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                       Welcome to Our World of Tea!
At Stash Tea, we strive to bring you exceptional teas and unique tea
accessories to enhance your tea drinking experience. We invite you to select
from more than 200 different varieties and blends of black, green, oolong,
white, decaf, herbal and flavored teas.
   Stash begins with excellent tea leaves selected from the world’s premier tea
gardens, and herbs and spices from the best sources.
   Only pure, 100% natural ingredients are used in Stash Teas. Our
master blenders combine these ingredients to create teas of exceptional
quality and flavor.
   Our buyers personally select teapots and other unique accessories from the
United States and around the world so that you can easily choose just the
right teaware or special gift. We also offer a selection of tempting cookies
along with gourmet sugars and honeys to complement your favorite tea.
   We encourage brewing a cup or a pot of tea as a respite from today’s
hectic world. Taking a moment to enjoy tea is an opportunity to slow down
and savor the moment. And, if your travels bring you to our beautiful
state, please come by The Stash Tea Store for a visit and a cup of tea. We
promise to have the kettle on.

Our best to you,
Tom Lisicki
President of Stash Tea,
and all the Stash Tea People
Portland, Oregon

   for the very best, latest selection of teas, teaware and
    accessories, special offers, recipes, and much more!


   All teas in our catalog are kosher certified. All of our teaware meets Federal Regulations for lead.

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                                                                          Loose Teas and Accessories

Our passion for quality
 teas is the hallmark of
 Stash Tea. We purchase
 from the premier tea
                                                                                        VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR THE BEST
 estates of the world,
                                                                                     SELECTION OF PREMIUM LOOSE LEAF TEAS
 sampling hundreds
 of teas but selecting
 only a handful for our
 customers. We search for
 unique, often rare, and
 above all, exceptional                                                                            STASH PREMIUM LOOSE
 teas to share with you.                                                                            LEAF TEA PACKAGING
 And for our herbal and
 flavored blends, we
 purchase herbs and spices                                                                                                • CONVENIENT
 whole from the world’s                                                                                                   • RE-SEALABLE
 best sources and mill them
 right before blending for
 superior flavor.

STASH BLACK TEAS                                                                                                          50g
Robust, full-bodied, and bold – such characteristics
  describe the taste and appeal of black tea. When
  brewed, black tea typically yields a hearty, amber                                               Brew black teas for 3-5 minutes at
                                                                                                           190-209 degrees.
  cup—think the Assams of India or the smoky
  Lapsang-Souchongs from China.
                                                                                                                BEST BUY
  50g makes 20-25 cups                 50g (1.75 oz)                          100g (3.5 oz)           Purchase 3 of the same 100g
  100g makes 45-50 cups                 package                                package            (or largest size) and the 4th is FREE!
  CARAVAN                              050180/$4.50                           153180/$7.50      Dark, robust tea with a smoky fragrance that recalls ex
  DOOMNI ESTATE, GOLDEN-TIPPED ASSAM   111024/$6.95                           113024/$11.50 (TGFOP) Abundance of rare golden tips creates a lighter,
 • KOPILI™ ESTATE SPECIAL ASSAM        111039/$4.95                           193064/$8.25      Bold but very drinkable, this unique Assam is bursting
  DARJEELING ESTATE, GOLDEN-TIPPED     111005/$8.95                           113005/$14.95 (TGFOP) Prized first flush tea grown at over 6000 feet.
 • NAMRING ESTATE DARJEELING           111068/$9.95                           113068/$16.50 (FTGFOP) First flush from the renowned Namring Estate
  KENILWORTH ESTATE CEYLON             111211/$4.95                           113211/$8.25      (OP) From one of the most famous tea gardens in Sri La
  CEYLON BREAKFAST                     111313/$4.95                           113313/$8.25      An ultra smooth version of English Breakfast with a be
  CHINA KEEMUN                         050021/$4.50                           153021/$7.50      (OP) The burgundy of teas from Anhui province in China.
  CHINA YUNNAN                         111240/$4.95                           113240/$8.25      (FOP) From the birthplace of teas in the high Yunnan pla
  GOLDEN MONKEY                        050866/$10.95 153866/$17.95 Grown at a high altitude in the Yunnan province, this fine
  FANCY GOLDEN TIPPY HAO YA            111605/$9.95                           113605/$16.50 From Yunnan province, this tea has large leaves with an
• LAPSANG-SOUCHONG                     050023/$4.50                           193023/$7.50      Assertive, dark, smoky fragrance and flavor, and a red-
  DUNSANDLE ESTATE INDIA               050051/$5.95                           153051/$9.95      (TGFOP) From the Dunsandle Tea Estate in southern In
  ESTATE BREAKFAST                     111010/$6.95                           113010/$11.50 Sophisticated blend of fine Indian Assam, Nilgiri, China
  PU-ERH                               111061/$4.50                           113061/$7.50      Recognized in the Orient for its medicinal properties.

  • 8g sample size available for $2.50. Makes 3 to 4 cups. Note: For information about FTGFOP


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                                                                                              SMART TEA MAKER
                                                                                              This streamlined, 16 oz. tea maker is not only
                                                                                              faster and easier — it’s more fun! Simply measure
                                                                                              your loose leaf tea into the clear, polycarbonate
                                                                                              pitcher, add hot water, and watch as the leaves
          LOOSE TEA TRAVEL MUGS                                                               unfurl. To serve, set the pitcher on your mug. A
          Practical and stylish combine in this 12 oz. travel                                 pressure-activated dispenser pours right from
          mug made to order for a tea drinker on the go.                                      the base into your cup. Permanent filter pops
          Under the lid a twist-off stainless screen offers                                   out for easy cleaning. Coaster included. Top rack
          two ways to brew. Put tea leaves in the body,                                       dishwasher safe. Hand wash to keep it looking its
          and the screen acts as a filter, letting you sip                                     best. Microwave safe.
          while it steeps. Or put the leaves in the screen,                                   Item No.700116     $17.99
          and it’s an infuser basket. Made of lightweight
          stainless steel with dual-wall vacuum insulation
          that keeps tea hot. Hand wash only.
                                                                                                                    STASH LOGO TIN
                                                                                                                    Our custom-made logo tin
                                   Dark Blue                                                                        holds up to 100g of loose
                                   Item No.600305                                    $25.00                         leaf tea. A striking addition
                                                                                                                    to your counter or cabinet.
                                   Lime Green                                                                       This metal tin is 6" tall and
                                   Item No.600304                                    $25.00                         comes with a removable
                                                                                                                    blank label you can
                                                                                                                    customize to identify your
                                                                                                                    tea. Hand wash.
                                   CLEAR GLASS LOOSE TEA
                                   TRAVEL MUG                                                                       Item No.400009            $3.75
                                   Item No.600303 $25.00

                                                                                                                DARJEELING ESTATE, GOLDEN-TIPPED

otic bazaars.
more fragrant version of the traditional hearty Assam from the Doomni Estate. Very malty.
with rich, round flavor. In a class by itself, this tea is highly recommended.
Exquisite floral aroma and pungent nutty taste. Abundant golden tips.
in Darjeeling, India. Beautiful flavor with a delicate, flowery finish.
nka. Long attractive leaves, exquisite flavor and subtle body. Excellent afternoon tea.
autiful golden color in the cup.
Full-bodied with a light, toasty taste. A classic.
teau of southern China, produced for 1700 years. Red-amber, bright and full-bodied with an elusive floral aroma.
black tea is smooth and slightly sweet with no astringency. Beautiful amber color in the cup.
abundance of golden tips. Brews a light golden brown cup, very smooth with a distinctive yet mellow smoky taste.
brown liquor.
dia. A flavorful cup lighter than the Assams from northern India, with a hint of sweetness.
Keemun, Ceylon and first flush Darjeeling with penetrating flavor. Delicious with milk.
Red liquor with a unique, slightly earthy taste.

and other tea grades, see

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G reen tea has a delicate yet distinctive taste, and can be almost colorless in the cup to pale green or
 golden. Some green teas have a vegetal taste that is highly desired by green tea lovers.
 50g makes 20-25 cups              50g (1.75 oz)                                      100g (3.5 oz)
 100g makes 45-50 cups               package                                             package
 GYOKURO ASAHI PEARL DEW          111011/$11.95                                      113011/$19.95            Finest green tea from Japan. Plucked from only
 DARJEELING GREEN                 111120/$6.95                                       113120/$11.50            Very rare tea, lighter and more delicate than Darj
 EARL GREEN                       050071/$6.95                                       153071/$11.50            Blend of top-quality green teas scented with frag
 TEA OF A THOUSAND CHARMS         111400/$6.95                                       113400/$11.50            Sublime blend of the finest green teas—Zhen Qu
 ROYAL CANDLESTICK                                                    na             153086/$16.50            An extra delight for the tea connoisseur— A gold
 WILD GREEN                       111074/$11.95                                      113074/$19.95            This tea is harvested from wild tea trees in the
 LUCKY FLOWER                     114107/$8.95                                       111107/$14.95            This smooth Chinese green tea is hand-tied into
 MONKEY KING JASMINE              111925/$6.95                                       113925/$11.50            Known as the oldest scented tea from the high mo
 JASMINE YIN HAO                  111001/$9.95                                       113101/$16.50            Tea enriched with jasmine flowers has been a fa
 EMERALD GODDESS                  111035/$5.95                                       113035/$9.95             Deep green hand-twisted leaves produce a sophi
 DRAGONWELL SPECIAL GRADE         111002/$11.95                                      113020/$19.95            China’s most famous green tea. Named after a be
• GUNPOWDER TEMPLE OF HEAVEN      111008/$4.95                                       193008/$8.25             This green tea is tightly rolled into a tiny pellet re

 • 8g sample size available for $2.50.                                                  * Because this tea is fluffy, 100g package
 Makes 3 to 4 cups.                                                                     holds 50g, and the 50g package holds 25g.

                                                                                        TEAPOT TEA SCOOP
                                                                                        A traditional English
        VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR THE BEST                                                  teapot decorates the
     SELECTION OF PREMIUM LOOSE LEAF TEAS                                               handle of this nickel
                                                                                        plated brass tea scoop.
                                                                                        Hand wash.
                                                                                        Item No.832788

                                                                                         STAINLESS LOOSE TEA TIN
                                                                                         This sleek, brushed stainless tin with a clear
                                                                                                             air-tight lid is perfect for
                                                                                                             storing loose tea. Stackable
                                                                                                             tin holds up to 80g of loose
                                                                                                             tea, depending on the blend.
                                                                                                              5½" tall. Body of the tin is
                                                                                                                   dishwasher safe.
                                                                                                                              Item No.400038

 Three 100g (3.5 oz) packages with infuser
 OUT OF AFRICA TRIO         056777/$24.95                                  Antioxidant-rich Honeybush, Organic Rooibos, and Vanilla
                                                                           Rooibos teas, all native plants of South Africa. Naturally caffeine-free.
 GREEN TEAS TRIO            056770/$26.95                                  A wonderful introduction to green tea–Classic Gunpowder,
                                                                           Premium Green, and Darjeeling Green.
 JUST JASMINE TEAS TRIO     056773/$39.95                                  For jasmine lovers, this sampler offers Jasmine Blossom, Dragon
                                                                           Phoenix Pearl Jasmine, and Jasmine Yin Hao.
 DESSERT TEAS TRIO          056774/$24.95                                  Rich, wonderfully flavorful teas. Chocolate Hazelnut,
                                                                           Vanilla Creme, and Almond Cream.
 TRADITIONAL TEAS TRIO      056775/$22.50                                  Some of our most popular blends–Earl Grey, English Breakfast,
                                                                           and Super Irish Breakfast.
 EARL GREY TRIO             056776/$24.95                                  For Earl Grey fans, this sampler offers Earl Grey, Double Bergamot Earl
                                                                           Grey, and Earl Green.

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                                 BEST BUY            É6QúNK[∂-É6QúïËb7,gR°^ Y'É6Qú

                                                                                                      LUCKY FLOWER
                      Purchase 3 of the same 100g

                  (or largest size) and the 4th is FREE!

         Green teas should be made with slightly cooler
         water, between 170-190 degrees. Typically, green
         teas should be steeped for only 1-3 minutes.
first flush leaves, this tea has a delicate sweetness with rich intense flavor.
eeling black tea with distinct green tea flavor notes and a light golden color.
rant bergamot. All the goodness of green tea with the distinctive flavor of Earl Grey.
Green, China Young Hyson, Gunpowder Temple of Heaven, Lung Ching, and Pi lo Chun.
en calendula flower ‘blooms’ when boiling water is added to each small hand-tied bundle of this tea.
mountains of China. Translucent in the cup, medium-bodied with a lingering hint of smokiness and a slight astringency.
delicate flower petals that retain their unique shape when infused. A very pale liquor, yet full green tea flavor.
untains of Hunan province, this select green tea is scented with delicate white jasmine blossoms.
vorite since the Sung dynasty. The finest of the 19 grades of this celebrated Chinese scented tea.
sticated full-bodied cup with flavor notes that grow more dramatic with each sip. Complex and rewarding.
nevolent dragon in Chinese mythology. Flat green leaf yields a light, sweet tea with classic flavor and bouquet.
sembling gunshot. Leaves delicately unfold during brewing. Light body and a distant smoky, spicy flavor.




                                                                                         D                               F

        A. HEART-SHAPED MESH INFUSER                                                         STAINLESS TEA STRAINER WITH DRIP CUP
        Cup Size                                                                             This stainless steel strainer hooks onto the rim of
        Item No. 700081         $3.00                                                        your cup for topple-free pouring,
                                                                                             fitting neatly into its
        Pot Size (4 to 6 cups).                                                              dish when you’re done.
        Item No.700083         $4.00                                                         Dishwasher safe. Highly
        B. MESH TEA BALL                                                                     polished 18/8 stainless.

        Cup Size                                                                             Item No.700086      $9.00
        Item No. 700040         $2.75
        Pot Size (4 to 6 cups).
        Item No.700100         $3.25
        Turns your mug into a loose tea brewer. Stay cool
        handle and a lid that doubles as a coaster.
        Item No.700041 $14.00
        D. TEA BALL & DRIP CUP
        Item No.700082$3.25
        E. STYLISH INFUSERS Made in Germany by WMF.                                           SET OF TWO FINUM BREW BASKETS
                                                                                              Loose tea lovers swear by these durable,
        Cup Size
                                                                                              stainless steel mesh brewing baskets. A lid/drip
        Item No.700112         $7.00                                                          tray is included with each basket. Dishwasher
        Pot Size                                                                              safe. 3½" tall.
        Item No.700113         $9.50                                                          Item No.700198       $16.00
        F. GIANT TEA BALL (2 ¾" tall)                                                         SINGLE BASKET Teapot size. 4.5" tall.
        Item No.700055 $4.00                                                                  Item No.700199  $9.00

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                                                                                               VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR THE BEST
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                                        http:/                               SELECTION OF PREMIUM LOOSE LEAF TEAS

 Stash Tea searches the world to offer our customers the most delicious organic teas.
 Our Organic Teas are all USDA Certified Organic and Quality Assurance International (QAI)
 Certified Organic.
  50g makes 20-25 cups                                                  50g (1.75 oz)       100g (3.5 oz)
  100g makes 45-50 cups                                                   package             package
  ORGANIC YUNNAN BLACK                                                  050233/$6.95       153233/$11.50       Tastes smooth to the palate with a hint of smok
  ORGANIC NEPAL FTC BLACK                                                    na            153076/$8.25        From the Kanchanjangha Tea Estate. Mild, smo
  ORGANIC DECAF FATIKCHERRA FTC GREEN                                   111844/$4.95       153844/$8.25        Distinct green tea flavor with a golden liquor in
  ORGANIC ASSAM BLACK                                                   050067/$6.95       153067/$11.50       From the Banasphati Tea Estate in Assam, this
  ORGANIC AMBOOTIA™ DARJEELING BLACK                                    050221/$6.95       153221/$11.50       The smooth and mellow flavor of this tea with
  ORGANIC AMBOOTIA™ DARJEELING GREEN                                    050321/$6.95       153321/$11.50       A superlative tea with a pale green infusion and
  ORGANIC CEYLON BLACK                                                  111121/$4.95       113121/$8.25        Rich in flavor and color, this tea is from the Ven
  ORGANIC JASMINE GREEN                                                 050871/$5.95       153871/$9.95        This lovely Chinese Jasmine green tea, also ca
  ORGANIC LUNG CHING GREEN                                              050162/$10.95      153162/$17.95       Organically grown Lung Ching (or Dragonwell)
  ORGANIC PINHEAD GUNPOWDER FTC GREEN                                   111203/$6.95       113203/$11.50       Tiny, tightly rolled leaves gently unfold when in

                                                                           TOVOLO TEA INFUSER
                                                                           Retro and modern at the same time, this tea infuser is as much
                                                                           fun to look at as it is to use. Place loose leaf tea in the stainless
                                                                           steel strainer, attach the durable polycarbonate handle and
                                                                           brew to desired strength. Scratch resistant and dishwasher
                                                                           safe. 7" long.
                                                                           Purple         Item No.700109        $9.95
                                                                           Green          Item No.700110        $9.95
                                                                           Red            Item No.700108        $9.95
                                                                                                         TOVOLO TEA
                              BEST BUY                                                                   BASKET
                     Purchase 3 of the same 100g                                                         Brighten
                 (or largest size) and the 4th is FREE!                                                  someone’s day
                                                                                                         with this fun
  STASH OOLONG & WHITE TEAS                                                                              infuser set. A
                                                                                                         generous basket
 W hile many people aremuch about Oolong and White
 tea, they may not know as
                           familiar with black and green                                                 is sized for mugs
                                                                                                         as well as teapots.
                                                                                                         A matching base
  Teas. Oolong tea is between black and green tea in color and
                                                                                                         catches drips after brewing.
  taste. China and Taiwan are the main producers of oolong                                               Dishwasher safe.
  tea. White tea typically has a lighter, more delicate taste
  than other teas. White tea is the least processed.                                                     Item No.700117           $10.00
 25g makes 10-15 cups
 50g makes 20-25 cups                   25g (0.88 oz)                                    50g (1.75 oz)      100g (3.5 oz)
 100g makes 45-50 cups                                                  package           package             package
  EARL WHITE                            114127/$5.95                                    111357/$9.95             na             A delicate version of our Earl
  DARJEELING WHITE                      114180/$6.95                                          na                 na             Unique large leaf tea from the
• MUTAN WHITE                           114128/$5.95                                          na                 na             Slightly fuller white tea with the
  FLOWERY PEKOE WHITE                   114027/$8.95                                    111327/$14.95            na             Comprised only of buds, the ra
  WHITE PEARLS                              na                                          111232/$16.95       193232/$27.95       Flowery pekoe white compris
 DRAGON PHOENIX PEARL JASMINE               na                                           111824/$9.95       113824/$16.50       Finest jasmine white tea hand-
 ROYAL ROBE OOLONG                          na                                          111181/$27.95            na             Extremely rare in the U.S., this
 FORMOSA OOLONG BAY JONG                114228/$8.95                                    050228/$14.95            na             This beautiful oolong tea has gr
 TI KUAN YIN OOLONG GODDESS OF MERCY        na                                          111031/$6.95        113031/$11.50       Unusually large leaves yield a
 FORMOSA OOLONG FANCY GRADE             114004/$8.95                                    111004/$14.95            na             Beautiful tea with hints of apri
 • 8g sample size available for $2.50. Makes 3 to 4 cups.

