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					     Willamette International Travel
     Experience the World

                       Bragging Time?!

                             ince the late 1990’s as the internet took      it is amazing how many clients have been with
                             hold, the media was all about the demise       Willamette since its inception in August 1977,
                             of the travel agent. There is no question      which is another testament to the service levels
                       the internet did impact travel agencies, we          our staff try to maintain.
                       have seen many changes, agencies closing or          The biggest asset of our company is two fold, staff
                       merging, owners and staff going to a home            and repeat clients. We have grown and stayed
                       base environment. At Willamette we decided to        in business because of these two factors, your
                       embrace the internet as a resource. The internet     feedback helps us keep up to date in a constantly
                       together with other resources not available to       changing and challenging industry. We value
                       the general public has helped us grow, adding        your feedback; the good, the bad, the indifferent.
                       to our “travel savvy”. Perhaps that is one of the    Staff at Willamette cannot travel all the time
                       reasons we are still in business, celebrating in     (who would be around to help you?) but they are
                       August 2007 our 30th anniversary. We have            constantly taking training courses during the day
                       taken advantage of the internet, integrating it      as well as before and after office hours.
                       into our every day work environment. YET we
                       try never to lose sight of our goal: to give the     We, like everyone in our industry, do have fees,
                       best personal service possible to our clients.       and they are sometimes higher than what the
                                                                            airline web sites or the other internet booking
                       As most of you know, I am not the boastful type      sites charge. However, for our fee you have an
                       but I think it is time to brag and to thank our      advocate who researches options, a company you
                       staff for their extraordinary efforts in salvaging   can always call regardless of the day or time and
                       client’s vacation plans this year during severe
                                                                            get help from a real person, a staff member, who
                       bad weather, several strikes, including 4 by         has a personal interest in you. It was amazing
                       British Air, and the unprecedented closure of        how many travelers called us during the volcano
                       European air space for several days due to a         eruption after they found themselves with no
                       volcano in Iceland! They have arrived prior          advocate having booked their travel on the web
Europe          2-3    to the office opening and stayed long after the      or directly with the airlines. The majority of our
Groups          4-5    phones were turned over to our answering             clients were being helped before they knew it!!
Domestic        6-7    service. Barbara has been with Willamette since
                       1983, Pam and Nancy both joined in 1985,             We are hoping the many crises so far in 2010 are
Cruises         8-10   Linda came on board in 1989, Kathy in 1987           not the “new norm”. We are not miracle workers,
International   11     and Karey in 1998. Piper started in the early        and we cannot resolve a strike, stop bad weather
                       1990’s, first working in the office, and is now a    or a volcanic eruption. We are not able to fix
Travel Tips     12                                                          the plane’s mechanical problem, but if your
                       home based associate.
Travel Store    13                                                          travel is booked with us and you are faced with
                       The staff of Willamette truly cares, and this        a difficulty, you know we are always at the other
Client Reports 14      caring certainly shines through during the tough     end of the phone line, and we will do everything
Staff News      15     times, when they “fight” for your rights, and        within our power to protect your vacation or
What You Say 16        fight to ensure your vacation plans are protected.   business trip. We now know from circumstances
                       We are not always perfect, but when we “mess         this year that booking on the web does not give
                       up” we admit to it, and resolve the problem,         you this personal assistance.
 Summer 2010           even when it means accepting a financial loss.
                       We truly value our clients, and their loyalty and    Christina Cooper, President
                  EYGALIÈRES, PROVENCE
by John Cooper                                                      COMBINE a week in Provence with an apartment stay in Paris.
April 2010                                                          We do have a very good working relationship with Randall
We spent a tremendous week in the beautiful village of              Vermeer, one of the owners of French Home Rentals. Randall
Eygalières, nested in the hills of Provence. The TGV from Paris     is located in Portland. Go on line
was very smooth arriving at the TGV station in Avignon in just      to view the apartments, then call us, and we will introduce you
under 3 hours. The car rental agencies are very convenient and      as a client to Randall. His knowledge of Paris as well as his
within 20 minutes we were on the road heading to Eygalières         knowledge of each of the apartments is incredible
just 45 minute drive from Avignon.
The delightful cottage owned by Dominique & Jim, many
of you enjoyed their hospitality when they operated the                                  COOKING SCHOOL
bed and breakfast in nearby Eygalières, is adjacent to their           WHILST in France, think about attending a Cooking
new beautiful house, and has a good sized bedroom, living              School. Attend for one day or several days. In Paris it
room with fireplace and dining area. Fully equipped kitchen,           makes for a very enjoyable day, first visit the market to
laundry room and fabulous bathroom. A new swimming pool                buy the ingredients, then take the class, and finally sitting
highlights the lovely garden. They will take a minimum of 3            down and eating what you have prepared.
night rental in the cottage.
                                                                        If staying with Dominique & Jim, we can arrange the
The village is a five minute walk and has so much charm and            same type of one day, with Ghylesline at her beautiful
facility. The village has three great restaurants, a number of         home in Salon de Provence. In the village of Lourmarin,
terrific shops, as well as several bars. We were very impressed        Auberge le Feniere holds cooking classes on Thursday
with the friendly nature of the village, especially at the weekly      & Friday mornings with Michelin-starred chef Reine
market when the entire village becomes a delightful Provence           Sammut. Morning classes end with lunch Auberge le
market town.                                                           Fenierre has rooms in the main Inn, the Farmhouse, and
We did a great deal of exploring each day to St. Remy, Arles           in two rustic Gypsy Caravans!
and Les Beaux, as well as to one of my favorite villages,              You can experience cooking schools throughout France,
Isle–sur-La-Sorgue, with a wonderful weekly antique market.            let us know if you wish to add a morning or a day to your
For full description of the cottage along with photos go to            itinerary.
our web site,, or call John Cooper for
more details.

