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					                                           Schedule of Activities
                                           High School 2009-2010

                          Clubs and Enterprises
   Additional Activities may be added to the program during the course of the year. These new
           activities will be advertised on the High School Bulletin and WABX website.

Model United Nations      All Year                  Model United Nations is a unique extra-curricular activity. In
                                                    MUN, students take on roles as foreign diplomats and
 (Perry Barlien)          Thursdays                 participate in a simulated session of the United Nations
 (Natalie Oberman)        3:30 – 5:15 pm            Committees and General Assemblies. Participants
 (Samira Daoudni)         Room 7230                 research a country, take on a role as a delegate,
                                                    investigate international issues, debate, deliberate, consult,
                                                    and then develop solutions to world problems. The
                                                    conferences are chaired and run by students themselves
                                                    who act as the General Secretary and Committee Chairs.
                                                    One founding idea of the Model United Nations is that
                                                    "Conflict resolution and diplomacy is to be experienced and
                                                    not just observed." As a learning experience students are
                                                    challenged to develop their communication, debating,
                                                    negotiating and research skills. Many universities see
                                                    participation in MUN as a very favorable admissions
                                                    criterion because of the range of skills it can help young
                                                    people to develop.

                                                    WAB currently sends student delegations to at least three
                                                    overseas conferences and to BEIMUN in Beijing.
Science for the 21        Seasons 1 and 2           This activity is for students that like science and would like
Century                                             a glimpse into the future. Activities during the year can
                          Thursdays                 include simulation sites, Podcasts, TV shows,
 (Brendan Bourke)         3:30 – 5:15 pm            documentaries, science myths and breaking science
                          HS Science Room           stories. We can also look at experiments that can be done
                                                    at home and the science behind them!
                                                    Will we be able to grow new body parts, survive global
                                                    warming or live on Mars?
Inkblot                   All Year                  The Inkblot goes electronic. This year the HS student
                                                    newspaper will be published online rather than as a print
 (James Pojman)           Mondays                   edition. We will have articles, video, and audio all available
 (Stephen Samuels)        Lunch-time                on the web. Positions are available for editors,
                                                    photographers, reporters, and web designers.
Writing Lab               All Year                  This “drop-in” writing lab is open to all high school students
                                                    who need help with their writing.
 (Leanda Wellbourne)      Thursdays
                          3:30 – 4:30 pm
                          Room 7140
Introduction to the       Season 1                  Hands-on course where you learn the 7Ps of Marketing
Basics of Marketing                                 from advertising, sales promotion to packaging and how to
                          Tuesdays                  apply them to any product or service.
 (Lena Maltesen)          3:30 – 4:30 pm
                          HUB Kitchen
Chinese Games             Seasons 3 and 4           This is your chance to try a variety of different Chinese
                                                    Games, including Chinese chess, Majiang, Chinese Dodge
 (Ruimin Zhao)            Weekday to be confirmed   Ball and other Chinese out-door games.
                          3:30 – 5:15 pm
Photography             All Year                     The WAB X photography entrepreneurial group gives
                                                     students the opportunity to develop their photographic
 (Russell Uebergang)    Monday Lunch-times           skills, display their work at WAB, have work published in
                        Room 7245                    magazines, participate in competitions, develop ideas for
                                                     marketing photography and share their own knowledge and

Chinese Cooking         Seasons 3 and 4              Would you like to learn some Chinese cooking? Italian
                                                     cooking? Easy recipes? Tasty treats? This activity is for
 (Zhen Ma)              Weekday to be confirmed      you.
 (Li An)                3:30 – 5:15 pm
F1 in Schools           Seasons 3 and 4              F1 in schools is a worldwide competition involving over 6
                                                     million students in 22 countries. WAB is the leading school
 (Mark Edwards)         If you are interested        in China in this program and we attended the World
 (Andy Cole)            please see Mr. Edwards       Championships in London early this year.
 (Michaela Gillespie)   in Middle School directly.
                                                     The program involves designing, making and racing a
                                                     1/20 scale F1 car for the future. The car is made out of
                                                     balsa wood and raced down a 20m straight track. We use
                                                     Solidworks Computer Aided Designing to create model the
                                                     cars, which are then manufactured using a computer-aided
                                                     machine (CAM). Teams have to develop an identity, just
                                                     like a real one team, and then seek sponsors to help them
                                                     develop and market your cars. For the competition teams
                                                     are judges on their identity, your design folder, best-
                                                     engineered car a verbal presentation and fastest car.

