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									LAX Parking – Tips for Travelers

If your travel plans include flying into or out of the Los Angeles airport, better known as LAX,
you are likely to need airport parking. Whether you plan to leave your car and take a flight out of
LAX, or you’re flying into LAX and plan to have someone pick you up, somewhere along the
way a car is going to need to be parked. LAX airport parking can be an experience to navigate if
you do not know where you are going. If you haven’t been to the airport in a while, you might
not know that parking in Lot B has been permanently closed.

There are 8000 parking spaces available at LAX itself. This option for Los Angeles airport
parking is run by LAX, but is not necessarily free. There is some free parking for electric
vehicles, however all other parking requires a fee. Even parking your car to pick up someone
who is arriving at LAX will incur a fee. If you drive through a gate arm into one of the LAX
parking structures, you will pay a parking fee no matter what your reason is for being at the
airport. The rates you will pay very.

There are alternative options for airport parking Los Angeles. Numerous private companies
provide parking in and around the Los Angeles airport. Shuttles are provided so that you can
park in these private parking areas without having to walk all the way to your terminal. Upon
your return home, these same shuttles will take you back to your car. The rates these parking lots
charge are comparable to the rates charged by LAX international, with some parking rates being
substantially less expensive. Many provide the same levels of security with some providing more
than parking at the airport.

In terms of rates, travelers can expect airport parking LAX to run anywhere from $5-$30.
Specific rates depend on the specific parking lot, security features, length of stay, and other
factors. Parking in LAX’s Lot C averages $12 per day. Given that there are private parking lots
around the airport that charge less than six dollars per day, these might prove a better option for
some travelers. For those individuals arriving at the airport to pick up passengers, the fees
charged at LAX range three dollars and up, based on 15 minute intervals. If you do not anticipate
being at the airport long, this might be a better option than a private parking lot.

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