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7 Sins Lounge - DOC

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									7 Sins Lounge
Come embrace the heat at 7 Sins Lounge, as the Playa's friendliest little slice of Hell returns for a 6th straight year!
Why take a chance on Eternal Damnation when our Church sanctioned "GET OUT OF HELL FREE" cards can save
the day? Or take a spin on the erotic Wheel of Sins - just choose from our Wall of Paddles (from gentle to stern),
select your paddler (from friendly to enthusiastic), and receive both absolution and encouragement to sin more
Day time is a shaded retreat to recover from the rigors of the night (Lord knows, we are!). Chilled drinks and even a
refreshing shower may be offered to favored guests and neighbors for the right Sin!
As night descends, 7 Sins Lounge hits full stride with our ever popular selection of eclectic music and drinks, including
the dreaded (and much anticipated) Flaming Blue Phucks! (150 proof and now guaranteed almost 100% poison
free!!!) So be sure to start your Sins at 7! Hometown: Sacramento, CA

54 camp comes from the depths of Lawrence Kansas to bring it's special Midwestern seasoning to the playa surface.
Corporate suits, scurvy pirates and very green, very grumpy ORKS are all been corralled into sharing a playa home.
Hometown: Tenino, WA

1,000 Greenmen
Transforming 1,000 ordinary BRC citizens into Greenmen. Create your own Greenman mask and wear it to our party
Friday night. Hometown: San Francisco, CA

A Cavallo
Docking for the carousel, which departs daily and nightly (almost), with horses galloping, performers performing, and
flames a-flaming. Acts and events will be posted at camp so you can completely space on the times and just chase us
down when you see us cruising (don't worry, we move slowly). Hometown: New York NY

Hometown: Nevada City, CA

A Very Merry Unbirthday Camp
Sick & tired of crappy birthdays? Visit the Un-Birthday Camp for tea & sympathy. Laugh! Hug! Tell the DorMouse your
troubles. Write your woes in the Crappy Birthday Album & let the Hookah Smoking Caterpillar poke your aura & share
advice. Iced Tea Time among shaded blossoms from 2-4 p.m. Hometown: San Jose, CA

Notre camp peuvent etre apprécié à n'importe quelle occasion;
cependant, il est parfait pours ces périodes spéciales où le jour se
tourne vers la soirée et la soirée se transforme en nuit !
Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Above the Limit
Over 100 gallons of a wide variety of outstanding hand-crafted beers are on tap, supplemented by Flaming
Lamborghinis and other exotic beverages for thirsty passers-by. Visitors welcome to stop by for libations, relaxation,
homebrew workshops, and conversation on anything and everything--desert structures, playa flying, Ayn Rand,
ELWire, photography, flame effects, entheogens, shamanism, software, ancient civilizations, and much more--always
undertaken at least two steps Above the Limit. Hometown: Reno, NV

Abstininthe is the friendly bar on the playa,providing our special drink to the thirsty of BRC since the last millenium.
Come try our many flavors and enjoy the music, ambience and conversation of our neighborhood bar.
Hometown: Berkeley, CA

Accessory Alley
Accessory Alley - We Accessorize the Playa. Hometown: Chicago, IL

Airport - BRC Port of Entry
BRC International is a real but temporary airport with over 150 planes, skydivers, ultralights, runway, terminal building,
and Customs Inspectors. The Port of Entry Village (at the intersection of 5:00 and the trash fence) is home to aviators,
land sailors, theme camps, art cars, and artists. Hometown: Larkspur, CA
Bubbles make people happy. That's why we create unique inflatable installations. We think of what we do as
performance-sculpture. Hometown: New York, NY

Al Gore Presidential Fitness Test
Remember the presidential fitness test? A bit of running, a few pullups, "flexed arm hang" for some, some situps
perhaps? While the nationwide introduction of the President Al Gore Fitness Test in 2001 was not to be, we will run
the certification program in BRC. Including Green Earth Tetherball, Carbon Balance Beam, Ozone Hole Accuracy
Test...and more! Hometown: San Francisco, CA

alQmy Camp
alQmy: Metaphysical Therapy, Meditation and more... Hometown: Berkeley, CA

Altered Art Camp
Recycle books, found objects, junk as Art!
Hometown: San Jose, CA

Alternative Energy Zone village
If you have an interest in alternative energy (of any kind), AND do not have a gas or diesel generator; then welcome,
you are invited to join our village. We do not demand, we lead by example toward a delightful, joke-filled, fun way to
enjoy Burning Man. You will see solar panels, wind generators, solar ovens, solar showers, water cleaning, MANY
MANY blinky lights, and many folks around who can show YOU how to do it too (if you ask). Mainly a friendly village
of folks showing a different way to get things done. (a way that treads a little more lightly on the playa). See you there.
Hometown: Redondo Beach, CA

Aluminum Pansy
Seeking alumination and oneness with our inner biker. Buddha in a cowboy hat. Kegerator meets Kama Sutra. Come
see why we're Brewsed, Battered, and Bloody.
Hometown: Clovis, CA

AMO Annex is claiming space for the study, science and praxis of love. Our space is an intentional incubator for
ideas, drawing the brilliant genii of AMO to experiment with focus, resonance, frequency and quality of connection.
Visit our living learning lab and explore our OYA installation in the pavilion under the man.
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Emissaries from the planet Amphibia will land their mothership at Burning Man. It will be a relaxing chill space with
couches, ambient music, movies, a small stage, and the environmental message – ―It‘s Easy to be Green!‖
Hometown: Prescott, AZ

...and then there's only LOVE.
A place to love and be loved. We're comprised of women and couples full of hugs, love, and unadulterated monkey
business. Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, FL

Androids Dungeon
Once the sun has set on another Black Rock afternoon, we'll fire up the Spectralsensoric Interactive Screen as well as
an additional screen setting for some of our favorite Starewicz films. 'Hu-go2' is the interlocuter, our 2nd version of an
11ft tall robotic centurion. We need you to continue our visual experiments, as we near the end of our 10-year 'testing'
period. d6 ambient oblivion returns for the 8th time to assist in your movements, while Hotshot robotic mayhem will be
rampant in the streets! Hometown: Reno, NV

Angels of Acknowledgement
We are the Angels of Acknowledgement - a theme camp part of Lustre Village. What we do is acknowledge people on
the playa for who they are, what they do, and for their own unique gift and contribution that they bring to the world.
This is an interactive experience for Burning Man Participants. Come and be acknowledged or acknowledge someone
else who has affected you in life, and write a message on the acknowledgement scroll – a deeply moving personal
experience! Hometown: Oakland, CA
Anonymous Village
Anonymous Village is a community of recovering alcoholics, drug addicts and other addiction affected souls. We
celebrate our recovery and growth with gusto and welcome all to the safety and joy of regularly scheduled and
spontanious meetings.
Hometown: Graham, WA

Ant Colony
Ant Colony is the home base for The Ant.
Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO

The highest point in Black Rock City, ANTICamp offers a panoramic view of the playa from our 50 foot observation
platform. Groove into the night, at our stage with the funkyest local musicians.
Hometown: Eugene, OR

"Once in a while you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right..." -Robert Hunter
Dancing shadows, tattoos & more, eclectic tunes including non-Dead, strangers & strange friends. Our 11th on-playa
year. AKA: Scarlet Fire At the Mars Hotel, Eyes of the World, Dark Star, The Dead Sea, Beyond the Dead, et al.

Apocalypse How
Come hang out in our Hammock Tree---chaotic oscillatory entertainment or just a place to chill.
Hometown: Cambridge, MA

Apocalypse Lounge
Hangover or not, the sun is up and so are you. Come over to enjoy coffee, dough nuts and conversation in the
morning and come back to enjoy the shade all day!
Hometown: Portland, OR

APOKILIPTIKA- Cosmodrome Security and Secret Police Sub-Station, bringing Doom to the Playa for the third year in
a row. The Terminal HQ for your Terminal City Camp Alliance experience!
Hometown: Carson City, NV

Apres Ski B.R.C.
a·près-ski[ah-prey-skee,ap-rey,noun] The period of relaxation after skiing A rich cultural heritage at ski resorts
worldwide We have now brought this magic to the playa. After a long day on the slopes come and mingle with our
snow men frolic with our gogo dancing ski bunnies and relax your muscles in our winter wonderland.
Hometown: Vancouver, BC

Love your water, love your body! Come to the AquaZone's AquaLove Bar to quench your thirst with Love-infused
water. Afterwards, chill to the sounds of the surf in the AquaDome.
Hometown: Berkeley, CA

Arachne's Web
Arachne's Web is an offshoot of Camp Arachnid. We offer instruction in rope bondage and other erotic BDSM
activities to all skill levels, from curious to experienced. A great place to contact experienced BDSM players! Also
offering animal roleplay and pony cart races during the week (Pony Cart Downs). Please check the Playa calendar for
Hometown: San Jose, CA

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Art Car Repellant Camp
A place to go to get prepared for nigttime travel. Keep yourself safe and light up! We can help! REPEL THE ART
Hometown: Reno, NV
Art Model Camp
Sketch paint or sculpt, as models take varied poses, during daylight hours Tues-Sun. All models and most artists
welcome - photos only by individual permission please. Hometown: Calabasas, CA

art of such n such
this is the resting place of the contraptions of a green man. Hometown: Atlanta, GA

ArtBus is a collective of artsists, writers, musicians, & dancers based in big torch key, florida. we will be providing a
variety of interactive experiences for Burning Man participants, including experimental theatre, painting, sculpture,
dance, & bdsm. Hometown: Big Torch Key, FL

arThou phine TOBACCO
RIGHT TO ENJOY TOBACCO and other plants. We also believe that these plants should not be polluted with
unnecessary chemicals or gene changes. We specialize in serving high-quality natural tobacco to the burner
community. We basically roll you a cigarette on the spot, if you can prove you don't MOOP. We also educate and
advise tobacco users on ways to switch from commercial cigarettes to roll-it-yourself phine tobacco solutions.
We express our thanks to arThou, our sponsoring organization. arThou smoking yet? With us thou shalt! :-)
Come join us on Tribe. Hometown: Flushing, NY

Ascension Tribe
Ascension Tribe is a spiritual, sensual, sexy and sometimes sacred place for ritual, workshops, performances, and
events. We offer unique and popular transformational workshops focusing mainly on the Spiritual nature of growth and
development in the areas of sensual touch, Tantric explorations, spiritual awareness and all which honors the Divine
in oneself. Hometown: Layton, UT

Ashram Galactica (The Grand Hotel)
―Your Home Away from Home Away from Home™‖
The Grand Hotel at Ashram Galactica sets the standard for hotel and conference facilities in the Black Rock City
Metropolitan Area. Plan an overnight stay in one of our four luxurious suites, enjoy a crisp cocktail at the world-famous
Twilight Bar, play Quantum Croquet on the lush hotel grounds, dine in our exquisite Moroccan restaurant, or relax with
one of our renowned Nepalese aromatherapy massages at the Poshram Spa. Our well-informed and obsequious
concierge will be only too happy to book a room or advise the weary traveler of the many sights, sounds and smells
the city offers. Stop by, or visit for more information. Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Astor Place Imagined
Astor Place imagined... 2,678 miles from New York City.
Join us in imagining Astor Place with artists, performers, a stage and activities you can recreate in your home town
without the cars.
This space will leverage the principles of the Livable Streets movement in the hopes of inspiring change in public
space. We invite the citizens of Black Rock City in joining us with a lively livable atmosphere, and bring this magic
home with you. Hometown: New York, NY

Astral Headwash
Good day dirty dwellers we have a pleasure for you... we will be washing hair in the desert again this year Come visit
us with your happy spirits, your smiling faces and your dirty hair and we'll do our best to make you feel like you're in
heaven. We ask that you share with us something... something that makes BM such a special place — That could be
a story, a song, a dance, a turn at washing someone else's hair, a goodie, a little shoulder work for our hard worked
muscles, a little humor or a little love =) And of course, we can't exist without your H2O contributions, so bring some
for yourself and a little more to share.
We'll see you Monday - Friday noon - 4 PM. Remember, we are limited with how much we can wash, so come early
to make sure you get wet with us. Hometown: Boulder, CO

Astral Photo Project
Do you live your life by the stars or is astrology simply a distraction? Can you tell a bold Ram by looking at him? A
sexy Scorpio? Stop by Astral Photo Project to get your portrait taken, and claim your rightful place amongst the stars
in our planetarium gallery - will patterns emerge? Come find out. Hometown: Astoria, NY
Astral Vortex
The Astral Vortex is back with feel-good vibes, a welcoming atmosphere and, new this year, Hoop Heaven!
Hometown: Portland, OR

Astropups are back for our 7th year, proud to be part of Avalon Village!
We'll be providing the usual amount of fun and merriment Astropups have been famous for since the dawn
of this century. Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Asylum Village
Asylum Village is constantly changing, like our environment. So, this year, in addition to our fabulous
returning staples like Orgasmateria & Moonenlightenment, we added some zip with the Frozen Wet Spot
from Utah. Then we added in some great new camps - the Container Camp, Green Lady, King of America,
Tellie's Service Station (an offshoot of the Whiskey & Whores Saloon from year's past), Jaded Camp, and
lastly Psychonauts. It's going to be HOT in Asylum - see you there. Hometown: New York, NY

Audrey's Jungle Love
Share the vibe of Audrey's Jungle Love! By day, revive under her verdant dome with massages, foot baths,
facials, and more. At Friday night's Jungle Love Fest, Audrey's Manimals savage your soothed beast with
wild grooves, killer cocktails, and exotic mating dances. Grrrr! Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Automatic Subconscious
Where your most (insert superlative) dreams can & will come true, if only you apply the will to make them.
If'n you don't have enough dreams of your own, come & take one of ours, we have plenty to spare, some we
desire to trade & some you don't want, but hey man that's just the luck of the draw. BKKT
Hometown: Brighton, MA

Avalon Village
Astro Pups, Fairyland, Camp Stella, Quixote's Cabaret, Vietnamese Iced Coffee Camp, Camp Montage,
Camp Fluffer and The Uncharted Territories are some of the queer/queer friendly camps that make up
Avalon Village. Come join us during the day and grab a Vietnamese Iced Coffee, make tutus at Fairyland,
attend AA meetings at Camp Stella, participate in queer discussion groups at the Uncharted Territories,
celebrate fun and frolic with the AstroPups, frolic some more at Camp Fluffer, view giant photos at Camp
Montage, and return in the evening to our solar-lit blue pavilion for Quixote's Cabaret and evening parties!
Hometown: Sacramento, CA

Games! Panties! Being shouted at! Shouting at others! Standing on boxes! See! the Panty Dome! Play!
Human Whack-A-Mole! Spin! the Wheel Of Karma!
Come on by and immerse yourself in pure Awesome! Subject yourself to experimentation in our Science
Bar, play our games, ramble into our recording devices for posterity and a chance at fleeting fame! Listen to
our highly trained Awesome-ists go on and on and on and on and on! Hometown: Oakland, CA

B Camp
Buddhafull Burners from Bellingham in BRC, Be Here Now. Bodies, Beauty, Bealicious. We offer space For Play.
Hometown: Bellingham, WA
B.R.A.T. Camp
Beings Realizing Astral Travel are Bridging Really Awesome Tribes. BRAT Camp Braves Radically Altered Terrain to
Bring Radical Approaches To Benign Randomly Attuned Terrestrials. Behold! Revolutionary Artists
Together Bringing Rhumpus And Thunder! Black Rock Area Transit may also provide Black Rock Art Tours.

Black Rock Acid Tasters are welcome to stumble by for eye candy, Bask, Relate And Talk beneath the luxurious
shade of the Laughing Willow, and / or gawk at the locals, enjoy a cup of Acoustic Kool-Aid and Behave Really
Absurdly Today.
Hands on opportunities for Art, Adventure and perhaps Short-Duration Personal Salvation Through Nacho
Communion may be available provided schedules, personal whims and the whims of the Fates comply. Inquire
within. New acronyms for BRAT are encouraged by The Management. Hometown: South Orleans, MA

Babarist Babylon
Pure joy and enlightenment can be found under the luscious foliage of King Babar‘s Jungle Canopy. Absorb the
Babar‘s lessons and shed the illusion of separation from the natural world as you accept the trunk within you.
Hometown: Arcata, CA

Bad Advice Bear
The Bears are back! That furry little devil on your shoulder, that stranger eyeing you from across the tent, those
curious cries of "Whoop Whoop!" floating across the desert in the early morning. Once again the Bad Advice Bears
return to the playa with their message of love and mischief. Hometown: Chicago, IL

Bad Idea Theater
"To Serve and Project" Bad Idea Theater once again returns to bring you refreshment of the mind and body. Stop by
and visit our expanded lounge and theater complex, providing you the best in Psychotronic entertainment. What's
Psychotronic, you ask? Look here Stop by during the day for a cool
refreshing beverage, have a seat, hide from the sun, ask where they hid the port-a-potties this year. After nightfall
stop by for our "Mind Numbing" service by watching the best movies you've never seen. Stop on by, it's all for you.
We're open day and night, because we never know when you'll be stopping by. Hometown: Garden Grove, CA

Living Green is a state of mind as BALL Camp transports the wilder-ness to the Playa. Find our camp and explore the
many ways to Be Green. Use your body at our Blender powered Bar or vaulted tower, your mind through our
ecological tests and wilderness, and your soul through our meditation, massage, yoga, and fire spinning dreamers.
Hometown: Yosemite, CA

Banned Camp presents CLOUD NINE. A dance party sound & visual installation for all the free thinkers and thrill
seekers banned by system default to freely express themselves in our "real world", not so green society. We will get
you into the groove and make your body move with an array of Sound, Visual Effects, and Surprises from
Underground DJ's and Performance Artists from around the world. Trip the light fantastic with us and live the burning
man dance experience. Join the Banned, let it all hang out. Are you "in"? Hometown: San Diego, CA

Barbie Death Camp & Wine Bistro
For the eighth consecutive year one of the most anticipated, revered, outrageous, and personable theme camps
makes it's triumphant return to Black Rock City: Barbie Death Camp & Wine Bistro, the friendliest concentration camp
on the playa. Nestled within the confines of Wheeeee!Ville BDC&WB will once again be pouring vintage California
merlot, zinfindel, and cabernet sauvignon while dismembering one of America's icons, Barbie. Be sure to drop by and
have a glass of wine and feel free to dispose of any of your unwanted Barbies, Kens, and assorted trailer trash.
BDC&WB has been written up and featured in The San Francisco Chronicle, Wired magazine, Burning Man TV, the
novel "The Man Burns Tonight", "Desert To Dream: 10 Years of Burning Man Photography" by Barbara Traub, CNN,
the Houston Chronicle, Washington Post, and The Sacramento Bee. And once again BDC&WB will be hosting one of
the playa's favorite events short of burn night, the annual Eplaya/3playa Meet & Greet. Check the Burning Man
calendar for the official listing. Your hosts again this year include Dr. Pyro, Frank the Vintner, Blowfish, Chickenbutt
and his lovely wife Renee, Sunsetred, Garcia, Felony Arson, Buster, KJ, Gary, barB, Don, Tots, Shorty, Marta, David,
Xander, Joe, Ferd, The Professor, Ron, Sue, Liam, Terry, Carly, and a whole host of characters better left
unmentioned. So be sure and drop by our little slice of paradise, and be prepared to be offended by the
Barbiebarians, the sickest bastards on the playa. Hometown: Newcastle, CA
Bat Country
―When the going gets weird, the weird turn Pro.‖
-Hunter S Thompson
Bat Country is home to the professionally weird and socially feared.
Signature drinks, vibrating hugs, and mimosa-samosa binging are among the landmarks that can be put in print.
NOTE: Bat Country is also a government-designated sanctuary for the now-endangered Lustmonkeys.
Hometown: Solana Beach, CA

Bear Liberation Front
The Bear Liberation Front (BLF) is a super-secret spy organization dedicated to the liberation of bear througout the
world, the universe, and time. The BLF's adversaries include Scroodle Corp, Stephen Colbert, and all others who
would dare oppress the ursine race. Hometown: Seattle, WA

Stop by Bedlam for the maddest version of diagnosis and treatment, playa style!
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario

Best Camp Ever. Ever.
The name says it all. Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA

Big Puffy Yellow
There is hope for Mankind. All things big, puffy, and yellow — a collective of artists and techies that enjoy vistors of all
walks of life, camp camaraderie, music, communal cooking, drinking morning coffee and ice cold beer — enjoy an
overabundance of all things big, puffy, and yellow.
Explore the sounds of the Big Puffy Yellow Theremin (invented by Russian physicist Leon Theremin 1896-1993).
Lounge in Big Puffy Yellow chill space, shady, soft and puffy. See the light — our suspended hellium ballon serves as
a beacon of light for all Burners — follow the light to find Big Puffy Yellow or use it as a marker to the locate your
camp. Catch some shade — relax under one of the Big Puffy Yellow shade tents, enjoy the tunes, or take nap. You
can find all of this and more at Big Puffy Yellow.
Big Puffy Yellow was conceived in 2001 and has participated in the Burning Man Project ever since. Come celebrate
in the hope for mankind! Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Bioluminati has been illuminating the Playa for twelve years with art, innovations, feasts, art quests, and now PIMP
MY BIKE; the bling-ification station where Black Rock Citizens upgrade their ride with some extra get-up-and-glow.
Open Daily. Hometown: Orinda, CA

Birds of Playadise WVO station
Birds of Playadise Waste Veggie Oil Filling Station and Waste Veggie Oil Educational Center.
The Birds have gone green to meet your veggie fuel needs on the playa. Our camp provides FREE filtered Waste
Veggie Oil to art cars running WVO on the playa. (Noon to 2pm Daily) Even if you don't have a WVO car, stop by the
camp's education station to learn about this easy and accessible carbon-neutral fuel alternative. (We'll also be
exhibiting a converted WVO vehicle at the Green Pavilion.)Pre-playa requests for veggie oil distribution on playa can
be made by contacting Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Camp Bicuit is a place for bisuits to gather and hang out.
Mostly we hang out in bed.
Warm fires, views, and constant esplanade entertainment nightly.
This year we will showcase our new tea house bed.
So please, come by for a spot of tea! Hometown: Big Sur, CA

Black Forest Bar
The fine folks who brought you Eggchair!, Pyromid & BlackRock BierGarten, we present a brand new playa bar to
Black Rock City. Come Drink, Sing, Dance, Enjoy the GREEN MAN in our new Black Forest environment!
Hometown: Alameda, CA
Black Forest Ham
Black Forest Ham is a place where all your forest dreams can come to life. Snake charmers, garden variety fairies
and gritty lumberjacks will be crawling out of the proverbial wood work all week. We also appreciate HAM! Black
Forest Ham are we! Hometown: Larkspur, CA

Black Rock Beacon
We will be producing a daily newspaper for Black Rock City with a mix
of fun articles and serious news. Our Press Club & News Room will provide
shade and refreshment for ourselves as well as other members of the press and
interested burners. Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Black Rock Bookmobile
The Black Rock Bookmobile Librarians welcome you. Come enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of our reading room or
take a ride in the bookmobile. If you don't finish your read, take it with you. Just remember, burn the man, not the
books and as always, expiration is eternity. Hometown: Washoe Valley, NN

Black Rock Boutique
Providing fabulous funky furry and freaky clothing to the citizens of BRC.
Come to the boutique and let our fashionistas slip you into something a little more questionable. Already got the
pefect outfit--strut your stuff on our runway. Too much stuff- we gladly take playa wear donations.
Hometown: Portland, OR

Black Rock City Post Office
Join our host of performance artists in sending mail anywhere, on playa or off. We've got original art playa stamps,
harassment postcards, bureaucracy, stickers, adult experiences, and surprises. Work the counter or traverse the
playa as a Delivery Specialist or both; sign on for one shift or dozens. Hometown: Chico, CA

Black Rock City Hardware
We are the Black Rock City Municipal Hardware Shoppe and have been helping the playa since 1999. If you are
building a camp and find out you lack something or that something needs to be fixed, come to us and see if we can
help. We'll have power tools, hand tools, materials, fasteners, and people to help you when you are in need. If we
can't fix it, we can at least drown your sorrows in whiskey and provide an ear to listen. Disclaimer: We are not a secret
front for the Church of Volis [praise be his name], the god of control although we will have a shrine to Volis [praise be
his name] dedicated to the virtues of science and duct tape and how it relates to the foundations of the universe.
Hometown: Seattle, WA

Black Rock City Recycle Camp
Recycle Camp is located in Center Camp. Come visit us, bring us you aluminum cans, stay awhile & ride the bike that
powers the state of the art crushing machine. Recycle Camp strives to lead by example, to show the participants of
Burning Man that change is possible, it is in our reach & we will get there, one can at a time.
Hometown: Oakland, CA

Black Rock Diner
BRD: Changing lives, one grilled cheese sandwich at a time.
The Black Rock Diner serves up grilled cheese, groovy music, and good vibrations to our late night playa neighbors
from about 2a.m. until dawn. Over the years, BRD has evolved into a favorite underground chillspace for those
wanting a little warmth in the whey hours of the morning. Come for the comfort food, and stay for the friendly
community and ribald conversation. Hometown: Portland, OR

Black Rock Int'Nat'l Burner Hostel
In our sixth year of rolling out the Red Carpet to treat Burners from Abroad like Royalty in World-Class, Five-Star style
and comfort. Reservations REQUIRED, in advance, by June 15th, for campspace within our borders. Visitors
welcomed, of course. Hometown: Sparks, Nevada

Black Rock JCC
Do the green thing Jewish style--learn about tikkun olam/repairing the world and pursuing justice, dance, pray and
learn. Friday night will be a veggie/milchic (fish ok)pot luck and ecstatic prayer. Hometown: Oak Park, IL
Black Rock Lemonade
Cold Lemonade for Duzty Humans
Hometown: Willits, CA

