West Haven, CT Dentist George Discher, Sought-Out By Hundreds For TMJ Pain Relief

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					West Haven, CT Dentist George Discher, Sought-Out By Hundreds For TMJ
Pain Relief

West Haven, CT, 06-August-2010 - Savin Dental Care is pleased to announce
that Dr. George Discher has developed dental techniques that address both
TMJ pain and West Haven migraine relief. Many people suffering from TMJ
also experience recurring, chronic migraine headaches. In many cases,
these headaches can be debilitating and prevent them from functioning in
their daily tasks. For, many people, the headaches are so severe that
they do not realize that TMJ is the cause of the pain.

TMJ is a jaw joint dysfunction that involves the trigeminal nerve. This
nerve sends sensations to your jaw, tongue, sinus, eyes, teeth, lips,
palate, and face. This nerve, and 4 others pass through, or around the
jaw. When a person has TMJ these nerves are impacted with varying
severity. You may find that you experience tingling in your lips and
mouth when you are talking. Or, you may find that you develop a migraine
after you have eaten, talked, or been moving your jaw.

While most people with migraines spend a great deal of time with a
physician, trying to figure out the cause of the headache, physicians are
not trained in dental care and are not equipped to identify TMJ as one of
the causes of headaches. This is when a dedicated and experienced
professional such as Dr. Discher can become invaluable in your search for
the right care to eliminate the migraine.

When an individual visits Dr. Discher, an in depth examination of the
teeth and jaw will be performed to determine the extent of TMJ. In
addition, the doctor will discuss the areas where pain is occurring, the
severity of the migraines, and the length of time that headaches or other
pain have occurred. Many people who have sought out Dr. Discher have
suffered from migraines for several years, unaware that the nerves in
their jaw play a direct role in their pain.

Following the examination and an analysis of the information collected,
Dr. Discher develops a plan to address the pain and prevent recurrences.
The program that is developed may include Trigger Point therapy,
ultrasound and other techniques that will help the muscles and joints to
heal and decrease the stimulation of the Trigeminal nerve which triggers
migraine headaches.

You can find valuable information about the steps that Dr. George Discher
takes to assure that West Haven migraine relief is achieved quickly and
effectively by visiting today. The
following contact information is available to members of the press who
would like additional information with regards to this specific release.

Contact Person: George Discher

Company Name: Savin Dental Care

Address: 654 Savin Ave., West Haven, CT. 06516

Contact Number: (203)-933-7135


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Description: Dr. George Discher and the Savin Dental Care team provide the care that is needed to assure that individual find permanent West Haven migraine relief quickly and easily. Addressing the issue of TMJ, through the use of state-of-the-art equipment and methods assures that an individual will begin enjoying their daily life without migraine headache pain.