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									                                       PPS Coordinator Job Description

Three years

The PPS Coordinator will ensure that the Professional Practice School is interwoven with the goals and
practices of Patrick Henry High School, with its staff members' authentic commitment to the PPS mission.

It is the mission of the Professional Practice School at Patrick Henry High School to pursue efforts in three
areas vital to education excellence.
1. First and foremost, those working in the Professional Practice School work to support student learning
     through the promotion, practice, and sharing of excellence in teaching and learning.
2. In a complimentary fashion, the Professional Practice School supports the professional education of
     teachers, through the advancement of quality pre-service training, a commitment to effective teacher
     induction, and the long-term support of teachers as they move towards National Board Certification and
     the attainment of mastery.
3. Of long-range importance, the Professional Practice School acts as a research and development center,
     in order to facilitate inquiry directed at the improvement of practice.

To support the success of the Professional Practice School, its coordinator will
 effectively manage the PPS and its partnership with other institutions
 ensure that it serves all Henry staff members in their effort to become masterful practitioners and
   education professionals
 share its learning in the broader field of education to promote its continued effectiveness and adoption
   of its successful practices at other sites

 Peer coaching training
 PathwiseTM assessor training
 Leadership training (already completed or expressed commitment to completing)
 Demonstrated commitment to professional development
 Demonstrated commitment to building leadership

                            Primary Responsibilities: Professional Practice School

Strategic Direction of the PPS
 Serve as a liaison for Patrick Henry with the CEHD, district, and union to support smart growth of the
    PPS and residency models, including the leadership residency program
 Lobby for the continued professionalization of teaching, including state support of the residency
    program, teacher leadership, and licensed professional development

General Management of the PPS
 Convene regular meetings with PPS Advisory Board
 Communicate initiatives to staff and community through In Touch, community news outlets, and
 Update PPS handbook and brochure; create other PR materials as needed
 Coordinate RAs' work load, when RAs are available
 Facilitate site visits and conferences for interested parties (professors, other schools, organizations)
 Oversee editing and distribution of Professionalism in Practice professional journal
 Maintain professional library
 Manage staff use of PPS library resources, including PPS checking account, and coordinate use of staff
   development, grant, and award funds
 Work with PHIL for Accountability/Data Collection to secure funding for PPS through writing
   applications for grants

Leadership Development
 Work with PHIL for Professional Development to coordinate leadership opportunities outside of
   Patrick Henry that allow interested staff to share learning at district, state, and national levels
 Develop and maintain Leadership Development Program with administration and leadership consulting
    Coordinate and market on-site workshops, training, and support sessions to ensure appropriate
       leadership development for Patrick Henry staff, with outreach to other schools and districts
    Convene regular leadership team meetings and coordinate leadership initiatives with principal
    Coordinate and support hiring of Instructional Leader positions
    Support interns/TOSAs in seeking extension leadership opportunities at Henry and other sites
    Work with principal to ensure ongoing feedback and periodic review for accountability of
       interns/TOSAs and Instructional Leaders, eliciting feedback from a range of staff and, where
       applicable, community members
    Market the leadership residency program and recruit prospective leaders

                          Secondary Responsibilities: Instructional Leader Support

Maintain the Flagship Residency Program                                            Professional Development
 Verify district application to the Board of Teaching for Patrick Henry to be a resident site
 Work with Instructional Leader for Professional Development to
    Market residency program and recruit prospective teachers via presentations to teacher education
    Advocate and help monitor expansion of residency program to other sites in the district
    Lobby for state support of residency program

Provide Embedded Professional Development                                           Professional Development
 Work with Instructional Leader for Professional Development to
     Represent Patrick Henry at district meetings and share learning with other schools
     Oversee monetary staff development awards via the staff development committee and PDP cohort
     Coordinate professional development at Patrick Henry with related opportunities at CEHD, MPS,
        and MFT
     Promote successful participation of all staff in PDP/PSP process and shared learning among staff
 Facilitate collaboration between PHILs for Curriculum and Instruction and Professional Development
    to ensure staff receives appropriate training for meeting curriculum and instruction goals and supporting
 Facilitate collaboration between PHILs for Student Development and Professional Development to
    ensure staff receives appropriate training for meeting students social and emotional development needs
Promote National Board Certification                                            Professional Development
 Support PHIL for Professional Development’s work to support National Board cohort
 Work with PHIL for Accountability/Data Collection to monitor impact of NBC teachers on student
 Communicate learning regarding efforts to support NBPTS on a district, state, and national level

Increase Diversity in the Profession                                                  Professional Development
 Work with PHILs for Professional Development and Mentoring to
     Increase awareness of the need for diversity in the profession through staff forums
     Ensure specialized support and mentoring for new teachers of color in the building to promote
     Market residency program to teacher education programs, particularly targeting diverse audiences
     Recruit and organize staff interested in increasing diversity by recruiting at a district and state level,
       when applicable

Ensure Quality Support for Teachers                                                         Mentoring
 Work with PHIL for Accountability/Data Collection to ensure continued funding to release mentors
 Work with PHIL for Mentoring to
    Interview prospective mentors and help select mentors
    Ensure mentors have required training and sufficient support through monthly meetings
    Mentor new teachers and residents as appropriate
    Conduct PathwiseTM observations along with other mentors

Encourage Inquiry and Research                                          Accountability & Data Management
 Work with PHIL for Accountability/Data Collection to
    Support staff engagement in and publication of action research and professional inquiry
    Coordinate research efforts at Patrick Henry and colleges of education
    Measure efficacy of PPS through surveys, focus groups, statistics, and other research methods

Support School Improvement Efforts                              Accountability, Student Development, C & I
 Support PHIL for Accountability/Data Collection in
    Compiling/revising School Improvement Plan
    Maintaining NCA accreditation
    Executing "special assignments" like Quality Improvement Process and Blue Ribbon application
    Sharing progress in school improvement efforts at a district, state, and national level
 Support PHIL for Student Development in
    Coordinating building efforts to better meet student development needs
    Maintaining positive community relations and initiatives to support school improvement efforts
    Involving all stakeholders in school improvement planning, monitoring, and communication
 Support PHIL for Curriculum & Instruction in Coordinating building efforts to enrich curriculum,
   instruction, and standards implementation
 Support PHILs for Professional Development and Mentoring in training staff to engage in practices that
   support school improvement goals and following up training with ongoing coaching and feedback


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