Black Rock Roller Disco
The Black Rock Roller Disco comes to the desert each year as an extention of the fantastic skating scene you will find
in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park, New York's Central Park and and the skate spot in Venice Beach. Ca. We love
to skate and we want to share the joy of skating with everyone at Burning Man. We will be rollin' 24/7 to the old school
funk and roller disco beat. We'll have over 100 pairs of skates, skate instructors, performances AND all girl roller
derby. Bring your skates and plan to boogie with the Black Rock Rollers. Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Black Rock Spatial Delivery
We are the bicycle messengers of the playa! Since 1999 we've reliably delivered missives, schwag, and sundries from
burners to burners all over the playa. Hometown: Seattle, WA

Black Rock Travel Agency
It was 1996. The Black Rock Travel Agency (BRTA)-sensing the birth of a radical city of artists, born in the backseat
of a Chevy Monte Carlo-pitched a golden spike along the outskirts of that city, on the troubled road to Rave Camp. A
Travel Agency Was Born. BRTA and Hospitality-no two words could have closer meaning. Hometown: Nevada City,

Black Rock University
Black Rock University is a diverse campus of fun-lovers who continue to optimize the equation between community
work and good times. We welcome all types of strangers, and invite them to join us in creating body art, performance,
protest, recreation, parades, and libations. Go Fighting Dust Flamingos! Black Rock U! Hometown: Seattle, WA

Black Rock Yearbook
Black Rock Yearbook...recording your memories so you don't have to!
Swing by any day,after noon until sundown, and take your yearbook shot, bring along the whole club or have us swin g
by for a class shot. Vote for the "most likely..." and be prepared to hang out in Detention for a few drinks with the
teacher you wish you had. Hometown: Portland, OR

Blacklight Aquarium
Algae's blooming in Blaqua's tank, and we're a little green - The Blacklight Aquarium returns to host the Belligerent
Blooms, dispensers of flowery invective and deeply rooted perspective on this year's theme. Look for the spinning fish
sign in the sky and ask Maestro for helpful Feeshformation. Hometown: Redwood City, CA

Blazin Raisin
Our Village is a refuge from busy playa stimulus,... A haven for the harmonious. Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA

Blood Vessel-Rue Morgue
The Rue Morgue, home of the Blood Vessel. Come pay your respects to your dearly departed. Inside the Mausoleum
Create an origami crane with your condolences and goodbyes to place inside our hand made coffins that are taken to
the Temple Burn. Then hitch a ride on the Blood Vessel/ Last Caress and head for the open playa on our one of many
excursions OR have a drink with us in the Reception room in the shade. Hometown: San Jose, CA

What's your pleasure? Grooving to live African beats? Give-and-take massage? High tea? Making hair-falls? That and
more comes care of your silly, sexy, friendly neighborhood Bloopies! We're gifting toe-nail polishing and body
painting. Hot performance art. Workshops and weddings! Even an "air-conditioned" igloo dome! Come revel, bask,
learn, and enjoy! Hometown: Seattle, WA

Blue Light District Hometown: Oakland, CA

Invites all desert earthlings, to make a 2 1/4" , pin on button,using their photo or one that we take and print for
them.All age groups are invited to capture the spirit of 2007 Greenman Hometown: Citrus Heights, CA
Bob Barker's Fun & Games Camp
Come on Down!! The camp known as Putting for Pabst is back in 2007 Bob Barker style. The Price is Right on the
playa - can you make it from contestants row to the stage to play Drinko? Join us Wends 6-9pm for our Hump Day
Happy Hour and enjoy the musical stylings of DJ's B-Lit, NeoVision and Neeko. Hometown: Portland, OR

Body Art Guild
5th year on the playa decorating you to be mobile art.
An art collective offering Airbrush Painting, Brush Painting, Henna, Latex, and Magic Marker body decoration.
We offer a space to get decorated, and a space for artists to visit and decorate playa citizens.
(Visiting Artists please contact us before arriving on the playa. Bring your own equipment, clean up your mess.)
Friday, Critical Tits Special, Two-for-one!
Hometown: Vancouver, WA

Body Temple Camp
The Body Temple Camp is the home base for the crew that's supporting The Body Temple.
Hometown: Seattle, WA

Bohemian Blacksmith of Space.....
Our anvils and hammers are licking their chops in anticipation of showing the world what a Bohemian Blacksmith can
forge on this playasphere. Hometown: Denver, CO

Booby Bar
A social gathering place for new and returning burners alike.There will be health and well-being seminars;
enviromental green-ness, impact and recycling discussions. A theatrically interactive place to laugh and enjoy each
day of life. As well as a part of the Glorious Terminal City Alliance. Hometown: Reno, NV
Boogie Universal ARTS Collective
After 5+ years of creating legendary events in the PNW, and collaborating with numerous on-Playa projects, The
Boogie Universal ARTS Collective warmly welcomes you to our latest endevour: The B.U. Pyramid. Come enjoy
exceptionally varied genres of music and performance in our 3,600 square foot pyramid. Enjoy it's abundance of
shade for afternoon funk parties, day & night workshops, seminars, yoga classes, massage, story-telling, live music,
and more. Sign up to host your own events and post them on our public board outside the door. Come back often,
there will be something different everytime. Be sure to join us behind the pyramid in the dome for a cold beverage too.
Hometown: Bellingham, WA

Boxxus Nexus
The gracious god of godlessness, beneficent Boxxus Nexus, beckons you to consociate with curious compatriots
whilst availing yourself of his abundance of economic, alcoholic potation. Translation: Come make some new friends
over cheap boxed wine! Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Boysterous Knights
Stewards of fun, freedom and passion bound only by your imagination and with integrity, strength and honor, we
create inspired connection and ferocious loving. Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Brain Forest Camp
From the tropical jungles of Costa Rica comes an interactive visual journey where you will be stripped to your bare
essence and reminded of your primal self. All life systems are cyclical, birth and death are the same, just seen from
different points of view. Hometown: Petaluma, CA

Everyone has seen many of the unique stickers from the various camps over the years. Again this year
Brainfreeze/Got Sticker camp will bring them to you. We will have a central place where you can drop off stickers or
swag from your camp and pickup stickers and goodies from other camps and Villages. In addition, we will be offering
frozen margaritas every afternoon. (For those 21 & older) And for your entertainment we will have our famous electric
chair for those who need to recharge their batteries. We will be located on the back side of the "Devil's Workshop and
Day Spa Village". Hometown: Oakland, CA

BRAINS - A Concentration Camp
An experiment gone wrong! Zombies now rome the playa! Daily oubreaks and zombie hunts for everyone!
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Brand-UR-Ass 'N More
Brand-UR-Ass 'N More will stimulate your entire being, from your mind to your ass. Bare your butt at the hitchin‘ post
and get a pleasurable temporary brand, your soul to our Speedtherapist, your spirit at Moonbeam‘s healing Reiki
touch, and your thirst at the James Brown Memorial Martini Bar (and slut salon). Y'all come and play!
Hometown: Reno, NV

BRC Bike Messenger Assoc.
BRC Bike Messenger Assoc. is the place to be for BRC Bike Culture. We also do bike repairs.
Hometown: Seattle, WA

BRC Endangered Species Council
Which citizens of Black Rock City are Endangered? We find them, measure them, tag them, observe them in their
natural habitat, and provide a sanctuary preserve. Hometown: Portland, OR

Halt Spectator! You are now in custody by the Fashion Police! You have the right to drop those drawers. Anything you
wear can and will be used against you in our Court of Style. You have the right to a good costume. If you cannot
furnish a good costume, a suitably fabulous one will be provided. If you pursue this legal re-dress, we will frisk you (as
many times as we like) and re-costume you as our officers see fit – but this in no way guarantees a good fit!
Failure to participate in our style reconstruction may result in imprisonment in the BRC FPD HQ, where you will be
forced to watch old episodes of Richard Simmons in your underwear.
Warning: all blocks of BRC will be randomly patrolled by Fashion Police mobile units. Couture crimes, yuppie outfits,
fraternal order t-shirts, or virginal lack-of-costuming violations are all punishable by style reconstruction or speedy trial.
But fear not, for in our Court of Style, redress is always provided. Hometown: San Francisco, CA

BRC's Bike Recovery Camp
Lost a bike, found a bike, or woke up with a bike not your own? Come inquire about- and hopefully find- your wheels,
or drop off the wheels you found (good karma deed). Also, be proactive... pre-register/tag your bike in case you lose
it! 1-3pm Mon-Friday, but try us anytime, day hours please.
Hometown: San Diego, CA

BRCVFD, Fire Camp (Station #3)
Fire Camp has been the semiofficial home of the Black Rock City Fire Department since 2001. You're invited to come
by and visit the firefighters who volunteer their training and skill to our wonderful city. The members of the departm ent
come from across north america to participate in this Playa version of a real fire house. We're here to help so don't be
shy. Hometown: Deming, WA

Brenda's Top O' the Playa
The lovely Brenda invites you to join her and her friends for a cocktail or a glass of wine at the Top O' the Playa Head
Bar and Bodypainting Lounge. The DJ promises goovalicious music, and our artists are ready to oblige you by
creating a piece of art on the body part of your choice. Join us and enjoy the panoramic views!
Hometown: South Lake Tahoe, CA

A camp for admirers, followers, and lovers of Brigit. Join us for a White party and let your light shine bright.
Hometown: Oakland, CA

Broom Closet
Enter our Broom Closet, what will you find?
Costumes and jewelry for all Burn kind.
Stop by our Witches Ladder, tie on your hopes.
They will burn with the man, told in his smoke.
Adventure you seek, Tree of Destiny..not for the meek.
The Tree of Needful Things, may have your needs this week.
Hometown: Sooke, BC
Bubble Lounge
The bubble. Nature's ephemeral, perfect structure (the smallest possible surface area for a given volume) spinning
with all of the iridescent light of the rainbow. Take home your free bubble generator, create bubbles large and small
with our bubble toys, dance among the hundreds of colorful orbs floating in the air. Walk into the bubble cube where
75 silver spheres float, illuminated at night by one thousand-five hundred green, acrylic leaves powered by light
emitting diodes.
― This life of separateness may be compared to a dream, a phantasm, a shadow, a drop of dew, a flash of lightning, a
bubble.‖ Siddharta, founder of Buddhism Hometown: Venice, CA

Buddha Belly
After emerging on the playa last year as Fort Wenty, we are back this year in the belly of the buddha. Come to see
our new improved crystal dome or look for our mobile sound mutant ganesh out on the playa.
Hometown: Slc, UT

Buddha Camp @ the Lotus Dome
When deluded one is an ordinary being; when enlightened one is called a Buddha.
Life proceeds along a path; though invisible, it definitely leads to absolute happiness-that path is the road of the
Mystic Law of Nam Myoho Renge Kyo. BuddhaCamp@the LotusDome. Bringing True Buddhism to the playa since
2007! Hometown: Seattle, WA

Bunnies Bondage Puppet Porn Shows
Bunnies Bondage Porn Puppet Shows,featuring all of your favorite Burning Man characters.Come crawl in our hole
and see what kind of fun lies within. Repent in the rear. Adults only please.
Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA

Burnstream Court
Do you gape when you see a shiny aluminum streamlined RV on the road; does the name "Airstream" summon
images of retro-coolness and camping at the same time? Stop by Burnstream Court, the shiniest trailer park in the
suburbs of Black Rock City to see Airstreams from every decade since the 50's; camp events will be listed on our
bulletin board beside our ultra cool neon sign. Hometown: Arlington Heights, IL

Burners Without Borders
Come find out what Burners Without Borders has been up to since completing over $1 million worth of debris removal
on Mississippi's Gulf Coast. BWB is an idea that lives whenever we take the values from the playa and bring them into
our local communities. Come and get involved! Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Burning Roadshow Camp
Attention Burners old and new, performance freaks, costume gurus, community activists -- the Burning Roadshow
invites you to immortalize your playa experience and conspire to bring it home with you!
Come share your "aha" moments on video at our "Magic U-Ball" booth, where the ball will ask the questions and U
provide the answers. Strut your playa finery at our "Archetype Fashion Show", to the accompaniement of the live
Roadshow Band. Brainstorm ideas for wild off-playa community projects with us as we co-host the Burners Without
Borders Meet'n'Greet, then add them to our "Roadshow Roadmap" 3-D puzzle.
Singers, dancers, musicians, performers of all stripes: audition for "How to Survive the Apocalypse: A Burning
Roadshow", our off-playa traveling event that will combine elements of an old-time populist rally, a post-rock opera, a
carnival midway, and a freaky cult ritual -- the heart of whih is a mutant musical about some friends and lovers who
visit Burning Man for the first time, and who crash and burn and rise from the ashes transformed. Imagine a "Hair" for
Burners rather than hippies, with an electronically damaged live brass band and an audiene that will be poked &
prodded out of their spectatorship. Check out our beta site for more info about the larger project, and email
Technopatra for more info about the camp. Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Skydiving, Observer Rides, Aerial Art Exhibition, Aerial Photography and Videography are some of the many aspects
of BurningSky. Stop by and enter a drawing to win an Observer Ride with the skydivers as we jump over BRC from
12,000 feet above the playa. Hometown: Rocklin, CA
Burntown is an eclectic, eccentric, yet somehow concentric collection of individuals from the foothills of Northern
California. Our camp on the playa is the culmination of preparation, practice, and community gatherings that take
place year-round. Hometown: Auburn, CA

After several years of participating in theme camps, we decided to branch off and contribute a little piece of our heart
to yours. A group of veterans and newbs converging together to bring you: Camp Busted. When your batteries need
recharging... where tired, busted campers can drink lovely cups of tea, sink into billowy couches and revel in good
company. Our unique environment provides the ultimate lazy headquarters for cat-napping in those sunny afternoons.
We provide your own little spot in the shade, good music, and a genuine concern for your relaxation needs. We
welcome everyone! Camp Busted, where you go when your shit's busted. Hometown: Oakland, CA

BYB Bicycle Rickshaw Stop, Census Stop, and Advice Camp Hometown: Austin, TX

C.O.C.K ....Colorado. O______.C_______.Kamp is going to bigger and harder this year ....
cum play with the rag tag bunch of newbies and crazy long time burners Hometown: Dillon , CO

City.Of.Lost. Dreams This year is an E.R. C.O.L.D.E.R.
This is a haven for clowns and the freaks that freak out freaks. Relax, it's C.O.L.D. Camp. Drinking and fucking shit up
the wrong way. Raising the bar of lowering expectations. The body and mind hasn't been so great lately so we have
decided to DIY our behavior. Don't worry about yourself when crack C.O.L.D. doctors stand round the clock fixing
what ales you. And there will be whiskey. Some people will be drinking and injecting poison, but you should consult
your real doctor and probably not what someone in a speedo with martini glass smoking a ciggerette tells you. But
that's up to you. I mean, this probably isn't the best camp for a human being, but it works really well in the context
available. Dude, listen, I'm pretty drunk, and if this makes the cutting floor, I guess there you go, dude. Someone Edit
this last couple of senteneces for sure. I've been drinking Tecate and coffee, and then I puked up a bunch of that
claiming to be god because I could drink beer and coffee simultaneously. We are now going to have a discussion
about this paragraph. We appreciate everyone's cooperation in this matter. Hometown: Reno, NV

Cafe Village
Cafe Village is a camp for participants who make significant contributions to the creation and operation of the Center
Camp Café Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Camp ... in Bed
Camp ... in bed: a sweet and spicy spot where you will find a group of Epicurean misfits who will spice up your days
with their own signature fiery salsa (made right in front of your eyes and all natural!), and sweeten your nights with
custom fortune cookies. Hometown: Seattle, WA

Camp Armageddon
Camp Armageddon is the home BRC's 1st Annual M.o.o.p. Rodeo! Come join us in raising the playa Eco
consciousness while having one hell of a root tootin' boot stompin' good time! Come make a french tickler and join in
our fur and lingerie party! Hometown: Mill Valley, CA

Camp Beaverton
Camp Beaverton: Camp for Wayward Girls is an experimental community for Gay & Queer Women, Lesbians, Dykes,
Bykes, Sluts, Butches, Bois, Transfolk, Bisexuals, the Bi-curious and beyond.
We intend to provide a kick-ass, inclusive queer oasis in Black Rock City for women and a continuing conversation
exploring female and feminine queer sexuality. Hometown: New York, NY

Camp Blank
Camp Blank is a camp about potential and possibility. We offer both everything and nothing, and occasionall y that
nothing is dipped in white chocolate. Come visit us, and create your own expectations.
Hometown: Cambridge, MA
Camp Cacti
Got sun burn? Got playa foot? Just need a little hydration? Come on down to Camp Cacti for a fresh aloe vera rub
down or some homemade herbal salve. Hometown: Santa Rosa, CA

Camp Carribean
it's an afro cuban theme camp, with flags from around the world placed on the walls and ceilling to welcome everyone
, pillows and bean bags spread everywhere, incense and candles for spiritual gatherings and most importantly salsa,
dancehall and reggae playing all day.. Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Camp Do Nothing
We are a group of mostly veteran burners/fire performers that have worked long and hard on the playa year after year
to "DO NOTHING" this year. Stop by & say hi, maybe cook us a meal or something. Try your hand at acrobalancing or
the hoops we'll have laying around. We're sure there will be plenty of lounge space for you to be a "slacker" too!
We're here for ya, man. Hometown: Seattle, WA

Camp Fishy
'Camp Fishy', good food, alot of cheer and funny people, so stay away. You may leave wondering what the hell just
happened, 'Camp Fishy'. Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Camp Freedom
Camp Freedom is a space dedicated to the primary values of Freedomcommunity: freedom to be authentic, freedom
to create real connections, freedom to create our lives precisely as we wish. The camp brings us together to unite,
create trust, and celebrate our passionate expressions of life as an expanding collective. Hometown: Los Angeles,

Camp Gallavant
We are "The Pirates Of The Playa" (you know...the infamous creators of the Mutant Vehicle "S.S. Nevada") and we
love to Gallavant across the playa spreading fun and adventure wherever we go! Whether you drop in to visit us at our
home port or just enjoy a ride on our ship, you'll find that we love to share our booty with all of our fellow Black Rock
City denizens! Hometown: Sparks, NV

Camp Gratitude
Our camp is an expression of a World of Plenty. We invite you to be a part of what is possible when we keep our
attention on all that we have already been given. What are you Grateful for?
Through stretching the body, being, heart, voice,and spirit/mind we encourage you to be someone who:1) Loves your
life. 2) Adores yourself. 3) Accepts the world. 4) Is generous and grateful every day. 5) Experiences being provided
for. Come be clear, Be Love, and enjoy the questions of the day. Hometown: Berkeley, CA

Camp Herring Scale:Burners
We're nine Norwegians planning to attend Burning Man 2007 in a special way.
Not in person, but as figures in a down-scaled theme camp.
The scale we have chosen is 1:87 and the camp will fill about one cubic foot of playa space. We want to get
registered as an official theme camp.
It's an important issue for the project that all matters concerning the camp are in proper scale, in this case 1:87.
Hometown: Oslo, N/A

Camp High Five
Camp High Five is a place for high five entusiasts from all over the world to get together to high five.
Hometown: Santa Monica, CA

camp hookup
Camp Hookup! What do you need? What do you want? How can we help you? Our playa mission is to hook you up
armed with our magic bags and their seemingly infinite capacity. With desires and woes from your head to your toes,
let us take care of you. From bikes and toys to deviant ploys, hooking comes natural to us. With a 100% hookup
rating, we are the go to place or people to meet for the universe and everything * Hometown: Fullerton, CA
Camp I Am
Camp I Am is home to the Panoramic Photo Wall (giant panoramic photos of Burning Mans from 1988 to 2006) which
has been on the Esplanade since 2000, the Cubatron Cone (spectacular and dynamic light sculpture!), the Embassy
Camp (live bands on stage!), "Pacific Hell" Playa Phone (free calls to anywhere in the world!), Save The Man Camp
(it's just a flesh wound!), Ma'aM the monstrous person-powered sculptural art bike mammoth, Big Wheel, and
hydraulic Mondo Spider art vehicle, and various small art pieces (come and see!).
Hometown: Mountain View, CA

Camp Kinky Queer
Camp Kinky Queer is your kinky/queer/trans home on the playa. We offer a safe discussion area and a small dungeon
where you can play in privacy. Join us for a silent tea ceremony, or just come by to chat.
Hometown: 200, NY

Camp Manifestation
Examine & explore the nature of creation & the realization of that power within each of us in order to manifest
whatever is in one's heart & to experience life as one desires. With intention toward the power of thought & the force
of action, we begin to experience ability to create powerful results. Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Camp Mist
An air conditioned walkin and sitdown area. Hometown: Bend, OR

Camp Mystic
Inspired by a sense of mystery and wonder, Camp Mystic perceives the conscious awareness of We Are All One.
Transcending the realities we are faced with everyday, we encourage the enigmatic spirit to explore a deeper, higher,
connection with not only this planet and all that exists within, but the greater spiritual realm of the entire universe
Hometown: Bainbridge Island, WA

Camp over there
Have you ever wanted to be there? Well come on over... To camp over there. Hometown: Scottsdale, AZ

Camp P.E.R.I.N.E.U.M.
From the primordial mists of creation, somewhere between darkness & light, fire & water, the roots & the leaves, lives
the perineum, a place where the music flows as smooth as the Colorado River and everyone's feelin' green.
Hometown: Goleta, CA

Playamates unite! Dress (or undress) to impress, and join for a cocktail and some general debauchery at Camp
PLAYABOY, and our mobile bar and lounge, the PLAYABOY Club. Hometown: Reno, NV

Camp Pump
Everyone interested in body modifications as a form of art and self-expression (male or female) to either watch and
learn or to participate in modifying their genitals and/or nipples using vacuum pumping. This is an adult camp and you
must be 18 years or older to visit. Hometown: Carmichael, CA

Camp Rub-a-Dub
Camp rub-a-dub will be providing much needed reggea for the playa Hometown: San Rafael, CA

Camp Shrunken Heads
Camp Shrunken Heads will make shrunken heads, psychedelic viewers, peyote art (bring/donate "examples" of real
peyote to our camp so others may enjoy the shammic experience!) Also spine/shrunken head flutes and shrunken
head candle holders. Real shrunken heads can be made (think camp mate who just annoy ya!) but their severed head
must be brought to our cam by Tuesday or Wednesday (as well as enough small rocks and sand to fill the unshrunken
head) as it take 4 or 5 days to accomplish the task. We will also have a Shrunken Head Museum, a small chill space
and a bar. Hometown: Oakland, CA
Camp Suckie Fuckie
Suckie Fuckie!
Camp Suckie Fuckie has been a playa tradition since 1999. Home base for the legendary Garnish Fire Conclave,
Society Insomnia, and the 3 Star Smoked Fish Posse. Also headquarters for the campaign to re-elect Neptune for
Mayor. It is a breeding ground for all strange creatures including: fire pixies, menacing demons, ancient gods, and
intrepid ninjas. Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Camp Sunscreen
Camp Sunscreen returns to the playa for sunscreen massage! Bring sunscreen to share and join with old and new
friends for a slathering rubdown Blackrock style. Hometown: Berkeley, CA

Camp Touch This
This year Camp Touch This will be hosting the "Green Energy Strip Club". We will be harnessing the sexual energy
provided by the erotic beauty of dancing females (volunteers). Aroused members of the audience will not be charged
any kind of entry fee, but will be required to channel their heightened libido-state into physical motion that will provide
the power to run the lights, music, etc, creating a beautiful and erotic space for the dancers to enjoy.
Hometown: Seattle, WA

Camp Tramp
Bounce over to Camp Tramp to frolic on our trampolines or belt out a round of Trampaoke. Tired of bouncing around
under the hot sun? Check out the costume treasure trunk, then strut your new look on the catwalk amidst the
trampolines. Hometown: Portland, OR

Camp TV Free Burning Man
TV Free Burning Man is back in 2007 and stepping up our efforts to help YOU create Black Rock City's only pirate
television station! This year will include a large dome filled with editing stations for filmmakers to make their own pods
and an open air theatre to screen the works of all involved. Create a pod to be satellite fed to the outside world or
create a piece of visual art to share only with your fellow citizens of BRC. TV Free '07 is all about creating a
collaborative media environment for self-expression and documentation.
Hometown: San Francisco, CA

CAMP? is a camp that encourages the notion to ?uestion everything, because ?uestioning leads to critical thinking
(we hope, hee hee). Comfort, ?uestions, gifts, and possibly fun,... for you? Hometown: San Jose, CA

Camp Understanding
We get you. No, really -- We Understand. Tune into PRU (Publc Radio Understanding) @ 89.9 FM, or stop by -- we
need other people who get it to help! Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Camp Unofficial / Monk Hug
Two of Burning Man's best-loved theme camps are coming together to bring you infotainment on a scale not seen
since C-SPAN went live!
Camp Unofficial will bring information and advice to Burners in need. Our Tourist Office and highly trained guides will
be BACK and ready to rumble! And NO, we don't know where the Absinthe Camp is, ok?
Monk Hug will offer respite from the harsh sun and relief from the endless pounding of the big sound systems. Come
enjoy ambient and experimental live-electronic music in a cool daytime environment. Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Camp Wabi
Celebrate with Wabi! When the green apocalypse/revolution hits, come visit us for scavenger hunt adventures through
the rubble, eating Vodka-O‘s with our hamnog, playing GO, learning the art of the Molotov socktail, and singing and
telling stories about how it all went down! Hometown: Seattle, WA

Camp Withering Tights
Camp Withering Tights returns for its third year with a bigger, better dance space and more classes offered
throughout the day including tap, ballet, jazz, acting, stretch, and yoga.
White board listings will be posted next to the dance space so make sure to check the board daily for the most up to
date offerings. Hometown: Las Vegas, NV
Campo Alegre
Your Daily Horoscope: In the near future, you will find yourself in a desert surrounded by endless possibilities, new
perspectives and positive energy. With so much openness around you, it will be easy to find a soul connection. This is
an opportune time to find a place to focus your attention on that person. Enter here, a private, backroom to the playa
playground that we call the "The Motel". Step into this oasis in the desert, where you and a partner are free to explore
anything that you desire on the bed (or anywhere in the tent). Here you will find a comfortable, intimate area of mutual
respect and expression. You and your partner's expressions of connection will become a shadow play for others as
the soft interior light projects your movements on the outside of the tent. After all, don't we all like to watch too?
Hometown: Chicago, IL

