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U.S. citizen â–¡yes â–¡no by rxd25403


									Please type, or print in ink. Send application materials to:
           Office of Graduate Studies
           College of Fine Arts
           TCU Box 297550
           Fort Worth, TX 76129

Mr. / Ms. ______________________________________
                                                                          Educational Plans
Last, first, middle

_____________________________________________                             Date of planned enrollment: ___________________
Preferred name                                                                                              Semester, year

_____________________________________________                             Have you ever previously applied to any graduate program
Other names used in the past (ex: Maiden name)                            at TCU? □yes □no
Social Security Number                                                    If yes, were you admitted? □yes           □no
Contact Information                                                       If yes, did you enroll? □yes       □no
Please notify TCU of any changes in contact information made during
the admissions process.
                                                                          Will you request that TCU accept transfer graduate credit
____________________________________________                              earned at another university? □yes □no
         E-mail Address
May we use your e-mail address to communicate with you regarding the      If yes, please submit the appropriate transcripts with this application.
status of your application and/or admission decision?   □yes □no
                                                                          Demographic Information
Present Address
                                                                          U.S. citizen? □yes □no
Please print your address exactly as you wish to receive mail,
including zip or postal code and country.                                 If not, country of citizenship: _________________________
____________________________________                                      If you are seeking a student visa, please complete the enclosed
                                                                          international student form.
Address effective through ________________________

Please indicate the appropriate country, city or area codes

Home phone
Work phone
Fax number

Permanent Address
If different than present address, please print your address exactly as
you wish to receive mail, including zip or postal code and country



                                                                             Employment History
                                                                             Please list significant Positions held, beginning with the most recent.
Type of admission requested:
□Full-Time □Part-Time                                                        To: ___________________ FROM: __________________
                                                                             Employer: ________________________________________
□TCU Senior Admission □ Workshop Admission                                   Phone: __________________________________________
□ Visiting Graduate Student □ Non-Degree Graduate                            Location: _________________________________________
                                                                             Job Title: _________________________________________
Intended Program/Special Requirements:                                       Brief description of responsibilities: ____________________
Art/Art History
□ MFA in Studio Art, emphasis:          □Painting □Printmaking               To: ___________________ FROM: __________________
□MA in Art History                                                           Employer: ________________________________________
Art History applicants: Submit goal statement of less than 250 words and a   Phone: __________________________________________
writing sample (e.g., undergraduate paper) of 1250-2000 words.               Location: _________________________________________
                                                                             Job Title: _________________________________________
                                                                             Brief description of responsibilities: ____________________
Music                                                                        _________________________________________________
An audition and interview are also required.
*Theory and Musicology applicants: Submit wilting samples.                   Letters of Recommendation
Composition applicants: Submit at least 3 scores and tapes, if available.    Please provide the information for each of the three individuals
                                                                             whom you have requested send a letter of recommendation directly
□ MM in String Performance □ MM in Theory, Composition*                      to:      Office of Graduate Studies
                                                                                      College of Fine Arts
□MM in Organ Performance □ MM in Piano Performance                                    TCU Box 297550
□ MM in Piano Pedagogy □ MMEd in Music Education                                      Fort Worth, TX 76129
□MM in Musicology
□MM in Performance (Band and Orchestral Instruments)                         These individuals should be able to assess your potential as a graduate
                                                                             student. List names:
□MM in Voice - emphasis: □ Performance □ Pedagogy                            _______________________________________________________
□MM in Conducting - emphasis: □Band □Choral □ Orchestra
Test Scores:
The General GRE is required for Art History, Musicology, Music               _______________________________________________________
Education, Music Theory
GRE          Verbal _____Quantitative_____ Analytical______                             (required of all applicants) On a separate paper, provide a
                                                                                        description of your experience and vocational goals, and discuss
Subject (if taken)____________________ Score _________                                  bow the program at TCU can help you achieve those goals.
If you haven't taken the test, give date you plan to take it? _______
                                                                                        Have TWO complete OFFICIAL transcripts mailed directly from
                                                                                        the Registrar's Office of each institution attended. (If the school
You must request the testing service to send official scores.                           last attended was TCU, we will obtain transcripts that are on file
                                                                                        in the Registrar's Office for you.
What foreign language(s) through sophomore level have
you completed?___________________________________                                       Send application materials to:
                                                                                                        Office of Graduate Studies
Scholarship Consideration:                                                                              College of Fine Arts
                                                                                                        TCU Box 297550
Do you wish to be considered for merit-based
                                                                                                        Fort Worth, TX 76129
scholarships and assistantships? □yes □no
                                                                                        Include a non-refundable application fee of $50. in the form of a
                                                                                        personal check (drawn on a U.S. bank), money order, or cashier's
                                                                                        check made payable to TCU

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