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                                                     É6QúNK[∂-É6QúïËb7,gR°^ Y'É6Qú
                                                                                                                    ORGANIC PINHEAD GUNPOWDER GREEN

                                 BEST BUY
                     Purchase 3 of the same 100g
                 (or largest size) and the 4th is FREE!
iness at the end. Pale tips are abundant in this tea which brews to a golden color.
oth tea with a lovely amber color, similar in taste to Darjeeling. Fair Trade Certified. (FTC)
the cup. Naturally decaffeinated. Fair Trade Certified. (FTC)
tea brews a rich morning cup with distinctive malty Assam flavor and a reddish brown liquor.
 its distinct fruity notes makes for a perfect cup any time of day. Sparkling amber color and flowery aroma.
 lively fresh aroma, full of potent antioxidants.
ture organic tea garden in the Nuwara Eliya region of Sri Lanka, renowned for its organic black teas.
lled ‘cloud tea,’ is from Datzhang garden in Jiang Xi province.
tea, one of the most famous Chinese green teas. Classic green tea flavor and bouquet.
fused. Classic green tea flavor, lightly astringent. Fair Trade Certified. (FTC)

          Charming porcelain tea canisters, just the
          right size, with tightly sealing lids. Holds
          up to 60 grams of tea, depending on
          fluffiness. 3½" w x 4¾" h. Hand wash.
          A. Cream & Red
          Item No.400054            $8.00
          B. Blue
          Item No.400056            $8.00
          C. Cream & Blue                                                            A                                         C
          Item No.400055            $8.00                                                              B

                                                                                             TI KUAN YIN OOLONG
           OOLONG TEA
           Oolong tea should be brewed with water between
           160-180 degrees for 3-5 minutes. Some oolongs
           can be infused multiple times.
           WHITE TEA
           Brew white tea with water reaching the first hint
           of steam, around 150-170 degrees. Steep for
           approximately 2 minutes, although some may be
           steeped longer. As with any tea, brewing times vary
           according to personal preference.

Grey made with white tea. Golden in the cup, this tea is very smooth with a hint of bergamot.
 Poobong Estate in India. Medium-light body with golden color and a light Darjeeling aftertaste.
subtle characteristics of a fine oolong tea. Light body with no astringency. Excellent.
rest white tea available. Slightly sweet with a creamy flavor. Very light in the cup with a fresh lingering taste.
ed of 100% buds, hand-rolled into tiny pearls that gently unfurl when infused. Delicate taste with a pale, nearly colorless liquor.
rolled into pearl-sized spheres brews an infusion that will delight even the most fervent jasmine lovers. Incredible fragrance.
mild, smooth oolong is a Wuyi Rock tea, valued for its scarcity and flavor. Excellent for multiple infusions.
een tea flavor notes with superb floral taste and aroma. Wonderful.
complex, rich flavor with a hint of flowers.
 cot and peach. Delicate taste with golden color and slightly sweet flavor. Don’t miss this one.


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                                                     É6QúNK[∂-É6QúïËb7,gR°^ Y'É6Qú



      BEST BUY Purchase 3 of the same 100g                                          VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR THE BEST
        (or largest size) and the 4th is FREE!                                   SELECTION OF PREMIUM LOOSE LEAF TEAS
50g makes 20-25 cups              50g (1.75 oz)                         100g (3.5 oz)
100g makes 45-50 cups               package                               package
ALMOND CREAM                     050029/$4.50                           153029/$7.50      Smooth and creamy dessert tea with black tea, natural
BLOOD ORANGE                     111182/$4.95                           113182/$8.25      Sweet and juicy blood oranges are blended with fine bla
BLUEBERRY                        111065/$4.50                           113065/$7.50      A delightfully fruity blend of black tea, and natural blueb
BRAZILIAN FEIJOA                 111064/$4.95                           113064/$8.25      Blend of black teas and natural feijoa flavor. Exotic feijoa
CHERRY ALMOND                    050011/$4.95                           153011/$8.25      Divine cherry taste and aroma with bits of dried cherries
CREME BRULEE                     111270/$4.95                           113270/$8.25      Inspired by the classic dessert, this delicious black tea
DECAF DBL.BERGAMOT EARL GREY     050177/$4.95                           153177/$8.25      A naturally decaffeinated version of our popular Double
DRAGONFRUIT                      111222/$4.95                           113222/$8.25      A blend of choice black teas with the delicate sweetness
EMPRESS GREY                     111087/$4.50                           113087/$7.50      Lighter than our Earl Grey, our Empress Grey tea is smo
GREEN YERBA MATE                 050804/$4.95                           153804/$8.25      This naturally caffeinated herbal tea has a unique spicy-
JAMAICAN BUTTER RUM              111862/$4.95                           113862/$8.25      Creamy caramel, sweet butterscotch and lusty rum flav
KASHMIRI CHAI GREEN              111565/$4.95                           193565/$8.25      Delicious blend of Indian green tea and sweet spices, w
LEMON MYRTLE                     050365/$4.95                           153365/$8.25      Premium black teas and lemon myrtle, a plant native to
MANGO                            050240/$4.50                           153240/$7.50      Choice black teas with tropical mango flavor. Very fruity,
ORIGINAL CHRISTMAS EVE           050333/$4.50                           193074/$7.50      Tangy ruby red blend of hibiscus, orange peel, rosehips,
POMEGRANATE                      050096/$4.95                           153096/$8.25      A unique blend of premium black teas, calendula flowe
ROSEBUD                          050360/$4.50                           153360/$7.50      Romantic blend of black tea, rose petals, raspberry and
SWEET CINNAMON                   050012/$4.95                           153012/$8.25      Sweet and satisfying spicy blend. Select black teas, cin
TIRAMISU                         111863/$5.95                           113863/$9.95      The same natural flavor of velvety cocoa used in the Ita
WEDDING TEA                      111884/$5.95                           153884/$9.95      This romantic tea reflects the union of premium green
WILDCRAFTED LINDEN FLOWERS       114436/$4.50                           111436/$7.50
                             *   111272/$4.95                           113272/$8.25
                                                                                          Similar to chamomile, linden flowers have been traditio
                                                                                          A full-bodied blend of fine black teas including Kopili Es
STASH HOUSE BLEND                050072/$4.95                           153072/$8.25      This smooth, rich blend of Assam, Ceylon, Darjeeling, O
STASH MILLENNIUM BLEND           111200/$6.95                           113200/$11.50     This blend of exquisite world-class teas includes: Kopili
                                                                                          Oolong, Mutan White, and Keemun. Each tea adds its dis

* Because this tea is fluffy, 100g package holds 50g, and the 50g package holds 25g.
                                                                                         LOOSE TEA SCOOP
       BEST BUY Purchase 3 of the same 100g                                              Crafted of stainless steel with a
          (or largest size) and the 4th is FREE!                                         gently curved handle. Use one
                                                                                         level scoop per 8 oz. cup, or to

STASH RARE & EXOTIC TEAS                                                                 desired taste. Hand wash.
                                                                                         Item No.832773
makes 20-25 cups                 50g (1.75 oz)                         100g (3.5 oz)     $5.00
100g makes 45-50 cups               package                              package
CHE SEN LOTUS GREEN              050121/$4.50                               na          A cup of this Green Tea from Vietnam reveals its distinctive
POUCHING FANCY OOLONG            111051/$10.95                              na          A flowery, smooth, and somewhat fruity finish. Deep green
PU-ERH EXTRA FANCY GREEN              na                              113338/$7.50      While this tea exhibits the distinctive earthy pu-erh taste, it
SILVERY NEEDLES JASMINE WHITE    111176/$8.95                               na          Hand-plucked silvery soft tea leaf buds are infused with the
MAGNOLIA OOLONG                  050110/$7.95                         113110/$13.25 Fragrant magnolia blossoms richly scent this smooth oolo
DARJEELING WOOD SMOKE BLACK      111057/$4.95                         113057/$8.25      The unusual and subtle smoky undertones of this Darjeeling
GREEN SNOW GREEN                 114096/$6.95                               na
HIMALAYAN HAND-ROLLED BLACK      050077/$10.95                              na
                                                                                        Grows in the clouds at high elevation in Anhui Province in China.
                                                                                        Autumnal flush tea with a light sweetness. Mellow and pleas
ORGANIC INDULGASHENA GREEN       114322/$8.95                         050322/$14.95 Mild green tea from Sri Lanka with a sweet finish reminisc
                             *   114018/$5.95                         050018/$9.95
                                                                                        Extremely smooth and aromatic. Rich taste will appeal to
                                 111321/$10.95 113321/$17.95 Made by hand-twisting several large leaves together. Can

* Because this tea is fluffy, 100g package holds 50g, and the 50g package holds 25g.
10 Order Toll Free 800-826-4218


     H erbal teas do not come from the camellia sinensis bush and

        therefore are not ‘true’ teas. Herbal teas are made of grasses like

        lemongrass, barks like cinnamon, fruits like orange peel, flowers like
        chamomile and hibiscus, and many other botanicals. Our flavored
        blends start with premium teas that we combine with spices and
        natural flavor extracts from around the world.
              Our herbal and flavored tea blends should be brewed with
                  190-209 degree water and steeped 3-5 minutes.

almond flavor and spices.
ck teas for a smooth and flavorful tea.
erry flavor.
fruit is native to South America. Flavor notes of guava, strawberry and pineapple.
and natural almond flavors blended with select black teas.
with toasty caramel flavor notes makes a wonderful treat or dessert tea.
Bergamot Earl Grey tea.
of Asian dragonfruit.
oth and aromatic with a hint of bergamot, lemon, and orange citrus flavors.
sweet flavor. Refreshing and stimulating.
                                                                                                                      BAMBOO INFUSER
ors are combined with premium black teas for this festive blend. Enjoy with milk and sugar.                           Item No.700048
ith a lingering scent of almond. Brew it up strong with milk and sugar.                                               $1.95
Australia which belongs to the eucalyptus family. Pleasing lemon flavor without the typical lemon tartness.
lively and refreshing. Delicious served iced.                                                                          TEACUP INFUSER
lemongrass, peppermint, star anise, ginger root, cinnamon, and natural flavors. Caffeine-free.                          Fun infuser
                                                                                                                       with a miniature
rs, and natural pomegranate flavor. Fruity aroma and berry-like taste. Calendula flowers add visual interest.
                                                                                                                       handpainted teacup
other natural flavors. Delicate flavor and pleasing aroma.                                                               ornament. Not
namon and natural cinnamon extract.                                                                                    dishwasher safe.

lian dessert tiramisu adds richness to this choice blend of black teas. Delicious.                                     Item No.700800
tea and delicate sweet dew melon. A touch of yerba mate brightens the blend and, some say, your heart.
nally used to relax and calm the stomach. Delicate, slightly sweet flavor with a golden cup color.
tate Special Assam, Tiger Hill Estate Nilgiri, and Kenilworth Estate Ceylon. Very smooth finish.
olong, Keemun and Jasmine teas has a delicate floral aftertaste and is good for everyday drinking.
Estate Assam, Kenilworth Estate Ceylon, Darjeeling, Gunpowder Temple of Heaven, Dragonwell, Formosa
tinctive flavor notes to this special blend.

                                                                                                                  ORGANIC INDULGASHENA GREEN
       O ur tea portfolio is a world travelogue, with teas from China, Japan,
        India, Tibet, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and Africa.
           Occasionally in our search, we find especially exceptional teas, rare
        gems that astonish us with their taste and flavor nuances -- these we
        feel compelled to bring to you. Such teas are often limited in quantity
        and not readily available in the U.S. We invite you to choose from the
        following selection of Rare Loose Leaf Teas and embark on your own tea
        adventure. Available while supplies last.
flavor scented with lotus flowers, the country’s national flower.
leaves brew a pale, delicate cup. From the Wen Mountain region of northern Taiwan.
is milder-tasting and a good introduction to pu-erh teas.
essence of jasmine blossoms in this special white tea, which is hard to find in the U.S.
ng. Jasmine tea lovers will find this tea very appealing.
are from storing the tea in wooden chests after its initial processing. Satisfying with desserts as the slight smokiness balances sweetness.
Dramatic-looking tea with plump, silver-hued buds. Brews a very pale golden color, deceptive as this tea’s most prominent feature is its intense aroma.
ant, this premium quality tea is grown by the Jun Chiyabari Tea Garden in the eastern Himalayan region of Nepal at an elevation of 6,000 ft.
ent of honeysuckle. Indulgashena was the first certified organic tea garden in the world. Fair Trade Certified. (FTC)
connoisseurs of both oolong and black tea. From the Kangaita Garden located near the equator at 5,000-6000 ft. Pleasant afternoon tea.
be infused several times with resulting nuances in its mild green tea taste. From the Indulgashena garden. Fair Trade Certified. (FTC)

                                                                                         Order Toll Free 800-826-4218 11





Three 50g packages.
Each package makes 20-25 cups.
A PASSAGE TO INDIA   055019/$19.95 Beautiful estate teas from India. Prized Darjeeling,
                                        hearty Assam and Dunsandle from Southern India.
GREEN TEA TREASURES 055555/$25.00 An excellent way to experience the many pleasures of green tea.
                                        Gyokuro Asahi Pearl Dew, Dragonwell and Temple of Heaven.
THE BREAKFAST CLUB   055001/$12.95 Hearty, traditional blends that are great to wake up to.
                                        English Breakfast, Super Irish Breakfast and Estate Breakfast.
IMPERIAL SELECTION   055017/$21.95 A chance to savor some beautiful teas — rare Flowery Pekoe White, Mutan White,
(25g of each)                           and Formosa Oolong Fancy Grade. These exceptional teas make a special gift.

                                                                                PORCELAIN TEA CANISTERS
                                A                                               Store your favorite loose leaf tea in this delicately
                                                                                painted canister. Beautiful and compact, the lid
                                                                                twists tightly shut to keep tea fresh. Canister
                                                                                holds up to 120g of tea, depending on fluffiness.
                                                                                Measures 4.25" tall, 3.5" square. Hand wash. Add
                                                                                a package of our loose leaf tea for the perfect gift
                                                                                A. Blue Willow
                                                                                Item No.400059           $8.00
 C                                                                              B. Dragon and Phoenix
                                                                                Item No.400058           $8.00
                                                                                C. Winter Scene
                                                                                Item No.400057           $8.00

A. PUSH & FILL MESH TEA INFUSER                                                 D. MESH TEA STRAINER WITH DRIP CUP
Item No.700044 $7.00                                                            Item No.700087 $7.95

B. MESH INFUSER WITH HANDLE                                                     E. GRIP EZE INFUSER WITH DRIP CUP
CUP SIZE                                                                        Item No.700111 $4.00
Item No.700045 $2.90                                                            F. SWISS GOLD INFUSER
POT SIZE (4 to 6 cups)                                                          2-4 cup size. 3" tall.
Item No.700145 $5.25                                                            Item No.700091      $18.00
Item No.700047 $3.25


 C                              B

                                                                    D                                                         F

12 Order Toll Free 800-826-4218


                                   É6QúNK[∂-É6QúïËb7,gR°^ Y'É6Qú


Centuries ago the inventive Chinese pressed dust from tea
into bricks to use as tea money for trading with Mongolia
and Tibet. The tea bricks were even scored so they could
be easily broken to make change. This sculpted tea
brick with traditional Chinese motifs makes a
unique gift and interesting conversation
piece. Not for consumption. Approx. 9"
Item No.111999      $17.50

                                                                      TEA TWIGS FOR LOOSE LEAF TEA
                                                                      It’s the little touches of elegance that make
                                                                      you feel special. That’s the case with these
                                                                      charming pewter tea twigs. To use, fill the
                                                                      parchment tea bag with your favorite Stash
                                                                      loose leaf tea and slide the pewter twig
                                                                      through the hole in the bag. Made in the
                                                                      USA of food-safe, lead-free pewter which
                                                                      has a long history in the American Crafts
                                                                      movement. 5" long. Gift boxed. Includes 10
                                                                      parchment tea bags.


