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									                  The 2009 Penola Coonawarra Arts Festival in conjunction with Penley Estate Winery present

                                            frames from
                                            the edge
                            A photographic exhibition that showcases the unique and challenging work

                                         of international photographic artist, Andrew Dunbar

                                                            Exhibition Dates:
                                                      May 14th – June 9th, 2009
                                                         Penley Estate Winery
                                           McLeans Road, Coonawarra, S.A. 5263, Australia
                                             T: 8736 3211     E:

                                                          Cellar Door Hours
                                                          10am - 4pm Daily

                In conjunction with 'Frames from the Edge', Andrew Dunbar will be presenting a Photography Master Class
                     Frames from the Edge showcases the unique and challenging work of international photographic artist, Andrew Dunbar. In this exhibition Dunbar presents an

                     amalgamation of his conceptual work, a photographic tableaux that transports the viewer into a world of illusion and drama offering us the chance to transcend

                     subject matter, and enter Dunbar’s world of light and shade.

                     This exhibition will be the most comprehensive exploration of Dunbar's conceptual photography in Australia and features a selection of his thought provoking

                     and iconographic work, numerous of which have never been published or exhibited before. Dunbar’s mixture of intriguing scenarios, bold lighting, and striking

                     compositions provide an insight into his imaginative and graphic photographic style, where he creates narratives that often centre on themes where his subjects

                     are presented in a boundless array of pictorial ideas.

                     Individually each photograph expresses a different message, and within the medium itself, there are great variations in tone, and expression. So too are Dunbar’s

                     techniques as he moves from abstraction to figurative, and from colour to black and white. Included in this exhibition are signature images such as 'Viva Las Vegas',

                     'Honey, I’m Home', and 'Penny' that have been drawn from Dunbar's vast archive. Collectively, all the photographs illustrate his ability to use the camera to present

                     a vast array of photographic techniques that almost become the expression itself.

                     As the exhibition title ‘Frames from the Edge‘ implies, the photographs are intended to intrigue and to fascinate drawing us into a world of illusion, a world that

                     Dunbar creates in his imagination, from an idea to the concept, and from the concept to a resolved photograph.

                     Limited Edition Photographs:

                     With an emphasis on collectors and the public the photographs exhibited at Penley Estate Winery are limited editioned framed prints; each of them hand signed & numbered

                     by the photographer.
                                               Andrew Dunbar's unique photographic style has positioned him as a contemporary master in photography. He has a reputation as being a photographer of

                                               striking versatility as well as one of the Australia's finest photographic printmakers. During his career he has produced one of the most visually poetic, diverse, and

                                               meaningful bodies of work to come out of Australia.

                                               Dunbar's photography has endured for almost two decades, and is as expressive and mysterious as when it first appeared. You get the feeling he must, at some

                                               formative period has been entranced by the medium as means to express his deeply rooted social and artistic conscience. His early work ranges from direct

                                               photojournalism and moody atmospheric images, to stark portraits and sensual nudes. It was these early years of experimentation and exposure to the work of

                                               Diane Arbus, Bob Carlos Clarke, Helmut Newton and other surrealist masters that made a lasting impression and gave Dunbar, in his own words, ‘the inspiration

                                               and confidence to express myself through photography’.

                                               After returning to Australia in the mid 1980s, having studied photography in United States, he worked in advertising photography before electing to continue his

                                               studies; his interest in photography bloomed during his years of study and later received a Master in Photography through the Australian Institute of Professional

                                               Photography. Within a few years Dunbar was established as a first-call fashion, commercial and advertising photographer with his work gracing the pages of

                                               magazines such as 'Vogue', 'Marie Claire', 'Cleo', 'Belle', to name a few. His work has since appeared in over eighty countries through books, magazines, exhibitions,

                                               billboards, posters, postcards, motion pictures, and television documentaries.

                                               It was soon after this Dunbar's direction changed dramatically electing to produce imaginative and thought provoking images for exhibition. No longer suppressed

                                               by the constraints and rhetoric of the advertising and fashion industry he embarked on producing photographs that have been described as in typical Dunbar style:

                                               dichotomous, coherent and lucid yet challenging and confrontational. These innovative and intensely personal interpretations of the human body ranged from close-

                                               up studies to social investigations in which fantasy and reality often merge. It was during this time that, with a growing a social awareness that Dunbar produced a

                                               series of studies of social portraits that he titled CHIAROSCURO, emphasizing the communicative ability he had discovered within the medium itself.

