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					TITLE:      Supervisor for English Language Learners (ELL)                            LJD-
            Job Description


     1. Valid PA Supervisory or Administrative Certificate (Completed or in progress)
     2. Master’s Degree in Supervision, Educational Administration, English as a Second
         Language/Bilingual Education, or related academic area
     3. Instructional Certificate
     4. Minimum of 5 years teaching, with experience in ESL/Bilingual Education
     5. Second language proficiency required, Spanish preferred
     6. Ability to coordinate district-wide initiatives
     7. Adept at using differentiated instructional strategies
     8. Strong knowledge of reading, writing, speaking, and listening standards, assessments,
         and proven-effective practices in instructional delivery for English Language
     9. Strong written and oral communications skills using both formal and informal styles
         as appropriate for audience and purpose
     10. Interpersonal, problem-solving, and organizational skills to effectively facilitate and
         manage curriculum development, training, classroom support, and resource/budget
     11. Alternatives to the above that the School Board may find appropriate

REPORTS TO:         Coordinator for English Language Learners (ELL)

SUPERVISES:         Not applicable

JOB GOAL:           To provide leadership and support for a high-quality ESL program that
                    provides services to English Language Learners, prepares them to meet or
                    exceed proficiency on external assessments, and ensures their success in
                    general education programs.


     1. Monitor implementation of curriculum, instruction, assessment and resources for
     2. Provide direction and support for the International School.
     3. Work with Coordinator for ELL to disseminate information and provide training
        related to screening, testing, identifying, exiting, and monitoring ELL students.
     4. Understand and be committed to meeting the unique social and academic needs of
        ELL students.
     5. Work with Coordinator for ELL to ensure compliance with federal, state, and district
        regulations, policies, and procedures for identifying and meeting the needs of ELL
     6. Work collaboratively with principals to hire effective teachers
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TITLE:      Supervisor for English Language Learners (ELL)                            LJD-
            Job Description
     7. Provide feedback to ELL teachers through the district’s
         Observation/Supervision/Evaluation (O/S/E) process
     8. Monitor the effectiveness of instruction and services for English Language Learners.
     9. Work with Coordinator for ELL to develop data collection and dissemination,
         research, materials, and technical assistance for the ELL instructional programs
         related to achievement, attendance, drop-outs, gifted, graduation rate, and special
     10. Assist with statewide/district assessment for ELL students.
     11. Facilitate delivery of ELL services to all special education students served through IU
         13 classes and through SDoL special education services.
     12. Work with Coordinator for ELL to establish and oversee a Parent/Staff/Community
         Advisory Committee for ELL.
     13. Work with Coordinator for ELL to facilitate conversations with parents, teachers,
         administrators, and central office personnel to obtain input and assistance in
         designing and implementing programs and supports for English Language Learners.


     1.     Develop educational contracts related to Federal, State, and local funding
            resources that support increased student achievement and professional
     2.     Develop and write grant proposals for entitlement programs and seek new funding
            sources that are aligned with the district Strategic Plan and support student
            achievement through targeted use of Federal, State, and local funds
     3.     Integrate work with other members of OTL and Student Services:
                    a.      facilitate engagement of other coordinators in services and
                            programs for ELL;
                    b.      contribute to work of other coordinators; and
                    c.      work collaboratively as part of flexible, project-based work teams
                            with duties shifting according to the changing needs of the projects
     4.     Support schools with high stakes testing


     Twelve-month year. Salary to be established by the Board.


     Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with provisions of the Board’s
     policy on Evaluation of Personnel

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TITLE:       Supervisor for English Language Learners (ELL)                           LJD-
             Job Description

      Physical Demands:
             Travel to schools in the district
             Standing for limited periods of time
             Frequent bending and stooping
             Light to moderate lifting
             Repetitive movement of fingers and hands for keyboarding

      Sensory Abilities:
             Visual acuity to read correspondence and computer screen
             Auditory acuity to be able to use telephone and to greet visitors
             Ability to speak clearly and distinctly

            Ability to work as a member of a team
            Must be courteous and able to deal effectively with people
            Must be cooperative, congenial and service oriented
            Ability to work with little supervision
            Ability to be flexible

      Mental Demands:
             Interpret, analyze, and problem solve
             Organize and manage heavy work load in high pressure work environment
             High degree of perseverance

             Office, school, and various learning environments
             Public meeting and presentation settings

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