A great way to try our most popular loose teas!                                                            C
Sampler includes 16 different loose teas—Lapsang
Souchong, Super Irish Breakfast, Gunpowder
Green, Mutan White, Vanilla Creme, Kopili Assam,
Chai Spice, Namring Estate Darjeeling, Double                                                       B
Bergamot Earl Grey, Earl Grey, English Breakfast,
                                                                    A. Dragonfly
Jasmine Blossom Green, Peach, Premium Green,
Decaf Chai Spice, and Decaf Earl Grey. Each                         Item No.832830       $15.00
8-gram cello bag makes 3 to 4 cups of tea. Comes                                                                  D
                                                                    B. Tree Frog
with an infuser.
                                                                    Item No.832837       $15.00
Item No.058461       $26.95
                                                                    C. Bee
                                                                    Item No.832836       $15.00
ONE CUP FILTERS                                                     D. Grapevine
Filter bags for easy,                                               Item No.832838       $15.00
convenient loose tea
brewing. 40 filters and a
plastic holder. (Mug no                                            FILTER BAGS
longer available)                                                  Make loose tea brewing neat and convenient
Item No.700013                                                     Just spoon in your
$3.50                                                              favorite Stash
                                                                   loose tea (one
                                                                   teaspoon per cup),
                                                                   fold over the flap
FILTER BAGS                                                        and you have a
Make your own tea bag.                                             tea bag of your
These convenient, no mess                                          favorite blend.
filter bags are perfect for                                         Also handy
brewing loose tea, herbs and                                       for cooking
infusions. 100 filters per box.                                     to hold herbs
Cup Size                                                           and spices.
Item No.700196      $3.95                                          60 filter bags.

Pot Size                                                           Item No.700095       $4.50
Item No.700197                                                     FILTER BAGS WITH ATTACHED STRING
$4.25                                                              Your favorite filter bags now with strings attached.
                                                                   60 filter bags. (Not shown)
                                                                   Item No.700195        $4.95

                                                                        Order Toll Free 800-826-4218 13 13

                                   É6QúNK[∂-É6QúïËb7,gR°^ Y'É6Qú



                                                                       SMART BREWER
                                                                       Brew your favorite teas with this 16 oz. set. Simply
                                                                       measure your loose leaf tea into the pitcher, add
                                                                       hot water and watch as the leaves unfurl. Thick
                                                                       polycarbonate walls maintain ideal temperatures until
                                                                       brewing is complete. To dispense, hold the pitcher over
                                                                       your cup. With a twist of your thumb, it pours straight
                                                                       from the base. This brewer brings out the full flavor of
                                                                       your tea with convenience and precision—the best of
                                                                       both worlds. Permanent filter pops out for easy cleaning.
                                                                       Top rack dishwasher safe. Hand wash to keep it like
                                                                       new. Microwave safe. (Mug not included.)
                                                                       Item No.700115     $20.00

Style combines with function in these striking tea tins. The red tin has a beautiful red lacquer finish and the
crane and tree trunk are handpainted. The other two tins are wrapped with ‘yuzen paper,’ a process that
originated in Kyoto, Japan. A removable inner seal helps tea maintain its just-opened freshness. Holds up
to 125g of loose tea. 6" tall. Use dry cloth to clean Black and Indigo; hand wash Red. Made in Japan.

                              B                                                          A. Indigo Blue
                                                                                         Item No.400051      $12.00
                                                                                         B. Black & Red
                  A                                                                      Item No.400052      $12.00
                                                                                         C. Red
                                                                                         Item No.400053      $15.00


                                                                               DRAGONFLY WHITE TEA SET
                                                                               Enjoy a tranquil moment with this finely crafted
                                                                               earthenware tea set which includes a 24 oz. teapot
                                                                               and two 4 oz. cups. Teapot includes mesh strainer.
                                                                               Dishwasher and microwave safe (remove teapot
                                                                               handle). Made in Japan. Gift boxed.
                                                                               Item No.800863      $39.00
                                                                               SQUARE BAMBOO COASTERS
                                                                               Use these bamboo mats to rest a tea cup or vase.
                                                                               4½" square.
                                                                               Item No.700801      $8.00 Set of 4

This traditional three-piece Chinese tea set is crafted
of white porcelain with a depiction of a serene Chinese
landscape. This set is perfect for enjoying green and
oolong teas. Dishwasher and microwave safe. Gift boxed.
Holds 4 oz.
Item No.600170        $12.00

14 Order Toll Free 800-826-4218


                                     É6QúNK[∂-É6QúïËb7,gR°^ Y'É6Qú


An inspired choice for anyone who enjoys life’s simple pleasures. Inside the teapot, a glass infuser
basket catches the light with precise cuts in its base to ensure perfect filtering. Sit back and see the
leaves unfurl — a beautiful sight, almost as enjoyable as the taste in your cup. Flavors are transported
throughout, aromas bloom. Dishwasher safe, easily washed by hand, microwave safe when the teapot
contains water. Please wash before first use. Not stovetop safe.

Aphrodite Glass Teapot 32 oz.
Item No.800535             $34.00
A tea light sits on the base of a borosilicate glass
bowl with three round windows for ventilation, while
a metal plate, decoratively stenciled, fits into a tall
rim. Set your teapot on top, and the flame will keep
your favorite infusion warm as you chat with friends or
devour a good book. This creative gift makes a lovely
addition to any festive occasion. (Includes a tea light)
Item No.700002             $12.00

                                                                              Minerva Glass Teapot
                                                                              16 oz.
                                                                              Item No.800532

Athena Teapot
32 oz.
Item No.800132             $28.00

                    Chloe Glass Teapot
                    16 oz.
                    Item No.800533                                   $25.00

You can count on exceptional Bodum quality to produce an excellent cup of tea. Made of heat-resistant
                    borosilicate glass, this durable teapot includes a stainless steel filter for loose leaf
                         tea. The patented filter press system completely stops the brewing process
                                     when the tea is to your liking. Holds 36 oz. Dishwasher safe.
                                                                                         Item No.800445      $40.00
                                                                                         BODUM PAVINA GLASSES
                                                                                         The winner of three international
                                                                                         design awards, these double-wall
                                                                                         hand-blown glasses by Bodum hold
                                                                                         either hot or cold beverages. Clearly,
                                                                                         they’ll be the hit of the party. Made
                                                                                         of heat-resistant borosilicate glass.
                                                                                         Dishwasher and microwave safe.
Shown: Royal Candlestick                                                                 Holds 8 oz.
Green Tea (Pg 6)
                                                                                         Set of 2
                                                                                         Item No.600717      $16.00
                                                                                  Order Toll Free 800-826-4218 15

                                     É6QúNK[∂-É6QúïËb7,gR°^ Y'É6Qú

        Honey, Agave and Gourmet Sugarsƒ6QœNK[¶-ƒ6Qœ•èb7,gR¡^Y'ƒ6Qœ


     Sample a nice selection of naturally flavored                         A YEAR OF HONEY STICKS SAMPLER
     honey sticks in these two special assortments.                       10 flavors; 365 honey sticks total.
     Flavors include: original clover, chai, cherry,                      Item No.300300        $69.95
     cinnamon, lemon, licorice, orange, peppermint,
     peach and raspberry.                                                 SWEET PLEASURES HONEY STICKS
                                                                          Sample 10 flavors. 6 of each flavor;
                                                                          60 honey sticks.
                                                                          Item No.300173        $14.00

                                                                                    HONEY STICKS BOX
                                                                                    A sweet treat for you or a perfect
                                                                                    addition to gift baskets. Available
                                                                                    in four of our most popular flavors.
                                                                                    Box of 20 honey sticks.

                                                                                    LEMON               200114   $4.95
                                                                                    ORIGINAL CLOVER     200101   $4.95
                                                                                    CHAI                200154   $4.95
                                                                                    CINNAMON            200113   $4.95
                                                                                    SAMPLER OF ALL 4    200304   $18.00

Glass jar contains 8.8 oz. of honey.
Item No.300200      $7.00
This unique little spoon is designed to rest on the
edge of your cup and drip honey into your tea.
Not dishwasher safe.
Item No.832800      $5.00

                                                                      SUGAR SWIZZLE STICKS
                                                                      Made with pure cane sugar, these swizzle sticks
                                                                      are an elegant alternative to ordinary sugar. Five
                                                                      individually wrapped sticks.
                                                                      Brown Sugar                        Pomegranate
                                                                      Item No.300311       $3.50         Sugar
                                                                                                         Item No.300316
                                                                      White Sugar
                                                                      Item No.300305       $3.50

                                       ORGANIC AGAVE NECTAR STICKS
                                       A natural sweetener made from the juice of the agave plant, agave
                                       nectar is sweeter than sugar so less is needed. It has a low glycemic
                                       index and is a vegan-friendly honey substitute with a consistency
                                       similar to honey. Box of 20 convenient stir-stick servings. Just pop
                                       open or snip one end to stir into your tea.
                                       Item No.200123                 $4.95
                                                                              ORGANIC AGAVE POMEGRANATE
                                                                              NECTAR STICKS
                                                                              Our Pomegranate Agave Nectar Sticks
                                                                              combine organic agave nectar and
                                                                              natural organic pomegranate flavor for a
                                                                              delicious taste.
                                                                              Item No.200143           $4.95
Stash Honey and Agave are Kosher certified.
16 Order Toll Free 800-826-4218




                                                                                                          • 100% NATURAL
                                                                                                          • USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC
                                                                                                          • QAI CERTIFIED ORGANIC

                       18       80                                        240      100g                             BEST BUY
                    tea bags tea bags                                   tea bags loose tea                Purchase 3 of the same 100g
                      $4.20   $16.95                                     $42.50    $8.25                 loose tea and the 4th is FREE!
BREAKFAST BLEND *    64580    281800                                    240800     113800 Rich, robust blend of premium black teas makes a great
                                                                                             morning cup. Tea bag blend is Fair Trade Certified.
CASCADE MINT •       64586    281086                                    240860     111286 Cool, refreshing blend of the finest peppermint
HERBAL *                                                                            $4.95 and spearmint leaves. Aromatic, caffeine-free blend.
CHAI *               64574    281540                                    240054     113540 Blend of black and green teas and organic spices—
                                                                                             sweet cinnamon, pungent ginger and sharp clove.
CHAMOMILE •          64572    281310                                    240310     111231 This classic herbal tea has delicate apple-like flavor
HERBAL *                                                                            $4.95 notes and a beautiful golden color in the cup.
EARL GREY *          64584    281084                                    240840     113084 Blend of black and green teas with 100% pure
                                                                                             bergamot oil. Tea bag blend is Fair Trade Certified.
GREEN *              64582    281082                                    240820     113082 Rich in antioxidants, this tea has a beautiful golden color
                                                                                          in the cup and delicate, slightly sweet flavor notes.
DECAF                64583    280083                                    240083       na   A distinctive yet mild decaf green tea from the
GREEN                                                                                     Korakundah tea garden, one of the first gardens to be
                                                                                          certified organic in India. Fair Trade Certified.
NEW! VANILLA         64540    281057                                    240057       na   A delicate touch of vanilla adds just the right note to the
HONEYBUSH HERBAL*                                                                         full-bodied, slightly spicy honeybush flavor.
NEW! LAVENDER        64524    281024                                    240024       na   Gentle lavender blends with the tulsi leaves to create a
TULSI HERBAL                                                                              tea that fosters a sense of calmness and serenity.
LEMON GINGER         64462    281620                                    240620     113620 Organic ginger and fresh organic lemongrass
GREEN *                                                                                   blended with green tea creates an invigorating cup.
WHITE WITH           64531    281531                                    240531       na      Savor this tea and revel in its lively combination of
MINT                                                                                         white tea, mints, and a touch of lemongrass.
TEA COLLECTION       645100/$31.50                            Includes the 8* teas from the chart above. One box of each. 144 tea bags.
• Because this tea is fluffy, 100g package holds 50g.
Six different organic teas are packed in this sage
green woven pandan basket. Native to Indonesia,
pandan is a natural fiber in the aloe family. Basket
includes 10 tea bags each of Chai, Earl Grey,
Breakfast Blend, Cascade Mint, Lemon Ginger, Green,
and 10 Organic Agave Nectar Sticks. 60 tea bags.
Item No.325212         $25.95
BASKET ONLY            Item No.832805                                     $11.00

                                                                                              ZEN TEA FOR TWO SET
                                                                                              Invoke the taste of Japan with this attrac-
                                                                                              tive tea set. Its glossy, lightly crackled glaze
                                                                                              explores hues of green, ranging from pale
                                                                                              grassland to deep forest. The stylish spout
                                                                                              of the 24 oz. ceramic teapot tapers to a
                                                                                              finely pointed tip, complete with a wire-
                                                                                              mesh infuser basket, bamboo handle, and
                                                                                              two 4 oz. cups. Hand wash. Made in Japan.
                                                                                              Item No.800252           $39.00

                                                                                               Order Toll Free 800-826-4218 17


                                                                               Stash Iced Tea
                                     É6QúNK[∂-É6QúïËb7,gR°^ Y'É6Qú


                                                                        Deliciously refreshing, our convenient iced
                                                                          tea brew bags make superb fresh brewed iced
                                                                         tea that is so much better tasting than instant
                                                                            or bottled iced tea. Available in 13 thirst-
                                                                                          quenching flavors.

Each package contains 8 one quart-size iced tea bags
AMERICAN                      $3.95/086101                           Good old-fashioned iced tea taste.
DECAF AMERICAN                $3.95/086102                           Naturally decaffeinated version.
LEMON ICE                     $3.95/086150                           Lemony blend of green and black teas.
LIME GREEN                    $3.95/086425                           Cool and refreshing tart lime and green tea.
MOROCCAN MINT                 $3.95/086350                           Delicious blend of green tea and mints.
ORANGE SPICE                  $3.95/086060                           Black teas, orange peel and sweet spices.
PEACH                         $3.95/086103                           Black teas and peach flavor.
TROPICAL FRUIT                $3.95/086100                           Black teas with passionfruit and apricot flavors.
TROPICAL FRUIT                $29.95/42910                           Best Buy! 24 one gallon-size iced tea bags.

Each package contains 8 one quart-size iced tea bags
LEMON BLOSSOM                $3.95/086440                            Juicy aroma and tart lemon taste.
MANGO PASSIONFRUIT           $3.95/086560                            Fruity mango flavor with a hint of passionfruit.
PEACH                        $3.95/086830                            Delightful peach flavor and aroma.
WILD RASPBERRY               $3.95/086460                            Fruity wild raspberry flavor.
ORANGE CRANBERRY             $3.95/086160                            Delicious blend of herbs, cranberry and orange flavors.
MANGO PASSIONFRUIT           $29.95/42050                            Best Buy! 24 one gallon-size iced tea bags.

                                                                       STASH ICED TEA SAMPLER
                                                                       A great way to sample all 13 delicious flavors.
                                                                       Each flavor pouch contains four one-quart size
                                                                       tea bags. 52 quarts total.
                                                                       Item No.086014      $30.00

                                                                      BODUM PAVINA GLASSES
                                                                      The winner of three international design awards,
                                                                      these double-wall hand-blown glasses by
                                                                      Bodum hold either hot or cold beverages. Sold
                                                                      as a set of two, 12 oz. each. Dishwasher and
                                                                      microwave safe.
                                                                      Item No.600217          $30.00
                                                                      ICED TEA SPOONS
                                                                      Perfect for stirring your favorite iced beverage,
                                                                      stainless steel spoons are dishwasher safe. Set
                                                                      of six. 7¾" long.
                                                                      Item No.832801          $10.95

18 Order Toll Free 800-826-4218

                                     É6QúNK[∂-É6QúïËb7,gR°^ Y'É6Qú



                                                                                                                  Item No. / $3.49
                                                                            GREEN TEA                                  31130
Try our unique Powdered Iced Green Tea made
from whole green tea leaves. Just mix with                                  BLUEBERRY                                  31110
cold water, no brewing needed. Convenient                                   LIGHTLY SWEETENED GREEN                    31140
and delicious, available in six refreshing flavors.                          POMEGRANATE RASPBERRY (sweetened)          31160
Twelve 16 oz. servings in each package (Lightly
Sweetened Green and Pom-Raspberry contain                                   LEMON GINGER                               31150
eight 16 oz. servings).                                                     MINT                                       31120

Perfect for brewing loose leaf iced tea
The clever design of this Ceylon Iced Tea Maker by Bodum makes
iced tea simply and conveniently by adding loose tea or tea bags
to its infusing chamber. Plus, it fits inside most refrigerator door
shelves. Acrylic. Hand wash.
Large Holds 92 oz. with filter.
Item No.600248     $30.00
Small (Not shown.) Holds 46 oz. with filter
Item No.600048     $20.00

                                                                     BIASCA ICED TEA JUG by Bodum
                                                                     This tall, borosilicate glass carafe is designed for cold
                                                                     brewing — a technique that eliminates bitterness while
                                                                     enhancing rich and mild flavors. Simply measure your
                                                                     loose tea into the 40 oz. pitcher, fill with cool water, and
                                                                     let it steep overnight. Its snug, plastic-and-silicone lid has
                                                                     a removable micro mesh filter, allowing you to brew and
                                                                     serve from the same elegant vessel — a sleek design for
                                                                     a refreshing infusion. Dishwasher safe.
                                                                     Item No.600911       $44.95

 Enjoy refreshing iced tea all summer long with this easy to use
 pitcher that makes brewing fresh tea a snap. Simply add loose
 leaf tea or tea bags to the removable filter and pour boiling
 water over the tea. Twist the filter closed when the tea is brewed
 to your liking. Pitcher is made of sturdy foodsafe plastic. Hand
 wash. Filter is dishwasher safe. Do not microwave pitcher.
 Holds 64 oz.
 Item No.600910     $36.00