                                                                               INTERNATIONAL STUDENT ID CARDS
                                                                       We have three types of cards in our office:
                                                                       1 Student Card, for ages 12 through 25. Must be currently
                                                                         enrolled at a school, and have a valid school-issued ID.
                                                                       2 Teachers Card. Must teach a minimum of 18 hours per
                                                                         week, and have taught for at least 1 year. A valid ID
                                                                         from the school where you currently teach is required.
                                                                       3 Youth Card. For young people under 26.
                                                                       Cards are valid for one year and can be used worldwide
                                                                       including in the U.S. Cost is $22.00 plus a $5.00 handling
                                                                       fee. You will get discounts on day tours, accommodations,
                                                                       and cultural events with this card. A complete listing is on
                                                                       the Student Travel web site.
                                                                       Call Kathy or Barbara if you are interested in learning
Dominique & Jim’s home in Eygalières.                                  more, and can qualify for a card.

                   SCOTLAND IN JULY                               Several companies now offer shopping tours in and around
   Willamette has been a sponsor of the Portland                  Milan and Florence, and they cater to the luxury shopper
   Highland Games for 10 years. This year it will be              or the bargain hunter. Only an hour outside Milan, a half
   Saturday July 17, at Mt. Hood Community College.               day jaunt takes you to Serravalle Designer Outlet. Here
                                                                  you will find luxury brands at up to 70% off year round. In
   Be our guest at this wonderful event. Email your name          Montevarchi, 90 minutes outside of Florence, you will find
   and phone number to no later                the Prada warehouse. For the real die hard fashion shopper,
   than July 14. We will have a drawing for 2 different           nearby is the McArthur-Glen Barberino Outlet, which features
   admission packages:                                            more than 100 stores, all well-known brand names. Round trip
   1 Six admission tickets to the Games, VIP Parking              bus tickets from Milan cost approximately $40 USD. Buses are
     Pass, and six raffle tickets                                 operated by several companies including GrayLine Florence.
   2 Four admission tickets; VIP Parking Pass, and four           To avoid long lines, buy your admission tickets to the Uffizi
     admissions to the VIP Hospitality Tent for lunch             Gallery in advance at An often overlooked
                                                                  Museum is the Galileo Science Museum, short distance
   The raffle prize is a one week trip to Scotland
                                                                  from the Uffizi, Visit the Duomo Museum in
   including a $2000 allowance for air tickets.
                                                                  Milan, scheduled to reopen sometime in 2010 after extensive
   We have the raffle tickets in our office, $3.00 each or 2      renovations, Rome’s Colosseum will
   for $5.00. Call Kathy or John if you wish to purchase          soon open the underground section where the gladiators
   raffle tickets. We hope we’ll have the pleasure of             prepared for fights and where lions and tigers were kept
   booking one of our clients on this trip to Scotland.           in cages.
   Good luck!
                                                                  Also consider booking a private guide to take you through the
                                                                  Vatican Museum and the Sistine Chapel. Your entry time is set,
                                                                  eliminating waiting in long lines. Several clients have taken this
                                                                  type of tour and all say it is worth the extra funds.
In March, Christina spent 6 days in Amsterdam as the guest
of Viking River Cruises. Thanks to so many of you traveling       Christina’s favorite hill town in Tuscany Volterra has a group
on Viking, Willamette is now a member of their Elite              of local guides offering one hour walking tour of the town, for
Platinum Club. Despite the cold, wet weather, Amsterdam           a small fee. Offered daily from April until September. Online
was incredibly crowded with long lines to enter the Museums       go to
and especially the Anne Frank Museum/house. We highly
recommend you go online to to buy
tickets in advance. Despite the rain, I really enjoyed a canal                               LONDON
boat ride, through both historical and newer canals on              New website with over 140 attractions with a full
reclaimed land. The Amsterdam flower market was full of             description, location, opening times, and much more. Visit
tulips, all imported from Kenya and Israel, as it was too early A link to this site
and cold for the Dutch tulip fields to be in bloom. I had not       will be added to the Willamette Travel web site –
been to Amsterdam for about 15 years, and think it is a city we
spend too little time visiting. It has incredible Museums, Art
Galleries and is a wonderful city to walk around.

                                             LONDON’S VISITOR OYSTER CARD
    This electronic card calculates the cheapest fare to your        5 prepaid card options to choose from starting
    journey and caps when a daily limit is reached. Travel is            at $18.00 USD for one adult, 2nd class.
    valid for all zones of the London Underground, buses,
    trams, Dockland Light Railway, London Overland Services            Willamette is An Authorized Agent
    and some National Rail Services in the London Area.                               For Rail Europe.

