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Coffee Bean Solution


									Now is the Time to Evolve
into a Social Business
Coffee Bean Technology knows that today’s companies must run
hard and fast to stay ahead. Social media awareness is heightening
urgency for companies to provide greater Collaboration, Customer
Participation and Real-Time Business.

In a Solution that includes Social CRM and Business Initiatives,
Coffee Bean brings those effects to companies just like yours.

                          We Call it Turning You into
                                 a Click Company.
The Coffee Bean System Enables Collaboration, Customer
Participation And Real-Time Business.

Our System Revolves Around People, Streams and Applications
Coffee Bean Technology develops and sells a very cool, very powerful software-as-a-service
solution that helps companies understand the effects of social media on business to create a more
                                                         transparent environment between the
                                                         company, it’s customers and employees.
                                                         We call it Turning You into a Click

                                                          The Coffee Bean Solution creates effects
                                                          like: listen to customers, monitor live feeds,
                                                          initiate change, share, innovate,
                                                          collaborate, sell, market, plan, decide,
                                                          analyze, discuss, solve, build and grow. It
                                                          does this in real time. It enables
                                                          conversations and inspires interaction. It
                                                          converges information from transactions
                                                          and the wisdom of the community into
                                                          relevant knowledge that it disseminates to
                                                          business decision makers navigating
                                                          constant change while seeking growth.

People. When we say People, we mean inside and outside of your company, including customers,
prospects, analysts, competitors, partners, suppliers, resellers. It’s all of the people and companies
that affect your business.

Streams. Think of Streams as dynamic workplaces where people, applications and knowledge
come together to get the job done. Streams are purpose-built to capture all the conversations,
interactions and transactions of your business. Streams are flexible and open to support
collaboration. The System understands how all Streams relate and can provide users Suggested
Streams in context to the work they are doing in the Coffee Bean System.

Applications. Applications are the tools that help you do your job—Social CRM, Social Media
Monitoring, Projects, Market Analysis, Performance Analysis and Business Initiatives.
Social Media provides real-time intelligence about customers.

Value Proposition——Support Existing Customer Relationships and Develop New Ones

Coffee Bean taps social media channels to bring real-time intelligence into the customer
relationship. Relationships are the number one reason sales wins deals.

Businesses use Social CRM systems to connect with existing customers meaningfully as well as support the development of new
customer relationships. These are tangible needs that translate into business value when the system can deliver on the promise.
Coffee Bean’s does.

                                                                             Social Connectors Monitor Customers in Real-Time. Sales
                                                                             and marketing professionals are already using LinkedIn as
                                                                             an auxiliary tool to know their contacts better and
                                                                             prospect new leads. Coffee Bean uniquely integrates with
                                                    (925) 687-1234
                                                                             existing social channels and web resources to provide
                                                    (925) 687-9543
                                                                             real-time information so businesses know when change
                                                                             happens. It’s vital intelligence to sales and marketing’s
                                                                             effectiveness. Being continuously ‘aware’ can accelerate
                                                                             or create new opportunities to engage, converse and sell.

                                                                             Customer Streams Create Engagements. One of the most
                                                                             significant opportunities for revenue growth is to
                                                                             increase cross-selling and up-selling within existing

                                                                    Businesses that work continuously to deepen their
relationship with customers discover incremental needs and opportunities. In Coffee Bean, Customer Streams create the touch
point of communication with customers. With one click, they are in context, in the system and conversing with you. Every
conversation is captured, building
knowledge within the system about
your interactions.

                 Top Reason Why Sales
                            Win Deals

         ““Existing Relationships came in as the
   number one reason that sales organizations
   win deals. ...We found that companies who
     more effectively leverage relationships are
   able to achieve a higher percentage of their
      sales revenues from their customer base
       versus those that rely on other factors.””
       2010 Sales Performance Optimization
                              CSO Insights
                      Barry Trailer, Principal
                                                             2010 Sales Performance Optimization
                                                             CSO Insights
                                                                                            ““The number one goal sales
                                                                                            executives cited for 2010 is to
                                                                                            increase revenue. Number two on
                                                                                            the list is increased marketshare
                                                                                            by capturing new accounts and
                                                                                            increased walletshare by improving
                                                                                            cross-selling and up-selling."

