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1.    General Arrangements

2.    Allocation of Rooms

3.    Senior Staff Responsible on each site

4.    Enrolments of specific groups

5.    Enrolment Procedures

6.    Enrolling the Learner

7.    The Additional Support Form

8.    Learner Health Form

9.    Cashiers Checklist

10.   At the end of each enrolment

11.   Accessing class lists


This document provides detailed information on the procedures to be followed for
enrolling learners.

Key changes for 2005/6 are:
    Change in instalment split
    Updated EMA instructions (para 4.8)
    Confirmation of policy that learners will NOT be enrolled without appropriate
      evidence for fee remission or payment
    Additional information on admin charge for FT learners (para 5.3)
    New fee remission category – level 2 entitlement (para 5.5)

                           IMPORTANT INFORMATION
Enrolment information from QL is used to generate student ID cards, accounts,
blackboard accounts and inclusion on electronic registers.
Learners access to College facilities will be restricted if their enrolment is delayed for
any reason.

To help ensure enrolments are processed as promptly as possible please:
   1.     Do not hold onto batches of enrolment forms – forms should be sent to
          Learner Records as soon as they are completed
   2.     Ensure that the enrolment form is fully completed and signed by both you
          and the learner.
   3.     Ensure that the course label is attached to the form
   4.     Ensure payment is attached and the fee box on page 3 of the enrolment
          form is fully completed.

      1)      1.               GENERAL ARRANGEMENTS

1.1        Full time Learners
                  Thursday 1st September     9.00am-4.00pm
                  Friday 2nd September       9.00am-4.00pm
                  Monday 5th September       9.00am-4.00pm

       All full time courses will be allocated a definite time/place to enrol if dates are
not provided to Sarah Molyneux Walker by 15th July

1.2        Part time Learners
                  Tuesday 6th September            12.00-4.00pm and 6.00-8.00pm
                  Wednesday 7th September          12.00-4.00pm and 6.00-8.00pm
                  Thursday 8th September           12.00-4.00pm and 6.00-8.00pm
                  Friday 9th September             10.00am-1.00pm
                  Saturday 10th September          10.00am-1.00pm

1.3        Second year Learners

           Enrolment forms for second year learners have been sent to CAMs.

1.4        Enrolment out of stated dates/times
           Facilities will be made available to enrol learners at other times. This will be
           carried out at Learner Services. If you have a group of more than eight learners
           to enrol at any one time please check with Learner Records to ensure that staff
           are available to manage this procedure effectively.

           To ensure an effective and efficient service to clients please do not send
           large groups to enrol at any one time.

                                    ALLOCATION OF ROOMS

 2.1     16-19 (Full Time) Enrolment

Curriculum Area                                Day         Date      Time             Location
Centre for the Arts
Art and Design (Foundation)                    Thursday        01-Sep 09:30           Hanger
Art and Design (NDD Year 1)                    Friday          02-Sep 10:00           Hanger
Art and Design (NDD Year 2)                    Monday          05-Sep 10:00           Hanger
Art and Design (First Diploma)                 Friday          02-Sep 13:00           Hanger
Art and Design (OCN)                           Friday          02-Sep 10:00           Hanger
Art – Intro Diploma Art, Design & Media        Friday          02-Sep 13:00           Hanger
Catering                                       Thursday        01-Sep                 Restaurant
Hair and Beauty                                                                       Salon
Media                                          Friday          02-Sep 10:00           Hanger
Performing Arts Yr 1                           Friday          02-Sep 10:00           Hanger
Performing Arts Yr 2                           Thursday        01-Sep 10:00           Hanger