                                                                                  Order Toll Free 800-826-4218 19

                                                                     Teas of

                                                                  China & Japan
                                                         Stash presents nine classic teas of
                                                       China and Japan from Yamamotoyama.
                                                       Some rustic, some refined, revered
                                                       for healing properties or
                                                       unique flavor.
                                                         In 1690, Japan was
                                                       ruled by the Tokugawa
                                                       Shogunate, the
                                                       Manchus had repelled
                                                       the Mongols, Louis
                                                       XIV ruled in splendor
                                                       from his new palace in
                                                       Versailles, Czar Peter had just
                                                       attained the throne and Johann Sebastian
                                                       Bach was five years old. And that same
                                                       year in Japan, the Yamamoto family began
                                                       producing premium teas, a tradition that
                                                       continues to this day.
                                                         Yamamotoyama is one of the oldest family
                                                       run tea companies in the world. More than
                                                       300 years of experience go into the selection
                                                       and processing of Yamamotoyama teas,
                                                       among the finest in the world.
                                                         “Tea is a work of art and needs a master
                                                       hand to bring out its noblest qualities.”
                                                       (Kakuzo Okakura, The Book of Tea)

                                                       THE BOOK OF TEA
                                                       by Kakuzo Okakura
                                                       Originally published in 1906, this revered book is a
                                                       series of essays on tea drinking along with its history
                                                       and rich connection to Japanese culture. A timeless
                                                                                             classic, it will
                                                                                             interest anyone
                                                                                             curious about
                                                                                             the arts and
                                                                                             sensibilities of
                                                                                             Japan. Soft cover,
                                                                                             116 pages.
                                                                                            Item No.100133


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  Enjoy a restorative cup of tea with this Asian-inspired, 24 oz.
  teapot. Its round, full shape is adorned by a pattern of leaves on
  a soft, grey finish with black accents. Sip as slowly as you like—
  the heavy iron body retains heat for an hour or more. A black
  enamel interior creates a pristine infusion as loose leaf tea unfurls
  within a tall, wire mesh infuser basket. Comes with a matching
  trivet and a brewing guide. Not for stovetop, dishwasher or
  microwave use. An excellent value for this good-looking set.
  Item No.600315               $55.00

                                 20               80                                  100g                    BEST BUY
                              tea bags         tea bags                             loose tea        Purchase 3 of the same 100g
                                $3.95           $15.95                                $7.50         loose tea and the 4th is FREE!
CHINA OOLONG                   68457            280457                               168457
One of the world’s great teas. A favored drink in mainland China and Taiwan, oolong tea originated in the Wuyi mountains of China’s Fujian
province. Oolong is semi-oxidized, combining qualities of black and green teas. It has a distinctive fruity taste and bright golden color.
PU-ERH                          68458           280458                              168458
Pu-erh is an ancient medicinal tea from China’s Yunnan province. Pu-erh is made from the dayeh, or large leaf variety of the tea plant. Following a
centuries old secret processing method, the leaves are allowed to partially ferment, giving the tea its unique earthy flavor and deep, rich color.
GINGER GREEN                    68456           280456                              168456
Aromatic ginger, long used as a flavoring and medicinal root, lends a distinctive tang and aroma to traditional Japanese green tea. It has a flavor
both spicy and delicate, a soothing drink for any season.
CHRYSANTHEMUM                   68454           280454                              168454
Chrysanthemum’s yellow petal, a cooling herb in traditional Chinese medicine, adds a flowery note to Yunnan Pu-erh tea. Pu-erh tea has been
prized since the Sung dynasty for its medicinal properties.
GENMAI GREEN                    68450           280450                              168450
An informal, convivial drink in Japan, Genmai is shared at home with friends. This unique brew is made from green tea and brown rice. It has a
light golden color in the cup and a nut-like flavor and aroma.
GREEN TEA AND GINSENG           68455           280455                              168455
Ginseng is famous as a medicinal herb, reputed to enhance performance under stress and boost immune response. It has long been cultivated in
China, Korea, and Japan. Combined with Japanese green tea, it produces a bracing, slightly astringent drink.
SPECIAL OCCASION GREEN          68452           280452                              168452
Centuries of tea blending experience go into the creation of this original blend of fine green teas, including matcha, the powdered leaf tea used in
the traditional Japanese tea ceremony. This tea has a pale golden color in the cup and a delicate flavor with a hint of sweetness.
KUKICHA ROASTED GREEN           68451           280451                              168451
Kukicha is ‘twig tea,’ made from the prunings of the tea plant, roasted to bring out its distinctive flavor. Kukicha is appreciated for its rich nutty
taste and dark brown color.
JASMINE GREEN                   68453           280453                              168453
Jasmine scented green tea is one of the most popular teas in China. Jasmine is picked in the heat of the day, when the tiny flowers are closed
tight. The blossoms open in the cool of the evening when they are blended with the tea leaves to create this fragrant, refreshing beverage.

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 Savor these premium
     whole leaf teas
  delicately packaged
   in biodegradable,
     mesh tea bags.
      10 tea bags
      per package.

APPLE GREEN TEA     134003    $7.50                            An artful blending of Sencha green tea with crisp, sweet apple
                                                               flavor and rose petal notes. (Contains soy)
GENMAI-CHA GREEN TEA 134002   $7.50                            Roasted brown rice is the source of this tea’s distinctive yet
                                                               entirely appealing toasty flavor. With Matcha.
GYOKURO GREEN TEA   134000    $13.00                           Many consider this the finest green tea on earth. Take small sips to
                                                               better appreciate its aroma and sweetness.
MINT GREEN TEA      134005    $7.50                             A tea sparkling with peppermint and spearmint. Lovely to drink
                                                               throughout the day and especially after meals.
SENCHA GREEN TEA    134001    $7.50                            Made with 100% Japanese Sencha tea. With its fresh, flowery
                                                               taste, it is the tea most favored in Japanese homes.



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                               BIRD TEA BAG CADDIES

                               Designed and produced in Japan, these captivating tea caddies make a
                               perfect nesting spot for your tea bags, jewelry or small treasures.
                               Set of 3
                               Item No.700906                          $12.00

Japanese tetsubin teapots are truly works of art that are both beautiful and functional. Tetsubin
teapots have earned a well deserved reputation for their superior quality, beauty, and lasting durability.
Made of cast iron, these teapots are enameled on the inside and come with a stainless steel mesh
infusing basket. They are not intended for stovetop or microwave use, and should be washed by hand.

AND CUPS by Iwachu                                                       AND CUPS by Iwachu
Adorned with delicate dragonflies, this beautiful                         Dragonflies are set against a calming sage
cast iron teapot is rust colored with flecks of gold.                     green background on this teapot. In Japan,
Teapot (Holds 12 oz.)                                                    the dragonfly symbolizes happiness, strength,
                                                                         courage and success.
Item No.800997       $72.00
                                                                         Teapot (Holds 12 oz.)
Cup (3 oz.)
                                                                         Item No.800310     $72.00
Item No.600080       $16.00 ea.
                                                                         Cup (3 oz.)
B. RED TETSUBIN TEAPOT AND CUPS                                          Item No.600310     $16.00 ea.
by Iwachu
Elegantly detailed with ginkgo leaves, this unique                       D. DRAGONFLY TETSUBIN TEAPOT
cast iron teapot is rustic red with gold accents.                        Typifies teapots made many centuries ago for
Teapot (Holds 18 oz.)                                                    Japanese royalty for the tea ceremony. Adorned
                                                                         with a pattern inspired by the dragonfly and a
Item No.800691       $75.00                                              graceful handle.
Cup (3 oz.)                                                              Teapot (Holds 16 oz.)
Item No.600311       $16.00 ea.                                          Item No.800017     $72.00
Teapot Trivet (5½" diameter)                                             Teapot Trivet
Item No.700107       $18.00                                              Hexagon shaped black cast iron trivet. Rubber
                                                                         feet protect your tabletop.
                                                                         Item No.700067     $18.00





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Whimsical works of art yet completely
functional, Yixing (pronounced ee-shing)
teapots first appeared centuries ago in the
Yixing region of China. This region is the
world’s only source for the unique clay, called                                                                 B
purple or red clay, from which these teapots
are made. Yixing teapots are particularly
valued due to the porous nature of this
clay. Since the inside of the teapots is left
uncoated, they eventually absorb the flavor,
smell, and color of the tea. In addition, the                        C
clay, once fired, contains tiny air pockets that
provide insulation and enhance the taste and
aroma of fine tea. To clean, rinse with plain
water and air dry. Teapots hold 15 oz.
A. Cherry Bloom Teapot
Item No.800757      $35.00
B. Beige Blossom Teapot
Item No.800756      $31.00
C. Splashing Koi Teapot
Item No.800794      $39.00
D. Blue Marble Teapot
Item No.800753      $31.00                                                                D

                                                                           COBALT BLUE YIXING TEA SET
                                                                           The beautiful color of this Yixing teapot and
                                                                           cups is the perfect complement to Asian décor.
                                                                           Hand crafted and hand painted, this set is an
                                                                           ideal example of Yixing artistry. Teapot holds
                                                                           16 oz., and cups hold 3 oz.
                                                                           Item No.800750      $39.00

                             YIXING DRAGON
                             COVERED MUG
                             A mug of heft and
                             importance. Perfect
                             for the desktop
                             because it retains                          YIXING BAMBOO TEA MUG
                             heat so well. 10 oz.
                             Hand wash.                                  This chocolate brown 20 oz. mug pictures bamboo
                                                                         etched in a glossy, jade green glaze. Traditionally
                             Item No.600688                              crafted in Yixing, China, it feels good to hold—
                             $22.00                                      light in the hand, with a fine earthy texture.
                                                                         Hand wash.
                                                                         Item No.600686       $14.00

                                                                          BLACK PLUM YIXING TEA SET
                                                                             The detail and craftsmanship in this Yixing
                                                                             Tea Set is truly intriguing. Tiny flowers,
                                                                             buds, and stems grace the exterior with
                                                                             the spout, handle and lid resembling twigs
                                                                             and bark. The tiny cups are just big enough
                                                                             for a few soothing sips of tea, offered in
                                                                                    traditional Chinese style. Teapot,
                                                                                        24 oz., includes stainless steel
                                                                                        mesh infuser; 4 cups, 2 oz.
                                                                                       Item No.800747       $40.00

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Crafted in the traditional hobnail pattern of a
cast-iron tetsubin teapot, this set is made of
ceramic in a contemporary coral color. The
compact, 18 oz. teapot comes with a deep,
wire-mesh infuser basket, and a bamboo
handle. Includes two 3 oz. cups. Made in
Japan. Hand wash. Additional
colors available online.
Item No.800255       $48.00

                      JAPANESE MATCHA
                      GREEN TEA
                      This high quality Japanese green tea in a jade green powdered form is used in the
                      traditional tea ceremony. Rich in antioxidants, Matcha is sweet and smooth with just
                      a hint of astringency. Tin holds 30g.
                      Item No.112855                                     $18.00

                                                                      JAPANESE TEA CEREMONY GIFT SET
                                                                      This authentic, beautifully handcrafted set includes a small black
                                                                      lacquer container ‘natsume’, for holding the Matcha, a bamboo
                                                                                      spoon ‘chashaku’, for measuring the powdered
                                                                                         ceremony tea, a bamboo whisk ‘chasen’, for
                                                                                           whipping the tea, and a glazed stoneware
                                                                                              bowl ‘chawan.’ Comes in an attractive gift
                                                                                                  box. A great gift for the tea aficionado.
                                                                                                    Black lacquer tray sold separately.
                                                                                                       Hand wash.
                                                                                                          Item No.330702
                                                                                                                BLACK LACQUER TRAY
                                                                                                              (12" square)
                                                                                                     Item No.900779       $18.00

                                                                                        YAMAMOTOYAMA TRIO GIFT PACK
                                                                                        Each tea is unique and a treasure to be savored.
                                                                                        Special Occasion Green, Jasmine Green, and
                                                                                        China Oolong teas. Packed in an attractive
                                                                                        copper-color box. 60 tea bags.
                                                                                        Item No.180401      $13.00

Impress guests by serving tea in these artistic cups. Set
includes five ceramic cups in a jet black display box.
Each cup is unique in style, glaze, and color. Use for tea,
condiments, or snacks. Attractive enough for display, this
beautiful set also makes a great gift. Each cup holds 2 oz.
Top rack dishwasher safe.
Item No.600165       $22.00
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ARABESQUE TEA SETS                   ƒ6QœNK[¶-ƒ6Qœ•èb7,gR¡^•Y'ƒ6Qœ

A light, swirling arabesque pattern adorns this 20 oz.

ceramic teapot, with a splash of color along the rim
and four 4 oz. cups of the same pattern. A ceramic
filter inside the spout ensures a clean infusion,
while the wide lid, round body and bamboo handle
give this teapot a look of grace. Gift-packed in an
attractive black box. Hand wash. Made in Japan.
Jade Green
Item No.800317

                                                                                    Lapis Blue
                                                                                    Item No.800318       $49.50

Crafted to nestle in the hand to better savor
the tea inside, this porcelain set is packaged
in a wooden gift box. The characters on the
cup are from a poem that says, ‘Please don’t
forget about me. I am sending the fragrance
of the plum blossoms with the Spring wind.’
Notice that the glaze on each cup is slightly
different. Hand wash. Not microwave safe.
4 oz. each. Made in Japan.
Item No.600207      $34.00

                                                                     TEAS OF CHINA AND JAPAN
                                                                     GIFT COLLECTION
                                                                     Striking gift box includes a selection of our
                                                                     wonderful Yamamotoyama teas – Special
                                                                     Occasion Green, Genmai, Green Tea and
                                                                     Ginseng, China Oolong, Ginger Green, and
                                                                     Jasmine Green. 120 tea bags.

                                                                     Item No.180902       $25.00

This authentic Japanese Tea Set is
referred to as Tokoname style with its
distinctive kyusu side-handle.This style
originated centuries ago in Tokoname,
Japan. This ceramic teapot is glazed in a
pretty jade green, accented by red and black
Japanese writing on a soft white wash. Includes a
stainless steel mesh infusing basket for brewing two perfect
cups of tea and two matching 4 oz. cups. Gift-packed in an attractive black box.
Hand wash. Teapot holds 10 oz. Made in Japan.
Item No.800254      $36.00

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                         BEST BUY
                     Purchase 3 of the
                                                       ƒ6QœNK[¶-ƒ6Qœ•èb7,gR¡^•Y'ƒ6Qœ            EASY ORDER CHART
                                                                                           Foil tea bags                                  Loose tea

                        same 100g
                     loose tea and the        30                                         80       120          240 Best Buy!    50g (1.75oz)     100g (3.5oz)

                        4th is FREE!         $5.45                                     $13.95    $19.95           $34.95           $4.50            $7.50
                     CHAI SPICE •            030790                                    280790    212790            240790         111054            193079
                     CHOCOLATE HAZELNUT      030043                                    280043    212043            240043         111243            153243
                     CREME CARAMEL           030071                                    280071    212071            240071         111271            113271
                     EARL GREY •             030770                                    280770    212770            240770         050770            193077
                     ENGLISH BREAKFAST       030780                                    280780    212780            240780         050780            153780
                     LEMON & WHITE TEA       030073                                    280073    212073            240073           na                 na
                     PREMIUM SENCHA GREEN    030590                                    280590    212590            240590         050139            153139
                     RASPBERRY & WHITE TEA   030051                                    280051    212051            240051            na                na
                     VANILLA CHAI            030690                                    280690    212690            240690         050690            153690
                     VANILLA NUT CREME       030075                                    280075    212075            240075         111675            193675
                    • 8g loose tea sample size available for $2.50. Makes 3 to 4 cups.
                       BEST BUY ONE POUND LOOSE TEAS                                                             Stash Tea uses the CO2 method of
                   These one pound bulk packages come in a                                                 decaffeination. The tea is “flash brewed” with
                   clear, resealable poly pouch. Perfect for those                                         carbon dioxide under high pressure and then
                   tea drinkers who consume a lot of loose tea.                                             dried. We use the CO2 method to retain rich
                   One pound (453g) makes 180-200 cups of tea.                                                        flavor and antioxidants.

            DOUBLE BERGAMOT EARL GREY         13009                                     $24.00
            DRAGON PHOENIX PEARL JASMINE      13324                                     $52.00
                                                                                                                    CAFFEINE CONTENT
                                                                                                     ESPRESSO (2 OZ.)                                  90 mg.
            EARL GREY                         13027                                     $24.00
            ENGLISH BREAKFAST                 13028                                     $24.00       DRIP COFFEE                                       80 mg.

            GUNPOWDER                         13008                                     $26.00       BLACK TEA                                         40 mg.