                                               In this distillation of social and economic observations he documents the concerns of individual and urban alienation, inviting the viewer to consider the ramifications

                                               of materialism within our consumer driven culture. Chiaroscuro contains both bleak and beautiful images that promise to provoke and entertain whilst playing with

                                               the elements of light and shade. Dunbar is perhaps most celebrated for this series NEW BODY OF ART that he and painter Anthony Chiappin, produced over several

                                               years, the majority of which transport the viewer into a world of illusion, drama and colour. This amalgamation of painting and photography helped re-ignite the

                                               phenomenon of body painting worldwide.
                                               Dunbar's monochrome nudes rank as some of his most beautiful and subversive works. While revealing in encrustations of detail, his close-ups of the body are also

                                               strangely fetishistic, particularly when considered in the context of Dunbar's more overtly provocative imagery as seen in his series Body Piercing; He has described

                                               sensual imagery in general as 'a delicate conspiracy between the imagination and the reality'. In 1998, his book entitled BODY PIERCING was published. With an

                                               array of sensual imagery and flawless black and white photography it was soon to be a worldwide bestseller. In the case of such images as these, the photographer's

                                               creative expression certainly inspires the imagination and is a strong part of the work's success. In other cases his vision forms itself into depictions of unlikely

                                               congress: This is Dunbar’s way of highlighting that we do not have to manufacture beauty: our bodies as our environment, are sites of undiluted beauty, complexity

                                               and intrigue.

                                               By the year 2000, Dunbar's photographs underwent yet another refinement in subject matter, continuing to challenge the definition of photography and our

                                               collective consciousness. In his investigations of ‘education through art’ he becomes the recorder of tenderness and tragedy, dignity and despair where his

                                               photographs function as a point where global inequality, capitalism, and social concerns are brought into focus. Each of Dunbar's bodies of work reflects his frame

                                               of mind at the time: an open process that leads him into worlds wherein he explores and uncovers layers of life that are often in transition. His images have a varied

                                               formal vitality that express his observations in a lyrical visual language that is his own. ‘I have always found it incredibly difficult to talk about my work and ideas. I

                                               suppose a lot of what I do is instinctual and therefore found it easier expressed through photography.’

                                               Today Dunbar's work has been widely exhibited. Poignant exhibitions include Chiaroscuro, New Body of Art, Windows to the Soul, Body Piercing, Wine in Focus,

                                               The Children of Nyumbani, Ten Years On, Nakkondi/Look, Skin Talks, Australian Aboriginals, Vintage, La Habana Cuba, Cuadros Desde el Extremo, CUBA - La

                                               Revolución y La Habana Contemporánea, Humo Azul, and The Painted Body. Since 1996 he has been the recipient of over 60 awards and commendations including

                                               The Australian Editorial Photographer of the Year and the prestigious Ilford Trophy. In the United States his work been exhibited alongside such luminaries as Annie

                                               Leibovitz, Man Ray, Irving Penn, Greg Gorman, Edward S. Curtis, Diane Arbus, Susan Faludi and Paul Outerbridge, Jr. More recently he has also exhibited with the

                                               Epic Cuban Revolutionary Photographers, Alberto Korda, Liborio Noval, Roberto and Osvaldo Salas.

                                               Andrew Dunbar is a founding member of The Society of Advertising, Commercial and Magazine Photographers. He has also been a member of the National

                                               Association of Visual Artists, The Arts Law Centre of Australia, The Royal Photographic Society, The International Society for Education through Art, The International

                                               Association of Art, UNESCO, and has been awarded a Master of Photography by The Australian Institute of Professional Photography. Dunbar's extensive reach into

                                               popular culture through his work has contributed to the international platform of creative photography and the diversity of the medium itself. Dunbar currently

                                               resides in Australia, sharing his time between commercial and artistic photography, each year spending time working and exhibiting abroad.
                               Penny, 1997                  Steve, 1998               Honey, I'm Home!                   Cheryl

                            Giclée Fine Art Print        Giclée Fine Art Print        Giclée Fine Art Print        Giclée Fine Art Print
                               25cm x 25cm                  25cm x 25cm                  25cm x 25cm                  25cm x 25cm
                             Limited Edition 20           Limited Edition 20           Limited Edition 20           Limited Edition 20
                         Signed, titled & editioned   Signed, titled & editioned   Signed, titled & editioned   Signed, titled & editioned

                               Steven, 1998                 Mollie, 2002                 Louise, 2003               Welcome, 2006