Fiesta Slavaje Presenta- Bienvenidos a CampoSanto! The largest collection of Latino chaos on the playa. Drum with
the Mafiosas. Sit in the shade and sip on sangria and mojitos. Holla HEY! aboard the HEY!ride. Revolutionize with the
Green Guerilla Gorillas. Shake your booty to the beats of DJ Boludo. Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Candy Cane Café
What does white powder sand, red & white striped poles, and similarly clad elf kins handing out pepper-minted
goodies mean? Why it's Christmastime on the playa! Hometown: Oakland, CA

Carbon Dioxide
We are a bunch of punk technical artists from around the SouthWest, organized around the theme of our precious
waste gas, CO2, only slightly ironically. We individually and collectively produce works of art, community organizing,
cultural events, all with a DIY and punk socially-responsible aesthetic. Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Cartoon Commune
A camp for cartoonists, artists and models. Use our space and tools, or bring your own, to create your cartoon art,
then post it on our display walls for all to see. Enjoy the work of other cartoonists. Take classes in cartooning, get your
playa caricature drawn, your playa photo taken, and participate in body painting, an interactive art game, and
percussion/instrumental/vocal jams. All ages, styles, skill levels welcome. Hometown: Fountain Valley, CA

Castra Roto Thema Thematis (CRTT)
We provide 24-hour entertainment with themes changing daily and/or hourly. There is always something different to
see and do. Join us for Candy or a Spanking, Sno-cone Day, Auditory Harassment, Drunken Pirate Sing-along and
leave us a note on Naturedome. We keep it fun and funky with performance, music, art and good company.
Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Cave of the Echo People re-Deux
Cave of the Echo People are a band of nomads who exist to enhance the green experience of the playa. Come by
any time to be amazed by Big J's evaporator. "Kiddies" will enjoy otter pops under the guise of 'Hell Yes! We're Open'.
Bask in the light and sounds of Reflection. Enjoy the comfort of the Cave. Hometown: Reno, NV

cereal thrillers
Join cereal thrillers around midmorning at our breakfast bar for bowls of your favorite sugar saturated kids cereals.
Hometown: Port Angeles, WA

Chia Pussy Camp
Inside every green man is a green woman. Come explore your inner feminine at Chia Pussy Camp. Relax into a
compassionate state of being in our hammock pavilion surrounded by images of the Mother-Goddesses. Create an
original slogan for the Chia Pussy and get your own Chia Pussy to take home and green. Hometown: Healdsburg,

Children of Chaos
Chaos, joy, good conversation. Green & Orange Parade at our camp 5:00 pm Wednesday. Bring your best green
finery, particularly shiny green. Drop by for water, ice, hot tea, or whisky at our conversation bar, or ask for your
permission slip – there must be something you want permission to do. Hometown: Portland, OR
Church of Stop Shopping
The Church of Stop Shopping is a radical performance community based in New York City. We are committed to
change. Join us in our lively efforts! We are collecting your stories and dreams and building a ritual over the course of
the week. Change-allujah! Hometown: New York, NY

Circus Maximus-Rome in Decay
As we all know, history repeats itself. As the Romans watched their empire crumble centuries ago, we are watching
the American empire crumble before us. Our camp, which mimics a Roman palace in decay, will host chariot races,
open bar and an endless supply of grapes for anyone who wants to partake. Hometown: Sausalito, CA

Cirque de Flambé
Cirque de Flambé and Johnny Jetpack Propulsion Laboratories return this year with optical and lighting effects not
seen before. Experience a playa pyro-dance, a parabolic mirror effect, dance, or write in the diary in the Temple de
Flambé with its blue and red rooms where you will emerge with a new tint to your perspective. Shows, experiments,
and lingerie parades may appear at any given time. Hometown: Seattle, WA

Clan Destiny
Clan Destiny is a merging of magical family from Santa Cruz and Bay Area creating loving Conscious Community,
Sacred Space, and Transformative Ceremony. JOIN our CLAN DESTINY PARADE adorned in your Earthiest
Shaman-wears, bringing staffs, fans, drums, and rattles, big sounds, performance troupes and INTENTION to make
real magic happen starting @ 3pm, Sat, 6 and Esplenade. Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA

Clean Green Machine
The 60-ft diameter white dome on the central playa, will be the Cleantech Conversation Dome by day, the
AtmoSphere Environmental Film Festival by night. During daylight hours, join cleantech industry entrepreneurs,
scientists and supporters in open conversations on focused cleantech topics. As dusk falls, the dome skin will glow
with a host of pro-environment independent films. The dome is a collaboration of two groups: the Clean Green
Machine camp and artists organized by Patrick Shearn and friends. Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Clevian Circularity
Home of the famous Playa Speed Dating, now in it it's seventh year! We have the glowing Green Dome with moving
tapestries of scary animals... they are looking at you... trying to tell you something! Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

Club Verboten
Club Verboten will once again host a number of dance nights under our"retro avant garde"music format.All
workers,soldiers and artists are invited to join us each and every night in the revolutionary and progressive Peoples
Tent No.8. Hometown: Reno, NV

Cluster Fork camp just looks good. Yeah, and we have a big dinner fork.
Hometown: Bloomington, MN

Coalition of the Chilling
Come chill out and take a load off on one of our giant bean bags. Our camp is a group of random people brought
together by Burning Man. We welcome strangers and close friends to meet up and share the good times.
Hometown: San Diego, CA

Cocoon Camp
Home of the mysterious and elusive Silver Silkworm... A place for grubs! Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Coda is a sound camp with a vision to bring the sound of progressive dance music to the playa. With the help of
world-class performers all visitors who enter will leave with legs too tired to walk from the hours of amazing music and
dancing they just experienced. Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Coff-It-Up Cafe
Bring your mugs on over and grab a cuppa java and when the old caffeine hits the bloodstream, get a buzz going that
will last you for at least half the day. If you've got something to say, well, just get up on the soap box and tell it like it
is. If you'd like to entertain us with a song, poem, joke or magic trick that's cool too. See you at the Coff-It-Up-Cafe!
Hometown: Delray Beach, FL

Coffee Zombies
Let us help you open your eyes... you've been drifting off into dreamland, and now it's like you're sleep-walking, into
this dream. Your emerging reality merges into those around you as you continue on in this dazed-like state... Open
Your Eyes, take it all in. Share some Coffee Zombie. Hometown: Gresham, OR
Come warm ourself on a cold night next to our hummingbird burnbarrel and enjoy a cup of tea
Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Collective Regeneration
Collective Regeneration (CoRe) is a welcoming space of sanctuary, regeneration, and creative community. Please
join us in the comfortable chill space of our dome for: collaborative art, unusual games, refreshing iced teas, inspiring
workshops, and interactive performances, as well as for ways to interact with Living Pulse (,
our sound sculpture installation on the outer playa. Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Colorless Green Ideas
our experiment in sound. was nearly ready to .. begin. Hometown: Smyrna, GA

Comfort & Joy
Restore your body and lift your spirits at Comfort & Joy, where you can play in our enchanting immersive art
installations, relax in one of our domes, soothe your playa-foot at our pedicure salon, come down gently in our
Afterglow Lounge, or sit back and enjoy our daily performances. Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Our theme is Afternoon of a Faun. The fauns have created a vibrant, awe-inspiring space through love, play and a bit
of mischief. We invite you on a journey of discovery and pleasure through the woodlands of our creative activities,
healing space, and dome. Come gather and enjoy a plethora of entertainment, from poetry reading to dance
performances, and from live music to hooping. During the day, our Faun‘s Hideaway dome is a cool, lush forest of
mist and mystery. At night, our grove lights the path to a blissful new exploration of energy. Let yourself be guided by
the light to frolic with the fauns and connect with your fellow playa mates! Hometown: Santa Clara, CA

Contact Camp
a nexus for the exploration of the art of contact improvisation and related explorations of body-based creative process
Hometown: Seattle, WA

The Contraptionists are an affiliation of laid back friends doing a variety of intriguing projects and activities.
Come by on a hot afternoon to hang out in our shady, cool, and comfortable Nebula lounge and have a snow cone or
If your timing is right, a smoothie (with or without alcohol), and dress down for a game of afternoon Naked Twister
under the Mister (no Spectators allowed), or come by the Komonawanalaya lounge in the evenings for star gazing.
While you're here, check out one of our unique rideable contraptions, then come power up our pedal-powered wind
dancers. The contraptions include recumbent hands-free tippy trikes.
Services: Ladies can avail themselves of the services of KittyTrim by Sire Bushwhacker (18 years old and above).
Men may want to check in with our DoggyTrim and Manscaping specialist, Super Nan (18 years old and above).
Activities: Naked Misting Twister (Participants only); A scheduled evening dance party. Be sure to check our on-site/in
camp schedule for times and other events!
There's something for everybody at Contraptionists Camp, come and join the Fun! Hometown: Boulder, Colorado

Cool Tune
Come join us for Nudearaoke from cocktail hour until..? Special prize for those who bare it all. Remember there are no
bad singers, only those afraid to drop trou. Hometown: Seattle, WA
An oasis in the desert, open while it's sunny out. CoolTown is a fully misted community shade structure to chill, rest,
relax, and socialize or use our self service misting station. We have body/hair rinsing mornings and afternoons.
Occasionallythe giant penguin that lives here serves snow cones. Hometown: Orangevale, CA

Cosmic Elves Inner City Commune
The Cosmic Elves were seeded in the frequencies of the BC westcoast tribal dance community at Black Rock City in
2003. This year Cosmic Elves team up with the Inner City Commune and Venice Vibe Tribe to create a playful and
enriching environment. Our misted Chai dome soothes hot afternoons, and awakens cold nights. The Holomorphosis
dreamscape provides transformational sanctuary for all. Hometown: Vancouver, BC

Cosmic Giggle
Cosmic Giggle is a fun-loving bunch of burners from San Francisco and beyond. Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Cosmic Recess
Cosmic Recess is an interactive playground with a space theme. We exist somewhwere between the original frontier:
Ourselves, and the final frontier: Outerspace. Most of our installations and playground elements have been or will be
created using recycled materials. Our emphasis is getting to know ourselves and each other better through play and
personal interaction.
Hometown: Sandy, UT

Costco Soulmate Trading Outlet
Make a connection with the Costco Soulmate Trading Outlet. Drop by, fill out
a questionnaire, talk with our friendly staff and enjoy a drink at our bar.
Come back the next day to discover your soulmate and journey off to find
your new friend out there on the playa! Hometown: Oakland, CA

Couch Surfing Camp
Couch Surfing Camp creates a space where weary wild and wondrous travelers can hang and stay with for an hour, a
day, or the entire week. You will be welcomed and probably treated as an honored guest and likely served a few
cocktails and maybe some snacks. Hometown: Bellevue, WA

Crazy-baldhead Dub Sound System
Kingston on the playa--EZ-skanking down-tempo grooves for your afternoon decompression. Picture: Kingston shanty
town... red, gold and green corrugated metal. We're working on getting Culture to perform om Friday night.
Diversify the music on the playa... Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Crazy Horse
Camp Crazy Horse is home of Pyramix, the Thunderbird powered 4 sided 30 foot rolling pyramid.
Rock out on our Rocking Horses...these babies play music that gets louder the harder you rock! Then chill in the Tipi
lounge home of the Big Chief Wigwamm Pow Wow Bar. Pay homage to the great achievements of horses helping
man thoughout history. Come by for one of our planned events like the Pyramix Raging Rave party or the Gumbo
cookout. Hometown: Agoura Hills, CA

Crime Scene
Cross the crime scene tape, lie down on our street and join an ever-growing body of evidence as we outline your last
moment. (Note: All evidence will be destroyed by the Man.)
Hometown: Everett, WA

Cult of Levitating Plywood
We are the Levitators! Come see the only two-story dome on the playa with a completely suspended plywood floor
inside the cool shade of our 4V dome. Other mad engineering feats include solar and wind systems- see us on the
AEZ tour! Hometown: Sunnyvale , CA
Curmudgeons Camp
Curmudgeon Camp at Kidsville- Come on by and yell at the kids! Hometown: San Fancisco, CA

Cyphertown is a gathering place for hiphop artists and enthusiasts to meet, perform, collaborate and inovate. Please
join us for performances, free style cyphers, workshops, fire side stories, live music and evolution.
Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Cypress Lounge Bingo
This is Cypress Lounge Bingo's 5th Anniversary. Once again we'll be providing your BINGO services on the playa.
Come sit in the shade and waste away an afternoon playing a fun round of family friendly bingo. If you miss the
games, come by after dark to enjoy our chill space, and share bar. We are a "connection" oriented camp, meaning we
strive to make everyone feel accepted, and included, unlike all those "exclusive", "vip only" camps out there.
Hometown: Marina, CA

DADA motel
Dada motel, a camp of artist celebrating the Unlimited potential for absurdity. Hometown: Reno, NV

Dance Dance Immolation
Dance Dance Revolution. With Flamethrowers. Pointed at you. Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Dayzed & aMazed
The Dayzed & aMazed stage & convention center & performance camp will teach & beseech you 24 hrs a day. Be
Dayzed w/ green issues & interactive discussions by day & be aMazed w/ music & stage performances by night incl.
our special dawn concerto; not to mention our new twist on a maze across from our camp.
Hometown: San Francisco, CA

DeathGuild Thunderdome
*Bringing senseless violence to the playa since 1999* Dome fights | Fire Garden | Mayhem Hometown: Novato, CA

Deep Heaven: Green at Heart
Deep Heaven: Green at Heart is a sanctuary on the path to the future: embrace your authentic self, live fully, deepen
your love at a playshop. Look for our rotating heart mirror by day and heart beacon by night, and seek the primal
green man within, as projected by the Camerascope. Hometown: San Rafael, CA

DeMaTerial will delve into the nether regions of your consciousness, ripping at the core of your ego. Come learn how
to build a gasifier to run your car, convert to bio-diesel, or just a have a drink in the most beautiful trash eating butterfly
ever created. Hometown: Cambridge, MA

DeMentha Camp
DeMentha is a mint-themed camp offering lovingly prepared mojitos each afternoon in our well shaded structure. You
will also be soothed with mint teas, minty massage, music from our minty DJ lineup, minty misting system, dancing
and more. Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Department of Tethered Aviation
Come fly with us! We will host our 9th annual kite fly on Thursday afternoon. Nightly activities will include live music
and astral projections provided by our beloved "Barbie" Hometown: San Geronimo, CA

Destiny Lounge
(formerly Bubble Bar) Come relax in the shade of our cushy lounge where the latest in chill music spun by our DJ will
let you unwind with a cool glass of fresh lemonade or ice tea...Bring Your Own Cup or ___! Ask our Magic Eight Ball
the answers to your life's mysteries, Play Doctor with a friend on our full sized Operation Game, or take a shot at
saving the world on our newest wonder... The Fling of Destiny, a large arcade style game where you will launch a
replica of our planet towards one of several various fates using our unique "Cataflinger"! Can you attain Utopia????
Hometown: Pasadena, CA
Deviant Playground
Our philosophy is to give everyone a chance to experience their childhoods all over again without the pesky
consequences. It's a place to play, explore, learn, and to be that evil deviant child you always wanted to be.
Participation in our camp can include basic childhood related activities or extend to events of a more adult nature.
Come visit our bar, our playground and our liberation dome. Hometown: Scottsdale, AZ

Dhyan's Green Monkey
A steely-eyed Yoga camp. Check calendar for daily schedule. Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Dilly Dali Camp
This is a Dali inspired chill space to watch or learn about performing with flow and fire toys. Lessons and
performances outside, hair cuts and massages inside! Also come join us for our Daliesque parade!
Hometown: Vancouver, BC

Disco Headhunters: A 10-year-old
After 10 years at this party, we know everything. We offer lessons in professional cross-training, hard-won advice on
camp dynamics, constant cynical wisecracks, a wide-eyed naivete at what's possible, and a 50 percent rate of follow-
through: Ten years later, enlightenment has acquired quite a funk. Hometown: Portland, OR

Welcome to Disorient! In 2007 Disorient adds a new member to its fleet. The Rex is a 60 ft. long articulated, blinking
monster complete with Dj booth, Pornj lounge and new sound system. Some call it the D- Rex. The Disorient Express
(Dex + Rex) has been running on biodiesel since 2006 and is now, for the first time, long enough to carry the entire
Disorient Sign on amazing deep Playa adventures. Get ready for new levels of GlamTech disorientation!
Live green. Burn Pornj. Hometown: New York, NY

come displace your senses, feed the soul, create some art, sit around or simply enjoy the music while your party is
reached.... ring, ring... Hometown: Reno, NV

Diva Boot Camp
Put your face ON! Take your pants OFF!! and get on out there!!! DIVA STYLE! A DIVALICIOUS camp that will knock
you on your BOOTae! With live music, dance performance, trapeze artists and visual splendor in all forms... FUNKY
and FABULOUS! This year check out our DIVA boot exchange! Donate a pair of 'diva' quality boots or take a pair that
will surly ma!! If you're might catch a Yard Dogs show on our splendid stage! Hometown: Portland, OR

Looking to release your inner Diva? Drop by DivaNation.Discover your rare talent. Act out your Divalicious desires!
Hometown: Berkeley, CA

This is you: happy, energized and awaiting opportunity. The sun is setting, the city is howling and it‘s time for you to
find your groove. Where do you start? DonutLove. It‘s a nexus for the sexes, a concourse to your course of
contentment, a weigh station on your way to a heavenly state. Get your fix, take your licks and onward you go.
This is you: haggard, weary, run-down and burned out. The sun is rising, the city is quiet and your booty shakes no
more. What do you need? DonutLove. Serving you on the street while you rest your tuckered feet. Your morning
constitutional, your roadside rest stop, your one-a-day vitamin. What is DonutLove, you‘ll ask yourself, but all you
truly need to know is its magic. Hometown: Elk Grove, CA

Dos Leches Camp
Dos Leches - (short for two servings of milk) will provide absolute ecstasy to our fellow burners this year. We are
building two structures (one for chilling out, and the other for dancing) If you would like to join, we are crazy guys from
Miami bringing in the latino flavor to the playah! We will provide a visually stimulating peep show that will get you hot
and excited. Sexy people, explorers, and smiles welcome in our camp! visit: for
more information.
Hometown: Coconut Grove, FL
Double D Bike Décor & More
Mosey on over to Double D Bike Décor & More to Light up & Decorate your Bike! EL Wire or LED's given you a
problem, bring them on by!
Need glow stuff & other décor to pimp out your bike, we've got it all! Minor bike repair, tall, short & quad bikes you can
ride & even bike jousting, we've got it! All you need is a bike and your imagination!
Open Mon. thru Sat. 12 to 5pm Hometown: Burleson, TX

Dr. Carl's Dept. of Collections
Dr. Carl's big board of stuff is imposing, daunting and a little bit sexy. Pick something from our big board, spin the
Wheel of Adjectivication and find that thing! Bring it back to us and spin the Wheel of Prizedom to determine your
reward! Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Dr Le Taudrie's Freak Show
Do you feel like an outsider, a wild card, a loose wheel, maybe even a freak, when anywhere but at Burning Man?
Then come on down and star in our Freak Show! While you're here you may have a chance meeting with the world
famous Dr Le Taudrie and he or she may even let you have a taste of Snake Oil. Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Duck Pond
Our day party offers 100 feet of slip-n-slide, a bustling bar, roof-deck panoramas, a flogging post, DJs spinning, and
even ninja classes. After dark the focus is on Zam Zam, a bar both lively and relaxing, where friends can sit, drink,
and enjoy live music, cabaret, and each other. Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Breathe Deep and welcome the DUST. Anything happens at DUSTFISH and we have mastered the art of enjoying
ourselves, while welcoming you. We offer Live Music, playa libations, booty check point #11, art from DUST or just
relax in our prayer-flag chill space. Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Dusty Palms
Carbon guilt got you down? Stop by the Dusty Palms and clear your concious while refreshing body on our misting
Carbon Guilt Bike. Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Dusty Wheel
We like custom rides and drinking with friends. Bring your custom bike creations by for one of our twilight group rides
or hang out for our Black Rock Bike Contests, Open to all happening Daily & Nightly so you can show off your chrome
or your light kits in all there glory!!! Hometown: Canyon Country, CA

Earth Guardians
Earth Guardians inspire our community to embrace Leave No Trace (LNT) and Green principles and practices and
lead Black Rock desert restoration activities. Hug the playa, then go beyond no trace (and no MOOP!), celebrate the
green man and Green Your Burn. This year we're celebrating the green in BRC and providing you one stop shopping
with information and maps of Green camps, art and events thoughout Black Rock City. We'll also be examining the
dirt below those playa cracked toes and how we use LNT techniques to protect the precious playa. Join us for daily
activities including: yoga, MOOPing, nature walks and a new eco-restoration project, hot spring patrols and LNT
brainstorming. Classes, cocktail hours and many kids activities. Rest by the water bar and expand your mind with our
enviromental library and movies when the day's greening activities are done. Hometown: Incline Village, NV

Earth Tribe
We strive to be environmentally friendly by using extremely efficient generators, minimizing waste output, and creating
re-usable structures. Earth Tribe's luscious living spaces are created so each camp member can fully experience the
playa. When a village collectively shares tasks it frees up a lot of time for each separate member to go about having
fun and learning at Burning Man! In 2005 we built a public ambient dome. In 2006 we went bigger and built an
esplanade large scale dance experience called "Flower of Life". In 2007 we will move back off esplanade and focus
more so on the village. We are working to heighten the experience of the people in the village, streamlining village
living to the ultimate. We will be building a larger, more organic central community space that will look similar to BM's
Centercamp and be open to the public. In the Community Space we will offer Yoga and Meditation Classes daily.
Come Enjoy Namaste' Hometown: Eugene, OR
Edge of the World
Come to the Belfry and help us create scenes for The Temptation of St. Anthony. This is an interactive mask,
costume, and people related project. Hometown: Boise, ID

Electra FM
Electra FM 89.9 returns to the Playa for our 8th year on the air at Burning Man. Tune in and hear an eclectic array of
music from around the world. Or Tune in to hear the mayhem and commentary or just stop in and enjoy our fire art
displays. Theme camps, villages, and artists wishing to make radio announcements about events on the playa are
welcome to stop in. We want to help you make your playa event or art a success. Hometown: Tucson, AV

Energy Riders
The Energy Riders are here to commandeer our whole beings with light and sound. Come ride the energy into the
now, the here and there, and every way. All during the night and day the Energy Riders are always ready to play.
ENLIGHTENED breaks in an electro ENERGY house. Hometown: Basalt, CO

Entheon Village
Entheon will feature discussions and workshops on sustainability, renewable energy and ecological responsibility
while celebrating visionary art, music and healing. Entheon is a collaboration of Entheon 2006, The Evolutionary
Center, Burn Clean Project, AMO Tribe, the Otter Oasis and Maui burners. Hometown: Chicago, IL

Espresso Camp
We HOPE to take the FEAR out of the FUTURE by taking the Un out of unconscious.
Serving NAKED ESPRESSO -- no foo-foo froth, mocha, frappa-crappa,soy,latte drinks; just the real stuff. Open when
we get up, until about noon.BYO cup, we don't have any to go.Stop by, say hi, have some of the last legal high.
Where Espresso wakes you up to see the DOOM. A Terminal City Alliance of Satellite States― Part of Glorious
Terminal City Alliance!" Hometown: Vancouver, WA

Euphoria seeks release and transformation through the simple act of play. Jump on a swing, hear a great tune, see
some unique art, interact with fun people, or just relax in the afternoon shade. We are also home to the Axis Point
Observatory crew and the Jellyfish 12000 mutant vehicle. Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT

Church of WOW blossoms into greenness of EverWOW. Congregate with the Ministry of Alchemy in the luminous
Chapel of the Holy WOW for green memes, wowisms, concoctions, sonorous yoga, & fly-throughs of 3D Burning
Earth; witness the Utah Fire Enclave; join the WOW Tree Nation & pledge to plant a tree Hometown: Redwood City,

Celebrate what it means to be human in a green world. We're here for your exultation! Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

EZRA Presents: Recycled Game Camp
In a continuing effort to educate the community, E.Z.R.A. presents Recycled Game Camp 2007. Swing by camp and
educate yourself on the benefits of recycling at your off playa home. Participate in our many recycled games. We
have Bowling, Tin Can Basketball, Football and Rugby. We will have a plethora of carnival type games and recycled
arts and crafts to make your own playa gifts. Learn how you can make a difference in the world everyday by
RECYCLING! E.Z.R.A…….Uniting the community since 2006 Hometown: Reno, NV

Fairyland will host workshops to teach you how to make and spin your very own sock poi, design a beautiful TuTu,
dress in the finest balloon coiture. Please stop by at any of our daily events. Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Fallout Shelter
Fallout Shelter is going full tilt this year with large military tent, couches, large over stuffed pillows, carpeted, Hippie
Den like with rock & Roll music, colored lights flashing to the beat. This year we are going to extend our party area to
out behind the tent where there will be more lights music, chairs, tables and a 10 x 10 movie screen showing rock
videos. there will be morning music for the hurt and a variety of Heavy Metal, Rock and Techno. And Yes, the bar will
return with Frank, the Master Mixer at the controls. Party with discretion into the wee hours. Hometown: Sparks, NV