A2                                             Monday        05-Sep
AS Levels                                      Thurs/Fri   1/2-Sep
Access to HE                                   Monday        05-Sep 12:00
Business GNVQ Int & Fdn                        Monday        05-Sep 10:30
Business Nat Cert/Nat Dip Year 1               Friday        02-Sep 10:30
Business Nat Cert/Nat Dip Year 2               Thursday      01-Sep 10:30
Business Admin                                 Monday        05-Sep 10:30
Childcare                                      Thursday      25-Aug
Essential Skills & ESOL
Health and Social Care (A-M)
Health and Social Care (N-Z)
Health and Social Care (Year 2)
ICT – OCR Cert                                 Thursday        01-Sep
Office Administration                          Friday          02-Sep 10:30
Supported Studies – New Horizons               Thursday           1st 09:30 – 11:30   S002F
Supported Studies – Lifeskills 1               Friday      2          10:00 – 12:30

2 Touch                                        Friday        02-Sep AM
Hitchin Town (Golf/Rugby/Tennis)               Friday        02-Sep PM
Leisure and Tourism (Football schemes Year 2   Monday        05-Sep PM
Motor Vehicle                                  Thursday, Friday and Monday. D110
Music                                          Monday        05-Sep 10:00
PSR                                            Thursday      01-Sep
PSR Year 2                                     Monday        05-Sep AM
Sports                                         Thursday      01-Sep 09:30
Sports yr 2                                    Monday        05-Sep AM                D214
Tennis/Golf/Rugby                              Monday        05-Sep AM                D213
Travel & Tourism                               Thursday      01-Sep 09:30

2.2   Adult (part time) Enrolment Rota
      Tuesday 6th Sept to Thursday 8th Sept – 12.00-4.00 and 6.00-8.00
      Friday 9th Sept – 10.00-1.00
      Saturday 10th Sept – 10.00-1.00

        Curriculum Area                           Location
        Centre for the Arts
        Performing Arts              Restaurant
        Arts and Media               Restaurant
        Catering                     Restaurant
        Hair and Beauty              Restaurant
        Leisure and Tourism          Restaurant
        Business                     Restaurant
        Essential Skills             Restaurant
        ESOL/EFL                     Restaurant
        A Levels/GCSE                Restaurant
        Motor Vehicle                Restaurant
        Teaching                     Restaurant
        Supported Studies            Restaurant
        Visually impaired            Restaurant

        Health and Social Care       Community Hall
        Childcare, Counselling,
        Sign Language, Lip
        A/S Levels and Science       Community Hall
        ESOL/Essential Skills
        IT, Business Admin,          Community Hall

        Management and

The Marketing and Research Centre will provide signage. Requests for signage will
need to be with Marketing no later than 18th August to ensure a response


                                 To be confirmed





      Only one member needs to be on duty at any session.

3.1   Teaching staff rota will be prepared by each Head of Centre/Faculty.
      Copies to be distributed to:

       Learner Services
       Finance
       Learning Resource Centres
       SMT
      no later than 26th August 2005

3.2   Learner Records and Exams will co-ordinate other staffing arrangements.


4.1      What is a full time learner
         A full time learner is one who is enrolled on a full time course. Part time
         courses cannot be combined to make up a full time course for remission of fees

         Learner/clients who follow additional programmes outside their main
         programme will be asked to pay at the normal rate.

4.2      Job Seekers
         For the purposes of Job Seekers Allowance a course of 16 hours per week or
         fewer is considered to be part time. Learners concerned about the impact of
         study on their benefit should be referred to Learner Services.

         Full time FE learners pay no course fees for the main programme of study
         (which may include those additional qualifications identified on their learning

         FT adult learners must pay a one off £100 annual enrolment
4.3      Work Based Learning

       Herts and Beds Learning and Skills Council funded trainees via the WBL
       team, Letchworth Centre.

         Work Based Learning Schemes available at NHC

      For all 16 ----- 24 year olds working towards NVQ levels 2 and 3

     E2E
      For 16 - 19 year olds unsure about their vocational route. This is a programme that
      covers Personal Development, Careers Guidance, Work & Vocational Tasters, Job
      Search skills and key skills

      I.T. , Bus.Admin. , Motor Vehicle, Hairdressing, Beauty Therapy, Hospitality and


     Trainees on Apprenticeship Schemes usually need to be employed. Help with
      finding employment is available from the WBL team if needed.

