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                                                                                          in Austin


                     Austin residents have made this among the nation’s fittest, healthiest cities.
                                 Keeping you and your family well requires attention.
                 It’s about being active, eating right and receiving quality medical and dental care.
                                    It’s about taking care of yourself and your body.
                           Hey, it’s about hard work. But isn’t your family worth the effort?

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B2   7 Shevat-4 Adar, 5769                                                           Staying Healthy              & Fit in Austin                                         Special Advertising Supplement/The Jewish Outlook

 Cancer screening
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                                                                                                                                                                  360º Balance Therapy .......................... B20

 Colorectal cancer awareness and Open Access                                                                                                                      Allergy & Asthma Center ...................... B25
  Colonoscopy™ ......................................... B20-21                                                                                                   Austin Bariatric Clinic ............................. B11
                                                                                                                                                                  Austin Gastroenterology ......................... B7
 Dental care

                                                                                                                                                                  Austin Hand Group ................................. B13
 Ask the Dentist: What is bruxism? .................... B13                                                                                                       Austin Heart ............................................ B15
 Beautiful teeth: How they can be yours ............ B18                                                                                                          Austin Radiological Association ............. B22
                                                                                                                                                                  Austin Regional Clinic ............................... B28
                                                                                                                                                                  Austin Thyroid & Endocrinology .............. B9
 New year, new your – new day, new you .......... B19
                                                                                                                                                                  Beleza MedSpa ........................................... B2
 Melt away fat with long-lasting, minimally invasive
                                                                                                                                                                  Blazer Tag Adventure Center .................... B26
   treatment ....................................................... B22
 Lose weight now by avoiding “Six Biggest Dieting
   Mistakes” ....................................................... B24
                                                                                                       in Austin                                                  Central Texas Spine Institute .................... B12
                                                                                                                                                                  Cook, Robert, MD ................................. B17
                                                                                                                                                                  DeWeerd, Hilary Miller, LCSW ............. B20
 Eye care                                                                  Choosing a medical imaging center .................. B17                               Friedman, Stan, Ph.D. .......................... B12
 Glaucoma: Should you be concerned? .............. B8                      Cardiac & vascular care: “Helping patients to live                                     Glaucoma Institute of Austin .................... B3
                                                                            longer and live better” ................................... B27                       Hall Plastic Surgery
 Fitness training                                                                                                                                                   & Rejuvenation Center ...................... B23
 Health & fitness options at “The J” for all ages .... B6                   Mental health                                                                          Jewish Community Center ...................... B5
 Reenergizing your resolutions for fitness ........... B9                   Does Asperger’s syndrome afflict someone in your                                        Karavel Shoes Comfort Center ............. B12
 Get fit and have fun doing it! ............................. B16           family .................................................................. B4           Kunik, Randy, DDS ............................... B25
 Take home a health club ................................... B25                                                                                                  Leeman, Daniel, MD ............................. B21
                                                                           Pain treatment
 Foot care                                                                 Treatment for back and neck pain .............. B4, B23                                Medicine Shoppe, The .......................... B18
 Foot ailments: Tips for prevention ...................... B7              Hand pain: What causes it? .............................. B26                          Nussbaum, Michael, DDS .................... B12
 Seven decades of providing comfort for feet ..... B23                                                                                                            Prant, Dr. Gary, Podiatrist ..................... B18
                                                                           Pharmacies                                                                             Spine & Rehabilitation Center .............. B25
 Medical treatment                                                         “What a pharmacy is meant to be” ................... B25                               Steinberg, Matthew, DDS, FAGD ......... B14
 Allergies: Answers to your questions about this                                                                                                                  Texas Fertility Center ............................ B16
                                                                           Plastic surgery
   Central Texas affliction .................................... B9                                                                                                Texas Orthopedics Sports
                                                                           Are you considering a procedure? ......................B11
 Infertility: Proper steps can lead to proper                                                                                                                       & Rehabilitation Associates ................ B18
                                                                           Facelifts: Surgeon’s key to turning back time ... B14
   remedies ........................................................ B10                                                                                          University Cyclery ................................... B4
 Are you living with thyroid problems? ............... B15                 Preventive care                                                                        Watson, Randal, DDS .......................... B10
 Help available to those feeling dizzy or unsteady or                      Finding a healthy lifestyle for a longer, healthier life .                             Wellness for Workers/
 suffering from hearing loss ............................... B17            .......................................................................... B16          Rosen, Patricia, MD ........................... B24

          State-of-the-Art                                                                          Skin Rejuvenation and Laser Body Sculpting

                                                                                     Lawrence D. Broder, MD, owner of Beleza Medspa of Austin and Round Rock, TX, invites you
                                                                                     to explore the latest in skin and body treatments. Beleza Medspa now offers the Smartxide
                                                                                     DOT fractionated CO2 laser. “The Smartxide will not only resurface the skin, but activate
                                                                                     collagen production to tighten the skin and repair wrinkles and scars”; reports Dr. Broder.
                                                                                     Coupled with products like Retin-a and Obagi and other services such as Botox and fillers,
                                                                                     years of sun-induced damage to your skin can be reversed.

                                                                                     “We now have also acquired the most powerful Smartlipo laser in Austin”. The Smartlipo
                                                                                     MPX allows Dr. Broder to liquefy more fat and tighten more skin in a shorter period of time.
                                                                                     Fatty areas not amenable to diet and exercise, coupled with loose skin, can now be easily
                                                                                     treated with a Smartlipo procedure. Please call for a free consultation so that we can devise a
                                                                                     custom treatment plan for you.

                                                                                                                                                             Austin • 512.342.1911
                                                                                                                                                             10601 FM 2222, Suite L
                                                                                                                                                             In the Shops at River Place across from 3M
                                                                                                                                                             Round Rock • 512.246.2639
                                                                                                                                                             2400 IH 35 S, Suite 135
                                                                                                                                                             At Hester’s Crossing next to Gold’s Gym

                   Dr. Lawrence D. Broder                                                                                                          

            BOTOX™ Cosmetic • Restylane™ • Perlane™ • Juvedérm • Radiesse™ • Photofacials • Sclerotherapy • Laser Hair Removal • Laser Skin Resurfacing
Special Advertising Supplement/The Jewish Outlook   Staying Healthy   & Fit in Austin                             February 2009   B3

     What would life be
     like if you could
     those you love again?

      At the Glaucoma Institute of Austin, our mission is protecting your vision.

                                                           It is estimated that over 4 million Americans have glaucoma,
                                                           but since it doesn’t have any symptoms, only half realize
                                                           it. Approximately 120,000 Americans have been robbed of
                                                           their sight by this disease.
                                                           Anyone can develop glaucoma but those especially at
                                                           risk are those over age 60, those with a family history of
                                                           glaucoma. African-Americans age 40 and over, those that
                                                           have had a serious eye injury, and diabetes.
                                                           We are the first and only clinic of our kind in Central Texas.
                                                           We provide the highest quality of care by focusing solely
                                                           on the treatment of glaucoma patients and those at risk of
                                                           developing the disease. Our highly-trained sensitive staff
                                                           of Board-Certified Ophthalmologists and Fellowship-Trained
                           Russell Hayhurst, M.D.
                                                           Glaucomatologists, provide ongoing patient care, screening
                                                           exams, second opinions and diagnostic and therapeutic
                                                           consultative evaluations in a caring environment with an
                                                           emphasis on patient education.

                                                        Glaucoma Institute of Austin
                                                                                        901 West 38th Street, Suite 303
                                                                                                     Austin, TX 78705
                                                                                             Toll Free 1-866-738-8467
                             Blythe Monheit, M.D.
B4    7 Shevat-4 Adar, 5769                                                Staying Healthy      & Fit in Austin                                  Special Advertising Supplement/The Jewish Outlook

                                                                                                       Does Asperger syndrome afflict
                                                                                                          someone in your family?
                                                                                                        By Hilary Miller DeWeerd                  to him but it doesn’t. For example, some

                                                                                                have it?
                                                                                                        hat is Asperger syndrome? Do your
                                                                                                        child and/or your partner/husband
                                                                                                                                                  see the forest for the trees and some just
                                                                                                                                                  the trees; someone with Asperger’s, how-
                                                                                                                                                  ever, sees one part of the tree one day and
                                                                                                   Hans Asperger wrote of his research in         a completely different part the next but
                                                                                                1944 wherein he studied four boys who             doesn’t relate the two.
                                                                                                tended to have good language and cog-                Your child teaches you — as a parent —
                                                                                                nitive skills yet lacked social skills. This      patience, to let go of what others think and
                                                                                                new syndrome had commonalities with               to live in the here and now because the fu-
                                                                                                classic autism (Kanner’s) except those            ture really is unknown.
                                                                                                with Asperger’s had normal to high IQs.              Many times, you don’t recognize char-
                                                                                                   Asperger syndrome is the diagnosis du          acteristics of a spouse/partner with Asperg-
                                                                                                jour in the mental health field, though it         er’s until your child is diagnosed with it.
                                                                                                is a lifelong developmental, neurological            When you meet someone who is won-
 The spine surgeons at Central Texas Spine Institute, LLP: Randall F. Dryer, MD (from left);    disorder. Some say that the dramatic in-          derful to you, you may note that he likes
      Richard M. Wupperman, MD; James L. Smith Jr., MD; and O. Atilla Onan, MD.                 crease in this diagnosis is due to computer       to rock back and forth so you buy him a
                                                                                                programmers breeding in the Silicon Val-          rocking chair for a Chanukah gift. You
       Central Texas Spine Institute, LLP                                                       ley, Silicon Forest and Silicon Hills.
                                                                                                   The syndrome tends to be genetically
                                                                                                                                                  may notice odd, over-the-top reactions
                                                                                                                                                  (adult meltdowns) but he is just “stressed

T     he physicians of Central Texas Spine       is motion preservation for the vertebral       passed down from first-degree male rela-           and quirky.” He may not greet your
      Institute, LLP, have been treating pa-     joints of the neck and low back. This may      tives. Statistically, Asperger’s affects boys     friends and leave the room when they
tients suffering from back or neck pain for      include disc replacement or one of sever-      more than girls and is associated with OCD,       come over but he is just “shy.”
nearly 20 years. The Institute was formed        al motion-preserving, but stabilizing, de-     ADHD and Tourette syndrome. It needs                 The stress of functioning socially in a
in the early 1990s by combining the prac-        vices. Some of these devices have already      to be emphasized that every person with           job, being overwhelmed with life’s respon-
tices of several doctors who were already        undergone rigorous U.S. Food & Drug            Asperger syndrome is a unique individual          sibilities and trying to communicate your
established in the Austin area.                  Administration-approved clinical trials,       who just happens to have a disability.            feelings in a relationship when you have lit-
   In 1995, CTSI moved into a new med-           and others are available only to patients         Initially, Asperger’s may be difficult to       tle insight into yours and can’t “read” your
ical building located at 6818 Austin Cen-        enrolled in approved studies. To date,         recognize when your child is precocious           partner, however, makes it difficult to func-
ter Blvd., near MoPac and Far West boule-        two lumbar artificial discs and one cervi-      and speaks like a “little professor.” Yet this    tion in a long-term relationship/marriage.
vards. This facility offers the convenience      cal disc have received FDA approval, the       same child may make little eye contact,              When you realize that your child or
                                                                                                ignore his peers and much of the outside          spouse has Asperger’s and it can’t be
of one-stop shopping for all of your back        Charite, ProDisc and ProDisc-C, respec-
                                                                                                world and obsess on his “special interest.”       cured, you will grieve the loss of what you
care. It houses a medical office, physical        tively. Several more devices are in vari-
                                                                                                   You may see extreme rigidity and               thought your child or marriage would be.
therapy, an imaging center and a fully li-       ous stages of clinical trials at CTSI or are
                                                                                                Mount Vesuvius meltdowns when things              You will have to accept that your life will
censed surgical hospital.                        awaiting FDA approval.
                                                                                                don’t go the way your child wants (needs)         change and you will have to adjust your
   CTSI includes four orthopedic spine              The doctors of CTSI are also experi-        them to. Generally, the tantrums will be          expectations to your new reality. But it’s
surgeons — Randall F. Dryer, MD; James           enced with a relatively new procedure to       extreme; any added emotional input from           essential to remember all the neat, cool
L. Smith Jr., MD; O. Atilla Onan, MD;            treat compression fractures of the spine:      you such as trying to be logical, comfort-        things you love about your family, even
and Richard M. Wupperman, MD — and               Kyphoplasty. This minimally invasive           ing your child or becoming frustrated with        when you feel like changing your last
an anesthesiology-based pain management          procedure helps restore disc height and        him will have no impact on the tantrum            name to “Addams.”
specialist, Neal H. Blauzvern, D.O. The          spinal alignment, while reducing the pain      and may worsen it.                                                    ———
physicians of CTSI bring excellent cre-          often associated with compression frac-           Another aspect is anxiety, which can be           Hilary Miller DeWeerd is a Licensed
dentials and experience to patient care.         tures due to osteoporosis.                     expressed through your child asking you           Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in private
   With the exception of Dr. Wupperman,             For more information about the doc-         the same question a minimum of 80,000             practice in Austin. She has a son who fre-
all are certified by their respective medical     tors, services and clinical trials available   times or developing strange fears and rit-        quently asks what roaches dream about.
boards, the American Board of Orthopae-          at CTSI, visit the Web site www.spine-ct-      uals. A child with Asperger’s wants his           Contact DeWeerd at 577-6020 or
dic Surgeons and the American Board of  or the office at 795-2225.               world to be predictable and make sense  
Anesthesiology. Dr. Wupperman, the new-
est doctor, will sit for the Boards as soon
as he completes his practice requirements.                       We have over 30 years of fitness experience.
All these physicians have completed addi-
tional training in their chosen specialty, in
the form of a fellowship.
   Spine surgery has benefited from tre-
mendous advances in the last five to 10                  Exercycles
years. The doctors of CTSI pride them-
selves on staying at the forefront of this                       Upright
new technology. Incisions have gotten
smaller as surgical techniques have im-
proved. Implant devices for lumbar (low
back) or cervical (neck) fusions or to pre-
serve motion in the spine have come a                   Bicycles for the
long way. These devices are made of new
materials, including titanium and Peek™
                                                        whole family!
   Probably one of the most significant ad-
vances in spine fusions is the availability
of Bone Morphogenetic Protein or BMP,
which is a genetically engineered bone
substitute. Use of BMP obviates the need
to harvest bone from a separate, and often
painful, incision in the iliac crest or region
of the hip.
   One current focus of spine surgery
                                                             2901 North Lamar • 512-474-6696 •
Special Advertising Supplement/The Jewish Outlook          Staying Healthy   & Fit in Austin                          February 2009   B5

                                          Get Fit and Connected!

         JCC membership is just the thing to help you get fit in the
         New Year! Find out more throughout February, when we’ll be
         hosting a special Open House every Sunday. EVERYONE is
         welcome at the J, so stop by and see what we have to offer.