False Profit, LLC
As the most advanced company on the planet, False Profit's most valuable asset is our brand. By harnessing the full
potential of our top secret corporate (green) technology, we will present an environment of delight that is guaranteed
to throw the market into flux. Knowing False Profit, they won't be wondering how we put it all together so well ...
instead, they'll be scratching their heads and asking themselves how the life they enjoy could really be their own.
Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Fandango welcomes you back to our Playa, and invites you to come by for a soothing barter-free cocktail at the
Slowburn Lounge (recently named Best Bar On The Playa(tm) for the fifth year running). Play games of incendiary
chance at our Cirque du So Lame, get your groove on to our largely techno-free DJs, or visit the Black Rock
Broadcasting Corporation's World Headquarters. Come by for an early morning beer-bong, a mid-day French 75, or a
late-night bloody mary. The bar is *never* closed. Fandango and the BRBC are also proud to offer the world-wide FM
simulcast of this year's Bootie; Black Rock City, live-and-direct from the Slowburn Lounge.
Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Faux Forêt Cabaret and Fabularium
An open-mic theater of shameless self-expression, shared showings, and tumultuous tellings that ooze with whatever
you‘re passionate about. We will have costumes and proppy things, amplification and audience participation, plenty of
pillows and stages. Hometown: Seattle, WA

Fern Grotto
On hot playa days, Fern Grotto is an oasis allowing Burning Man participants to re-hydrate and drop their body
temperature while resting and enjoying the ambiance and energy created by the jungle of living green plants. What
better way to celebrate the human connection to nature and the plant world than by dropping by the famous Fern
Grotto on the Esplanade? Hometown: Cambria, CA

Join us in Developmental Transformations: An imaginative embodied encounter within a mutual agreement of
pretend. Developmental transformation is a way for groups of people to play together. Hometown: Tucson, AZ

Fiesta de los Muertos
Fiesta de los Muertos brings the spirit of Dia de los Muertos to the playa. Come visit our dome to chill out in our
hanging chairs and hammocks and snuggle space, smoke a little hookah and come down gently. We will be planning
arts and crafts workshops through the week, culminating into a procession of the Dead through the streets near the
end of the week. Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

FigMint Cafe'
FigMint Café
All froots and kooks who enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and stimulating coffee tawk, come visit our friendly
neighborhood coffeehouse! While there you can get your morning papers, fill out a census and receive a lovely moop
sack--and when the sun goes down, the blacklight arboretum awakens. Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA

Fimbulvinter celebrates the Norse lore of the three long winters that precede the final battle between giants and gods
that ends our world. Is this the ancient version of global warming? Are we, once again, the arrogant giants battling the
gods of nature? Will we never learn that in this battle, nature always bats last...? Come take refuge from the battle and
the endless summer in our chilly dome as we strive to stave off the heat with our winter revelries, fimbuljuice and
other frosty libations! Hometown: Boise, ID
Fire Conclave Convergence
Mandatory check in point for all members of the Fire Conclave. Members of Reno's fire group welcome all members
of the fire community. Check out the happenings with fire art. Ambient drummers are welcome to join fire activities.
Hometown: Oakland, CA

Fixxxation station
Through the creative and concsious efforts of its members, Fixxxation Station arrives on the Black Rock Playa.
Thriving on a common goal of community interactivity: Fixxxation Station provides BRC with an environment that
stimulates the senses and soul. Doing so through interactive art, music, yoga, massage, conversation and libations.
Hometown: Pollock Pines, CA

FLARETERIA - Adding flare to the citizens of Black Rock City Hometown: Santa Rosa, CA

Flattery Camp
Flattery Camp returns to its old neighborhood to unleash a contagion of affirmations. Be flattered and practice the art
of flattery on others as they pass by. We aim for sincerety, originality, humor, and comfort in the shade.
Hometown: Portland, OR

Flight To Mars
We will be keeping time for Black Rock City with the Town Clock and entertaining its citizens in our Carnival Midway.
Prepare for the greatest Birthday you've ever had! Hometown: Seattle, WA

Forbidden Technologies
suppressed technologies, free electricity, ether energy, video presentations showing how to build a cold fusion
electrical system. Hometown: Bellflower, CA

Flow Camp
Flow Camp, home of the roaming string band project and the playa interactive instrument tree installation crew. Camp
serves free vitamin packets to anyone who comes and visits. Hometown: Seattle, WA

We're a Burning Man camp that is primarily male and gay with strong radical faerie, and furry orientations. We have a
laidback and playful approach to the Burning Man experience. We enjoy celebrating the profane as sacred. Our 2007
camp will feature a live tree shrine with a short vesper service each evening. Hometown: San Francisco, CA

FlufferNutter Camp
Please come by our camp daily and join us for our fabulous Fluffer Nutter snack treats. Bring back childhood
memories, enjoy the shade and our magicical comfy couch. We will provide you with a souvenir photograph or other
useful and playa friendly gift. Hometown: Stirling City, CA

Free Photography Zone
As the Free Photography Zone I have been photographing the Participants of Burning Man since 1996, giving each
person photographed a print as a tangible reminder of thier experience at Burning Man. All the photographs are made
in my studio against a white seamless backdrop concentrating the entire photograph on the person/persons
photographed. Since its beginnings I have given prints to thousands of participants to help them remember thier time
at Burning Man. Without your participation in this project I would not have been able to accumulate this archive of
portraits which my be the largest collection of Burning Man portraits in black and white as yet assembled. Additionally,
each year a gallery of prints from the previous years are displayed and given away at the conclusion of Burning Man.
Hometown: San Jose, CA

Freedom Clan
FREEDOM CLAN!! A San Diego based group of high spirited beautiful FREE people! Here you are encouraged to
think outside of the box with a posative, friendly spin. No hard looks here! Please come by and enjoy one of our green
concoctions at our chill bar, and cool yourself down in one of our two automated misting stations, service with a smile!
Hometown: Lakeside, CA
Freedom Community College
FreedomCommunity College brings together under the rubric of Freedom all the learning, growth and wonder that
Freedomcommunity members have collected individually, making available powerful tools for creating the best life
possible. Come declare yourself! Get a degree in Freedom! From communication to kink to capitalism, FCC has
something for you. Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Dedicated to conscious co-creation, we celebrate our active choice for a greater world Oneness. We play, create,
support and love because that is truly all there is. This is our third year on our own and second time as a village; thus
Oroborous, a snake that eats its tail, being in and outside of oneself, reinventing, and eternally questing.
Hometown: Red Bank , NJ

FreeStyle Palace
A music collective of original hip hop, blues and old timey music ensembles presented by TripKnight LLC.
Hometown: Palo Alto, CA

Freezing Man
Following on last year's debut of Freezing Man, we will once again create an oasis of cool in the scorching desert
heat. Popsicles, shots off an ice luge, ice-themed music... if it's cool and you can think of it, it will be here. All
culminating with the freezing of the MAN at 6pm every night. Hometown: Chicago, IL

Fried Green Burners
A place where Burners can come down by relaxing in the tropically outfitted Green Tea Lounge (replete with hot and
iced green tea and other green snacks, plus a tropical soundtrack). And, we'll have a mobile green tea distribution
vehicle. Hometown: Sacramento, CA

Come to Frogma for our amphibian ambience. Leave your philosophy at the door, and enjoy some froggy fun! Bring
your own mug on Flyday afternoon (post Critical Tits, of course) for a frogarita or two. Hop on by any time for a chat,
and enjoy the comfort of our lily pads. Come, experience the Way of the Frog. Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Frozen Wet Spot
The Frozen Wet Spot Bar. A world apart, but just down the road. Stop by for drinks, fun and of course... porn button s.
We will be providing a variety of alcoholic beverages, nightly party themes and the ability to simply chill out after a
long day on the Playa. Pull up an ice cube and relax in a sea of arctic tranquility. Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT

F-SPACE / Mobilization
Where did all the experimental music go? F-SPACE / Mobilization is an experimental audio-art project designed to
foster and encourage radical/experimental/"intense" music and performance. This year at Burning Man, MOBILIZE
your brain! We welcome participation by all sound artists, or people interested in learning about sound art. F-SPACE
will provide instrument building demonstrations, and performances both in camp and around the playa. We will have
interactive workshops with other sound artists from around the world. We will also feature the "Throbbing Gristle"
lounge, where we will feature sounds and videos by Throbbing Gristle, Einsturzende Neubauten and others. We are
especially interested in collaborating with other noise and sound artists loosely classified as "post-punk" or "proto-
industrial", as well as other noize and sound-art performers. Hometown: Mountain View, CA

Full Shade and Climbing
Climbing on things is awesome. We have climbing in the shade! Hometown: Occidental, CA

Funkee Monkey Camp
Funkee Monkey Camp returns and will be serving up funky beats to move your feet as well as banana pancakes at
9:11 every morning after a night of monkeying around on the Playa. Come on down and git' down!
Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Funky Town
Funky town will be a camp filled with 10,000 watts of fun and dj funk. There will be djs friends and family from all over
the US and yard games to play during the day when you listen to the music. Hometown: Bozeman, MT
furniture car rally camp
FURNITURE CAR RALLY CAMP is a haven for furniture car afficionados, aspiring wannabes, and enthusiasts. It is a
pit stop where weary furniture cars and their passengers can seek comfort, comraderie, and advice.
Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Fusion Valley
Fusion Valley, will be offering an internet cafe, stop by enjoy our carpeted 30x30 shade and visit other geeks. We'll
have couches, computers, music, movies, painting, misters, games, and other fun activities. We also have black light
art, and many paintings, some will be gifted away. We will have a performance stage for random shows. Stop by and
say howdy to some long time burners. Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Ganesh‘s Afternoon Oasis
Ganesh, the Hindu god of overcoming obstacles, invokes the unconscious resources of the psyche to visualize and
actualize positive change. Ganesh‘s Afternoon Oasis welcomes you to battle the heat of the day wilt - with a cool
cocktail in our shaded chill space - a traditional desert tent from India. 1-4pm, Wednesday through Saturday.
Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Gang Green
Come experience the violent joy of spring with the Gang Green. Lemonade, decadence, debauchery, and
decomposition. Stop by, chill out, and get infected by our osmotic groove. Get out of the hot sun and come play with
us. Hometown: Burleson, TX

Garden of the Holy Moment
The Garden of the Holy Moment is a playground for the body, mind, and spirit. Our Garden is place where everything
is just as it should be. If you visit us, all your wildest dreams will come true! Hometown: Long Beach, CA

Gedi Prime
GEDI PRIME is a vacation paradise, due to its wide variety of observers &
observe e's. Uninhibited flirtatious interaction is abundant whether on it's mutant vehicle as public transportation,
standing around an all night public burn barrel for warmth, wrestling with one of our 40k opponents or lounging about.
Yet, we also bring an extreme energy to our surrounding area no matter the place. Keep your eye on GEDI PRIME,
we have arrived! Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA

Geisha House
You are your own Geisha in a fur lined small lounge with air-conditioned Geisha Cave & Cold Sake...a Japanese &
Gaijin joint venture. Hometown: New York, NY

Genital Portrait Studio
Genital Portrait Studio offers a variety of genital portrait styles to suit your needs. Our highly trained photographers
are skilled in traditional, as well as modern genital portrait styles. Your session may include a number of props and
positions, and of course, fluffing is available. We are also the playa‘s premier provider of Genital ID Cards.
Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI

Get Lost
Come on by, so we can help you to get lost. Hometown: Berkeley, CA

Get Nailed
Our goal is to add color to peoples lives through their nails. We know how grimey everyone's nails get out on the
playa during Burning Man. We would like to beautify hands throughout Black Rock City by offering nail painting. We
will be open daily from 5-6p for anyone that would like to stop by and add some color into their life.
Hometown: Rancho Cordova, CA

Avoid gigsville at all costs as they celebrate their tenth consecutive year of utter and complete stupidity in black rock
city. ask for a ride in the world famous car-b-que! enjoy polite, considerate conversation conducted at reasonable
volumes at one of our many gathering spots. engage in deep theosophic discussion groups and yoga seminars at
camp skynyrd. bring by an ocelot and watch what happens! here at gigsville, the movie never ends, it goes on and on
and on and on! Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Naked and shiny as nature intended. Why? Because we can! For 10 years we've been bringing a sparkle to the playa
. . . stop by and SHINE! Hometown: San Rafael, CA

Glow Fuck Yourself
Glow Fuck Yourself is an ecological consciousness awareness camp promoting alternative methods of night time
illumination Hometown: Portland, OR

GlowFurnatics camp includes world citizens with and eye for furry glowie pleasures. We will provide a cocktail of
delicious eye candy and tactile enjoyments. Glow costume Fashion shows, Glow Happy hours, and Espresso bars for
mornings! Our double decker Art Car "shagadelica" will be easy to see on the playa as well!
Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO

Gnome Camp
Come adopt a garden gnome! Qualified adoptive parents will receive a gnome and disposable digital camera to
document its adventures on the Playa, and we post the most interesting and creative pictures on our website, You must return the camera, but the gnome is yours to keep forever.
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

God Box
All those seeking mystical revelation are called forth to supplicate themselves before the Great and Wonderful
MYSTIC TOAD. Sign the oath, write in the Book of Confessions, be purified by the ceremonial priests and
priestesses, and enter deep within the lair of the Mystic Toad and open the GOD BOX, revealing the secret contents
within! Hometown: Buellton, CA

Goddess Wish Camp A very private and secure camp for playa goddess's to cum get pampered with a tropical
shower, massage, conversation,shaving, spanking, Anything that you might wish for. Wishes Granted Desires
Fulfilled. Hometown: Concord, CA

Golden Cafe
Exotic cocktails served out of real glassware, live improvised music by day, and a supper club by night.
Hometown: Woodland Hills, CA

When two or more souls come together it creates a point of gravity. At the bonds of those two souls, however deep
there is a point, a Gravitypoint. Souls have weight, all of us have weight, combined weight of your souls creates the
gravity of your family. It reaches out to others of like mind, body and spirit. Welcome to the family.
Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Green Glass Man Camp
Green Glass Man Camp is on the esplanade so we can keep an eye on our installation, just across the esplanade.
We'll have an amazing Green Glass Man head-shaped furnace, stuck all over with twisty & weird glass finials, & will
be blowing glass every night. Hometown: Seattle, WA

Green Gorilla Lounge
Green Gorilla Lounge -- The funkiest discotheque on the playa, groovy beats and tasty treats since 2003. This night
life oasis is bringing it new and improved this year, adding a surprise to our collection of domes; and our infamous
recycled-CD bar-dome will be returning, a beacon in the night to those that know. Hometown: San Francisco, CA

-Formerly GREEN PENIS-
If you like the Green Man, then you will love his Green Manhood. After 7 years of gushing out greenness, we stand
proud to service all of your babtismal needs. If you don't see us coming your way, swing by for your last chance to
suffer through the Horizontal Babtismal. Bring your own towel. Hometown: Auburn,WA
Green Moon
L.A. based dance collectives Moontribe and Green Sector join forces to create Green Moon camp at Burning Man
2007. After 14 years of hosting it's renown Full Moon Desert Gatherings, Moontribe will co-host a camp and bring its
state of the art sound system to the playa for the first time since 1998! Green Sector, known for its amazing
deco/stage design will bring it's magic to the playa for the first time ever. If you are looking for deep, psychedelic
electronic music of all genres all week (especially sunrise), this is your spot. Guaranteed.
Hometown: Venice, CA

Green Note Tarot and Tea
Enjoy a relaxing atmosphere complete with soloar green tea, stimulating and pragmatic conversation and readings
that play a hand at awakening consciousness. Look through the gateway provided, but please bring your own cup.
Hometown: Sandpoint, ID

Green Tortoise Camp
Green Tortoise: an alternative travel entity. We primarily operate the shuttle service to and from Empire and Gerlach
but there's more! We also have a cool camp with plenty of shade, a chill area, misting system, and great folks from all
around the world. Come by and check out our historical and modern fleet of converted sleeper coaches or maybe
even hop on board from San Francisco! Got a motor-coach problem on the Playa? Come on by we might help get you
rolling again. Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Play the ultimate game of chess, pitting the symbols of ecological and sociological hope (GREEN) against the energy
consuming capitalistic personifications of imperialism (GREED)! The GREEN pawns are Larry Harvey‘s, the GREED
pawns are lawyers-it‘s Larry vs. the Lawyers! Hometown: Ventura, CA

Greentable Evangelism
Toss your old shoes onto the "Shoe Recycler", play a game of mini-golf on our Greens, then come to the Greentable
for your enviro-friendly reward. Music to chillax and dance to with our Vegas/SD Burner DJ conglomerate.
Hometown: San Diego, CA

Groove Labs
Groove Labs: We come from Seattle and we‘re here to teach to dance tango, help you get your morning yoga on, and
otherwise assist with your chilling, grooving, and fun having needs. Hometown: Seattle, WA

Guns and Dope Party
The Guns and Dope Party represents the libertarian and absurdist ideals of Robert Anton Wilson (R.I.P). We're going
to be honoring Robert Anton Wilson, a creator of our party, who passed away earlier this year.
Hometown: Depoe Bay, OR

Gypsy Monkeys
Working to make the world a better place for monkeys. Hometown: Petaluma, CA

Gypsy Nomads
If you arrive alone, you don‘t have to burn alone. The Gypsy Nomads have been providing a safe haven for first time,
solo, female participants since 1999. Pop your tent within our safe perimeter, and enjoy morning espressos, afternoon
margaritas, and most anything else that you may require to make your virgin year run well, all day long
We will meet as kindred spirits, and leave as good friends. Link your feminine energy to our Gypsy tribe and make the
playa air sparkle in unexpected ways. Tap into 14 collective years of Burning Man experience to get the guidance,
pre-burn advice and camp resources that you may need to make your first time experience less chaotic.
We bring the stupid heavy stuff, and you bring the enchantment that makes Burning Man what it is. Our goal is to
create a tranquil camp environment that allows you spend less time on mundane camp domestics, and more time on
creative expression, of any kind.
We can also help you get to B.R.C. from the North or the East, and see that you have adequate transportation while in
B.R.C. Our ―Solo, First Time, Female‖ theme is a proven dynamic and completely drama free. Please, if you can,
R.S.V.P Otherwise, just drop in. Hometown: Ogden, UT

Gypsy Witch Camp
Come write your many philisophical rants on our 8' X 12' magnetic poetry board, just like your fridge at home. Join us
for Salsa@Six and Tequila@Ten on Friday evening. Hometown: Oklahoma City, OK
H.A.T.S. 2.0 Heads are the shit
H.A.T.S. 2.0 Heads are the shit hat exchange/ expo
We are back for 2007. New wheel, new blood, new games same crappy givaways. Come play with us or piss off.
Hometown: Camarillo, CA

Habitchual Ritual
HaBitch-ual Ritual is initiating transformative events (physical, emotional, mathematical or spiritual) each day. There is
a deep-seated desire within each one of ourselves to be and become something else. Come and explore the nature of
transformation with us. We are hosting transformative events that will either move you closer or further away from any
answers in the universe and within yourself. Hometown: Seattle, WA

Many HAMMOCKS are hanging. You are hanging in them. We hang together. This is good. What happens when you
put two space-devils together into a single hammock? You tell us. We provide the cocktails; you provide the plot. Be
sure to stop by on Wednesday to escape from the world of techno to a groovy jazz sound fueled by our playa-famous
Hammock Hooch! If you have an adventurous mind (or body), be sure to ask the Hammock-meister extraordinaire,
Stephen the Satyr, about an excursion into the Cave. Remember: The HAMMOCKS are always hanging, day or
night. Hometown: Chico, CA

HARE-itics Lounge
The HARE-itic Lounge! Your bunny hosts from the BunnyJam invite you to the Billion Bunny March on Thursday,
featuring 4-6pm bunnification and 6pm march to the cafe and the Man, followed by with bunny cocktails and 7-late
afterparty. Plus the daily Hoppy Hours 4-6pm or any old time! Stop by and powder your bunny tail with our special
bunny beverages in the cool shade of our plush bunny universe, and enjoy the mad bunny tunes you know so well
11pm-3am daily. Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Havana Room
Welcome to the Havana Room, a new theme camp for Burning Man 2007. In keeping with the "Green" theme, we are
creating a paradise in the middle of the desert, inspired by lush Havana of days gone by, with an environmentally
responsible twist. Hometown: Chino Hills, CA

Heavenly Swing
We have a big dome, an inverted metronome, a plush swinging throne Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Heaven's Ghetto
Visit the Ghetto with your peeps and ride the ORIGINAL Teeter Totter of Death, get graphic with som e Graffiti or get
some religion with Sunday Morning's Tequila and God. Hometown: Costa Mesa, CA

Heavy machinery storage yard
#1 storage yard for equipment other than Cafe, must be able to access plya without traveling to far, behind artica
historicly! will need to fence this area in for security reasons.
#2 Crane Camp last year was 2:45 between B-C blocks, Parked equipment for easy deep playa and rush access for
critical missions. Hometown: Burning Man Office, CA

Hedonic Sensuous Massage
Your ultimate pleasure is receiving a sensual sponge bath followed by lustful, arousing massage. Three luxury-loving
massage therapists serve your every desire. An ethereal experience under 20x20 tent with gentle breezes, tranquil
music, melodious waterfall. By appointment from 11 am to 3pm daily. Hometown: Reno, NV

HeeBeeGeeBee Healers
HeeBeeGeeBee Healers is a grounded oasis that creates a nuturing environment and provides healing services for
Black Rock City. Our community's intention is for the healing energy we cultivate to spread into the greater world,
promoting love, healing and a higher state of being for everyone. Hometown: Boulder, CO

Hey, we're back here...for all of our friends, old and new, please find us between 6 x6:30, last street in
BRC...Mimosa's in the morning, cold beers in the afternoon and in the evening? you decide...we like it back here, the
people are laid-back and the sunsets are killer! so if you want to join us...hey, we're back here!
Hometown: Los Banos, CA
High Strung
Nap in our comfy, shaded hammocks while we prattle on, dance around and heckle it up sufficient to make napping
impossible. Enjoy our timber frame type architecture, swings, chin up bar, cold beer, rambling stories and pointed
nonsense. Space is limited but the shade is 100%. Roman chariot rides for barter. Hometown: Portland, OR

Welcome to Hippocampus - where memories are made in your brain and on the playa. Stop by the Spiritual
Accounting Office and see if you're do a refund from the burdens of the past. And, don't forget about Cafe
Hippocamus - your morning stop for the best french cafe on the playa. Hometown: Seattle, WA

Hokey Pokey Camp Re-Fried Beings
Dance the Hokey Pokey Daily at 12 noon, Friends Of Bill W. Meeting Daily at 5:00. Tuesday night Movie night 8:00
PM -My Name is Bill W. Friday Noon break the Playa Hokey Pokey Record. Friday night Sister Iganacio Sober Dance
Night and potluck. This is a clean and sober camp, everyone welcome. Hometown: Calexico, CA

Honi Soit Croquet Club
The ozone free Honi Soit Croquet Club is back and greener than ever! Forget the styrofoam burn parties of
yesteryear, we‘re all about gratuitous tree huggin and beer drinkin. Goodbye CO2! Hello drink or 2! While seducing
Mutha Earth, let us be your source for croquet, banter and cold drinks. Hometown: Foresthill, CA

Hoo Ha Effigy Camp
Effigy camp has the luxury of 4 shamanic practioners who will lead daily sessions at twilight in journeying and the
construction of effigy figures to actualize dreams or release negative energies. Figures are made of newspaper and
burned in a sacred fire. Hometown: Oakland, CA

A non-hierarchical, solar powered mini-village / neighborhood within the Alternative Energy Zone village (AEZ). The
home of the Solar Death Ray 3000 and the Evap-O-Wheel.
We try to entertain and enlighten our visitors, by showing them both silly and practical aspects of solar powered life in
BRC. Hometown: Bend, OR

HO*OP Camp
HO*OP camp - Come pimp your hoop at the HO*OP camp. Making & decorating hoops - daily hoopy hour - share trix
- silent flowhooping meditation - all good things hoopy. Get your wheee on.
Hometown: Portland, OR

Hot Monkey Sox
Daily sock-monkey Workshops- Burners of all ages are invited to come to make a playa-sock-monkey. Workshops are
hosted daily between 11am and 5pm, during the heat of the day when you should be resting anyway. All materials are
provided, but we welcome gifts of clean socks and old pillows for stuffing. Hometown: Pacific Grove, cA

At Hot Wheelz Camp, we offer the gift of mobility to fellow Burners who might have difficulty traveling to the far
reaches of Black Rock City. It is our goal to expand and enhance the opportunities for our Themecamp guests to
PARTICIPATE! Hometown: Reno, NV

Hotel Zombie
We eat brainz. Hometown: Tucson, AZ

House of Ill Repute
The House of Ill Repute will once again be available for all seekers of
advice, theology, and psychic toll paying, though some of us are seriously less ill-reputed than we used to be. Come
by anytime for a Playa Sour! Hometown: New York, NY

Hushville, an aural oasis in an undulating sea of chaos, is open to any camper who pre-registers and can abide by
three simple rules of no generators, no amplified sound, and leave no trace. we have large, solo, theme, and non-
theme camps, and at least one resident evil klown! Hometown: Houston, TX
Hut of the GlamTech Warrior
The Hut is a repository for GlamTech icons and a distribution center of GlamTech gospel. Before a long night riding
the Disorient Express, the Glam-Tech Warrior reclines in his Hut where he keeps his wardrobe, tools and emblems of
power, all presented under black light. Yes, He wears SFP 60+ at night too. Hometown: New York, NY

Ice Camp Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Ice Patrol
Save the Ice (for the drinks)! Ice Patrol is invading Black Rock City to show you how it's done Canadian-style! Chill out
or boogie down in our igloo, or get rough and dirty with a game of good old-fashioned playa hockey. Who will walk
away with the Black Rock Cup? Hometown: San Francisco, CA

The illest ***** on the planet...the ILL NA NA. Home to the Mr Black Rock Pageant & Desert Couture Show. An
alternate destination on your multiple stop to fashion bliss. Stop by and get your runway fix, schedule a massage, or
just relax in style. Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Illuminated Fools
we are an art park. a place to cool with some cool low brow art.interactive. big giraffe Hometown: Cave Junction, OR

I'm OK, You're OK Corral
The Corral is one of the hottest destinations on the playa. Sometimes called "Hot Chick Camp," we do our thing with
day parties featuring some of the best djs we can muster, feed anyone and everyone, and create mayhem as much
as we can. So saddle up and get ready for another memorable burn. Hometown: San Jose, CA

Image Node
My humps! Oh, my humps! They blinking. They covered in mylar and they blinking. They gonna get you and
rearrange you mind. You mind be fucked. And, the video, man. If you mind ain't fucked yet, roll around in some funk.
Some blinky minimal furry funk. Some snuggle funk. **Please go easy on the snuggle funk.** Also, in the day, you
make you teeshirt, silkscreeny style. And the Silent Footballs. And the Tron Project. Oh! My humps!
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

An Imagine-Nation is a place, entirely created by you and the other inhabitants where the rules and boundaries are
created by the participants. Generally, like most nations, you need to travel to get there, and everyone‘s experience of
the nation is unique, and of course, highly impacted by their perspectives. Burning Man on the Playa is an Imagine-
Nation. The members of our camp, citizens of the Imagine-Nation, will conduct ongoing tours of the ―state of the
nation‖ from our "traveling tour bus", introducing visitors to wonders of Art, Music, Food, Sport, and Ritual of the
present Imagine-Nation. Fortunate guests will be invited to participate in developing the skills to create one‘s own
―Imagine-Nation,‖ now and in the future irrespective of physical location. Hometown: Berkeley, CA

Independent Bitches Camp
Muses of the demimonde, improvisational imps, not here to spectate but to perpetuate. Independence reigns
supreme. Home to the luminous mutant desert Toad. C'mon. You know you wanna lick it.
Hometown: Portland, OR

We at Camp Insex love all arthropods, especially insects and spiders. Share our love and lust via poems, tattoos and
stories. Hometown: Ft. Collins, CO

Interaction Cafe
At the Interaction Cafe we do not serve food or drinks – we serve interactions, and since nothing is produced,
packaged or consumed, we are completely green. Perhaps you'd like to start off with a casual conversation for an
appetizer, engage in an interactive game for an entree and end with a song for dessert while you drink in the moment.
Hometown: Oakland, CA
Iron Rose
Dedicated to the elimination of Techno-Head and the spreading of luscious workshops through metalworking,
alternative music (like bluegrass), corsets, bellydancing and general curmudgeonliness.
Get off our lawn, come in and have a drink. Hometown: Redwood City, Ca

IRONICA: The home of the Compliments Booth. An expanding international family of artists, healers, musicians &
friends. Workshops & events. A slice of Life as it Could Be: filled with compliments; musical; whimsical; affectionate;
witty; serene; sensual; inspiring; woo-woo; hedonistic; joyful. Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Itake‘sa Village
Skinny Kitty Teahouse, Tropical Crocodile Lounge, The Fat Cats, and Stray Cats
Come on in and say hello to our Resident Relics, Skinny, Dirty McCurdy and Queen B. Sip on some refreshing Tea or
Chai in our comfortable Teahouse setting. Enjoy the best Mojitos on the Playa in the Crocodile Lounge. Join the Fat
Cats in making a didge. This year we will be having a Talent & Variety show Thursday at 5pm. Perform or watch at
your discretion. WE ARE RELICQUARIANS!!!

