; New Zealand Financial Services Company, New Zealand OFC
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New Zealand Financial Services Company, New Zealand OFC


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									New Zealand Financial Services
Company, New Zealand OFC

Introduction to New Zealand Financial Services Company - This structure is used to enable one to
lawfully receive third party funds for deposit, investment, open accounts for clients, and engage in a
multitude of financial activities. The structure is set up as follows: The New Zealand OFC, A Limited
Partnership. We structure our special entity as a Local Financial Institution doing international business,
which can deposit funds and pay interest in a manner similar to how a bank operates and as part of its wider
type of finance business. A New Zealand Offshore Financial Institution is not a local licensed bank, but can
carry out many similar activities for their own clients just like a bank, including:

        Deposit taking & lending
        Debit and credit card services
        Issuing of financial guarantees and instruments
        Cash management services
        Opening Client Demand Deposit, Savings or Term Deposit Accounts
        Send & Receive Wires for Clients
        Payment Processing Services
        Fund Management
        Investment Marketing
        Receive Investment Funds from Third Parties

No Taxes - We structure this as a non-taxed Limited Partnership, so that there is no New Zealand with-
holding tax on income earned by the company or by depositors. The structure is registered with the
Companies House Public Registry, and NZ Inland Revenue for a License under the Approved Issuer Status.
This ensures the registration as a local finance institution with a small fee payable annually to the

Capital Reserve Requirements – None. The partnership is not subject to capital reserve requirement.

Secrecy - Secrecy is available with the Limited Partnership because only the details of the General Partner
are disclosed by a search of the Company Office Register. The General Partner is thus a anonymous Hong
Kong Bearer Share Corporation. The names of the owners of the Hong Kong Corporation are not in any
public registry. The Hong Kong Bank does know who the owners are but that is covered by bank secrecy.
No Limited Partner details are disclosed. We do use a Nevis LLC and that is also anonymous with your
name never appearing in any registry or database.

Names - The name of the company must end with the designation “LP”. Name cannot say bank, savings
and loan, trust, building society, etc.

National Origin – One does not need to be a New Zealand Citizen or Resident. Partners, Managers,
Directors and Shareholders can be of any nationality or resident status.

Regulation - Although the structure is not subject to Central Bank daily supervision and regulation, its
activities are regulated by several acts. The New Zealand Securities Commission has posted Corporate
Governance principles that apply to their business entities as well as legislative acts for banking operations.
The relevant acts follow: Bills of Exchange Act 1908, Cheques Act 1960, Companies Act 1993, Consumer
Guarantees Act 1993, Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act 2003, Electronic Transactions Act 2002,
Fair Trading Act 1986, Financial Transactions Reporting Act 1996, Investment Advisers (Disclosure) Act
1996, Personal Property Securities Act 1999, Proceeds of Crime Act 1991, Property Law Act 1952,
Reserve Bank Act 1989, Securities Act 1978, Unclaimed Money Act 1969.

Treasury Management Account – Included in the structure is an account with an international payment
processor. This will enable you to receive wires in 15 currencies and convert from one currency to another.
It has online access for balance, history and sending of outgoing wires. Wires can be received and sent
from the UK which is a prestigious financial location. This will allow you to legally collect funds and make
payments in a number of currencies.

Hong Kong Bank Account & New Zealand Offshore Status– The structure comes with a Hong Kong
Ltd. anonymous bearer share corporation which serves as the general manager of the New Zealand
Offshore Financial Company. This establishes the “offshore status” of the structure for New Zealand. There
is also a Hong Kong Bank Account included for the Hong Kong Corporation. This bank account is not for
receiving third party funds. The Bank account has full online access. You can hold funds in ten different
currencies and also hold gold bullion in your bank account. The bank deposits (not gold) are insured by the
Hong Kong government during the financial crisis which was 2009, 2010 and is expected to continue for
some years. The bank is a trillion dollar icon bank. There is bank secrecy in Hong Kong. Hong Kong has
no Tax Information Sharing Agreements.

Full Stock Trading Account – Included is a full stock brokerage account with a caribbean stock
brokerage. You can trade just about every market around the world. The stock brokerage is in the name of
the company. Third party funds can not be sent directly to the stock brokerage account by clients. You must
receive the funds and then send them to the stock broker. Clients will not be able to have sub accounts at
the brokerage because of due diligence required for each client.

Nevis LLC – Also included is a Nevis registered company as the primary limited partner in order to file the
documents and show that the partners are “offshore” and therefore not subject to New Zealand resident tax.

Time Frames – It takes 4-5 weeks to complete structure after receipt of funds.

Due Diligence – Copy of a passport and driver license notarized, sent as a scan. Copy of a utility bill

New Zealand Inclusions -

        New Zealand registration of an Offshore Finance Institution, establishing the entity that may
         legally carry on the business of banking related and financial services.
        Certificate of Incorporation and Constitution.
        A locally manned Registered Office that maintains statutory registers
        Support and documentation service for transactions such as appointment and removal of
         directors/managers, issue or acquisition of shares and distributions/dividends that require special
         procedure and care.
        Making required filings with Companies House
        Formation of an offshore General Partner Company to manage the NZ Financial Institution
        Appointment of a local qualified Accountant. Filing of Annual return as required. Review of the
         company's proposed accounting systems to ensure that the company can meet the requirements of
         the Companies Act 1993 and the Financial Reporting Act 1993 that the company keep proper
         accounting records and produce financial statements if required, that can be readily audited.

Cost – The all inclusive price is $22,500. This includes the New Zealand Financial Service Company, The
Honk Kong Ltd Company and Honk Kong Bank Account for said HK company, a Nevis LLC , payment
services processor account, template forms and agreements, introduction to New Zealand accountant,
registered agent and registered address, all officiated corporate filing paperwork, share certificates etc.
Card Program – If you would like to provide your clients with a no name anonymous Visa card these are
available for you at a special price of $2500 for 100 cards including bulk shipping. The cards must be
ordered at same time as the structure. The cards are in USD. They work online, in person and at ATM
machines. There is online access for the cards. We do need a scan of a passport or driver license for each
cardholder. The ID stays with us. One cardholder can have three cards. Each card has a limit of $1000 a
day for ATM machine cash pulls and a total of $10,000 per card, maximum in a given month. Cards are
loaded by wire transfer and there is a 2% card load fee. Cards take 7-10 to arrive. They are send by express
post, fed Ex or DHL.

Questions – We do realize this is a complex structure. Feel free to Inquire.


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