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					                          Art Wolfe’s Travels to the Edge
                                    Episode Descriptions

                                        Season One

#101 - Bolivia: The Altiplano
Art journeys to one of the earth's most extreme environments—the high, rugged and
remote Altiplano. More lunar than earthly in appearance, Bolivia's high plain is a land
lost in time. The Altiplano's dazzling dreamscapes include the world's largest salt flat, an
island of golden cactus, scarlet-tinted lakes, twin volcanoes and surreal skies.

#102 - Alaska: Glacier Bay
The beautiful, protected waters in southeast Alaska are filled with islands and bays rich
with wildlife. The concentration of diversity in this secluded environment is remarkable.
Art goes by boat on a voyage of discovery, encountering dramatic calving glaciers and
Sitka spruce forests, breaching orcas and migrating humpbacks, eagles and barnacle-
eating bears.

#103 - Patagonia: Torres del Paine
Torres del Paine National Park in the far southern Andes of Patagonia is remote and
challenging. For adventurers it's the "edge" destination. Art's images tell a story of nature
at its wildest – of a place where jagged peaks scrape the sky, icebergs catch the light,
guanacos watch for pumas and Andean condors rule the skies.

#104 - Alaska: Katmai Coast
The remote Katmai Coast is the largest intact stretch of uninhabited coastline left in
North America. Art takes advantage of the long days of Alaska's short summer in Katmai
National Park, spending time with the largest population of grizzly bears in the world.
Joined by bear biologists, he gets up close and personal with Ursus Arctos to provide a
fresh look at the behavior of these powerful predators in the wild.

#105 - Africa: Madagascar
Eighty million years ago, Madagascar split off from Africa. Separated from the mainland,
the sturdy and lucky creatures that reached Madagascar's shores intact took off on a wild
and bizarre evolutionary journey. Art documents Madagascar's most famous inhabitants:
it's a who's who of the weird and wonderful, including dancing sifakas, rainbow-colored
chameleons, a forest of upside-down trees and a spiny desert.

#106 - Alaska: Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
America's Serengeti? Wilderness or wasteland? Art rafts down the icy Kongakut River to
document America's last pure and untamed wilderness. He chronicles the desolate, yet
abundant beauty of the tundra and the rugged landscapes of the Brooks Range. He turns
his lens on the delicate birds and animals for which the Refuge is a vital habitat and
intersects the great Porcupine caribou herd on its annual migration to the coastal plain.

#107 - Peru: Manu
It's a place where clouds conceal rare birds, animals blend into the forest, predators hide
in the shadows and native peoples are disappearing. Manu, in southern Peru, belongs to
the largest area of protected rain forest in the Amazon. Art goes downriver and
encounters spectacular birds, animals and peoples of the Amazon, who together are
struggling to survive.

#108 - Kenya: Masai Mara and Laikipia
East Africa is a vast stage on which the circular, never-ending journey known as the
Great Migration has played out for millions of years. After going eye to eye with
thousands of wildebeest and zebra, Art enlists an old friend and bush pilot to help him
capture aerial patterns of migrating herds and flocks of flamingos. On the ground, he
pursues giraffe on horseback and tracks rhino on foot.

#109 - Patagonia: Mt. Fitz Roy
Rugged Patagonia offers Himalayan-quality drama in a small package. Just above El
Chalten, South America's unofficial trekking capital, rises the jagged silhouette of Mt.
Fitz Roy – revered and iconic in the world of mountaineering and photographed
thousands of times. Art sets off in search of a different view of the peak. En route, he
treks through an ancient forest, fords an icy river, goes under a glacier and traverses one
of the largest ice caps in the world.