                                                     A team is made up of a
                                                     Team manager
                                                     Design engineers
                                                     Manufacturing engineers
                                                     Resource managers
                                                     Graphics designers.
Philosophy Club         All Year                     The third year of the Philosophy Club is upon us. We‟ll
                                                     explore an ever-widening, all-new range of topics, including
 (Scott Prosek)         Weekday: Tuesday             the work of specific philosophers as well as topics of
                        Time: 3:30-4:30              philosophical interest, such as game theory, artificial
                        Room 7143                    intelligence, animal rights, particle physics, theory of
                                                     justice, etc. Membership is not required; simply stop by
                                                     whenever you want to do philosophy. For the list of
                                                     scheduled talks and topics, see the list posted in Room #
Chinese Bookworms       Seasons 3 and 4              Students interested in reading Chinese books will have the
                                                     chance to meet and share their reading interpretations on
 (Wang Fang)            Thursdays                    various selected topics. A monthly reading journal will be
                        3:30 – 5:15 pm               published and shared with the WAB community.
                        Room 7257
Business and            Seasons 2 and 3              Students will set up simulation stock trading accounts and
Investment Club                                      invest in portfolio of stocks. If any online stock trading
                        Tuesdays                     competitions become available, the club may join in and
 (Thomas Giblin)        3:30 – 5:15 pm               compete if we are eligible. Students will learn how to do
                        Room 7210                    fundamental analysis of companies, identifying the "best in
                                                     breed" by examining company accounts. We will also
                                                     explore other techniques commonly used in stock trading
                                                     such as charting, as well as different trading strategies,
                                                     such as choosing a diversified portfolio of stocks, shorting
                                                     stocks, the difference between trading and investing, day
                                                     trading, etc. Students will be able to implement these
                                                     strategies by trading in their simulated stock portfolio.
                                                     Laptop computers will be needed both for portfolio and
                                                     market research and for trading.
WAB Rocks              All Year                    Be part of the crew. Students will be involved in various
Enterprise.                                        jobs connected to WAB Rocks and the Music Industry
                       Days and times will vary.
 (Mark Armstrong)      Venue: Music rooms          Sound production and engineering
                                                   Road crew and technicians
                                                   Sound Recording and production
                                                   Training younger musicians

                                                   Looking for a small but committed number of students.
                                                   WAB Rocks Enterprise will run on various nights,
                                                   throughout the year, with specific jobs for specific events.
Battle of the Books    All Year                    What is it?
(Grades 9,10 and 11)                               A friendly, literature-based, inter-school competition.
                       Day and times to be         It involves reading a set list of books and competing
 (Helena Trevor)       confirmed when the          against other schools in a series of “Friendlies” and
                       group gathers for their     finishing with a “Final Battle” to determine the winning
                       first meeting.              school. The “Friendlies” are hosted by competing schools
                                                   on a rotating roster. Students are also involved this year in
                                                   the setting of questions for the “Friendlies”. Final questions
                                                   set by Teacher Librarians! More information (including the
                                                   list of books) can be found in the Green Sky Studio Moodle!

                                                   WAB has a proven record on „sporting fields‟! Lets take this
                                                   record above and beyond! Support the „READERS‟ in your
                                                   school in a „Literary Event‟ . Battle of the Books is in its
                                                   third year in Beijing! At this stage WAB is entering one
                                                   team – BUT – we can do better than this! Enjoy your
                                                   reading and support your school at the same time!
                                                   So………if you, and/or your friends, enjoy reading (just
                                                   because you enjoy reading!) then this is an after school
                                                   activity designed exclusively for you! Think of those long,
                                                   cold Beijing winter afternoons! Think of those nice, cosy,
                                                   comfortable couches!

                                                   Do something you really enjoy – READ!