                                 Willamette Groups
                  RETURN TO KENYA
            December 30, 2010-January 11, 2011                                   RICHES OF THE MEKONG
Escorted by Christina & John Cooper                                             WITH VIKING RIVER CRUISES
Christina and John will return to Kenya, one of their favorite      november 2011
destinations, with a small group. As we are sending this            Escorted by nancy fowler
newsletter to print, THiS GrouP may bE SolD ouT.                    As you know from our last newsletter, Nancy is planning
Trip starts on arrival in Nairobi on December 30th. Spend           to revisit one of her favorite destinations in November of
three nights in Tsavo                                               next year and invites you to join her.
East; fly to Lewa Safari                                            We had hoped to have full details in this current
Camp where you will                                                 newsletter, however on June 21 we heard from the Vice
spend another three                                                 President of Sales & Marketing at Viking River Cruises
nights, then fly to the                                             that within the next 2 weeks they will be announcing a
Maasai Mara for five                                                new destination, VIETNAM & CAMBODIA. It has NOT
nights. The group with                                              been announced to the general Travel Industry at this
be returning to Nairobi                                             time—you are hearing it before many in our industry.
for the last night.                                                 Viking will be chartering one of the Pandaw boats. As
Contact Christina for                                               we have had great success with Viking in Europe, Russia,
full details including     Photo courtesy of Christina Cooper       China, and Egypt, we feel it is worth waiting the 2 weeks
pricing.                                                            to compare their program. So many of you are repeat
                                                                    clients with Viking, and if we decide to use Viking
                      CRUISE SPECIALS                               River Cruises for this trip, you will get a lot of extra
We are holding guaranteed special rates on the following small      benefits being a past passenger, and you know it will be a
cruise ships in 2011. But book early, even though the rates are     wonderful quality cruise.
guaranteed, the small ships can sell out much quicker than the      Viking has told us this trip will be run much like their
large mass market ships.                                            China Program, fully inclusive with pre & post hotels,
                                                                    sightseeing, meals etc. It will probably be a 14 night
              MEXICO’S SEA OF CORTES                                cruise tour. We are looking at a departure around
            Cruise West, Spirit of Endeavour                        November 8 or 9, 2011 returning before Thanksgiving,
     Departure January 15, 2011. See page 9 for details.            November 24, 2011. However, those who want to extend
            SavE uP To $300 PEr PErSon.                             to Laos, Thailand or other SE Asia countries before or
                                                                    after the Viking tour will be able to do so.
Get a unique perspective on the Sea of Cortes, when you have
the ability to snorkel or kayak right from the ship, and to set     Call Nancy to get the information as soon as it is
foot on isolated islands as the larger ships pass by. Call Pam or   available. We do have the actual sailing dates on the
Barbara to discuss this unique cruise just a short flight away.     MEKONG RIVER, but are awaiting confirmation of the
                                                                    entire package, which we hope to have by July 7. We will
                                                                    be sending out a special mailing regarding this news.
   Seward (anchorage) to vancouver; departure June 16
  Sail for 7 nights in total luxury aboard the Silver Shadow        Join us on September 14 To hear more about Viking’s
         book Early anD SavE uP To 60% off.                         newest destination as well as their other plans for 2011.
Silverseas Cruises rarely offers just a 7 night cruise in Alaska,   Nancy will be available to answer any questions about
and we do have a contract offering 60% discount on all types        Vietnam and Cambodia. Michael Weldon, our Viking
of cabins. If you have wanted to visit Alaska but shied away        Sales Manager, and Christina will be on hand to answer
because of the large ships, this may be the cruise line for you.    questions about traveling aboard Viking River ships.
Itinerary includes Hubbard Glacier, Sitka, cruising Sawyer          Other staff members will also be present to answer
Glacier, Juneau, Skagway, Ketchikan, cruising the Inland            questions about the many exciting destinations offered
Passage. Disembark in Vancouver. Call your Willamette agent         by Viking River Cruises.
to discuss pricing and options to extend your stay pre & post
cruise. Options are endless.

             Recommend Groups & Tours
Walking Softly adventures                                                         mark Smith’s
    with amy osaki                                                                nature Tours
                                                                See itineraries at or call
                    SAN FRANCISCO
                                                                Pam Davis for brochures and reservations.
                    December 2-4, 2010
If you can’t make it to Paris, come to San Francisco where
                                                                THE PanTanal, Brazil’s Wetland Wilderness with the Atlantic
the masterpieces from the d’Orsay Museum are at the
                                                                Forests: August 21-September 4. Amazon pre-trip August 15-21.
DeYoung Museum. Works by Van Gogh, Gauguin, Cezanne
                                                                Visit three entirely different regions of Brazil.
and Renoir are on a once-in-a-lifetime tour, for the French
President stated they “will never again be loaned out for       maDaGaSCar October 2-22. The eighth continent!
exhibition as a group.”                                         Biologically speaking, this 1000-mile long island is another
Enjoy three days of exceptional experiences in San
Francisco’s art world. In addition to the DeYoung, there is     auSTralia: October 30-November 22. This island continent is
a special Japanesque exhibition at the Legion, and special      home to the most distinct assemblage of organisms on earth.
exhibits at the Asian Art Museum, the Contemporary Jewish                                    2011
Museum and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art!              oaXaCa, Birds, Culture & Monte Alban ruins: January
Price: $895 per person                                          5-16, 2011. Varied biogeographic regions converge fostering
Included: Two nights in a boutique hotel, three days with       outstanding diversity and endemism in birds and other life.
an expert guide, three days of museum admission including       TanZania & kEnya, Serengeti Plains, Ngorongoro Crater,
special exhibitions and experiences, all local transportation   Olduvai Gorge, Rift Valley and Indian Ocean: January 22 -
including airport transfers, and four meals. You may add        February 8, 2011.
extra nights hotel before or after at the tour group rate.

                                                                                          CLUB MED
                HERITAGE OF JAPAN:
                                                                  Club Med is not the “old” Club Med. In the last few years
        Temples, Gardens, Castles and Villages
                                                                  they have invested $530 million in their resorts, to offer the
             october 26-november 4, 2010
                                                                  ultimate vacation all-inclusive experience. The properties
Discover the allure of Japan’s centuries-old culture! Begin       below are now considered “Boutique Resorts Club Med”
in Kyoto for a selection of the most impressive temples
                                                                  SOL, IXTAPA PACIFIC, MEXICO
and gardens. Take a day trip to Himeji, the best preserved
                                                                  Spacious new suites with contemporary designs from
samurai castle in Japan. Retreat to the mountains for a
                                                                  leading architects and interior designers. Sol offers private
night in traditional Japanese lodgings at Koyasan, then stay
                                                                  access to the beach as well as personalized services and
in Nara (Japan’s ancient capital). Experience the calm of a
                                                                  amenities, including private transfer from the airport, free
village with a home-stay in a thatched-roof farmhouse in
                                                                  internet access, bathrobes, slippers,turndown service, a
Shirakawago. From the bustle of modern Nagoya where
                                                                  stocked mini-fridge and much more.
you’ll visit the impressive Tokugawa Museum, take a day
trip back in time to walk two to five miles between two           JADE, CANCUN YUCATAN, MEXICO
villages along the ancient samurai path from Edo (now             Jade, located in a specialized luxury concierge building,
Tokyo) to Kyoto.                                                  offers a new private pool area and bar, room service and
                                                                  ocean views. Other amenities exclusive to these 5 -Trident
Price: $4895 per person
                                                                  Suites, include a private transfer from the airport, free
Included: Eleven nights in small hotels and inns. Eleven          internet access, bathrobes and slippers, a welcome gift a
breakfasts, nine lunches, ten dinners. Services of an expert      stocked mini-fridge and more.
tour director and also a local English-speaking Japanese
                                                                  Call us for your Club Med catalog, which covers their
guide. Admission to all sites listed on the itinerary. Local
                                                                  properties worldwide including Bali, Indonesia, Southern
transportation by train (including the shinkansen or “bullet
                                                                  France, Morocco, Italy, the Caribbean, and Tahiti.
train”), bus, gondola and more. Limited space is available.
Call now!