     Work Based Learning is an excellent alternative for young people who prefer to
      learn on the job.

     Government legislation encourages all employers, big and small, to give young
      people (16/17 and some 18 year olds who are employed but have not achieved

      GCSES or a certain standard of training) time off, with full pay to allow them to
      study and gain a recognised qualification

     NEW DEAL

      If a learner states that their course is being funded under the governments “New
      Deal “ programme please refer them to Employment Training for further guidance.

      (See 4.2 above).


4.4      School Link
         16-19 School Link learners attending courses designed for other part time or full
         time learners can only be enrolled upon receipt of permission from their
         schools. Any learner wishing to enrol as a school link learner should be
         directed to the designated officer responsible for arrangements of school link
         (Jackie Carrier, Hitchin or Liz Williams at Stevenage). Tutors should ensure
         that all appropriate boxes relating to “school link” are completed on the
         Enrolment Form.
         Arrangements for enrolling Stevenage Partnerships are TBC

4.5      Learning Shops
         Please ask learners to go direct to the Learning Shop to enrol.

4.6      Programmes in Hospitals and in the community
         Special arrangements will be made

4.7      Overseas learners
         A learner who has not been resident in the UK for 3 years at the start of the
         course is usually considered to be an overseas learner. Overseas learners
         must pay fees in full on enrolment. For 2005/6 the full time fee is £5,200
         (including administration charge) and the part time fee is four times the
         standard fee. If in doubt about a learner‟s status please refer the learner to the
         fee checkers.

4.8      EMA

If the learner is 16 or 17 (ie date of birth 01/09/87 – 31/08/88) and is enrolling on a FT
programme ask if they have applied for an EMA.

       If no/never heard of it – refer to Learner Services for information/advice
       If yes – Have they been accepted
                 If yes – do they have their Contract Part 1 – ensuring that both halves
                  of the Contract are signed and dated by the Learner and a member of
                  the College tear off the half of the contract which must be kept with
                  the College and place in the box provided
                 If yes – but they do not have the contract with them – advise the
                  learner to bring the Contract into Learner Services, they will then deal
                  with the Contract and forward to Learner Records.

                 If haven‟t heard yet – Advise the learner that as soon as they receive
                  confirmation of eligibility (Contract) they should take it to Learner
                  Services, who will forward onto Learner Records.

Advise the Learners that the Contract Part 2 will be provided by their tutor and that it is
an agreement of targets in order to achieve a January/July bonus.

TUTORS IMPORTANT – Please be aware of Contract Part 2‟s, the targets need to be
set in the Learners induction week and the necessary paperwork completed, signed
and returned to Learner Records. Learner Records will chase for outstanding
contracts at the end of September.

       Further queries should be directed to Learner Records or Learner Services


       These are guidelines for the administrative procedures for all learners.
        It is essential that learners have received advice and guidance where
         appropriate before enrolling on a course.
        PLEASE ensure that all learners have paid the appropriate fees including
         administration charge and have presented a letter of fee authorisation from
         their company or employer before acceptance on the course. Learners will
         NOT be enrolled if evidence/payment/sponsor letter is missing.
        Learners can NOT be enrolled without evidence of fee remission.
        Fee Checkers will be available on all sites.

5.1     Learner Services
       Information and help on benefits, travel assistance, accommodation and
       student union activities will be available from Learner Services.

5.2    College Tuition Fees

       Fees are charged in accordance with college fee policy. The correct course fee
       is shown at the top of the enrolment register.

       Course fees have increased by 12.5% in 05/06 – this is 2.5% lower than the
       total increase expected by the LSC. Government policy is that learners who do
       not fall into identified priority groups (16-18 year olds, skills for life learners and
       learners studying for their first full level 2) must make a higher contribution
       towards the cost of their learning.

       The college cannot accept part payment of fees, except for agreed instalment
       Learners in the following categories are entitled to fee remission.

