PUTNAM MARKET
breakfast deals
EACH includes paper products, cups & serving utensils.
MIMIMUM order is for 8 people. no discounts or substitutions.

an assortment of our homemade muffins & scones, with a fresh
fruit platter.
                                             $6 per person / B1
our homemade almond biscotti, plus slices of addictive cinnamon
& chocolate babka, accompanied by a fresh fruit salad.                 the best food and wine store between manhattan and montreal
                                             $6 per person / B2
                                                                      thank you for thinking of us.
                                                                      we would love to cater your event. the menu suggestions we
                                                                      offer here are only suggestions. tell us how you want your event
                                                                      to go and we'll deliver the food. we'll deliver the wine too.
midday meals
                                                                      whether you're fixing a company picnic or a family wedding,
EACH lunch includes paper products, cups & serving utensils.          either way, we'll make it great.
MIMIMUM order is for 8 people. no discounts or substitutions.
                                                                      frequently asked questions
a collection of our terrific specialty sandwiches along with our
pasta salad of the day - comes with cookies and brownies.             HOW DO I PLACE AN ORDER?
                                                                      We need your name and phone number, if we have questions.
                                        $11.50 per person / L1        Please provide us with your credit card information, including
SALAD LUNCHEON & DESSERT TRAY                                         expiration date, to reserve your order. Payment is due the day
a healthy lunch: our hickory chicken salad, tossed salad and fresh    of your event. Let us know when you will pick up the order, or
fruit salad, accompanied by rustic dinner rolls. finish with a tray   detailed delivery directions & time. Prices are subject to change.
of assorted cookies and brownies baked from scratch.                  DO YOU CHARGE FOR CATERING DELIVERY?
                                        $10.50 per person/ L3         Yes. Our handling charge is $5 for orders under $100, $10 for
                                                                      orders over $100 and $25 for orders over $500. There is a
SANDWICH WRAPS, PASTA SALAD & A DESSERT TRAY                          mileage charge of $5 within 3 miles, or $2.50 per mile for
delicious wraps: roast turkey & american, roast beef & provo-         deliveries beyond 3 miles from our store.
lone, ham & swiss, chicken salad, and fresh vegetables & provo-
                                                                      CAN YOU PROVIDE SERVICE STAFF?
lone along with pasta salad of the day, cookies and brownies.
                                                                      Yes, with a minimum order of $300. The charge is $25 per hour
                                            $10 per person / L5       per staff member from the time they leave the store to the time
                                                                      they return. Chefs are $35 per hour. Please allow at least a
                                                                      week’s notice to book staff for your party.
                                                                      CAN I GET SOMEONE TO SET UP & LEAVE?
                                                                      Yes, we can do that. The set up fee is $25.
beverages                                                             WHAT IF I HAVE TO CANCEL MY ORDER?
                                                                      We accept cancellations up to 48 hours before your order is
We sell water, iced tea and soft drinks by the bottle or the case.    due.
we can provide coffee and tea service. We sell beers from
around the world. And we have plenty of ice.                          WHAT ARE YOUR HOURS?
                                                                      We are open 9 to 7 Monday through Saturday and 10 to 5 on
If you would like wine for your party, please call Putnam Wine,       Sunday.
(518) 583-WINE (9463). Tell them about your menu, and they’ll
match the wines to your tastes and your budget– to make your          WHERE ARE YOU LOCATED?
party a smash!                                                        At 435 Broadway in Saratoga Springs, across from the top of
                                                                      Caroline Street. There is parking behind our store. If you are
                                                                      picking up an order, we can bring it up to your car in the access
                                                                      road behind our store. Easy!
                                                call: 518.587.3663
                                                 fax: 518.587.1624
for the morning                                                      sandwiches

CLASSIC QUICHE HEAT & SERVE            $16.95 Each (serves 6 - 8)    SPECIALTY SANDWICH PLATTER
choose quiche lorraine or spinach & mushroom.                        heaped high on a tray. includes barbecued chicken, smoked
                                                                     turkey, roast beef, smoked ham, home-made hummus and
START OF THE DAY                                                     specialty condiments on rock hill breads. dill pickles on the side.
an assortment of our freshly baked scones and muffins.                                 $8.88 per sandwich, minimum of 5 people
        $30 mini      $40 small       $65 medium         $90 large
                                                                     CONTINENTAL SANDWICH PLATTER
BAGELS & CREAM CHEESE                                                delicious combinations of meats, cheese & condiments on ba-
freshly baked bagels in assorted flavors with cream cheese.          guettes - perfect for a light lunch, brunch or afternoon party.
add smoked salmon for $3.95 per person; minimum of 6 people.                           $7.94 per sandwich, minimum of 5 people
        $30 mini      $40 small       $65 medium         $90 large
                                                                     AMERICAN WRAP PLATTER
FRUITS OF THE SEASON PLATTER                                         classic combinations: roast turkey & american, roast beef & pro-
a beautiful arrangement of sliced fruits, including melon, pineap-   volone, ham & swiss, chicken salad and fresh vegetables & provo-
ple, strawberries and grapes. great at any time of the day.          lone - great lunch, or cut them smaller for appetizers.
        $35 mini      $45 small       $65 medium         $90 large                     $7.94 per sandwich, minimum of 5 people

we freshly grind the beans for each pot, which serves 12 cups.       delicious & simple: curried chicken salad, egg salad, roast turkey
tea service includes hot water and a variety of teas. the service    & cranberry mayo, brie & honey mustard on rustic rolls.
pot is disposable. comes with cups, stirrers, milk & sweeteners.                                                       $50 per dozen

salads & sides                                                       deli platters