Jaded Camp
Jaded Camp is a reincarnation of last year's Satan's Lair. We're striving to celebrate the jade in everyone. For jade
symbolizes good health and what could be healthier than having good times with your friends. We also use a little
tongue in cheek humor with our take on the Green Man theme. Stop by to see what we're up to when we're
there...This camp is dedicated to helping create the infrastructure to our Village and for service to the Playa
departments like Greeters, Lamplighters, Rangers, EMTS, etc. Hometown: New York, NY

J.C.M.C.'s Lost City of Flatlantis
Welcome to our island oasis on the playa, chill out, have a fruity melon drink, listen to some music, play a game, or
thumbwrestle in our Thumbderdome. The lasers from our lighthouse will guide you our Flatlantis art bus that will be
parked in the center of our camp when it‘s not out cruising the playa. J.C.M.C. is John Cougar Melon Camp.
Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Come experience a meeting with your Destiny through Spiritual Journeys, Readings and Dream Intrepretations. We
have the gift to help you unlock your destiny. Hometown: Las Vegas, NV

Ka Pilina Camp
Aloha, this is the Hawaii Regional Embassy, the home for Kama'aina on the playa. All islands are representing and
participating, help us to build our slice of the islands on the playa, and don't forget to bring something to share to the
Friday sunset luau. Hometown: Haleiwa, HI

Kamp Go Fuck Yourself
... incoming message ...
Recent events in Black Rock City have been brought to the attention of the GFY council. The "Green" theme of the
event this year has attracted an inordinate amount of hippies, flower-children, peaceniks and yoga instructors. This
has disrupted the delicate balance of the cities population and could cause catastrophic failure of the Black Rock City
egosystem in the years to come. In an attempt to counteract this imbalance GFY will be recruiting like minded agents
to be sent on vital missions throughout the event, restoring causing chaos, mischief and mayhem thereby restoring
balance to the egosystem of Black Rock City. Your city needs you... Are you up to the the task? ... end of
transmission ... Hometown: Hillsboro, OR

Kamp Kammaniwannalaya
Kamp Kammaniwannalaya is an closely knit group of eclectic artists, perverts, musicians, drug abusers, self abusers,
and recovering recoverers. During the week of Burning Man we build and maintain a safe refuge where tackiness is
not only tolerated but applauded and praised. Political correctness, simple common human dignity and voting rights
are mocked and discouraged. World class Mai Tai's poured by Spanky and floral lai's are offered on Friday nite to ask
for forgiveness for our wickedness. Competitive Limbo competitions are rumored to be slated for ESPN. Smore
Whore will be making a triumphant return to the Playa and supplying her hot fresh Smores. Free form Island
drumming is a staple diet and public humiliation will be found at the Limbo Queen' feet. Juicy Yum Yum is said to be
returning if enough eye glitter can be found.
Hometown: Alturas, CA
Kamp Kaos
Join us to witness the beauty of kaos in our battle against entropy. Come to chill in the desert zone garden hookah
lounge, see things you wouldn't believe your mind could have generated in the fnorest, and become entranced in a
mind blowing display of math on the center screen. Hometown: Charlestown, MA

Kanuckistan 2.0
From the north land, straight outta the Empty Quarter. Featuring a margarita bar, old-country-style Vodka Snorting,
3rd annual Xeni Cup street hockey tournament,
Purgatory 2.0 mutant vehicle dry dock, Carbonari-brand hell-money-style CO2 certificates, Mojito Mondays, Sangria &
Salsa Sunsets. Hometown: Calgary, Alb

Be you an expert storyteller or a novice there is space, time and applause waiting for you here. Come for the
storytelling, stay for the shade and booze. Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

KidsVille is by, of and for kids and their familes. We welcome all to camp with us or stop by and play for a bit. We are
NOT a babysitting service, but some amazing friendships have been created that have lasted over the years. We
have something special, it's worth checking out. Hometown: Bullhead City, AZ

Kinetic Sculpture Racing Camp
Kinetic Sculpture Racing is a human-powered Sport/Hobby/Art-Form where we build ―mutant vehicles‖ that run on
both land and water, and we race them for the fun of it. In our camp, we will have Kinetic Racing Sculptures for the
citizens of BRC to ride during daylight, and in the evenings we‘ll be cruising the Playa, again giving rides to as many
as possible. Hometown: Clearlake, CA

King Of America
The King Of America, who rules with benevolence and wisdom, has made his way to Black Rock City and wants you
to enjoy yourself. Stop by the Castle and show the King what Talents you have and he may give you a token of His
appreciation. The King will explain his policies to ensure that the good People understand how Great things will be.
HAIL THE KING OF AMERICA!! Hometown: New Orleans, LA

Kiosk™ is what it says. Whether in camp or on the playa, we dispense - with formality. Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

knarly carnival
The knarly carnival camp will keep you entertained day and night, providing fun carnival games such as flying
chickens throw rings, and burst that baloon, win crazy prizes, it will take you back to the old carnival days, have fun
and when you are tired, just relax at the carnival bar for a cold one! Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA

Konsortium Village
Konsortium Village is a place of vision, creation and magic. A place where minds meet, conspiracies are hatched and
time stands still. Emanating from NY, London, California and beyond, the Konsortium is born. Into Konsortium,
wanderers are invited to visit KOSTUME KULT for makeovers and theatrical diversions, stop by The FLYING
MONKEY PUB for a drink and groovy DJ sets, check out the psychedelic projections of GLASS BEAD COLLECTIVE
and enjoy hoop and other circus art lessons with GROOVEHOOPS. Themed ―Dark Side of Oz‖, venture down the
green astroturf road past the glowing poppy fields to relax in the plushness of SHEIK DJIBOUTI‘S
SLUMBERGARDEN or stop by the ‗fair trade‘ oriented LE KAFE for equitable caffeinated morning energy, pastis or a
petanque extravaganza. Conspire, consort and commingle. You are welcome. Hometown: New York, NY
Kostume Kult
As part of Konsortium Village, this year Kostume Kult returns to present the ―Dark Side of Oz‖. In our Emerald City, we
twist inspiration from Oz with other fantastical films, Pink Floyd psychedelia and a dark aesthetic. Flirt with the
munchkins, dance down the green astroturf road or nap amongst the glowing poppies. As always, Kostume Kult offers
transformations through costuming, body paints and makeup (wednesday through saturday afternoons) but, in this
green year, we encourage theatrical participation over consumption and recycling whenever possible. Consult the
crystal balls, visit the Witchdoctor of Oz, cuddle in the Munchkinland Lounge, partake in a farcical fashion show or
shadow dance at The Flying Monkey pub… As darkness falls, the camp glows green peaking at our annual Thursday
Midnight party where we fuse the Wizard of Oz with Dark Side of the Moon and the random insanity that is Burning
Man. There‘s no place like home, indeed. To recycle/donate costume supplies, please stop by on-playa or contact us
online… Hometown: New York, NY

Krishna Camp
The burners at Krishna Camp know how to party. It's our life, our culture, our religion you might say.
Fill your stomach. Fill your ears. Fill your eyes. Fill your soul.
Green Food. Live Kirtan. Sacred Fire. Conscious Revolution.
Make your pilgrimage to Black Rock City complete by bringing your unique flavor of playa love to the primeval play
house of Lord Jagannatha, the Master of the Universe. Hometown: College Park, MD

K-Svert 106.5FM Community Radio
K-Svert 106.5 FM provides the good citizens of Black Rock City a voice, a venue, an outlet for creativity in the form of
not only radio waves, but also a professional quality performance stage that is open to any and all who wish to share
their talents with the masses. K-Svert is your spot on the radio dial to keep in touch with the happenings in our fair
city. At night the stage comes alive with performance, shadow dancing, artistic visuals and spectacle. A feast for the
eyes and ears! Located on the Esplanade, look for the 50 foot broadcast tower. Hometown: San Jose, CA

A space satellite launched by Apokiliptika in 1974 to do oven mitt research for the the people of its glorious eastern
block nation. Now a dilapidated husk of outdated space debris, begging for Tang and Space Food Sticks as shuttles
deliver more and more oven mitts. Dock with us... IN SPACE! Hometown: Sparks, NV

Dr. Lizard and his reptilian cohorts will demonstrate the basic principles of surviving - with style - in a leave-no-trace
ethic! Come by for a blue margarita - or just come by! Amphibians now permitted on a limited basis only.
Hometown: Mountain View, CA

LAFC camp
Small camp with stage for open fire performance. Hometown: Hollywood, CA

The LAFers (yes those lazy-ass fuckers) are back again, just show us YOUR lazy-ass! Join us for a little lazy-ness
under our shade, paint on our large canvases or design your own postcard to send home. The LAFers hail from all
over the planet, just a great bunch of people enjoying, participating and living! We'll be painting daily. Be sure to
check our "graffiti" night, paint and be painted! Tag, you're it! The LAFers is also the home of that furry pink flying pig
mutant vehicle. So, come on by and show us YOUR lazy-ass. Hometown: Coos Bay, OR

Lahontan Korps
14,000 SQFT. of radar skattering camouflage. Temporary shade for weary travelers on the verge of heatstroke;
survival skills taught, and shade made. Shade filled with recalcitrant hero's who have a profound love of history.
Misting on the road every hot afternoon, and the 'The Knot To Save You All' taught in the late afternoon. Our Kamp
welcomes those in need of a break from the noon day sun, or possible concealment from hostile aircraft; foreign or
Come for the shade, stay for the company, get your hand stamped for AM kaffee.
We're located within the Gigsville Village.Rommel
Hometown: Arcadia, CA
Lamp Lighter Work Space
Lamplighter Workspace
Lamplighters light the streets of Black Rock City every night of the event! We gather nightly at 5:00 p.m. in the
Lamplighter Workspace to clean, prepare and light near 1,000 lamps before we hang them ceremoniously throughout
our city. The whole process takes 2-3 hours each night and we'll need over 1,000 volunteers over the course of the
week. Volunteers can participate as few or as many nights as they wish! Bring a friend! Hometown: Portland, OR

Learn the art of sacred erotic dance. Pole dance classes. Lessons daily. Please attend our sexy lingerie/play party
Thursday afternoon. Hometown: Grass Valley, CA

We're a bunch of kids from MIT, excited and full of unrealistic plans. We want to entertain you, play with you, mess
with you! Hometown: Cambridge, MA

Latex and Limes
Come and enjoy Latex and Limes. The latex is artfully applied and the drinks refreshing in the shade. We are open
from mid morning to mid afternoon Tuesday through Sunday, (earlier on Thursday for the bike ride participants).
Come with a personal theme or trust us, it's all fun. Hometown: San Jose, CA

Lavender Lounge
The Lavender Lounge is a place for a brief respite from the heat and dust... a place to lay down and be "lavenderized"
with lavender water mist and a lavender eye pillow followed by a lovely vibrating head massage. A pause to refresh at
Green Man... Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Lazy Evil People
Lazy. Evil. People. We've got brilliant ideas, but we're too busy making fun of yours to bring our concepts to reality. So
in the meantime, we're offering L.E.P. Consulting, Inc. to get you set up with your 2008 art installations, or to get you
on your way to Playa Domination Success in the here and now. Also, we're instigating some Playacaching fun, so get
your geek on and come on down. Hometown: Portland, OR

LE KAFÉ - Distributor of Morning Energy
Hot moka coffee, iced chai tea and GREENyummys specials. Come and Get Some, It's Fair Trade. Bring your Mugs
8am to 2pm. Daily pastis & petanque extravaganza... Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Lemuria is a pseudo-spiritual multidimensional dance camp. At Burning Man 2006 Lemuria will be raised with the
intention of re-birthing messages of Hope, Oneness, Unity and Acceptance. Once gravitated to pilgrims will enter the
Gateway to Lemuria, a portal encoded with sacred symbols. The crystal cave will provide you with a place out of the
sun, where you can explore your future inspired by Lemurian wisdom which you will find hidden deep inside.
Hometown: Vancouver, N/A

Libido Lounge
A cozy place to bring your lover and mingle with other couples. Created, built, staffed and housed by and for lifestylers
of all tastes. Newlyweds welcome. We offer clean sheets and dirty minds to consenting adults. We will host afternoon
seminars on various sexuality topics and of course a couple Fig Leaf parites at night. Libido Lounge IS a pansexual
lifestyle theme camp. Hometown: Chicago, IL

Liminal Labs
The universe if watching. Liminal Labs wanna get it right. To be ever evergreen. To light the way for ourselves and
others. All year long. Over the course of nine sublime playa years, the Liminal Labs crew have evolved an island of
beauty, light, and raucous contemplation. Enter our gate and join us amidst our bone sculptures and garden of
recycled lights. Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Lip Service
Bad Advice, Beats, Balm & Booze brought to you by Burners from all over the USA! We're also featuring theme days
all week. Be sure to check the online calendar for more information! Hometown: Wilmington, NC
A mystical forest of cush & mush, a land of wild monsters and erupting giggles... herein lies a labyrinth of joy and
adventure. Hometown: Reno, NV

Living the Dream
Our camp would like to invite other positive individual to share thoughts and ideas over a cup of coffee, or a beverage
of there choice. We will have a bar set up creating a conducive environment for the exchange of ideas and
information. Hopefully everyone will return after Burning Man with a greater appreciation of our environment, planet
and the people we interact with on a daily basis. Making our world a better place to live. Hometown: Chico, CA

Not to worry. You will be found here!! Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Love Puddle Playground
It's recess time at Love Puddle Playground! Join us for Drunken Strip Twister, competitive 4-Square, Dildo Jousting
and tether ball! Maybe you'll be king/queen of the playground, maybe you'll be sent to detention at the bar, who
knows? Come play with us! (bring your own cup for bar!) Hometown: Aptos, CA

Luna Sanctuary
Relax beneath a canopy, shelter from the harsh rays of the Yellow Eye ("it burns us") by day, but at night the
Sanctuary comes alive with the gentle blue glow of lunar imagery and norse runes. Relax on plush pillows and
carpets, while listening to the dynamically generated sound effects and music. Take a runestone as a souvenir.
Hometown: Glendale, CA

Lustre Village
a Britelite Entertainment Conglomerate featuring: The Playplex (mobile cinema/DJ/stripper venue)by Tazii; daily
glittering by Glittercamp; dancing via Astral Lounge; the Playaground (bowling,tetherball, hoola-hooping &
more)courtesy of Cosmic Recess; and love dolled out by Angels of Acknowledgement. Hometown: San Rafael, CA

Mad Flava
Mad Flava brings you big playa taste, from your tounge to your feet, through Jonny & the Ho's mobile noodle cart to
the 1st annual BRC 5k run, not to mention the most excellent and highly triumphant game of costumed Mondo
Croquet, where we eschew mallets and wooden balls for sledgehammers and bowling balls!
Hometown: La Jolla, CA

Magic Forest
Come romp, play and pose amongst our old growth tree spirits, mystical magical mushroom, green man and lady of
the woods. The Giant Puppets will come alive, strolling, romping and playing on the playa. Volunteers welcome. Play
the wheel of Karma Game. Get a free florescent, artistically designed, bike identification tag. What gifts are hidden in
the mysterious knot holes of our gifting tree? Our Forest is inhabited by a colony of misfit monkeys. Play their games.
Adopt a gorilla gram. Hometown: Obrien, OR

Magique Bazaar
Delight in a psychedlic pan-world tribe of itinerate musicians, magicians, dancers and fortune tellers. Play with the
gypsies at Magique Bazaar! Hometown: San Jose, CA

Maker Camp
Celebrate your right to tweak, hack, and bend technology to your own will. Void your warranty, violate a user
agreement, fry a circuit, blow a fuse, poke an eye out. Come make something fun at Maker Camp!
Hometown: Sebastopol, CA

Mangusta/LAFCO VideoScreening Park
The camp features a solar powered energy generating screening room which will have nightly "openings" of video art
installations. The camp provides 24 hr video editing facilities in the LAFCO BUS. Hometown: New York, NY
M*A*S*H 4207th
The least disciplined but most hospitable military unit in Black Rock City, M*A*S*H 4207th has been on the playa
since 1999, and a registered theme camp since 2000. Feeling unwell? The doctors & nurses of our unit will prescribe
inebriation therapy till you can't walk, then throw you on the stretcher & haul you from post-op to your home camp or
where we decide to dump you. Our well-trained alchoholics will gladly eliminate any surplus liquor you may have. Who
else on the playa will hand out military spec toilet paper rations at 3 AM when the JoTS have run out? If we like you,
you may get invited to the 38th Parallel Medical Society poker game. If we don't like you, that won't stop us from
giving you shelter from the heat & dust. While the USO seems to be avoiding us, that has never stopped music &
comedy from occuring at random in the mess hall. Travel with caution near our camp at night; The CO & others are
avid playa fishermen. From draglines to driftnets to simple fishing in front of camp, no tripper wanting that free glow
stick is safe from our master anglers. Carry your BRC issued ID near this camp: random security checkpoints at all
hours. Raids & blockades of other camps will occur when least expected.
Hometown: Salem, OR

Math Camp @ Group W
Math Camp, a safe place for Mathematics. Home of the Fabulous Electric Cupcakes. Electric Mutant Vehicle creators
and evangelists. Purveyors of crunchy snacks. The Best Friday Morning Sunrise Cocktail Party on the Playa. Solar
Mutant Vehicle charging! A small, social camp, we offer temporary tattoos, drinks, and a place to hang-out.
Hometown: Berkeley, CA

Media Mecca
Media Mecca is the contact point for all news media and professional photographers. You must check in here and
have your camera tag before you can photograph or film anything for outside distribution or sale. Personal use video
cameras need to be register at Playa Infomation which is right next to Media Mecca. Hometown: Logan, UT

Metaporch : Pórtico Verde Come on by and set a spell. Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA

Midwest Mayhem
Home of the Laser Dome, a psycedelic laser experiance made to test you sensory threshold. We bring the falva of the
midway to the playa, coupling music and mayhem in true midwest fashion. Come for the laser treatment, stay for the
freak out. Hometown: Glenview, IL

Mikes Garage and Karaoke
Bring your mechanical or electrical problems to Mike's Garage.I will gladly drill,grind,glue,weld,solder or whatever it
takes. All I ask is your favorite karaoke rendition. Please no bikes,broken hearts or dental work!
Hometown: Silvis, IL

Mile High Club
Welcome to the Mile High Club! Get your attitude up to altitude with Heavenly Yoga and Soothing Hand-Jobs. Enjoy
our Arctic Chill Space, Titti Air Tiki Bar, Burn Barrel, and Stargazer Chairs. This Colorado-based crew flies the
friendliest plane on the Playa so fasten your seatbelt and summon your flight attendant. First Class and No Class
flights only! Hometown: Westminster, CO

Mind Shaft Society
The Mind Shaft Society is a collaboration of artistically disciplined scientists. We go on Expeditions every winter,
recreate the findings, and present them at Black Rock City every summer. Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Bloody Mary breakfast, pirate Thursday spaghetti wedding dinner, pool table, flame cannon, otter pops, chill dome,
good times for all! Hometown: Redding, CA

Visit the only Japanese tea garden on the Playa. In Japanese culture, a garden is considered to be one of the highest
art forms, expressing in a limited space the essence of nature. Stop by to relax, enjoy a cup of tea and explore the
garden. Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Because Sometimes its all just a bit Too Much. Because Sometimes you just need a little comfort, a little bliss, a little
void to let your mind echo and your heart re-org. Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Mohammeds Mini Martini and Erotica
When the sun reaches its zenith and is beating down on the citizens of Black Rock city head over to the coolest
Bedouin Palace on the playa and indulge in an ice cold martini while lounging on pillows,poufs,camel saddles and lots
of carpets. Lay around Mohammeds and philosophize about life or read from our "Book of 1001 Erotic Tales". This
ancient tome is a collection of our guests erotic stories from the last four years and is housed in a 300 year old book
that is illustrated with scenes from past years at Mohammeds. The drinks and nibblies are offered with traditional
Bedouin hospitality but we do ask, if the spirit moves you,to write a true erotic story that we can include in this history
of the sensual life of the denizens of Black Rock City. We Mohammedans tend to shake our martini thing between
lunchtime and dinner but come early or late and you may be suprised. This year the "Tribe of Artists" photo studio will
be operating next to Mohammeds Hometown: Incline Village, NV

Moishe Mobile
Moishe Mobile is a project of The Forest Foundation, providing personal growth workshops. We believe that in order
to make the world a better place we must first make ourselves better people. Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA

Monkey Puzzle
Playa tested and approved, Monkey Puzzle's 5th incarnation packs a heavy duty punch! A registered theme camp
since 2003, our sexy, seasoned crew returns once more to the Black Rock Desert ready to deliver the goods. Skilled
in the arts of rejuvenation, we welcome weary travelers to our sanctuary. An improved audioscape in the Hanudome
ignites your inner Jedi senses. You'll find yourself throwing down to the very best World Music in the land, while
impromptu performances by our lovely Playa Players promise sophisticated "off-Esplanade" theater for the mind.
Whether swinging by to check out original musical performances or stealing quiet moments in the Green Room, we're
certain you'll flip upon experiencing the alchemy of the Puzzle. Monkeys spare no expense to make you feel like
you're part of the magic... Shabaam! Hometown: Portland, OR

Camp Montage uses 'Art' to document 'Art'. We are a year-round art project, collecting digital images from talented
Burning Man photographers, creating original works of 'montage' art. These works of are dipslayed at our gallery on
the playa. Our art gallery this year will display over 40 large vinyl and backlit film montages, featuring art
photographed on the playa from 2005 and 2006. The imagery and art of Burning Man is extraordinary. Camp Montage
documents the spectacular imagery of Burning Man with our panoramic landscapes of Black Rock City playa art.
Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Montana Camp
Base camp for the grizzly bear insemination team. Theme camp site is very dependent
on address of 420 "G...." Hometown: Bozeman, MT

The Royal Society of the Powdered Wig welcomes you to our home, Monticello, an epicenter of unbridled
debauchery, pseudo-aristocratic absurdism, total sexiness, and pantaloon-shaking beats. Stop by our soap box and
proclaim your manifesto to the world! Invent & enscribe utopian laws you'd like to see in our Constiution, open to all
Black Rock Citizens! Eat a marshmallow hamster for Jesus! Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Moonbass, the Space Oasis... offering participants an altered landscape, soundscape and aesthetic simulating an
alien lunar environment. We welcome you to join us amongst the numerous geodesic dance domes, intelligent
lighting, our 30,000+ watt H.A.S. System(Huge Ass Sound)featuring broken beats in all shapes, sizes and tempos,
moon rocks, hammocks, space wreckage, and other cosmic oddities... GUARANTEED to be one of the HOTtest spots
in the desert this year..(:j) Hometown: Littleton, CO