                                                                  Amount of remission
Category                           Proof Needed                  Full time   Part time
                                                                 Courses     courses
Unemployed in receipt of Job       Giro or front cover or copy   100%        100%
Seekers Allowance                  of bank statement (ES40 is
                                   insufficient proof).
Those in receipt of Income         Giro or front cover & first   100%        100%
Support                            page of benefit book.
Learner or partner in receipt of   Page 1 & 2 of Award           100%        100%
Working Tax Credit with a          Notice (Form TC602)
household income of less than
Pensions Credit (Guarantee         Full award notice             100%        100%
Credit). (Persons in receipt of
Savings Credit only do not
Those in receipt of                Council letter                100%        100%
Housing/Council Tax benefit
Unwaged dependants of those        Unwaged dependants            100%        100%
listed above                       college form & copy of
                                   proof of benefit
Learners aged 16-18 inclusive      Proof of age                  100%        100%

not at school
Special Educational Needs, or         Automatic by courses
Basic Skills & ESOL
Full Time learners aged over 19       Automatic by course
on Full Time FE courses
First qualification at level 2.       Student MUST sign
                                      enrolment form to confirm
                                      that this is their first

(a)       For those eligible, modern apprentice fees would apply
(b)       All full time FE courses are free to home learners (UK and EC)
(c)       There are no concessions for economic fee and cost recovery courses
(d)       For HE courses franchised from UH, the UH fee concessions apply
(e)       Non means-tested benefits are not eligible for remission for LSC (vocational)
          courses e.g. Incapacity Benefit, War Disability, Disability Living Allowance
(f)       25% single persons Council Tax relief is not eligible for proof of remission of
          fees on any programme

5.3       Enrolment Administration Charges

          Learners aged over 18 at the start of their course must pay an additional charge
          to cover the cost of all their enrolments for 2005/2006. There is no fee
          remission on the charge.

          Full time FE                                £100
          Part time FE                                £32
          1 day courses                               No charge
          Basic Skills/ESOL courses                   No charge
          Lifestyle Learning                          £10 charge included in fee
          Full time HE                                No charge
          Part time HE                                £32 reprographics charge

You may find the following information helpful when discussing the full time charge
with learners:

         The LSC expect us to charge £691 to FT learners
         The £100 represents approximately 4% of the total cost of the delivery of a FT
         The government and LSC are increasingly expecting learners outside the LSC
          priority groups to contribute more towards the cost of their education.
         The College has decided to continue to remit a higher proportion of costs in
          2005/06 than expected by the LSC and this benefit is passing on to the learners

5.4       Instalment Policy
          No instalments are accepted if the tuition fee is less than £150.

           If the tuition fees are between £150 and £499:
            The first instalment will be 55% of the total – to be taken at enrolment
            The second instalment will be the remaining 45% – to be taken before 21
               November 2005.

            If the tuition fees are between £500 and £999, three instalments are made:
             50% at enrolment
             30% before 21 November 2005                                          12
             20% before 23 January 2006
   Please note – any variation of the stated terms can only be accepted if
    agreed and signed by a member of SMT. All payments must be completed
    by Easter 2006.

Overseas learners must pay fees in full on enrolment.

5.5   Level 2 Entitlement
The level 2 entitlement is a new category which has been introduced by the
LSC for 2005/06.

   It applies to learners aged 19+ who have no previous qualification at level 2
    or above enrolling onto a FULL level 2 course ie NVQ2, BTEC First Dip,
    Cert Childcare & Education - a full list of NHC courses qualifying is at the
    end of this document

   Learners must sign a declaration to qualify for the remission

5.6    Leisure and Partnership Courses

For 2005/2006 the following fee remission policies have been agreed for leisure


All learners must pay a £10 administration fee. This fee is INCLUDED in the
advertised fees in the consortium brochure.

If a learner falls into one of the College remission categories (as identified on
the enrolment form) then they must pay £32.

