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Oracle Database Interview questions
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									-- Amdocs interview questions on 08052010

1) What Happens actually when tablespaces are kept in backup mode?
2) List out the total releases in oracle 10 version.
3) Is archiving is more or less whenever hot backup is taken & why?
4) How to find out No.of Databases running in a server?
5) How to import Zipped export dump file into database directly without
6) What are advantages of RMAN Backup over the user managed hot/cold
7) What information does the dba_registry table contains?
8) Describe the process of Cold database cloning?
9) Is recovery of database required if cold database cloning is done?
10)List out various objects in oracle database.
11)Explain Library cache?
12)How to run export/import as a background process? (&,nohup)
13)What is CPU?
14)what is the frequency at which oracle releases patches?
15)Explain the process database upgradation?
16)Explain crosscheck command?
17)Vi Editor questions ....
18)What is the purpose of crontab?
19)what is purpose of oratab?
20)what is the other file other than oratab that is used for starting if
db at system startup?
21)explain sequences,synonyms?
22)how to get current value, nextval of synonym?
23)Did you implement any change requests?
24)What is Datapump?
25)What is a Directory? what is its purpose in Datapump and how is it
used in datapump?
26)What is responsible for starting the job that has been cancelled
during process?
27)Can datapump that is started at client side can be restared from
server after abnormal exit?
28)what is the unix command to get memory used by a session?
29)what happens whenever open resetlogs is done?

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