                                                                    LEGOLAND WATERPARK IN CALIFORNIA
               UPDATE ON MUSEUMS                            Located in Carlsblad California and scheduled to open in
                                                            June 2010, will be located at the northern end of the Legoland
                                                            California behind Fun Town. Geared to children 2 to 12.
The Museum of the City of New York
New York’s newest museum is now open:
“The Museum of the City of New York”
Located on the City’s famed Museum Mile on 5th                                    DINOSAUR PARK
Avenue, directly across from Central Park’s formal          Two hours drive east of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, open year
gardens. Exhibits this summer include “Cars, Culture,       round, this World Heritage Site even offers 1 to 3 day guided
and the City”; “America’s Mayor; John V Lindsay and         excavations (including accommodations & meals) between
the reinvention of New York 1966-1973”.                     June & September. Participate in authentic dinosaur digs,
                                                            which are open to just six adults per day. With an experienced
For full description of the exhibits
                                                            paleontological technician as guide, you will learn how to
                                                            excavate dinosaurs and work in a team to uncover fossils never
                                                            before seen by human eyes. Your work may also contribute to
Paris in San Francisco                                      research at the Royal Terrell Museum, which is a 2 hour drive
Masterpieces from the famed Musee d’Orsay opened            from the park.
in May at the De Young Museum in San Francisco and and
will run through January 2011. Willamette Intl. Travel
together with Amy Osaki, co owner of Walking Softly
and an Art Major, are offering a 2 night/3 day escorted                           CLOSE TO HOME
trip to SFO to take in the second show which opens
                                                            Portland Walking Tours, Epicurean Excursion
September 25 and runs through January 18 – see Page
                                                            Cost $59 per person. Runs about 4
5 for full details. The second show will total 120 pieces
                                                            hours. Leaves at 10 am and 2 pm Fridays
featuring works by Van Gogh,Gauguin,Cezanne and
                                                            and Sundays, and 10 am on Sundays.
others. If you cannot join Amy in December, we can
also book individual weekends. Tickets to the show are      Morning tour focuses on beer, bakeries
available on line.                                          and teas, whilst the afternoon tour
                                                            focuses on distilleries, chocolates and
                                                            coffee!! Full details at www.portland-
                                                  , or let us book the
                                                            tour for you, or your guests from out
                                                            of town.

                                                                                 DATES TO AVOID
                                                              New York, during New York Marathon week, which is
                                                              usually beginning of November.
                                                              Las Vegas, during National Finals Rodeo, first ten days of
                                                              December. Usually many of the shows go dark during this
                                                              10 day period.

                                                                                   WILLAMETTE NEWSLETTER
                                                             We know that a number of you pass on our newsletter to
                                                             friends. If you know anyone who you think would enjoy
                                                             receiving it directly from us as well as mailings on any other
                                                             travel interests, please contact your Willamette agent and we
                                                             will do the rest.

Get away to Hawaii
                            MAUI                                  “Getting Tanked” in Waikiki!!! The Pacific Beach Hotel
by Nancy Fowler                                                   joined its two towers with a building that has at its center a
May 2010                                                          280,000 gallon saltwater tank. The Oceanarium, as it’s called,
Nancy and her family just returned from a week on Maui,           now offers a Snuba Experience. Snuba is an underwater
staying at one of her favorite places, Napili Kai Beach Resort,   breathing system that requires no certification and is
located on the NW Coast of Maui, a resort with condo style        reportedly as easy as snorkeling! You breathe through a 20 foot
rooms. We had a one bedroom ocean front room in Puna II           underwater hose. Once in the tank you will be surrounded
with 2 full bathrooms, twin beds in the bedroom with a king       by Hawaiian Reef life, you can even pet the manta rays. Full
bed in the living room. From our lanai we watched a sea turtle    details at Remember we can book
paddle out into the ocean. “Ohana” means family in Hawaiian       it ahead of time to avoid disappointment.
and that is the embodiment of the Napili Kai Beach Resort.
Snorkeling is a must in Hawaii, and Napili is a good base
                                                                              2011 MASTERS TOURNAMENT
with rocks and ledges in the bay encouraging marine life.
                                                                    Pricing for the 2011 Masters Tournament is
A short drive is Honolua Bay, one of Maui’s four marine
                                                                    now available! Contact Linda to set you up with
preserves. Both sites are good for the beginner snorkeler.
                                                                    guaranteed tickets and outstanding accomodations so
Attend the Farmer’s Market & Swap Meet every Saturday               you can view golf ’s top athletes in action.
from 7 am until 1 pm at the Maui Community College in
                                                                    Here are some comments from a client bill Carstens,
Kahului. Entry cost 50¢!
                                                                    who attended the 2010 masters:
Do take the Trilogy’s full day Sail to Lanai. Fantastic
                                                                    ”Linda, just a note to say “Thank you” for setting up
experience, including stopping for 20 minutes halfway out
                                                                    the best vacation I’ve ever taken! Everything was so
to spend time hanging out with a pod of spinner dolphins.
                                                                    well organized. The SGH people picked me up at
Maui has three ziplines: Skyline Eco-Adventures-Haleakala;          the airport. Lloyd, my driver, clued me in on how to
Pi’iholo Ranch Zipline; and Skyline Eco-Adventures                  take shuttles from my hotel to the course each day.
–Kaanapali; can all be booked in advance, as well as the            Speaking of the course—Magnificent, Awesome,
Trilogy’s full day sail to Lanai. Ask us to book any of these       Beautiful, Historic. Beyond my expectations! Also very
for you when making your Maui reservations.                         organized—a very smooth running operation.
                                                                    A few things you might want to let future, lucky,
                            KAUAI                                   clients know: the course is a lot hillier than it looks
“Holo Holo” when translated means leisurely journey.                on TV. It took the whole four days for me to walk
Holo Holo Charters offer a Na Pali Snorkel Sail excursion.          the entire course. Well worth the walk! The food
Excursion is operated on a 50 foot catamaran called the Leila.      is very inexpensive. $1.50 for a sandwich.They
Following the beautiful scenery of the Na Pali coastline to         have concession stands all through the course.
your snorkeling “hole”, you should encounter rough-toothed          Lots of grandstands with views of two or more
dolphins along the way, they may even playfully swim next to        holes, especially “Amen Corner.” If you want to get
the vessel. or let us add this       autographs, go to the practice area after regular play
to your Kauai vacation.                                             has ended. The players go and practice and then they
                                                                    sign autographs for the fans.
Disney recently announced the name of its newest resort and         During the tournament they do not allow cameras or
its first in Hawaii.                                                cell phones onto the golf course. Go to one of practice
                                                                    rounds because they do allow cameras on those days
The Auluni, a Disney Resort & Spa, Ko Olina. The 21 acre            . A special highlight was meeting people from all
oceanfront property will feature 360 guest rooms and 481            around the world. England, France, Germany Scotland,
two bedroom Disney Vacation Club Villas and is scheduled            Australia, New Zealand: just to name a few. A common
for completion in 2011. The name “Auluni” expresses a               greeting was “Where are you from?”
connection to tradition and deep storytelling.
                                                                    Thanks again!!