                                                     Membership Open House
                                                     Every Sunday in February
                                                              12:30–4 PM
                                                    7300 Hart Lane (off Far West)

                                                           Get involved in a community center that feels like a home away
                                                           from home. In addition to our state-of-the-art sports and fitness
                                                           facility, we offer youth and teen programs, Jewish education
                                                           events, senior programs, enrichment classes, and special events.
                                                           Members are entitled to discounts and priorities on events and
                                                           programs, and can enjoy our:

                                                                         •     4,000 square-foot fitness center
                                                                         •     11,000 square-foot double gymnasium
                                                                         •     outdoor, heated, eight-lane swimming pool
                                                                         •     fitness classes for all levels
                                                                         •     one-mile outdoor track
                                                                         •     whirlpools and saunas
      Tours Offered Year-Round                                           •     babysitting services
                                                                         •     3 free fitness orientations
      Monday–Friday 9 AM–6 PM
                                                                         •     great deals on personal training
                 Sunday 1–3 PM

            Become a JCC Member at an Open House and we’ll
            waive your registration fee (a savings of up to $150)!
            Call (512) 735-8040 for more information or visit
B6    7 Shevat-4 Adar, 5769                                                Staying Healthy       & Fit in Austin                                  Special Advertising Supplement/The Jewish Outlook

      JCC offers health & fitness options for all ages
              he Jewish Community Cen-                                                           offered each week as part of the Group Fit-
              ter Sports & Fitness Depart-                                                       ness Class program. A complete Group Fit-
              ment encourages people of all                                                      ness Class schedule is available online at
              ages to participate in classes                                            under “Sports and
              and activities on the Dell Jew-                                                    Fitness Facility” and “Fitness Classes.”
ish Community Campus that will improve                                                              Healthy Hearts is a physician-referred
health and well-being. No matter what                                                            program. Participation is for those with
stage of life you are in, there is an oppor-                                                     coronary problems, such as heart attack,
tunity for exercise and socializing among                                                        angina or coronary bypass. Phase 3 is a
friends at “The J.”                                                                              maintenance program for those with heart
   Children as young as 18 months can get                                                        disease who have either completed a 12-
started in the Champions Gymnastics pro-                                                         week monitored program or just need
gram, in the JCC gymnasium. A variety                                                            maintenance exercise program. The JCC
of tumbling and movement discovery ac-                                                           offers ongoing professional exercise guid-
tivities allow parents to participate along                                                      ance, blood pressure and heart rate moni-
with their youngsters. Other class options         The JCC Aquatics Department offers            toring, and educational classes. Informa-
include cheerleading, yoga and advanced         swim lessons for ages six months and             tion: Audrey Herold at 735-8224.
tumbling for ages 3 and up. Information:        up, starting with the popular Infant Swim           New small-group weight-training class
Program Guide or               class, where parents get in the water with       for people with osteoporosis or osteopenia
   For parents wanting to work out on their     their child. Other swim classes give older       is a four-week class that meets at 11 a.m.-
own, The J offers baby-sitting for ages         children a chance to learn new strokes —         12:15 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday. Infor-           cardiovascular training (kickboxing, hip-
eight weeks to six years. Mom or dad can        or perfect what they already know.               mation: Olsson at 735-8224.                       hop and circuit classes) and 45 minutes of
drop the kids off for up to two hours while        For kids ready for the fun and chal-                                                            nutrition/health/body image directed dis-
they exercise or take a class.                  lenge of being on a swim team, The J of-                   Children & teens                        cussion and activities during each session.
                                                fers a Developmental Swim Team, as well                                                            Information: Tracy Pluim at 735-8224.
                Fitness                         as the year-round Austin Texas Piranhas                                                               Triathlon training is for those age 16
                                                Swim Team, which is a certified USA                                                                 and up. Led by Meredith Hodgkinson and
                                                Swimming club team. The Developmental                                                              Olsson, the program is for the beginner- to
                                                Swim Team is for ages 5-17, and the Pi-                                                            intermediate-level participant who is train-
                                                ranhas Swim Team for ages 10-18. Both                                                              ing for a sprint or Olympic-distance triath-
                                                teams practice during the week and on                                                              lon. The program consists of group work-
                                                Sundays, with the Piranhas team also at-                                                           outs once a week, led by experienced coach-
                                                tending swim meets at other locations.                                                             es; skill and training workouts in swimming
                                                   Educational and training classes are also                                                       (pool and open water); cycling; running;
                                                available for kids age 16 and up, includ-                                                          transitions; 10 weeks of written workouts;
                                                ing the Red Cross Water Safety Instructor           After-school sports enrichment classes         and course-specific training. The program is
                                                course and Lifeguard Certification training.      are another popular offering at The J. Pre-       held Sunday mornings and Wednesday eve-
                                                   Information on aquatics programs: Lac-        schoolers (ages 3-5) take such classes as         nings, March 29-May 31, and costs $225 for
                                                ey Deal at           “Supersports,” soccer, and tennis. Kids in        JCC members and $275 for nonmembers.
                                                or 735-8216.                                     kindergarten through sixth grade can take         Information:
                                                   Adults can take advantage of the swim-        tennis lessons or classes in soccer, lacrosse,    for trainer bios or Olsson at 735-8224.
                                                ming pool with Water Aerobics. This group        All Sports or basketball. There is also a
                                                exercise class meets April-September and         Youth Basketball League, for boys and                         Adult programs
                                                is free for JCC members as part of the           girls ages 6-9 and an NFL Youth Flag Foot-           Adults looking for that team sport en-
                                                Group Fitness Class program. Water Aero-         ball League for ages 6-11. Both leagues           vironment and some friendly competi-
                                                bics class is easy on the joints and provides    meet Sundays, with a 30-minute practice           tion can take part in pickup games in bas-
                                                an excellent cardio, full-body workout. In-      followed by a game. Another fun option for        ketball and indoor soccer — basketball,
                                                formation: Debbie Rosenberg at debbie.           school-age kids is the annual Youth Triath-       noon-1: 30 p.m. Tuesdays and Thurs-
   One of the main attractions is the Fit- or 735-8226.          lon, scheduled Sunday, May 31. This swim/         days, and 8-11 a.m. Sundays; indoor soc-
ness Center, which is open to JCC mem-             Adults wanting to swim for a work-            bike/run race is held entirely on the Dell        cer, 6-7:30 p.m. Wednesdays (January-
bers age 13 and up. A variety of exer-          out are invited to join the Master’s Swim        Jewish Community Campus. Information:             March); and 35+ Basketball, 8-10 p.m.
cise equipment is available to meet ev-         Team. Called TeamTexas, it offers coached        Program Guide or Jen Reed at 735-8206.            Wednesdays. The J offers an Adult Open
ery need of a workout program. For a car-       workouts for swimmers age 18 and up                 Teenagers are not left out of all the fun      Basketball League on Monday and Tues-
dio workout, there are treadmills, ellipti-     who want to swim for fun, fitness or train-       at The J. Jewish teens age 13-16 are el-          day nights. The league features full-court
cals, NuStep seated ellipticals, upright and    ing for triathlons. Information: www.            igible to participate in the JCC Maccabi          games with referees, scorekeepers and
recumbent stationary bikes, stair-climb- or 327-1280.                Games, as well as the Triathlon Training          playoffs. Information: Reed at 735-8206.
ing machines and a Concept 2 rowing ma-            Another big attraction in the Fitness Cen-    and Teen Olympic Weightlifting programs.             The fifth annual Adult Dodgeball Tour-
chine. For strength training, there is a full   ter is the Personal Training program. The           The Maccabi Games is the largest gather-       nament — scheduled Sunday, May 17 —
line of state-of-the-art Cybex Eagle resis-     JCC has a staff of highly qualified person-       ing of Jewish teens in the world, with more       takes place in the JCC gym. Coed teams
tance machines for upper and lower body.        al trainers who work one-on-one with cli-        than 5,000 teens from across the globe par-       of eight compete using official no-sting
Machine weights are complemented by an          ents, buddy training; small-group training       ticipating each summer. Team Austin, the          dodgeballs. Details: Reed at jen.reed@
array of free weights, exercise balls, cable    is also available. Sports-specific and spe-       JCC’s Maccabi delegation, offers the chance or 735-8206.
stations, ab machines, dip and pull-up sta-     cialty training sessions are available for in-   to compete in team sports, such as basket-           The Kogut Kup 3-on-3 Basketball Tour-
tions, resistance bands, hand weights, and      dividuals and small groups. These special-       ball, soccer and volleyball, as well as indi-     nament is scheduled April 5. This com-
mats for stretching.                            ty training programs are offered throughout      vidual sports, including tennis, swimming,        munity event honors the memory of Steve
   The Baby-sitting Room, near the Wel-         the year: triathlon, shape up for skiing, car-   bowling and table tennis. This weeklong           Kogut, while raising money to help send
come Desk and overlooking the swim-             diac rehab, learn to run, and weight train-      program occurs every summer and allows            teens to Israel. Get your team together or
ming pool, is staffed with First Aid/CPR-       ing to improve bone health. Personal train-      teens to make new friends and visit other         sponsor a team and help raise money for
certified baby sitters. Children have lots of    ing sessions are available one at a time, or     Jewish communities around the nation. In-         the Steve Kogut Fund.
play options there, including toys, color-      in discounted packages of five, 10 or 20          formation: Robby Etzkin at 735-8084.                 Because “community” is its middle
ing books, puzzles and educational videos.      sessions. Details: DJ Olsson at 735-8224.           Girl Power, a new offering for girls in        name, the JCC strives to offer programs
Information or reservations: 735-8000.                                                           grades 7-10, offers three 90-minute class-        that reach individuals and families of all
                                                         Seniors programs                        es designed to empower young women                ages throughout the greater Austin area.
              Swimming                            Older adults can stay active at the JCC        with health and fitness knowledge, posi-           Try to take advantage of the programs list-
  With spring approaching, it is time to        with Senior Aerobics classes and P.A.C.E.        tive body image and fun interaction with          ed above, or visit the Web site www.sha-
think about activities in The J’s outdoor       (People with Arthritis Can Exercise).            other teen girls in a safe environment. Pro- for more choices and pro-
swimming pool.                                    Seven aerobics classes for seniors are         gram content includes about 45 minutes of         grams in other JCC departments.
Special Advertising Supplement/The Jewish Outlook                           Staying Healthy       & Fit in Austin                                                        February 2009      B7

  Tips offered                                                           AUSTIN GASTROENTEROLOGY, PA
to help prevent
 foot ailments
D     uring a normal day, the average per-
      son will walk several miles. During a
lifetime, that’s more than 115,000 miles or
more than four times around the world —
or about 10,000 steps a day on pavement,
tile and other surfaces.
   Human feet were designed for standing
and walking activities that shouldn’t pro-
duce discomfort.
   Since most of us start life with trou-
ble-free feet, what goes wrong when our
feet hurt? Of hundreds of known foot ail-
ments, many can be traced to four com-
mon causes: heredity, improper foot care,
injury (including any caused by shoes and
stockings that don’t fit well) and the ef-
fects of aging.
                            Although an in-
                         dividual can inher-
                         it flat feet or other
                         structural problems,
                         many foot ailments
                         can be prevent-
                         ed. To help you toe                         1111 W. 34TH ST. SUITE 200
                         the fashion comfort                      Bailey Square (behind Seton Hospital)
                         line, Dr. Gary Prant
                         and The American
                                                                             512.454.4588                                  Austin Gastroenterology is the largest group
                         Podiatric Medical                       4310 JAMES CASEY ST., BLDG. 4A                            of physicians specializing in the diagnosis
                         Association offer                    (2-story bldg behind South Austin Hospital)                  treatment and prevention of gastrointestinal
                         the following sug-                                 512.448.4588                                   diseases in Central Texas. There are 20
    Dr. Gary Prant,      gestions:
                            • Feet tend to                          11111 RESEARCH BLVD., #390                             board-certified gastroenterologists caring
                         swell during the                         (located in Seton Northwest Hospital)                    for patients from Georgetown to South
day, so it’s best to shop for shoes in the af-                                512.244.2273
                                                                                                                           Austin and the outlying communities.
ternoon. Try on both shoes and take a test                      3101 HIGHWAY 71 EAST, STE. #201
walk for several minutes in the store. Buy                                                                                 Austin Gastroenterology invites you to visit
                                                                        Bastrop, TX 78602
for the longer, larger foot. Stay away from                              512.448.4588                                      our two licensed (Medicare and State) and
shoes that need a “break-in” period.                                                                                       AAAHC accredited endoscopic ambulatory
   • Shoe soles should be flexible to move                                  2116 SCENIC DR.
                                                                       (near Georgetown Hospital)                          surgery centers. Visit our website for more
with the foot. A thick sole softens the
blow of pounding pressure when you walk                                      512.930.5837                                  information at
on hard surfaces such as concrete, and a                             1015 E. 32ND STREET, #300
corrugated sole will “grip” slippery sur-                                 (Plaza St. David’s)
faces.                                                                      512.469.9966
   • The shoe heel should fit snuggly. If
it doesn’t, try a heel liner that attaches                     7200 WYOMING SPRINGS DR., #1300
around the inside of the shoe. The instep                            (near Round Rock Hospital)
should not gape open, and there should                                     512.244.2273
be ¼- to ½-inch of room between the tip
                                                                      112 CIMARRON PARK LOOP                                           AUSTIN ENDOSCOPY CENTER I
of your longest toe and the tip of the shoe                                                                                            8015 Shoal Creek Blvd., Suite 300
                                                                     (The Coves of Cimarron–BUDA)
toe.                                                                                                                                           512.371.1519
   • High heels should not be worn too
long. Besides being uncomfortable, they                            12201 RENFERT WAY, #325                                            AUSTIN ENDOSCOPY CENTER II
can aggravate knee, hip or back pain.                     (12 Oaks Plaza, near North Austin Medical Center)                            4310 James Casey St., Bldg. 4-B
   • For long-lasting comfort, keep soles                                  512.244.2273                                                       512.532.8000
clean and in good repair. Don’t let heels
wear down or you may throw your foot                                      201 BAY WEST BLVD.
off balance and create strain.                                              Horseshoe Bay, TX
   • Feet are as different as people. Never                                  512.448.4588
wear hand-me-down shoes.                                      1401 MEDICAL PKWY, BLDG B, STE 211
   Rest feet whenever possible by putting                               Cedar Park, TX
them up, off the floor. Elevate the above                                512.244.2273
heart level to improve circulation.
                    Dr. Gary Prant’s of-
               fices are located at 11824
                   Jollyville Road, Bldg. 1,        Eduardo Alcocer, M.D.; Scott D. Becker, M.D.; Shad Dabaghi, M.D.*; Kenneth K. Ellis, M.D.; Robert Frachtman, M.D.*; Carl Frank, M.D.
                       Suite 101. Contact the                                                                                          .H.;
                                                           Harish Gagneja, M.D.; Christopher M. Godell, M.D.; C. Kevin Hsu, M.D., M.P Pradeep Kumar, M.D.; Chad Long, M.D.
                          office at                        Craig H. Lubin, M.D.*; Dan C. Rice, M.D.; Mona C. Ridgeway, M.D.; Glenn C. Robinson, M.D.; Richard M. Sperling, M.D.
                             arborfoot@ya-           William N. Stassen, M.D.; Stephen J. Utts, M.D.*; George Willeford III, M.D.; John J. Ziebert, M.D. *Chosen as 2009 Austin’s Best Doctor
                     or 335-                                                 Bruce Levy, M.D., J.D. – Chief Executive Officer
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                                      Focusing on glaucoma:
                                  The Glaucoma Institute of Austin
                What is glaucoma?                                                                                                Surgery is the main treatment for angle-closure glauco-
                                                                                                                              ma and congenital glaucoma because it may be the only
  Glaucoma is an eye disease that often has no symp-                                                                          way that the blocked or incorrectly formed drainage ca-
toms and gradually steals your vision. Without treatment,                                                                     nals can be opened. In cases of chronic glaucoma, surgery
glaucoma can lead to blindness, but with regular eye ex-                                                                      is usually considered when medications are not control-
ams, early detection and treatment, you can preserve your                                                                     ling your eye pressure or the side effects are intolerable.
  Glaucoma refers to a group of eye diseases that have                                                                                       Managing glaucoma
common features, including eye pressure too high for the
health of the eye, damage to the optic nerve, and perma-                                                                         • Your emotions — Using your medication regularly,
nent loss of sight. Although most people with glaucoma                                                                        noticing changes in your eyes and taking care of yourself
don’t lose their sight, glaucoma remains a leading cause                                                                      are practical, sensible ways in which you can help man-
of blindness in the United States.                                                                                            age the physical side of glaucoma. But glaucoma has an-
                                                                                                                              other side — the emotional and psychological aspects
                                                                                                                              of having a chronic, sight-threatening health condition.
                                                                                                                              When first diagnosed, you may experience worry, fear or
                                                                                   An eye with glaucoma.                      helplessness. It is not uncommon to experience depres-
                                                                                                                              sion or lethargy. Living with glaucoma does not mean
                                                                    These fibers meet at the optic disc. As fluid pres-         you have to make drastic life changes. There are steps
                                                                 sure within your eye increases, it damages these sensi-      you can take to help manager this disease, and even if
                                                                 tive nerve fibers and they begin to die. The disc then be-    you lose some of your vision, you can with rehabilitation
                                                                 gins to hollow and pushes the optic nerve into a cupped      counselors and continue to lead an active life.
                                                                 or curved shape. If the pressure remains too high for too       • Talk to someone — Managing a chronic disease may
                                                                 long, the extra pressure can damage the optic nerve and      be difficult both physically and emotionally. Share your
                                                                 result in vision loss.                                       feelings with your loved ones. Once they understand
                                                                                                                              what you are feeling, it will be easier for them to be sup-
                                                                             Is there another cause?                          portive of you and help you meet any special needs you
                The anatomy of a healthy eye.                      It was once thought that high intraocular pressure was     may have. Don’t go through it alone.
                                                                 the only cause of this optic nerve damage. We now know          You may also want to talk with other people who have
                                                                 that other factors must also be involved because people      glaucoma. Every case of glaucoma is slightly different, so
                How the eye works                                with “normal” IOP can experience vision loss from glau-      comparing treatment programs with another person could be
   To understand glaucoma, you must understand how the           coma.                                                        misleading. But sharing ideas and feelings about living with
eye works.                                                                                                                    a chronic health condition can be useful and comforting.
   A tough white covering called the sclera protects the                           Will I notice it?                             • Teach your friends and family — You have the
eye. Part of the white sclera can be seen in the front of           Glaucoma usually occurs in both eyes, but extra flu-       chance to teach your friends and relatives about this dis-
the eye. A clear, delicate membrane called the conjuncti-        id pressure often starts to build up in one eye first. This   ease. Your family members may have a higher risk since
va covers the sclera. At the front of the eye is the cornea.     may cause gradual changes and then sight loss. Often, pe-    glaucoma is often an inherited problem. Many people
The cornea is the clear part of the eye’s protective cover-      ripheral (side) vision is affected first, so the change in    are unaware of the importance of eye check-ups and do
ing. It allows light to enter the eye. The iris is the colored   your vision may be so small that you may not notice it.      not know that the individuals with glaucoma may have
part of your eye that shrinks and expands so the pupil can       With time, your central (direct) vision will also begin to   no symptoms. You can help protect their eye health by
let just the right amount of light in the eye. The pupil di-     be lost.                                                     encouraging them to have their eye pressure and optic
rects the light to the lens. The lens focuses the light onto                                                                  nerves checked regularly.
the retina (the inside lining of the eye). Nerve fibers in                     Are there symptoms?
the retina carry light and images to the brain through the         In the most common form of glaucoma, buildup of flu-
optic nerve.                                                     id pressure happens slowly. Often, there are no uncom-
                                                                 fortable or painful symptoms. In less common kinds of
                  Healthy drainage                               glaucoma, symptoms can be more severe and can in-
   The front part of the eye is filled with a clear fluid          clude:
(called intraocular fluid or aqueous humor) made by the             • Eye and head pain.
ciliary body. The fluid flows through the pupil. It is then          • Hazy vision.
absorbed into the bloodstream through the eye’s drainage           • Nausea or vomiting.
system (a meshwork of drainage canals around the out-              • The appearance of rainbow-colored circles around
er edge of the iris). Proper drainage helps keep eye pres-       bright lights.
sure at a normal level. The production, flow and drainage           • Sudden sight loss.
of this fluid is an active, continuous process that is need-
ed for the health of the eye.                                                 Diagnosis & treatment
   The inner pressure of the eye (intraocular pressure, or          • Testing and eye exams — Regular glaucoma check-
IOP) depends on the amount of fluid in the eye. If your           ups are the most effective method to prevent sight loss.         Russell Hayhurst, MD          Blythe Monheit, MD
eye’s drainage system is working properly, then fluid can         Testing is completely painless, and early detection is ex-
drain freely and prevent a buildup, and the right amount                                                                           The Glaucoma Institute of Austin is the first and
                                                                 tremely important. Once your vision is impaired by glau-
of fluid can be produced for a healthy eye. Your IOP can                                                                         only clinic of its kind in Central Texas. They provide
                                                                 coma, the damage is permanent and can’t be reversed.
vary at different times of the day, but it normally stays                                                                       the highest quality of care by focusing solely on the
                                                                 GIA offers a comprehensive array of glaucoma tests to
within a range that the eye can handle.                                                                                         treatment of glaucoma patients and those at risk of
                                                                 provide an accurate glaucoma diagnosis.
                                                                                                                                developing the disease. Their highly trained, sensi-
                                                                    • Medications — Typical treatment with the use of
             The eye with glaucoma                               medications either helps the fluid drain better or decreas-
                                                                                                                                tive staff of board-certified ophthalmologists and fel-
  In most types of glaucoma, the eye’s drainage system                                                                          lowship-trained glaucomatologists provides ongoing
                                                                 es the amount of fluid made by the eye. Usually medi-
becomes clogged so the intraocular fluid cannot drain. As                                                                        patient care, screening exams, second opinions and
                                                                 cation safely controls eye pressure for many years. The
the fluid builds up, it causes pressure to build inside the                                                                      diagnostic and therapeutic consultative evaluations
                                                                 pressure must remain under constant control to prevent
eye. High pressure damages the sensitive optic nerve and                                                                        in a caring environment with an emphasis on patient
                                                                 your glaucoma from growing worse, so it is especial-
results in vision loss.                                                                                                         education.
                                                                 ly important that you take your prescribed medication on
                                                                                                                                   The Glaucoma Institute of Austin is located at 901
                                                                 schedule every day.
                    The optic disc                                  • Surgical procedures — Surgery is successful for
                                                                                                                                W. 38th St., Suite 303. Call them today at 452-8467
                                                                                                                                or toll-free at (866) 738-8467, or visit the Web site
  You have millions of nerve fibers in your retina that           many patients, but since any kind of surgery carries some
form the optic nerve.                                            risk, other treatment methods are generally explored first.
Special Advertising Supplement/The Jewish Outlook                             Staying Healthy       & Fit in Austin                                                       February 2009      B9