If a learner has enrolled on a vocational course and paid the £32 administration
fee they do not have to pay it again providing they provide evidence of their
previous enrolment.

If a learner has enrolled on a leisure course and then enrols on a vocational
course they must pay £20 to top up the administration charge to the £32
 for vocational courses.


Consortium partners (as listed below) are subject to the same fee remission
and policies as NHC learners.
      Meridian School                                  Barnwell School
      Barclay School                                   Fearnhill School
      Stevenage Leisure                                The Rooms
      The Place                                        Lannock School
      North Herts Minority Ethnic Forum                Priory School


Learners enrolled at a consortium partner centre are essentially the same as
any other NHC learner. Therefore, if a learner provides proof that they have
paid the administration charge then the same policy will apply as for NHC
learners when they enrol on vocational courses.


           It is essential that all enrolment paperwork is completed in full. It will ensure
           that the data enables the college to claim LSC funding and enables receipt of
           learner/client fees.

     6.1   Learner through the System Flowchart
           A learner must progress through the processes in the diagram below:

                          Learner enters personal
                          details and signs form

                          Name & address of
                          learner entered on
                          enrolment register

                           Course label stuck on
                           enrolment form

                 Fee entered on back of form.
                 Member of staff signs bottom of page 2 of the form to
                 confirm enrolment details and fee are correct

                          Fee checking and form                 If no money/proof learner
                          verification – proof of               advised to return with payment
                          remission collected and               or evidence
                          attached to form
                                                                If no Fee Checker available
                                                                enrolling staff will sign
                             Fee checker signs card

End of session                Payment of fees and              Learner receipt issued –
cash-up and                       enrolment                    to be taken to first class
reconciliation                                                 & Learning Resources

6.2   Check that you have a register which has been marked with all the necessary
      course and fee details which bears the Learner Records and Exams Office
      (LRE) stamp.

      For 2005/06 temporary registers will be distributed as normal for the beginning
      of term.

      Learner Records will begin to send out Electronic Registers after the main
      enrolment, allowing the majority of learners to be attached to the registers.

      When these are received please make sure that all attendance information is
      transferred from the Temporary to the Permanent Electronic Register, and any
      learners not included are written on the register as a „Stranger‟ (please see the
      Electronic Register Guidelines). After this has been completed, please leave
      the temporary register with the Electronic Register so this can be collected by
      the Attendance Assistants.

      Web Registers – If you intend to use Web Based Tokairo registers, the registers
      will be automatically updated with learners when the enrolments have been
      imported at the close of business each day. Attendance data can be input from
      this point. Please return your paper based registers to Learner Records if you
      are using Web Based Registers.

      If you have not received your registers by the time you have nearly used all
      spaces on the Temporary register, please call the Information Officer x:4240.
      All classes will have to be timetabled correctly in CELCAT for a register to be


          6.3    The Enrolment Form



                                                                Box ticked?


  for FT 16/17
  year old
                                                              Ensure KET
                                                             box ticked for
                                                               16-18 FT





 ESF data

                                                       Reason ticked
                                                       and proof

Fee completed


                                                           Method of

 calculated?                                               Card details,
                                                           if applicable

   Apprentice information

   Employer details
   (authorising letter MUST   Turn over for quals on entry and
   be attached)               data protection. THIS MUST BE
                              COMPLETED IF A LEARNER IS
                              CLAIMING LEVEL 2

      Check particularly

       If the learner is aged 18 or less and is still attending full time at school then a
        school permission letter will be required. Ensure that the name of the school
        is entered on the Enrolment Form.

       That if the country of usual or permanent residence is other than UK/Europe,
        the date of entry to the UK is completed. This helps in identifying overseas
        learners, who must pay a different fee. A period of three years domicile is
        required for eligibility. Any learners indicating that they have not lived in the
        UK for 3 years will be requested to provided a copy of their passport

       That the pre-entry advice and guidance box has been completed and
        relevant boxes ticked

       That the ESF information has been completed – this is required by LSC

       That the fee remission claim section is completed unambiguously and that
        the client has proof of eligibility. Facilities are available in the enrolment hall
        to photocopy proof if required. FOR LSC FUNDED COURSES IT IS
        ENROLMENT FORM. Enrolments with no proof will not be accepted.