                            Giclée Fine Art Print        Giclée Fine Art Print        Giclée Fine Art Print        Giclée Fine Art Print
                               25cm x 25cm                  25cm x 25cm                  25cm x 25cm                  25cm x 25cm
                             Limited Edition 20           Limited Edition 20           Limited Edition 20           Limited Edition 20
                         Signed, titled & editioned   Signed, titled & editioned   Signed, titled & editioned   Signed, titled & editioned

                             Hoot Hoot, 1997            Viva Las Vegas, 1995          Pair on Chair, 1998         The Sunflower, 1996

                         Ilforchrome Fine Art Print   Ilforchrome Fine Art Print   Ilforchrome Fine Art Print   Ilforchrome Fine Art Print
                                100cm x 75cm                 100cm x 75cm                 100cm x 75cm                 100cm x 75cm
                              Limited Edition 30           Limited Edition 30           Limited Edition 30           Limited Edition 30
                         Signed, titled & editioned   Signed, titled & editioned   Signed, titled & editioned   Signed, titled & editioned

                         Winter Washington, 2003             Lizzy, 1998                Sleeping, 2005             The Penguin, 2000

                            Giclée Fine Art Print        Giclée Fine Art Print        Giclée Fine Art Print        Giclée Fine Art Print
                               50cm x 40cm                  50cm x 40cm                  50cm x 40cm                  50cm x 40cm
                             Limited Edition 20           Limited Edition 20           Limited Edition 20           Limited Edition 20
                         Signed, titled & editioned   Signed, titled & editioned   Signed, titled & editioned   Signed, titled & editioned
                         Photography Master Class: In conjunction with the exhibition 'Frames from the Edge' at Penley Estate Winery, award-winning photographer Andrew Dunbar will be

                         presenting a Photography Master Class.

                         Andrew is a multi-disciplinary photographer and has been working as a professional photographer for the past twenty years. Commercially he has worked in the

                         USA, Australia, Canada, Africa, India, Europe, Iceland, Cuba, and the Middle East. His art photography is housed in numerous collections including the ‘National

                         Museum of Australia’s’ permanent collection.

                         Today, his work has been seen in over eighty countries through books, magazines, exhibitions, billboards, posters, postcards, motion pictures, and television

                         documentaries. His knowledge and expertise of different photographic fields as advertising, fashion, editorial, photojournalism, and photographic art provide him

                         with the skills to help people understand the principles behind successful photography.

                         The Master Class is ideal for all levels of photography practice, and aims to provide the audience with the fundamental principles of professional photography and

                         information to enhance their own expressive images. Topics covered in the presentation include: pre-production, composition, lens selection, lighting technique,

                         black & white or color, directing models, depth of field, and careers in photography. Scanning, printing, and color management will be also discussed.

                         Andrew will also talk about his extraordinary life in photography. In this intimate look at the artist, we get a close-up view of the artist's life and work. He is sure to

                         captivate with his combination of information and anecdote, while a question and answer session will give the audience an opportunity to gain information from

                         one of Australia's leading photographers.

                         Also available for participants of the Master Class is the chance to win an original signed photograph by the artist.

                         The Master Class will take place at Penley Estate Winery, McLeans Road, Coonawarra on either:

                         Saturday May 16th, 2009 - 10am - 2.00pm

                         Sunday May 17th, 2009 - 10am - 2.00pm

                         Tickets cost $160.00 and includes the Master Class on Saturday or Sunday, an information kit, light lunch and refreshments.

                         You can register for the Master Class by contacting The Penola Coonawarra Visitor Information Centre T: 08 8737 2855 (places limited)
                                        The Penola Coonawarra Arts Festival, now in its 18th year, has grown to become one of regional Australia's leading arts festivals. We welcome visitors from the

                                        Limestone Coast, Adelaide, Western Victoria and Melbourne. We enjoy sharing our wonderful lifestyle with our visitors, if only during this one weekend of the


                                        The festival celebrates the literary and arts heritage of Penola, the fine wines of Coonawarra and our premium regional produce. We invite you to come join us

                                        this May 15-18, 2009. Come and let your creativity run wild, lose yourself amongst the art, colour, words, music, food and wine! Whenever possible the festival

                                        committee uses local businesses and people for all work associated with the festival. We believe that the Limestone Coast is filled with talented and creative

                                        individuals and hope that in some small way we can shine some light on their talent, work, product or service.