                                         Reenergizing your resolutions for fitness
         By Michael D. Loeb, MD                     ing program is, “How will I know if I am        more importantly, oxygen) to working mus-       gency, a helping hand will be immediate-

A     s we welcome in 2009, the annual
      ritual of selecting a New Year’s res-
olution may have taken place, and about
                                                    hurting myself?” I typically tell my pa-
                                                    tients that soreness after a period of rela-
                                                    tive inactivity is to be expected.
                                                                                                    cles like the biceps, quadriceps, oh and that
                                                                                                    other less conspicuous, but nevertheless es-
                                                                                                    sential, muscle pumping in our chests.
                                                                                                                                                    ly available and could be the difference in
                                                                                                                                                    severity of injury.
                                                                                                                                                       • Finally, before initiating a new work-
now you might be trying again to stick to              Treatments such as ice and oral non-            So, the few minutes of stretching before     out regime, it is always a good idea to
it. To that end, keep in mind a few of the          steroidal anti-inflammatories, as well as        your real workout begins can be valuable        check with your family doctor first. But
following “tips” to not only get the most           cross training, are effective strategies        from both a physical standpoint, by get-        for those aches and pains that just don’t
out of your newfound motivation, but also           to prevent overuse injury. Those “aches         ting the muscles ready to work, and to al-      seem to go away, arthritis concerns or any
lower your risk of injury:                          and pains” that seem to persist or wors-        low you to focus mentally to get the most       other more serious musculoskeletal inju-
   • Set reasonable goals for yourself.             en, however, may indicate that something        motivation out of yourself.                     ries, a consultation with an orthopedic sur-
   Nothing will derail you faster than sign-        more serious is going on and that an evalu-        • I recommend finding a workout partner.      geon may be necessary.
ing up for a marathon when you’ve never             ation by your physician may be warranted.          The first few weeks of a new work-               Best of luck and may you have a happy,
been able to run three miles consecutively.            • Warming up and stretching before           out routine are — dare I say? — excit-          healthy and injury-free 2009.
Unrealistic expectations will not only dis-         working out is the most neglected recom-        ing. There’s the new gym membership, the           Dr. Michael Loeb is fellowship trained
courage you from reaching your goal but             mendation of fitness training.                   new workout clothes and the new running         in shoulder and elbow surgery and special-
may also put you at risk for overuse inju-             When you are at rest, blood flow is           shoes. But alas, when the newness wears         izes in arthroscopy and joint replacement.
ries ranging from sore muscles to more se-          shunted away from skeletal muscle and di-       off, it may be time to invoke a much deep-      He has a special interest in sports inju-
rious injuries, such as tendon ruptures and         verted to other areas such as our diges-        er, more ruthless sentiment: guilt. It may      ries as well as advanced joint reconstruc-
stress fractures.                                   tive tract. By warming up before working        be this looming cloud that prevents you         tion of the upper extremity. Texas Orthope-
   As an orthopedic surgeon for Texas Or-           out, we are effectively telling our autonom-    from hitting that snooze button for fear of     dics Sports & Rehabilitation Associates of-
thopedics Sports & Rehabilitation Associ-           ic nervous system, “Hey, a little help down     the retribution that will come after leaving    fers comprehensive musculoskeletal system
ates, a question that I am commonly asked           here!” This triggers a cascade of events that   your running partner in the cold (again).       care at six locations in Central Texas. In-
by patients embarking on a new train-               culminate in increasing blood flow (and             Also, in the event of a medical emer-        formation: or 439-100.

      Test your
Allergy & Asthma IQ
   Allergy & Asthma myths:
   • Cedar fever — No fever is associated
with cedar allergy; the presence of a fever
suggests an infection, usual-
ly viral.
   • It takes living in
Austin for seven years
before you will devel-
op cedar allergy — The
time to develop an aller-
gy can vary. Some may
react within the first year
after moving to Central Tex-
as; others may live here more than 20
years before it happens, while still others
may never develop cedar allergies.
   • If you are allergic to shellfish, you
should avoid iodine — No connection ex-
ists between the two.
   • Chocolate and strawberries are high-
                ly allergic foods — Are the
                 emergency rooms full on
                  Mother’s Day? Actually,
                   neither food makes the top
                   10 list for food allergies.
                     • Allergies are a result of
                  a weakened immune sys-
                 tem — Allergies indicate an
                 over-active immune system
               responding in a harmful man-
ner to a harmless substance.
   • Chihuahuas are good for asthma and
local honey is good for allergies — False
and false.
   • When the pollen is high, there is noth-
ing to do but suffer — Not true. An eval-
uation with a board-certified allergist can
develop a comprehensive treatment plan
with environmental control, allergy/asth-
ma medication and possibly allergy shots
as the most effective means to control al-
   • Austin is the “Allergy Capital” — Ob-
viously the only true statement on the list.
   For more information, contact Al-
len Lieberman, MD, of Allergy & Asth-
ma Center of Austin, located at 10801-2 N
MoPac Blvd. #150 (
B10    7 Shevat-4 Adar, 5769                                               Staying Healthy      & Fit in Austin                                Special Advertising Supplement/The Jewish Outlook

  Proper steps for infertility detection can lead to proper remedies

      By Kaylen M. Silverberg, MD                                                                                                               agnosing blockage anywhere along the
      nfertility affects about 15 percent of                                                                                                    fallopian tube as well as uterine structur-
      the reproductive-age population in                                                                                             Drs.       al abnormalities, such as endometrial pol-
      the United States. As our ability to di-                                                                                   Kaylen M.      yps or fibroids.
      agnose and successfully treat infertil-                                                                                    Silverberg,
ity has improved rapidly, more and more                                                                                          Natalie Z.
                                                                                                                                                 Evaluation of peritoneal cavity
infertile couples are presented to physi-                                                                                         Burger,          The final step in the basic infertility
cians’ offices seeking assistance.                                                                                                  Lisa J.      evaluation is laparoscopy — a procedure
   The basic steps of the infertility evalu-                                                                                      Hansard       that involves the passage of a small tele-
ation are:                                                                                                                           and        scope into the abdomen to rule out ana-
   • 1. Evaluation of ovulation.                                                                                                  Thomas        tomic abnormalities, such as endometrio-
   • 2. Evaluation of the male factor                                                                                            C. Vaughn      sis or scar tissue that could adversely af-
   • 3. Evaluation of the uterus and fallopi-                                                                                     of Texas      fect fertility.
an tubes.                                                                                                                         Fertility        Endometriosis, which is defined as the
   • 4. And, in certain cases, evaluation of                                                                                       Center.      presence of uterine lining cells outside of
the peritoneal cavity (Laparoscopy).                                                                                                            the uterus, has been reported to occur in
                                                                                                                                                25-65 percent of women presenting for an
      Evaluation of ovulation                                                                                                                   infertility evaluation. Symptoms of endo-
   Ovulatory dysfunction is common, ac-          to 36 hours after urinary detection of the     to impaired sperm production or function.       metriosis may include significant cramp-
counting for 30-35 percent of all cases of       surge; therefore, these kits can be used to    The test most commonly performed to eval-       ing with menstrual periods, pelvic pain,
infertility. Several methods are available       time intercourse or insemination.              uate male fertility is the semen analysis.      and/or pain with intercourse. Unfortunate-
for evaluating ovulatory function.                  Detection of an increase in serum pro-         The parameters that constitute a normal      ly, however, these symptoms do not corre-
   Basal body temperature (BBT) chart-           gesterone during the second half of the        semen analysis, published by the World          late well with severity of the disease, and
ing is the least expensive but most incon-       menstrual cycle offers a third, indirect       Health Organization in 1999, include a          frequently women with significant endo-
sistent method. It requires the woman to         method of ovulation evaluation. During         sperm concentration of at least 20 mil-         metriosis do not have symptoms at all.
take her oral temperature every morning          the first half of the menstrual cycle, pro-     lion sperm/cc of semen. Also, at least 50          Endometriosis can adversely affect fer-
upon awakening and is based on the ob-           gesterone production is minimal. The LH        percent of the sperm should be actively         tility in several different ways and is usu-
servation that progesterone production fol-      surge causes progesterone levels to grad-      swimming and at least 30 percent should         ally easy to treat.
lowing ovulation causes the basal temper-        ually rise, peaking about seven days after     have a normal shape.                               In addition to endometriosis, pelvic ad-
ature to rise by about one degree. A bipha-      ovulation. Therefore, a blood sample ob-          As sperm production can fluctuate sig-        hesions or scar tissue may also significant-
sic temperature curve provides presump-          tained around that time can also document      nificantly from day to day, one abnormal         ly reduce fertility. Resulting from a pre-
tive evidence of ovulation. Although inex-       ovulation. Although the exact progester-       semen analysis requires a second exam-          vious infection or surgical procedure, ad-
pensive, BBT charting provides only ret-         one level considered to be diagnostic of       ination before the diagnosis of an abnor-       hesions can distort the anatomic relation-
rospective information and therefore can-        ovulation remains controversial, most re-      mality can be made with certainty.              ship between the ovary and the fallopian
not be effectively used to schedule insemi-      ports suggest that a level of 5 ng/mL or                                                       tube, impairing or preventing oocyte pick-
                                                 greater in a natural cycle provides strong
                                                                                                      Evaluation of uterus,
nation or time intercourse. It has also been                                                                                                    up. Laparoscopy affords an opportunity to
demonstrated to correlate poorly with            evidence that ovulation has occurred.                  fallopian tubes                         both evaluate and treat any abnormalities
more accurate tests of ovulation, such as           The fourth, and most informative, meth-        Fallopian tubes can become damaged as        that are encountered during a simple out-
an ultrasound.                                   od of ovulation evaluation is the use of se-   a result of previous pelvic infection, en-      patient procedure.
   A second, indirect method of ovulation        rial ultrasound monitoring. Transvaginal       dometriosis or previous abdominal or pel-          The basic infertility evaluation is easy
evaluation involves detection of the surge       ultrasound allows one to monitor the de-       vic surgery.                                    to perform and usually identifies the spe-
of luteinizing hormone (LH), which actu-         veloping follicle and confirm follicular           The primary test of tubal patency is the     cific cause(s) of infertility. Successful,
ally causes ovulation. Although LH is se-        collapse (and presumably oocyte release).      hysterosalpingogram (HSG). This test            cost-effective treatments can then be em-
creted by the pituitary gland throughout         When used in conjunction with LH surge         represents a cornerstone of the infertili-      ployed to allow us to accomplish our goal
the first half of the menstrual cycle, its se-    detection, it provides both confirmation of     ty evaluation and involves the injection of     of turning couples into families.
cretion increases markedly 36 to 40 hours        ovulation, as well as a prospective method     dye through the cervix, into the uterus and         Dr. Kaylen M. Silverberg is with the
before ovulation. This marked increase in        for timing intercourse or insemination.        then into the fallopian tubes. The proce-       Texas Fertility Center, located at 3705
LH secretion can be detected in the urine                                                       dure is monitored with X-ray and usually        Medical Parkway, Suite 420. For more in-
using a variety of commercially available                Evaluation of male                     causes mild cramping.                           formation, call the center at 451-0149 or
kits. Ovulation usually occurs within 24           About 30-40 percent of infertility is due       The HSG is an effective method of di-        visit the Web site

           Exceptional Dental Care with Gentle Chairside Manner

   Dr. Watson and family

                                                                                                                Dr. Randal Watson, DDS PA
                                                                                                                               Complete Dental Care
                                                                                                                               Certified Implantologist
                                                                                                                                Crowns in One Visit