TOSSED OR CAESAR SALAD                                               CLASSIC DELI PLATTER
           $25 mini     $30 small     $55 medium         $70 large   roast beef, cracked pepper turkey & black forest ham along with
                                                                     swiss & american cheese on a platter, crisp lettuce, tomatoes,
LEAF SPINACH SALAD                                                   condiments & dill pickles, and an assortment of rock hill breads.
blue cheese, dried cranberries, walnuts & balsamic vinaigrette.                $80 mini $125 small $200 medium $295 large
           $30 mini     $40 small     $60 medium         $85 large
                                                                     DELUXE DELI PLATTER
GRILLED CHICKEN CAESAR SALAD                                         roast beef & cracked pepper turkey, our hummus, roasted vege-
           $40 mini     $50 small      $85 medium $120 large         tables & hickory chicken salad with brie & swiss cheese: we add
                                                                     crisp leaf lettuce, tomatoes, custom condiments, dill pickles &
PUTNAM POTATO SALAD                                                  baguettes.
red potatoes, red peppers, red onions & fresh spinach.                          $90 mini $140 small $225 medium $335 large
           $30 mini     $40 small     $60 medium         $85 large
cheese tortellini & grape tomatoes tossed in pesto.
           $35 mini     $45 small     $65 medium         $90 large    our platters are sized as follows:
FRESH FRUIT SALAD                                                                   mini serves 7-10            small serves 10-15
           $35 mini     $45 small     $65 medium         $90 large
                                                                             medium serves 15-25                large serves 25-35
our grandmother’s recipe: broccoli, bacon, apples & raisins.          we’ll work with you to find the right quantity for
           $40 mini     $50 small     $70 medium         $95 large                              your event and budget.
red & yellow peppers, portabella mushrooms, zucchini & squash
                                                                            please allow at least 24 hours notice for breakfast & lunch
           $40 mini     $50 small     $70 medium         $95 large               catering. please allow us at least 72 hours notice for
                                                                                                         appetizers, platters & entrées
classic appetizers                                                   pan-asian appetizers

STUFFED BREAD DISPLAY SERVES 10-15                      $45 EACH     DIM SUM PLATTER           SERVES 10-15                $65 EACH
our most popular appetizer… we fill rustic italian bread with our    bite-sized seafood dumplings, served with teriyaki dipping sauce.
spinach & water chestnut dip and surround it with bread cubes,       accompanied by pineapple spears.
fresh broccoli, carrot sticks, celery & red pepper slices
                                                                     SESAME CHICKEN TENDERS
CHEESES FOR EVERYONE                                                 a crowd-pleaser: plump chicken tenderloins baked in our ses-
triple-crème brie and blue fourme d’ambert from france, buttery      ame marinade and served with spicy peanut dipping sauce.
parrano from holland & tasty cotswold from england, fresh fruit,                $50 mini $65 small        $95 medium $135 large
bread & crackers.
           $60 mini $90 small $120 medium $175 large                 CHICKEN SATAY AND PEANUT DIPPING SAUCE
                                                                     we marinate chicken tenderloins in thai spices and serve them
PÂTÉ AND CHEESE PLATTER                                              skewered with a classic peanut dipping sauce.
our finest meat & seafood pâtés with buttery parrano from                                   $65 small     $95 medium $135 large
holland & perfectly ripe brie, fresh fruit, crackers & bread.
           $60 mini $90 small $120 medium $175 large                 SHRIMP AND CHICKEN DIPPING PLATTER
                                                                     jumbo shrimp for dipping in spicy pineapple dipping sauce and
BITE-SIZED CRABCAKES WITH CHIPOTLE DIPPING SAUCE                     shredded coconut alongside chicken satay with classic peanut
pan-grilled crab cakes served with creamy chipotle dipping sauce.    dipping sauce and chopped peanuts.
        $65 mini     $95 small     $150 medium         $220 large                       $120 small      $170 medium        $240 large
CLASSIC SHRIMP PLATTER                                               GRILLED SHRIMP PLATTER
juicy jumbo shrimp with lemon wedges and zingy cocktail sauce.       we grill citrus-marinated shrimp, and serve it with coconut-chile
        $60 mini     $90 small     $150 medium         $225 large    dipping sauce.
                                                                                          $90 small     $150 medium        $225 large
we surround beautifully smoked atlantic salmon with mustard,         PACIFIC RIM
butter, red onion, lemon wedges & sliced rye bread.                  poached shrimp skewers and chicken satay surrounded by fresh
      $80 mini      $115 small     $195 medium         $270 large    fruit skewers and dim sum, with pineapple-chile dipping sauce
                                                                     and peanut satay sauce.
                                                                                       $105 small       $170 medium        $230 large

all-american appetizers                                              mediterranean appetizers