                                        Our festival is organised and run by a dedicated team of local volunteers who strongly believe that an event like this brings our community closer together through

                                        the sharing of the arts experience. The festival committee is a voluntary, non-profit group that has now successfully conducted sixteen festivals in our community. The

                                        festival evolved from a literary luncheon with former Penola Hig School students, Peter Goldsworthy and Heather Nimmo, as guest speakers in 1991. An interested

                                        group was then prompted by Max Harris in November 1991 to consider why no pilgrimage to Penola had eventuated as John Shaw Neilson was "...the nation’s most

                                        loved lyric poet..."

                                        In response, this group of Penola residents convened and organized the 1992 John Shaw Neilson Commemorative Week to coincide with the 50th anniversary of

                                        his death, and so the Penola Festival was born. It is a contemporary celebration of the Literary and Arts heritage of its community and initially featured exhibitions

                                        by artists, music performances, a Writers’ Weekend from which came the ‘Vintage Serie’s of books, a national competition for the Max Harris Literary Awards, a

                                        Village Fair and a Farmers’ Market.

                                        The Festival takes place annually during the third weekend of May following vintage and is intended to highlight excellence through the involvement of local,

                                        national and international artists. It promotes Penola’s rich literary and cultural heritage through its programme. It has evolved and matured since its inception and

                                        in 2003 amalgamated with the Coonawarra Vignerons to create The Penola Coonawarra Arts Festival. It therefore celebrates the literary and arts heritage of Penola

                                        and the fine wines of Coonawarra, featuring exhibitions, workshops and performances not only in Penola, but also in each of Coonawarra's cellar door outlets.

                                        In this way the only arts based festival in the Limestone Coast was broadened and it is one of the few festivals in regional South Australia that has generated

                                        significant cultural tourism with an easily recognisable wine brand in ‘Coonawarra’.
                                        The combination of Penola’s heritage and Coonawarra’s reputation, enhanced through the many workshops, exhibitions, performances and working artists in the

                                        wineries, has expanded the community’s appreciation of, and commitment to, the arts. “Penola was once referred to by the late Max Harris as ‘the national capital

                                        of the Australian psyche’ because of its associations with so many outstanding individuals, including pioneer educator the Blessed Mary MacKillop; scientist and

                                        priest Julian Tenison Woods; John Riddoch, the founder of Coonawarra; explorers John Rymill and Lawrence Wells; and poets Adam Lindsay Gordon, Will Ogilvie,

                                        and John Shaw Neilson.” (Margaret Muller, founding committee member) The Penola Coonawarra Arts Festival has highlighted the marriage of Literature, the Arts,

                                        Wine and Food, and has provided very positive links with cultural tourism.

                                        As Mary MacKillop once said: “Little did either of us then dream of what was to spring from so small a beginning”. The Penola Coonawarra Arts Festival has become

                                        a unique, significant and sustained cultural event in the calendar of regional South Australia.

                                        Penola & Coonawarra

                                        The home(s) of the Penola Coonawarra Arts Festival - Penola and Coonawarra are located in the Limestone Coast, in the south-east corner of South Australia.

                                        Halfway between the capital cities of Adelaide and Melbourne the district is a great place to spend some time enjoying the best things in life (and one of Australia's

                                        best regional festivals). We love living here and enjoy sharing our 'great'' way of life with visitors.

                                        Penola - Cultural and Artistic Heritage, Well Blended

                                        The Limestone Coast's oldest town has a strong reputation as the centre of culture in the region. Home to just 1,500 residents the town is a fantastic mix of the old

                                        and the new. The main street features art galleries, a cellar door, two hotels and cafes. Famous names that have called the town home include John Shaw Neilson,

                                        Adam Lindsay Gordon, Will Ogilvie, Blessed Mary MacKillop and Father Julian Tension Woods. The traditional home of the festival the town lives and breathes all

                                        things cultural during the festival weekend.

                                        Coonawarra - Australia's Other Red Centre

                                        Coonawarra is located 10km north of Penola and 40km south of Naracoorte on the Riddoch Highway. The township did not happen by chance. It was founded over a

                                        century ago by John Riddoch whose aim was to provide employment, encourage immigration and to stimulate closer settlement by sub-dividing his large estate. Fast

                                        forward some 100 years and the original Penola Fruit Colony has become a substantial viticulture industry. Today the region is considered one of the best cabernet

                                        wine region's of the world and is home to over 19 cellar doors. During the festival the cellar doors play a most important role, they become home to many different

                                        performances, exhibitions and workshops. (plus you can indulge in our fine Coonawarra red wine at the same time).
                                                                    Penley Estate is a medium sized winery and vineyard located in the famous Coonawarra winemaking district in the South East of South Australia. The mission of

                                                                    Penley Estate and Kym Tolley is to produce a selection of wines with an emphasis on quality of product as well as the skill, enthusiasm and artistry of the team of

                                                                    people involved in the wine making process.