            KOPILI ASSAM                      13064                                     $26.00       OOLONG TEA                                        25 mg.
            SUPER IRISH BREAKFAST             13045                                     $24.00       GREEN TEA                                         15 mg.
                                                                                                     WHITE TEA                                         15 mg.
                            BEST BUY 1000 TEA BAGS                                                   COCOA                                              4 mg.
              These tea bags are not individually boxed,                                             DECAFFEINATED TEA                         less than 4 mg.
              but packed in a bag in one large box.
                                                                                                     HERBAL TEA                                         0 mg.
            1000 ct Foil tea bags                     $125.00                                              = 10 mg. caffeine
            DOUBLE BERGAMOT EARL GREY                  58090                                         Note: Caffeine content varies. This chart
            ENGLISH BREAKFAST                          58080                                         provides a general guideline for a 6 oz. serving.
            FUSION GREEN & WHITE                       58680
            LICORICE SPICE HERBAL                      58050                                         KITTY CAT DISH
            MOROCCAN MINT GREEN                        58350                                         This cute little
                                                                                                     porcelain dish is
            PEACH BLACK                                58550
                                                                                                     purr-fect as a spoon
            PREMIUM GREEN                              58290                                         rest or tea bag holder
                                                                                                     Dishwasher safe.
                                                                                                     Item No.700038
                                                                                                     Kitty Cat Dish
                                                                                                     Larger size; 4½" diameter.
                                                                                                     Item No.700029            $12.00

                                                                                                   THE STORY OF TEA — A CULTURAL HISTORY
                                                                                                   AND DRINKING GUIDE
                                                                                                   by Mary Lou Heiss and Robert J. Heiss
                                                                                                       In this expansive tour through the world of
                                                                                                           tea, you’ll be fascinated by tea’s influence
                                                                                                              across the globe. Vivid photographs,
                                                                                                                 comprehensive text, and exquisite
                                                                                                                    design make this a book you’ll return
                                                                                                                      to again and again. 417 pages, hard
                                                                                                                        Item No.100136           $29.95

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                                                                                 EASY ORDER CHART


                                                       BEST BUY                                                              Foil tea bags                            Loose tea
                                              Purchase 3 of the same 100g
                                                                                30                                      80          120        240 Best Buy! 50g (1.75oz) 100g (3.5oz)
                                             loose tea and the 4th is FREE!
                                                                               $5.45                                  $13.95      $19.95         $34.95         $4.50         $7.50
                                             CHAI SPICE •                      030540                                 280540      212540         240540        111014        193054      Spicy, aroma
                                             CHAI WHITE                        030303                                 280303      212303         240303          na               na     White tea co
                                             CHOCOLATE MINT OOLONG             030530                                 280353      212353         240353          na               na     Subtle hints
                                             COCONUT MANGO OOLONG              030550                                 280352      212352         240352          na               na     Rich mango

                                             DOUBLE BERGAMOT EARL GREY •       030090                                 280090      212090         240090        111077        193009      We made a g
                                             DOUBLE SPICE CHAI                 030650                                 280650      212650         240650        050650        153650      For Chai love
                                             EARL GREY •                       030070                                 280070      212070         240070        050070        193027      Premium bla
                                             ENGLISH BREAKFAST •               030080                                 280080      212080         240080        050080        193028      A rich and sa
                                             FUSION BREAKFAST GREEN & BLACK    030620                                 280620      212620         240062        111062        153062      Premium gre
                                             FUSION GREEN & WHITE              030680                                 280680      212680         240680        111668        113668      Unique blend
                                             FUSION RED, WHITE AND BLUEBERRY   030064                                 280064      212064         240064          na               na     Rooibos, deli
                                             GINGER PEACH GREEN                030365                                 280365      212365         240365        050065        153065      A delicious bl
                                             GINGER BREAKFAST                  030035                                 280035      212035         240035          na               na     Spicy ginger
                                             GOJI BERRY GREEN                  030059                                 280135      212135         240135        050135        193135      Goji berries,
                                             GREEN CHAI                        030065                                 280065      212065         240065        111554        113554      A green tea
                                             JASMINE BLOSSOM GREEN •           030040                                 280040      212040         240040        050040        193024      A delicate Chi
                                             MANGOSTEEN GREEN                  030047                                 280144      212144         240144        150144        153144      A fragrant tea
                                             NEW! MOJITO MINT GREEN            030037                                 280037      212037         240037          na               na     Enjoy all the
                                             MOROCCAN MINT GREEN               030350                                 280350      212350         240350        050350        153350      Exotic blend
                                             ORANGE SPICE                      030060                                 280060      212060         240060        050060        153060      Orange zest,
                                             PEACH •                           030055                                 280055      212055         240055        050450        193055      Choice black
                                             POMEGRANATE RASPBERRY GREEN       030366                                 280366      212366         240366        050196             na     Blends thirst-
                                             PREMIUM GREEN •                   030290                                 280290      212290         240290        050290        193029      Classic green
                                             SUPER IRISH BREAKFAST •           030320                                 280320      212320         240320        111450        193045      A rich, robust
                                             WHITE PEACH OOLONG                030510                                 280351      212351         240351          na               na     A remarkable
                                             • 8g loose tea sample size available for $2.50. Makes 3 to 4 cups.
                                                              OUR CHRISTMAS AND HOLIDAY TEAS CAN BE ORDERED ONLINE ALL YEAR LONG!

                                                       BEST BUY                                                                Foil tea bags                          Loose tea
                                              Purchase 3 of the same 100g
                                             loose tea and the 4th is FREE!      30                                     80          120        240 Best Buy! 50g (1.75oz) 100g (3.5oz)
                                                                               $5.45                                  $13.95      $19.95         $34.95        $4.50          $7.50

                                             ACAI BERRY                        030039                                 280138      212138         240138        050138        193138      Fruity blend
                                             CINNAMON APPLE CHAMOMILE          030009                                 280009      212009         240009          na               na     Blend of spi
                                             NEW! BLUEBERRY SUPERFRUIT         030066                                 280661      212661         240661          na               na     A bright ble
                                             CHAMOMILE                         030010                                 280010      212010         240010        050010             na     Classic, soo
                                             CHAMOMILE NIGHTS                  030041                                 280041      212041         240041          na               na     Sweet and
                                             LEMON BLOSSOM                     030440                                 280440      212440         240440        050440             na     An artfully c
                                             LEMON GINGER                      030490                                 280490      212490         240490        111490        113490      This lively t
                                             LICORICE SPICE                    030050                                 280050      212050         240050        050050        153050      Naturally sw
                                             MANGO PASSIONFRUIT                030560                                 280560      212560         240560        111560        113560      A delicately
                                             NEW! MELLOW MOMENTS               030044                                 280044      212044         240044          na           na         Relax with
                                             ORANGE STARFRUIT                  030045                                 280045      212045         240045        111045             na     Fruity blend
                                             PEPPERMINT                        030020                                 280020      212020         240020        050020             na     Captures the
                                             STRAWBERRY POMEGRANATE RED TEA 030007                                    280007      212007         240007          na               na     Pleasantly s
                                             YUMBERRY BLACKCURRANT             030480                                 280480      212480         240480          na               na     Yumberry is
                                             WILD RASPBERRY                    030460                                 280460      212460         240460        050460        153460      An enchanti

                                             28 Order Toll Free 800-826-4218


  T rue teas are made from the dried leaves of the Camellia sinensis, the tea plant, first cultivated in China
                                                        É6QúNK[∂-É6QúïËb7,gR°^ Y'É6Qú
                                                                                                                   EASY SQUEEZE
    and found growing wild in India. Tea leaves are harvested and processed into four types of tea–Black,

                                                                                                                   TEA BAG TONGS
    Green, Oolong, or White. Black tea is withered, fully oxidized and dried. It yields a hearty, amber-colored
    brew. Green tea skips the oxidizing step. It has a more delicate taste and is pale green in color. Oolong is   A colorful, useful
    a cross between black and green tea in color and taste. White tea is the least processed. Our flavored blends   stainless steel tea tong
    start with premium teas that we combine with spices and natural flavor extracts from around the world.          with a silicone handle.
                                                                                                                   Hand wash.
tic blend of black teas, ginger, cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, clove, and cardamom.
 mbines with chai tea spices. Deliciously silky with a splash of milk and sweetener.
of chocolate and mint complement this enticing Oolong tea.
and sweet, fresh coconut flavors in this Oolong tea bring to mind a day at the beach.
 ood thing even better, adding double 100% pure bergamot to our award-winning Earl Grey.
rs, more spice than our Chai Spice, and coriander and whole cardamom for an even more flavorful drink.
 ck teas scented with oil of bergamot. Smooth and aromatic.
tisfying morning cup. Delicious with milk.
en and black teas make this an enjoyable morning tea. With Matcha.                                                 Green
of rare and expensive white tea and top quality green tea. Full of antioxidants.                                   Item No.400112
cate white tea and natural blueberry flavor creates a truly pleasant tea for day-long sipping.                      $4.00
end of green tea, juicy peach and sharp ginger. With Matcha.                                                       Peach
                                                                                                                   Item No.400113
enlivens this black tea that’s just the thing for morning or any time a bracing cup of tea is desired.
 native to China and Tibet, bring a slight tartness and bright citrus notes to this green tea. With Matcha.
version of our delicious Chai Spice.
                                                                                                                   Item No.400114
nese green tea scented with jasmine flowers.
that blends naturally sweet and slightly citrus mangosteen with juicy pear flavor. With Matcha.
 refreshing, minty flavor of a mojito. All of the island flavor is here (minus the alcohol). With Matcha.
of green tea and mints, with a hint of lemon.                                                                      MINI TEA TONGS
 cinnamon and natural sweet spices added to fine tea create a rich, aromatic blend.                                 Our stainless steel Mini
                                                                                                                   Tea Tongs are just the
 teas blended with natural peach flavors for fragrant aroma and a delicately sweet, juicy taste.
                                                                                                                   thing for squeezing and
quenching pomegranate with the zing of natural raspberry flavor and green tea. With Matcha.                         removing tea bags from
tea flavor and bouquet. Pale green in the cup and rich in antioxidants. Sip it plain.                               hot water. Dishwasher
morning cup. Delicious with milk.
                                                                                                                   A. Circle Tea Tong
Oolong tea with ripe, juicy, 100% natural white peach flavor.                                                       Item No.400121
                                                                                                                   B. Swirl Tea Tong
  H erbal teasascontain no true tea leaves but mint,created from an international from Indonesia,
  and spices such Moroccan rosebuds, Oregon
                                                      tropical hibiscus, cinnamon
                                                                                  collection of herbs              Item No.400111

    and more. These all natural botanical ingredients are combined to create exciting flavors and aromas            $3.50
    in a rainbow of colors from pale yellow to deep red. Each one of our herbal teas has a unique taste            C. Square Tea Tong
    and aroma.                                                                                                     Item No.400109

combines tart hibiscus with natural acai berry, blackberry, and blackcurrant flavors.
cy cinnamon and juicy apple bring hot apple pie to mind. A touch of chamomile adds a soothing touch.
nd of fruit flavors takes this tea to a whole new level of refreshment and thirst-quenching enjoyment.
thing herbal tea with apple-like flavor notes.
mellow, this tea is just what you need after a ‘too much’ day.
rafted herbal tea with a juicy lemony taste and fragrant aroma.
ea offers wide-awake flavor without caffeine. Smooth lemon flavor with a lingering bite of ginger.
eet, dessert-like tea flavored with pure spices and licorice.
fruity mango flavor with a hint of passionfruit.                                                                                     B
this herbal blend that brings together mints and herbs to create an especially soothing tea.
of exotic starfruit and chamomile.
delicate, refreshing flavor of Oregon and Northwest peppermint. Excellent after meals.
weet and tart this tea is a great addition to your tea collection. Its refreshing flavor is naturally uplifting.
intriguingly sweet and sour with flavor notes similar to cranberry and pomegranate.
ng blend, lightly sweet and fragrant with the flavor of fresh picked Northwest raspberries.                                 C

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                  A t Stash Tea, we are proud to offer our customers an unmatched
                  selection of black, green, oolong, white, herbal, and flavored teas
                  in tea bags and loose leaf teas. With so many teas to choose from,
                  we know that selecting a tea, especially trying a new one, may seem
                  That’s why we’ve decided to highlight some unique Stash Tea blends
                  on these pages to make your choice a little easier.

                                                             NEW Stash Teas
                        Flavorful                             Delicious       100% Natural
                                                              To order see page 28

                   A bright blend of fruit flavors takes this tea to a whole new level of refreshment and thirst-
                   quenching enjoyment. Pleasingly tart by itself or add a bit of sugar for a different taste treat.
                   Take a breath, brew a cup of our Chamomile Nights Tea and let the relaxation begin. Sweet
                   and mellow, this tea offers just the right blend of natural herbs and flavors and is just what
                   you need after a ‘too much’ day.
                   Blend of spicy cinnamon and juicy apple bring hot apple pie to mind. A touch of chamomile
                   adds a soothing touch.
                   Rooibos, delicate white tea and natural blueberry flavor creates a truly pleasant tea for day-
                   long sipping.
                 • MELLOW MOMENTS HERBAL TEA
                   Relax and unwind with this herbal tea that brings together mints and herbs to create an
                   especially soothing tea. Fragrant tulsi leaves, an ancient plant used in India and in Ayurvedic
                   practice, adds yet another component of comfort.
                   Enjoy all the refreshing, minty flavor of a mojito in this uniquely appealing tea. All of the island
                   flavor is here (minus the alcohol) plus Matcha. Natural lime flavor accents the tea with just the
                   right zesty flair.
                   Pleasantly sweet and tart at the same time, the refreshing flavor of this tea is naturally
                   uplifiting—no need for caffeine here. This blend also includes antioxidant-rich rooibos, known
                   as ‘red tea.’
                   Yumberry is intriguingly sweet and sour with flavor notes similar to cranberry and pomegranate.
                   Blackcurrants have a sweet, berry flavor that enhances the delicious taste of this tea.

 32 Order Toll Free 800-826-4218



    Pure Refreshment…     

 If you haven’t tried our delicious powdered
          iced teas, now is the time.
T hese unique green teas are not instant teas,
instead they are made from whole Japanese
Sencha green tea leaves that have been ground
into a fine powder. Tea drinkers get more of
the healthy antixoidants in the teas, since the
entire tea leaf is consumed.
Enjoy these convenient powdered teas by the glass
or pitcher, or on-the-go, by simply adding to your
water bottle. No brewing needed. 100% natural.

                                                                     Six Thirst Quenching,
                                                                        Popular Flavors
                                                                            To order see page 19

                                                                        • BLUEBERRY
                                                                        • GREEN TEA
                                                                        •   LEMON GINGER
                                                                        •   LIGHTLY SWEETENED GREEN
                                                                        •   MINT
                                                                        •   LIGHTLY SWEETENED
                                                                            POMEGRANATE RASPBERRY

 The best of all possible accessories for carefree
 entertaining. These attractive items are made of
 unbreakable polycarbonate which is shatterproof,
 stainproof, and highly resistant to chips and
 cracks. In addition, the pitcher and glasses are
 thermal—ice melts slowly, and iced tea stays cold
 longer. As an extra bonus, polycarbonate stays
 clear through 5 years of daily dishwasher use.
 Made in New Zealand.
 Pitcher (48 oz.)
 Item No.900149     $36.00
 Iced Tea Glass (14 oz.)
 Item No.600149     $9.00/6 for $49.00

                                                                    Order Toll Free 800-826-4218 33


                                                        Stash Teas of India


                                                           From the high elevation estates of
                                                            Darjeeling in the foothills of the
                                                        Himalaya, to the tropical tea gardens
                                                        of Nilgiri in the South, to Assam – the
                                                       birthplace of Indian tea - our collection
                                                          provides a wonderful tea drinking
                                                               experience from this most
                                                                    exotic of lands.
                                                       The humid jungles of Assam are the birthplace
                                                       of India tea. Stretching for 400 miles along
                                                       the mighty Brahmaputra River from Burma to
                                                       Bangladesh, the Assam valley is the largest tea-
                                                       growing area in the world. ‘Assam’ is derived
                                                       from a Sanskrit word meaning ‘peerless,’ and
                                                       this is indeed a special place.
                                                          Darjeeling lies in the foothills of the
                                                       Himalaya, with views toward the great peaks
                                                       of Nepal and Bhutan. It served as a summer
                                                       resort for the British Raj, and a gateway to
                                                       Tibet for traders and adventurers. The unique
                                                       character of its tea and the limited production
                                                       of its high-elevation estates make Darjeeling
                                                       tea among the rarest and most prestigious
                                                       of tea.
                                                          The Nilgiri, or Blue Mountains, of Tamil
                                                       Nadu form a high plateau above the coastal
                                                       plain facing Africa. This is the largest tea-
                                                       producing region in south India. Plantations
                                                       climb hillsides above lush forested valleys
                                                       that bathe in the monsoon rains off the
                                                       Arabian Sea. Tea is harvested year-round in
                                                       this tropical climate.

                                                              Explore the best teas India
                                                                 has to offer with our
                                                               Teas of India Collection.


34 Order Toll Free 800-826-4218



                                                                                        Each package is adorned with an
                                                                                     original work of Indian art, rendered
                                                                                          in the style of native miniature
                                                                                      paintings depicting scenes from royal
                                                                                    life during the 17th and 18th centuries.

                           18       80
                        tea bags tea bags
                          $3.95   $15.95
DARJEELING GREEN         64562       281560
The growing season is short in the foothills of the Himalaya. The precious flavor of high-elevation tea leaves is preserved in
Darjeeling green tea. With only light processing, it produces a cup lighter in color and flavor than Darjeeling black tea, but still
carrying the characteristic Darjeeling hint of Muscat.
DARJEELING SPRING        64561       281561
The air is still cool and snow gleams on the distant Himalaya as the first tea leaves and buds are picked in the high-elevation
gardens of Darjeeling. The first-flush harvest from Darjeeling is a connoisseur’s delight, with delicate aroma and flowery taste.
DARJEELING SUMMER        64560       281562
Monsoon clouds tower in the skies. In the foothills of the Himalaya, tea pickers hurry to collect the leaves before the rains begin.
Compared to Darjeeling Spring, our first flush tea, the summer harvest picked in May and June before the monsoon produces a
darker, more full-bodied cup with a fragrance reminiscent of Muscat.
NILGIRI                  64563       281563
Wildlife roam the Blue Mountains of South India. The green valleys have been home to variety of cultures for centuries. On
the tea estates of the Nilgiri hills the new leaves grow year-round. Like its environment, Nilgiri tea is versatile and welcoming.
Robust but smooth, it can be enjoyed any time of day, black or with milk and sugar.
KASHMIRI CHAI GREEN      64565       281564
Kashmiri Chai is a blend of Indian green tea and sweet spices, with a lingering scent of almond. This is the true tea-stall chai,
as lively and flavorful as the Srinagar bazaar. Brew it strong with milk and sugar for a rich, delicious drink.
KOPILI™ ASSAM            64564       281565
Kopili Estate, set among evergreen rain forests, has the highest elevation tea gardens in Assam. The unique location, soil, and
local hot springs result in a distinctive full-bodied tea, dark and malty—in a class by itself. It is perfect as a morning pick-me-
up or as an afternoon rejuvenator, black or with milk and sugar.