                                                                                                    —— CSO INSIGHTS 2010

Value Proposition——Increase Sales to Existing Customers

Coffee Bean Advances Prospecting by Enabling Sales
Reps to Nurture Relationships into Opportunities for New
Business and Repeat Sales with an Existing Customer.

Sales people prospect independently of marketing lead generation
programs. They carefully begin to nurture a new relationship—which
may come through another contact, account, social network
connection or exchanged business card—or even an incremental
opportunity within an existing account.                                                         Send a customized message
                                                                                            including attachments to
                                                                                            prospects from Coffee Bean.
Nurturing these relationships revolves around the
ability to provide relationship-building                                                       They receive an email
                                                                                            notification to which they can
communications that are purpose-built to support
                                                                                            reply, or.....
the discovery process. Coffee Bean creates a
                                                                                                 With one-click pop into the
‘home’ within the system Stream—a single click for                                          Coffee Bean System to see ONLY
the prospect and easy for sales to interact and                                             what you’’ve sent. They can leave
                                                                                            a comment. Coffee Bean captures
                                                                                            all of it into the Prospect record.

Coffee Bean transparently captures the entire exchange into the
knowledge base it’s building about this relationship. Sales learns
about needs and timing, and the prospect garners information that
helps to build their knowledge about the company’s fit as a solution.
One-on-one they begin to relate to each other and an opportunity is

Prospecting is an important sales activity that contributes to building pipeline and Coffee Bean gives sales a
methodology to customize and personalize their prospecting efforts in order to increase conversion of prospects into
real deals.

              ““47.4% of the leads are self generated by sales reps....we see that salespeople are still
              doing the majority of the heavy lifting in the area of lead generation.”” —— CSO Insights 2010
Real-time knowledge drives better sales performance.

Value Proposition——Improve Sales Performance to Win More Deals

The Coffee Bean System targets sales performance with innovation that automatically streams
knowledge in real-time.

Core CRM functionality has helped sales to become more efficient. Yet, powering sales performance to win more deals is
what’s needed most to affect revenue. To do that, a system must be designed to compliment what sales does, provide
critical knowledge when it’s needed for decision-making, and support the customer’s buying process.

The Coffee Bean System addresses what’s needed to improve sales performance. More than simply freeing up
incremental selling time, we focus on delivering the right knowledge and information to reps when they need it most.

Coffee Bean Suggests Streams of Knowledge to Help Sales Be More Effective. Because Coffee Bean is open and flexible,
it accommodates the dynamic nature of a sale, capturing changes as they occur from both internal and external sources
that may affect the deal. With that aggregate knowledge, it supports sales’ efforts to optimize addressing the prospect’s
needs by presenting relevant
information as Suggested Streams.

The innovation is the automated
nature of Suggested Streams. When
Coffee Bean automatically moves
the right data and knowledge to the
user, it enables better decisions and
faster responses. It creates reasons
for communicating with an account
and therefore drives the very
mechanisms that help selling.

Relating Streams Creates a Master
View of Every Opportunity so Sales
Can Progress Faster. Coffee Bean
makes it easy to see how other
people, projects or business partners
are involved—making sales the
choreographer of every deal.
Because Streams create the network         2010 Sales Performance Optimization
                                           CSO Insights
of knowledge and information in the
Coffee Bean System, they can be
related to each other creating an         The value of Social CRM will be derived by improving sales performance in areas that
aggregated view of everything that        traditional CRM has not yet addressed, such as greater revenue, shorter sales cycles and
                                          higher win ratios.
could affect business.
  Sales & Marketing roles change forever.

                                                                                            COFFEE BEAN TECHNOLOGY
                                                                                              Delivers Social CRM and Business Initiatives
                                                                                              in an integrated solution. That’s how we
                                                                                              turn you into a Click Company.

Value Proposition——Gain Competitive Edge
Coffee Bean System fosters sales and marketing alignment. Working in unison is key to maintaining a
competitive edge, winning more deals.

Customers are already social savvy and operating differently as buyers and users of businesses products and services. The historical
pattern of sales and marketing working in silos changes forever. The era of push marketing and rigid selling processes end. Businesses must
align to the social customer to survive, which means sales and marketing must adapt to a new social framework for doing their jobs.

Coffee Bean’s System creates a transparently
accountable, and connected working relationship
between the two organizations. Sales and marketing
alike want deeper customer engagements to better
understand needs, the conversation and how to
support a buying process controlled by the customer.
Coffee Bean delivers a social sales and marketing
framework that does just that.