Viking Cruises

                                             Cruise West

Both Barbara & Karey, Willamette Staff members, have               Evening entertainment includes lectures and slide shows by
been on Cruise West’s Baja expedition. Barbara recaps her          the Naturalist guides on board. The staff all multi task, yet are
experience for you. We had many unique experiences on              always friendly and willing to help passengers with questions.
our Baja Sea of Cortes Cruise, but the highlight of the trip       Dining is open seating, and casual, giving everyone a chance
was to see the Grey Whales ‘up close and personal’. We were        to get to know each other. I loved the overall experience of a
able to reach out and pet the back of one whale as it swam         small casual expedition type cruise.
around our boat. To find the whales we had to take a 2 hour        Pam Davis has taken Cruise West’s on their Panama to Costa
bus ride to Bahia Magdalena on the Pacific Ocean side of Baja.     Rica trip, and at the end of June will be taking their Inland
This was followed by a 2 hour cruise on the Pacific Ocean in       Passage cruise. Look for her report in our Fall newsletter.
motorized boats looking for the whales. All worth while. On
our second day we visited Los Islotes to view up close the         Cruise West is offering unique “Voyage of the Discoverers”
California sea lions and see the Blue Footed boobies.              aboard their flag ship the Oceanus. The World Cruise follows
                                                                   in the footsteps of Columbus, Magellan and other great
A Cruise West journey includes a lot of extras not included        explorers. You can take segments of this world voyage, and
in the cost of a larger ship cruise. Shore excursions at each      there are some truly unique itineraries. We already have
stop are included. Cruise West on the Baja trip had an ample       had one client take 2 segments between Thailand & India,
supply of wet suits for passengers including snorkel mask &        and returned loving the experience. We have a second client
fins. The cabins & bathrooms are smaller than on the larger        taking three segments in December and January. Call us for
ships, but still very comfortable, most with picture windows.      the brochure covering the full one year voyage, and find the
There is not a lot of storage in the cabins, but you do not need   itinerary you would love to take.
a lot of luggage because you may dress casually.


                                  International Tours
                             WESTERN TURKEY 101 TOUR
Turkish hospitality, Turkish tea, Turkish baths, loving Turkish      CLIENT REPORT: PRIVATE TOUR IN TURKEY
children, and the delicious Turkish food would be enough to          by Ingrid & Charles Gordon
make your travel experience rich and happy. But Turkey has           When we made arrangements to go to Turkey for nine days,
far more to offer. The timelessness of its history, the richness     after a visit to family in Germany, we did so with some
of its spiritual wealth, stunning ancient sites, the inviting blue   trepidation. While we had explored many countries of Western
waters of the Mediterranean, the philosophies of all ages and        Europe during our 48 years of marriage, we had not been quite
the diversity of nature will make your stay in Turkey a life         that far East into what seemed to be a more “exotic” country,
changing experience. This tour will be the best introduction         thus a little scary.
to the Turkish culture and the History of Turkey, Anatolia.
                                                                     It turned out to be one of the most memorable, awe-inspiring,
This incredible tour will take you from mosques and bazaars          thought-provoking and just plain happy trips we have ever
to historical cities and scenic wonders. Along the way you’ll        undertaken. Willamette through Melitours, based in Izmir
meet the wonderful Turkish people while enjoying river               Turkey, had carefully orchestrated everything we did and every
cruises, train travel, and scenic drives.                            place we visited while allowing us plenty of time to explore on
Starting any Saturday, a private tour for a minimum of four          our own and feeling totally safe doing so.
can be arranged.                                                     Perhaps the reason for this was the fact that we took Christina’s
Price starts at $3,250 depending on hotels.                          advise and accepted the help of a private tour guide, both for
                                                                     our first two days in Istanbul, as well as the two days we spend
                                                                     around Ephesus. We met three of the nicest, intelligent and
                          ITINERARY                                  energetic young women who were great fun to be with, and
DAY 1 Istanbul                                                       who showed us around with astonishing insight into what we
DAY 2 Istanbul                                                       were especially interested in seeing. Their knowledge about the
                                                                     history of Turkey and the places we visited was extensive, and
DAY 3 Istanbul, then overnight train to Ankara
                                                                     their love for their country and its people shone through all
DAY 4 Ankara /Cappadocia                                             they said and did.
DAY 5 Cappadocia
                                                                     Our hotel room at the Arcadia Hotel in Istanbul offered the
DAY 6 Guzelyurt                                                      most incredibly beautiful view, more than 180 degrees, we have
DAY 7 Konya                                                          ever had from any hotel window. Just sitting there watching the
DAY 8 Antalya                                                        changing colors of the panorama in front of us and listening
                                                                     to the Calls to Prayer from the Minarets below us was simply
DAY 9 Antalya
DAY 10 Pamukkale
                                                                     In Kusadasi, we toured Sirince & Ephesus with our private
DAY 11 Kusadasi
                                                                     guides. Amazing sights to sketch and photograph. One of
DAY 12 Kusadasi                                                      the highlights was a delicious lunch prepared for us by our
DAY 13 END OF THE TOUR                                               guide Asli in her lovely family farmhouse home. The gleaming
                                                                     country kitchen and table in the garden laid with colorful and
                                                                     varied dishes, and the fun we had in the company of Asli and
  The owners of Melitours are hoping to be in Portland               Ahu will never be forgotten.
          sometime in early February 2011.                           We do hope we will be able to go back to Turkey some day.
 We plan on having a Turkish evening at our office, with
 Turkish snacks, discussion and slide show. Call to be on
                 the special invitation list.
           Melitours also works with Rick Steves.