#110 - The Southwest: Zion and Canyon de Chelly
The American Southwest is a geological time capsule. Its bizarre and beautiful rock
formations are the result of eons of erosion. In Utah's Zion National Park, Art explores
surreal slot canyons carved from wind and water and encounters the strange rock spires—
hoodoos—that punctuate the landscape like giant exclamation points. In Arizona's
Canyon de Chelly, he goes by horseback with a Navajo guide to discover petroglyphs
hidden in tribal lands. With its brilliant light, red desert rock, cobalt blue skies, golden
cottonwoods and white-barked aspens, the American Southwest is a photographer's

#111 - India: Allahabad and Varanasi
Allahabad and Varanasi are India's holiest river cities. Allahabad hosts the largest
religious gathering on the planet at the confluence of its sacred rivers. Art joins nearly 20
million pilgrims for a dip in the Ganges and captures images of Hindu holy men who
have renounced all worldly pursuits. Downstream, in ancient Varanasi, the sacred and the
ordinary meet in a swirl of color, fire and ritual. Hindus strive to visit this spiritual
epicenter at least once in their lives to bathe in the Ganges and cleanse their karma.

#112 - The Southern Ocean: South Georgia Island
Lying between wind-ravaged Cape Horn and Antarctica, South Georgia Island is an icy
oasis with an abundance of wildlife. Stunningly beautiful and rugged, this island
sanctuary protects thousands of sea birds and marine mammals. Art returns to his favorite
place on earth to explore its emerald bays and fjords and visit colonies of king penguins,
wandering albatross and elephant seals.

#113 - Ethiopia: The Omo Valley
Ethiopia is like no other place in Africa. Some of the isolated animist tribes who have
lived there for centuries are still unaware that they reside in a country called Ethiopia. In
this episode, Art ventures into the Omo Valley, Ethiopia's nearly inaccessible and richest
tribal zone. After enduring muddy, impassable roads and swollen rivers, he makes his
way to the Hamer, Karo and remote Surma tribes. He documents the tribes' unique body
painting, elaborate adornments and timeless ceremonies.

                                        Season Two

#201 Japan: Hokkaido and Honshu
The image many of us have of Japan is congested and kinetic. But Japan has a wild side.
In winter, beyond its crowded cities, the country delivers quiet, unexpected natural
beauty. In the second season opener, Art Wolfe ventures north to the remote region of
Hokkaido to view iconic red-crested cranes; south to the mountains to take a dip in
Nagano’s hot springs with mischievous macaque snow monkeys; and journeys on to the
sacred temples of Mt. Fuji and Koyosan on a photographic pilgrimage.

#202 Australia: Arnhemland and the Kimberley
Australia’s Northern Territory is an immense, untamed wilderness as brutal as it is
beautiful. For the Aboriginal people, it’s the place of the ―Dreamtime‖, where land and
story meet. In episode two, Art Wolfe captures images of rock art intricately painted over
thousands of years ago; discovers canyons carved by wind and water; and witnesses an
ancient aboriginal dance as he chronicles the connection between the region’s first people
and the natural world.

#203 Mali: Sahel to the Sahara
It is a fabled land of sand, salt and nomads. But Mali is more than the Sahara; it is a place
where the Niger River flows past some of Africa’s most unique tribal and architectural
wonders. In episode three, Art Wolfe follows the river road to the camouflaged villages
of the cliff-dwelling Dogon people; floats downriver to Djenne’s fantastic mud mosque;
heads into the desert with nomadic Tuaregs; and finally travels on to Timbuktu where he
meets up with a camel caravan.

#204 Antarctica and The Falkland Islands
It is spring on the Antarctic Peninsula and the frozen wilderness is a veritable nursery for
penguins, shore birds and seal pups. In episode four Art Wolfe crosses the infamous
Drake Passage—the treacherous body of water south of Cape Horn—to explore the
Falkland Islands and the Antarctic coast in search of wildlife and landscapes inherent to
this pristine and unforgiving land.