                                                                             TEAS OF INDIA TRIO GIFT PACK
                                                                             Exotic and intriguing – Kashmiri Chai Green,
                                                                             Darjeeling Summer Black, and Kopili Assam
                                                                             Black teas. Packed in an attractive
                                                                             copper-color box. 54 tea bags.
                                                                             Item No.180400       $13.00

Beautiful gift box contains our striking Teas
of India collection— rich Kopili Assam,
mellow Nilgiri, three Darjeeling teas, and
spicy and aromatic Kashmiri Chai Green.
108 tea bags.
Item No.180901           $25.00

                                                                               Order Toll Free 800-826-4218 35




    The ancient Sanskrit term ‘chakra’ means ‘wheel’ and
  refers to centers of energy in our physical bodies as well as
   in our consciousness. In a modern context, the concept of
    chakras represents our intent to understand and honor
  the interconnection of our bodies, thoughts, emotions, ideas
                           and actions.

                    YOUR SOUL.

                        18      54                                      50g
                    tea bags tea bags                                   tin
                      $5.95   $16.95                                   $5.95
RED BERRY ROOIBOS     64467 154467                                    115881 An Herbal Tea for Health & Prosperity. Dark red and fruity, this
Chakra No.1                                                                     blend contains antioxidant-rich rooibos.
DRAGONFRUIT          64463    154463                                  115882 An Herbal Tea for Passion & Creativity. Combined with ginger
Chakra No.2                                                                     and mint and the damiana herb, which enhances male and
                                                                                female sexuality.
VANILLA HONEYBUSH    64481     154481                                 115883 An Herbal Tea for Gathering Strength & Power. Honeybush is
Chakra No.3                                                                     sweetened with vanilla and orange peel.
MELON & GREEN TEA    64485     154485                                 115884 A Tea for Love & Harmony. Sweet dew melon blended with
Chakra No.4                                                                     fine green tea and yerba mate creates a refreshing brew that
                                                                                will awaken your heart.
BLUE GINGER          64483     154483                                 115885 An Herbal Tea for Expression & Resonance. Blue malva flowers,
Chakra No.5                                                                     warm ginger and tropical feijoa create a distinctive herbal blend.
GUANABANA            64458     154458                                 115886 An Herbal Tea for Imagination & Insight. Nourish your intuition
Chakra No.6                                                                     with this soothing medley of vanilla-scented guanabana fruit,
                                                                                lemongrass and orange.
WHITE LOTUS          64461     154461                                 115887 An Herbal Tea for Meditation & Wisdom. The scent of fresh
Chakra No.7                                                                     flowers lingers over this infusion of white lotus, chamomile,
                                                                                chrysanthemum, and linden.

                                                                                       SUN AND MOON
                         Relax Mug                                                     INFUSING BASKET
                         This mug reminds                                              This deep, stainless steel
                         you to ‘take it easy.’                                        infuser basket fits most
                         Microwave and                                                 cups easily, while its broad
                         dishwasher safe.                                              rim, charmingly stenciled
                         Holds 10 oz.                                                  with sun, moon and stars,
                         Stoneware.                                                    adds sparkle to your
                         Item No.600364                                                routine. 3¼" diameter.
                                                                                       Dishwasher safe.
                                                                                       Item No.700051          $5.90

36 Order Toll Free 800-826-4218




                                                                       The 7 Chakras
                                  Balance | Tune | Energize
Each Chakra, or hub of energy, is associated                                  4. The Anahata Chakra
with a particular color, element, area of the                                   is located at the level of the heart and is
body, and inner state. There are seven major                                      associated with the color green, air, love and
Chakras. The concept for these teas was                                           compassion.
inspired by the seven chakras.                                                    5. The Visuddha Chakra
                                                                                 is located at the level of the throat and is
1. The Muladhara Chakra                                                             associated with the color blue, ether,
is located at the base of the                                                            communication and self-expression.
spine and is associated with the
                                                                                          6. The Ajna Chakra
color red, earth, grounding and
                                                                                           is located at the forehead and is
                                                                                            associated with the color indigo or
2. The Svadhisthana Chakra                                                                   purple, light, and psychic perception.
is located just below the navel
                                                                                            7. The Sahasrara Chakra
and is associated with the
                                                                                              is located above the crown of
color orange, water, sexuality
                                                                                                the head and is associated
and creativity.
                                                                                                  with the color violet or white,
3. The Manipura Chakra                                                                             energy, spirit, and higher
is located at the level of                                                                           consciousness.
the solar plexus and is
associated with the
color yellow, fire, and
power in the world.

For the adventurous sipper,
experience all seven of our
chakra-inspired Chanakara
teas. Fruity Red Berry
Rooibos, juicy Dragonfruit,
golden honey-scented Vanilla
Honeybush, refreshing Melon
and Green, warm Blue Ginger,
vanilla-scented Guanabana,
and soothing White Lotus.
Seven colorful packages
in a beautiful gift box.
126 tea bags.

Item No.180900 $39.50

 Let the beauty of the premium ingredients become part of the Chanakara experience with these
 exquisite teas. Each 3-inch metal tin with see-through lid holds 50g (1.75 oz.).
 See the chart to order individual tins.

 Item No.115888        $39.50


                                                                                   Order Toll Free 800-826-4218 37

Gifts, Samplers and Assortments


                                    STASH 8 FLAVOR TEA CHEST
                                    This handsome wooden tea chest is a great value. Dark mahogany
                                    stain and black felt lined with a brass latch. Holds 80 Stash tea bags.
                                    12" x 9".
                                    Item No.118500                    $34.95 (no tea)
                                                                               Herbal Tea Chest
                                                                               Chamomile, Peppermint, Blueberry
                                                                               Superfruit, Cinnamon Apple Chamomile,
                                                                               Lemon Ginger, Yumberry Blackcurrant,
                                                                               Licorice Spice, and Mango Passionfruit.
                                                                               80 tea bags.
                                                                               Item No.118002      $49.50
                                                                               Assorted Teas Chest
                                                                               Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Chai Spice,
                                                                               Orange Spice, Premium Green, Jasmine
                                                                               Blossom, Decaf Vanilla Nut Creme, and
                                                                               Peach Black tea. 80 tea bags.
 Green Teas Chest                                                              Item No.118004      $49.50
 Fusion Green & White, Premium Green, Fusion Breakfast, Decaf Premium Green, Moroccan Mint,
 Jasmine Blossom, Pomegranate Raspberry, and Ginger Peach. 80 tea bags.
 Item No.118005    $49.50
 Decaffeinated Teas Chest
 Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Premium Green, Chocolate Hazelnut, Vanilla Nut Crème, Lemon & White,
 Raspberry & White, and Crème Caramel. 80 tea bags.
 Item No.118006       $49.50

This attractive gift basket is filled with a
selection of popular and delicious teas—
Pomegranate Raspberry Green and
Ginger Peach Green, both with Matcha;
Decaf Lemon & White, and Premium
Green. Brew them in a ceramic Chantal
teapot and enjoy with three small packs
of Nikki’s Butterfly Cinnamon cookies, a
tin of Green Tea Mints, and sugar swizzle
sticks. 40 tea bags. Teapot holds 20 oz.
and is microwave and dishwasher safe.
Item No.325827       $40.00
Lime Green Chantal Teapot Only
Item No.800346       $13.00

Just-the-right-size packages of some of our
favorite cookies—Lady Walton Bite Size Butter
Wafers; Dark Chocolate Mint, Creamy
Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate
Amaretto and Dark Chocolate
Orange Lady Walton Cookies;
Original Dessert Wafers;
Nikki’s Key Lime
Cookies; Ginger
Spice, Classic Sugar,
and Vanilla Walnut
Moravian Cookies.
Item No.605652

38 Order Toll Free 800-826-4218




                                                                                                STASH 6 FLAVOR CLEAR GIFT BOX
                                                                                                Seven different assortments.
                                                                                                Each contains 60 tea bags.

BLACK TEAS           180942   $12.75 English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Super Irish Breakfast, Orange Spice, Peach, and
                                                                 Double Bergamot Earl Grey.
CHAI TEAS            180943   $12.75 Chai Spice, Decaf Vanilla Chai, Green Chai, Double Spice Chai, Chai White, and
                                                                 Decaf Chai Spice.
DECAFFEINATED TEAS   180944   $12.75 Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Premium Green, Lemon & White, Chocolate
                                                                 Hazelnut, and Vanilla Nut Crème.
FRUIT TEAS           180945   $12.75 Peach Black, Wild Raspberry, Cinnamon Apple Chamomile, Lemon Blossom,
                                                                 Mango Passionfruit, and Blueberry Superfruit.
GREEN TEAS           180946   $12.75 Premium Green, Jasmine Blossom, Fusion Green & White, Moroccan Mint,
                                                                 Pomegranate Raspberry, and Ginger Peach.
HERBAL TEAS          180845   $12.75 Peppermint, Yumberry Blackcurrant, Chamomile, Lemon Ginger, Licorice Spice,
                                                                 and Mango Passionfruit.
WHITE TEAS           180948   $12.75 Fusion Green & White, Fusion Red, White & Blueberry, Decaf Raspberry & White,
                                                                 Decaf Lemon & White, Chai White, and Premium White.

CAT MUGS                                                                               CAT MUG GIFT PACK
Infuse your day with fun—sip from these tall,                                          The perfect gift for a cat lover or anyone that
colorful hand-painted ceramic mugs by artist                                           appreciates the whimsical design of artist
Laurel Burch. On both sides, bright cats make                                          Laurel Burch. The mug includes a 10ct pack
pleasing companions. Dishwasher and microwave                                          of our soothing new Mellow Moments herbal
safe. Holds a generous 16 oz.                                                          tea and sugar sticks, wrapped in cello with a
                                                                                       ribbon tie.
Triangle Cat Mug
                                                                                       Item No.325836
Item No.600423        $11.00
Spotted Cat Mug
Item No.600424


                                                                                     HERBAL TEAS AND HONEY DELIGHTS
                                                                                     GIFT BASKET
                                                                                     Sample a lovely selection of our 100% natural,
                                                                                     100% delicious caffeine-free herbal teas — Licorice
                                                                                     Spice, Blueberry Superfruit, Wild Raspberry, Mango
                                                                                     Passionfruit, Cinnamon Apple Chamomile, Chamomile,
                                                                                     Peppermint, Lemon Blossom, Lemon Ginger,
                                                                                     Yumberry Blackcurrant, Chamomile Nights, and
                                                                                     Strawberry Pomegranate Red. You’ll find our popular
                                                                                     Original Clover Honey Sticks add just the right touch
                                                                                     of sweetness. 120 tea bags and 40 honey sticks.
                                                                                     Item No.325801          $39.95

                                                                                           Order Toll Free 800-826-4218 39




You’ll love this new collection of some of our
favorite loose leaf organic teas—Organic Breakfast
Blend, Organic Green, and Organic Chamomile,
50g each. Enjoy these earth-friendly teas with
a Pure™ infuser mug from Chantal. This simply
crafted ceramic mug is fired with a clear, natural
glaze that is free of coloring agents. Organic Agave
Nectar Sticks complete this special gift.
Item No.325828         $42.00

                                                                                         MINI SAMPLERS — 30 ct.
                                                                                         Try some of our most popular teas.
                                                                                         30 tea bags, three flavors, eight different
                                                                                         assortments. Perfect for small gifts.
BLACK TEAS               330026      $5.95                              Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Super Irish Breakfast
CHAI TEAS                330027      $5.95                              Green Chai, Chai Spice, Decaf Vanilla Chai
DECAFFEINATED TEAS       330028      $5.95                              Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Premium Green
DECAF DESSERT TEAS       330029      $5.95                              Creme Caramel, Vanilla Nut Creme, Chocolate Hazelnut
FRUIT TEAS               330004      $5.95                              Wild Raspberry, Blueberry Superfruit, Peach Black
GREEN TEAS               330018      $5.95                              Premium Green, Jasmine Blossom, Moroccan Mint
HERBAL TEAS              330020      $5.95                              Peppermint, Wild Raspberry, Licorice Spice
WHITE TEAS               330031      $5.95                              Fusion Green & White, Premium White, Decaf Raspberry & White

                                                                                                      BREAKFAST AND BAMBOO
                                                                                                      A perfect selection of excellent
                                                                                                      morning teas in our earth friendly
                                                                                                      bamboo tea box. Contains 10
                                                                                                      each of our new Ginger Breakfast,
                                                                                                      Super Irish Breakfast, English
                                                                                                      Breakfast, and Fusion Breakfast
                                                                                                      teas. 40 tea bags.
                                                                                                      Item No.118122       $27.50
                                                                                                      Bamboo Box Only
                                                                                                      Box is 12½" x 2¾" x 3½".
                                                                                                      Item No.118121          $19.95
GREEN TEAS WITH MATCHA   325837 $27.50 Bamboo Box filled with 10ct packs of Pomegranate Raspberry, Ginger Peach,
                                                                  Mangosteen, and Goji Berry green teas.
SUPERFRUITS TEAS         325838 $27.50 Bamboo Box filled with 10ct packs of Acai, Blueberry Superfruit, Strawberry
                                                                  Pomegranate, and Yumberry Blackcurrant herbal teas. Naturally caffeine free.
HERBAL TEAS              325839 $27.50 Bamboo Box filled with 10ct packs of Chamomile, Peppermint, Chamomile
                                                                  Nights, andLemon Ginger herbal teas. Naturally caffeine free.

MINI SAMPLERS — Good things come in small packages. The perfect small sampler of some of our
favorites. 10 assorted tea bags in each box. Perfect for gift baskets.

 STASH ASSORTED TEAS     180703       $3.50
 STASH DECAF TEAS        180712       $3.50
 STASH GREEN TEAS        180707       $3.50
 STASH HERBAL TEAS       180709       $3.50
 STASH ORGANIC TEAS      180708       $3.50
 STASH TEAS OF INDIA     180700       $3.50
 STASH WHITE TEAS        180710       $3.50
 YAMAMOTOYAMA 1690       180702       $3.50

40 Order Toll Free 800-826-4218




The largest sampler we offer. Impress your friends, family or business clients, or treat yourself to this
wonderful selection of teas. Fifty-two different teas and 520 tea bags—a chance to try a different tea
every week or every day. This sampler includes selections from Stash green, herbal, black, flavored and
white teas, plus two of our special collections — Yamamotoyama 1690 green, oolong and scented teas
from China and Japan; and Stash Teas of India. (teapot and cup not included)
Item No.328017      $75.00

A cookie lover’s delight. A delectable
selection of cookies—great with a cup
of tea. Nikki’s Key Lime, Pecan, and
Cranberry Orange Cookies; Moravian
Vanilla Walnut, Chocolate, and Classic
Sugar cookies; Biscotti Sampler; Lady
Walton Bite Size Butter Wafers and Lady
Walton Dark Chocolate Mint, and Dark
Chocolate Orange cookies. Almost four
pounds of cookies.
Item No.605214      $65.00

                                                                     STASH TEA SAMPLERS VARIETY PACK
                                                                     Try 56 different teas!
                                                                     This variety pack is a great way to taste the
                                                                     different teas we offer. Gift box includes seven
                                                                     Stash Tea Samplers—Herbal, Black, Green, Chai,
                                                                     Organic; Teas of India and Yamamotoyama 1690.
                                                                     126 tea bags.
                                                                     Item No.328009       $29.50

This durable clear acrylic chest makes an attractive
display of your favorite teas. Holds 60 tea bags.
8½" x 5½".
Item No.113000       $14.00
With 60 Assorted Tea Bags
Wild Raspberry, Peppermint, Chamomile, Earl
Grey, English Breakfast, and Orange Spice.
Item No.113002      $23.95
Holds 90 tea bags. (removable lid)
Item No.113500      $20.00

                                                                         Order Toll Free 800-826-4218 41



                                                                                       FRUIT TEAS GIFT BASKET
                                                                                       Fabulous iced as well as hot, these fruity teas
                                                                                       will quench your thirst in the most pleasant
                                                                                       way. Includes 10 each of Mango Passionfruit,
                                                                                       Blueberry Superfruit, Lemon Blossom, and Wild
                                                                                       Raspberry Herbal teas; Pomegranate Raspberry
                                                                                       Green; and Peach Black. Sweeten with our
                                                                                       naturally flavored Pomegranate Sugar Sticks.
                                                                                       Item No.325830           $25.95
                                                                                       Basket Only
                                                                                       Item No.832805           $11.00

                                                                                       STASH PREMIUM TEA GIFT BASKET
                                                                                       A premium gift for the tea lover. This charming
                                                                                       gift basket includes our signature Stash Tea
                                                                                       Logo Teapot and Wild Raspberry, Lemon Ginger,
                                                                                       Peppermint, Premium Green, Earl Grey, and Chai.
                                                                                       Also includes 5 Sugar Sticks. 60 tea bags.
                                                                                       Our ceramic Stash Logo Teapot holds 20 oz.
                                                                                       Item No.325127           $34.95

This cheerful Gift Basket includes a Berry Red Chantal ceramic
teapot along with 10ct packs of our Acai Berry, Lemon Ginger,
and Yumberry Blackcurrant herbal teas, Pomegranate Raspberry
Green tea, a 20ct package of our Pomegranate Agave Nectar
Sticks and two small packs of delicious Nikki’s butterfly shaped
Cinnamon cookies. Teapot holds 20 oz. and is dishwasher and
microwave safe.
Item No.325833       $35.00
Berry Red Chantal Teapot Only
Item No.800345       $13.00

Each sampler contains
80 tea bags. 5 different

GREEN TEA SAMPLER    380016   $14.50 Premium Green, Jasmine Blossom, Moroccan Mint, Fusion Green & White,
                                                                    Fusion Breakfast, Goji Berry, Ginger Peach, and Pomegranate Raspberry.
WHITE AND GREEN      380017   $14.50 Fusion Green & White, Fusion Red, White & Blueberry, Premium White, Decaf
TEA SAMPLER                                                         Raspberry & White, Decaf Lemon & White, Pomegranate Raspberry
                                                                    Green, Premium Green, and Moroccan Mint Green.
HERBAL SAMPLER       380013   $14.50 Chamomile, Peppermint, Wild Raspberry, Acai Berry, Mango Passionfruit,
                                                                    Licorice Spice, Cinnamon Apple Chamomile, and Lemon Ginger.
FRUIT TEAS SAMPLER   380014   $14.50 Blueberry Superfruit, Peach Black, Wild Raspberry, Lemon Blossom, Cinnamon
                                                                    Apple Chamomile, Mango Passionfruit, Yumberry Blackcurrant, and Orange
                                                                    Spice Black.
ASSORTED             380022   $14.50 English Breakfast, Decaf Earl Grey, Orange Spice, Double Bergamot Earl Grey,
TEAS SAMPLER                                                        Super Irish Breakfast, Peach, Earl Grey, and Chai Spice.

