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					Important Bird and Birding Areas (IBBA) GIS Analyst

Job Description:

The GIS analyst assists the IBBA Coordinator in the
implementation of the first phase of the New Jersey Important Bird and
Birding Areas Program, a program recently launched by New Jersey Audubon
Society, designed to identify and delineate essential avian habitat in New
Jersey and focus on conserving those areas. This position offers an
exciting opportunity for a qualified candidate to combine expertise in
analysis of spatial data with conservation interests to further bird
conservation and open space protection efforts across New Jersey. The GIS
Analyst will be responsible for modeling geospatial data, and for the
development and maintenance of a GIS and an Access database for the IBBA

The GIS Analyst will oversee all GIS operations, including
but not limited to: development and maintenance of large conservation
databases, spatial analysis, creation of metadata, map production, and
interpretation of remotely sensed imagery and/or aerial photography. The GIS
Analyst will be responsible for acquiring, importing, processing, analyzing,
and modeling spatial data on species and habitats in New Jersey. The GIS
Analyst will also be expected to participate in other aspects of the IBBA
Program, including education and public outreach components.

Location: To be determined, but NJAS Scherman-Hoffman Wildlife Sanctuary in
Bernardsville, New Jersey is preferred.

* Develops ecologically-relevant GIS methods to delineate boundaries
of IBBA sites, and enters data into GIS database.

* Oversees IBBA database development and management.

* Adds to and maintains collection of relevant NJ spatial data sets
for the conservation department.

* Works with the NJAS Webmaster to build an effective IBBA Program

* With the IBBA Coordinator, prepares several reports, culminating in
the production of a New Jersey IBBA book, with detailed documentation of all
IBBA sites and preliminary recommendations for conservation.

* With the IBBA Coordinator, works to communicate the IBBA Program
goals and activities to ornithologists, agency personnel, birders,
landowners, and other stakeholders through the media.

* With the IBBA Coordinator, solicits and organizes site nominations,
including data submissions, from ornithologists, state agencies, birders,
and others.

* Other duties as assigned by Conservation Department staff.

* BS degree with at least 2 years professional experience or MS degree
in natural resources, environmental science, or geography is preferred.

* Strong background in conservation biology with an avian focus is

* A motivated self-starter who is also a strong team player.

* Excellent writing and speaking skills essential including the
ability to communicate technical concepts to those without a background in
GIS or spatial analysis.

* Ability to work with minimum supervision and make sound judgments
with respect to analytical needs.

* Proficiency in a variety of software programs, including standard
Microsoft and GIS (e.g. ESRI) software products, database development and
maintenance with MS Access (and its applicability to ArcGIS). GPS
experience is a plus.

* Knowledge and/or experience with classification and interpretation
of remotely sensed imagery, and knowledge of statistics to analyze data
distributions and perform basic analyses advanced database programming
skills is beneficial.

* Ability to organize complex projects with a variety of partners.

* Must be willing to travel and work weekends and nights as required.
This requires a reliable vehicle and a valid New Jersey Driver's License.

Starting Date: ASAP, no later than July 1, 2004. This is a two year term

Compensation: Salary competitive and commensurate with experience.

NJAS offers an excellent benefits package including medical and retirement.
Supervisor: The IBBA GIS Analyst will report directly to the IBBA

Application Deadline: May 30, 2004.

Send resume and cover letter via email, US Mail, or fax to:
       Jennifer Mattice, IBBA Coordinator
       New Jersey Audubon Society
       PO Box 693
       Bernardsville, New Jersey 07924
       Email -, Fax 908-766-7775

NJAS fosters environmental awareness and a conservation ethic among New
Jersey's citizens; protects New Jersey's birds, mammals, other animals, and
plants, especially endangered and threatened species; and promotes
preservation of New Jersey's valuable natural habitats.