                                                                    The Tradition

                                                                    In 1988 when Kym Tolley established Penley Estate, he took the first step to continuing the winemaking heritage of his families, Penfolds and Tolley. Kym Tolley’s

                                                                    Genetic background was set, on his mothers side he is a direct descendant of Penfolds founder Dr Christopher Rawson Penfold (Kym’s great- great- great

                                                                    Grandfather) and on his fathers side he is a Tolley, another one of Australia’s pioneering wine families. Prior to establishing Penley Estate, Kym gained invaluable

                                                                    experience working for Penfolds under the tutorage of Grange creator Max Schubert while the Tolley family wine company began with the purchase of the Phoenix

                                                                    Winemaking & Distilling Company before changing their name to Tolley Scott & Tolley (T.S.T) and becoming the leading Brandy producer in Australia. These

                                                                    traditional elements have been the driving force in Penley's creation - the existence of an unbroken line of winemakers highlighting the family's solid and sustainable

                                                                    commitment to the Australian wine industry.

                                                                    Kym Tolley The man behind the label, was born with wine in his blood but ask him what he would do if he was not a winemaker and the answer is simple. "I've

                                                                    not been able to think of anything else I'd prefer to do," he said. "Winemaking satisfies all my creative urges along with my need for discipline. To me, it's simply

                                                                    fantastic to be able to make a life out of being creative. For Kym, Penley Estate is a dream come true. His vision was to develop a solid business which would allow

                                                                    perpetuity and future growth for his family, while providing the opportunity for him to continue to create interesting and quality wines. This is perhaps best summed

                                                                    up on the label of each and every Penley wine "Tradition was given, experience was earnt, but the wines reflect what I feel."

                                                                    The Vineyard

                                                                    Penley Estate's 166 hectare estate is situated in Australia's famous Cabernet Sauvignon district, Coonawarra. What started as a green site now has 111 hectares

                                                                    under vine including cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc, shiraz, merlot, pinot noir, pinot munier and chardonnay. The vineyard is established on limestone covered
                                                                    by the famous 'terra rossa' soil of the Coonawarra. This, combined with ideal cool climatic conditions and an abundance of sunshine make Coonawarra a perfect

                                                                    location for vine growing.
                                                                    The Winery

                                                                    In 1989 Penley made its first vintage, 10 years later in 1999, Penley made its first vintage in it's new state of the art winery, where Kym Tolley uses a

                                                                    blend of modern and traditional winemaking techniques to produce Penley's range of wines. The Cellar Door, Penley's shop window was opened in 2001 allowing

                                                                    wine lovers to taste and visit the home of Penley Estate.

                                                                    The Wines

                                                                    The key to Penley Estate's wine is balance. Kym Tolley has the ability to integrate wood, fruit and flavour to ensure that all of wines have great elegance, integration

                                                                    and finesse while showcasing the varietal and regional characteristics. Part of this style comes from the intensely rich and sweet characteristics of the Coonawarra

                                                                    district, but it is also reinforced by Penley Estates edict only to produce the best.

                                                                    The Awards

                                                                    In the 20 years since Penley Estate was established, they have set new standards in red wine production and won a collection of 47 trophies, 150 gold medals and

                                                                    worldwide critical acclaim.
                                    Exhibition contacts for further information:

                                    Penley Estate Winery

                                    McLeans Road, Coonawarra, South Australia, 5263

                                    Mrs Sam Flint

                                    T. 8 8736 3211


                                    Exhibition Dates:
                                    May 14th – June 9th, 2009

                                    Exhibition Opening:

                                    The exhibition will be officially opened by Mr. Richard Maurovic

                                    on Saturday May 16th at 2.00pm

                                    Master Class contact for further information:

                                    Mr. Rick Paltridge

                                    T. 08 87372755


                                    Master Class Dates:

                                    Saturday May 16th, 2009 - 10am - 2.00pm

                                    Sunday May 17th, 2009 - 10am - 2.00pm

                                    Master Class Tickets are available at:

                                    Penola Coonawarra Visitor Information Centre

                                    E: :

                                    Bookings close Monday 11th May, 2009 (places limited)

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