibly the greatest gift basket ever for the Snack-Crazy folks on your
list! Gourmet chips & salsa, seasoned pretzels, Jack Daniels Whiskey Praline
Pecans,* covered peanuts, dipping pretzels, TWO kinds of dipping mustards &
dipping fudge! *(Can substitute regular praline, cinnamon or choc-covered nuts)

Fiesta Time ~ $45.00 / $60.00
Tortilla Chips, Zesty Cheddar Cheese, Salsa Mix, Cajun Onion Party Dip Mix,
Kramer's Chillin' Cherry Fiesta Spread, and more in a big Chili Pepper Basket!
$60.00 (large) Adds: BIG bottle of Margarita Mix & fun glass-rimmer kit & salt!

Bloody Mary Madness ~ $48.00
Tabasco Bloody Mary Mix (Regular & Spicy), Tabasco Worcestershire Sauce,
Pickled Asparagus and Dry Roasted Peanuts. Keep it COOL in this party tub!
Cappuccino Crazy! ~ $28.00
Two flavors of Pine Cone Trader’s Cappuccino Mix: Moonlit Bay Almond
Amaretto & Mystic River White Chocolate Carmel, Anne’ Gourmet Cappuccino
Thins and Cappuccino-flavored hard candies in a cup & saucer basket!

Desserts Galore ~ $36.00
Send THIS collection home! Three Plentiful Pantry's Desserts: Apple Crisp, Very
Berry Crisp, & Pumpkin Cobbler, and Two King’s Cupboard’s Dessert Sauces in
Granny Smith Apple Caramel and White Chocolate or Dark Chocolate Espresso!

Simply Savory ~ $43.00
For those who LOVE to SNACK but prefer things NOT-SO-SWEET. A gourmet
collection of cheeses, crackers, pretzels & dipping mustard, and an assortment of
nuts and trail mixes.
Thank you:

Bountiful Gourmet ~ $39-$149
This classic gift features a generous assortment of fine gourmet treats with a look
that conveys your good taste and sincerity. Available in many sizes and
overloaded with fine chocolates, cheeses, nuts, gourmet cookies, crackers, jam
and savory snacks. A versatile gift for any occasion!

Thanks A Million! ~ $69
Subtle it’s not, but they’ll get your point! Done up in everybody’s favorite shade
of green and with grin of appreciation, it’s a great way to thank an individual or a
group. Popcorn, cookies, coffee, cheese & crackers and much more!
Fresh Express ~ $125+
This delectable assortment is available for local delivery or overnight shipping
only. Overflowing with the freshest assortment of fruits available, a crusty, warm,
fresh-from-the-oven loaf of bread from the local bakery, hand-picked selection of
gourmet cheeses, unique jams & spreads and more, topped off with an
assortment of the most exquisite artisan chocolates from La Chatelaine
Chocolat Company.

PLEASE CALL TO ORDER ~ Baskets start at $125
  Congratulations: is your best source for all those
occasions when you want to say “Congratulations!” with just the right
gift; something special and unique, something that will be greatly

Mommy & Me ~ $89
“Baby’s First” collection containers, decorative pillow or beaded baby spoon*, all
natural Yellowstone Bees® bath & body products for baby and Mom, and more!
*PLEASE CALL TO ORDER basket with baby spoon as availability varies.*
   Sports & field:
We at are always looking for creative and
unusual gift ideas; new ways to make someone smile. These are some of our
most popular “Sport”-themed gifts, but keeping checking in with us at for more exciting ideas!

Fareway Fare ~ $42.50
Our new FAIRWAY FARE basket is a thoughtful gift loaded with things ANY
golfer will LOVE to receive: Stylish Golf Bag and Golf Shoe Fresheners in a
navy/golf motif print, Classic-looking AND useful "Tuck-It Bucket" weatherproof
hat that folds up into a pouch so it can "Go Anywhere" and be handy for any
inclement weather, A scrumptious assortment of coffee and snacks to take on
the course or enjoy afterwards!

Snow Cool! ~ $60
We start with a great "lodge"-style basket, filled it with all the essentials for a
great day on the slopes: a warm & toasty "neck gator" in Red or Navy, several
hand & toe warmers, a "no fog" goggle cloth, quality sunscreen & lip balm,
universal temperature ski wax, LOTS of energy-producing snacks to keep
nearby, and a ski boot shot glass for that quick trip to the lodge between runs!
Big Sky Dry Fly ~ $175
No wimpy basket here! A top quality extra large dry bag holds the contents of this
incredible gift! TONS of snacks & beverages, along with lots of handy fly-fishing
gadgets, and an apron to wear while cooking up the catch that boasts “Reel Men
Fish AND COOK!” from the fly-fishing capital of the world: MONTANA!

“Tee” Party ~ $54
Not just a Gift Basket, a TEE PARTY gift basket--in a straw Golfer's Hat!
Everything you need for a fantastic golf-themed party including great gourmet
snacks, plenty of beverages, and even a dozen practice golf balls & bag of
colorful tees! GET CREATIVE! Great gift for ANYONE on your list!
     Kid’s Corral:

Kid’s Busy Basket/Bucket ~ $46.50 Pizza-licious Delivery! ~ $19.50
They will never be bored again!               Caramel Corn smothered in
Jumprope, activities, games, toys & lots      chocolate and mini M&Ms~Oh Yeah!
of (healthy!) treats. Choose from a basket,
fun plastic bucket or a handy tote!

                          Candy Bouquet ~ $24.50
For the kid in ALL of us! All-time favorites arranged in a “Happy” mug. Great GET
WELL gift or CHEER UP anyone’s day! (SUGAR-FREE selections available!)

Fish Tales ~ $36.50
A real Jr. tackle box filled with all the gear & SNACKS to make it a fun adventure!
Includes cocoa, edible “river rocks” with chocolate fish surprise, popcorn & more!
Corporate Gifts:
Our Corporate Gift Service is here to help you:
       Market your business effectively
       Show customer appreciation
       Reinforce business partner loyalty
       Provide employee Rewards and Recognition
Many of the gift baskets in our other categories can be ordered in
volume for this purpose, but we can also create a made-to-order gift
suitable for a specific theme or event.

However, any gift basket can be customized to include logo items you
provide, and even incorporate your business colors.

Corporate Gifts
His & Hers

 “ is a valuable part of our customer rewards
 program. With a huge selection, great Montana themes, and Felicia’s personal
 touch, I’m always able to get exactly what I want for customers quickly and
 Garrett Stevens, Customer Marketing
 RightNow Technologies
 Bozeman, MT

Executive Suite ~ $40 / $60 / $90 / $130
Reward their endeavors with a beautiful basket
of delicious gourmet treats. Choose from four
sizes: Small, Medium, Large, or X-tra Large.
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