       That the name of the Training Organisation is completed for Apprentices.

       That the fee and method of payment sections are fully completed.

       That the form is signed and dated.

6.4   Attach the appropriate course label in the box provided on the Enrolment Form.
      If the learner start date is other than the course start date, please amend the
      label to show the correct learner start date.

6.5   Sign the bottom of the form. Please note that after the initial enrolment period
      the individual enrolling will need to sign „Fees Assessed by‟ box to ensure fees
      are correct.

6.6   Please PRINT carefully on the enrolment register the learners/clients name,
      address, home and work telephone number.

6.7   All learners should go to the till area to pay.

          Cheques need to be payable to: North Hertfordshire College. Name, address
          on back and details of cheque card.
                                                   Write down card number
      09789 20 30 40          £100
      4367 8790 6578 1245                          Check expiry date
      Mr J Bloggs                                    Check signature matches
      D/34569120 – 10 issue 04                       on back of card,
      116578 00874356 10/01     09/04
      Sort Code Acount No valid from Expires End

          A learner/client who needs fees to be invoiced to employer or sponsor must
          supply a letter of authorisation.

          If the learner is not paying on the same day, please ensure the fee section of
          the enrolment form is completed The learner will not be enrolled onto the
          learner record system until they have paid their fee.

          The learner may retain the forms and send payment and completed forms by
          post or in person at an agreed time.

          An audit of small classes will take place during the second teaching week.
          Classes that have not achieved target number may be closed.

          Please advise learners that they are not enrolled as learners of the college
          unless fees are paid.

6.8       All learners will need to bring their official receipt to the first class they attend for
          checking. Without this receipt they will not be able to attend the class. It is the
          responsibility of the class tutor to check that learners in the class have paid the
          relevant fees.

6.9       Please inform learners that if they are paying fees (whether in full or part), that
          the full examination entry fee will be payable at the appropriate time. Only full
          time learners aged 16-18 on 31 August 2005 and learners on Basic Skills,
          ESOL, Supported Studies and full-time HE programmes are eligible for full
          remission of exam fees.

6.10      When the course has a „nil fee‟, the fee section must still be completed and

6.11      Any anomalies between the course fee and that which the learner is paying;
          other than standard remission or instalments should have an explanation
          written on the Enrolment Form which is confirmed by the appropriate Head of
          Centre‟s/Faculty‟s signature.


                   The Supplementary Enrolment Form

            6.12   This will need to be completed alongside the enrolment form for learners/clients
                   on modular programmes and learners achieving additional qualifications.

            6.14   Please ensure that this form is returned within 4 weeks of the additional
                   qualifications being agreed

labels to be
attached here


     If a learner is identified as having a need for literacy, language, numeracy or
     other support need at ANY stage in his or her programme, s/he should be
     referred to learning development for an assessment using the Learning
     Development – Initial Information sheet .

     The LA2 is completed by learning development or supported studies staff to
     enable the correct claiming of funding for additional support.
     To be completed by the Assessor as soon as the assessment is complete.



9.                      CASHIERS CHECKLIST

9.1   The cash box provided is for learner/client takings. This needs to be monitored
      at all times. Never leave the cash box unattended or in a position where it
      could be stolen.

9.2   At the start of each session, your cash box will contain a float of £25.

9.3   Payment for enrolment fees may be accepted in:

             Cash
             Cheque
             Visa or Mastercard Credit Cards
             Any Visa Debit Card/Switch

      DO NOT ACCEPT other credit cards, e.g. Diners, American Express

9.4   Procedures for Payment
      The following must be recorded on the enrolment form and receipt when you
      take payment:

             The learner ID number should be entered in the spaces provided on the
              enrolment form.
             The start date should be written on the receipt for the learner.
             If a learner has not shown proof or paid the Administration Charge this
              should be clearly marked on the receipt.