                                                                                                               Main Location–183 & 620             Vista Ridge Dental–in Steiner Ranch
                                                                                                           13809 Research Blvd, Suite 804          300 N. Quinlan Park Rd, Suite 230
                                                                                                                           512-331-0001            512-266-3600

Special Advertising Supplement/The Jewish Outlook                              Staying Healthy      & Fit in Austin                                                        February 2009     B11

            Are you considering plastic surgery?
                                                                                                                                                                            Dr. Jeffrey and Tricia

          By Jeffrey W. Hall, MD                    fit before and after their procedures.           diligent about checking credentials. En-
           oth women and men recog-                                                                 suring you have a skilled professional will
           nize that looking good makes                   Less-invasive options                     help you have a successful result.
           you feel good. Even more sig-                       for all ages
           nificant — individuals should                                                                       Surgical options
                                                       No matter how hard we work out or
recognize the importance of maintain-               how well we eat, good health can’t turn            When patients desire more dramatic im-
ing healthy lifestyles as the foundation for        back time. Today, doctors offer noninva-        provements — such as a full or partial
longevity, especially when considering              sive options for those seeking cosmetic         facelift; breast implants, reduction or lift;
plastic surgery.                                    improvements. Advanced laser technolo-          tummy tuck or liposuction; or tissue re-
                                                    gies provide virtually pain-free treatments     pair — it’s a good idea to visit a number
            Healthy living                                                                          of plastic surgeons before making a final            • Ask to see before and after photos, and
                                                    to smooth wrinkles, calm acne, tight-
          improves results                          en skin, improve sun-damaged skin and           decision. Most patients look for natural re-     find out how often they perform the proce-
                                                    counter the subtle effects of gravity — all     sults that are well suited to their size, bone   dure you are considering.
   If you are considering surgery or oth-
er options, check the status of your health         in an afternoon. In fact, the newest laser      structure and body type. Seek out physi-            • Ask for references from other area
and fitness before making any decisions. I           technologies, such as the innovative Ac-        cians who communicate clearly about ex-          doctors.
am steadfast in that message. In fact, my           centTM system, can treat multiple problems      pectations, results and recovery, and are           • Schedule a checkup with your prima-
practice maintains a wellness approach to           on and below the skin’s service. These im-      willing to talk about complications and          ry doctor before undergoing surgery, and
plastic surgery, skin rejuvenation and anti-        proved lasers not only rejuvenate facial        follow-up care. For better health and safe-      share the results with your surgeon.
aging — a concept that’s gaining interest           tissue but can also tighten loose skin any-     ty when considering plastic surgery, I’ve           • Don’t feel rushed or pressured to agree
from Austin’s health-conscious population           where on the body — under arms, thighs,         compiled the following checklist.                to more procedures than you desire.
as well as others around the United States.         abdomen and buttock, sometimes replac-                                                              • Make sure your physician carries mal-
   Strong, healthy patients have better, lon-       ing or putting off the need for more inva-
                                                                                                          Tips for better results                    practice insurance, and if not, ask why.
ger lasting results than those who are sig-         sive surgery.                                      • Ask questions and take notes when              Dr. Jeffrey Hall is board-certified by the
nificantly overweight or undernourished,                For anyone with sagging eyebrows or          talking to potential surgeons.                   American Board of Plastic Surgery, serves
regardless of the type of procedure. To             forehead lines, BOTOX® injections offer            • Check to make sure the doctor has           as chief of plastic surgery for the Seton
support patients in this area, Hall Plastic         a safe, fast and effective solution that re-    designated operating privileges at local         Medical Network and has been in prac-
Surgery & Rejuvenation Center offers af-            laxes muscles and smooths out lines. Hy-        hospitals, and call hospitals to verify.         tice since 1995. Together, Dr. Hall and
fordable nutritional counseling for weight          aluronic acid fillers, such as JuvedermTM           • Make sure the practice you select of-       his wife, Tricia Hall, founder of the Laser
loss, enhanced energy and hormonal bal-             and Restylane®, can temporarily fill deep-       fers the privacy and comfort you need.           & Skin Care Center of Austin, have com-
ance. We also provide an on-site Fitness            er lines and wrinkles, usually around the          • Check up on any disciplinary actions        bined practices. To sign up for monthly
Studio for private classes and personal             nose and mouth, and when combined with          (                           Wellness Tips and specials, visit the Web
training.                                           laser treatments by an experienced prac-           • Verify credentials. Plastic surgeons        site Hall
   While most patients are relatively healthy,      titioner can refresh and revitalize the en-     should be board-certified by the American         Plastic Surgery and Rejuvenation Cen-
adding a wellness component to our patient          tire face. With so many options and tech-       Board of Plastic Surgery or the American         ter is located at 300 Beardsley Lane. Tele-
care encourages individuals to get and stay         niques now available, patients should be        Board of Facial and Reconstructive Surgery.      phone: 327-5337.

         Would you like to LOSE WEIGHT                                                                                                Let our medical expertise in weight
                                                                                                                                      loss help you achieve the results you
         without feeling hungry?                                                                                                      deserve with PROVEN techniques
                                                                                                                                      that WON’T cause you to gain it
                                                                                                                                      back! Safe prescription medications,
                                                                                                                                      personalized nutritional supplements,
                                                                                                                                      and individualized exercise plans.

                                                                                                                                      Doctor-supervised weight loss.

                 Teresa Boehm, M.D.                     Amanda Dupont, M.D.

                                                                                                   A U S T I N B A R I AT R I C C L I N I C , P. A .

                                                                                                       5900 Balcones Drive, Suite 160 • Austin, TX 78731
                                                                                                         512-371-9885 •
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                                                                           Comprehensive spine care and pain management from the doctors who specialize in
                                                                             treating chronic pain and back and neck problems utilizing the lates technology.

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       Stan Friedman, Ph.D.
        Individuals • Couples • Families
                   Therapist for over 24 years
            Ph.D. from the University of Notre Dame

          Dr. Friedman’s Health Tips – “Be open to joy with
                                  both body and soul.” “We can
                                        affirm the world without
                                           becoming its slave.” Take
                                            the time to celebrate,
                                             appreciate and enjoy
                                               what you have and
                                               what’s around you:
                                              the sunrise or sunset,
                                             the moon and stars,
                                            birds singing, your pet
                                              playing, your child
                                                smiling, and even
                                                 the fact that you
                                                  can celebrate,
                                                   appreciate and

  2630 Exposition Blvd. • Suite 116 • 512.473.8464
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                     Ask the Dentist: What is bruxism?
         By Matthew Steinberg,                      what treatment will be needed. The condi-       a more restful night’s sleep.

         DDS, FAGD FACD FICD                        tion may be observed over multiple visits         I am fortunate that I personally found
         ruxism is a common and usually             to be sure the problem is ongoing before        out that I grind my teeth at night. Because
         unrecognized routine that occurs           recommending and starting therapy.              of this, I have chosen to wear a bite appli-
         in both children and adults. It is            Many people believe that their teeth         ance to minimize future damage, and for
the technical term for grinding and clench-         should be together at all times, but a re-      the past 20 years have had minimal wear
ing that can lead to worn, crumbling teeth,         laxed mouth will have the tongue posi-          on my teeth.
chronic headaches and constant jaw pain.            tioned slightly upward, the lips will be to-      My major interest in keeping people
   The challenge for both dentists and pa-          gether, and the teeth will be apart.            healthy and free of disease, has led me to
tients is to recognize the habit before irre-          Just advising someone of this may be         take many advanced courses in treating
versible damage occurs.                             enough to change behavior and relieve the       bruxism and to develop a practice devoted
   Despite showing many symptoms, such              discomfort. In many situations, however,        to recognizing Temporomandibular Dis-
as awakening with tired jaws and head-              the recommendation is a custom-designed         ease at an early stage before major dam-
aches, or flattened teeth and tooth pain,            acrylic night guard that is worn during         age occurs.
many people are unaware that they ever              sleep to correctly position the jaws and           Dr. Matthew Steinberg is a Fellow in
do it. There are different causes of brux-          absorb the forces of biting.                    the Academy of General Dentistry, Amer-
ing, but a majority of the time it is simply           To function properly, the bite appliance     ican College of Dentists and Internation-
a reaction to stress in our lives. Some peo-        must be precisely adjusted to the ideal po-     al College of Dentists. Providing “Com-
ple get ulcers; others grind their teeth.           sition for your jaws and bite and may re-       prehensive Excellence-based Oral Health
   Most of the damage from clenching and            quire several visits. The appliance can         Care,” his office is located at 3818
grinding occurs while you sleep. If you             prevent future damage to the teeth and of-      Spicewood Springs Road, Suite 100. Visit
ever heard someone grind his or her teeth           ten helps to change the patient’s destruc-      the Web site or
at night, it is a terrible sound. Ask them to       tive behavior, in addition to providing for     call 346-4594.                                 Dr. Matthew Steinberg
make the same noise while they are awake
and they can’t — because it hurts.
   People can generate up to five times the
force between their teeth while they sleep
than they could normally during the day.
Considering the average person can gen-
erate 150-250 pounds per square inch of
force during the day, this is a huge force
at night.
  Can bruxism cause harm?
   People who have otherwise healthy
teeth and gums can clench so often and                                   Do your
                                                                    Hands Hurt?
so hard that over time their teeth break,
fracture, wear excessively and/or become
sensitive to cold and hot. They may expe-
rience jaw pain, tense muscles and head-
aches along with the damage to their
       What are the signs?
   When a person has bruxism, the tips of
their teeth look flat. The upper and low-
er teeth have worn areas that fit togeth-
er like a puzzle. Teeth are worn down so
much that the outer layer of enamel is
rubbed off, exposing the second layer of
tooth structure called dentin. When ex-
posed, dentin may become very sensitive
as it contains the end nerve fibers.
   Often bruxers develop abfractions
(notches) at the gum line as a result of the
forces. They may also experience pain in
their TMJ joint that can manifest itself as
popping and clicking noises. In many in-
stances, patients will develop indentations
on the side of their tongue or white lines
along their cheeks at the level of their
teeth as other signs of clenching. They are
also likely to feel muscle tenderness and
tension around their jaw joints after brux-
   Nervous tension, stress, anger, pain and
frustration can trigger bruxism. You would
                                                                                                   Ira G. Lown, M.D.
not believe the number of students I treat                                                         Fellowship-Trained Hand Surgeon
with jaw pain, especially during finals.
And people who are aggressive, compet-
itive and hurried also are at a greater risk                                         5000 Bee Cave Road l Suite 202 l Austin, TX 78746
for clenching their teeth.                                                           Phone (512) 327-HAND l
 What can be done about it?
  If a dentist notices signs of bruxism, the                     Carpal Tunnel Syndrome • Trigger Finger • Thumb Pain • Arthritis • Tendonitis
severity of the condition will determine
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                        Face to face
         Facelifts — the surgeon’s key
             to turning back time                                                                                                                                                                     Before

          By Daniel Leeman, MD                                                                                                                                                                        … and
                                                 vertical bands in their neck region may re-
                                                                                                                                                                                                      after …
             ave you every looked in the         quire additional procedures to remove the
             mirror and wished that the          excessive fatty tissue, as well as tighten-
             signs of aging could be erased      ing of the muscle supporting the neck —
             from your face? Have you ever       called the platysma.
wanted to look younger to maintain your             It is important, however, for patients to
competitive advantage in corporate Amer-         realize what a facelift will not correct: eye-
ica? Have you been unable to escape the          lids, eyebrows or forehead wrinkles. These
ravages of time? If the answer to any of         problems are often addressed with addi-
these questions is “yes,” you may be an          tional cosmetic procedures performed at
excellent candidate for a popular cosmetic       the time of a facelift, or as a staged facial          Today, the deep-plane facelift is the best              midface fat pads. The excessive skin is
procedure called a rhytidectomy or facelift.     rejuvenation procedure after the facelift.           technique to achieve long lasting, natural                then trimmed and the incisions are closed
   This surgical procedure continues to be                                                            appearing facial rejuvenation. This pro-                  with fine sutures to facilitate healing.
the main tool used to restore natural facial            More than skin deep                           cedure involves going beneath the SMAS
harmony. Over the past decade, significant                                                             layer to reposition the deeper tissue, such                       After the procedure
                                                   As they do with most surgical proce-
advances in facelifting surgery have enabled     dures, physicians are continually striving           as the fat pads of the cheek and midface,                    Patients will wear a soft conforming
surgeons to reduce the effects of aging with-    to improve facelift results, make them last          creating a more youthful facial contour                   dressing on their head, which protects the
out producing the “overdone” or “wind            longer and appear more natural. In earli-            that appears natural.                                     incisions and provides pressure to prevent
sweep” look of the 1980s. These newer            er days, facelift surgery was a superficial             Because this procedure is more extensive                blood from collecting under the elevat-
techniques involve repositioning the deeper      skin operation that was plagued by short-            then a standard SMAS facelift, swelling                   ed skin flap. This dressing typically is re-
facial tissue along with tightening of the un-   lasting results with a high revision rate.           and bruising may be more prolonged and                    moved within 24 to 48 hours after the sur-
derlying connective tissue. Done correctly       Soon surgeons realized that just tightening          the risk of complications is slightly higher.             gery. Most patients are instructed to keep
it produces a natural, youthful restoration of   the sagging skin of the face was not pro-                                                                      their head elevated to diminish swelling
facial harmony and can take 10 to15 years                                                                           The procedure                               and should avoid strenuous physical ac-
                                                 ducing lasting results. This was the driv-
off your current facial appearance.              ing force in developing the next advance-               A facelift typically is performed in a sur-            tivity for four weeks. The majority of pa-
                                                 ment in facelift surgery.                            geon’s private office operating suite or an                tients can return to work after two weeks.
          Age unimportant                          Surgeons soon came to realize that not             outpatient surgical center. It can be per-                The sutures typically stay in for five to
  No one age is considered the ideal to          only was the skin sagging, but also the              formed under general anesthesia or deep                   seven days, and some surgeons place skin
have a facelift. Patients can be in their 30s    deeper connective tissue would sag. We               IV sedation with local anesthesia. The sur-               clips in the temple hair and scalp region,
or upper 70s and beyond — or anywhere            call this deeper layer of connective tissue          gery takes from two to five hours, depend-                 which are removed after seven to 10 days.
in between — and still be ideal candidates       the SMAS — short for superficial muscu-               ing on the complexity of the case. Most pa-               Most surgeons allow patients to wash their
for facelift surgery. Both females and           loaponeurotic system. To treat sagging in            tients go home the same day, but some are                 hair after three days.
males are good candidates for this proce-        this underlying tissue, the surgeon elevates         required to stay in the hospital overnight.                  All patients develop some swelling and
dure if they have realistic expectations and     and tightens this layer and then removes                The incisions for a facelift begin in the              bruising after this procedure. The major-
a good relationship with their surgeon, as       the excessive skin. This advance led to re-          temple region, come down in front of the                  ity of this resolves within the first week
well as any signs of aging that are treated      sults that were longer lasting but did not do        ear, and go around the ear lobe and into                  or two. Incision lines will initially appear
by a facelift — specifically:                     anything to help correct the area between            the scalp. These incisions are made to min-               pink and fade as healing occurs. Most pa-
  • Redundant skin in the jowl and cheek         the nose and mouth (midface region).                 imize changes in the hairline and to maxi-                tients do not feel much pain or discomfort
region.                                            When significant sagging has occurred               mize cosmetic appearance by placing them                  with this procedure and are extremely sat-
  • Redundant neck skin.                         in this midface region, the standard SMAS            in natural skin creases. These incisions                  isfied with the results.
  • Deepening of the creases that devel-         facelift would not adequately address this           have been used for years with excellent                      Dr. Daniel Leeman’s offices are located
op between the nose and mouth, called the        problem. This was the driving force to de-           cosmetic results. The skin flap is then el-                at the Plaza Professional Building, 1015
nasolabial folds.                                velop the next advancement in facelift sur-          evated and the deeper SMAS is tightened                   E. 32nd St. #205. Telephone: 478-NEWU
  Patients who are also concerned about          gery — the deep-plane facelift.                      with repositioning of the deeper cheek and                (6398).