                                                 Travel Tips
                                                                       a preferred vendor with Willamette, have a “cancel for any
                     BEFORE YOU GO                                     reason” upgrade, not an inexpensive option however. We are
   A good place to begin researching foreign laws &                    of the opinion that you should not leave home without
   customs is the country information pages on the US                  travel insurance.
   State Department web site –
   Also think about going on to the official Government
   web site of countries you are visiting. You will find lots
   of wonderful information the Australian Government
                                                                              IMPORTANT DATES AROUND THE WORLD
   web site for example is “ We also                If you do not have hotel reservations in these cities
   use foreign government web sites to see how they are                   during these events you may be in trouble!
   advising their citizens about travel to destinations                   Sept. 25        Australian Football League Grand Final
   that may be having some issues. It is interesting to                                   Melbourne
   compare the British, Australian & US government sites,
   sometimes the advice is very different on each site.                   Sept. 24-27     Hermanus Whale Festival
   Then you have to be the judge but at least you have                                    Hermanus S. Africa
   other perspectives.                                                    Nov. 2          Melbourne Cup (Horse race)
                                                                          Sept.-Oct. 2011 Rugby World Cup
                                                                                          New Zealand
                      DRIVING IN EUROPE
During the last few months we have received reports from a
few clients and other sources that while driving in Italy, you                              SECURITY TIPS
may be caught on camera committing a traffic violation.                1. Scan important documents and store them in your email
Watch your credit card statements, and if you see a billing               account.
from the car rental agency a few months after the trip, this is        2. Take only one or two credit cards, and make sure you call
probably your first warning. The police go to the rental agency,          the banks advising them about your trip. Failure to do this
who has to provide them with your data. The rental agencies               will result in your cards being black listed.
have a fee for this and it is billed to your credit card. If you see
                                                                       3. Do not check your financial information on free wireless
a strange billing by the car rental agency in Italy, question it
                                                                          networks, or at an internet café.
immediately. If you find it is the traffic violation, expect to get
something from the Italian Police a few months later. Do not           4. If traveling internationally leave your check book at home.
ignore the initial billing by the car rental agency. Full details      5. When using ATM machines make sure they are in a
are on the Auto Europe web site,               bright location. Have your card ready so you do not
cfm under resources. Also remember you must have an inter-                fumble through your wallet while at the machine, and use
national drivers license if you drive in Italy, even for 1 day.           your body to hide the keypad while entering your PIN.
                                                                          Also, never leave your receipt behind, and if you feel any
                                                                          suspicious happening around you cancel the transaction.
                      TRAVEL INSURANCE
Most people think of Travel Insurance only to cover for illness        6. While traveling, make sure your credit card is replaceable if
or death. But recent events makes us realize you need this                lost. Some are not.
insurance to cover for the unexpected, events out of your              7. Couples should make sure they have individual cards. That
control. Clients who had taken trip insurance prior to the                way, if one is lost, you still have a valid card.
Iceland Volcano eruption were covered. At first the eruption
                                                                       8. Have emergency phone numbers for all the credit cards
was considered an “act of God” but the resulting plume of
                                                                          with you in case you need to report a loss.
ash that closed European air space for days, was considered
“weather related” and this is a covered reason. Same with the          If you do not like the idea of emailing important documents
British Air strike clients who purchased their insurance before        to yourself, you may want to check out
British Air employees announced their intent to strike (last           Yearly subscription $19.95. This service offers secure backup
December) were covered for out of pocket fees. Unfortunately           of vital travel docs and your personal information. 24/7 online
“civil unrest” is not a covered reason, but TRAVELGUARD                access anywhere in the world.

                        Willamette Travel Store

Rick Steves Avanti Rolling Tote           Baggallini Messenger Bagg
                                                                                       Rick Steve’s Convertable Carry-On
Locking handle, in-line skate wheels.     Cell phone pocket on strap. Variety of
                                                                                       Ultra-tough, water and stain resistant.
Bold colors for easy I.D! Padded          pockets with zipped compartments.
                                                                                       Fits within airlines’ carry-on require-
laptop compartment. item no. 2517         Lightweight and water resistant.
                                                                                       ments. 2500 cubic-inch compartment.
$89.95                                    item no. 1606 $39.95
                                                                                       item no. 4327 $99.95

Rick Steves Packing Cube Set               Rick Steve’s Toiletries Kit                  Rick Steves Accessories
Three ultra light mesh cubes. Keep your    Hanging toiletry bag. Mesh, easy to          Keep your valuables safe with
gear and clothing happily organized.       clean pockets. Detachable hanging            either a neck wallet or money belt.
item no. 1108 $19.95                       shower pocket. Comes in 7 and 9 inch.        Will hold tickets and passports.
                                           item no. 4516                                item no. 1110/1111 $12.95
                                           7" $19.95; 9" $24.95

                               Rick Steves Roll-About
                               Rick Steves Roll-Abouts are ultra light; 21" weighs 7.5 lbs; 24" weighs 9 lbs; 26"
                               weighs 11 lbs. Made from super tough UV resistant shell fabric, with a non-slip
                               handle, and exceptionally smooth rolling wheels. Easily expands to gain extra 2 inches
                               of packing depth.
                               nEW ColorS for 2010. Copper, Sage, Spruce, and Slate, will help your luggage really
                               stand out on the baggage carousel.
                               item no. 1105 21" $139.95; 24" $169.96; 26" $189.95

                                  Shipping is frEE on orders over $150.00
                   or stop into our office to pick up your item and receive a 20% discount!