Moonbow Camp
When the Full Moon shines upon Yosemite Falls, the Moonbow there, creates a special mystic place where the
Celestial Spirits and the Green Man meet in the dark forest. A quiet place of meditation, magick, spirituality and to
watch the Full Lunar Eclipse in ceremony and harmony. Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Mooncake Rebellion
We'll be serving iced tea (and occasionally other non-alcoholic drinks) most days. While you're enjoying your
beverage, you may want to shake that poetry out of your soul and into the sand of our Zen Garden. After that, catch
some shade and scope out the neighborhood or snuggle into the pillowry in our little tower nook. We'll also be offering
a fire-staff making workshop on Tuesday at 11 (last year we had too many people show, and ran out of materials, so
be relatively on time), to be followed by an after-dark fire-show at the camp. The show is welcome to all, but new
performers will be given preference. We're also going to sponsor a real-life "Choose your own Adventure", that will be
a mix of activities around the playa, in conjunction with other camps. The day and time are TBA, and we'll spread
word around early in the week.Hometown: Portland, OR

Moonshine Tavern
We're here once again to see who has the balls to try our concoction and earn yourself the prize to take home, for
your Moonshine Tavern collection! The bastards of Moonshine Tavern are back! We're excited to see all of our past
patrons and our new victims! Hometown: Reno, NV

Always open to the weary traveler....Join us for a drink, a bite or better yet a lounge on the soon to be world famous
tranquil loungers. Enjoy the music and the friendly atmosphere of Mumbleville, that state of partial oblivion just before
consciousness leaves. Hometown: Reno, NV

Mutant Audio Outpost
A haven for audio experimentation and those seeking out non-traditional and unorthodox sounds. Stop by and play
our experimental instruments, listen to unusual musical performances, and take part in sound creation workshops.
Hometown: San Diego, CA

Mystical Misfits
An Oasis providing all misfits another mystical place to exist on the playa

Camp Nautileo is a group of eco-freaks and 24-hour party people. We welcome all like or open-minded burners to join
us for drinks or coffee and help spread the love... Hometown: San Francisco, CA

New Jersey
Camp New Jersey - HEY, go F yourself! We supply some of the best shade during the day paired with blunt
Northeastern sarcasm. Stop by, hang out in our pyramids, relax in our hammocks, perform on our stage, tell us a
story - just don't ask what exit we're from. We are very exit sensitive. Hometown: Blairstown, NJ

Nexxus Mobil
Nexxus Mobil is designed with the intention of creating a factory representing industry in all of its manifestations. The
factory will serve as a symbol of the unsightly realities associated with an industrialized world but will also illustrate the
great potential to do things sustainably.
Hometown: South Lake Tahoe, CA

N-Gon but Not Forgotten
Good clean fun: Volleyball, Tetherball, Trampoline, Horseshoes, and more. Take a look at the city from our
observation deck, or challenge your neighbors to one of our games. Hometown: Oakland, CA

Ninjas Anonymous/Bonanzaland
Ninjas Anonymous is the Box Office crew meeting site. Planning, logistics and rendezvous with other box office staff.
Bonanzaland hosts a nightly cocktail social hour. Hometown: San Francisco, CA

No Moop No Drama!
In the spirit of Green Man, we at No Moop No Drama! intend to set a good example with our brigade of community
service volunteers. Join us as we rally the citizens of Black Rock City to participate in a series of "MOOP PATROL"
exepditions throughout the week. Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Northwest Mist
Providing a soothing Northwest atmosphere to escape the mid-day heat. The Northwest Mist tent, camp, and mutant
vehicle, are all powered naturally by sunlight and wind. Hometown: Lake Oswego, OR

Nose Fish
Camp Nose Fish returns in 2007 to present the Biscotheque, a 2v dome where participants may receive biscotti when
they visit nearby Espresso Camp in the mornings, and relax in a quiet space for light conversation and music. Well
have our new "Biscodeck" (a deck on top of the Biscotheque dome where you can relax and look out over the city)
and in the evenings we'll have the interactive MEZ video screen. Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Nuc Fam Powerlounge
The Nuc Fam Powerlounge, a place to chill and refresh yourself. Hang out with freinds in a confortable and furry
atmosphere or meet new friends while enjoying the friendliness of the Powerlounge. Hometown: San Marino, CA

NYC Container Camp
NYC Container Camp is the New York container filled with all the love, joy, art and creativity shipped from the other
side of the country! Come get your goods and sit awhile for our evening drinks. Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Oasis 47
Oasis 47 provides water misters in a shaded courtyard, shaved ice with advise for the seekers of truth, and a jewelry
pendant making station that captures a piece of the playa, embodies the spirit and healing of the Oasis, and is a truly
cool gathering spot. Hometown: Waltham, MA

Object Manipulation Concentration
Object Manipulation Concentration Camp brings together a phenomenal collection of performers, teachers and
enthusiasts of object manipulation to entertain, amaze and instruct you so come get a lesson in poi, staff, club, torch,
ball, hoop, fan, whip, rope dart, meteor, unicycle, and much more. Check out our sign for workshop times and be
there for the Thursday night Fire Show and Jam with a whole host of the west coasts best fire performers and plenty
of special guests. Hometown: Oakland, CA

OBOP (Ojai Bureau of Pleasure)
Join us under the watchful eyes of Mother Earth. You'll find classes, live music, and dancing in the canopy of our vast
tree-tent. And nearby, an intimate nomadic space where the deities gather to converse, conspire, and survey the
passing scene. Come share pleasures at the Bureau of Pleasure! Hometown: Ojai, CA

Official Evil Empire of BurningMan
Our Official Goals: To take over Burning Man completely and force people to do what they want! In the meantime, to
explore the duality of the Visceral vs the Metaphysical through Meditation and FIRE!!! LOTS OF FIRE!!!!
Hometown: Burnaby, BC

Olive's Guardians
From our green amphibious avatar, Olive, to the heavenly projections of our Playascope, to the thirst-quenching
coolness of our ―kiwitinis; the Olive‘s Guardians camp redefines the meaning of green. Join us for a ―Who Moved My
(Green) Cheese?‖ Lunar Eclipse celebration Tuesday evening, August 28 and ongoing celebrations and sharing of
Olive and all her wonders Hometown: Oakland, CA

We're showcasing a half a ton of oobleck, a non-Newtonian fluid which solidifies under high pressure instead of
flowing faster, a liquid which drips down your arm but which doesn't splash if you punch it with all your stren gth. It is a
substance which reminds you how limited your experience is.
Hometown: New York, NY

Open Range - massage and whisky in western canvas tent and teepee Hometown: Julian, CA

Operation Camp
Operation camp will deliver an exciting journey into childhood with an adult twist. Come play our life sized Opeartion
game and determine poor Sam's fate. Shot or a shock...take your chances...spin the might end up
pantless! Hometown: Reno, NV
Opulent Temple
The Opulent Temple is an SF based large scale art and sound project exisiting to bring sacred dance to world class
music. Featuring a varity of genres within electronic dance music, we host nightly community dance, performance,
visuals and peak experience. Please consider donating to our efforts, we rely on the support of the community for us
to exist. Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Oral Moistening at Gaia Resolution
Get that nasty dry mouth of your's moistened by trained professionals from W.H.O.R.E. (World Health Organization's
Response to Epidemics). Now you are ready to enter the Gaia Resolution dome and draw your ideas for healing
Mother Earth Hometown: Ventura, CA

Orgasmateria Pleasure Lab
The Orgasmateria is a fem-focused tactile playground a pleasure space featuring workshops on Enhanced Climax,
Erotic Tickling, and Soft Kink. Our space, while comfortable and sensual, is nonetheless limited, so for popular
workshops priority seating will go to couples and ladies, with special consideration to guests who arrive baring all
and/or bearing gifts. Hometown: New York, NY

Orgasmic Carrot Camp
Orgasmic Carrot Camp spreads the word of the dangers of bloodthirsty bunnys, and transforms ordinary humans into
carrot ninjas in the never ending fight between good and evil. Hometown: Des Moines, WA

Otter Oasis
The Otter Oasis is a haven for freaks, artists and full fledged fancy pants dancers. We are a sanctuary from the
despair of civilization's pathos, a vortex for the visionary, and an oasis for the swirlers of tommorrow. Don't just go
Green - go Otter!
Hometown: Berkeley, CA

Our Lady Of Schlongs
For the eighth year in a row O.L.O.S. will be returning to the playa to conduct our meat inspections. As you wander
the playa, look for the O.L.O.S. "PRIME" stamp on the rump roast to be assured that meat is of a high quality and
please stop by for an inspection yourself. Hometown: North Hills, CA

Outpost 8
The harsh desert environment needs a good headquarters for activity. Outpost 8 is a launch pad for operational
shenanigans of all kinds. Art, music, Shade, mega phone round table discussions and sunglasses sake barter station
and whatever else we make up before then. Hometown: Van Nuys, CA

Pancake Playhouse
Get your morning-after dose of syrupy goodness from the folks at Pancake Playhouse. We've been feeding Burners'
minds, bodies, and souls since 2001. When soft rock is heard, pancakes are served! Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Pandemonium by Synaesthesia
Pan‘s flute is alight, delighting in the rites of all things that bloom. Join in the mayhem of his enchanted forest, where
beats fit for the gods, nymphs, satyrs and faeries abound in joyous debauchery. Hometown: Redwood City, CA

Pandora's Lounge & Fix It Shoppe
Stuff breaks at Burning Man. Come fix it at Pandora's Fit It Shoppe. We will have available basic materials and tools
for repairing bikes, costumes, fire spinning gear or whatever. And enjoy some liquor at the lounge while waiting for
your friends to finish fixing their stuff. Hometown: Saint Louis, MO

Pan's Garden
Enter our enchanted garden where all of you Earthly and non-Earthly wishes can be fulfilled. Gain insight into the joy
and magic of organic gardening, and find the age answer to the age old question of if magic is an organic component
or not. Hometown: Citrus Heights, CA

Paradox Lounge Corner Store
Paradox returns to provide entertainment, tunes, and those silly items you may have forgot. For those we know, come
by and say hi. For those we don't know, come by and say hi! Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Particle Camp
Particle Camp will monitor the air quality of Black Rock City from 6 months before the Burn until several days
afterwards. Our camp will incorporate a team of PhD's as well as lab grunts and will show continuously-updated
statistics set to a nice electronic beat. Hometown: Sausalito, CA

Party Naked Tiki Bar - Clothing-Optional Tiki Bar -Hometown: Henderson, NV

The tribe welcomes you home to Partytime‘s psychedelic jungle for ice cold frozen organic margaritas and smoothies
every day, all day, and many evenings. We have a full bar, fresh made popcorn, DJ and live music, pole dancing, fire
spinning, stilt-walking classes, and twister. Hometown: Campbell, CA

Pee Funnel Camp
We are a full service Pee Funnel Camp, dispensing Pee Funnels to ladies (or gentlemen) at any time of day or night!
Pee Funnels allow ladies to easily stand and pee or aim into a jug. Hometown: Sebastopol, CA

People's Art Congress (P.A.C.)
Touch it,stroke it,sniff it,lick it.Our art feels good,smells good and tastes good too.The People's Art -The only true art.
Hometown: Muscatine , IA

Philly Phunktastic
Back again for the 7th year running from the City that Loves You Back, bringing you cool beats and cool drinks to the
Playa. Come and get out of the sun and bob your head and move your feet to some soul, funk, reggae and house.
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Camp Photogartho is an interactive photo studio and gallery where you are invited to appear in your playa finest & get
your picture taken to be displayed in our playa gallery and projected onto our walls in the evenings. The photos are
gifted to you after the burn. Hometown: Berkeley, CA

Come paint something Beyond Belief on one of our giant canvases, or come chill out and listen to music at the
FUBAR. Hometown: Reno, NV

Pigmalions: Earth 2nd. Bacon 1st!
Make your way to Pigmalions camp where each morning an inconvenienced pig provides you with your daily dose of
delicious bacon. Bacon and Bloody Marys - served each day around 11:00 a.m. PIGMALIONS: EARTH SECOND.
BACON FIRST! Hometown: San Francisco, CA

The pinhole camp builds and operates a walk-in pinhole darkroom. Burning Man participants can take out one of our
portable pinhole barrel cameras and photograph the art and other participants on the playa in a new and unique way.
They then return to our camp to have these photographs developed, creating beautiful art of their own. Hometown:
New York, NY

Pink Chair Initiative
Pink is the new PINK! Here at the Pink Chair Initiative, we think that pink is the color of adventures and stories; so
come, relax, lounge in our pink chairs and share your most outrageous stories. Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Pink Purl
Pink. It is really pink. In the tradition of our previous theme camps, Pink Purl continues the Pink theme. This time Pink
knitting is the dominant art form. Come enjoy the pink environment, get a pink tan under our pink shade structure, and
have a pink cocktail, and knit a pink bracelet. Hometown: Hailey, ID

Pirates of the CarbonGreen
We are a krass of like-minded individuals who recognize when those with the ability to effect change are no longer
responsive to critical concerns; any person has prerogative and moral obligation to act to resolve the situation. We
associate ourselves with pirates because they acted by adopting a sustainable ("green") lifestyle off the grid of their
day. Hometown: Sacramento, CA
PISS CLEAR newspaper offices
PISS CLEAR is Black Rock City's oldest alternative newspaper, and for 13 years, has been Burning Man's snarky
reality check, chock full of witty articles, acerbic rants, thoughtful commentaries, and funny lists. Free from censorship,
it is an essential independent voice on the playa. It got its unusual name from the Black Rock Desert's #1 survival tip:
"drink enough water so that you piss clear." This will be its last year of publication. Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Pizza Smut
Have one of our succulent playa pizzas. Peruse the titillating reading materials provided with your meal while thick,
steaming pepperoni and hot, oozing cheese slides down your throat. Bask in the glory of our Smut Hut - porn, toys
and mattress provided. Enter our lottery and we may select you as the lucky winner for a pizza and porn delivery to
your camp! Hometown: Dallas, TX

Playa Book of Records
From largest mutant vehicle to most pairs of underpants worn at one time, the Playa World Records™ Executive
Committee is open to any and all submissions. Every application will be considered for entry into our archive. Records
established last year in such categories as ―Most Flexible Couple‖ and ―Longest Urination‖ also remain open for
The Playa Book of Record Headquarters™ will be open daily to witness and verify Record attempts. The Executive
Committee is sworn to complete impartiality and promises to maintain a commitment to integrity and truth.
Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Playa Go Round
Come to Playa Go Round located at 2:30 & Esplanade and take pleasure in the never ending spin. While looking up
into a 65 foot cargo parachute, air brushed with planets, moons and fluorescent stars, the perfectly tuned sound
systems fills the ether with beats. Featuring the best DJs from Denver, S.F. and Seattle. Live Musical Performances
by Bhakti Rasa Thursday‘s Fashion show by Mercedes at dusk. PGR Presents; The Rock Opera ~ Sublime Dreams ~
Friday Night Burn 9:00pm on the Playa Hometown: Denver, Colorado

PlayaHero MegaStars
Do you want to be a Superhero? We can help you out! Come to our Transformation Station where with careful
analysis we discover your inner super hero powers and then transform you into a PlayaHero MegaStar! (This is a
Space Virgin affiliate camp, so stop by and say hi if you are from Seattle!) Hometown: Seattle, WA

Playa Info
Information and Lost & Found
Questions should be directed to the sexy and knowledgeable Playa Info volunteers in Center Camp. The info crew
can answer questions about theme camp placement, events, and volunteering. Turn in found items to Playa Info to be
reunited with their owners. Hours are generally 9:00 a.m.– 6:00 p.m. unless otherwise posted.
Finding Yourself and Your Friends
Use the Playa Info computers to register yourself and your camp location as well as find your friends. Via the online
Directory network you can exchange messages (no Internet access). Also, find and post event schedules, ride shares,
and other services. The Dynamic Board maps campsite coordinates. Bulletin Boards are always available for artful
posting of events, messages and general information. Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Playa Q
The Playa Q is best described as a multi-disciplinary performance BBQ camp. We are here to serve and celebrate the
Burning Man community through our Carne Armada attacks, playa cooking contests, BBQ sermons at the Chapel of
Smoke, end of the week food give-away and performance at the Fire Bar, The Ancient Gallery home to amazing UV
reactive art, and, of course, random acts of bacon brought to you by the Ubercarnies. Hometown: Detroit, MI

Playa Security Agency
BRC is a dangerous place but don‘t worry, the Playa Security Agency is committed to your security. Our Agents are
always on the lookout for IEDs (improvised entertainment diversions) and will keep you apprised of the current threat
level. Hometown: Seattle, WA

Playa Surfers
Playa Surfers return in 2007 with new and improved electric powered surf-craft. Come surf the playa with us or get
lessons if you never have! Hometown: Pacific Palisades, CA
Playaball Hoops Madness
Full court lighted basketball. Slam Dunk Contest for men and women(lowered hoop)Full court and half court games,
Cheerleaders, naked basketball 3Pt. Contest. Coed basketball. Mens basketball. Womans basketball. Cheerleader
contest. Hometown: Gardnerville, Nevada

"Playfully Yours"
"Playfully Yours" a dungeonous experiance, our dungeonmaster will instruct and share the pleasures of S&M play in
our fully equiped dungeon, you can also interact with others, under his supervision or instruction. An outside 8 ft.
chain web is available for public play, we have inside private play space for those that desire it. Formal and private
instruction is available from our experianced dungeonmaster. Hometown: Las Vegas, NV

Pleasure Garden
From the ashes of our 2006 theme camp, The Sprawl, comes the Pleasure Garden!! Every morning, in the welcoming
shade of our Sunscreen Station, we will tempt innocent pedestrians with icy cold lemonade and sunscreen application
to their dusty bodies. We will also offer Spatch‘s Naked Massage Parlor, a Fig Leaf Decorating Workshop & Parade,
Hand-cranked Ice Cream, and a Very Merry Un-Birthday Tea & Costume Party. Our goal is to provide the Burning
Man community with a little slice of paradise on the playa devoted to relaxation and exploration of the pleasures of the
senses. Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Pod Cluster
Pod Cluster is a community of small independent self-sufficient micro-camps banding together to create a unified
cluster of visionary artists centered around a large sheltered gallery of paintings with a lounge space and ambient
music. Hometown: San Francisco, CA

At the edges of the far north Polaris exists as a life saving replenishment for all over-heated polar bears. Replenish
your body, mind and spirit. Cool down, chill out and spend some time with ursus maritimus, the polar bear. Replenish
life in the Polarium. Just follow the north star! Hometown: Berkeley, CA

PolyParadise has been influencing the Hearts & Minds and Washing the Bodies of
Playa Citizens from '2:00 - 10:00' for the past 9 years. We are a group of polyamorists seeking to live our dreams, and
this camp is one manifestation of that. Polyamory involves openness to multiple loving relationships, with honesty
among all partners.

Come in from the sun... take a load off your feet...
Trade in your "OLD" Playa dust for "NEW" Playa Dust at the Infamous 'Human Carcass Wash' 3:00-4:30p Daily
Get involved with some of your closest Playa friends and some new friends in trading your old Playa Dust in for a
clean body ready to be dusted once again. This event honors your stated boundaries of where you do want to be
touched or washed.

Join us for 'Poly High Tea' 4:30-6:00p Daily. First, it's a Tea Party. We will be serving Tea and Cookies... for tea and
cookies. All you Polyamorous, poly-curious, and poly-friendly folks out there on the playa are invited to join us for a
discussion about the practical issues of loving more than one in an open, responsible multi-person relationship. There
are many workable forms of Polyamorous relationship - polyamory is polymorphic!

Greater Intimacy with HYPNOSIS Tuesday & Thursday 11:00a - 1:00p
In this fun and interactive session we will look at hypnosis and the power of suggestion. The goal will be to achieve a
greater understanding of hypnosis and how it works. Participants will have the chance to ask questions and a group
hypnosis induction will give participants an opportunity to experience hypnosis first hand. We will then look at how the
power of hypnosis and suggestion can be used to enhance intimacy and sensual pleasure.

See the Lights with 'Mind Melt' - A Symphony of Light & Sound 8:00-9:00p - Mon – Fri Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

Kfoae ayqo asieiu lfpaoqel yqiehgal aoj9038 poppycock! Hometown: Tempe, AZ
Calling all Subs & Doms (and Voyeurs) Bondage for Beginners Fast-Food S&M Feeding/Eating/Gawking
Strap-On Corn-Dog Exhibitionism Hometown: Corvallis, OR

Pornj Lane Gang
Time-lapse video at Disorient. Hometown: New York, NY

 Primitive Technologies
Primitive Technologies brings the ancient power of the Pyramid to the playa along with other more primitive ways of
starting fire, making homemade ice cream and live acoustical music with ever changing lyrics!
Hometown: Palo Alto, CA

Bringing the Gift of Fire to Humankind since the Dawn of Time! Come experience the fully immersive Tesseract Mirror
Box (now with 200% more mirror!), have a drink at the Friendly Fire Bar, drop in to Blissful Goddess' Interactive
Goddess Thealtar to renew the divine within and join us for nightly fire shows as we liberate the Spirit of Flame!
Hometown: Topanga, CA

Psychic Taxi
Psychic Taxi provides comfort to the foot weary; our Random Service Taxi is a pedal powered rickshaw that ferries
travelers. Our Hammock pavilion offers shade and luxurious ease at camp, and our roving, pedal powered, Psychic
Taxi Nomadic Café, provides refreshment to the thirsty all over BRC.
Hometown: Oakland, CA

psychonautilus mutantes of theDEEP
we are the manifested intersection of deep sea speciation, chambered mind penetration and psychadelic samba.
Hometown: Hollywood, CA

Psycircle - Greenman
DJ Greenman and Psycircle productions from San Diego present to you the best of psychedelic trance music,
featuring and seeking talent from all over the planet. Anybody willing to participate, especially those with sound
systems willing to collaborate Hometown: San Diego, CA

Punani Trim Parlor
Our 7th year as BM's original Trim Parlor. All services provided with respect and permission, spiced with laughter and
a pinch of the sensual. It's all about being fun. The Greenman has been honored to serve over 600 clients since 1999.
My, how time flies when you're having fun! Nice theme choice. Hometown: Garberville, CA

Putt-Putt Playa
Putt-Putt Playa celebrates human's dynamic relationship with nature through an interactive miniature golf course.
Players will navigate through a 9-1/2 hole course where each hole takes on another green theme; mini installations
will be assembled on each hole and lead to the 1/2 hole forming a central social location. Skill, luck, grace, and good
spirits will aid the player through the Green. Hometown: Ardmore, PA

Pyronauts of Giza
Pyronauts of Giza is a magical theme camp featuring a multitude of blacklight Pyramids. Black Rock Citizens are
welcome to dance and socialize in this mystical and surreal environment where Fire Dancers, Spinners and
Movement Artists will converge in order to propel the Fire and Flow Arts forward.
Pyronauts are an International All-Star, Super-Hero Troupe that performs in the Fire Conclave around the Man just
prior to ignition on Burn night. There are Pyronauts from 13 U.S. States and 11 Countries Worldwide and every
Pyronaut is at the top of their Art Form. Some Pyronauts perform with Cirque du Soleil and others have won the "Circles of Light" International Video Competition. We even have one of the World's top Sword
Swallowers and top Hula-Hoopers, who hold 2 World Records each!
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Qube Qamp
Qube Camp presents Greenman‘s Chinese Theater. Greenman‘s Walk-in/Bike-in Movie Palace will bring carbon-
neutral Tinseltown glamour to Black Rock City with a kaleidoscope of green-themed visuals, red carpet revelry,
sublime nightly cocktail parties, and provocative playa puppetry. Come join your fellow playa celebrities and leave
your handprints at Greenman‘s Chinese Theater! Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Quixotes Presents The Green Man
Quixote's are back on the playa in 2007!
As Burning Man tips its hat to global warming with 2007's theme "The Green Man", so we embrace it - and add a little
British twist! "The Green Man" is a popular name for Olde English Pubs, and so we present - an Olde English Pub!
We're a collective from Europe and the USA and our gift to the desert is a Pub and Cabaret Stage where you can
come and realise your Cabaret fantasies. Join us in the evening for a pint of beer, make use of our open mic cabaret
stage to flaunt your talents and enjoy our myriad Bar Games. We've got the staging, we've got the sounds, we have
the lights, we‘ve got the Ale and we've got the cutest Irish Nurse on the Playa and now we need you. If you'd like to be
part of the Quixote's experience Pop in, have a drink, grab a chair and say hello.
Hometown: London, GB

Radio Free Burning Man
99.5 FM Radio Free Burning Man is here for you. Tune your radio to our frequency, meet us on our vast veranda,
walk through our front door and be on the air!
Hometown: San Jose, CA

Radio Free Valhalla
Join the Viking Youth Power Hour as we shout a mighty bellow and shake the very foundations of Valhalla! Shows
recorded daily around 3pm (past guests have included Erik Davis, Daniel Pinchbeck, Alex Grey, etc. Check WWW for
this years guests), come help us filter our veggie oil for our return trip to Chicago by peddling our bicycle powered oil
filtration system!
Hometown: Chicago, IL

Raggedy AnneX
As we are a Raggedy AnneX we make do as we will, we may flop over here and do something today, or toss about in
the wind and do something entirely different and for no apparent reason whatsoever the very next moment, or it could
take a day...or more. Hometown: Portland, Oregon

Rainbow Unicorn Camp
Do you prance to a different drum? Do you like rainbows and grassy knolls? Transport yourself to Rainbow Unicorn
Camp, where unicorns gather on the playa. Hometown: West Hollywood, CA