               Named One of Austin’s
      Repeatedly nominated by his peers for the Academy of General Dentistry, ‘Texas Dentist of the Year’

                                                                     • Has taken more than 3000 hours of post-graduate clinical continuing education since 1980.
                                                                     • Awarded Fellowship in the Academy of General Dentistry, American College of Dentists and the
                                                                       International College of Dentists.
                                                                     • Comprehensive Cosmetic and Restorative Workshops sponsored by the American Academy of
                                                                       Cosmetic Dentistry.
                                                                     • Advanced Cosmetic/Esthetic Continuum at the Texas Academy for Esthetic Dentistry.
                                                                     • Six Month Implant Tooth Replacement Continuum at the Texas Institute for Advanced Dental
                                                                     • Completed advanced One Year Mini-Residency Continuum on diagnosis of Craniofacial Pain,
                                                                       TMD Dysfunctions and Apnea and Snoring Sleep Disorders.
                                                                     • Advanced Comprehensive Restorative Dentistry and Occlusal Bite Analysis Three Year Continuum
                                                                       Series in Seattle at The Kois Center.
        3818 Spicewood Springs Rd. • Suite 100                       • Teaching Clinician at the Pankey Institute for Advanced Dental Education since 1987.
       512.346.4594 •                        • Served 11 years on State and National Councils developing advanced training Continuing
                                                                       Education courses for dentists.
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                 Are you living with thyroid problems?

                      By Simona Scumpia, MD                               normal limits. I understand this and know how to fine-tune your
             ne out of every 10 Americans has thyroid disease. Of thyroid hormone levels to give you back your optimum feeling.
             those, only about half are aware that they are afflict-          I have been treating thyroid disorders for more than 20 years.
             ed with it.                                                  Recently, I culminated my life’s work with my dream of opening
                I see patients all day long whose only complaints         a true thyroid care center. Austin Thyroid & Endocrinology is the
are the non-specific: “I am always tired,” “I feel bad,” “I am hav-        realization of a dream that began while I was in medical school.
ing problems remembering things,” “I am losing my                                         The center provides patients with a place to come
hair,” “I can’t lose weight.” These symptoms sound                                     that specializes in thyroid disorders, offering total
innocuous enough; some people just chalk them up to                                    care, including the ability to employ any and all thy-
growing older. More often than not, however, it is a                                   roid testing without having to perform expensive
dysfunctional thyroid gland that is the culprit.                                       testing in the hospital or local radiology clinics.           Getting your thyroid checked
   These patients live like this for months, even years,                                  I treat thyroid disease. That is my specialty. There
and never know that simple medication and follow-                                      are few thyroidologists in Texas, even fewer in Cen-             Thyroid hormone is indispensable to
up with an endocrinologist can alleviate all or most                                   tral Texas. And there is only one truly vertically inte-      one’s well-being. People who have the
of their symptoms. They usually only discover the                                      grated thyroid clinic in Central Texas: Austin Thyroid        following should have their thyroid ex-
true medical reason of an abnormal thyroid by acci-                                    & Endocrinology. I have worked hard to be able to             amined:
dent, either when their primary care physician or gy-         The thyroid gland        offer you the most modern and cutting-edge thyroid               • Family history of thyroid problems
necologist orders thyroid testing, or they end up in          is located in the        treatments available. We treat all thyroid disorders,         or thyroid cancer.
the emergency room and it is discovered on routine            lower neck,              from Graves’ disease and thyroid cancer, all the way             • Personal history of thyroid prob-
blood work.                                                   above the                to hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s disease. We of-             lems or thyroid cancer (it is a lifelong
   Medicine is an amalgam of science and art whose            breastbone on            fer in-house radioactive iodine ablation therapy as an        disease).
                                                              either side of
ultimate purpose is preserving and restoring health.                                   alternative to thyroid surgery in many cases. We also            • Type I diabetes, celiac disease, any
                                                              the windpipe.
Through my many years of practicing this art form I           Its function is          offer the area’s only Thyroid Cancer Support Group,           autoimmune disease or vitiligo.
have come to realize that the word “normal” is just a         to provide the           which meets in our office the third Thursday of ev-               • Personal history of radiation treat-
euphemism used to describe something or someone               body with thyroid        ery month.                                                    ments to the head, neck or chest.
that is within 10 percent of the median. In medicine,         hormones —                  I keep an open minded attitude regarding other                • Personal history of low-dose ion-
normal is a complex term. Lab values, especially, al-         chemicals                treatment options available for thyroid disease such          izing treatment to cure acne/blemish-
ways carry monikers like “normal” or “out of range.”          essential for the        as Graves’ and hyperthyroidism, including non-radi-           es, tonsillitis or thyroid problems. This
   In thyroidology, though, normal for you may not be         normal function of       ation treatments. Remember, whenever any invasive             treatment was used from the 1950s to
normal for me, or anyone else. When we are born our           each cell organ in       procedure is recommended for the treatment of thy-            ’70s.
                                                              the body.
body receives a thyroid value from our DNA. From                                       roid disease, including surgery and radioactive iodine           • Neck pain or lumps.
that point on, that is the “normal” value for you. A de-                               treatment, it is always a good idea that you receive a           • Fatigue.
viation of one-one-thousandth of a value of thyroid hormone can           second opinion.                                                               • High cholesterol.
have harsh and illicit effects on your health and well-being.                Dr. Simona Scumpia’s Austin Thyroid and Endocrinology is                   • Unexplained weight gain or loss.
   True, there is a “normal” range of what your thyroid hormone           located at 2200 Park Bend Drive, Building 3, Suite 300. Tele-                 • Premature hair loss or graying.
should be, but who is to say yours isn’t abnormal, but still within phone: 467-2727.                                                                    • Irregular menstrual periods.

     David Abrams, M.D.                       Jerry Gilbert, M.D.                 David Kessler, M.D.                   Craig Siegel, M.D.                   Arthur Smith, M.D.
       Clinical Cardiology and                 Clinical Cardiology and              Electrophysiology and                 Clinical Cardiology and              Invasive Cardiology and
         Invasive Cardiology                  Interventional Cardiology                Cardiac Pacing                    Interventional Cardiology            Interventional Cardiology

           3801 N. Lamar                     Oakwood Medical Park                      3801 N. Lamar                    7200 Wyoming Springs                      3801 N. Lamar
             Suite 300                      511 Oakwood Blvd, #201                       Suite 300                           Suite 1400                             Suite 300
          Austin, TX 78756                   Round Rock, TX 78681                     Austin, TX 78756                  Round Rock, TX 78681                     Austin, TX 78756
           512-206-3600                         (512) 341-0889                         512-206-3600                        512-244-2263                           512-206-3600

                                                            Austin                                       Heart
                                                    Setting the Standard in Cardiac & Vascular Care

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                  Get fit and have fun doing it!
                   By Chalene Noakes                           time. Other arcade games that involve physical ac-

T     he City of Austin is striving to be the fittest city in
      America by 2010. We all know exercise makes us
feel alive and young at heart. Blazer Tag is encouraging
                                                               tivity include boxing, basketball, football and air
                                                                  We are not a family entertainment facility where
families to get up off the couch and get into the game!        you just perch, watch television on the big screen
   Blazer Tag Adventure Center constantly strives to cre-      and feed your face; we like to play hard and see
ate awareness about keeping Austin families, children and      that our patrons are doing the same.
teenagers fit. Our laser tag arena — the largest in Texas          There is an increasing awareness of a childhood-
— offers kids and adults action-packed, nonstop, heart-        obesity epidemic that is affecting the United States.
pounding fun.                                                  Instead of dwelling on the subject and creating
   Recently, the Event Coordinating Department per-            hype around it, taking action is the only resolution.
formed a heart rate study on laser tag. In a 15-minute la-        At Blazer Tag we are doing our part to get the
ser tag game, the estimated heart rate increased to 163        entire family involved. We encourage parents to in-
beats per minute. Not too bad for just one game of laser       teract with their children here. One of the specials
tag.                                                           we offer is the Far Out Family Fun Pack, which in-
   By incorporating some fun activities into your physi-       cludes four games of laser tag and 100 video game
cal routine, you will find that working out does not get so     tokens. Plus, parents are encouraged and given a discount      tance of staying active and healthy.
monotonous.                                                    when they join the kids to play laser tag during birthday        To find out what other fun/fit activities we offer, give
   Blazer Tag is an action-packed family entertainment fa-     parties.                                                       us a call at 462-0202 or visit online at www.blazertag.
cility that offers high-tech laser tag and also features a        As a parent, you are the leader of the pack. Ultimate-      com. And remember, get fit and have fun doing it!
video arcade with the popular game Dance Dance Rev-            ly it is your responsibility to initiate teamwork within the      Chalene Noakes is marketing and events manager at
olution. This arcade game helps with physical hand-            family unit. By scheduling after-school activities that are    Blazer Tag Adventure Center, located at 1701 W Ben
eye coordination and keeps you on your toes at the same        interactive for your child, you help them learn the impor-     White Blvd.

 healthy lifestyle for
longer, healthier life
W       hat do we need to do to live a
        healthy life?
   Sounds like a difficult task, but it can be
achieved by following some simple rules.
The intent of such a program is to live a
longer, healthier life free of the chron-
ic illness associated with aging. Instead
of your having to take medicines daily to
treat hypertension, diabetes and cholester-
ol, Wellness for Workers can design a pro-
gram by designing a healthy lifestyle that
works for you.
   Wellness for Workers also provides
health and productivity programs for the
worksite that result in a significant return
on investment for the employer and em-
ployee. This is truly a win-win-win pro-
gram that improves productivity and de-
creases health-care costs. Turnover and
absenteeism will decrease as your compa-
ny and you improve your health.
   Worksite programs include stress man-
agement, weight management and smok-
ing cessation. On-site blood testing and
blood pressure monitoring can be done in
a secure manner for you and your employ-
ees. All programs are based on science
from peer-reviewed journals in medicine.
We focus on helping individuals over-
come barriers to assure success in reach-
ing their goals.
   Dr. Patricia Rosen has provided 31
years of service to the community as an
emergency medicine physician, educator
in the fields of internal medicine, emer-
gency medicine and toxicology, and the
medical director of the Central Texas Poi-
son Center.
   In addition to a BA from Ohio State
University in anthropology, Rosen has a
master of public health from Tulane Uni-
versity School of Public Health and Trop-
ical Medicine and an MD from Medical
College of Ohio. Rosen is board-certified
in internal medicine, emergency medicine
and toxicology.
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  Choosing a medical imaging center
  W       hen it’s time to get a diagnostic
          imaging procedure, it’s important
  that the doctor and patient know the im-
                                                     accreditation is one of the many tools we
                                                     use to measure where we are and what
                                                     we can do to ensure we continue to pro-
  aging center they use will provide accu-           vide the high level of care our patients
  rate, reliable information. Few things are         and referring physicians have come to
  more important or beneficial when diag-             expect from us.”
  nosing illnesses than the medical imag-               Each facility wishing to acquire certifi-
  ing available today. One of the first steps         cation by the ACR must undergo a series
  in choosing an imaging center is to check          of screening processes designed to main-
  its accreditation.                                 tain superior standards of patient care.
     In many important areas of our lives,           The ACR accreditation process includes:
  there is often some organization that is              • A peer review. Physicians and other
  helping to ensure that the products or ser-        people most familiar with the standards
  vices we are using are safe and sensible.          needed for quality care determine wheth-
  That includes health care. The standards           er that facility is worthy of ACR accred-
  set for your care, whether they are self-          itation.
  imposed by a physician, facility, or man-             • Evaluations of image quality and
  dated by a government agency, are meant            procedures. Experts in the field of medi-
  to provide you with the best that modern           cal imaging, including board-certified ra-
  medicine has to offer.                             diologists and medical physicists, exam-       ed standards.                                           to indicate approval. This simple online
     Understanding accreditation can help            ine the medical imaging process and the           •The personnel are well qualified,                    check can help give you more control
  you choose the best possible imaging               quality of the final product.                   through education and certification.                     over the course of your personal health
  center for your needs.                                • Personnel qualifications. The review-         • The equipment is appropriate for the               program by ensuring an advanced level
     “Austin Radiological Association has            ers confirm that the staff has the proper       test or treatment you will receive, and the             of quality medical imaging.
  been involved in ACR accreditation for             training and experience.                       facility meets or exceeds quality assur-                                 ———
  all eligible modalities long before it was            With ACR accreditation, you know            ance and safety guidelines.                                Austin Radiological Association is
  made a condition of reimbursement for              that:                                             Determining whether a facility is                    ACR-accredited at many of its 14 loca-
  the service,” said Jonathan Berg, MS, a               • Your health center has voluntari-         ACR-accredited is usually easy. One way                 tions. For more information, visit the
  nuclear medicine and positron emission             ly gone through a rigorous review pro-         is to go online, as most accredited prac-               Web site or call 458-
  tomography coordinator at ARA. “ACR                cess to be sure it meets nationally accept-    tices use the ACR logo on their Web site                9098.

           Help available to those feeling dizzy, unsteady or suffering a hearing loss
D     o you have dizziness? Have you felt
      unsteady? Do you suffer from hear-
ing loss? There is help.
                                                    quired to be seen in their offices. Talking
                                                    to your doctor about your symptoms may
                                                    be difficult because “dizziness” is a word
                                                                                                      The offices are located at 7900 Shoal
                                                                                                    Creek Blvd., Suite 200. For more informa-
                                                                                                                                                             tion, visit the Web site or
                                                                                                                                                             call 345-4664.

   At 360° Balance, they specialize in such
disorders. 360° Balance is a medical office
                                                    that can be used to describe a wide variety
                                                    of sensations. This broad definition can                                 Health Professionals
that excels in both diagnostics and physi-          become a problem when trying to commu-
cal therapy related to neurological disor-          nicate specifically how you feel.
ders, inner ear disorders, mild head inju-
ries, hearing loss and high fall risk. They
want to differentiate themselves from
                                                       To be proactive, think about your symp-
                                                    toms carefully. Ask yourself some sim-
                                                    ple questions: Do I feel myself or the room
                                                                                                                                                     Dr. Robert Cook
most “hearing and balance                                            spinning around? Do I feel
centers,” which typically                                            lightheaded, like I might                                                       Allergy/Asthma/Immunology
are focused on selling hear-                                         faint? Do I feel unsteady
ing aids.                                                            when I walk, bumping into                                                              4150 North Lamar Blvd.
   At 360° Balance, their                                            things and/or drifting side-                                                             Austin, Texas 78756
focus is on helping people                                           ways? The answers to these                                                                  512.467.0978
who have all types of bal-                                           three questions can guide
ance, dizziness and hearing                                          you toward better communi-                                                  
problems. They offer ad-                                             cation with your doctor. You      Experience
vanced diagnostic testing                                            can always ask your doctor        Dr. Cook began practicing in Austin in 1982 and has been in solo practice since 1985. He is a
and comprehensive physi-                                             to be referred for balance        fellow of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, the American College
                                                                     testing or rehabilitation.        of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology and the American Association of Clinical Immunology and
cal therapy evaluations for                                                                            Allergy. Dr. Cook is listed as one of the Best Doctors in America, America’s Top Physician,
people suffering from these                                             At 360° Balance, they use      a Texas Monthly Super Doctor, and an Austin Monthly Best Doctor. Dr. Cook treats both
often debilitating disor-                                            advanced diagnostic tools to      adult and pediatric patients for allergies and asthma.
ders. Unfortunately, because of the broad           quickly and accurately identify the source         Special Certification
range in symptoms, which often come in              of the symptoms. They offer testing that is        Board Certified Allergy & Clinical Immunology 1983
“spells,” patients with dizziness and bal-          unavailable elsewhere in the area. Testing         Board Certified Internal Medicine, 1980
ance disorders are frequently misunder-             is painless and non-invasive. They under-          Education
stood. This commonly leads to numerous              stand how you feel and can show solid test         Dr. Cook graduated from The University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in 1977. He
visits to multiple health care providers, re-       results to support the diagnosis. Their clin-      completed a three-year residency at Washington University in St. Louis and then a two-year
                                                                                                       fellowship in Allergy and Clinical Immunology at the University of Colorado.
sulting in thousands of dollars in costs            ic is specially equipped to treat you effec-
without an accurate diagnosis or appropri-          tively and compassionately. The balance                                                        Health Tips
ate treatment.                                      therapy or vestibular rehabilitation program             Spring is on it’s way and that can be bad news for Central Texas allergy sufferers who are allergic
   There are many reasons to call 360°              will be tailored to your individual’s specific      to tree and grass pollens. March and April are heavy tree pollen seasons, especially for Oak, Elm and
Balance. If you are experiencing any type           needs. Studies show that 85 percent of pa-         Pecan trees. There are many medicines available to treat “hay fever” and other allergic conditions.
of dizziness, lightheadedness, vertigo,             tients show significant improvement with            Over- the-counter antihistamines such as Claritin may be effective. Claritin is non-sedating, the others,
                                                                                                       may cause drowsiness. Decongestants, whether taken alone or combined with an antihistamine may
ringing in your ears, unsteadiness or hear-         specialized therapy vs. less than 50 percent       help nasal and sinus symptoms.
ing loss, and/or have any history of fall-          treated with medication alone.                           Prescription steroid nasal sprays are the most effective form of treatment for nasal allergies,
ing, they can help. In Central Texas, 360°             At 360° Balance, they offer both vestib-        however because patients don’t always realize that these sprays can take up to 2 weeks to work, they
Balance is one of the few resources that            ular rehabilitation and balance therapy to         often stop them after only a few days. Over-the-counter nasal sprays such as Afrin and Neosynephrine
                                                                                                       will cause worsening of congestion after a few days.
specialize in treatment of such symptoms            maximize your potential. They also offer                 Allergy immunotherapy injections are very effective for skin test positive patients, who have poor
and also provide a support group.                   separate comprehensive audiology servic-           response to medications or who need medications for more than four months of the year.
   A physician’s referral is usually re-            es with testing and hearing aid sales.
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                                                 ORTHOPEDIC SURGERY                OUR LOCATIONS
   You can have                                  Barbara Bergin, M.D.
                                                 Peter Garcia, Jr., M.D.
                                                 Richard Lutz, D.O.
                                                                                   Quarry Lake–NW Austin
                                                                                   4700 Seton Center Pkwy, Ste 200
     beautiful                                   Carolyn Hyde, M.D.
                                                 Bradley Adams, D.O.
                                                 Scott Smith, M.D.
                                                                                   Austin, TX 78759
                                                                                   Central Austin
                                                 Robert Foster, M.D.               630 West 34th Street, Ste 302
      teeth!                                     Marc DeHart, M.D.
                                                 J. Brannan Smoot, M.D.
                                                 Tyler Goldberg, M.D.
                                                                                   Austin, TX 78705
      By Michael B. Nussbaum, DDS                Joel Hurt, M.D.
                                                                                   5656 Bee Caves Rd, Ste G201
                                                 Christopher Danney, M.D.
      ne of the first things people notice is     John Genung, M.D.                 Austin, TX 78746
      your smile.                                Donald Davis, M.D.
   A beautiful smile can brighten your           Archie Whittemore, M.D.           Round Rock
life every day, professionally and social-       Robert Schoen, Jr., M.D.          15808 RR 620 North. Ste 100
                                                 W. Randall Schultz, M.D.
ly. And, unlike plastic surgery, cosmet-         Michael Loeb, M.D.                Austin, TX 78717
ic dentistry isn’t a major operation. Imag-
                                                 PHYSICAL MEDICINE &               Cedar Park
ine coming in for a single appointment or
two and emerging with the smile you’ve           REHABILITATION                    1401 Medical Parkway B, Ste 120
always wanted … no pain, no strain, no           Kenneth Bunch, M.D.               Cedar Park, TX 78613
time taken away from your busy life. The
results are immediate and dramatic.
   That is what we do, and we believe our                       Texas Orthopedics,
practice is exceptional. We feel this way                       Sports & Rehabilitation Associates
because we have a specific mission to
which we are irreversibly committed to,           APPOINTMENTS: (512) 439-1001 •
that is to impeccably serve people in re-
alizing and maintaining dental health by