                                          Client Reports
TRIP THROUGH YUNNAN, CHINA                                           Lijiang was a very special treat. The old town is very authentic,
by Dianna Gale and Jerry Hillis                                      but has been rebuilt and restored after a devastating
May 2010                                                             earthquake. It is now a World Heritage Site. There are several
Thank you Christina and Willamette Travel for organizing             streams through the old town, with shops and restaurants.
our wonderful trip through Yunnan Province in China. We              The roofs are stone and you can walk to the top of several hills
really appreciated the English-speaking guides and the drivers.      and look down at the beautiful site of small buildings close
Everyone was helpful and very knowledgeable. The hotels were         together. In one of the large squares several ethic minorities
high quality and clean, the drivers were very safety conscious.      were dancing—for fun—and tourists would join in.
To give you a thumbnail of the trip, here goes:
                                                                     Tiger Leaping Gorge:
Kunming                                                              It is nearly a 5 hour drive from Lijiang to Zongdian
We arrived in Kunming late in the day. We were immediately           (Shangri-La) but part way there is the middle bend of the
taken out for “crossing the bridge noodles”—the regional             Yangtze River and Tiger Leaping Gorge. At the river bend
specialty—and, then it was suggested we go to a Yunnan dance         we stopped at a lovely small town and saw a “Drum Tower”
performance “Dynamic Yunnan” featuring the stories and               (treaty in stone) and walked through the daily market. At Tiger
dances of the minority cultures. It was spectacular! Having          Leaping Gorge we did a 3 mile walk (you can hire a rickshaw)
been to the one in Kunming, we then went to one in Lijiang           along the Gorge. It is one of the deepest gorges in the world,
and another is Zongdian. The Chinese have a very special flair       competing with Grand Canyon. It turns out that the Chinese,
for dramatic presentations and the dances, staging and music         knowing they will have many “guests” at a site, create a very
were excellent.                                                      solid paved walkway, with tunnels through huge walls of rock,
                                                                     to make your “walk” easy. Once again, we found the drive
The next day we “toured” Kunming’s center City, a bit of the
                                                                     through the countryside beautiful and interesting. As you leave
old city, and saw the large Pagodas. It is a lovely downtown
                                                                     from Tiger Gorge, you are going up to about 10,000 feet of
with people walking in fairly large open pedestrian areas. Our
                                                                     elevation gain and the highway is quite dramatic.
guide arranged for us to have a back and foot massage before
we flew to the next destination (great experience!).                 Shangri-La (Zongdian)
                                                                     Zongdian is the heart of the people of Tibetan nationality.
                                                                     The character of the towns, the house, the architecture, all
We flew to Dali and were (once again) courteously met at
                                                                     change dramatically from the “lower towns”. Once again, the
the plane. In Dali we visited their “old town”; saw the lovely
                                                                     “old town” is very traditional and wonderful to walk through.
Tibetan Monastery and stunning Pagodas. In the two days we
                                                                     There is a comprehensive museum on Tibetan natural health
also visited a rural village; walked through two houses that
                                                                     systems and a lovely Temple in the middle of a public square.
are authentically old and currently occupied. The owners
                                                                     We ate a traditional “hot pot” in a local restaurant. We also
explained the architecture and structure of the house. We went
                                                                     went to the stunning and large Songzhanling Monastery out
through the daily village market (where I bought a dramatic
                                                                     of town. Walking in the neighborhood we were invited into
Puma watch for $2.00—mine having “died” It worked
                                                                     a traditional Tibetan home and had “yak butter tea” and yak
perfectly—and still does) and we went to a local batik “factory”
                                                                     cheese. We also went on a tour through the Nature Reserve
at which many of the young women were hand appliquéing
                                                                     and took an aggressive walk (4 miles) up at 13,000 feet (they
designs on tablecloths and other fabrics. The guide was from
                                                                     provide oxygen if you want it). Again, the path was beautiful
the Bai culture and could talk with us about Bai architecture.
                                                                     and extraordinarily well crafted and easy to navigate.
The drive to Lijiang was a couple of hours through the
                                                                     Our final stop was in Xi’an to see the terracotta warriors. The
countryside where you could see the farmers hard at work rice
                                                                     museum site is huge and impressive; much care has been taken
planting, and we even saw one with a water buffalo. As the
                                                                     to show the warriors in the pits in which they were found.
elevation rises, the farming turns more toward vegetables and
                                                                     The JiLing Tomb (near the airport) was equally interesting
fruit and away from rice. Driving in the countryside is particu-
                                                                     and slightly smaller and more personal. We loved walking on
larly fun because of the range of unusual vehicles—trucks,
                                                                     the old Wall of the City and wandering through the Muslim
bicycle-type wagons, carts, cars, rickshaws. It is also fun to see
                                                                     Quarter. In the middle of the market area is a traditional
these vehicles loaded to the gills. It is remarkable that not more
                                                                     Chinese home which is well maintained and restored. One of
falls off.
                                                                     the best examples I have seen in China.