#205 Brazil: The Pantanal
Located in the heart of South America, the Pantanal is the world’s largest wetland and
home to one of the densest concentrations of wildlife on the planet. It’s a unique place
where human activity and wildlife coexist. Here Brazilian cowboys ride herd alongside

toothy caimans, giant otters, capybaras, macaws and toucans. In episode five, Art Wolfe
arrives just as the seasonal floods have receded and discovers both an ecological paradise
and a vibrant cowboy culture.

#206 West Africa: Togo and Benin
West Africa is the birthplace of Voodoo; in Togo and Benin ancestors commingle with
the living. Whether its vulture heads for sale at a fetish market or sacred bloodstained
altars, Voodoo is always front and center. In episode six, Art Wolfe visits villages known
for their vibrant inhabitants and intense rituals and discovers frenzied trances, powerful
masked dances and an extraordinary fire-eating ceremony – all part of everyday life.

#207 New Zealand
New Zealand’s extreme beauty is central to its identity. Here indigenous Maori people
see themselves as guardians of the land. In episode seven, Art Wolfe captures portraits of
contemporary Maori artists who wear their stories on their faces in the form of sacred
tattoos, and convey their sense of stewardship through their art. Then he heads off to the
wild South Island to explore the natural history of this pristine and beautifully preserved
island nation.

#208 Wild Asia: Nepal and India
Beyond India and Nepal’s crowded cities lie precious remnants of wild Asia where tigers,
rhino and bear still roam. In episode eight, Art Wolfe travels by elephant deep into
Kipling country in search of the last of the planet’s Bengal tigers. Here, through the lens
of his camera, he captures images of mahouts—handlers bound to the elephants they’ve
cared for from childhood—as they bathe and tend to their animals. In Nepal, Art
encounters exotic wildlife including rare Asian rhinos, elusive sloth bears and primeval
Gharial crocodiles.

#209 Mexico: Baja
Both an ocean oasis and isolated desert, the northern part of the narrow Baja peninsula is
home to a surprising variety of plant and animal life. In episode nine, after a voyage on
the Sea of Cortez in search of migrating gray whales, Art Wolfe ventures inland through
the unforgiving Cataviña desert and discovers a photographer’s playground of light and
magical landscapes.

#210 The Kingdom of Bhutan
Known as the Land of the Thunder Dragon, Bhutan has survived in isolation for more
than a thousand years. As this enlightened Buddhist kingdom greets the 21st century, its
greatest challenge is to preserve its soul. In episode ten, Art Wolfe finds a photographer’s
nirvana of mountainside monasteries, sacred festivals and chanting monks in an
environmentally and spiritually progressive nation.

#211 The Making of Travels to the Edge
Ever wondered what it would be like to travel the world with a renowned photographer?
In episode eleven, take a behind-the-scenes peek and go along on one of Art Wolfe’s
adventures. Meet the small, intrepid Travels crew as they venture through the remote

kingdom of Bhutan and Nepal’s lowland wilderness. Follow along on their perilous drive
over a high mountain pass; track unpredictable sloth bears; and keep pace with Art at a
frenetic Buddhist festival. It is all in a day’s work as the crew works to capture Art’s
quest for the perfect shots.

#212 Mongolia: Mountain to Steppe
Known for its arid steppes, skilled nomadic horsemen and Genghis Khan, a visit to
Mongolia feels like a trip back in time. At the annual Naadam Festival, contestants vie to
be the victor in the centuries-old pursuits of wrestling, archery and horseracing. In
episode twelve, Art Wolfe pursues prehistoric wild horses as they roam the steppe; rides
in the mountains with a Kazakh tribesman who hunts with golden eagles; and catches up
with nomadic reindeer herders at their summer camp near the Siberian border.

#213 Iceland: Earth, Air, Fire and Water
A land of geysers, glaciers, volcanoes and rough-hewn coastlines: Nowhere else on Earth
do the four elements collide in such dramatic fashion as in Iceland. Art captures dramatic
expressions of the planet’s geomorphology using composition, pattern and light to create
a striking portrait of a volatile and dynamic landscape.