                                                        Put your Feet in Good Hands!
providing the highest level of personal
service and technical excellence we know
   We recognize that the people who come
to us for care should be treated with digni-
ty and respect. We see people on an indi-
vidual basis, one person at a time. We re-
fuse to be too busy to care for each per-
son or perform any procedure to the best
                                                                                                Arbor Foot Health Center
of our ability.
   We constantly look to improve our skill
and knowledge. The people who come to
                                                                                                           Dr. Gary Prant, Podiatrist
us for care can be confident we will keep
                                                                                                             Board Certified in Foot Surgery
them updated on their oral health so they
aren’t surprised by any ongoing problem.
They can be sure we will only do the best

restoration diagnosis we are capable of,
and that it will be complete and thorough:
   • Brighten teeth that have lost their spar-
kle. We can treat discolored, stained or ag-                                                                 11824 Jollyville Road • Bldg 1, Suite 101
ing teeth with our state-of-the-art whiten-                                                                  
ing process.
   • Cover problem teeth with ultra-thin
porcelain veneers. Think of this treat-                                                                      Complete Foot Care since 1982
ment as a manicure for your smile. We can
change the shape, color and length of your                                                           Laser Ingrown Toenails • Heel Pain Specialist
teeth in as little as two visits.
   • Ditch ill-fitting dentures with new
ones that are even more natural, function-
al and comfortable. New materials can be
custom-blended to your skin, hair and eye
color to look as if you were born with per-
fect teeth. Dentures can also be replaced
or relined to correct problems with ag-
ing jaws so you can chew without discom-
fort again.
   Philosophically, dentists selected their
type of practice, either quantity (do a lit-
tle for a lot of people) or quality (optimal
care on a long-term basis for each patient).
We want to attract and keep people who
share our values, beliefs and excellence or
who choose to grow to this level of appre-
ciation through education and motivation.
We seek a patient population dominated
by people with high expectations of good
health and happiness.
   Visit our Web site (www.360dentalcare.
com) or come in for a consultation. There
are many ways we can give you a youth-
ful, attractive, natural looking smile!
   Dr. Michael Nussbaum’s offices are lo-
cated at 3660 Stoneridge Road, B-101.
Telephone: 327-3631.
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          New year … new you …
       t’s a new year, and once again               help add years to life and make that life    counselors, as well
       thoughts turn to setting goals to live       more enjoyable. While achieving that goal    as the wonder-
       a healthier lifestyle, or at least get-      isn’t always easy, Austin Regional Clinic    ful Dr. Miller
       ting back to pre-holiday weight              offers a program with proven results. This   and always
       while hopefully shedding a few ex-           year, ARC’s Weight Management Pro-           motivation-
tra pounds.                                         gram will celebrate 20 years of successful   al Jennie
   Dieting is one of America’s most popular         lifestyle change for our patients who have   Comstock.
activities, with more than 41 percent of the        maintained their weight after completing     I can’t rec-
population reporting that they are on a diet        the program.                                 ommend                                                                              www.
(Consumer Reports) and even more saying                The ARC program, called OptiHealth,       this pro-                                                         austinregionalclinic.
they have tried at least one diet in their life-    provides a simple, healthy approach to       gram highly enough,”                                com/services/weight_management_
time. According to the Austin Media Audit,          weight loss that includes coaching and       says Dale, who lost 99 pounds in seven        program/success_stories)
more than 20 percent of Austinites dieted           support to maintain weight long-term. Par-   months.                                          Successful weight loss is best achieved
four weeks or more last year.                       ticipants receive an individualized weight      “This program teaches you to make life     with a program that emphasizes perma-
   Also, the federal Centers for Disease            management plan and group support to         changes in both food and exercise,” says      nent lifestyle changes that can be main-
Control reports that 26 percent of adult            help change lifestyle and improve health,    Audra, who lost 70 pounds in 17 weeks and     tained over the years without sacrific-
Americans are considered obese by the               including nutritious meal and snack re-      continues to work toward her goal of losing   ing the pleasures of eating well. The new
standard weight measurement and body                placement, medical assessment and mon-       30 more. “The group session allowed me        year is a great time to think about how to
mass index. Being overweight puts an in-            itoring, customized care, suggestions for    to see what type of eater I was before this   achieve your goal, and ARC can help you
dividual at risk for heart disease, stroke,         exercise, guidance for nutrition, group      program, and I have learned ways to avoid     get started.
diabetes and other debilitating illnesses.          sessions, and ongoing support.               going back to those old habits.”                 Call ARC-INFO (272-4636) or visit the
   We all know that a healthy weight can               “The program at ARC has great group          (Read their stories online at              Web site

T    aking care of your skin is more than just skin-deep.
     Beautiful skin reflects a healthy routine that combines
protection from the sun, gentle cleansing, daily moisturiz-
                                                                  New day … new you …                                            • RestylaneTM, JuvédermTM and other dermal fillers.
                                                                                                                                 • Skin resurfacing.
                                                                                                                                 • Laser facials.
ing, avoidance of toxins (smoking, for example) and good          personally performing or overseeing every treatment. Us-       • IPL photo facials.
eating habits. Sometimes though, even when you are do-            ing state-of-the-art equipment that is administered by li-     • Laser hair removal.
ing everything right, you still have concerns about your          censed, experienced professionals, the eos team offers         • Acne and Rosacea treatment.
skin. That is when you turn to the professionals.                 scientifically proven techniques that are safe and effec-       • Chemical peels.
  Whether you need to treat skin conditions from acne             tive. Conveniently located in downtown Austin, eos is          • Microdermabrasion.
to psoriasis, or you have concerns more aesthetic in na-          part of Austin Regional Clinic, serving the community          • Spray tan.
ture, a dermatology med spa under the supervision of a li-        since 1980, and one of the largest multispecialty medical      • Sclerotherapy.
censed dermatologist can provide the services you need.           groups in the Austin area.                                     • Vascular lesion treatment.
Your skin is the largest organ of your body, and, like for           Visit the Web site to learn about         eos Dermatology & Med Spa offers complimenta-
your heart, you want a professional who specializes in            their services, special offers and packages, frequently      ry consultation. Stop by their office at 1717 W. Sixth St.,
that organ to treat you.                                          asked questions, and how eos can help unveil a new you!      Suite 120R, visit the Web site or
  Dr. Steven Rasmussen and the eos Dermatology &                     Some of the cosmetic procedures available at eos in-      call 482-9344 today to schedule yours!
Med Spa aestheticians will develop a personalized treat-          clude:                                                         Financing for additional services is available through
ment plan that will achieve the results that you desire,             • BOTOX® cosmetic.                                        CareCredit.
B20    7 Shevat-4 Adar, 5769                                               Staying Healthy       & Fit in Austin                               Special Advertising Supplement/The Jewish Outlook