Knowledge Streams are Real-Time Vehicles for Market,
                                                                           SILVERMINE —— Backend Solutions         When working an
Product and Competitive Intelligence. Disseminating
                                                                                                                   opportunity, the Coffee
important information quickly across an organization is                                                            Bean System can suggest
                                                                                                                   Streams of Competitive
challenging. Intranets and file sharing systems are
                                                                                                                   and Sales Knowledge.
common mechanisms for doing just that so connecting
with them is important. In today’s social world,
knowledge is fluid and perpetually changing so it
requires a unique approach to capture and share in
real time.

Coffee Bean continuously gathers real-time market and
competitive intelligence using Social Connectors
externally, as well as knowledge within the network from
internal experts demonstrating successful results—such as top performing sales professionals or business executive leadership.
The wisdom of this can be incorporated into Knowledge Streams that are simultaneously delivered across an organization in
context to the Coffee Bean user. That means the sales rep losing to a competitor receives the news as a Suggested Stream
because Coffee Bean System knows it relates to his opportunity. The System also knows the product manager in charge of
new technology gets the Stream in order to be aware that competitive changes have occurred.

            Collective knowledge that is shared as it happens, when it’s needed and in context to what a user is
            doing, provides powerful benefits to any business—it accelerates the learning curves, responsiveness and
            productivity of all employees.
     Customers want to participate in your business

Value Proposition——Customer Insights into Product Development

The Coffee Bean System builds customer engagement at many touch points so you connect in ways
that are meaningful for the customer and your business.

Take any market today and you’ll see that customers are more connected to each other than businesses often recognize. A
social customer is truly an advocate and believes the role of contributor they play affects products, service and direction of
your business. This is the highest form of customer relationship.

The Value of Customer Co-Creation to Inspire Innovation in Products and Services. Social customers expect to participate with a
business to effect the future of product development. They are as in-the-know about your products, your competitors and what
other customers think. This kind of wisdom is worth tapping and Coffee Bean created Customer Streams just for that purpose.

A Customer Stream turns processes such as quarterly
satisfaction surveys and annual advisory meetings into a
continuous interaction with a single individual or group of
customers. In the case of product development, they
receive, respond and view all comments related to the
discussion within the Stream. And Coffee Bean captures
all of the interaction which can be easily shared with
other stakeholders in the company. Net-net, you develop
products the market seeks, faster.

When the customer’s voice is brought directly into your
business through Customer Streams that engage them
with your organization and their peers, you build a
relationship based on trust and transparency.
                                                                                                        Effective performance
                                                                                                        analysis tools provide leading
                                                                                                        indicators and timely insights
                                                                                                        that can be acted upon.

Value Proposition——Immediacy and Accountability Across the Organization

Coffee Bean continuously captures your business’ performance in action and streams it to
decision makers in your organization.

Every Business charts their path to growth as initiatives, yet the true challenge resides in translating those initiatives across
the organization into day-to-day actions that drive execution. The key to addressing this challenge is accessing methods
to monitor discreet, daily progress and sharing that knowledge with decision makers. When management knows where
the business stands, they make better decisions and respond with immediacy because they are confident.

Coffee Bean looks at every business as a living process of communications, decisions and actions that needs a means to
capture and disseminate the real-time dynamics of its progress. Because our system is based on Streams, it links strategy
with execution, performance with promise and synchronizes to the rhythm of every day multi-tasking. All of it in real time.

Projects Underpin Every Major Business Initiative and Touches All Levels of Your Organization. Projects are at the center
of everyday action by employees fulfilling any role in the business. They are the manifestation of “getting things done”.
They support agendas as big as the company’s growth initiatives, or as significant as completing the latest competitive
analysis, and even as finite as planning the gift giveaway for an upcoming trade show. Regardless of size or scope, each
project affects the business. Therefore, they merit broad visibility and seamless integration to create a social business
environment of complete transparency.

Coffee Bean’s system integrates projects into Streams to enable them to be the living, open process they need to be. A
Project Stream keeps track of the myriad of tasks, activities, milestones and events that are part of the project.
Stakeholders are always aware of changes because the system automatically tracks progress and alerts when risks to
completion occur. Up and down the organization, every project is visible and connected to its effect on the business.

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