TEX-MEX CHIPS & DIP SERVES 10-15                  $50 EACH           BRUSCHETTA PLATTER
dig into our house-made corn & bean salsa, guacamole, and chi-       our terrific artichoke-parmesan spread, chunky tomatoes & basil,
potle sour cream dip with an assortment of corn chips.               and herbed chevre are accompanied by our crostini. your guests
                                                                     spread the toppings of their choice on their crostini.
PUTNAM MEATBALLS HEAT & SERVE                                                            $45 small      $65 medium      $85 large
great for entertaining, both classic and comforting: bite-sized
beef meatballs glazed with maple chipotle sauce. serve warm.         MEDITERRANEAN PLATTER
                                                                     chicken skewers and pesto tortellini skewers served with our
                      $50 small      $80 medium       $120 large     roasted red pepper dip, accompanied by stuffed grape leaves.
                                                                                         $95 small      $135 medium        $195 large

                      please allow us at least 72 hours notice for                                                     we love food.
                                    appetizers, platters & entrées     we make everything from scratch for the best, freshest flavors.
                                                       we deliver.                                                        we deliver.
cold entrée platters                                                  breads

POACHED SALMON PLATTER                                                BAGUETTES                                         $2.95 EACH
sliced and served with our sour cream dill sauce.                     buy them frozen, so you can bake & serve when you need them,
                      $150 small $265 medium $350 large               or we will bake them for you. we can slice them for you.

GRILLED CHICKEN BREAST PLATTER                                        RUSTIC DINNER ROLLS                              $ 6 DZ
sliced grilled chicken breast served with cranberry mayonnaise.       order them frozen, so you can bake & serve when you need
                                                                      them, or we will bake them for you.
          $45 mini $65 small $100 medium $145 large
                                                                      BREAD BASKET
BEEF TENDERLOIN PLATTER                                               an accompaniment for any of our platters: this basket includes
roasted rare & thinly sliced, with our horseradish sauce.             sliced baguettes, rustic dinner rolls, flatbreads & cheese twists.
                      $200 small $300 medium $425 large                            $22 mini $27 small $40 medium $55 large
some of each, served with the trio of sauces: sour cream dill,
horseradish, and cranberry mayonnaise. beautiful.

we pride ourselves on our selection of artisanal salamis & hams.
a beautiful arrangement of sliced meats, aged provolone & fresh
mozzarella, stuffed peppers, roasted vegetables, marinated arti-
chokes and olives. order rustic dinner rolls separately.

heat and serve entrées                                                desserts

                                                                      SWEET TEMPTATIONS
chicken, shrimp, & andouille sausage, with tomatoes & vegeta-         home-made cookies & brownies.
                                                                                      $25 mini $35 small $55 medium $75 large
                   $105 small          $140 medium     $210 large
LIP-SMACKIN’ MAC’N’CHEESEHEAT & SERVE                                 PUTNAM SAMPLER
our special blend of four cheeses, for the ultimate mac & cheese.     almond fingers & macaroons, brownies & chocolate-drizzled
                                                                      strawberries. delicious!
                                           $50 small    $90 large
                          HEAT   & SERVE                                              $30 mini $40 small $60 medium $80 large
meat or spinach & mushroom. cooking time 45-60 minutes.               CHOCOLATE EXPLOSION
                                           $65 small   $120 large     brownies & chocolate cookies, with chocolate dipped fruit and
                                                                      lake champlain chocolate truffles. decadent.
pesto cream sauce to heat & add prior to serving.
                                                                                    $40 mini $50 small $70 medium $100 large
                    $60 small $85 medium $120 large                   CUPCAKE PLATTER                              $35 / DOZEN
add chicken:        $90 sm $125 med $170 lg                           grown up cupcakes made from scratch from here at the market.
                                                                      an assortment of flavors.

 our platters are sized as follows:                                   CELESTIAL CHOCOLATE TORTE
                                                                      our best-selling deep, dark flourless chocolate torte.
           mini serves 7-10      small serves 10-15                                   $17.95 small (serves 8-10) $25 large (serves 12-16)
        medium serves 15-25                    large serves 25-35     OUR CLASSIC CARROT CAKE                              $20
                                                                      full of raisins, pineapple and walnuts, with cream cheese frosting.
 we’ll work with you to find the right quantity for
                           your event and budget.

                                                                                                                       call: 518.587.3663
         HEAT   & SERVE entrées come with heating instructions:                                                         fax: 518.587.1624
         if you would like us to heat it for you, add $10 per dish.

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