Rainforest Refugee Camp RRC
We cool you down, chill you out & dress you up! Rainforest Refugee Camp is a premiere rejuvenation haven: cool
down in our overhead mist zone, melt into our Cuddle Puddle, ―Dress for Dustress‖ in our boutique. Nail painting and
body art with a smile! We are a Mid day retreat zone from about 11am until the late afternoon, and Home of the
Hammer Head Shark Cart.
Our members are from many countries, numerous backgrounds and ages. Come chill out with us away from the blaze
of the mid day sun.This year we will be showcasing new shade idea's, low energy high efficiently evaporation
equipment that can be built for very little money. RRC is a Playa Virgin friendly camp clothing optional because it gets
to darn hot out there! Come Check out RRC, mid day, experiance Theater of the Moment, Dress for Dustrus
Boutique, face painting, We give nail & body art and the best HUGS on the playa. PLUS silly street performances! Our
Theatre of the Moment needs you! Come join in on spontaneous fun. Hometown: Hoquiam, WA

Random Reality Camp
Random Reality Camp is a real life game where strangers become friends, boredom becomes adventure and chance
becomes synchronicity. Experiences may include meeting people, artistic projects, exercise & sports, learning
something new, or missions to find something or someone. Limitless possibilities! Hometown: Detroit, MI
Random; the anti theme
We celebrate that which is unexpected, non-sequitur, and spontaneous. So put your mind on shuffle mode and please
join us for some random acts of hospitality and amusement. Music, improv, food, hoola loop lessons, meditation, and
whatever stray talent, and energy that wanders into our midst. Sign the book of infinite improbability and release
yourself into the great unknown. Hometown: San Leandro, CA

Ranger Camp Berlin
Home Sweet Playa for a few of the many Black Rock Rangers that serve our fair
city. Hometown: Woodside, CA

Ranger Camp Tokyo
Home Sweet Playa for a few of the many Black Rock Rangers that serve our fair city. Hometown: Woodside, CA

Ranger HQ
The Black Rock Rangers are the rebar of Burning Man, and can be found wherever they're needed. But everyone has
to have a place to call home, and for the Rangers, it's Ranger HQ in Center Camp. Hometown: Woodside, CA

Ranger Outpost Berlin
One of three major Ranger Outposts, Berlin brings Ranger Love to Black Rock City in the 3:00 neighborhood.
Hometown: Woodside, CA

Ranger Outpost Tokyo
One of three major Ranger Outposts, Tokyo brings Ranger Love to Black Rock City in the 9:00 neighborhood.
Hometown: Woodside, CA

Red Flower
Red Flower, our peoples name for Fire. Centered by a large tree which burns nightly are numerous red flowers.
Nightly drum circles, fire spinning/staffing and red flower worship.
Red Flower Camp is a "spread love" outpost.
The red flower camp is also host to Sylvester McMonkey McBeans infamous green star machine. Cum by and
become one of those who have stars upon thars. Hometown: Reno, NV

Red Nose District
Behold the Red Nose District, home to a mighty indie circus, performance and comfort collective comprised of Cirque
Berzerk, Gooferman & Circus Metropolus, the EnHightened Beings of Leisure, Fringe, and TOTEM Massage and
Chill. Shows Tuesday through Saturday, midway amusements, happy hour daily. Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Refuge serves as the safe haven for Virgin Burners within Disorient. It provides community Camp Mash Unit and chill
space services for burners within and affiliated with Disorient. Refuge will be open at certian times during the burn as
a full on Rejuvenation Station, providing two inipis (indian saunas), aromatherapy and body work for stressed out
burners in need of serious TLC. Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Regional Info Center
The Regional Info Center is a place to learn about the vast Burning Man Regional Network and find out how to get
involved in your local communities. Stop by to meet the Regional Contacts or ask questions about the Regional
Network. Hometown: San Francisco, CA

REMSA Medical Tent - Hometown: Occidental, CA

Reno Housewives
The one, the only -- helping dress BRC since 1998! Rest in our hammocks, enjoy our housewife hospitality. Need
bridesmaids for your playa wedding? We dress in pink and we're ready! Hometown: Reno, NV

The RhythmWave [Dance] Theme Camp at Burning Man is dedicated to bringing Gabrielle Roth's 5Rhythms moving
meditation practice to Black Rock City. We welcome anyone seeking the Divine through Dance, come Sweat your
Prayers with us! Hometown: San Rafael, CA
Right Foot Red
Hands and feet criss-cross dots and the playa! Join us for a co-mingling of body, mind and spirit as the giant twister
mat is revealed. Twister happy hour and blues jam on Thursday and Friday at 5pm. Hometown: Menlo Park, CA

We're back at Risa for a 7th year! Risa is themed after a resort planet, renowned for its breezes and easy-going,
unihibited sexuality. Risa is also the home of The Dancing Peahen and Peacock Shuttle. Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Welcome to the Red Light District, a great place for good music, fun activities and a variety of other things. Activities
include the Red Party, the Sumo Hooping Invitational Tournament, the RLD Garden, dancing, workshops, and fire
shows. Everyone is welcome, just be respectful and don't MOOP! Hometown: Studio City, CA

Roar Shack
The Roar Shack is a product of postmodern medicine, filled with art connoisseurs and medical fetishists who just want
to help you find your inner child and, if possible, surgically excise it. We've also got a great chill space. Hometown:
San Francisco, CA

Root Society
Root Society - Big Domes and Tipi's - The delicious future meets the wonderful past. The root of all...all the people
who know the people, that together - make it happen! The Society's mystery draws you in...lights your imagination as
you dream of its want it! People and energy built around the flames of the fire.

Rose/ Sake Watering Hole
Where are the Giraffes? I think they are hanging at the watering hole with the Zebras! I hear all animals are welcome
to drink sake and rose in their lush oasis.... Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Rounds of Ridiculum
Physical, mental, and just plan ridiculous adventure awaits your participation at the Rounds of Ridiculum camp. As
part of the X-inhibition Games, we will be introducing the community to a new game called "Dodge-Podge"... a spin-off
of dodgeball but with our own rules, weapons, and unusual twists. Bring your whole camp to compete or grab a
random Burner and have them get pummeled with you. Nothing says week-long friendship like a good head-knocking.
Also, tell a joke or entertain us with your wit on our one-joke stage. Or spin yourself around in a fantastic frenzy on our
pole dancing stage. All in a fully supportive environment, of course. Tea and scones served Wednesday and Friday
from 2 to 5pm. After all, we still have to be civilized even if creaming each other with obscure objects. Hometown:
Seattle, WA

Running Man
Enjoy early morning runs before coming to relax in our day-time sanctuary. Plenty of lounge space, fresh water and
downtempo beats await you in the grotto. Hometown: Palo Alto, CA

Sacred Sound and Vision
The Sacred Sound and Vision Solar village is an international collective of Spiritual Travellers dedicated to the
exploration of Universal Rhythm through music and film, and created to act as a safe and empowering portal from
which members and guests can resonate with the shifting energies of the playa. Hometown: Boutte, LA

Sacred Space
World Famous Home of the Morning Coffee Enema and the Cuny Trim and Spa. Humans have been enjoying the
HEALTH and PLEASURE of enemas for THOUSANDS OF YEARS. Visit our Camp and Discover the benefits of
enemas for yourself... LADIES are invited to enjoy the most eXotic full service Pelvic Spa on the Playa. Indulge in a
relaxing pelvic massage or just a trim around the edges. What ever your PLEASURE, you deserve the BEST.
Hometown: Jefferson, Oregon

Sacred Water Temple
Come honor, celebrate and bless our Living Water in a 60' dome sanctuary. Evening 360° multimedia projections,
shadow dancers, performance of ―Cantaqua: the Water Cantata,‖ Daytime Aqua Form River labyrinth, Healing
Rainbow Shower, Sacred Water Tabernacle. Presented by Museum of Outdoor Arts in collaboration with Earthdance
and Cyberset. Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Safer Sex Camp
Source of all your playa safer sex needs. Safer Sex Kits have condoms, lube, gloves, and plastic wrap for dams.
Distributors needed. All orientations most welcome. Participate as part of the gift economy. Drop by Safer Sex Camp
early am or e-mail with playa contact info. All kits are free, not for sale, not for barter. Also: Erotic Fetish Wear - Tue &
Sat 4:00-6:30 and Women's Only Liquid Latex Body Painting - Fri 11:00-3:40. Details in the What When Where
activities guide. Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Dragon Debris presents SAGRADA, an exploration of organic architecture, recycling/repurposing, geometry, and
modernism, sourcing Gaudi, Jujol, and Dali. "When emulating your masters, seek what they sought, not what they
achieved." Hometown: West Hollywood, CA

Sakénoma is a seasonal saké bar and modern day stage coach stop, located in BRC NV. It appears like a mirage in
late August and then fades away without a trace. We serve cold saké during the hottest part of the day and close at
night. The refreshment we provide has helped to establish Sakénoma as the premiere Saké bar on the playa. The
slight acidity of the saké pairs nicely with the alkaline properties of playa dust. Our bar is an oasis of calm in an
otherwise chaotic world. The encampment provides shade and liquid refreshments to any playa traveler. Our
cascading fountains provide an audible lanscape of tranquility and has been known to transport the open minded to
an alpine waterfall. In addition to the obvious health benefits of Sakénoma and its famous cold saké, we also offer
advanced eyewear cleaning. We welcome you to visit Sakénoma, leave refreshed and see the world more clearly.
Hometown: Sonoma, CA

Salon Soleil
Salon Soleil is a welcoming space for personal exploration, self-expression, and interaction with other beings. We
invite the Burning Man community to join us in our quiet, reflective quadruple Do-Me Dome to philosophize about the
Burning Man experience, or for one of our therapeutic fairs offering massage, readings, and healing treatments. Or
add to your list of escapades by coming to our third annual fire opera, performed by our crew of talented fire spinners.
Hometown: Somerville, MA

Samba Stilt Circus
Samba Stilt Circus from santa cruz, ca. connecting YOU! to the brasilian booty, rhythm and dance, and inviting stilters
to play and enjoy costumes and libations with us. Uniting previous camps: Cirque du Stilte and Samba Circus

Six years of: staffing for Radio Electra, unique art, interactive events, and dedication to the Principles of Deep Fun.
Home of WaltSnipe‘s annual Tuesday night world music dance, with free CDs of the night‘s mix to the first 50
dancers. Hometown: Glendale, AZ

Secret Exchange
Like a splinter in the minds eye, thoughts and memories abide. The anonymous sharing of this energy is a purification
- a spiritual release. The Secret Exchange is all about facilitating that release.
What is your burning secret? What do you keep so close to your chest that by sharing will ultimately allow you to
move forward in peace? We offer an opportunity to tangibly release that which you have kept buried inside.
Hometown: San Marcos, CA

Bring your instruments and your voice! Experience the power of nature, by joining the thunder of drums, the richness
of organic music. Escape (at night) in our psychedelic Sensorium Dome, letting your brain take you from nature to
industrial sites, guided by concrete music, scents, and textures. Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Sensory Experience
Be prepared for an overload. Every sense will feel good. Hometown: Portland, OR

Is it what it sounds like? You tell us! Shape sexodome camp as you will! Have a talk, a one-playa stand, a cuddle-up,
a one-night stand, a relationship born, or just go crazilicious party! Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Shady Asylum
Shady Asylum returns for the eighth year on the playa. Find the big black pyramid to enter a shaded lush and green
space perfect for hosting weddings, readings, stories, and the spontaneous creation of community. This year's Tower
will feature cooling misters operating during the hottest part of the day so come to Black Rock City's first public park
and take a load off. Hometown: Seattle, WA

To SHIFT the WORLD you have to SHIFT your MIND... Somehow you have manifested this moment in time, embrace
it, cherish it... this is the set and setting for your SHIFT experience.
Absinthe, poetry, dream manifestation, world renowned DJ's from around the world, air-planes, skydiving, talks by
Sasha and Ann Shulgin, Dr. Dream, and Alex Grey, morning affirmations & Yoga are all here for you.
Share your "Shift" experience with our video team and then see it later that night up on our 20 foot screen.
Look for our "Shift" sign high above the Playa. Hometown: La Jolla, CA

Shine Brothers
A hands on demonstration and workshop on the art of making Moonshine - or Grappa in Old World slang. Participants
can witness the marvel of creation, and if interest and contributions continue, the exhibition will continue daily.
Hometown: Inverness, CA

Shoe Spray Shack
Got a great costume but failed to get your shoes? Hoof those boring shoes over to the Shoe Spray Shack and
colorize them to fit your daily costume. Gold, silver, rainbow, flourescents, glow in the dark... we got it. Use our
environmentally friendly spray box to paint your shoes, enjoy a beverage in our shade while they dry, and then walk
on. Spraypaint donations welcome. Hometown: Boise, ID

Shower Show Camp
Shower Show Camp, the theme camp for dirty exhibitionists and voyeurs. Hometown: Simi Valley, CA

Shuttlecraft "Galileo"
The shuttlecraft "Galileo" is the home base of a faithful reproduction of the 60's era shuttlecraft used in TOS "Star
Trek". C'mon by and let's go for a ride! You don't have to be a geek, dweeb, spaz or nerd to appreciate the shuttlecraft
"Galileo"! Hometown: Sacramento, CA

Silicon Village
Welcome to Silicon Village! At our entryway you'll find HOTD live open-mike music stage + bar, and on the other side,
Temple of All Gods dome. Visit our central plaza for Happy Hour Coyote Ugly dance shows + events. Inside, relax in
the PlayaTech lounge, Mystic Massage (signup), or play pool at the 8'x16' standup table. Wind surfing lessons and
misting station are on our outer streets. Hometown: San Jose, CA

Sloth Camp
Sloth Camp was created to provide respite from the busy world that is threatening the existence of our species and
our favorite sin. Hometown: Belmont, CA

Slumber Marshals
The Slumber Marshals, where we play out our waking dreams. The slumber marshals camp will explore rest,
relaxation and sleep and how the environment effects these activities. Hometown: Palo Alto, CA

VIRGIN ALERT !!!! small two or three man camp with comercial slushi machine, and sound system.
would make a great side camp to a larger theme or village maybe even inside one. Note: I have never been to
burningman before, Iam a constant festival partier and have done years of burning man studying. I will be prepared for
the conditions, am a big time outdoorsman, having lived in AK for years now from MN will be bringing 250 gal tank of
water and 20-30 gal of vodka for slushi machine, I AM NOT GOING TO CHARGE FOR SLUSHIS
Hometown: Dertoit Lakes, MN

Come to Slutgarden and grow your very own slut! We provide the music, mirrors, dancing, drinks and
provide the seed. Hometown: Vancouver, WA
The Smoochdome is the best place to smooch on the playa! Bring your partner (or find one here), settle into our cozy
atmosphere, and enjoy! Hometown: New York, NY

S'mores N Amour
Bringing two of the best parts of camping together everynight at sundown!! We offer Love and, those childhood
goodies...S'mores. Then slide it into the melted chocolate and graham crackers. You supply song and cheer, we
supply the love! Every night at sundown. Hometown: North Hollywood, CA

Sing a happy song and Smurf the whole day long at SmurfNutz. Our House of Smurf mushroom lounge welcomes
you to join our smurfalicious camp for music, dancing, comfort, refreshments, laughter, smurfedelic visuals and
unlimited smurf-hugs. Happy things will come to you when you Smurf with SmurfNutz soon!
Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Snack Food Glory Hole
Walk up to the Snack Food Glory Hole, open your mouth, and get a treat: 100% edible food, but no guarantees
beyond that! Hometown: Somerville, MA

Snow Koan Solar
Snow Koan Solar is a loosely knit band of burners who share a passion for the power of the sun and a love of tasty
refreshments that involve ice. We are a place to rest, recharge, and restore your radiant self for playa adventures.
Hometown: Berkeley, CA

Snowballs in Hell
Snowballs In Hell (formerly Citrus Camp)
What are the chances of finding shelter from the sweltering heat?
What are the chances of finding a shelter with slushy drinks being
served by subordinates of the Dark Lord Satan? What are the chances
of listening to chill beats while lounging in cozy chairs and sipping
your slushy drink as Satan's nubile minions cover your body with soft
kisses from their fiery red lips? About a snowball's chance in hell!
Hometown: SAn Francisco, CA

Snowflake Village
Snowflake Village has been a home for Midwesterners and other long-distance travelers since 2000. We bring out
unique sensibility to the Playa with smaller but intensely interactive camps. Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

SOULICIOUS is a space filled with laughter, beauty, gratitude, decadence and abundance. We welcome anyone off
the dusty street to dance, practice healing arts or jump into an impromptu blindfolded pillowfight/winetasting/hula-
hooping battle/game of tickling. Enter our Hopium Den and you might find yourself in a guided visualization, or sipping
an authentic cuban mojito by resident mixologist Juan Carlos G$, or smack in da middle of the most soulful and elicit
music the playa has to offer. Stop by on Friday for our famous Soulbrunch day party, where we dish up the eats, the
beats and a glorious day of celebration. We live our lives with mad love and respect. We'd love to meet you.
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Space Bass
Space Bass brings the sounds of solar wind and stellar journeys to Deep Down Disorient Daze. We invite you to visit
our lunar party and enjoy reading through our collection of Astronomy magazines while sipping on a Mint Julep.
Hometown: Ottawa, Ont

Space Cowboys
Wrangling the cosmos for over a decade, the Space Cowboys are proud to provide the hitching post for the playa's
finest dancers, discos, djs, dreamers, and sugar daddys. but please don't follow us, we're only following the Mog...
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Space Elevator
In order to avoid the necessaty for actual space elevators resetteling humans in outer space this sonic space elevator
is intended to defy mental gravity, expand conciousness and foster a sense of global community along the lines of
think global, act local, and keep on dancing. Hometown: Aptos, CA

Space Virgins
The Space Virgins are en-route to another world and their home planet has been left behind. Amongst the Virgin ruins
a new generation emerges, ready and willing to make the home planet the most ‗bumpin‘ place in the galaxy. Our
mission? To help you achieve a state of mind that allows you to do it all like it's the first time, again--withoutfear,
without guilt, without shame, and without judgment. There is no escape from this transformation of the senses; the
experience will enchant you willingly. Hometown: Seattle, WA

Spike's Inferno
Shamans of fire are welcome to come and perform their mystical ceremonies of demonic revelry on our cursed stage
of the flame. Spike‘s Inferno is a fire-spinning stage open to any mortal, minion or master with the courage to entertain
the deviant hordes. An ill-begotten spawn of Spike‘s Vampire Bar, Spike‘s Inferno shares the Goth/Industrial Spike‘s
proper is known for, but boasts its own bar and separate sound system. Hometown: Fremont, CA

Spike's Vampire Bar
The time has come again to die and be reborn as an immortal child of the night in our dark den of drinks, dancing and
divine decadence. From dusk until dawn you can dine on the fresh blood of our victims as it flows directly from the
source. Dance until you expire to the constant melody of our coven's extensive collection of Goth and Industrial
dirges. Explore the majestic art of pole dancing on the anointed poles of our sacrificial stage. The dark and beautiful
night side of the playa awaits you. For those of you who fear the intensity of our midnight bacchanal, our human
minions will offer several daytime experiences to ease your introduction into our macabre world. As the vampires rest,
enjoy the bar in a more relaxed setting where you can dance to music of a wider variety, taste our libations and find
solace from the heat of the sun. Be sure to check the What-Where-When for the dates and times of these special
events. Hometown: Fremont, CA

Spirit Dream Interpretation Cafe
Mysteries abound. The peek-a-boo nature and nurture of a Creator is discovered by those who hunger drives them to
say "NOW is the time" Our menu board is up again with it's spirit seasoned offerings. For the 7th year Spirit Dream
interpretation Cafe is back serving up our best in prophetic offerings of dream interpretations, cleansings, and destiny
words with kindness as a main course. In addition, we continue our tradition of gifting water, espresso drinks and
drumming/music in the dome. Welcome to our community of light for your journey. Our friends will leave the light on
for you. Hometown: North Sutton, NH

Spoon Return Center
The Spoon Return Center is BACK after a 3 year hiatus! Bring your lost and wayward spoons home to us and place it
among its own in our SPOON ART GALLERY! There are many spoons in the world, but yours is an individual. Take it
out and show it a good time! Make some art out of it! Bring it home to us. Enjoy refreshing drinks with your spoon.
Lounge with your spoon. Your spoon will never be happier. Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Stardust Cafe -Green Groovy Cafe for your morning grind, bring your mug for some organic love. Hometown: SF CA

Starfactory's Garden of Hedon
Thursday and Friday night, a fully interactive nightclub sextravaganza. Shows, djs, dirty dancers and more. The
garden bears it's succulent fruits and naughty surprises for you 10PM-4AM. Open stocked bar too & gogo dancers
too! Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Starlight Express
The stars return for their fourth year- and this one will be magical indeed. Join us in the Nargileh Tent for a cup of Raki
and a puff on the hookah. Lift your spirits up on the viewing platform. Marvel at the Denver Project lightshow. So it is
written, so it is done. More or less. Hometown: Concord, CA

Static/Dynamic Band Camp
Static/Dynamic Camp is the new home of the Burning Band. the Black Rock Philharmonic, and many random musical
groups. We're here to play with and for you. Come on over and make a request for a band - odds are good we can do
it. You want salsa or swing? Classical or classless? We can do that. And we can do it at our camp or yours.
Hometown: Monmouth, OR
Steam Bath Project
The Steam Bath Project offers Black Rock City a public, wood-fired steam bath in which to cleanse and meditate
within a geodesic dome. The space is open to all hoping for relaxation and friendship. Hometown: Alexandria, VA

Stegalopolis is the nesting/feeding ground for the stegalopolites and their lizard God. Zaganchoo. Excuse us.
Hometown: Providence, RI

Camp Stella is a Burning Man theme camp of diverse queer and queer friendly folks who have agreed to experience
Burning Man clean and sober for the duration of the event. Some of us are active in AA and other 12 step programs,
others are not, and we all enjoy the great reality that is Burning Man!!! Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Penetration Village welcomes GLBT campers who support the adventurous, spirited and sex-positive playground that
surrounds our infamous tents. Stiffylube: The Original & Only Authorized Cocksucking Establishment on the Playa!
Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Strip Jeopardy
For $200: It punnishes stupidity by enforcing public nudity. What is Strip Jeopardy? Hometown: Portland, OR

Suicide Bomber Singing Telegram
Send a message they'll remember for generations! Our team of seasoned hitmaker hitmen and women will compose
a song based on your missive, message, or manifesto, and deliver it to a victim of your choice anywhere on the playa.
Spurned by a lover? Dishononred by an infidel? Trying to arrange a time to get a chai? We'll leave them humming a
catchy tune before casting off that mortal coil. Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Summer of Love
The best little bar on the playa! Daily themes at our bar and grill, with happy hour specials for all our BRC regulars,
and irregulars! Come and party at our elevated deck with open mic nights for your participation (drum circle, singing,
poetry readings, whatever!) but be prepared, on Thursday night we've got the sixties fashion show! Come walk on the
catwalk or watch and just catcall! If you don't have sixties clothes, we'll fix you up with some!
Chill out in our comfy lounge and let Suzy the bartendress ( and the only girl in camp) fix you a drink, and listen to
your troubles! Come on over to the happiest bar on the playa! Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA

Sunrise Coffee Camp
Come over and visit us right around sunrise. We will have some hot coffee and pastries for you. Together we will
welcome in the new day and send out some good vibes for a greener future for all. Hometown: Sunnyvale, CA

Sunvalley Theme camp celebrates it's 10th year on the playa with our annual Blinky Rose giveaways, Swing Dance
Thursdays and our Celestial Observatory. It's always better under the sun. Hometown: Burbank, CA

SurlyCamp - Home to the SurlyBird which has risen from the ashes as a Phoenix does to be reborn into the one and
only Bio-Diesel SurlyBird. And still the home to a bunch of assholes, so don't fuck with it. Fuck yeah bitches!
Hometown: Anchorage, AL

Our mission is to nourish the planet with delicious, organic, vegan, brown rice sushi, made with love. You can also
stop by for an astrology reading or a vibrational healing session. Hometown: New York, NY

Sustainabilaville is collection of people who are committed to creating social and environmental systems that help us
all live sustainably on the planet. For our offering we will create a space for fellow citizens to dialogue about
sustainability while munching on solar oven baked cookies and sipping organic yerba maté tea in a comfortable
daytime living room. Hometown: Bainbridge Island, WA
Sweet Dreams
dream intrepretation and guided imagery services Hometown: Cheney, WA

Hosts of the second annual Tour de Burn - Black Rock City's greatest bicycle tour and celebration of the greenest way
to travel - by bike! Hometown: Kings Beach, CA

Tan goBeso is a dance hall provided for a variety of social dances with an emphasis on Argentine Tango.
Hometown: Vancouver, WA

Taosynergy is a camp from Taos, NM located in Hushville bordering the AEZ. The area around it is open to other
camps that follow all of both Hushville's and AEZ'S principles: no sound systems, no engine generators, alternative
energy generation, leave no trace and includes the Taosynergy requirement that all vehicles be covered to create a
visual oasis from the ubiquitous sea of parking lot. You must register with Hushville to have access to a space in
Taosynergy. Hometown: Taos, NM

Tarwater presents: A Wonderland of Worthless Objects. Tour our display of needless environmental impact,
marveling at the waste of resources and polluting effects. Bowl in Bill the Scavenger's recycled bowling alley. Have
your fortune misread by the Green Hand. Sit in the shade and relax. Or, toss a worthless Cell Phone Couch through
the Hole In the Earth. (Remember, Tarwater says, Salvage is Salvation.) Hometown: Santa Rosa, CA

Tea & Sympathy Meltdown Management
Are the heat & chaos of Burning Man making you cranky? Car break down and your girlfriend dump you? Come to
Tea & Sympathy Camp between noon and 3pm and tell us your tale of playa woe. We'll listen, give you iced tea &
biscuits, play Patsy Cline, and send you off with a handmade neck cooler. Hometown: Berkeley, CA

Teensville provides a place for Playa Teens to chill, eat, and get shade while hanging out and having fun.
Hometown: Pioneer, CA

