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Search Engine Optimization Copywriting, Revealed


you’ll find a recommended list of resources that I personally use. I take this page very seriously, and you will not find anything on here that I don’t personally use at least several times per week. My goal is to eventually have EVERY SINGLE useful product that I personally use listed here, along with a video explaining exactly how I use it.

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									   Search Engine Optimization Copywriting,

To SEO or not to SEO, that is the question. If you say, yeah, let’s SEO then you want to
implement SEO Copywriting. So what is SEO Copywriting. Simply put, SEO Copywriting is
nothing more than creating web content that is readable to human readers and optimized for the
search engines.

Original content that has been optimized to keep the search engine happy has all of the elements
and targeted terms which are inserted naturally without breaking the flow and style of the
sentence the leads to an easily understood piece of writing.

Alot of newbies or over zealous marketers, believe that the more keyword stuffing they do the
better, when in fact the opposite is true. When you approach integrating your keywords naturally,
they will then be picked up by search engine spiders to be used to display your site in search
results without triggering any red flags.

The takeaway here is that we do not want you to end up unhappy like most people when it comes
to search engine optimized copywriting because they tend to haphazardly and randomly
introduce keywords with no thought for the reader and their ability to get value and comprehend
the content.

In contrast, the skilled SEO copywriter will create highly readable content as the keywords are
added as an integral part of the sentences. The goal of this content is to offer value and advice on
effective SEO copywriting and how it should be done correctly.

Another tip to help you provide value and sprinkle in your keywords for an SEO copywriting
compliant content is to use lists and/or bullet points to break your articlet into small chunks of
information. This technique helps make your content more legible and also compliments the
design of your webpage, not to mention that people absolutely love top anything lists or the best
blank of blank.

Bullets and lists also makes it extremely easy for the reader to scroll back to whatever point
peaked there interest or provided the most value, without having to search through a all of the
content, to end up frustrated that they could not find it. The other benefit is that the reader can
easily scan through the content and in short order get a the gist and grab the bits and pieces of
content that most interest them.

The big aha here is that in order to create SEO Copywriting compliant content, you have two
distinct goals that you want to accomplish. Your primary objective is to provide value added
content that is informative and has the recommended 1-2% keyword density sprinkled in
naturally. Secondly, that you are writing in a manner that is search engines friendly, if you wish
to rank well and also gain organic traffic that converts.
Search Engine Optimization Copywriting,

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