Colorectal cancer awareness and Open Access Colonoscopy™

       By Anita Hunter, RN, CASC                adenomas are the least likely.                   planations have to do with Open Access         Would you ignore your annual mammo-
            ach year, 150,000 Americans are        An adenoma is a collection of growths         Colonoscopy (OAC)?                             gram? How about your PSA (prostate spe-
            diagnosed with colorectal can-      (-oma) of glandular origin. Adenomas can           Often, getting in to see your doctor is      cific antigen) exam? Or your cholesterol
            cer. One in every in 18 Ameri-      grow from many organs. These growths             annoying and inconvenient, and many            check? No, right! Colorectal cancer doesn’t
            cans develops colorectal cancer     are benign, although over time they may          healthy 50 year olds don’t necessarily have    discriminate; it attacks males and fe-
in their lifetime. Each year, 50,000 Ameri-     progress to become malignant, at which           a primary-care physician. Therefore, it’s      males equally. OK, so now those questions
cans die of colorectal cancer.                  point they are called adenocarcinomas.           just easier to delay scheduling a screen-      are answered what about the real reason
   The American Cancer Society ranks            Though adenomas are benign, they have            ing colonoscopy since it can be a hassle.                     See facing page
colorectal cancer as the No. 2 cancer in        the potential to cause serious health com-
the United States.                              plications. Adenomas of the colon are
   Now that these American Cancer Soci-         quite prevalent and are removed because
ety and National Institute of Health statis-    of their tendency to become malignant and
tics have your attention, what are you go-      lead to colon cancer.
ing to do about it?                                Another factor that contributes to a pol-
                                                                                                                     Do you have a loved one with
   The American Cancer Society recom-           yp’s likelihood of becoming cancerous
mends that adults undergo a screening
colonoscopy at age 50. Screening colonos-
                                                is its size. The larger a polyp grows, the
                                                more likely it is to become cancerous.
                                                                                                     Asperger’s Syndrome?
copy is even more important if there is a       Once a polyp reaches two centimeters, or
family history of colon cancer, especial-       about one inch in size, the risk of cancer                                 Please call me. I can help.
ly if the cancer was discovered before age      is in excess of 20 percent. Therefore, it is
50. Screening colonoscopy, at age 50, has       advisable to remove polyps of any size,
been shown to reduce colorectal cancer in-      preferably when they are small, to prevent
cidence and mortality rates.                    their growth and progression to cancer.
   Austin Gastroenterology, PA, recently           Colorectal cancer is both preventable and
completed a yearlong study that showed          curable. Removing precancerous colon pol-
the average age of our patients’ first
screening colonoscopy is 57. This infor-
                                                yps prevents colorectal cancer. It is cured if
                                                it is found early and surgically removed be-
                                                                                                              Hilary Miller DeWeerd, LCSW
mation is vitally important to Austin Gas-      fore it spreads to other parts of the body.                                     Psychotherapy
troenterology. We have elected to contin-          The National Polyp Study showed, in its
ue this study indefinitely to enhance the        surveillance program, that individuals who                              Individuals, Couples & Families
care we provide our patients. Our goal is       had their polyps removed experienced a
to be more accessible for people to obtain      90 percent reduction in the incidence of
a screening colonoscopy at age 50. To that      colorectal cancer. The few patients in the
end, Austin Gastroenterology will begin         study who did develop colorectal cancer
providing Open Access Colonoscopy™.             had their cancer discovered at early, surgi-
                                                cally or endoscopically curable stages.
      Screening colonoscopy                        Since most colon polyps and early can-
   OAC allows a healthy person, age 50 or       cers are silent (produce no symptoms), it is
older, access to a gastroenterologist to per-   important to do screening and surveillance                                             Anxiety & Mood Disorders
form a screening colonoscopy, without an        for colon cancer in patients without symp-                                               Midlife & Family Issues
initial office visit.                            toms or signs of the polyps or cancers.                                            Parenting Children with Disabilities
   This screening colonoscopy allows dis-       Recommendations for cost-effective public
covery of any pre-cancerous polyps in the       screening and surveillance have been pro-
colon. A polyp is an abnormal growth of         mulgated and endorsed by numerous soci-
tissue projecting from a mucous mem-            eties, including the American Cancer So-
brane. If it is attached to the surface by a    ciety, National Cancer Institute, Ameri-
narrow elongated stalk, it is pedunculated.     can College of Gastroenterology, American
If no stalk is present, it is sessile.          Medical Association, American College of
   Polyps are commonly found in the co-         Physicians and National Institute of Health.          1604 West 34th Street • Austin, TX 78703 • 512.577.6020
lon. Colon polyps are uncommonly asso-             So what do all these statistics and ex-
ciated with symptoms. Occasionally rectal
bleeding and, on rare occasions pain, diar-
rhea or constipation may occur because of
colon polyps. Colon polyps are a concern
because of the potential for colon cancer
being present microscopically and the risk
of benign colon polyps transforming, with
time, into colon cancer.
   Since most polyps are asymptomat-
ic, they are usually discovered at the
time of colon cancer screening. Any pol-
yps that are detected during your screen-                                                 Bridgett Wallace, DPT                          Kathy Samaniego, AuD
ing colonoscopy are removed and sent for
microanalysis by a pathologist. (Virtu-
al Colonoscopy, a CT scan to detect colon
polyps, has not been shown to identify all
polyps, nor can the polyp be immediately
                                                                Do you suffer from dizziness,
removed as with colonoscopy).
   The polyps that become cancerous are                       balance and/or hearing disorders?
called adenomatous polyps or adenomas.
Adenomas account for about 75 percent
of all colon polyps. There are several sub-
types of adenoma, which differ primari-
                                                                                                 There’s help.
ly in the way the cells of the polyp are as-
sembled when they are examined under
the microscope: tubular, villous or tubu-
                                                                    7900 Shoal Creek Blvd, Ste 200 • Austin, TX 78757
lo-villous. Villous adenomas are the most                                 512.345.4664 •
likely to become cancerous, and tubular
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             From facing page
you’ve delayed your screening colonosco-
py? That’s right, the big “F” word: fear.
   Everyone has horror stories they have
heard about getting a colonoscopy. There
are even comic strips addressing how ter-
rible a colonoscopy is. Well, guess what
… they’re wrong.                                                                                                                                                            The physicians
   A colonoscopy is not painful. It’s not in-                                                                                                                                  of Austin
convenient. Nor is it embarrassing. But a
colonoscopy can save your life.
   The most inconvenient thing about a
colonoscopy is the bowel cleansing prep,
and even that is minimal. You will be given
a prescription for a bowel cleaning prepa-
ration (some are sold over the counter) and
it only requires that you drink clear liquids
the day before your colonoscopy, and then           sician, you will need to complete an Aus-     screening colonoscopy, you will have a         locations throughout the Austin area for
the bowel preparation medication is taken           tin Gastroenterology Pre-Colonosco-           follow-up visit with the gastroenterologist    your convenience. Austin Gastroenterolo-
the evening before your colonoscopy.                py Patient Questionnaire form and sub-        to discuss the results.                        gy has 21 board-certified or board-eligible
   There isn’t any need to miss work                mit it to us. This questionnaire may be ob-     Typically, if your colonoscopy is normal     gastroenterologists. All our physicians are
the day of your bowel preparation. You              tained online at or      (no polyps) a repeat isn’t necessary for 10    committed to quality, affordable health-
will need to miss work the day of your              by calling 371-1519. Once your complet-       years. If polyps are found, then repeat sur-   care. The vision of Austin Gastroenterol-
colonoscopy, however, due to the medica-            ed questionnaire is received it will be re-   veillance colonoscopy may be performed         ogy is to be the premier provider of gas-
tion you receive for sedation (eliminates           viewed by one of our gastroenterologists      in one, three or five years depending on        trointestinal services in Central Texas; its
any discomfort and provides relaxation              and office staff to assist you.                the type, size and number of polyps found.     mission, partnering with physicians and
during your colonoscopy).                              Most insurances offer screening ben-       That is an individual treatment plan be-       associates, is committed to quality health-
                                                    efits. Based on information you provide        tween the physician and the patient.           care for our patients by providing the
     Increased accessibility                        on the questionnaire, our pre-certification      If you are a candidate for Open Access       highest personal service and state-of-the-
  Austin Gastroenterology’s goal is to in-          specialist will review your insurance cov-    Colonoscopy, you will be scheduled for         art endoscopic care through a compassion-
crease accessibility for screening colonos-         erage. You will be aware of any financial      your screening colonoscopy at one of the       ate, patient-focused approach.
copy through Open Access Colonoscopy,               obligation throughout this process.           Austin Endoscopy Centers (locations in            So don’t allow yourself to become one
especially if you do not have a primary-               The gastroenterologist will call you to    north and south Austin).                       of the grim statistics of colorectal can-
care physician.                                     discuss the screening colonoscopy and to        If the gastroenterologist feels that you     cer. More information regarding Open Ac-
  If you already have a “regular doctor”            determine if you are a candidate for Open     are not a candidate for OAC), you will         cess Colonoscopy (OAC) is available at
and have seen your primary-care physician           Access Colonoscopy.                           be asked to make an office appointment          the Web site or by
within the last six months, just request a             There will not be a need for an office      to see the gastroenterologist before your      calling 371-1519. You and your family
referral for a screening colonoscopy.               visit with the gastroenterologist before      screening colonoscopy is scheduled.            will be glad you did; you’re too important
  If you do not have a primary-care phy-            your screening colonoscopy. After your          Austin Gastroenterology has 10 office         not to get your screening colonoscopy.
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Melt away fat with long-lasting,
 minimally invasive treatment
             ou’ve tried dieting. You’ve        performed in-office, under safer local an-
             tried exercise. But parts of       esthesia. Beleza MedSpa uses smaller in-
             your body have simply refused      struments to finely sculpt and contour the
             to tone up.                        body. Finally, the SmartLipo® laser tight-                                                                                               Dr.
    Now you can change all that. Laser          ens the skin after the fat is removed.                                                                                              Lawrence D.
Body Sculpting is a revolutionary, mini-           Is there a recovery period?                                                                                                      Broder (blue
mally invasive treatment that does some-           SmartLipo® Laser Body Sculpting is a                                                                                              shirt) with
thing no fitness routine in the world can:       minimally invasive procedure that usually                                                                                             Courtney
permanently destroy fat cells. Since your       requires only local anesthesia and several                                                                                          Barnes (from
body has only a finite amount of these           three- to four-millimeter incisions. There                                                                                           left), Sara
cells, no new fat cells come back. You          are no sutures and the incisions are left                                                                                           Odom, Heidi
can finally have that body you’ve always         open to encourage drainage over the first                                                                                             Zermeno,
wanted.                                         couple of days. Some soreness and swell-                                                                                              Heather
   With SmartLipo® Laser Body Sculpt-           ing occurs afterward, but most patients re-                                                                                         Farnsworth,
ing, you can change all of that. This rev-      turn to work in three to four days. Exer-                                                                                               Vicki
olutionary treatment literally melts away       cise can be resumed within the first week.                                                                                             Hansen,
fat in trouble spots like your abdomen,            How many treatments are required?                                                                                                 Tony Nagy
thighs, arms and neck. The results last lon-       Typically, only one treatment is re-                                                                                             and Jagulin
ger than dieting or exercise, and since the     quired. Once the procedure is complet-                                                                                               Duarte, an
treatment is minimally invasive, you’ll be      ed, the fat cells are permanently removed                                                                                           aesthetician
in the doctor’s office one day — and out         from your body. Results can be seen with-                                                                                             at Beleza
turning heads the next.                         in one to two days, with continued im-                                                                                                MedSpa.
   Laser Body Sculpting (laser liposuc-         provement over three to six months. A                                                                                               Not pictured
tion) can eliminate areas of unwanted fat       compression garment may be worn for a                                                                                                  is Kim
while toning your skin. Below are answers       short period after treatment, depending on                                                                                           Ottenberg.
to some of the most common patient ques-        the body area treated.
tions.                                             What is tumescent liposuction?
   How does Laser Body Sculpting                   With tumescent liposuction, large vol-
work?                                           umes of a saline solution containing di-
   This laser-assisted lipolysis procedure is   lute lidocaine® (a local anesthetic) and di-
performed using a one-millimeter cannula        lute epinephrine (a drug to shrink capil-
(or tube) inserted into the skin. A laser fi-    laries and prevent blood loss) are injected,
ber inside of the cannula delivers laser en-    with minimal discomfort, directly into ar-
ergy directly to fat cells, causing them to     eas of excessive fatty deposits. The tumes-
rupture and drain away as liquid. Simulta-      cent fluid completely numbs the skin and
neously, tissue around the area coagulates,     fat and lifts these layers off the muscles     Spa combines tumescent liposuction and             Ranch Road 2222 (342-1911).
resulting in overall tighter skin tissue. Dr.   so they can be accessed. Once the liquid       SmartLipo® laser liposuction for superior            Beleza MedSpa is physician-owned and
Lawrence D. Broder of Beleza MedSpa             is injected, a small incision is made in the   results and quicker recovery.                      -supervised by Dr. Broder, who has been
has acquired the SmartLipo® MPX, the            skin, and a tube connected to a vacuum is         To see if SmartLipo® laser-assisted li-         in the Austin Jewish community for years.
strongest laser in Austin and able to melt      inserted into the fatty layer. Using to and    polysis treatment is right for you, call to        Dr. Broder is dedicated to noninvasive
more fat and tighten more skin — in less        fro movements the fat is drawn through         schedule a free consultation at Beleza             skin rejuvenation services and body con-
time!                                           the tube into a collection system. The tu-     MedSpa. They have two convenient loca-             touring treatments.
   What areas of the body can be treat-         mescent method enables the surgeon to          tions, in Round Rock at Hesters Crossing             Beleza offers only the most advanced
ed?                                             remove large amounts of fat more uni-          between Gold’s Gym and Grapevine Mar-              medical aesthetic technologies, procedures
   SmartLipo® Laser Body Sculpting is           formly with fewer skin irregularities and      ket (512-246-2639) and in Austin at the            and products that are clinically proven and
ideal for the neck, jaw line, arms, breasts,    less bleeding and bruising. Beleza Med-        shops of River Place across from 3M on             backed by research.
“bra fat,” abdomen, “love handles,” “sad-
dle bags,” inner and outer thighs, and
knees. Several body areas can be treated
in one session, depending on the amount             ACR Accreditation means highly trained radiologists
of fat to be removed.
   Am I a candidate?
                                                    and regularly tested, accurate equipment
   SmartLipo® Laser Body Sculpting is
meant for areas that do not respond to                                                                    All 14 ARA Imaging Centers are accredited by the American College
diet or exercise. The perfect candidate is                                                                of Radiology (ACR). ACR Accreditation means that ARA’s centers have
in good health and close to normal body                                                                   met strict standards of excellence in keeping our facilities state of the art.
weight. This is not a weight-loss proce-                                                                  Our imaging equipment is regularly tested for accuracy, functionality and
dure but more of a body contouring that
                                                                                                          capability. Additionally, ARA radiologists have undergone 13 years of rigorous
will result in the loss of inches and cloth-
ing sizes. Beleza MedSpa removes the fat                                                                  education and training before they begin practice as professional radiologists.
from the areas where it matters the most,                                                                 It’s simply another way of knowing that ARA has your best interest at heart.
giving you noticeable results!                                                                            ARA is ACR Accredited in the following modalities:
   How does SmartLipo® Laser Body
Sculpting compare to conventional lipo-                                                                       Computed Tomography (CT)                     Stereotactic Breast Biopsy
suction?                                                                                                      Digital Mammography                          Ultrasound
   Conventional liposuction is meant to re-                                                                   Nuclear Medicine including                   Ultrasound Guided
move greater amounts of fat. Usually done                                                                     Positron Emission Tomography and             Breast Biopsy
in the operating room, it requires gener-
                                                                                                              Computed Tomography (PET/CT)
al anesthesia. Due to the risk of anesthe-
sia, time is of the essence and larger in-                                                                    Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
struments are used to speed fat remov-
al. As a result, irregularities are more fre-
quent and loose, stretched-out skin is not                       FAX REFERRALS   (512) 836-8869    SCHEDULING   (512) 458-9098
treated. SmartLipo®, on the other hand, is
Special Advertising Supplement/The Jewish Outlook                             Staying Healthy      & Fit in Austin   February 2009   B23

  7 decades of providing comfort for feet
  Two close friends, Irving Ravel and               and, in 2005, the ECCO store.
Bob Karotkin, founded Karavel Shoes as                 In 2008, they bought Shoe Styles, a
only the second Buster Brown shoe store             store specializing in bridal, prom and
in the United States on March 7, 1937.              oversized shoes. They have expanded the
They changed the name to Kara-Vel shoes             Outlet Store as well.
the next year and located the store be-                In addition to their online store (www.
tween the old State and Paramount movie   , visit them at their
theaters in downtown Austin.                        main location in Austin, which features
  The store began as a children’s shoe              13,000 square feet of sales space spe-
store but later expanded into men and               cializing in the most fashionable comfort
women’s shoes, then orthopedics’ and fi-             walking sandals and shoes. They also car-
nally into a full-service family shoe store.        ry the widest selection of styles, sizes and
In 1960, the store was moved to its current         widths in Central Texas.
location at 5525 Burnet Road in North                  Karavel Shoes is open 9:30 a.m.-6 p.m.
Austin.                                             Monday-Friday and 9:30 a.m.-5 p.m. Sat-
  In 1985, the store began carrying Eu-             urday. Call 459-7603 for more informa-
ro-comfort shoes and, at that time, it was          tion.
realized that “comfort and service” was
going to be the basis of the business. In
1995, they added a Wellness center and
by 2000 they added its first concept store
with the addition of the Mephisto Shop.
In 2003, they add the New Balance store

       Esther Yaniv, MD
        The Spine
   & Rehabilitation Center
   Dr. Esther Yaniv is a physician, a tri-
athlete and a personal coach who helps
the Austin community recover from neck,
back and hip injuries. She also shares a
competitive passion with local athletes
and helps them recover from sport-relat-
ed injuries.
   Before establishing her practice, Dr. Ya-
niv spent four years at Sackler Medical
School in Tel Aviv and then completed her
residency in physical medicine and reha-
bilitation at Emory University in Atlanta.
She came to Austin in 2005 to be near her
family and pursue her career in nonsurgi-
cal spine care.
   The Spine and Rehabilitation Center
utilizes a multidisciplinary approach with
teams of spine surgeons, physiatrists, chi-
ropractors and physical therapists to diag-
nose and treat spine-related pain in both
the athlete and non-athlete population.
   In her practice, Dr. Yaniv offers a wide
range of programs and services — from
nerve testing to physical therapy and cor-
tisone shots. She specializes in the treat-
ment of neck or back pain using nonsur-
gical methods and helps her patients im-
prove their function and quality of life.
   To meet her and see how she can help
you, log on to or call
B24   7 Shevat-4 Adar, 5769                                               Staying Healthy       & Fit in Austin                                 Special Advertising Supplement/The Jewish Outlook

         Lose weight now by avoiding ‘Six Biggest Dieting Mistakes’
         By Teresa Boehm, MD,

        and Amanda Dupont, MD
      f you made a New Year’s resolution
      to lose weight, but have struggled
      — or already failed — you are not
      alone. Losing weight doesn’t have to
be an uphill battle, and more than likely
past failures haven’t been your fault.
   Numerous studies show that more than                                                                     Dr. Teresa Boehm (left)
96 percent of all fad diets eventually fail.                                                               and Dr. Amanda Dupont,
Regardless of how much willpower you                                                                          co-medical directors
have, the odds are against you when fad                                                                    of Austin Bariatric Clinic.
dieting. And with less than a 4 percent
chance of succeeding, why even try?
   Fortunately, a medical specialty called
bariatric medicine equips bariatric physi-
cians with solutions to help you avoid the
“Six Biggest Dieting Mistakes”:
   1) Trying to fight the “cravings battle”
alone. Let’s face it; cravings can be an al-
most impossible “enemy” to fight. Brain
                                                   5) Attempting weight loss in the face        of certain types of cancer, stroke, heart        you have always wanted but could never
chemicals that cause cravings are one of
                                                of serious underlying medical illness. As       disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and       achieve on your own.
the ways your body preserves itself from
                                                medical doctors specializing in weight          numerous other debilitating, even deadly,           Don’t let procrastination steal your op-
starvation. Fortunately, we are able to help
patients successfully fight cravings by us-      loss, we can help those with signifi-            diseases. The longer you wait, the greater       portunity to wear the clothes (and siz-
ing an individualized high-nutrient pro-        cant medical problems (Type II Diabe-           the odds are you will develop one or more        es) you have dreamed about and to have
gram that is coupled with other proven,         tes, high blood pressure) lose weight safe-     of these conditions.                             boundless energy to do the things you now
safe medical techniques, including appe-        ly and comfortably. Often times these con-                                                       can’t do this spring and summer. Let your-
                                                ditions, as well as other medical condi-                Feel, look your best                     self fully experience the self-confidence
tite suppressants (when appropriate). Our
individualized medical approach helps           tions, are unknown to the patient and po-          Procrastination prevents you from feel-       and joy that comes with knowing you are
eliminates your cravings and lets you lose      tentially life threatening if left untreated.   ing and looking your best. Self-confidence,       finally in control of your weight.
unwanted fat pounds comfortably.                Because we thoroughly monitor and eval-         vitality for life, energy and even a great          We offer a free consultation with a nu-
   2) Using a “cookie cutter” fad diet. We      uate patients during each step of their pro-    night’s sleep can suffer when you are over-      tritional counselor that includes a com-
call this the “one size fits all” diet. No one   gram, and develop a customized program          weight. When you procrastinate you rob           puterized body composition analysis. Call
gains — or loses — weight the same way.         based on their medical history and issues,      yourself and your family of being and look-      our office at 371-9885 to schedule your
To succeed, your program must be indi-          we not only can uncover or address under-       ing your best. Life is precious and you can’t    free office visit. Because this is one of the
vidualized around your personal likes and       lying medical issues, but also provide a        put a price on your health and happiness.        busier times of the year for weight loss,
dislikes, your family and genetic histo-        safe, proven alternative to the uncertainty        Our program provides regular guidance         call today before available space fills. Let
ry, your medical history and your environ-      of fad dieting.                                 and accountability so that you are free to       us help you end dieting forever by giving
ment. Unfortunately, fad diets call for ev-        6) Procrastination. From a medical           obtain the results you need to look and          you the success you have always wanted.
eryone to follow the same diet, which ac-       standpoint, being even 10 percent over-         feel your best.                                  All you have to do is pick up the phone
counts for such a dismal success rate.          weight can have serious long-term health           Losing weight doesn’t have to be an up-       now and call. We will help you do the rest.
Each of our patients receives an individ-       consequences. Think about applying for          hill battle, and more than likely past fail-           Drs. Teresa Boehm and Amanda Du-
ualized program tailored to his or her          life insurance. You are asked two main          ures haven’t been your fault.                    pont serve as co-medical directors of Aus-
unique characteristics. It is designed for      questions that determine your rate: Do             We are medical doctors who devote             tin Bariatric Clinic, specializing in medi-
the patient to lose maximum fat in a min-       you smoke, and how much do you weigh?           our entire medical practice to specializ-        cal weight management, located at 5900
imum amount of time. We also make fre-          That’s because both of these will affect        ing in medical weight management. Let us         Balcones Drive, Suite 160. They are mem-
quent adjustments to your program so that       how long you live.                              help you to look slimmer, feel better, have      bers of the American Society of Bariatric
ease and comfort are maximized.                    The fact is that being even slightly over-   more energy and improve your health by           Physicians and follow the guidelines of the
   3) No medical monitoring of your body        weight dramatically increases your risks        finally achieving the weight loss success         American Society of Bariatric Medicine.
composition during weight loss. This leads
to fad dieters losing lean muscle weight
instead of fat. Losing muscle causes your
metabolism to slow down and contributes
significantly to eventual weight regain. It
also makes losing weight “the next time”
even more difficult because you will be
burning calories even slower than when                                                              IMPROVE HEALTH AND PRODUCTIVITY
you previously started. Our program mon-
itors your weight loss so that you are los-
ing fat while preserving your lean muscle
                                                                                                           IN THE WORKPLACE
mass. We also implement into your pro-
gram proven ways to increase metabolism
so that fat loss occurs quicker.
   4) Failure to recognize that there may be
underlying medical reasons causing your
weight gain. Fad diets can be dangerous
and do not address your individual medi-
cal history. Also, often easily correctable                                                 Dr. Patricia Rosen is board certified in
hormonal imbalances may be prevent-                                                         Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine and
ing you from having weight-loss success.
At our clinic, we evaluate and monitor
                                                                                            Toxicology. She also has a Masters in Public               Wellness for Workers
                                                                                            Health and is an accomplished age-group
blood work that may provide answers to                                                      triathlete.                                                           3303 Northland Drive
your past difficulty with losing weight. We                                                                                                                                    Suite 310
are able to identify and treat medical con-                                                 Dr. Rosen will design a wellness program
                                                                                            for you and your business that takes into                                 Austin, TX 78731
ditions that may be preventing you from
burning unwanted fat and having the ap-                                                     account your company’s unique needs.                                        512.371-8822
pearance and vitality you want and desire.
                                                                                      Staying Healthy      & Fit in Austin