42 Order Toll Free 800-826-4218



A WORLD OF TEA GIFT BASKET           http:/

Finely handwoven basket is filled with a special selection
of teas—Stash Teas of India Darjeeling Summer, Kashmiri
Chai, and Kopili Assam; Yamamotoyama Special Occasion
Green Tea, Jasmine, and China Oolong; Stash Fusion Green
& White, Lemon Ginger, Wild Raspberry, and Sugar Sticks.
This beautiful basket makes a special gift long after the tea is
enjoyed. 90 tea bags. Approx. 9" diameter basket.
Item No.325814       $27.50
Handwoven Basket Only
Item No.832810       $13.00

Perfect for the green tea lover, this attractive gift basket
includes 10 each of our Premium Green, Fusion Green &
White, Jasmine Blossom, Pomegranate Raspberry, Moroccan
Mint, and Green Chai teas. The basket from Indonesia is made
of woven pandan, a natural fiber related to the aloe plant. 60
tea bags.
Item No.325112       $19.95
Basket Only
Item No.832807       $9.00

This pandan basket is filled with an assortment of some of our
newest teas —10cts of our delicious Oolongs — Chocolate
Mint, White Peach, and Coconut Mango, and our popular
Fusion Green & White, and Fusion Red, White & Blueberry
teas. 50 tea bags.
Item No 325835      $19.95

Stash Tea combines 100% natural flavorings with premium
white tea to create delightful pairings. Pandan gift basket
includes Chai White, Decaf Lemon & White, Decaf Raspberry
& White, Fusion Green & White, and Fusion Red, White &
Blueberry. 50 tea bags.
Item No.325125      $19.95

                                          GOLD LEAF DECAF TEAS GIFT BOX
                                          This golden gift box includes 90 tea bags in assorted decaf
                                          flavors—Chai Spice, Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Raspberry &
                                          White, Lemon & White, Chocolate Hazelnut, Premium Green,
                                          Creme Caramel, and Vanilla Nut Creme.
                                          Item No.325107             $16.00
                                          GOLD LEAF HERBAL TEAS GIFT BOX
                                          Includes Cinnamon Apple Chamomile, Lemon Ginger, Licorice
                                                     Spice, Mango Passionfruit, Peppermint, Chamomile,
                                                         Strawberry Pomegranate, Yumberry Blackcurrant,
                                                            and Wild Raspberry. 90 tea bags, all caffeine
                                                              free. (not shown)
                                                                     Item No.325109   $16.00

                                                                       Order Toll Free 800-826-4218 43




                                            STASH SUPERFRUITS TEAS AND SUGAR SWIZZLE STICKS
                                            This quartet of teas features the zing of natural fruit flavor—
                                            Pomegranate Raspberry Green and Mangosteen Green, both with
                                            Matcha; along with Blueberry Superfruit Herbal and Acai Herbal.
                                            40 tea bags and Pomegranate sugar swizzle sticks.
                                            Item No.325809        $12.75

                                            STASH HERBAL TEAS AND SUGAR SWIZZLE STICKS
                                            Clear box is filled with delicious caffeine-free herbal teas —
                                            Peppermint, Wild Raspberry, Blueberry Superfruit, Lemon Ginger,
                                            and sugar swizzle sticks. 40 tea bags.
                                            Item No.330608        $12.75

Our delicious decaffeinated dessert teas combine with sugar swizzle
sticks in this clear box. Enjoy Chocolate Hazelnut, Creme Caramel,
Vanilla Nut Creme, and Chai Spice. 40 tea bags.
Item No.330613     $12.75

A great way to try some of our newest
tea blends. Enjoy 10-count packages of
Strawberry Pomegranate, Chamomile Nights,
Cinnamon Apple Chamomile, and Yumberry
Blackcurrant, all caffeine-free herbals; along
with Fusion Red, White, & Blueberry, Goji
Berry Green, Mangosteen Green, Chocolate
Mint Oolong, Coconut Mango Oolong, and
White Peach Oolong. 10 flavors, 100 tea bags.
(pavina glass not included)
Item No.325706     $18.00

                                                                      STASH ULTIMATE TEA BAG SAMPLER
                                                                      With this extravagant tea bag collection
                                                                      you can savor 36 Stash Tea flavor
                                                                      varieties. 360 tea bags.
                                                                      Item No.328013      $55.00
                                                                      Ultimate Green Tea Sampler
                                                                      23 Green Tea flavor varieties. 230 tea
                                                                      bags. (not shown)
                                                                      Item No.328015      $36.00
                                                                      Ultimate Herbal Tea Sampler
                                                                      15 Herbal Tea flavor varieties. 150 tea
                                                                      bags. (not shown)
                                                                      Item No.328018      $25.00

44 Order Toll Free 800-826-4218


Teapots, Kettles and Mugs           ƒ6QœNK[¶-ƒ6Qœ•èb7,gR¡^•Y'ƒ6Qœ





                                                                                                      C                   D
STIR TEA FOR ONES                                                       B
Take a moment just for you and bring fresh cheer to your tea break with these energizing designs. Bold
and bright, the 10 oz. teapot sits atop a 6 oz. cup. This ceramic tea set makes teatime special. For an
extra special touch, the to/from tag includes a tiny spoon charm, which also makes it the perfect gift.
Dishwasher and microwave safe.

A. Circles Brown and Aqua                                                      D. Circles Pink and Green
Item No.800825      $18.00                                                     Item No.800827       $18.00
B. Climbing Flowers                                                            E. Stripes and Dots
Item No.800828      $18.00                                                     Item No.800829       $18.00
C. Green Zebra                                                                 F. Pink Giraffe
Item No.800824      $18.00                                                     Item No.800826       $18.00

                                                                            WHITE TEA CADDIES
                                                                    D       Brighten your tea break and charm your guests with
                                                                            these milk white porcelain caddies, perfect for resting
                                                                            your spoon, teabag or infuser while you sip. These
                                                                            caddies add a sweet touch to the table. Hand wash.

                                                                                    A. Kitty              C. Teacup
                                                                                    Item No.700484        Item No.700481

   A                                                                                $4.50                 $4.50
                                                                                    B. Owl                D. Teapot
                                                                        C           Item No.700483        Item No.700482
                                                                                    $4.50                 $4.50

Invite someone to explore a world of tea with this white porcelain mug.
Green tea leaves fill the continents, while the phrase ‘Planet Tea’ arcs
between coasts like words on a map. Comfortable in the hands, this
mug is shaped like the globe. Dishwasher and microwave safe, this mug
holds 12 oz.
Item No.600420      $9.00
Sip all day from this porcelain mug, decorated
with tea leaves on a white background. In
all angles and every direction, tea is printed
in letters bold or soft: a tapestry of words.
Dishwasher and microwave safe, the mug holds
a generous 18 oz.
Item No.600419      $13.00

                                                                                    Order Toll Free 800-826-4218 45


                                     É6QúNK[∂-É6QúïËb7,gR°^ Y'É6Qú

CANTEEN MUGS by Bodum                http:/

Enjoy a long, hot cup of tea
at your work desk or over a
book, with these well-made,
attractive mugs. Double-
walled porcelain makes
these mugs extremely
insulating, with a cool-
touch silicone grip in an
assortment of bright colors.
Dishwasher safe. Sold as
a set of 2 mugs. Additional
colors available online.
              Set of two          Set of two                                             Set of two      Set of two
             6 oz./$29.95        11 oz./$39.95                                          6 oz./$29.95    11 oz./$39.95
Red             601901                                  601907                White       601905           601912
Purple          601902                                  601909                Green       601904           601911
Black           601900                                  601906                Magenta     601903           601910

Just add your favorite loose tea and boiling water. When it’s just the strength you like, push the plunger
down. Now you’re ready to pour perfectly delicious tea. Additional colors available online.

             32 oz./$27.95         10 oz./$21.95                                        32 oz./$27.95   10 oz./21.95
Black            801930                                              801900   Green       801920           801913
Magenta          801919                                              801912   Purple      801918           801911
White            801923                                              801916   Brown       801921           801914
Red              801917                                              801910   Gray        801922           801915

An efficient addition to your kitchen, this electric kettle boils water quickly with 1500 watts of power.
Cordless design allows the kettle to be lifted from its base for convenient filling and serving. Features an
exterior water gauge for easy measuring and an automatic shut-off. Made of sturdy and durable BPA-free
acrylic, it also includes a removable filter. Hand wash the kettle; do not submerge base in water.
Holds 56 oz.
Black            800024         $65.00                                        White        800054       $65.00
Green            800044         $65.00                                        Red          800034       $65.00

46 Order Toll Free 800-826-4218

                                     É6QúNK[∂-É6QúïËb7,gR°^ Y'É6Qú


BEEHIVE TEAWARE                      http:/

Reminiscent of mid-century California ceramics, you’ll love these tea cups
and mugs in vibrant colors of the moment. Like
an Asian tea bowl, the tea cup fits nicely
in the hands. It has a high gloss glaze
with a beehive body. The ceramic
infuser basket nests inside the cup.
After steeping, set it on the lid,
which doubles as a saucer. The
tall ceramic infuser mug also
comes with an infuser basket.
Both are dishwasher and
microwave safe. Tea cup
holds 8 oz, the mugs
hold 12 oz.
Additional colors
available online.

Infuser Teacup / $14.00                                              Infuser Tea Mug /$16.00
Lavender                 601764                                      Lavender               601773
Orange                   601762                                      Orange                 601771
Lime                     601763                                      Lime                   601772
Aqua                     601765                                      Aqua                   601774

                                                                                               Delight gardeners and
                                                                                               nature-lovers with
                                                                                               this fanciful ceramic
                                                                                               teaware featuring
                                                                                               the oh-so-important
                                                                                               honeybee. Imagine
                                                                                               a beautiful table with
                                                                                               this set the center of
                                                                                               attention. Dishwasher
                                                                                               and microwave safe.

Teapot (24 oz.)                                                      Set of 4 Cups and Saucers (6 oz.)
Item No.800375      $20.00                                           Item No.600375   $36.00

  PURE™ TEAWARE by Chantal
  The teapot, mugs, and tea caddy are from the Pure™ line of ceramic stoneware. Fired with a clear,
  natural glaze, this teaware is free of coloring agents. The ‘Stout’ mug is substantial and especially
  comfortable to hold. Dishwasher and microwave safe.
  Infuser Mug (10 oz.)
  Item No.600349
  Stout Mug (12 oz.)
  Item No.600907    $8.00
  Tea Caddy
  Item No.700907    $6.00
  Personal Size Teapot
  (20 oz.)
  Item No.800907
                                                                         Order Toll Free 800-826-4218 47




This ceramic teapot is one of those ideas that you wish you’d thought of first. Place your favorite Stash
tea bag in the teapot and slip the tea bag string into the holder. Then, when the tea is brewed to your
liking, simply pull the string until the tea bag sits on the inner shelf to prevent over-steeping. Dishwasher
and microwave safe. Holds 12 oz.
Teapots                      $18.00                    TEABAG CADDY by ForLife
White                      800490                                    This little porcelain caddy can hold a tea bag, infuser,
                                                                     rings at the sink or a spoon by the stove — you’ll find
Turquoise                  800492
                                                                     many uses. Additional colors available online.
Watermelon                 800495
Pumpkin                    800494
                                                                     White                 700485            $4.00
Lime                       800493
                                                                     Red                   700489            $4.00
Sky                        800491
                                                                     Lime                  700487            $4.00
                                                                     Turquoise             700488            $4.00

This porcelain teapot is contemporary style at its best. Fine mesh infusing basket included. Teapot and
cups are dishwasher and microwave safe. Teapot holds 40 oz. Cups hold 6 oz.
Curve Teapots                       $28.00                                Curve Teapots                        $28.00
Paprika                             800486                                Lime                                 800498
White                               800485                                Mandarin Yellow                      800489
Seafoam Sage                        800496
Turquoise                           800487
Red                                 800488

48 Order Toll Free 800-826-4218




This porcelain teapot combines beauty and functionality. An easy-to-use stainless steel lid will make this
teapot a favorite in your home. Teapots are stackable and dishwasher safe; hand wash the infuser. Teapot
holds 14 oz. Not microwave safe.

Gray                                                               Orange
Item No.800834      $22.00                                         Item No.800839    $22.00
Red                                                                Lime
Item No.800838      $22.00                                         Item No.800837    $22.00
Black Graphite
Item No.800833      $22.00
Vanilla White
Item No.800836      $22.00
Marine Blue
Item No.800835      $22.00

Curve Cups (6 oz.)      $5.00 ea. / 4 for $18.00
Paprika                            600486                                   PINK I-POT TEAPOT
                                                                            Think pink! You’ll love this 16 oz.
White                              600485
                                                                            ceramic infuser teapot, with its high
Seafoam Sage                       600496                                   gloss pink color. The angular spout has
Turquoise                          600487                                   a slightly dipped tip for easy pouring,
                                                                            and a removable stainless lid clips onto
Red                                600488
                                                                            the rim above a deep infuser basket.
Lime                               600498                                   Dishwasher safe. Microwave safe when
Mandarin Yellow                    600489                                   stainless steel parts are removed. Add
                                                                            a package of our loose tea for the
                                                                            perfect gift.
                                                                            Item No.800414      $21.00

                                                                       Order Toll Free 800-826-4218 49



SMART KETTLE by Chef’s Choice

Every tea is unique and ideal steeping temperatures vary. Brew a perfect cup every time with this 80 oz.
cordless electric kettle, which heats water to the temperature you select and keeps it hot for 40 minutes.
With 1500 watts, it boils faster and more efficiently than your stovetop or microwave. And with a cool-
touch base, you can set it anywhere. Crafted in stainless steel with a bright LED display, it swivels 360
                                                                           degrees on a black power base.
                                                                           A button on the handle pops the
                                                                           lid open, and a snap-lock keeps
                                                                           it shut while you pour. Automatic
                                                                           safety features prevent it from
                                                                           boiling dry. The cord wraps
                                                                           neatly into the bottom of the
                                                                           base for tidy storage, and a
                                                                           removable screen inside the
                                                                           spout provides extra water
                                                                           filtering. Comes with a brewing
                                                                           guide. Not for dishwasher or
                                                                           microwave use.
                                                                           Item No.800144      $99.99

This pedestal glass mug proclaims its use — ‘Leaf of Tea’ — in the
most charming way. A natural for those who love all things French.
Dishwasher and microwave safe. Mug holds 8 oz. Made in France.
Item No.600120       $10.00 ea.

  A touch of the romantic for serving tea, yet practical,
  too. Screen-printed stainless steel frame. Glass carafe is
  dishwasher safe; not microwave safe. Holds 20 oz.
  Item No.801909       $34.00

                                                                            CAFE MUG
                                                                            This tempered glass mug is
                                                                            perfect for a generous serving
                                                                            of your favorite Stash tea.
                                                                            Rounded shape and handle
                                                                            are comfortable in the hand.
                                                                            Microwave and dishwasher safe.
                                                                            Holds 12 oz.
                                                                            Item No.600053

                                                                            $5.00 ea. / 6 for $26.00
Handsomely crafted, high quality brushed stainless electric tea kettle boils water quickly. Cordless
design allows the kettle to be lifted from its base for convenient filling and serving. The heating element
is hidden, so it’s never in contact with water, eliminating the build-up of mineral deposits. Kettle includes
an exterior water gauge for easy measuring, automatic shut-off, and a convenient on-off switch. Holds
60 oz. Hand wash the kettle; do not submerge base in water.
Item No.800116       $59.95

50 Order Toll Free 800-826-4218




                                                                                           Item No.800145
                                                                                           Stainless Steel
                                                                                           Item No.800149
                                                                                           Item No.800148
                                                                                           Item No.800146
Master the art of brewing. Each tea achieves its potential at a different temperature — delicate
varieties take a cooler infusion, while more robust teas need greater heat. Whatever your favorites
may be, this sleek, 96 oz. kettle will eliminate the guesswork and help you brew it right, every time.
White with a black interior, its porcelain-enameled body has an iron core to conduct and retain
heat. The ergonomic, stainless steel handle with a black silicone grip provides comfort and control.
An easy-to-read, color-coded gauge shows precisely when the ideal temperature has been
reached for your cup of choice. Includes a brewing guide. Whistles at boiling. Not dishwasher safe.
Do not microwave.