      (i)        Cash: count all cash handed to you to verify the amount. Give any
                 change necessary from your float and ensure the cash taken is placed in
                 the cash box. For ease of handling keep your cash box tidy with all
                 notes and cash segregated into their respective denominations.
      (ii)       Cheques
                 - check date is correct
                 - check cheque is payable to North Hertfordshire College or NHC
                 - check amount is correct and words and figures agree
                 - check cheque has been signed
                 - write the number of the cheque guarantee card on the back of the
                 - verify signature on cheque agrees with signature on card
                 - check that the card is currently valid.
                 - if the name of the cheque signatory is different from the learner
                    enrolling, check that the name and address of the cheque signatory is
                    printed on the reverse of the cheque, together with the receipt

      (iii)      Credit and Debit Cards
                 Check that the Credit Card number is correctly entered legibly on
                 enrolment form. Do not insert any digits where none exist on the card.
                 The number must be identical to that shown on the card.
                 - enter the expiry date (not start date) having ensured that both dates
                    are currently valid.

             -   check credit and debit card authorisation on enrolment form is signed
                 and agrees with signature on card.
             -   ensure details of card holder are entered on enrolment form in space
                 provided, where the card holder is not the learner enrolling.


10.1   Check that total of receipts in cash box agrees with QLS banking summary,
       after deducting £25 FLOAT.

10.2   Ensure that all enrolment forms and cash box are delivered to the Centre
       Finance office. Evening enrolments for CFA should be stored in the safe, ready
       for collection the next day.

11.1   Learners will NOT be enrolled if there is a query on their enrolment – eg they
       have not provided correct evidence of fee remission or payment. All other
       learners will be enrolled onto the College learner records system (QL) at the
       point of enrolment.

11.2 Staff can access class lists for an up to date picture of who has enrolled at
   http://intranet.web.nhc.ac.uk/enrol/ .

          If you are prompted for a user name/password use your standard network
          Click on the „Class list‟ option on the right hand side
          Enter the session code of the class you are wanting – this can be found on
           the register
          Check that the academic year selected is 05/06
          Press search
          The class list will be displayed

11.3 Contact details for learners can be found by choosing the „Address list‟ option
   and following the instructions as above

