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									         Computing Request Form                                                           For questions, call the Help Desk at 785-3200 or 432-9000
         FAX FORM TO 785-3606                                                                                      

                                    INSTRUCTIONS FOR COMPUTING REQUEST FORM (CRF)

Please submit one form for each device. Submission of this form affirms that you have read and understand the Yale University
Information Technology Appropriate Use Policy at

User and Contact Information
    User is defined as the person who will be using and has responsibility for the device or account. Contact is defined as the
    person we can contact if we have questions, need to setup an appointment for a site visit, or to confirm fulfillment of the request.
    To Find a NetId, please visit
Network Services: Per Person Charging Model
    Yale University recovers the cost of network services via a per person-based rate structure. The fee applies to all faculty, staff, postdocs
    and students, regardless of whether they have a computer connected to the network. Excluded from per person pool unless specifically
    enrolled are: associates (primarily residents); casual employees; consultants; retirees; voluntary faculty; anyone outside the Schools of
    Medicine or Nursing. Please see for the rate structure. You may connect as many devices as you need to
    the network without paying additional monthly fees. This applies to both wired and wireless network connections. Please note that the
    existing one-time installation fees will still be assessed for each device. Every device you connect to the network must be registered with
    ITS-Med, to enable us to provide faster and better support and to manage network security.
Detailed Order
1. Network Connection
    A machine needs to be connected to the campus network to use email, Meeting Maker, network back-up, or any other available account
    or service. Machines on campus and in many off campus locations use an Ethernet network jack/connection to connect to the campus
    network. Ethernet jacks are often one of several outlets on a wall plate with telephone jacks. Newer wall plates have icons that indicate
    whether the outlet is telephone (℡) or Ethernet ( ). If you do not know if you have a live circuit or the location of a live circuit, we can
    send a technician to locate it and/or check if it is working.
    •    Internal non routable IP: will allow you access to most resources on the Yale University network, but will strictly limit access to
         external Internet Resources. For more details, see

2. Device Information
    After determining how you will connect to the network, please tell us what you are connecting to the network.
         A NIC address is required for registration of a wireless device or access point. If you do not know how to determine the NIC
         address please visit
         If additional users need to log into the machine, please specify the name or NetId. You may use a second sheet if necessary.

3. Services
    These services represent on-site technical assistance from a Desktop Support Technician.
        install a new device includes configuring it for the network, (assign an IP Address), installation and configuration of applications for
        the user and securing the device.
        transfer data from one computer to another or “swap” is for when a new computer is purchased and you need information
        transferred from the old computer to the new one
        reconfigure device for new user: (set up) a new user on an existing networked machine (indicate name or NetId of previous user)
        upgrade operating system: indicate what OS to upgrade to and choose a license & media option
        install software / application: specify the software or application name and choose a license & media option
        license & media: indicate if you will purchase the license and provide media to the technician or if you would like ITS to purchase it
        for you. You may purchase software on-line from
        create IDX print queue: a queue is required to print reports from the IDX application; it is not necessary for print screens
        install YNHH Application: specify the application name. See for access.
    The first line item in Network Connection, “Install new network jack/connection,” and “Install new device on network” in this section are
    almost always chosen together. If you are connecting a computer to the network, make sure these two line items are checked.

4. Accounts
    In this section you can request creation, cancellation or change in charging of the account.
    •    Network back up service: Level 1 saves copies of 4 versions of each file backed up from your computer. Backed up files are
         retained for 60 days following deletion from your computer. Level 2 economizes the storage space required for back ups. It saves
         copies of 2 versions of each file and back up files are retained for 30 days following deletion from your computer.

Payment and Authorized Signature Information
   ITS needs a PTAEO for any charges associated with an installation or account. Charges can be split across several PTAEOs. To do
   this, please send email to An authorized signature is required for all requests. To pay by check, cash or
   credit card, you must use the form located at

How to Submit
Completed forms can be faxed to 785-3606 or hand delivered to the Computing and Media Center in SHM IE90. If you need service,
access or an account that is not listed on this form, please visit or call the Help Desk for

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