Chantal brings its timeless style and
dependable quality to this exceptionally
stylish tea kettle. Its ergonomic handle
ensures a comfortable grip and easy
pouring. Durable heavy-gauge 18/10
stainless steel, it also features a
pleasant-sounding whistle. Holds 80 oz.
Hand wash.
Item No.800120      $54.95

This premium quality 18/10 stainless
steel kettle is perfect for everyday
use on any heat source. Made with a
five-layer base with one layer of thick
aluminum, water heats quickly and
efficiently using less energy. Lid is
extra wide for easy filling and cleaning.
Kettle holds a generous 90 oz. Made in
Belgium. Hand wash.
Item No.800210      $65.00

                                                                     Order Toll Free 800-826-4218 51




 Distinctive yet classic,
 this milk white porcelain
 teapot will delight bird
 lovers as well as those
 who enjoy setting a fine
 table. This versatile teapot
 complements a variety of
 tableware and works with
 casual or more formal looks.
 Dishwasher and microwave
 safe. Holds 32 oz.
 Item No.800372
                            THE ESSENTIAL TEA COMPANION by Victoria
 $34.00                     This book compiles the best of three Victoria books into one beautiful,
                            redesigned volume. With advice on accessories and must-haves, not to
                            mention eight themed menus, you can host any party confidently: from
                            children’s tea parties to bridal showers. And with over 100 sweet and savory
                            recipes, you can mix and match classic treats for any occasion. Bursting with
                            history, facts, resources and lore, this essential guide is as inspiring as it is
                            informative. 203 pages, hardcover.
                            Item No.100124                            $19.95

TEA COZIES by OneMark Creations
Two more tea cozies in the exceptional line of individually hand-crafted cozies from Beaverton, Oregon,
fabric artist Deb Messina. Easily fits over both small and large teapots. Reversible for a different look.
100% cotton; machine washable; line dry.

                                                                      Brown and Aqua Swirls Tea Cozy
                       Reverse side                                   (Shown with Turquoise Curve Teapot, pg 48)
                                                                      Item No.801872       $24.00

                                                                      Brown and Aqua Swirls Tea Wallet
                                                                      Stylishly holds 5 tea bags of your favorite
                                                                      Stash tea.
                                                                      Item No.801972        $9.00

                                                                                          Reverse side

Teatime Tea Cozy
(Shown with Mandarin Yellow Curve Teapot,
pg 48)
Item No.801873        $24.00
Teatime Tea Wallet
Stylishly holds 5 tea bags of your favorite
Stash tea.
Item No.801973        $9.00
52 Order Toll Free 800-826-4218




GARDEN PARTY TEAWARE                                                                           Teacup and Saucer (6 oz.)
Bring the garden to your table! This colorful porcelain teaware is                             Item No.600379       $16.00
patterned in lively images of potted plants, garden tools, birds
                                                                                               Mug (8 oz.)
and snails – a cheerful way to enjoy a cup of tea. Dishwasher and
microwave safe.                                                                                Item No.600378       $11.00
Teapot (40 oz.)                                                                                Creamer/ Sugar
Item No.800376      $28.00                                                                     Item No.700376       $21.00

  Bring delicate teas to perfection with this 20 oz.
  porcelain teapot, crafted for enhanced aromas and
  fuller flavors. The body is wide and low, with a broad
  finely tapering spout. A curving handle offers a roomy
  grip, and a spacious infuser basket allows leaves
  to unfold while steeping. A thoughtful choice for
  a connoisseur of delicate teas. Made In Germany.
  Dishwasher and microwave safe.
  Item No.800364      $29.00

                                                                                                     BROWN BETTY
                                                                                                     With history that goes
                                                                                                     back to the 1600s, the
                                                                                                     Brown Betty is reputed
                                                                                                     by the British to make
                                                                                                     the best pot of tea in the
                                                                                                     world. According to lore,
                                                                                                     the shape of the pot and
                                                                                                     the red terracotta clay
                                                                                                     create a special cup of
                                                                                                     tea. Microwave safe; not
                                                                                                     dishwasher safe. Made
                                                                                                     in England.

Tea for One (12 oz. teapot, 8 oz. cup.)                             Teapot (16 oz.)               Teapot (48 oz.)
Item No.800233     $30.00                                           Item No.800220    $24.00      Not shown.

Sugar and Creamer                                                   Teapot (32 oz.)               Item No.800234      $42.50
Item No.700220     $28.00                                           Item No.800232    $39.00

                                                                                  Order Toll Free 800-826-4218 53


                                      É6QúNK[∂-É6QúïËb7,gR°^ Y'É6Qú


The reflective mirror-like finish
and white interior paired with
a shape that exudes
personality, give these
ceramic teapots an
original look and
appeal. Scratch-
resistant, no-tarnish
glaze and dishwasher
safe. Not for microwave
use. Beautifullyicrafted
in Germany by
Waechtersbach.                                                        Gold Teapot
Holds 32 oz.                                                          Item No.800366
                                                                                                   Titanium Teapot
                                                                                                   Item No.800365

 The most popular pattern ever produced, Blue Willow is an English interpretation of classic blue and
 white Chinese porcelain. In the 1790s the Spode factory in England created the pattern we are familiar
 with today. This lovely modern porcelain version of blue willow teaware is microwave and top rack
 dishwasher safe.
 Teapot (32 oz.)                                                                    Creamer and Sugar
 Item No.800330       $30.00                                                        Item No.700073     $16.00
 Personal Size Teapot (16 oz.)                                                      Teacup and Saucer (4 oz.)
 Item No.800331       $25.00                                                        Item No.600332     $12.00
 Tea Bag Caddy                                                                      Mug (10 oz.)
 Item No.700039       $4.00                                                         Item No.600331     $7.00/4 for $26.00

Finely detailed and full of character, these handcrafted stoneware teapots feature intricate, vivid patterns
on an antique ivory color background. Each teapot is hand painted and signed by the master artist,
continuing the 600 year tradition of fine Polish Stoneware from Boleslawiec. Ensuring years of enjoyment,
the vitrified firing technique results in a chip resistant finish, while a specially formulated glaze maintains a
glossy vibrancy for years. Made in Poland. Dishwasher and microwave safe. Holds 32 oz.

Tapestry Teapot
Item No.800819
Spring Tulips
Item No.800818

54 Order Toll Free 800-826-4218

                                      É6QúNK[∂-É6QúïËb7,gR°^ Y'É6Qú



Elegant simplicity combines with handmade beauty in this teapot made of heat-resistant glassware.
Includes a removable glass infuser for brewing loose leaf and flowering teas. Perfectly complemented by
a glass Sugar and Creamer Set also designed by April Cornell. Dishwasher safe. Not microwave safe.
Holds 40 oz.
                                                                     Matching Creamer and Sugar Set
Item No.800814      $36.00
                                                                     Item No.700814       $18.00

                                                                     GEISHA TEA SET
                                                                     Savor a cup of fragrant tea with this pale Aqua,
                                                                     Asian-inspired teaset. The delicate 16 oz.
                                                                     porcelain teapot is graced with a tiny spout,
                                                                     a chocolate-brown steel handle, and a low,
                                                                     aroma-enhancing body. Four 3 oz. teacups,
                                                                     each with a dainty base and flared rim, are
                                                                     sized for sipping. Packed in a coordinating gift
                                                                     box, this lovely set makes a great gift. Hand
BROCADE TEA MUG                                                      Item No.800316
With a comfortable handle and a graceful                             $33.00
shape, this porcelain mug has an elegant look
and clean lines. Chocolate brown and sky
blue create a striking contrast in an intricate
brocade pattern with a white interior for
instant appeal. Dishwasher and microwave
safe, this mug holds 12 oz.
Item No.600421      $7.50

 In clean lines and shades of blue, a masterfully drawn catfish dips and dives along this porcelain mug -
 smoothly splashing through lilies, up to the sky, back under water. The work of Paul Timman, world-
 renowned tattoo artist specializing in traditional Japanese designs, exudes balance and craftsmanship.
 Dishwasher and microwave safe, mug holds 8 oz.
 Item No.600415       $12.50 ea.
 Simplicity is the key to style. This convenient tray is made to order for carrying tea
 and cups. High gloss white lacquer with a
 black base, it coordinates easily with
 tableware of all colors: a versatile
 addition to any home. 12" square.
 Hand wash.
 Item No.900775

                                                                          Order Toll Free 800-826-4218 55




                                                                  YOU ARE SPECIAL TEA FOR ONE
                                                                  Send a friend your warmest wishes with this
                                                                  charming set. The 12 oz. porcelain teapot stacks
                                                                  neatly on a 8 oz. cup, while on each side, a
                                                                  cupcake is printed across both pieces in paisley
                                                                  and polka dots. The words ‘You are Special’
                                                                  offer a heartfelt reminder from the inner rim and
                                                                  both sides of the teapot - an uplifting gift for any
                                                                  occasion. Packed in a decorative pink and green
                                                                  gift box. Dishwasher and microwave safe.
                                                                  Item No.800815       $27.00

Literature lovers unite! Just the thing for
English teachers, librarians, and every
book lover. Includes a 12 oz. porcelain
mug along with matching coaster packed
in a decorative, re-usable tin. The mug is
dishwasher and microwave safe. The coaster
has a rubber backing to protect the tabletop.
Item No.601886      $20.00
NOVEL-TEA TEAPOT (porcelain; 16 oz.)
Item No.800886 $36.00

Cheery and colorful inspiration for the
dedicated quilter. Includes a 12 oz.
porcelain mug along with a matching
coaster packed in a decorative, re-usable
tin. The mug is dishwasher and microwave
safe. The coaster has a rubber backing to
protect the tabletop.
Item No.601887     $20.00
QUILTERS TEAPOT (porcelain; 16 oz.)
Item No.800887  $36.00

 Ladybug, ladybug, fly away home and cheer my daily tea. This ceramic teaware
 is attractive to display and a welcome addition to collections. Hand wash the
 teapot; mug is dishwasher safe, not microwave safe.
                                                                                  Teapot (48 oz.)
                                                                                  Item No.800802      $22.00
                                                                                  Mug (10 oz.)
                                                                                  Item No.600802      $4.50 ea.

56 Order Toll Free 800-826-4218




Now you can enjoy your favorite Stash Tea with
our namesake Logo Teapot. This personal size
ceramic teapot, made exclusively for us by
Chantal, holds 20 oz. Remember, ‘there’s always
time for tea’ as the teapot cheerily notes on
the back. A perfect addition to your Stash Tea
collection. Dishwasher and microwave safe.
Item No.800727      $12.00
Stash Tea Logo Caddy
Item No.700901      $4.00
                                                                               STASH TEA CERAMIC
                                                                               LOGO MUG
                                                                               Your cup of tea will stay
                                                                               hot in this heavy-duty
                                                                               desk and commuter
                                                                               mug. Well-proportioned
                                                                               and designed, this
                                                                               mug features a coaster
                                                                               bottom to keep rings from
                                                                               marring your desktop.
                                                                               Brushed stainless steel
                                                                               inside. Holds 10 oz.
                                                                               Not dishwasher or
CHALK TALK MUG                                                                 microwave safe.
This ceramic mug has a classic shape, an angular
handle and a chalkboard-black finish. Inside, a                                 Item No.600195      $15.00
crisp stick of chalk, wrapped neatly in tissue paper,
puts the message in your hands. Scrawl a note.                                 TRAVEL MUG
Say ‘hi’. Say ‘sorry’. Say ‘I love you’. Leave a new                           Double-wall stainless
quote or quip for someone each morning. A big hit                              steel travel mug is
among teachers, equally fun for any child-at-heart,                            perfect for your daily
this creative gift is sure to surprise and charm.                              commute. 16 oz.
Dishwasher and microwave safe, this mug holds                                  Hand wash;
10 oz.                                                                         not microwave safe.
Item No.600417      $7.50                                                      Item No.600499

Convenient warmer
keeps your tea
just the right
Great for                                                                       PLUM BLOSSOM SMALL PLATES
the office.
                                                                                Known as ‘ume’ in Japan, plum blossoms
Item No.700000                                                                  symbolize Spring. These versatile porcelain
$9.95                                                                           dishes with their distinctive speckled glazing
                                                                                will bring a welcome pastel note to your table.
Stash Tea Logo Glass Mug
                                                                                3½" diameter. Dishwasher and microwave safe.
Dishwasher and microwave safe, 12 oz.                                           Made in Japan.
Item No.600102       $3.95/4 for $14.00                                         Item No.700863          $12.00

                                                                     INSULATED DESK MUG by Trudeau
                                                                     You can count on these attractive stainless steel mugs
                                                                     to keep hot beverages hot, and cold beverages cold.
                                                                     The matching lid seals tightly and adds to the insulating
                                                                     properties. Unbreakable and stain resistant, this mug is made
                                                                     by Trudeau, a Canadian company devoted to innovative
                                                                     houseware products since 1889. Faux leather on the mug
                                                                     and handle. Holds 14 oz. Hand wash; not microwave safe.
                                                                     Pink Desk Mug                      Brown Desk Mug
                                                                     Item No.600131      $18.00         Item No.600132   $18.00
                                                                                    Order Toll Free 800-826-4218 57




                                                                                       ALICE IN WONDERLAND
                                                                                       More items for Alice fans
                                                                                       by Cardew Design! ‘This is
                                                                                       the most curious tea party
                                                                                       I’ve ever been to,’ says Alice
                                                                                       on this whimsical teapot.
                                                                                       Join the adventurous Alice
                                                                                       and her friends the Mad
                                                                                       Hatter and the March Hare
                                                                                       as you gather for your own
                                                                                       teatime. A larger teapot (48
                                                                                       oz.), mugs, and a creamer
                                                                                       and sugar join this popular
                                                                                       collection. Hand wash this
                                                                                       delightful ceramic teaware.
                                                                                       Not microwave safe.
 Teapot (48 oz.)                Mug (8 oz.)                                      Creamer
 Item No.800817     $60.00      Item No.600818                                   Item No.700817       $16.00
                                $10.00 ea. / 4 for $36.00
 Teapot (16 oz.)                                                                 Sugar
                                Set of 4 Teacups and Saucers                                          $16.00
 Item No.800717     $36.00                                                       Item No.700717
                                Item No.600817                    $50.00

 May I pour you a bit of tea? Little ones now have their very own Alice in Wonderland tea set for hours
 of pretend and make-believe. Expertly crafted with exquisite detail, this porcelain tea set will delight
 all children (even the young at heart.) Hand wash, not microwave safe.

 Item No.880801       $40.00                                                                 TRAY
                                                                                             Measures 12" x 6"
                                                                                             Dishwasher and
                                                                                             microwave safe.
                                                                                             Item No.900801

Alerting all Mothers, Grandmas, Aunts, and Godmothers —
this is the tea set we all wanted as kids and now can share
with the darling girls in our lives. Lovingly made in Germany
by Reutter Porcelain, a company with a 50-year tradition of
craftsmanship. This 15 piece porcelain set includes miniature
cups, saucers, plates, teapot, creamer and sugar and four
little spoons in a beautiful fabric-covered carrying case.
(Handle of case may vary)
Item No.880019      $60.00

                                                                      ALICE IN WONDERLAND MUG
                                                                      AND COASTER SET
                                                                      This enchanting porcelain mug and coaster
                                                                      packed in a decorative, re-usable tin, is
                                                                      guaranteed to appeal to Alice in Wonderland
                                                                      fans. The mug is dishwasher and microwave
                                                                      safe. Holds 12 oz. The coaster has a rubber
                                                                      backing to protect the tabletop.
                                                                      Item No.601001      $20.00

58 Order Toll Free 800-826-4218



                                   http:/                 CAT NAP MUG
                                                                         Enjoy a quiet cup of tea before bed or
                                                                         over breakfast with this 12 oz. porcelain
                                                                         mug. Painted in soft tones of red, green
                                                                         and yellow, a white cat curls up in a cozy,
                                                                         comforting mood. Inside the flared rim, ‘cat
                                                                         on a yellow cushion’ is written in French,
                                                                         punctuated by paw prints. Hand wash.
                                                                         Item No.601786        $7.50 ea.

Who’s got the cutest tea set?
That would be you with this owl teapot and two
matching cups. Quality is evident in the set’s
detailing which features a textured stoneware
exterior that adds to the natural beauty of the
pieces. Gift boxed. Hand wash. Not microwave
safe. Made in Japan. Teapot has a stainless steel                    DANCING FAIRIES TEA FOR ONE
infuser and holds 12 oz. Cups 6 oz.                                  Join the twirling, spinning, and magic
                                                                     wand-waving fairies in a cup of tea from this
Item No.800251       $45.00                                          delightful porcelain set, and you can’t help
                                                                     but smile. Teapot holds 12 oz; cup 6 oz. Hand
                                                                     wash. Not microwave safe.
COOL CATS TEAWARE                                                    Item No.800811        $16.00
Fun, retro teaware includes a teapot, mugs, a
tea for one and tea bag caddies. Each piece is
decorated with slinky-looking felines. The pieces
are all stoneware; dishwasher and microwave safe.                  COOL CATS TRAVEL MUG
                                                                   For feline fans who can’t get
Set of 4 Mugs with Coasters (8 oz.)
                                                                   enough of our Cool Cats
Item No.600009       $50.00                                        teaware, here’s a stainless
                                                                   steel travel mug that’s purr-fect
Set of 4 Tea Bag Caddies
                                                                   for traveling between home
Item No.700410       $14.00                                        and work. Holds 14 oz. Not
Tea for One with Saucer                                            dishwasher or microwave safe.
(12 oz. teapot, 6 oz. cup)                                         Item No.600130       $14.00
Item No.800708       $21.00
Teapot (36 oz.)
Item No.800092       $22.50

                                                                                                  COOL CATS
                                                                                                  PERSONAL SIZE
                                                                                                  Stoneware teapot
                                                                                                  with stainless steel
                                                                                                  infuser (16 oz.)
                                                                                                  Item No.800499
                                                                        Order Toll Free 800-826-4218 59



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Design/Art Director: Esther Poleo-Appel Design • Photography: Studio 3 • Stylist: Lucy Radys • Prepress: Color Technology • Printing: R.R. Donnelley • On the cover: Curve Teapot and cups, pg 48; Michel Designs Tulips Tray, back cover.

STASH TEA CATALOG                                          http:/
This attractive handmade wooden tray
captures the beauty of gently worn, well-loved
objects. It has a decoupaged top and sides,
antiqued edges, and a felt-covered bottom.
Tray measures 20" x 13.75" x 2.75". Easy
care—simply wash with mild detergent and
warm water.
Item No.900712                                    $36.00
Lavender Fleur
Item No.900711                                    $36.00
Tulips (Shown on the cover)
Item No.900710    $36.00

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