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									WORKSHOP                Discover the NEW Og Mandino Success System:
                        Managing Your SIX ADVISORS™ Workshop

                                 ow, for the first time in history, we have
                                 the means to scientifically go below the
                                 surface and accurately measure the
                        clarity and focus of the very thought processes
                        that influence performance, personality,
                                                                              Step 2: Attend Og Mandino’s Success
                                                                              System Workshop
                                                                              The workshop is an intensive study of your own
                                                                              thought processes. Learn how to manage your
                                                                              thoughts to eliminate those that have been
                        behavior and attitude.                                holding you back while unleashing the powerful
                                                                              thoughts that will propel to success. Discover
                        The SIX ADVISORSTM program is a powerful              Og Mandino’s Ten Proven Success Principles
                        system for measuring, understanding,                  contained in his international best-selling book,
                        proactively changing, and mastering your              The Greatest Salesman in the World, to provide
                        thought processes. It merges the formal,              the roadmap for continued momentum.
                        deductive science of Axiology and our
                        proprietary version of the Hartman Value          WHAT RESULTS CAN YOU EXPECT?
                        Profile with the time-tested principles taught in YOU WILL:
                        Og Mandino’s Ten Scrolls.                         • Understand the potential impact of your
                        The Og Mandino Success System is a two-step         current thought processes on relationships,
                        process.                                            intuition, getting things done, solving
                                                                            problems, self-worth, roles you play, and your
                        Step 1: Take the SIX ADVISORS™ SUCCESS              internal motivation.
                                                                          • Discover strengths that you may have
                        This is the groundbreaking work of Nobel Prize
                                                                            suspected but never fully embraced and
                        nominee Dr. Robert S. Hartman. Go below the
                                                                            strengths that you have taken for granted and
                        surface of personality and behavior to
                                                                            not fully maximized.
                        scientifically measure the very thought
                        processes that affect your results. Identify your • Use Og Mandino’s Ten Principles and target
Your Host               strengths, target specific areas for development,   with precision those areas with the greatest
                                                                            immediate potential for growth.
June Cline,             and then tailor Og Mandino’s Success System to
                        your personal and professional goals. The             • Be prepared to proactively change thought
CSP                     Assessment must be completed at least three             processes that are fostering failure and
  Conducted by          days prior to attending the workshop.                   embrace those that are supporting success.
  Facilitators:            “Success will not wait. If I delay she will become betrothed to another and lost to me forever.
                                         This is the time. This is the place. I will act now!” — Og Mandino
  Brenda Righter
                             Act now contact
    Mike Zakis
    June Cline
                        To regis
                                 ter, ple
                                                            EVENT INFO
                                          ne at         Tuesday and Wednesday, May 17-18
    Ted Rogers                  June Cli
                                 480.634         om            8:30 a.m.– 4:30 p.m.
   Bill Johnson                         eCline.c
                            Ju ne@Jun                    Karsten Golf Course Clubhouse                                    1125 E. Rio Salado Parkway, Tempe, AZ
 “Helping you name
and tame the noise in
                                                          (For directions, 480.784.4834)
     your head!           Your investment of $495 includes the assessment, all materials, book, CD and lunch both days.

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