Temple Crew
This is the camp for all the people who are constructing this year's Temple of Forgiveness, and all those who wish to
connect with them. Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Temple of All Gods
Express your inner Divinity through ritual, art, music, meditation, dance, & trance. TAG is a rag-tag collective of
Witches, Magicians, Shamans, & Adventurers that explore spirituality & personal transformation on the Playa. We‘re
bringing a magickal temple, interactive art, & workshop space. Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Tequila Shack
This is a place where you put down your bias and raise a shot to the agave pickers and enjoy in friendships new and
old. Warning, Do not visit the Tequila Shack. All trespassers will be shot with a tequila. Shooting daily from 4 to 5.PM
Monday through Saturday. Hometown: TUALATIN, OR

The Ambivert's Green Man Tavern
If you are looking to have your soul cleansed, play partners, a rub down or rub up or furry creatures we are not your
camp. We are a group of burners that like to kick back and chill with a nice cold brew during the heat of the afternoon
listening to cool music and meet new friends and reconnecting with old friends.
If you are looking for a place to get out of the sun and enjoy a refreshing drink then come and rest your bum and enjoy
the shade, music, conversation and play some of our fun board games or even play the joust for some extra shots
from the bar. Hometown: Pasadena, CA

The Body Temple Camp
The Body Temple Camp is the home base for the crew that's supporting The Body Temple. Hometown: Seattle, WA
The Bouncy Bouncy Club
A jolly nice place to bounce and the home of The Wilson Phillips Pancake Breakfast. Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

The Chill Zone
Tantalizing Temporary Tattoos.....Just in time for critical tits. You bring the talent we'll supply the tools. Short on
talent? No problem; we've got gigolos & tramps with stencils and stamps to assist you. Non-toxic supplies await your
guise see you Saturday from 1:00-3:00. Look for our placement in the guide.
THE CHILL ZONE, we will offer you a 30 minute chill out in our Air conditioned ICE CUBE. It seat's aproximately 6-8
people and all you need to do is stop by and jump in. If you'd like some time to yourself we can do that also, just
simply request that no others enter and we can take care of that for you. Also we will try an accomomdate the drink of
your choice. Hometown: Reno, NV

The Deep End
High Spirits, Deep Grooves Hometown: San Francisco, CA

The Devil's Workshop & Day Spa
The Devil's Workshop & Day Spa is your one stop shop for idle hands and the ultimate DIY experience. Use of our
shaded state-of-the-art shop with everything from wrachets to welders. When your work is done, relax at our Day Spa,
featuring all the accoutrements and a grey-water evaporating waterfall. Hometown: San Francisco, CA

The Dump
History leaves waste... Some trash, some gold... What is seen as trash by some is treasure to others... Here you will
find the most amazing junk in the world: Swing dancers, accordionists, brass players, hula-hoopers, and a variety of
discarded musicians and instruments creating the acoustic sounds and styles of the bygone era.... Recycling at its
finest! Hometown: Portland, OR

The Elders
"The Elders" are providing Brie, Bach, & Talk from 4:00 to 6:00 each day. Join us for a snack of Brie (and other
cheeses too), crackers, a glass of wine, some soothing music (not all Bach), and lot's of conversation.
Any time the "front door" is open you're welcome to come in and sit, chat, draw, body paint or just chill.
Hometown: Corvallis, OR

The Fringe
The Fringe is an arts collective based in San Francisco. We are a family of Artists, DJs, Musicians and inventive fun-
lovers. We support live music, breaking down music genres and having as much fun as possible. This year we are
running away with the circus clowns. Hometown: San Francisco, CA

The green man's bar - Irish chill-out roomHometown: San Francisco, CA

The Hive
The Hive Village is a collection of allied theme camps who are bringing light sculpture, performance, steam, curious
liquids, fractals, hammock towers, bands, djs, dancing, workshops, stilter libations, a fantastical merry-go-round, and
other odd and unusual offerings to the playa. We aim to surpass your rational understanding. Hometown: Brooklyn,

The Illumination Village
2007 is The Illumination Village‘s 13th anniversary on the playa.
The Illumination Village is an active, driven community of dedicated artists, technologists and hardcore fans of fire.
We‘re a powerful force on the playa; building, supporting and burning some of the best and biggest art the playa has
ever seen. The Illumination Village is old school fire, steam punks, mad science, anachronistic power generation,
neon, electricity and sculpture that‘s interactive and entertaining. We bring fuel, we bring energy, we bring art, and we
light up the night. We stoke the flames, mixing fire and steel, keeping your body warm at night, and your eyes
twinkling with the reflections of combustion. Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA

The Last Blast
The ultimate cult-roadmovie since EASY RIDER....
FOR THOSE ABOUT TO TAKE NO SHYTE...WE SALUTE YOU!!! Hometown: Bern 3001, Switzerland
The Lost Colony
19th Century French and British colonialism meets the year 2525: intergalactic can-can dancers armed with tasers
take prisoners, while Alan Quartermain look-a-likes, don their jet packs to explore the outer boundaries of the playa.
Hometown: San Francisco, CA

The Messiah Complex
Not a part of a religion? You too can have a religious experiance at The Messiah Complex. Come and be worshiped
as you sit in our Chair of Praise, complete holy quests from the god of the day, convert the infidels as you shout from
our Messiah Complex ranting blocks, and dance 'yer sins away after hours at The Infidelity Night Club.
Hometown: Portland, OR

The Necklace Factory
The Necklace Factory is an oasis of creativity located deep in the heart of Black Rock City. Gemstones from around
the world are collected and presented for your pleasure. Rest, create, and join in the flow of jewelry fabrication with
the strangest and most beautiful people in the world. Feel the Fire, the heat of your own hope, your expectations of
life. The Necklace Factory awaits your pleasure. Hometown: Kingwood, TX

The Paddy Mirage
The ―Green Man‖ has embodied the spirit of nature for many generations and this year the Paddy Mirage is a
celebration of that spirit and its return to the forefront of consciousness. The inspirations of so much creativity has
developed through the great culture of the pub in Ireland and so the Paddy Mirage will be at Burning Man, a place
where sweet music and a drink in your hand give the perfect setting to be inspired and share with those around you.
Hometown: Kilkenny, N/A

The Lost Penguin Cafe
What could be more lost in the desert than a Penguin? You aren't lost though, you've just found the place you are
looking for. Drop in and enjoy our shade, couches, rugs, wine, chocolate, friendly people and good times. It's the
seventh year that we've been entertaining Black Rock City with our blend of music, comedy, classes and open mic a-
hole theater. Night and day there is always someone or something interesting at The Lost Penguin Cafe.
Hometown: Oakland, CA

The Mad-Scientists-Collective
The Mad-Scientists return yet again with the Hypknowtrons, the L3K control room, random mad experiments, and this
year, the Experience Dome. We will be showing a complete software system for the creation of patterns on the ring of
lights around the man (L3K). Come over and Geek OUT. Hometown: Middletown, OH

The Manifest Station
The Manifest Station brings the 8th consecutive year of participatory plaster casting to the playa. This year we
manifest: The BoobieBonerButt Monster! Hometown: Portland, OR

The NOLA Memeplex
"Laissez les bons temps rouler!" We are New Orleanians venturing to the desert to dry out our soggy souls by building
an altar in remembrance of our beloved and befallen coastal ecosystem. Come place your wishes and offerings on
the altar which will be paraded to the Temple on the eve of the big burn! Hometown: New Orleans, LA

The Pickle Joint
Our full service pickle bar dishes out the ultimate tribute to the Green Man: crisp, cold, brisk, delicious pickles. Night
and day, we give until it hurts. Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

The Relaxomatic Plushitorium
The Relaxomatic Plushatorium is a public chill space for any and all burners who are seeking a reprieve from a long
day of exploration under the oppressive sun. We welcome you to come cool off and throw yourself into a sea of cool
fluffy goodness while you recharge your mind and body on your way to your next adventure; have a beverage, rub on
some lotion, watch a performance or just take a nap. Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
The Tittyman Camp
How did TITTY MAN begin one night I awoke and my room was glowing, a voice said "ucker wake up!! Yeah u
ucker".. I think God likes to say "ucker". "I command you to Go to the desert. once there, Build a city. Build a city of
TITTYS. I command you too. IF THY DOES NOT COVET THY TITTY, they will come 2 by 2," said the voice.
Since 1999 I have gone to the Black Rock Desert with my dedicated tribe, because it takes a few dedicated people to
build a City of Tittys. I have collected Titty prints using a special painting technique. I start first by preparing my
painting surfaces by sanding and sealing 4 foot by eight foot pieces of plywood. I then paint the surfaces and frame
them. These are my building blocks. I apply paint to the tittys and press them onto the boards transferring the prints
onto them each titty soul then signs the prints, immortalizing them forever. I build my buildings in increments of 8 feet.
Each building is 16 feet by 16 feet. Each panel locks the other panels into a rigid structure, able to withstand 70 m.p.h.
wind gusts. And at night they glow under 12, 48 inch double tube black lights. Its a process of evolution, it keeps
growing and changing. Hometown: Modesto, CA

The Tribe Tree
Come join us building a Recycle Tree. All parts, trunk/ leaves are recycled matters. Come help us build and decorate
the tree with leaves, flags, wishes, & prayers. Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

The Uncharted Territories
Come explore the Uncharted Territories of Avalon Village! Join us in our chill space for queer talking circles, hanging
out, and experience the low-key side of Avalon Village. Hometown: Sacramento, CA

There's No Place Like Home
A Place to come home to. This will be a cool place to relax, play games, read and meet people. It is also a place
where you can express yourself. We will have hair cutting, arts and crafts, musical instruments, dancing, cooking
and.....Hometown: San Antonio, TX

Tierra del Fuego
delFuego's Green Peace Interactive Painting Wall Available 24 Hours. Tarot and Rune Reading...Sunrise
Ceremonies...Mind Blowing Body Rubs...stop on in!!! Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Tiki Fuckos
We're a camp with a tiki theme located in Gigsville. We'll have DJs, music, and places to hang out. We'll have fire
dancers, fire toys, and a couple large domes for dancing or hanging out in. Wednesday evening we'll have a luau that
all are welcome to come participate in. Hometown: Upland, CA

Tillie's Service Station
Nobody loves your mutant vehicle more than Tillie. So if you want to jump start your playa touring, Tillie's Service
Station is the place to go. Our exclusive MV services include:
Asbury Tart Tune-Up™
Stoned Pony Fluid Topper™
Tillie's Hot Air Care™
The Jersey Whacks Job™
Tillie's Service Station: A day without Tillie's is like a day without tires
Hometown: Asbury Park, NJ

Roasted potatoes on the shores of a high altitude Peruvian lake. Hometown: Hailey, ID

Tomales Bay Explorers Club and Sexy Dinosaurs present: Elian Abduction Camp
Tomales Bay Explorers Club and Flying Dinosaurs present: Elian Abduction Camp. Viva la Revolución!
Hometown: San Francisco, CA

TOTEM Massage & Chill
TOTEM (Temple Of The Eternal Mysteries) returns for its ninth consecutive year! TOTEM features a huge air-
conditioned tent, ten massage tables, chill-space seating for 200, wonderful music, chai and iced coffee, and
occasionally group meditation & yoga. Make us your #1 chill space, day or night. We're located in the Red Nose
District, Black Rock City's premier entertainment destination. Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT
Toxic Martini
Toxic Martini wants to show you how being toxic can be oh so good! Stop by and enjoy a first rate, cold martini in one
of our magnificent green shades. Ask for our newest martini, The Inconvenient Truth!
Parties are Wednesday 5-8pm, Friday 6-9pm, and then Sunday from 11am-2pm we'll be doing up Bloody Mary's
playa style!
Please bring your own cup to minimize the waste and get ready to get polluted with Camp Toxic Martini!
Hometown: Reno, NV

Tranquill Waters
Just some guys from Texas with alot of canopys and solar fountains, Im a blind mortician and because of the distance
we are traveling all we can offer is a place for people to rest and enjoy each others company under shade. I was at
Wood Stock 69, Burning Man 95&05/06 . We will have an art car that is located in Reno plus we will have a four
person surry bicycle to be used as a burning man no rush taxi ! We are all volunteers and will help out where we
can.Will have a popcorn machine running 24 hours untill nothing left to pop. Hometown: Lubbock, TX

Transmorphagon - A place of change. A space to re-arrange. This camp-like object has as many sides as it currently
has; enough to show you another side of where you are. Participants are welcomed into the environment for a lasting
experience that will change with each visit. Face the moment and generate change through a random experience, a
deliberate experience, and/or a casual experience. Projects like 'The Human Trap,' and 'Electroshock Therapy'
surround a music space that transforms throughout the night. You are invited to morph!
Hometown: North Hollywood, CA

Trashistan is a Clockwork Monkey
For a monkey who cannot choose ceases to be a man. Hometown: Berkeley, CA

Tree Huggers Camp - Free Trees meets Free Hugs! Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Tribal Thunder
We Like to Drum
We Like to Drink
Hometown: San Francisco, CA

True Prophet
Join us for hookah and chai-fueled romp through the intricacies of the new green revolution in the belly of an arrakian
sandworm. Then join us in our spice harvester as we venture into the open playa to proselytize in the name of Gonzo.
Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Performance stage offering visual stimulation and live music at night. Hometown: Los Gatos, CA

Turning Inspiration Workshop
Come draw, sketch, paint, create your artistic inspiration - supplies provided. Then place it on the Turning Inspirations
art installation and use our terminal or your own wifi laptop to bring it to life, defining how it will turn and respond to
touch, movement, and other art's movement. Hometown: Sherwood, OR

Turqs and Cocos
Home of the Turqs and Cocos, a moveable bar that serves tropical drinks in coconuts. Hometown: New York, NY

Turtle Island / Tiki bar Camp
A tribute to Gary Syner, his poetry, and "Turtle Island" When open we'll be serving frozen drinks from our Tiki bar
amongst a forest of artificial trees, and sounds of Nature. Also look for our Tiki bar as it travels the playa shooting
flame and serving Ice cold beverages to all who ask.Hometown: Springfield, MA

Twilight of Time
A time machine built to exacting eighteenth century specifications newly discovered in a dusty church basement, only
now realized by way of recent scientific breakthroughs stands before you. Guests are invited to enter, one at a time,
into the Mesmer-Tachyon-Pod where a hypnotic induction will send them into careening through time.
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Two Lanterns
We are Two Lanterns with a Green Man, turn on, tune in and drop out
Hometown: Felton, CA

We are UBER TUBERS - CAN YOU DIG IT? Tubers are Nature's hidden treasures- buried at the intersection of
earth's generosity & man's desire. Join us in Tuber-worship! Nourish yourself on food & drink of the root essence,
revel in Spud Humping races & behold the Tuber ethanol-fueled PotatoHeadMobile! Hometown: New York, NY

Ultra Stunt Danger Academy
The Ultra Stunt Danger Academy is all about distinction.
We search for the distinction between rational fear and irrational fear, and try to push the boundaries between.
We examine the distinction between authority and compliance, and have been known to disturb the social fabric along
these seams. We also play with big robots. We're naughty like that Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Unicornios Satánicos
The Unicornios Satánicos, at the command of Our Dark Lord and Master, endeavor to spread the word of Satan,
without all the dour seriousness of Your Father's Satanism. PINK SATANIC UNICORNS. Hometown: Reno, NV

Please stop by for a mulitude of experiences from cooling off on the Mr. mister stage during the day or warming up by
the fire pod at night. Step up to the Vamp Camp bar to refresh your insides or to our artist to delight your outsides.
And please interact with the various contraptions around the camp. Hometown: Gardnerville, NV

Vedges & Gimps
Vedges & Gimps welcomes all Burners,while our emphasis is on those w/ physical limitations. Among our core
members are a few amble-deficients, and we welcome other Burners w/ similar needs. We'll have a number of DMV-
authorized carts to transport less abled Burners around the playa. We also offer a fun and comfortable port for
relaxation and revelry. In addition to our focus on the physically compromised,we also welcome the mentally and
emotionally handicapped. Makes for more amusing conversation...not to mention that we're nuts, too.
Hometown: San Francisco, CA

"There‘s more to global warming than too many cars."
VegCamp invites people to consider both the effects of their actions on non-human animals and the environmental
impact of humanity‘s consumption of animal products.
We will have videos, vegan food, cooking demos, lectures, literature, and art. Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA

Velvet Soulmine
Velvet Soulmine is a continually evolving cozy chill space where you can indulge in Southern hospitality mixed with
Western resolve. We have created a Morracan/Asian style chill dome crossed with a contemporary mine-shaft
entrance to create several different areas of the camp. This year in addition to the bar we've added a stage for
musicians, comedians & hooligans. Improv and stand up comedy will be featured Wednesday evening and Thursday
is Cabaret Night. Friday evening will feature our first ever performance art piece. Stop by Thursday or Friday during
the day to have your nude body painted. And if wretched excess is your thing, then the 10th Annual Southern Style
Vodka party Saturday afternoon is for you, where wretched excess is never enough. Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Venice Beach Drum Circle Camp
Some refugees from Venice Beach who love to drum and dance invite you to their camp to drum and dance. Any
instruments (especially percussion) are welcome. Hometown: Pacific Palisades, CA

Vertical Camp
Come see the Future of Black Rock City TODAY.
At Vertical Camp we answer the Burning Question--"What happens when BRC runs out of space?"
The answer is simple-- We go Vertical!
In the age of suburban playa sprawl, come breathe the fresh air of dense urban living at its best. Visit our rooftop deck
and check out the Man from the top of BRC's first and finest high-rise condominium tower.
Vertical Camp, where every unit has a bitchin' view of the Playa. Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Bringing our Playa Theater to BRC once again! Stop on by for an eclectic mix of shorts, animation and film festival
works as well as independent productions you might have to contribute. Hometown: Wayne, PA

Vietnamese Iced Coffee Camp
Come jazz up your body for the Playa with tastey Vietnamese Iced Coffee. Find us mobile or drop by base camp!
Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Virus Camp
Our energy is infectious! We support conscious growth through increased awareness. We encourage people to learn
more about how to take personal responsibility and manage their own energies. Open your third eye, know the
patterns of your chakras, have fun, and let your spirit shine. Hometown: Santa Monica, CA

Volcano Worshipers
Achieve kindness through the gentle sacrafice of virgins in volcano, among other things. Hometown: Santa Monica,

Voodoo Shooting Gallery
BLOWGUNS - VOODOO – PAIN Hometown: Portland, OR

Voted Best Camp
Skateboarding, Alcohol, Live Rock & Roll; this is punk fucking rock and make no mistake about it. We have a solid
miniramp that can handle what you got, our stage can handle your band, and our bar will satisfy your most alcoholic of
desires(we're not a kids camp so forget it you little bastards). Hometown: Reno, NV

VW Bus Camp
Come celebrate VW Bus Camp's 10th year on the Playa by joining camp in your VW or other unique camping vehicle.
You will be welcomed by our giant Bus Camp Man while enjoying the Leopard Lounge, snuggling in the Hubble
Cuddle Dome, playing Hoops and Beer, listening to Radio Dionysus, utilizing the Bus Camp Free Store, riding in our
helicopter, and participating in our Sawmi's Lunar Eclipse celebration The Marrige of the Sun and the Moon!
Hometown: Tucson, AZ

Wallace Camp - Solar Bears
Camp Wallace is made up of several long time burners with an art car named Wallace. This year we will serve ice
cold refreshments for artists and volunteers laboring on the deep playa, display our unique sustainable engineering,
and host various fire safety meetings for large fire art installations. Hometown: Berkeley, CA

Wattos Junk Yard
The center for Light Saber Jedi action. Come to get sabers, supplies and repairs for thursday night's "Battle of
Certainty". Jedis, Sith, Dancers, Warriors, and Generals are all welcome! Hometown: San Mateo, CA

Wheeeee!Villle is home in the dust for the 3playa community, a group that spans the globe loosely disorganized
around it's own fecund bulletin board interaction. Wheeeee!villle is our gift to the Black Rock City, a place to share
passions, drinks and light with whatever happens to wander by. Hometown: Seattle, WA

Wheelie Camp
We love to wheelie!!! We love to pop it up! Come to Wheelie Camp for a wheelie good time! If you ever wanted to
learn to wheelie or never wheelied before, we will show you how. Otherwise, stop by for a beer, beverage, hug or
heckle and meet a great group of friends you have not met yet. Hometown: Los Gatos, CA

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot - Tall Grass
Home to the folks constructing Tall Grass - a bamboo sculpture in the 3 o'clock plaza. Stop by to share some shade
and talk about bamboo and sustainable design. Hometown: Vashon, WA

White Dragon Noodle Bar
We will serve stunningly delicious noodles with shiitake mushrooms every day at sundown. Come explore our surly
attitudes and dangerous drinks. Fire our burn-off tower. Learn to play the bassoon. View the whole city from our
tower. Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Whoop Tea Whoop
For centuries humans have consumed hot tea in the most warm and arid desserts to cool their body temperature.
Woop Tea Woop invites the all hot souls to cool off during the midday sun by joining us inside our stately and musical
pleasure dome while we serve an assortment of teas and beverages. Hometown: Golden, CO

A humble tribute to the whimsical world of Dr. Suess. Chill space will host fun interactive activities including parties
and read-alongs. Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Why Clothes?
Doff your clothes, your costume, your persona and come on in and chill out the natural way! Conversation, chill space,
and body paints. Hometown: Stevenson, WA

Wiggle Elf Enchanted Forest
Enjoy our lush green forest and refreshments in the heat of the day. There will be dance performances nice and day.
Hometown: San Francisco, CA

the place we will create; surreal and splendid we always go with each other's flow in lingerie sounds like a shindig
Now don't you even think to say no. With Infinite Gratitude we affiliates of WIG paste and cut and paint and celebrate
making a Wonder Inside Guise, Dig? Anything we try can penetrate the mind state of those whose fate makes them
late while they create and recreate in our shade, no one getting paid, they recharge and watch the tep tap tapps at
the Depot not on the down low, a satellite show of solar power and maybe solar shower! Hometown: Pacifica, CA

Will Bite Camp
The Home of Art Car Cloud 9, come by to visit Loki, Dank, Cupcake Kitty and your other new best friends. Relack on
Cloud 9 the ultimate ride. Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Wishing Star
When you see a star, do you make a wish? Do you wish for something for yourself? Someone else? Someone you
love? Someone you hate? Something really big? Something smaller, and easier? Something that you can do yourself,
without the aid of the wish??? Come to Wishing Star Camp, where you can make a wish which will be burned so it will
ascend to join the other stars in the heavens. Hometown: Bishop, CA

Wide-eyed and full of wonder. Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Welcome to the Wonderlounge you never know what to expect and neither do we Hometown: South Lake Tahoe,

Yes! Have Some
The Tiki Gods will rise! They will command you to lounge and drink, right in the "Yes! Have Some" camp. Sacrifice
your sobriety to the Angry Tiki Gods during the sundown rituals each evening at the Post-Apocalyptic Tiki Lounge.
Partake in a variety of Tiki games devised by the mischievous Gods of Island lore themselves... or just come by and
hang out for a spell with the haves and have-somes. Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA

Yes Please
Yes Please! is the answer to every question. Come meet open-minded, international, friendly, dancing, queer, writhing
enthusiasts--and be sure to visit our infamous Non-Monogamy Advice Booth, occasionally staffed by real sexologists!
Hometown: San Francisco, CA

You Are Here
You Are Here helps you find your place in space and time. Enjoy an illuminating visit to the Black Rock City Historical
Museum, which documents the rich history of our city over the centuries, then consider your new perspective on
location in our eye-catching sculpture. Hometown: San Francisco, CA
You Are That Pig
You Are That Pig calls you to acknowledge and praise the inner pig from which originates our basest instincts,
greatest triumphs, and darkest shames. Come let us celebrate our common ancestor! Hometown: South San
Francisco, CA

You Know You Want It, Want It
Visit YKYWIWI throughout the week for all your interactive needs. This year, The Battle Kandy Zombie Tribe will
present This American Life Tea and Story Time (back for the second year), All New Xtreme Improv Pirate Theatre,
Fairy Formal, and the Intergalactic Licensing Bureau. Hometown: Boulder, CO

Yummy RUMInations
Home of the fabulous Yum Cart. Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Yurt Cafe
The Yurt Cafe will feature shady refuge, tea, and haiku! We will solicit haiku on a different topic every day and during
afternoon tea there will be haiku reading. Previous days' haiku will be hung from the interior yurt walls.
Hometown: Portland, OR

Zanzibar is an opulent interactive chill space where you can come to have a drink in our beautiful Moroccan bar and
lounge area, or relax under our cool silver sun shade, over shimmering azure Astro Turf and sheer blue curtained
walls, giving you the feel of being in a cool pool, and enjoy what we're spinning. You know that favorite club/lounge
that you have stumbled across in your travels, well we have it on the playa. Hometown: Portland, OR

Zen Methodist Church
Church of Workers and Others United in Zen Methodism, the True Religion, a non-aligned space and forum to explore
spirituality in the Burning Man Way. Hometown: Three Rivers, CA

Zombies United
Zombies United is a holding facility for any zombies captured during the Burning Man festival. More importantly it is a
CORPSOPHOBIC free zone. The undead are encouraged to feel free to indulge in any flesh eating, brain gnawing,
intestine sucking or limb ripping without feeling the disdainful eye of the living. Dead friendly "warmies" are strongly
encouraged to drop dead, i mean, drop by! Hometown: Seattle, WA

!Zoom! into the future and enjoy the eutopia of !Zoom!. Fire, Art, Audio, and Visual collide at !Zoom!, with maybe a
touch of fur. Meditate in our garden for a greener world. Come at night and watch fire or visual projections from the
futre. Hometown: Oakland, CA

The inspiration for ZooTown arises from the beauty of the Missoula Valley and all of the positive and amazing
connections that have been experienced by members of this special camp. Stop by for a taste of what ZooTown has
to offer; whether it be a safari ride on the ZooTown Train, an indulgent visit to our dayspa, a late-night, electronica
infused petting zoo, or simply, an ice-cold PBR, ZooTown has a little bit of love for everyone.
Hometown: Bozeman, MT

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