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Regina Wilson Regina Wilson


									For such a tiny community, Peppimenarti
has made a large impact on the development
of contemporary indigenous art. Located
250km south west of Darwin, between Daly
River and Port Keats and surrounded by the
tributaries of the Moyle River, this peaceful
community of 200 people was first introduced
to acrylic painting in 2001. Traditional
weaving and body painting designs have
since been transposed onto canvas, launching
an innovative mini-movement within
indigenous art of the top end. Today the art
centre Durrmu Arts supports approximately
10 artists, and is a central economic and
cultural initiative in Peppimenarti. Regina
Pilawuk Wilson has been instrumental in the
development of both the community and art
centre, ensuring sustainability and maintaining
cultural continuance.
In Regina Pilawuk Wilson’s new paintings                                        Regina Wilson
there is such a lightness of touch that we can
feel the weight of paint at the end of her brush
as it weaves across the canvas. The eye is
pushed and pulled across the surface, through
fields of colour that tease the senses. Invited
into Regina’s world, we enter a place where
the ancestral chronicles, the laws of life and
religion, and the knowledge of country are
handed down from grandmother to mother
to daughter in the patterns and shapes of dilly
bags, baby baskets, sun mats, fishing nets and
body painting designs. Sometimes dazzling,
her paintings are imbued with the constant,
quiet power of ancestral light.
                                                       Syaw, 2008
Harriet Fesq & Wally Caruana
                                                   Acrylic on linen
                                                     200 x 120 cm      Wilson
                                         Wally Caruana                      A free floor talk hosted by
                                         & Michael Reid                     Wally Caruana, Aboriginal &
                                         invite you to                      Torres Strait Art Specialist, and
                                                                            Harriet Fesq, Art Coordinator,
                                         Regina Wilson
                                                                            Durrmu Arts will be held in
                                         New Works                          conjunction with the exhibition—
                                         Exhibition dates—                  Tuesday 18th November 2008,
                                         Wednesday 19th November to         6.30pm. RSVP essential—
                                         Saturday 20th December 2008        limited places available.

                                         Caruana & Reid Fine Art
                                         44 Roslyn Gardens
                                         Elizabeth Bay
                                         Gallery open—
                                         Wednesday to Saturday
                                         11am till 5pm, or by appointment
                                         Works now selling—
Syaw, 2007                                                                          Syaw, 2008         Durrmu, 2008
Acrylic on linen   Cover photograph by                                                                          Acrylic on linen   Acrylic on linen
119 x 188 cm         Vanessa Bellemore   or call +61 2 8353 3500                                                120 x 154 cm       200 x 200 cm

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