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					                     AIDS Resource Group (ARG) Job Description:
                             Supportive Care Specialist

Supportive Care Specialist

Reports to:
Executive Director

Full-time; salary, exempt from overtime pay

Bachelor’s degree in human services required, Master’s preferred. Experience in
substance abuse field required for Bachelor’s level candidate. Knowledge of area
resources and substance abuse treatment facilities and methods strongly encourages.
Knowledge of HIV disease preferred.

   1. Develop an individualized, flexible and quality care plan, which serves to link the
       client with the appropriate community health and human service resources.
   2. Provide appropriate referrals to Care Coordinators when needed, and work closely
       with Care Coordination staff in accordance with care plans.
   3. Serve as an advocate for the client as a way of helping to obtain existing services
       related to substance abuse in a timely manner.
   4. Periodically assess (in accordance with SPSP requirements) the client’s progress
       in relation to his/her care plan, modifying said plan as warranted and required.
   5. Maintain regular contact with clients.
   6. Maintain an active role in client recruitment.
   7. Provide quality, non-judgmental, harm-reduction counseling to the clients with
       knowledge of current best practices in the field.
   8. Assist in enhancing availability of client-related community resources.
   9. Strive to increase knowledge of HIV-related issues.
   10. Document all efforts and activities on behalf of the clients in a timely fashion, as
       directed by the Executive Director.
   11. Attend trainings, workshops and meetings, as directed.
   12. Attend ARG sponsored community events.
   13. Strive to maintain and protect confidentiality of clients in accordance with ARG
   14. Other duties as assigned by the Executive Director.

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