Courses eligible for level 2 entitlement fee remission

  Area       aos_code    aos_period                             full_desc
AAT       FNVQ2AAT       PDLN1        AAT Foundation Level - Day
AAT       FNVQ2AAT       PDLN2        AAT Foundation Level - Day/Eve
AAT       FNVQ2AAT       PELA1        AAT Foundation Level - Eve
AD        FEDE2ART       FC043        First Diploma In Art & Design
BA        FNVQ2BAM       FS024        NVQ 1/2 Administration
BA        FNVQMADW       DS156        NVQ Business Administraton Level 2
BUS       FEDE2BUS       FS060        First Diploma Business
BUS       FGVQ2BUS       FS005        GNVQ Business Intermediate - Stev
CAT       FNVQ2CFP       CFCL3        Food Prep NVQ2 (Chef School Yr1)
CAT       FNVQ2CFP       CFCL4        Food Preparation NVQ2 (Chef School Yr2)
CAT       FNVQ2CFS       CFCL1        Food Service NVQ2 (Chef School Yr1)
CAT       FNVQ2HOS       FC040        Hospitality Services NVQ 2
CAT       FNVQ2FDS       FC053        NVQ 2 Food & Drink Service
CAT       FNVQ2CFP       CDCH6        NVQ2 -Food Preparation & Cooking Yr1
CAT       FNVQ2CFP       CDCH7        NVQ2 -Food Preparation & Cooking Yr2
CS        FNVQ2EYCE      ES142        CACHE Early Years Care & Ed NVQ 2
CS        FNVQ2EYCE      ES293        Early Years Care & Ed NVQ 2 - 16/3
CS        FNVQ2EYCE      ES306        Early Years Care & Education Level
CSFT      FOTH2CCE       FS008        Certificate Childcare And Education
FLEX      FNVQ2CLEA      DO202        CGLI NVQ 2 In Cleaning Roll On/Off
HB        FNVQ2BTY       FC017        Beauty Therapy NVQ 2
HB        FNVQ2BTY       FC019        Beauty Therapy NVQ 2 - Fast Track
HB        FNVQ2BTY       CFCD8        Beauty Therapy NVQ2 (Comb Yr 1 FC023)
HB        FNVQ2BTY       CFCD9        Beauty Therapy NVQ2 (Comb Yr2 FC024)
HB        FNVQ2BTY       EC265        Conversion Course To NVQ2 - 20/2
HB        FNVQ2HDR       FC078        Hairdressing NVQ2 - (Yr2 FC069)
HB        FNVQ2HDR       CFCD6        Hairdressing NVQ2 (Comb Yr1 FC023)
HB        FNVQ2HDR       CFCD7        Hairdressing NVQ2 (Comb Yr2 FC024)
HB        FNVQ2HDR       CFCH4        Hairdressing NVQ2 (Media Ind Yr2 FC028)
HB        FNVQ2HDR       CFCH2        Hairdressing NVQ2 (Yr 2 FC030)
HB        FOTH2DBEAUT    EC245        Lev 2 Dip Beauty Specialist Tech. - Yr 1
HB        FOTH2DBEAUT    EC246        Lev 2 Dip Beauty Specialist Tech. - Yr 2
HB        FNVQ2HDR       FC031        NVQ 2 Hair - Mature Students Yr 1
HB        FNVQ2HDR       FC032        NVQ 2 Hair - Mature Students Yr 2
HB        FNVQ2HDR       CECA1        NVQ 2 Hair Mature Students Yr 1 Eve
HB        FNVQ2HDR       CECA2        NVQ 2 Hair Mature Students Yr 2 Eve
HB        FNVQ2HDR       CECA3        NVQ 2 Hair Mature Students Yr 3 Eve
HB        FNVQ2HDR       CECA4        NVQ 2 Hair Mature Students Yr 4 Eve
HB        FNVQMNAILS     FC072        NVQ 2 Nail Services Yr 1
HS        FGVQ2HSC       FS014        GNVQ Health & Social Care Intermediate
ITP       FGVQ2ICT       FS018        GNVQ Information & Comms Tech - Int
LS        FCGL2ITQ       DL345        ITQ - Letchworth
LT        FEDE2DTT       FH068        First Diploma In Travel & Tourism
LT        FGVQ2LT        FH006        Leisure & Tourism Intermediate
MV        FNVQ2MV        TDHM1        Motor Vehicle Studies NVQ 2 - P/T Yr1
MV        FNVQ2MV        TDHM2        Motor Vehicle Studies NVQ 2 - P/T Yr2
MV        FCGL2PABP      FH040        Prog. Award Lv 2 Body & Paint Operations
MV        FCGL2PAMC      FH041        Prog. Award Lv2 Motor Cycle Service/Rep
MV        FNVQ2MV        DH114        Veh. Main. & Repair Motor Cycle Yr1
MV        FNVQ2MV        DH115        Veh. Main. & Repair Motor Cycle Yr2

MV    FNVQ2BPAN   DH118   Vehicle Body & Paint Op - Yr 2
MV    FNVQ2BPAN   DH117   Vehicle Body And Paint Op Yr 1
PA    FEDE2PERD   FC061   1st Dip Perf Arts (Performance:Dance)
PA    FEDE2PERM   FC060   Edexcel Intro Diploma In Performing Arts
PA    FEDE2PERA   FC050   First Dip. Performing Arts (Acting)
PA    FEDE2PERM   FC051   First Diploma Performing Arts (Music)
PSR   FBTC2PSR    FH011   BTEC 1st Diploma Public Services
SPS   FBTC2SS     FH014   First Diploma In Sport


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