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					                           JOB DESCRIPTION FOR

The Pastor of Discipleship & Families will provide staff support to shepherd and
equip the saints of Whittier Hills Baptist Church to thrust them out as Kingdom
citizens to shine in a dark world. He will oversee discipleship ministries for all age
groups and give pastoral leadership to families. He will give special attention to
children and their families as well as Life Groups and Adult Bible Communities. He
will serve other ministries as needs and interest arise.

1.  Must be a member of the church in good standing.

2.    Must live an exemplary life before those he serves, meeting the qualifications
      of an elder as delineated in I Timothy 3 and Titus 1. Humility, teachability,
      loyalty and personal holiness are of utmost importance.

3.    Must understand and support the church purpose, priorities, vision, and
      guiding principles. As a staff member, heart and mind must be committed to
      serving others, supporting the staff and cultivating team ministry.

4.    Must have the respect and support of the church membership and his family.

5.    Must demonstrate leadership, effective people skills and a consistent desire
      and ability to train and liberate others to minister.

6.    Must be a self-starter with motivation to follow through with limited

7.    Must be continually pursuing personal growth in Christ and exercise of
      personal gifts and abilities.

8.    Must be able to support the senior pastor and complement his ministry with
      enthusiasm and wisdom.

9.    Must be a real team player who thrives on interaction and works well with

10.   Must share the ministry vision and values already in place for assisting and
      equipping parents as they seek to disciple their children as well as for
      providing “substance” oriented programming for the children.

11.   Must have a heart for outreach and a passion to see both the people and the
      structures under his oversight reflect this passion in practical ways. He must
      see his primary calling as thrusting out Kingdom citizens to shine in a dark
      world and see his ministry as the means to accomplish this.

Full-time staff are expected to serve the needs of the ministry without compulsion
and with joy. As a guide, at least 50 hours per week should be customary. Still,
appropriate time for family and stewardship of self (health, exercise, refreshment)
must be kept within the priority structure. A regular plan of office time and "off"
time will be made with the Executive Pastor.

1. The Pastor of Discipleship & Families will provide pastoral leadership and support
   for families, giving specific attention to equipping and encouraging parents to
   disciple their children wisely and well. He will give significant attention to
   providing counsel, resources and programming that will support them in this

2. The Pastor of Discipleship & Families will provide leadership for major discipling
   ministries to adults. He will focus on casting vision, giving guidance, providing
   accountability, and recruiting & developing leaders for these ministries. The
   primary areas of focus will be Life Groups and Adult Bible Communities (ABC’s).
      a. He will help leadership of these ministries focus on the kind of disciples
         being produced, not simply on the kind of inputs they are giving in their
      b. He will help leadership of these ministries make practical adjustments to
         ministry to move people into engaging redemptively in the world.

3. The Pastor of Discipleship & Families will provide strategic and hands on
   leadership for elementary ministries (including AWANA).
      a. He will continually develop and equip a ministry team to oversee all
         ministries related to this life stage and will have a strong presence with
         them in the ministry. He must see himself as a people developer, both in
         discovering/leading his ministry team and in the way he leads ministry to
         children and their families.
      b. He will make outreach to families a high priority in the ministry structures
         and will encourage it in the lives of the families who are already involved
         at Whittier Hills.
      c. He will develop the ministry vision to have a deep impact on the students,
         valuing “fun” yet focusing on “substance” in the overall programming.
      d. He will work closely with other ministries involving children and their

4. The Pastor of Discipleship & Families will provide overall leadership and support
   for early childhood ministries, giving direct oversight and encouragement to the
   E. C. Director and partnering with her in discipling the children and their families
   in life-stage relevant ways.

5. The Pastor of Discipleship & Families will provide overall leadership and support
   for Student Ministries, giving direct oversight and encouragement to the Jr. High
   Director and High School Pastor.

6. The Pastor of Discipleship & Families will serve as a pastor/overseer “at large”
   and provide leadership, shepherding and support for the body at large as
   needed. He will serve as part of the pastoral and overseer ministry teams, with
   a heart for and eye to the body as a whole, not simply the functions that fall
   under his direct purview.

7. As part of a greater ministry team, the Pastor of Discipleship & Families will
   cooperate and partner with other leaders and ministries and will enthusiastically
   contribute his help and leadership in other areas when and where needed.


      This position begins with an annual salary as established by the overseers
      plus inclusion in our medical plan for the pastor and his family (includes
      dental). Provision is also made for life and disability insurance ($10/month
      and $1,000/year, respectively, toward self-held policies). A reasonable
      budget for personal expenses of ministry, books and subscriptions is also
      provided. Ministry related conferences and funding for further education will
      also be made available whenever the situation warrants. An annual review
      will be conducted with appropriate recommendations for salary adjustment
      made by the overseer staff review committee. After two years tenure, this
      position also includes participation in a retirement plan (according to policy).


      Three weeks per year of paid vacation will be provided, according to staff
      policy. Appropriate time for ministry training and conferences will also be
      provided with prior approval. Paid holidays are also given according to
      established policy (currently 10 per year).


      The Pastor of Discipleship & Families is under the direct oversight of the
      Executive Pastor and ultimately responsible to the Senior Pastor and Board of
      Overseers. He is a voting member of the overseer board. He will interface
      and cooperate with a wide variety of other ministries and leaders.