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					Director of Archives – Job Description / Expectations

        To keep organized records of all Student Government Association activities to ensure that all details
         and information is accurate in order to preserve the history of the SGA.

        Computer Skills: Proficient in Microsoft Word & Excel.
        Excellent ability to assume responsibility. See tasks through to completion.
        Motivated to learn new skills.
        Ability to interact well within a team or independently.
        Effective communication and leadership skills.
        Outstanding time management skills.

Note Taking:
Take minutes and detailed notes of meetings. This person must make clear and concise notes of what topics were discussed at each
meet ing for appro ximately how long, what questions, comments, and concerns arose from these topics, if anything was voted on,
what was the outcome, and how many voted for each side. After every SGA activity, the Director of Arch ives will be in charge of
sending the minutes out to all Directors and SGA advisors.

Because they will have possession of the archives, this person is the resource to go to if someone misses a meeting, has a dispute
over what may or may not have been said at a previous meeting, and keeps track of all co mmittee and sub -committee tasks. In
addition, this person is in charge of keeping track of attendance, anyone who is present, not present, leaves early, or arriv es late.

Information Distributor:
This person must check the mailbo x and email, and often is the first responder. They then must get mail and email into the hands
of the Director that it most relates to. They must communicate with all Directors, especially with the Director of Facilitation, on
what specific topics and updates need to be addressed.

Faculty/Staff Correspondence:
This person is encouraged to attend every Champ lain Co llege Council meeting throughout their time in office. This will be the
time to co mmunicate with the President, Provost, Vice President for Student Services, and Vice President of Finance, as well as
other Faculty and Staff present to update them on the Student Govern ment Association: i.e. p rogress, upcoming events, issues, and
any other information pertaining to the Student Govern ment Association.

This person will be expected to attend and assist in all SGA sponsored events.

The Director of Arch ives must continuously be up-to-date with a vast amount of information regarding Champlain College. Th is
individual is required to educate themselves about each department as well as the new and current issues Champlain College is
facing in order to effect ively answer and advise the members of the Student Government Association. Throughout their career
within the Student Govern ment Association, the Director of Archives will b e held to the highest of standards to ensure
confidentiality with in the organizat ion.