Special Advertising Supplement/The Jewish Outlook                                                                                                                       February 2009        B25

                                                                                                                                       Center of Austin
                                                                                                             Allen K. Lieberman, MD              William C. Howland III, MD
                                                                                                                 Board Certified in Pediatrics       Board Certified in Internal Medicine
                                                                                                                 and Allergy & Immunology               and Allergy & Immunology

                    Take home a health club                                                                          New Patients Welcome • Adults and Children
                                                                                                                        Cedar Fever, Hay Fever, Asthma & Sting Allergies
D     o you want to be fit and healthy?
      What’s your excuse?
                                                        bikes, Bowflex and Recumbents, all with
                                                        three-year electronic and 30-year frame
                                                                                                                Main Office
   • “I don’t have time to work out at a
   • “Clubs are crowded and expensive.”
   • “I don’t look good in workout clothes.”
                                                        warranties, and a knowledgeable staff to
                                                        help you make your selection.
                                                           The shop will service your Schwinn
                                                        equipment, if needed, and you’ll be fit and
                                                                                                               10801 North Mopac
                                                                                                               Building 2, Suite 150      345-7635                       South Office
                                                                                                                                                                           Injections Only

   Perhaps you could work out at home at                healthy and proud to show off the new                                
your pace and on your schedule? Just 30                 you.
minutes every other day on a Schwinn ex-                   A prescription from your physician for
ercycle and two sessions of lightweight                 an exercycle will make your purchase tax-
lifting will give you a complete fitness                 free.
program.                                                   University Cyclery is located at 2901 N.
   University Cyclery has AirDynes, IC                  Lamar Blvd. Telephone: 474-6696.

         ‘What a pharmacy is meant to be’
T    he Medicine Shoppe is “what a phar-
     macy is meant to be”: devoted to cus-
tomers, developing personal relationships
                                                        customers too weary to come in, or for
                                                        anyone else, too. They specialize in all
                                                        age groups, from the youngest to the geri-
with each one in the intimacy of an “old-               atric population.
fashioned” hometown atmosphere.                            One of their most outstanding services
   Their goal is to satisfy all of their cus-           is their professional compounding service.
tomers with quality patient education on                   If you would like to be recognized by
all their medications, as well as any drug              name and treated like “real people” in-
interactions that might happen.                         stead of a number, then you owe it to
   The Medicine Shoppe offers full phar-                yourself to visit The Medicine Shoppe, lo-
macy services, including delivery. A con-               cated at 1508 W. 35th St. Telephone: 454-
venient drive-thru window is available for              2653.
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     Do you suffer from neck or back pain?
                                                                                                             __ I live in the Austin area and want to receive a FREE copy each
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                                                                                                                The Outlook each month by mail. My check for $36 is enclosed.
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         Esther Yaniv, MD
                                                                                                             CITY: ___________________ STATE: ____           JCAA
                                          Dr. Yaniv is devoted to providing patients with the most rapid                                                     7300 Hart Lane
    3724 Executive Center Drive           level of recovery through the least invasive approach. She         ZIP: ______ PHONE: (____) ____________
   Suite G10 • Austin, TX 78731           is Fellowship trained and board certified by the American                                                           Austin, TX 78731
          (512) 345-5925                  Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Dr. Yaniv                                                           ATTN: Ronda Ivie
                                                                                                             DELIVERY ADDRESS (if different):                specializes in spine with additional expertise in general
                                          orthopedics and sports medicine.                                   STREET: ____________________________            OR DROP OFF AT:
  Three additional locations available.                                                                      CITY: __________ STATE: ___ ZIP: _____          JCAA Welcome Desk
                                                                                                                                                             at Dell Jewish
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   Why does my hand hurt, Doc?

             By Ira Lown, MD                      pain prevents normal daily activities it is
              ur hands allow us to perform        time to see a hand surgeon. This joint in
              many tasks. They help us to         the thumb can be rebuilt to allow for pain-
              live independently by allow-        less function and resumption of work and
              ing us to eat, dress, write, earn   hobbies.
a living, create art, play sports and do             Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is com-
many other activities.                            pression of the median nerve at the wrist.
   To do these tasks and activities, our          This remains the most common nerve
hands require sensation and fine move-             compression syndrome in the arm. Ten
ments, such as joint motion, tendon glid-         years ago, the U.S. Labor Department es-
ing and muscle contraction. When a prob-          timated that 30,000 cases of carpal tunnel
lem occurs in the hand, care must be given        that required time off from work.
to all the various components that make              If you place your hand with the palm
function of the hand possible.                    facing the ceiling, the carpal tunnel is
   Common causes of hand pain include             made of the wrist bones that make the floor
arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and ten-        and a thick ligament that creates the roof.
donitis. Sometimes these conditions can           Nine tendons and the median nerve pass
be caused by repetitive motion or trauma          between the roof and the floor of the carpal
or may be related to other medical con-           tunnel. The carpal tunnel is a fixed space
ditions, such as diabetes or pregnancy. A         that cannot expand or enlarge. Any dis-
physician who is focused on these condi-          order that decreases the space in the car-
tions of the hand will be able to make a di-      pal tunnel or increases the volume of the
agnosis and recommend treatment.                  contents passing through the carpal tunnel
   Hand surgery is the field of medicine           will put pressure on the median nerve and
that deals with problems of the hand, wrist       cause CTS. Diabetes, rheumatoid arthri-
and forearm. Hand surgeons care for these         tis and pregnancy are some of the condi-
problems without surgery, and they are            tions that have been associated with CTS.
specially trained to operate when neces-                                                        It is best to see a hand specialist before    can include rest, avoiding aggravating mo-
                                                  Although controversial, some studies have
sary. Hand surgeons are orthopedic, plas-                                                       progression to muscle loss.                   tions, splinting, anti-inflammatory medi-
                                                  shown that repetitive motions with the
tic or general surgeons who have addition-                                                         Treatment of CTS among other items         cation, and steroid injections. Surgery is
                                                  hand and fingers in certain positions such
al training in surgery of the hand. To be-        as typing this article can cause CTS.         depends on the severity at the time of di-    usually reserved for those cases in which
come members of the American Society                 CTS can present with symptoms that         agnosis. Early CTS can be treated with        other treatments have not lead to a cure.
for Surgery of the Hand, hand surgeons            range from the hand to the elbow and even     wrist splints and ergonomic modification          A qualified hand surgeon is specially
must take a full year of additional hand          to the upper arm. A common presentation       of daily activities at home and in the of-    trained to diagnose your hand condition
training and must pass a rigorous certify-        of CTS is numbness and tingling or “pins      fice. The Physician may offer a steroid in-    and to recommend appropriate treatment
ing examination.                                  and needles” in the thumb, index and mid-     jection or nerve conduction study to aid      options. Because many hand surgeons de-
                                                  dle fingers. Often a person will complain      in the diagnosis. Carpal tunnel surgery is    vote most of their time to examining,
                 Arthritis                                                                      reserved for those who have continued         treating and studying the hand, they are
                                                  of dropping things from their hand. This
   What is arthritis? Let us start by break-      is because of the feeling that the hand is    symptoms after non operative treatments       specialists in hand care. Not every visit
ing down the word. Arthron is a German            asleep and the object can not be felt on      have been tried or who present with long      to a hand surgeon results in hand surgery.
word meaning joint and the suffix “-itis”          the finger tip normally. Another common        standing CTS with muscle loss.                Hand surgeons often recommend non-
means inflammation. Arthritis is an in-            complaint is waking up at night because          I would like to briefly discuss one final    surgical treatment options to assist you.
flammatory process of a joint. The hand            of pain or feeling the hand is asleep. Rub-   topic. Tendonitis simply put is inflamma-      Sometimes, they may refer you to a hand
and wrist are composed of 27 bones, and           bing or shaking the hand is sometimes         tion of a tendon. Like CTS repetitive mo-     therapist for more treatment.
a joint is the meeting or connection of the       used to alleviate the feeling. Overall hand   tion of the wrist and fingers has been im-        To learn more about these topics and
bones. At the end of each bone is a smooth        weakness is another common symptom.           plicated in causing the inflammation how-      others, visit the Web site austinhandgroup.
cushiony surface called cartilage. This           This can manifest as difficulty opening a      ever in most cases there is no know cause.    com. If you have pain in your fingers,
cartilage can be thought of as a shock ab-        jar or grabbing a carton of milk from the     The main symptoms of tendonitis are           hand, wrist or arm, call 327-HAND.
sorber between the bones.                         refrigerator. With progression of CTS the     pain, swelling and occasional redness of           Dr. Ira Lown is with the Austin Hand
   You can see that there are many places         thumb muscle will atrophy or waste away.      the area involved. Treatment of tendonitis    Group.
for arthritis to occur in the hand and wrist.
Trauma or injury to a joint can, but does
not always, lead to arthritis in that joint.
Examples of this range from broken bones
from a fall or having fingers slammed in
car door to various types of sports injuries.
   Osteoarthritis (OA) and Rheumatoid ar-
thritis (RA) are other causes of hand ar-
thritis. OA, the most common musculo-
skeletal disease, is a progressive disease
that destroys cartilage in the joints. Age
is the strongest risk factor for OA. At age
60, more than 60 percent of people will
have some degree of cartilage abnormali-
ty in multiple joints. Genetics also plays a
role in OA. OA in the last digit of the fin-
ger is 10 times more common in females
than in males.
   Another common spot in the hand for
OA is at the base of the thumb.
   This is seen in both women and men but
is slightly more commonly in women and
usually begins with a dull ache at the bot-
tom of the thumb. Symptoms can prog-
ress over months or years and eventual-
ly become a constant ache that can affect
a wide range of daily activities like cook-
ing, gardening, golf and tennis. When this
Special Advertising Supplement/The Jewish Outlook                             Staying Healthy      & Fit in Austin                                                      February 2009    B27

                                        Arthur Smith, MD (from left); David Abrams, MD; David Kessler, MD; Jerry Gilbert, MD; and Craig Siegel, MD.

                                                                       Austin                           Heart
                                                                 Setting the Standard in Cardiac & Vascular Care

                             ‘Helping patients to live longer and live better’
         t Austin Heart, their vision is to         tient’s diagnostic tests a keystroke away.   areas and hospital systems. Craig Siegel         At Austin Heart, they believe that giv-
         set the standard for cardiac and           Also, the staff scans in letters from refer- and Jerry Gilbert perform advanced cardi-        ing physicians the responsibility to man-
         vascular care. They strive to meet         ring doctors and data from outside practic- ac and vascular interventional procedures         age limited medical resources best enables
this objective with each patient and pro-           es. This leads to less repeat and unneces-   in the Round Rock area, but they also            them to direct the most efficient use of
fessional encounter. Although they are a            sary testing, as well as more efficient care, have the support of Heart Hospital physi-        those resources.
large group of 47 cardiologists and 300             since all the data is                                                 cians. And, the elec-     “When a patient comes to the Heart
supporting physician extenders, nurses,             available instantly.                                                  tronic health record    Hospital of Austin with cardiac symp-
technicians and service staff, Austin Heart            “If one of our pa- “When a patient comes to the Heart gives them access                    toms,” Abrams says, “we are going to care
tries to make that environment smaller by           tients shows up in a Hospital of Austin with cardiac                  to all prior diagnos-   for that person with the utmost compas-
challenging and empowering the staff to             primary care office       symptoms, we are going to care               tic tests.              sion and, at the same time, efficiency.”
achieve this vision.                                or ER at any hour,”                                                      “If a patient hap-        The physicians are at three locations:
   “To me, setting the standard means               David Abrams says, for that person with the utmost                    pened to have had         • Arthur Smith, MD; David Abrams,
helping patients to live longer and live            “a phone call to any compassion and, at the same time,                bypass surgery in       MD; and David Kessler, MD — Heart
better,” cardiologist David Kessler says.           Austin Heart doctor efficiency.”                                       the past at the Heart   Hospital of Austin, 3801 N. Lamar Blvd.,
“Achieving those two goals means using              can give that phy-                                                    Hospital, but ar-       Suite 300, Austin. Telephone: 206-3600;
                                                                                                 — David Abrams, MD
judgment to apply the best combination of           sician access to all                                                  rives on a week-        fax: 206-3604.
advice, medication and technology for the           cardiac and vascu-                                                    end at Round Rock         • Jerry Gilbert, MD — Oakwood Med-
individual patient.”                                lar history that may be pertinent to their   Medical Center,” Craig Siegel notes, “our        ical Park, 511 Oakwood Blvd., Suite 201,
   For Austin Heart’s staff, setting the            acute care.”                                 electronic health record allows us to know       Round Rock. Telephone: (512) 341-0889;
standard may mean ensuring that a patient              Over the past 10 years, the practice has  where to best target intervention.”              fax: (512) 341-7147.
is scheduled for a diagnostic test at one of        doubled in size to include 14 regional of-      Finally, it is through Austin Heart’s           • Craig Siegel, MD —7200 Wyoming
their regional offices more convenient to            fices. As the region’s hospital systems       unique relationship with the Heart Hospi-        Springs Road, Suite 400, Round Rock.
their home, or arranging for an appoint-            have expanded, Austin Heart has expand-      tal of Austin that they are able to truly set    Telephone: (512) 244-2263; fax: (512)
ment on a weekend when it is more con-              ed to put cardiac subspecialists in these    the standard for cardiac and vascular care.      244-0846.
venient for a family member to bring
them. For a technician, setting the stan-
dard may mean reducing the anxiety asso-
ciated with a diagnostic test, or explaining
each step along the way.
   Although a large practice may seem in-
timidating or impersonal, it is through
Austin Heart’s size that the staff can
achieve their vision in cardiac care. Their
noninvasive cardiologists can diagnose
and manage most cardiac and vascular pa-
tients. When they need the additional ex-
pertise of a cardiac specialist, however,
that individual is also working in the same
   “We truly offer a patient-centered team
approach to cardiac and vascular care,”
Arthur Smith says. “We insist that our
physicians are board certified in their sub-
specialties, and we have established cre-
dentialing guidelines for each division
within the practice. At the same time, we
expect that our patients identify with a
single cardiologist within the practice as
their personal captain.”
   One integral part of the Austin Heart
practice is a comprehensive electron-
ic medical record that puts all the pa-
B28   7 Shevat-4 Adar, 5769   Staying Healthy   & Fit in Austin   Special Advertising Supplement/The Jewish Outlook

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