                                                Staff News
                                                                    poor weather and high seas and winds, we had to bypass the
by Karey Van Pelt
                                                                    Falklands, going directly to Ushuaia, the most southern city in
May 2010                                                            Argentina, and the starting point for Antarctic cruises. Our
The Cook Islands are located in the South Pacific, and are one      excursion out of Ushuaia included a portion of The Tierra Del
of my favorite places in the world. Rarotonga and Aitutaki are      Fuego national park after which we traveled to the end of the
the most visited of the 15 islands. Air New Zealand takes you       Pan American Highway.
non stop once a week from Los Angeles to Rarotonga (main
island). As you step off the plane you are greeted with Kia         Punta Arenas, Chile, was next—small and colorful. Here we
Orana, and sincere island friendliness.                             went out to a penguin reserve and we enjoyed our first up close
                                                                    experience with the penguins.
Rarotonga has many properties from which to choose 5 Star,
Boutique, Family, and Adventure. A couple of my favorites are       Our next two days were at sea with incredible scenery,
Pacific Resort (family), Crown Beach (Boutique), Te Manava          including many glaciers. During this time we only saw one
(5 star), and Little Polynesia (adults only). There is something    other cruise ship. We pretty much had the seas and scenery to
for everyone on this island destination, snorkeling; diving; kite   ourselves and it was breathtaking. It gave us an idea as to what
surfing; hiking; biking; fishing; or just relaxing on the beach.    the explorers of long ago saw when they discovered this region.
Some new attractions include a Progressive Dinner twice a           At Puerto Montt, Chile, our excursion was to a rain forest
week, hosted by local island families. Transportation from your     that had 3000 year old Alerce trees. Puerto Montt is also the
hotel is included, as well as a three course meal, and entertain-   southern entrance to Patagonia area of Chile. We explored the
ment along the way. What a fantastic way to experience the          town of Puerto Montt, settled by German immigrants, and you
local food and island charm. Or try a “Pub Crawl.” The bus          can see German influence in the architecture of this city.
picks you up at your hotel and you are taken to local pubs for      We then had 2 days of cruising along the Chilean coast on
entertainment and drinks (soft drinks if you prefer).               our way to Valparaiso. We disembarked in Valparaiso taking
The pristine island of Aitutaki is a short 45 minute flight from    a sightseeing tour en route to Santiago. Valparaiso is built on
Rarotonga. You would never know that a massive cyclone hit          many hills, running down to the Pacific Ocean. On our way to
the island in February 2010. Over 110 families lost their homes     Santiago we stopped for lunch at a Chilean horse farm, where
and the clean up and rebuilding is still in progress, yet the       we saw a demonstration of the horses performing their unique
spirit of the people is high and very positive.                     sideways walk.
Visiting Aitutaki is laid back and totally relaxing. The Lagoon     We did have more days at sea than we have experienced on
Cruise is a must, stopping in “Heaven” on the way to “One Foot      other cruises, but the scenery along the Argentine and Chilean
Island” for a barbeque tuna lunch, and snorkeling. My favorite      coastline is amazing, so our leisure days were out on deck
properties are Pacific Resort (Small luxury Hotel), Rumors          soaking up the magnificent views.
of Escape (Adults only), and Tamanu Beach (family). Most
of these properties are small and all are on the beach. All the
properties on both islands provide sea kayaks and snorkel gear                            OUR EMAILS:
for guests. Call me to learn more about this island paradise.
                                                                      christina cooper     
                                                                      john cooper              
SOUTH AMERICAN HOLLAND AMERICA CRUISE                                 barb baumer              
by Kathy Balster                                                      pam davis                
February 2010                                                         linda fisher             
Our cruise started in Buenos Aires, Argentina and ended               nancy fowler            
in Valparaiso, Chile. We had stops in Uruguay, the very tip           karey van pelt          
of Argentina, through the Islands of Argentina and Chile              kathy balster           
including Cape Horn and Straits of Magellan. Then up the              piper fenton          
coast of Chile to Valparaiso.
Our first stop was Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, which
was surprisingly European in culture and architecture. Our          Willamette International Travel is not responsible for any
next stop was meant to be the Falkland Islands, but due to          errors or omissions contained in this newsletter.

Willamette International Travel                                                                  PRSRT STD
1314 NW Irving Street, Suite101                                                                 US POSTAGE
Portland, OR 97209-2721
503•224•0180 or 1•800•821•0401                                                                   PAID
                                                                                               PORTLAND, OR
Fax: 503•242•3867 Email:                                                  PERMIT No. 2177
Web site:

Return Service Requested

What you have to say...                                            CRYSTAL CRUISE IN THE CARIBBEAN
                                                                   by Nancy Fowler
                     CABO GETAWAY                                  January 2010
Client: Marne Coleman                                              The answer is “it is my pleasure!” The question
Agent: Linda Fisher                                                is absolutely anything you ask aboard Crystal
“Our trip was amazing—we had one of the best trips ever!!          Cruises.
The hotel was top of the line, service amazing, rooms were         Rob and I spent 7 days aboard the beautiful
gorgeous.                                                          Crystal Serenity, and words cannot express how
                                                                   wonderful this trip was. The ship is beautiful, the
Pool was beautiful. Perfect beach, entire property was 6 star in
                                                                   food fabulous, ad the service is out of this world.
our opinion”
                                                                   We enjoyed every moment of the cruise,
Linda booked clients at the Cabo Hilton Hotel/February 2010
                                                                   surrounded by elegance without being stuffy.
                                                                   We watched movies, took a dance lesson,
                     SWITZERLAND                                   donated to the casino, listened to lectures
Clients: Dave Hess and Mary Rex                                    sensitive to our ports. We experienced fabulous
Agent: Christina Cooper                                            Italian cuisine in the alternative restaurant,
“Great trip to Switzerland. Train travel was good and the          Prego, and had sumptuous Asian cuisine in
Glacier Express quite enjoyable.                                   Silk Road, a Nobu inspired restaurant. Crystal’s
                                                                   dining is truly exceptional.
We had our meals delivered to our seats, which I recommend.
Both hotels in St. Moritz and Zermatt were excellent with good     Nancy, Linda & Karey have all cruised with
views. Rode most of the gondolas, and did a lot of hiking.         Crystal, and each returning with the same
Reached a high of 12,736feet in Zermatt. Just an all around        rave reviews. Call us and let us send you their
special trip and we hope to return to Switzerland soon.            beautiful tantalizing cruise catalogue. Crystal
                                                                   ships travel the World offering unique itineraries.
Christina booked Dave & Mary on the Glacier Express package
using Avanti Destinations.


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